Exclusive Report – From USP Tucson on Raniere – ‘He Has a Tan’

Keith Raniere

Keith Raniere is serving his fourth year of a 120-year prison sentence at the US Penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona. His release date is June 2120.

It took us months, but Frank Report finally has a reliable source in Tucson to give us updates on Raniere.

We learned Raniere has something in Tucson that he did not have during the three years he spent in Brooklyn at the Metropolitan Detention Center – access to the outdoors. Apparently, he is availing himself of the outdoor yard since our source tells us Raniere has a tan.

We also learned that he appears in good shape, looking fit, and is clean-shaven with somewhat shaggy, mid-length hair.

He does not appear to be dying his hair, and the now 60-year-old is graying fairly fast.

We were told that there is a high percent vaccination rate at USP Tucson. We do not know if Keith has been vaccinated. Keith has had COVID 19 – which he apparently contracted on his way to Tucson.

He has a rough or graveling voice we hear, which may be an effect of his bout with COVID.

Keith Raniere now resides at USP Tucson

Keith Raniere has been assigned to a unit. He is not in protective custody or isolation.

Keith Raniere Prison USP Tucson Arizona
Inside USP Tucson (Credit: Arrington Watkins Architects)


Keith Raniere Prison USP Arizona Interior
Exterior of Cells (Credit: Arrington Watkins Architects)

He can leave his cell by day and go out to wander and mingle in his unit. He has not had any problems with anyone we know of.

He keeps mostly to himself, we are told.

Tucson is a sex offender and max security prison designed to be safer than other maximum-security prisons where sex offenders are often targeted by other prisoners. It is estimated that more than 60% of the inmates at USP Tucson are convicted sex offenders, which Raniere is also.

Raniere walks for hours every day, mostly around the unit. He walks alone. Our source says he walks about four hours daily, round and round the unit, up and down the steps.

At MDC in Brooklyn, he walked at least as much daily and probably more when he was not in protective custody.

The report we hear is that a lot of the Tucson inmates think he’s admirable because of what he did and that he is famous.

Apparently, a “duck” [a prison guard with a propensity to be chatty with inmates] told everyone about Raniere. His reputation preceded him.

The other prisoners reportedly all watched the Dateline episode of Feb 24, 2021 – which featured Danielle Roberts, Nicki Clyne, India and Catherine Oxenberg – and Frank Parlato interviewing Keith Raniere.

It was called ‘Collateral Damage’.

Seeing the collection of attractive women – from Clyne, Roberts, Oxenberg, Mack, etc., Keith got an inordinate amount of credit for good taste among the inmates.

According to our source, many inmates think he was unfairly prosecuted and this sentiment even extends to several guards who think he didn’t do anything wrong.

One prisoner reportedly summed up what many were thinking: “He had a bunch of white bitches, branded their pussies with his initials, fucked them and had rich bitches pay him millions then some of them start crying #metoo and he was gone. He didn’t rape anyone. They all said yes.”

A white shirt and white pants are among his uniforms. An earlier report that he helps in the kitchen has not been confirmed.

It is not known if Keith Raniere continues to be a vegetarian since the food choices are limited at Tucson but are believed to be far superior to the MDC. This is ironic since at MDC most of those there are innocent [defendants awaiting trial] while at Tucson they are all convicted.

This makes one suspect that the DOJ deliberately makes the food worse at prisons where they hold defendants that can’t make bail to soften them up for plea deals.

Raniere can spend almost $400 per month on commissary items and you can see the list and the prices here.

He can make phone calls and receive visitors. In order to visit him, the individual has to be approved by the prison and by Raniere.


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  • Big Johnson says to his cellmate Keith as the lights goes out for the night:

    Ok, Keith, time for sex. Do you wanna be the husband or the wife?

    Kieth doesn’t want to be either but Big Johnson insists.

    Well, mumbles Keith…I guess I’ll be the husband.

    Ok, says Big Johnson, get on your knees and suck your wife’s cock.

      • What’s wrong with this article?

        It’s not macabre, sick, twisted, infantile, juvenile, sadistic, or satanist. On the whole, I believe this prison article is an objective report.

    • That’s not the original version of the old prison joke. That’s the ‘woke’ version.

      Here is the original joke:

      One night a little white guy gets told by his new cellmate, a big black guy:

      You can be the bitch or you can be the man. Either-way we’re fucking around.

      The white guy ponders it — and decides to be the man. After all how bad can being the man be. “Better to do the fucking than being fucked.”

      The black guy then bends over, spreads his butt cheeks to reveal a smelly-crusty-hairy asshole. Then he says eat my pussy.

  • The leftovers must be thrilled! They have a prison full of sex offenders and pedophiles in their corner now! Congrats!

  • Have you ever cut or stepped on a mushroom or toadstool?
    The spoors go flying in the wind spreading everywhere.
    Eventually the whole yard is filled with mushrooms or poisonous toadstools.
    Raniere will now have numerous disciples to spread his teachings.

  • So, now he has a ‘gravelly’ voice, yes I bet—he had to give up that silky creepy whisper because “rich white pussy’ is no longer his quarry, all he’d end up attracting with his authentic whimsical tones is…? and keith is way too cunning to become the kind of victim he spent his life creating.

    Now, and for the rest of his days, he’ll be in SOP mode — the daddy’s daddy — soon, his new sex offending disciples will be up to all sorts of sadistic shenanigans, in ten years time, an old lag survivor or his second in command [a prison guard most likely] will be giving victim impact statements:

    “it all seemed innocent enough…just comparing penis lengths and wearing the smuggled in udders… but then…..things took a turn…”

    Things will always continue to take the wrong turn around keith….he’s in prison for 120 years. this is a cul-de-sac not a crossroads. Even the devil is done with him.

    • Yup. Keith’s girly voice wouldn’t serve him well in a male prison. Or his gesticulating arms and swirly hands.

      Keith probably keeps moving because he is scared. And if you sit alone in your cell, everyone knows that you are afraid. Moving targets are harder to hit.

      Keith is probably tanning so he can continue on his quest to be a white savior to Mexicans.

      Of course, inmates think Keith is innocent. Haha… EVERY one in sex offender prison is innocent. Just ask them. They will tell you. None of them are guilty.

  • The Gospel of Luke records Jesus saying, “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”
    Religion, as the old joke has it, is just “a cult plus time.”

    • Allison Mack falsely accused her father of molesting her nephews.
      False accusations are a form of hatred.
      Was Allison Mack inspired by the Bible when she falsely accused her father of molesting children?

      • She wanted to become Raniere’s disciple. Or, in other words, the chief wife and chief whore in Raniere’s stable of women.
        The whole thing has nothing to do with Christianity, rather something with Raniere’s pseudo-creed.

      • —Was Allison Mack inspired by the Bible when she falsely accused her father of molesting children?

        Where is the pedophilia crap in the Bible?

    • By such extension of logic, then everyone is part of at least one cult — a cult of one — because no one is free from religion or a way of life, either of which is ultimately rooted on a metaphysical belief system. There’s this delusion in modern secular discourse that if you’re not part of a religion, you’re not enchained in some kind of “slavery” of the mind. No, you’re always a slave to some form of being regardless — your passions, career, fame, money, God or god(s), “the State”, etc. Even Raniere relied on such an intrinsic state of the human condition since time immemorial. Because you are, you might as well choose the “right” slavery, and it certainly wasn’t Raniere’s version of it.

      • You are a slave to islam, the pedo-not-a-prophet muhammad, masturbating, stalking, white knighting and Korona Kreuk.

  • It sounds like he really can continue with his Guru calling. It’s starts with admiration then quickly turns into idolization and worship. His wildest dreams are continuing. Watch, in the coming months the first follower will start walking with him, then another and another. They will call him Jesus of Arizona.

    • Keith could also increase his popularity there by turning the water into wine. Has he dumped the idea of finding a virgin successor? How goes his new hunt for a Mary Magdalene?

      • Pyriel,

        Not enough has been written about the “virgin successor”.

        1) Why did they have to be a virgin?
        2) Conversely; why didn’t Keith have to be a virgin?
        3) How come Keith’s 2 children were deemed unworthy of being a ‘successor’?
        4) Why a female virgin? It’s confusing. For breeding with Keith? Or was the virgin not the actual successor? And why not a male?
        5) Or did they actually mean, “the virgin to be impregnated with the successor”?
        6) If procuring and keeping virgins was so important, why did Keith keep raping them? Instead of allowing the virgins to mercifully remain free of Keith’s rancid old man weiner? And stay virgins?
        7) Was the only successor requirement virginity? Or was it just the most important?

        There are lots more unanswered questions…

        • RE Why Virgin Successor:

          Because it’s every-other man’s fantasy. Duh!

          Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella Mother Mary, and every man’s wife.

        • The “virgin successor” was all BS. Raniere just wanted another virgin notch in his bedpost. The thrill of having had more virgins than anyone else. And how innocent and worshiping they are until they realize sex with him has nothing to do with mutuality and love and has only to do with him feeling good about what a sex master he is. Once they figure that out and start to push back on being used as masturbatory toys, they’re of no use to his ego – toss them out and find a worthier “virgin successor”.

          Same thing with going after other people’s partners and breaking up relationships. Made him feel so good about himself that he was more desirable than the other guy.

          No questions there – just a bunch of BS to manipulate people into helping him stroke his massive ego.

          And crawling back inside the mind of that psychopath is vomit inducing – time to brain bleach again.

          • ==just a bunch of BS to manipulate people into helping him stroke his massive ego==

            Vanguard and the SOP boys had ego measuring contests. The guys with smaller egos always had to stroke Keith’s massive ego.

  • From the grapevine – vanrapist needs to fry-!!!!! He is getting so many accolades from the other prisoners.
    The sad thing is- the victims, like Kristin Marie Snyder have been forgotten- and vanrapist is getting pats on the back.
    What happened to the fight for Kris?
    Has Frank just said I quit? Sure looks like that.
    Frank lies about all of the writers on this blog. He is shadow state, and the next person is himself- arguing with a fake person. He is NUTS-

  • Ahh. This was expected to happen. Some of the inmates admiring his work.

    And the DOS girls are still so proud of being pimped out as part of the great keith raniere show.

    It’s soooo crazy!

  • I absolutely think Keith Raniere’s appeal will be granted, at least in part, and he will be retried. Y’all need to look at the reality of the facts, not how you want things to be — or worse, how you want to spin things so you can profit from KR’s demise.

    Be prepared people.

    • LOL.

      OK. Explain from “reality of the facts” just ONE legitimate reason as to what alleged lack of due process gives him even the remotest of reasons to be granted an appeal and a retrial.

      I’m patiently waiting for a response. All I expect though is crickets.

  • Here’s an allegation from Reddit that I’m sure Frank will want to investigate


    My cousin was in NXIVM, one of the SOP founders. He’s been a bully egomaniac his entire life, getting away with molesting me and fucking his step-sister. Who knows what else.

    His dad is covert CIA, all good old boys bullshit.

    My cousin bilked dozens of people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars for this cult. He was on their website for years saying Raniere was a genuis who created millionaires. No punishment. He was enraged at how suddenly everyone shunned him and Daddy got him a puff front page story in the most prominent local paper.

    “He wAz VIcTimIzED!”

    • This sounds like the man with mental health issues that wrote to Frank over and over. Wasn’t he talking about his cousin or something?

    • SOP is an abomination. It would not surprise me one bit if one of its “founders” was a habitual abuser. If you were abused, please come forward. There are many people you might be saving. SOP is still very active and its founders still have a significant influence over hundreds if not thousands of people.

      Please come forward with the truth. You will be supported here.

  • “He had a bunch of white bitches, branded their pussies with his initials, fucked them and had rich bitches pay him millions then some of them start crying #metoo and he was gone. He didn’t rape anyone. They all said yes.”

    Sigh. Yeah, this take isn’t entirely wrong. Sadly.

    It should be noted that what it does get wrong is none of that was what Keith was actually convicted for. Which was none of the above. The above was what got him on the feds’ radar and used against him to facilitate his conviction for the other charges. So yeah as comments and elsewhere show, people and “details” frequently do not go together.

    Probably didn’t help that whatever that Dateline piece said, it likely focused only on the sex stuff.

    • “He had a bunch of white bitches, branded their pussies with his initials, fucked them and had rich bitches pay him millions. He didn’t rape anyone. They all said yes.”

      Unlike his fellow sex offenders, Keith did all this without a knife, gun or physical violence, and some cons might admire the chunky white boy for this. Oddly, this”accomplishment” makes Keith more legitimately qualified to be a guru in prison than were his bogus claims in Nxivm. In prison, he could actually gain a group of followers eager to learn his tech.

      The twist ending to the Keith Raniere story.

  • In your face, Parlato! The joke is on all of us. Viva Executive Success! Good job, Keith. We’re proud of you! When given lemons…

    Questions I’m hoping we can ask our reliable source:
    Do the inmates find it macho the way Keith prances when he walks?
    What percent of the inmates call him Vanguard?
    Do any of the guards bow to Vanguard?
    Has he washed his stringy grey hair yet, or is he avoiding any semblance of bathing?
    Is it a farmer’s tan, or can he take his shirt off and let his hairy man-boobies run wild?
    Any romance in the air? Please remind suitors that Keith prefers them to ASK if they want an anal probe.

  • I couldn’t find the Home Entertainment section of the commissary form. I’m thinking nothing would spiff up solitary like a Marantz receiver paired with some high end speakers.

  • To my dear friend, Nicki Clyne

    Let’s look at the facts.

    Nicki Clyne was in Albany chasing after the Vanguard, the Apple of her eye!

    In swoops Allison to elbow Nicki aside.

    Many tears and much crying ensue.

    Who would have guessed that women in a harem would fight over the only male?

    Years later – when the Vanguard was on the run – Nicki makes sure to post pictures of herself in Puerto Vallarta.

    Nicki also makes sure that Allison is in Puerto Vallarta when the Federales nab the Vanguard.

    And Nicki has her cellphone camera to record a dumbstruck Allison watching as the Vanguard is hustled off.

    Within 24 hours, the video is in London and all around the world!

    Allison Mack is indelibly linked to Keith Raniere.

    And Nicki Clyne is the de facto head of NXIVM.

    Well done, Nicki.

    You should send a birthday card to Allison addressed to “Sucker!”

    Smallville’s Allison Mack chases car carrying sex cult leader – Daily Mail

    • SS 1958,

      Another interesting fact about Nicki “Squeaky” Clyne: she failed as a master of DOS and as a slave of Raniere.

      Nicki claims ownership (which I bet Keith would hate) of DOS. She brags that the government shut down her female empowerment project.

      But Nicki was a terrible recruiter. She had nowhere near the number of slaves Lauren or even Allison had.

      Pathetic when a true believer like Nicki “Squeaky” Clyne can’t even get decent slave lineages going. Keith was so disappointed in her.

      And then Nicki posted Keith’s whereabouts and got Keith arrested.

      • Ha! Wow! Yeah, good point! What is with that video?! So crazy! There needs to be an article about this. What does Nicki say about it?

    • Nicki should then also send off the birthday card in time for it to arrive on time for Allison’s birthday on July 29.

  • The prisoners commentary also extended into the most liberal, tolerant, “inclusive” groups of people. Remember how appalled they all were to dare kink shame a man? Same thing, same entitlement with different marketing. He tricked them fair and square without a weapon, so say they all.

  • These white entitlement bitches – everything was set up for them and really what did he do? They said yes.

  • It probably seems like a holiday resort compared to the disgusting MDC. No doubt he is feeling much better.

    • And in doing so, he wanted to stay at MDC and his appellate counsel had filed a motion requesting that Raniere be allowed to stay at MDC Brooklyn pending the appeal.

  • One prisoner reportedly summed up what many were thinking: “He had a bunch of white bitches, branded their pussies with his initials, fucked them and had rich bitches pay him millions then some of them start crying #metoo and he was gone. He didn’t rape anyone. They all said yes.”

    The prisoners know the truth.

  • For Vangone. Walks + a tan + admiration from the other inmates and guards = nirvana. Namaste NXIVM. Namaste

  • Re “Keith Raniere is serving his fourth year of a 120 year prison sentence at the US Penitentiary in Tucson Az. His release date is June 2020.”

    You got the discharge date wrong by a century.

  • LOL at the Vanguard getting a “He didn’t do anything wrong” validation from his fellow sex offenders.

    • —LOL at the Vanguard getting a “He didn’t do anything wrong” validation from his fellow sex offenders.


      Totally ridiculous!


      The commissary item list is damn good for a prison.

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