Guest View: Nancy Salzman Is No Saint: She Committed Insurance Fraud Prior to Meeting Raniere

Nancy Salzman

Editor’s Note: This is a guest view from an individual who has chosen to remain anonymous but who appears to know a little something about Nancy Salzman. The writer refers to Salzman as “Nurse Nancy.”

By A Person Acutely Aware of Nancy Salzman 

Nurse Nancy was never licensed as a professional therapist.

Nancy Salzman

When she was billing insurance companies as a therapist, she did so under someone else who was an LSCW in her office.

This is called INSURANCE FRAUD.

That is why it was so easy for Nancy Salzman to break the law for and with Keith Raniere.

She was already a criminal before meeting Keith Raniere.

When the bills went into the mail, add MAIL FRAUD to the list of her pre-Vanguard crimes.

When two criminals meet and plan a self-help program that is based on NLP and hypnosis, do you think it won’t have criminal elements planted into it?

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman when they were newly partnered

Two shifters working together to squeeze out as much value from their unknowing participants, it was a well-laid plan from the very start.

Nancy Salzman is going to play total victim to the Judge as she has to her closest friends.

Who’s gonna buy it? Hopefully, not the Judge.

She’s been talking to every ex-NXIVM member she runs into in the Albany area breaking her at-home confinement agreement with the Court.

Nancy Salzman was the first to plead guilty in the NXIVM case.

She now makes more money doing her EMs than ever before.

She has not changed or reformed her life like her daughter, not one ounce.

Nancy brought daughter Lauren into her business back in 1998. This photo taken since their arrests shows the two together at a Starbucks.

She didn’t help the prosecution with any information.

Let’s hope the judge locks her ass up for at least as long if not more than Clare Bronfman.

Keith Raniere could have never gotten away with what he did without the help of Nancy Salzman.

He could have never gotten to the Bronfmans’ money without Nancy Salzman’s help.

He could have never started NXIVM without Nancy’s kept it going without her.

Salzman was the workhorse while he slept and had sex — and kept the women in line for him.

Salzman needs to go to prison. She has done nothing to clean up her act while on home arrest. She continued to do the same thing she did in NXIVM plus blame Keith Raniere for what she did.

Nancy [Prefect] Salzman cuts the ribbon opening up the Mexico NXIVM center. Alex Betancourt [l] and Emiliano Salinas [R].
She was older than anyone in a leadership position. She had $500,000++ in shoeboxes in her attic. No one does that with “Legal” money. A safe, ya ok maybe, but not $500,000 maybe $10,000.

We all know that was cash from Mexico.

Was it legally brought across the border? Not really. It was brought over to commit crimes of money laundering and tax evasion.

Have those crimes even been charged against Salzman yet? Would these be NDNY charges?

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  • I think you mean LCSW, which stands for Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Then you have a spelling error in your text.

  • Yes, this is one reason I continue to be surprised by KR’s few defenders – KR and NS were probably only charged with about 10% of what they did wrong. There are probably countless other crimes out there that could have been charged too.

  • Oh yes. How I enjoy watching the numerous comeuppances being signed, sealed and delivered at Nancy Salzman. More than those directed at the Seagrams half-witted “heiress” and with SO much more to come. Hallelujah to everyone here at The Frank Report who writes with the aim of showing Nancy for whatever she has been, as well as for who she is and who she shall remain.

    Soon Nancy Salzman will be in handcuffs, a better has-been than ever before. Her true self, spraying her stench and ever so much more haphazardly. Look out, Nancy. “Too late” and “too little too late” and ” too much too soon” are ALL coming right at her. Just as she deserves, just what she has earned. Time for the deep valley of sociopathic sorrow to become all too real, like an awesome and gigantic earthquake. We watch the wheel go round and round, and there will be glory in such Prefected justice. I feel the strength. Thank you all. Thank you!

  • Nancy Salzman is a scumbag but I’m not sure she would be liable for any insurance fraud claims.

    I haven’t checked the law but what you claim is insurance fraud may not be as long as the unlicensed person is supervised by the licensed person. For example, In medical settings medical students sometimes do the treatment and their supervisors sign the health insurance forms. Unlicensed therapists may also be granted the same privilege but close, regular supervision must occur.

    If it turns out what I’m saying is incorrect, it’s likely the supervising licensed therapist might be on the hook as they are doing the billing, and probably not the unlicensed therapist as they are not liable in the situation.

    • Don’t know about NY but in order to make that happen, the person should have been in a professional training track with a degree such as a Master’s or a Bachelors.
      Not some non trained NLP person pretending to be a therapist

  • It would be interesting to have an analysis as to why EMs were so dangerous. I think external people, like me, do not understand what exactly they were and why they generated post-traumatic stress disorder in people.

    That could be an interesting article for Frank Report.

      • If the schmatta hairdo, dyed so harshly and straightened atop her fat head is any indicator of what she sports down south in the bushland, few would care to get any glimpse at all of Nancy’s pubes, and certainly not without using both a mask and an opaque blindfold.

        That is, unless one happens to be one of Nancy’s favorite dentists, someone who gets off on cleaning her teeth. Ya know, dear shadowstate 1958? For I have spoken,
        both emphatically and naturally, irresistibly. Get the picture, sans autograph?, Soon she shall be celled, as a leathery hagbag without any purse.

  • She is a danger to society. The EMs were used by nxivm to mind control so Nancy has proven that she is still working her grift by continuing to give them.
    She served up her college-age daughter to Raniere. I don’t believe for one second that she wasn’t fully aware that they were both sleeping with him.

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