Alanzo: Rinder Could Reveal Damning Details About Scientologists’ Masterson’s Rape Victims, Francis’ Pedophilia Incident, Brennan Death Coverup, Ogger’s and Barnett’s ‘Suicides’ and Fowler’s Murder

David Miscavige leads the Church of Scientology

In a post entitled Guest View: Mike Rinder Has No Secrets to Bring Down Scientology & ‘Fair Game’, an anonymous writer criticized Allen ‘Alanzo’ Stanfield for his criticisms of both the Church of Scientology and some of the critics of the Church, particularly Mike Rinder.  Here is Alanzo’s response.

By Allen ‘Alanzo’ Stanfield

As you can see, the critics seek to make “Alanzo” the problem, the focus of attention. And also now Gerry Armstrong, who is the most ‘fair-gamed’ person in Scientology history.

Listen to 5 minutes of this interview with Victoria Britton about the night her son Kyle Brennan died.

Kyle Brennan died under suspicious circumstances while visiting his Scientologist father.

Ask how 14 pieces of evidence could be wiped clean of blood and fingerprints at the crime scene, the bullet that killed Kyle never found, and gun residue tests for all of the people at the apartment that night “missing”.

Don’t be fooled by these guys.

None of this has anything to do with “Alanzo”. Or Gerry Armstrong.

It has to do with

Kyle Brennan
Flo Barnett
Shawn Lonsdale
Ken Ogger

and others.

Shawn Lonsdale died under suspicious circumstances.

They say the same things over and over again. This post has been on my blog for at least six years. It’s a line these guys run about how Gerry Armstrong “wants an apology” from Mike Rinder.

Rinder himself said this as late as last year. It’s a complete lie designed to distract you off of the real issue:

In the post the anonymous writer wrote, “Rinder has no secrets to tell that would convict anyone.”

This one is actually new as stated. But it’s also a lie.

On a recent Scientology Fair Game podcast, Mike Rinder said this to Leah Remini – this is after their TV show, Scientology and the Aftermath had already been taken off the air.

Rinder never admitted this during the whole three seasons of the TV Show. And I’ll bet Leah Remini didn’t even know it during the TV show, either. This is how secretive Mike Rinder is:

The Squirrel is Sciuridae, a family that includes small or medium-size rodents. The Church of Scientology calls practitioners of and believers in Scientology without its sanction “squirrels”—a term L. Ron Hubbard coined to describe those who alter Scientology technology or practice it in a nonstandard fashion.

It wasn’t until the podcast – a couple of years ago – that Leah and Mike finally admitted that Mike Rinder was not just “a former spokesman”. He ran all ‘fair game’ against all Scientology critics and squirrels, and reported progress to David Miscavige daily.

Mike Rinder and Leah Remini are former members of the Church of Scientology and are now high profile critics.

“But Mike, you’re saying that David Miscavige knows everything that’s being done. And, and we should talk about that for a moment because Mike used to tell me that every morning, you would be received by David Miscavige when you were in the Sea Org. And he would be sitting there in his robe being served his coffee and his breakfast and his his fresh juice or whatever. And he would ask you what’s happening
right now?”

“The first question was actually. “Has anyone blown?” Right. That was literally the first question. Every morning, as he sat down with his camel and his coffee. Has anyone blown? as they went along, and then “What are the flaps?” One of the websites out there, and it would be me and Marty Rathbun who would have to gather together everything that might have happened in the last 12 hours.”

“What’s a flap?”

A flap is a situation that is out of control, or something that requires attention because it’ll be a public relations or a legal problem”.

Marty Rathbun filed a detailed affidavit in a Texas court which lay out his and Mike Rinder’s daily reporting procedure to David Miscavige on Scientology Fair Game and Black Operations.

Here is the relevant portion of that affidavit:

17. “The Office of Special Affairs (OSA) is the legal, public relations, and intelligence network of CSI. One or more network representatives are employed by every Scientology organization across the world. Each of them is operated and managed by OSA International (OSA INT) which is housed within CSI. Although OSA is formally answerable to CSI’s management, from OSA’s inception in the early 1980s, until my departure in December 2004, the formal management structure was a sham. OSA was carefully micromanaged by David Miscavige. he exercised his control through me, Inspector General of RTC, and Mike Rinder, Commanding Officer of OSA International.

Captain David Miscavige

18. “Between 1982 and 2004, it was my job to act as a go-between for Miscavige and OSA. The manner in which we shielded Miscavige was elaborate. Much of Miscavige’s control of OSA was done “off the record.” Every evening I would receive an intelligence briefing in writing from OSA. The briefing was usually several pages summarizing reports from private investigators and Scientologists serving as undercover spies watching and interacting with Scientology critics. The written briefing, contrary to established corporate policy, had no routing information on it. That is, the daily briefing had no indication who wrote the report or who it was directed to. If a report ever got out of the Church, it could not, on its face, be used to incriminate any of its author or recipients.

19. “After I read the report each day, I was instructed by Miscavige to put it into a fresh envelope with no routing information on it. I then personally carried the envelope into Miscavige’s office and set it on his desk. I was the only person in Scientology, aside from his wife and secretary, ever authorized such access to his desk. When Mr. Miscavige read the reports, he would enter my office with the report in hand. He would say ‘beat it’ to my secretary or anyone else who happened to be in my office. Once any visitors had left, Mr. Miscavige would discuss the contents of the report. Often, he would instruct me to order OSA to direct an operative or private investigator to find out something to do concerning the target of infiltration or investigation. On other occasions, Mr. Miscavige would joke about what was reported about a particular target, or rant about the target’s activity. When Miscavige was done discussing the daily OSA briefing with me, he would throw the report on my desk. That was my cue to pick it up and shred it after he left the office and before anyone was permitted to return to my office.

20. “For 22 years, my schedule was to wake up at least an hour before David Miscavige’s scheduled wake up time so that I could collect all important information on any matter of concern to him being handled by the OSA network. Every morning, I was required to brief Miscavige verbally on any major developments on matters handled by the OSA network around the world or matters concerning security. My briefing to him would begin with major problems which he insisted he know about. My briefing included reports about handling the media stories, investigations, legal cases, security breaches, and potential security situations. That briefing would last anywhere from a few minutes on a quiet day with no major developments, to all day when something was afoot that riveted Miscavige’s attention. Miscavige would issue orders to OSA that I had to accurately note on paper.

21. “After the conference with Miscavige, there were a number of options available for issuing his orders, depending on their scope and the level of security required. Most often, I would call Mike Rinder, into my office and I would brief him verbally on Miscavige’s directives. Mr. Rinder would then return to his own office and type up the orders as written directives to OSA. Those directives would be worded as if the orders were originated by him, with no reference to me or RTC, and especially not to Mr. Miscavige. On many occasions, Mr. Miscavige would require Mr. Rinder’s presence during briefings in which he wanted more detail than usual, or wanted to issue more detailed orders than usual. In such cases, it would be my responsibility to follow up to verify that Mr. Rinder relayed Mr. Miscavige’s orders to OSA as Rinder’s own orders.

22. “Mr. Rinder and I were ordered by Mr. Miscavige to keep secret virtually all of our communications, and to specifically keep them secret from any other managers or staff with CSI and RTC. All other CSI managers had little to no knowledge of any matters affecting Scientology from the world outside of the Church. Except for OSA staff, Sea Org members have little contact with the media or the world outside of their corporate duties.

So next time you hear Mike Rinder say “I was just as former spokesman – I wouldn’t know anything about that.”

Or “Scientology is so compartmentalized!”

Or “This is the procedure THEY would do.”

Realize that he is NOT saying, “This is what I did to suppress Danny Masterson’s alleged rape victims, or Miriam Francis’ pedophilia incident, or helped to cover up Kyle Brennan’s, or Ken Ogger’s, or David Miscavige’s mother in law’s “suicides”. Or Rex Fowler’s murder.

No government can act without evidence of a violation of a criminal statute. If anyone knows them in Scientology, Mike Rinder does.

Someone should #AskMikeRinder to be more specific, and forthcoming.

If they really ever wanted a “federal investigation” or a review of Scientology’s tax Exempt status, then it’s time for Leah & Mike’s Vaudeville side boob circle jerk to finally put up or shut up.


Scientology member Tom Cruise salutes Captain David Miscavige.


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  • Continued confirmation that Alanzo wants to “save” Scientology from Miscavige and Rinder, not end it. Also, once again, his missives can best be summed up as “Why will Rinder not admit to probable crimes that will land him in jail!”

  • Can Alanzo explain why he began submitting articles to Frank Report? Did Frank contact you, Alanzo, or did you decide that the Frank Report is a better place to post information than posting on Twitter or on your blog?

    • Flowers-

      —Can Alanzo explain why he began submitting articles to Frank Report?

      Ask Scott Johnson why he started submitting articles — and there is your answer.

      Flowers, name two guys who can’t move on. 😉

      • Is Alanzo one of your LARPs, Niceguy?

        Maybe Alanzo will answer these questions then: Why is Scientology so strongly pro-Trump, and are you a Trump/Flynn/Roger Stone supporter yourself?

  • A note about the reference to Rex Fowler’s murder:

    Fowler, who was on Operating Thetan Level 7 at the time – the 2nd highest level in Scientology – murdered his business partner and attempted suicide at the scene, in December 2009. This was a year and a half after Mike Rinder supposedly left Scientology.

    Fowler had been receiving so much “False Purpose Rundown” auditing and other “ethics handlings” about the problems with his business partner (who had caught Fowler embezzling funds from the business rumored to be given to Scientology) that it is clear the Church knew the problems here, and there would be procedures set in place for handling such a “flap”.. Mike Rinder, while he might not have the details on Rex specifically, would know about these.

    Ask Mike Rinder what doing an “End of Cycle” means in Scientology.

    Rinder, as always, is completely silent about Rex Fowler.


  • Unreadable.

    Focus on the alleged crimes. That’s. All.

    The audience of people who want to wade into the weeds of convoluted Scientology and ex-Scientologist infighting is minuscule.

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