Bangkok: Big Difference Between Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman — Allison Had the World at Her Feet and Chose Keith — Lauren Was Brought in By Her Mother

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack both cooperated with the prosecution,

By Bangkok

Cosby and Mack – Unlike Others – Were Not Pedophiles is another highly predictable article from Heidi, saying the EXACT same, highly-biased nonsense she’s been spouting for years.

Heidi Hutchinson

‘Allison’s innocent.’

‘Allison’s an angel from heaven.’

‘Allison was set up from Day #1 to take the fall for Keith.’

‘Allison did no wrong.’

‘Allison just wants to live a normal life.’

‘Allison just yearns for free will.’ Yada,  yada, yada.

Firstly, Allison is no angel and I can assure everybody here that, according to my Lord and Savior (Jesus Christ), Allison will never get into the pearly gates and will likely be kicked down below to spend eternity with Satan, probably with a pitchfork up her butt, just like Pam Cafritz. 🙂

Artist’s vision of Pam arriving in hell


Artist’s vision of Pam arriving in hell


Temperatures are frequently above 200 degrees in hell.

Truth is, Allison wasn’t ‘set up’ by anybody.

Allison Mack will be going to federal prison on September 29, 2021 for a 30-month stay.

She was recruited just like every other WHORE in Keith’s stable of whores. She was simply one of the dumber women —— who chose to enter NXIVM after having a life of independent success outside of NXIVM (She did not rely on family wealth like other wealthy women in NXIVM, she had her own money and success prior to meeting Keith).

She was basically the “low-hanging fruit” for Keith to grab. You can’t fault somebody for grabbing low-hanging fruit when they’re hungry. I don’t fault Keith for grabbing a dumb gal like Allison. That’s like blaming a compass for pointing North.

Keith Raniere kisses Allison Mack

Question… How does Heidi know anything about the details of what went on between Allison, Lauren, Keith and DOS? She wasn’t there and only pretends to have inside knowledge that the rest of us don’t have.

Allison was no better than anybody else, and much worse than others.

Truth is, Allison had her own “free will” long before entering NXIVM —— since she was financially independent and successful, and her family did not groom her to follow Keith. Yet she still CHOSE to follow Keith.

Keith Raniere kisses Lauren Salzman.

Lauren, on the other hand, had a mother who groomed her to follow Keith from her teen years. She also had no financial success outside of NXIVM and was dependent on NXIVM for money to live (she was an idiot with no education and no ability to be successful on her own).

Allison had options. She had the world at her feet, yet she still CHOSE to follow Keith.

Lauren had nothing outside of NXIVM —- and she was groomed to follow Keith from her teen years.

Allison Mack [r] with Lauren Salzman.
Big difference between Allison and Lauren. Lauren is a 2nd generation cult whore, following her own mom.

That’s why Lauren will get a slightly lesser sentence than Allison. Heidi simply hates Lauren and uses her ‘hate’ to invent a new reality about Allison being an angel and Lauren being a devil.

Truth is, Allison and Lauren were both devils. They are both virtually worthless human beings, IMO, who don’t make the world a better place.

MK10ART – Allison Mack moved up (or down) to join the Salzmans.

But Lauren had less free will than Allison, since her mom groomed her for NXIVM as a teen. Allison had no such family pressure. That’s the difference.

Truth is, Heidi never even knew Allison during her NXIVM days.

Heidi is no more ‘clued in’ to the truth than anybody else here.

Heidi pretends to be an insider with Allison but, in reality, she’s really just a spectator IMO.

Allison deserves her 9 years of misery (3 years of home confinement, 3 years in prison and another 3 years of supervised release where she must report to a probation officer and have her life regulated like a child).

MK10Art’s sketch of Nancy Salzman, who has yet to be sentenced.

Nancy, on the other hand, is a very bad apple who deserves a long prison sentence. She is rotten to the core. She was Keith’s equivalent of Himmler.

The judge will probably only give Nancy 5 years but she deserves far more, IMO. Nancy deserves at least 15 years but, because of her age and health, the judge will probably take pity on her (he’s a softy).

Judge Nicholas Garaufis

I would personally give Nancy 15 years if I were the judge, but he obviously won’t do that — cuz he’s a softy for Lauren and doesn’t wanna take her mom away from her for that long.

My only words to Allison Mack, before she heads to prison, are this…

Reap the whirlwind. Have a nice time shitting from filthy toilet seats and eating crappy food for 3 years. You deserve your punishment and the world is a better place with you behind bars for a while.

Have a good day. 🙂

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  • Where the fuck is Niceguy?

    Why hasn’t that Bostonian motherfucker agreed with me? He hasn’t got the balls to admit that I’m right about these things — cuz he likes Heidi too much. What a pussy. He’s become Heidi’s bitch.

    Heidi doesn’t have the Balls to respond or refute my comments either, cuz she’s short on facts and lets her emotions guide her comments these days. Oh well, maybe she can visit Allison in prison and bring her freshly-baked cookies each month.

    • The biggest problem you will always have is karma, it will bite you on the ass one day and the sad thing is because of your hard-ass attitude, no one will notice. But the rest of us will have a good day without even realizing that.

      • True. One day, Mr. Bangcock will realize that the reaction is meaningless. Who you are is everything.

    • “Maybe she can visit Allison in prison and bring her freshly-baked cookies each month.” The Retard

      Alice B. Toklas Cookies
      I Love You, Alice B. Toklas (1968) – Making Groovy Brownies

  • Bangkok and Heidi have something in common…..Who’d of thought it possible.
    They’re apologists!

    Lauren was victimized by her mommy vs Allison, who was manipulated by Raniere.

    Great excuses for committing heinous acts!

    Everyone is a victim of something. It doesn’t excuse or justify hurting someone else.

    The two of you can go [redacted] each other. A cougar and a young buck [redacted].

    • I’m impressed that Niceguy actually stood up to his idol — the woman who first got him to begin commenting on FrankReport, Heidi Hutchinson.

      A couple years ago, Heidi issued a plea for readers to come forth and combat Bangkookery.

      Shortly thereafter, Niceguy came forward and said he welcomed that “call to arms”. LOL.

      From that moment in time, a Bostonian wussy was born who pretty much kissed the butt of Frank and Heidi, while strictly following the orders of his own wife (who is the breadwinner of his household).

      But now, as of today, this Beantown wussy has come full circle and has finally realized that Heidi is full of crap on many issues. Niceguy has just stood up to his own idol. Holy crap. I’m impressed.

      Congrats to Niceguy. He’s almost a full man now. But not really, cuz wifey still makes the money to support his household —- so he’s still gotta follow her orders.

      As for his criticism of my wonderful words in this article…

      He’s simply mistaken because I never said that Lauren was ‘justified’ to harm others.

      I merely said that, compared to Allison, she’s less culpable for falling under the sway of a madman like Keith —— BECAUSE a parent’s ‘influence’ (over the decisions of their offspring) has the greatest effect of all.

      That’s why the majority of Amish adults were also Amish kids while growing up, even though they are given the chance to leave the Amish life at 18, if they want to.

      If you can’t follow what I’m saying…

      I’m saying that… If those same kids were born non-Amish, the chances of them becoming Amish as an adult dwindle greatly, to almost zero percent.

      Thus, to assume that a parent’s ‘values’ (like Nancy Salzman’s twisted values) have no effect on their own child —- is an utterly ridiculous thought.

      Again, Allison had her own free will, her own money, her own life and family outside of NXIVM. Yet Lauren didn’t have any of those things while growing up.

      Lauren is less culpable for falling under the influence of a madman like Keith. Allison is more culpable and less of a human being, since her TRUE “inner-self” gravitated towards Keith with no outside influence.

      Allison took to Keith like a fish to water, or a bum on a baloney sandwich.

      Have a nice day. 🙂

  • No recent derogatory guest views about Nicki “Squeaky” Clyne.

    In spite of additional information about Nicki’s immigration fraud recently revealed.

    Can’t even comment freely on the Frank Report about the overwhelming evidence that Nicki “Squeaky” Clyne is a liar and a criminal.

    As are Clyne’s slaves, that make up the, “Manson Girl’s Project”. Or DOS project or whatever the dirty dancers for Raniere call themselves now.

    These are die hard cult members. The spread lies and propaganda. If they want to work on prosecutorial over sight there is no reason to bash the women Keith Raniere abused.

    They could focus solely on the legal issues. But instead they mock and deride those who experienced horror and were damaged by DOS.

  • How do you know that Allison wasnt raped by her father or something? Fionna barnett Talks about Nancy salzman being trained by a mi ultra perpetuator. And she was fine with pedophilia, like Raniere, and with grooming and manipulating woman. Incluiding her kids, that fucked Raniere with her . Maybe in threesomes.

    One of the must devasting part of Anneke lucas or Regina louf testimony, are the parts that the mothers engage in sexual perversions With them personally . Also Cathy o Brien with the la Madrid and her daughter. And Lauren is by far more darker that what we know, i am not buying the whole” Rosa Laura and Cecilia are inocent and puré ” or ” i broke Daniela becasue i want a baby” shit. But her mother was Hitler , i mean a crazy luciferian lutenient, the right Hand of Raniere .

    The bronfmans where luciferian for fritz springmeier long before Nxivm scandal. Salinas, de la Madrid, the clintons, trudeau appeared in Cathy o Brien testimony, and in Nxivm related Aspects . Also rosa Laura father had link to salinas , very dark ones, or even Ghislaine Maxwell to child abuse long before epstein. What these people have in common? Probably hell childhoods, horrible Young lives, and destructive tyrant parents , if not satanic rappists as care takers .

    We know that Allison wanted attention, that she was in Disney and that her parents supported Nxivm . One more proof of luciferian tendencys or bad parenting at least

  • go and sin no more’ – Jesus Christ (John 8:11)

    Bangkok, don’t you find it interesting what your Lord and Savior said about someone perceived as a whore? Maybe you should follow His lead on this rather than condemning those you perceive as whores?

    Have a nice day!

    • If it were just about being a whore, you could answer it that way. But that is not what it is about. It is about far more than that. It is about serious and comprehensive crimes, and not just about a woman’s individual sexual morality.

    • Neither do I condemn you?

      Sin and sin no more was between her God. It didn’t necessarily mean that all of sudden that woman’s life was perfect. It didn’t mean the world stopped judging her, either.

    • I also support that he’s making a point about how Lauren was dragged in by her mother, whereas Allison? Had more experience and free will.

      I think it’s a very good point.

      • while Allison? She had more experience and free will.

        experience in which she? in recognizing a cult when you are already inside, in indoctrination techniques perhaps, tell me that allison had more experience than lauren that was not about being an actress since she was a child and not studying in a normal school, or maybe her experience was not trusting so much on people he identified as friends, just so you know the same stories posted by Frank based on internal sources and whistleblowers in the comments section showed that allison followed lauren as if she were his “WISE” older sister. You also forget Daniella’s testimony in which she mentions that Lauren was one of Keith’s “bomb deactivators”.

        She wants to say that she was one of the women that Keith trusted to manipulate other women and keep them calm, Daniella’s marriage talks about Since Lauren had abortions and both she and Pam C. took women to have abortions, certainly Lauren had the direct influence of her mother and Keith but she entered the cult at 21 after having had a normal upbringing that YES It gave him more experience in life than Allison’s, it is also very clear now that Allison had mental problems before meeting Keith and this was taken advantage of by him, Nancy and Lauren

    • Jesus approves of my words. He believes in calling balls and strikes accurately.

      A whore is a whore.

      It’s not based on perception, it’s based on being a whore.

      If a man rules over your sexual choices and can order you to fuck on demand (or perform a 6 way blowjob) —- then by definition, you’re a whore.

      Jesus loves me. I’m going to heaven one day. 🙂

      • That’s not saying much because Jesus would love anybody. Jesus would also love Keith and all the other perverts he’s locked up with.

  • Didn’t Allison say to either Nicole’s or Jay’s assignment to seduce Raniere: “you have my permission to enjoy it”?

    My words to Allison Mack before she heads to prison are: you have my permission to enjoy it……..

  • what will Lauren salzman and Michelle salzman’s resume read like when they get out then apply for jobs? they can probably apply to Tofutti and get hired by their uncle?

  • Your message is just a bunch of hate.

    Frank Report could do much better than publishing this crap.

    Why don’t you have the courage to use your real name and stand beside what you write?

    • “Your message is just a bunch of hate.” Anonymous

      What kind of hate did Allison Mack have when she orchestrated the branding of women in their pubic regions?

      What kind of hate did Allison Mack have when she collected blackmail information to control and manipulate women?

      Allison Mack denied these women their humanity.
      Allison Mack is the personification of hate.

    • Because Bangkok has too much common sense to post his real name!

      He learned the hard-way on Craig’s list.

    • Why don’t you have the courage to use a moniker other than “Anonymous”? LOL.

      Looks like you’re the coward. Duh. 🙂

      It’s not hate to state the truth.

      Your attempt to ask Frank to censor FrankReport articles — to fit within your own liberal narrative — sounds like something out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook. Censor anything you disagree with.

      ‘Triggering’ liberal wussies, like yourself, is part of my mission. I’m in the business of angering liberals and, god damn it, business is good.

      I’m guessing that you’re also a 9/11 TRUTHER. lol.

      Have a fine day. 🙂

  • I try to figure out why you publish this diatribe, Frank. It doesn’t invite in any way (but my post to “complain” about it) to a discussion. It doesn’t have any new opinions and or information. It is just a sneer from a sad old man.

    • Of course, it invites discussion. It simply invites opinions that you disagree with, thus, you wish to censor them.

      Are you ‘triggered’?

      If so, try calling the WAAAAMBULANCE to comfort you. 🙂

      Did your grand-daddy fight for the axis powers?

  • Frank, you should really have someone fix your formatting of HTML. It’s so difficult to read. Just like me, a lot of people use “reader view” and Instapaper for reading. Yours is the only one of my favorite websites that is not optimized for that. All articles break, and are missing whole paragraphs, headers or subheaders when in “reader view”.
    I was hoping over time the site would get optimized but maybe you haven’t noticed. I hope I could continue to read your great stories in a more comfortable way in the future. All the best.

  • America’s problem is that many Americans are too polite to tell the truth.
    Bangkok never let’s politeness get in the way of the truth.

    “Allison is no angel and I can assure everybody here that, according to my Lord and Savior (Jesus Christ), Allison will never get into the pearly gates and will likely be kicked down below to spend eternity with Satan, probably with a pitchfork up her butt, just like Pam Cafritz. 🙂

    Her,e Bangkok tells it straight.
    Allison Mack is a “whore” and a dumb whore at that.

    “Truth is, Allison and Lauren were both devils. They are both virtually worthless human beings” Bangkok.

    It is high time for America to return to morality and start judging whores, tramps and trollops and Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman are all three.

    “Heidi pretends to be an insider with Allison ” Bangkok

    Heidi, it is time to face the truth.
    Allison Mack does not give a rat’s ass about the many women she abused and she does not give a rat’s ass about you.

    “My only words to Allison Mack, before she heads to prison, are this…
    Reap the whirlwind. Have a nice time shitting from filthy toilet seats and eating crappy food for 3 years. You deserve your punishment and the world is a better place with you behind bars for a while.
    Have a good day. 🙂 Bangkok

    Here, I disagree with Bangkok.
    Allison Mack does not deserve 3 years in prison.
    Allison Mack deserves 33 years in a Turkish prison.

    • This is funny, although shouldn’t be too surprising. Shadow turned heel a few years ago when he blamed Rhiannon for all the evils of NXIVM. I guess it was inevitable for Bangcock and Shadow to end up riding tandem bikes. One milkshake, two straws. Have fun, boys…

      • Without Rhiannon’s help, the cops could not prosecute Raniere in 1994.

        That is a fact of life.

        The cops needed Raniere on tape to corroborate her allegations.

        Heidi can not accept that.

        • Do you really think that having Rhiannon wear a wire was the only way that the local police could have investigated Keith back in 1994? I can think of several alternative ways they could have conducted such an investigation — and I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee yet.

          And don’t you think it’s strange that the local police didn’t keep an “open file” on someone who was alleged to be a pedophile — just in case similar allegations arose sometime later?

          • Finally, a smart comment. I have always thought that Keith was protected by a dark and powerful hand. “The devil is in the details”

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