Does Music Need Ben Myers’ ‘Diversity and Equality’ Virtue Signaling? How About His Coming Clean on Computer Trespass Case?

Ben Myers with wife Michelle Salzman

While he did not disclose he was NXIVM’s former IT director, Ben Myers, when writing to Judge Nicholas Garaufis, seeking leniency for his sister-in-law, Lauren Salzman, wrote something curious.

You would think he would have disclosed he was a longtime member of NXIVM, maybe even an unindicted co-conspirator in the racketeering enterprise, since he played fast and loose with his IT skills to help Keith Raniere indict several of his enemies.

Yet he chose to omit those facts and, instead, sought to distinguish his present employment with a veneer of righteousness.

He wrote to the judge that he is “lead product manager and senior software engineer for a company focused on increasing equality and diversity in professional opportunities in music.”

Is there a lack of equality and diversity in professional opportunities in music?

In music, the artist controls.

If a guitarist, sound engineer, or agent is employed, this is most often based on merit and largely the choice of the artist, especially today when streaming dominates the music industry.

Nat King Cole

In the day when Nat King Cole was president of Capitol Records, back in the 1960s, music was sold on vinyl records giving corporations, run largely by white men, control of much of the professional opportunities, since they manufactured and distributed recordings.

The old industry is gone, 95 percent savaged by streaming music.  The physical product is gone.

Lack of diversity?

I googled “top musical artists.” This came up at the top of the page.

Of 10 photos –six are women, three are black men and one is a white man.

Here are recent ads on Apple Music.

The US has these approximate percentages:

White: 60.%

Black: 14%

Hispanic:  19%

Female: 51%

Male: 49%

In the Apple ads above, 16 of 45 people in them are black men – 40 percent – as opposed to 7 percent of the US population.

Rolling Stone magazine lists top-selling artists.  Of the top 15 streamers, 10 are black men, one is a white man.  There are two white women, one black woman




TOP SONGWants and Needs
Billie Eilish
Taylor Swift
Doja Cat
# 5
The Weeknd
Juice Wrld
Olivia Rodrigo
YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Kanye West
Pop Smoke
Morgan Wallen
Lil Baby
Bad Bunny
Polo G
J. Cole
Which is the reason why diversity and equality are not required. In fact, it would harm music since music is heard, not seen.
And it sounds like Ben was just doing a little virtue-signaling to disguise his own role in the harming of Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, Barbara Bouchey, John Tighe, Jim Odato and others.
I bring this up now since in a matter of days we will be reading another letter from Ben, where he will undoubtedly tell the judge what an angel his mother-in-law, Nancy Salzman, is, and to help sell his point, he will add a little harp music about himself.
The rascal who lied about the location of servers in the computer trespass case is now working on saving music from the phantom control of music by the awful white man.
Where was he when another white man, Keith Raniere, was guiding him into the destruction of the lives of Raniere’s targets or ignoring the woman he kissed, Daniela, who languished in a room for almost two years?
For me, Ben Myers will be seen as a man when he comes out and publicly says how he helped frame the above-named individuals in the computer trespassing case – leading to them being indicted.  Until then, no amount of virtue-signaling will raise his respect in my eyes.

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  • Why isn’t Ben Myers or Michelle Myers Salzman being investigated? What collateral do they have on politicians and law enforcement?

    • But the alleged crime could still be used as one of the two required “predicate acts” if Ben were to be charged under the RICO statute.

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  • It only takes a glance at Ben Meyers to understand he’s not much more than a puffed-up wanna-be. If he was really interested in music, he probably could have taken a few star roles on Broadway. He’s definitely got the looks and if my instinct is right, he’s probably got the pipes to back it, too. Very well-developed face and mouth.

    Too bad he threw his life away to Nxivm. Participating in their demented lies and machinations.

    I wouldn’t trust him as far I could throw him and no good and talented people will either.

    Everybody now knows that Nxivm was supposed to be a special inside group that desired to control as much of the world’s wealth as possible.

    • Ugh. I’m human and don’t feel like I expressed myself correctly in this comment. Still wouldn’t trust any nxivm person after learning their mission statement. So, I stand by that.

      But my ill-conveyed point about Ben regarding music is that: why not just make some music? Sing around a campfire or at church or in a garage with your friend or on a local stage or something like that?

      What is the matter with these people that they must exploit the talents of others in order to change the world, or whatever?

      Why do they all seem so convinced that their ideas are so revolutionary and transformative?

      They all brag about their resumes as a matter of status. But in terms of anything that ever benefited a single person other than themselves or another member?

      Mostly what I’ve heard is, “I helped clare when she was sick one time” and “I helped my master move”.

      I’m just astonished how they seem to think these small, beautiful things are so special and amazing. I mean, yes, it’s special and amazing. But the group has done nothing even close to on par with what so many other organizations do. By this, I mean helping the poor, the disabled, the displaced. Helping those who have less means to have a better quality of life.

      We heard about the Mexico anti-violence thing but also heard how keith thought the video was shit unless it convinced the richest and wealthiest people to think like he did. As if winning the hearts and minds of the masses, the majority, somehow mattered less.

      Sure, maybe they wanna bomb the power centres. Possibly a predictable tactic. But they never wanted to just disrupt. They wanted to own as much of the world’s wealth as possible and everyone committed to controlling as much of the world’s wealth as possible. That means theirs and as much as they could get from everyone else.

      Super different than the type of organizations that run your local food bank, for example. Places like that take all donations and all volunteers and endeavor to supply the most in need. Totally different way of thinking.

  • Michelle looks like a young Marlee Martlin in that top photo.

    And yes, agree on the more important issue of Ben as a scallywag.

      • I cannot tell if you are serious about Michelle, Nice Guy. Is this something you are just coming out with? News to me! Whether you are serious or not, I say go for it. Ben is a douchebag, she could use the upgrade. You’re gonna have to play step-daddy to their newborn though.

        So it could be a BBQ someday with Nice Guy, Mrs. Michelle Salzman-Guy, Bangkok, and Mrs. Lauren Salzman-Kok, all together as a happy family. Are you really ready to call Bangkok your brother?

      • I agree. It’s just one of the better Michelle photos that I’ve seen.

        Maybe because she looks happy?

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