Misc. NXIVM News — Creep Street Does Provocative Podcast With Jessica Joan; Did Nicki Get a Nose Job? and Raniere Is Well in USP Tucson

Creep Street Hosts Dylan Hackworth and Maureen Boughey

Jessica Joan Does Podcast With Creep Street

I received an email from Creep Street Podcast, a weekly (Fridays) podcast hosted by comedians Dylan Hackworth and Maureen Boughey, “who love discussing all things strange and macabre” such as cults, ghosts, UFOs, conspiracy theories, or serial killers.”
“Creep Street will take listeners to some very frightening places, but remember, we’re in this together!”
Here is the email”

Hi Mr. Parlato,

This is Dylan Hackworth and Maureen Boughey of the Creep Street Podcast. Our podcast covers a wide range of topics, including cults, and we were recently lucky enough to interview Jessica Joan about her time in NXIVM and DOS. She shares how she was brought into the cult and offers up some thoughtful insight into how NXIVM worked and why it’s so destructive. 
We thought this might be of interest to you and the readers of The Frank Report. If so, you can listen to the interview on our most recent episode, Creep Street Podcast Ep76 – Interview with Jessica Joan: NXIVM Whistleblower, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and everywhere else you listen to podcasts. 
We are both huge fans of the reporting and work you’ve done over the years to bring down NXIVM and Keith Raniere. Your tenacity and thoroughness are truly inspiring. 
Have a great day,
Dylan Hackworth and Maureen Boughey
Jessica Joan

Here is how Creep Street describes the episode:

Check out Jessica’s podcast, The Untouchable Jessica Joan, wherever you get podcasts!

“Get ready for a big one, Creep Street! On this episode, Maureen and Dylan talk with actress, poet and NXIVM whistleblower, Jessica Joan.

“NXIVM, subject of HBO’s The Vow, was an abusive and dangerous cult with another even more nefarious cult under it’s umbrella called DOS. A survivor of both, Jessica Joan is credited with helping bring them and their vile leader, Keith Raniere, down for good. Citizens of the Milky Way, enjoy our interview with Jessica Joan!”


Here is how I would describe the episode — it is 47 minutes long and it breezes by leaving an attentive listener desirous of it being just a little longer. As always, Jessica Joan, who testified at the trial of Keith Raniere as Jaye and was the last fact witness of the trial, is compelling.

It is spiced up quite a bit by Hackworth and Boughey who add flair, an investigative and thoughtful style, and high energy. This is both a good, probing interview and an entertainment gem.


Nose Job for Nicki?

Inquiring minds want 2 know wrote, “Nicki Clyne looks so much more attractive after her nose job. It appears to be a soft tissue fix. Talking in the sides to narrow it and tampering her nostrils. This kind of adjustment can go largely unnoticed but completely transform a face.

“I’ve never heard the Nxivm stance on plastic surgery. It seems that they had unconventional views on medical procedures and Western medicine in general. Did Keith believe one could transform their physical features with their mind? Or was that different than ‘giving yourself breast cancer for attention’?”



Nicki Clyne – 2021





Nicki Clyne – 2006?

Nicki Clyne denies that she ever got a nose job.

She wrote, “Just discovered an online rumor going around that I got a nose job and I’m rather flattered lol. Thank you. The only way I’d get a nose job is if I took a slap shot to the face.”

I imagine Nicki would agree that the nose is something that she and many others use to breath in air and that it might be unwise to mess around with one’s basic bodily and facial structure.

It is interesting to note that one of NXIVM’s most famous persons, the late Pamela Cafritz, did indeed get a nose job. Her socialite mother, the recently deceased Buffy Cafritz, apparently insisted that Pam, as a young girl, get the nose altered so she would be more viewer-friendly to their DC society.

Instead, Pam never appeared in DC among the rich and powerful, choosing instead to spend her life in Clifton Park as one of the main women of Keith Raniere’s harem.

Pam was heard sometimes to complain about her nose job, according to sources who knew her, but she also looked at it in an amused way, as if what’s done is done and her old nose – the one nature intended – was reshaped into something else altogether.

Comparisons are odious, of course, but like her nose, Pam too was reshaped. From a young woman engaged to wed a wealthy young and promising DC man to an acolyte, wing woman and harem member for Keith Raniere, a woman who died comparatively young, purportedly of renal cancer. He held her in the palm of his hand.

Allison Mack with the ailing Pamela Cafritz


Pam Cafritz, with Allison Mack behind her hands.


Keith Raniere and Pam Cafrtiz in what appears to be a picture taken in the 1990s.

Raniere is Apparently Well

Keith Raniere resides behind these fences at USP Tucson.


Keith Raniere Prison USP Tucson Arizona
Our source tells us that Keith Raniere is assigned to a unit that permits him to associate with other inmates and gives him some opportunity to walk in the unit for exercise. Photo Credit: Arrington Watkins Architects

A report from a source at USP Tucson where Keith Raniere is currently serving a 120-year sentence indicates he is not only alive but is well.

According to our source, he seems fit, even athletic and is exercising regularly. Despite what is often described as less than culinary masterpieces or even healthy choices being served, Raniere seems to be navigating his diet well.

There is an outdoor yard at the prison – but without shade – and in the dry, hot heat –  it is not as utilized as it might be. Raniere is getting his exercise indoors and this includes a fair amount of walking – something he did faithfully when he lived in Clifton Park.

Keith Raniere walking here with one of the DOS “founding sisters” – Dani Padilla


Keith Raniere on a walk all by himself in Clifton Park. Photo courtesy Albany Times Union.


Keith Raniere Prison USP Tucson Arizona
There may be an outdoor recreational yard at USP Tucson but it might not be very enjoyable to be out there at noon. The sun is so fierce at times a person can get burned in minutes if exposed to it directly. Photo: Arrington Watkins Architects.

Compared to Raniere?

A correspondent wrote to ask “How does this guy compare to Keith in terms of crimes committed and sentence?”

He is referring to Ruben Andre Garcia, a former GirlsDoPorn producer and performer, who pleaded guilty to sex trafficking by force, fraud and coercion in December.

This slickster offered women a chance to make money, promising them that their nude videos would not appear online or in the USA. He lied.

According to the DOJ press release: Dated Monday, June 14, 2021:

Adult film performer and producer Ruben Andre Garcia was sentenced in federal court …  for conspiring with the owners of the adult websites GirlsDoPorn (GDP) and GirlsDoToys (GDT) to recruit young women to appear in sex videos for adult websites using force, fraud, and coercion.

From approximately 2013 to 2017, Garcia worked as a recruiter, producer, and actor for the GDP and GDT websites, which grossed millions of dollars during this time. Garcia pleaded guilty in December 2020, admitting that as part of a premeditated scheme, he recruited victims to appear in sex videos for the websites by promising them that these videos would never be posted online, that the videos would never be released in the United States, and that no one who knew the women would ever find out about the videos. Throughout the scheme, Garcia knew these representations were false.  Garcia knew the videos were being posted on the fee-based websites, GDP and GDT, and excerpts were posted on free pornographic sites such as Pornhub.com, one of the most frequently viewed websites in the world receiving millions of views, to drive paying viewers to GDP and GDT.

Garcia admitted that he and co-defendant Michael Pratt were the lead recruiters for GDP and GDT.  Their target market was 18 to 20-year-old women. Garcia and Pratt created Craigslist advertisements, along with fake websites and email addresses consistent with the websites to cause their victims to believe that they were applying to work as clothed models. Only after the victims responded to the advertisements would Garcia and Pratt disclose that they were actually seeking women for pornographic video shoots.

When victims expressed hesitation, Garcia directed other young women to contact the victims and falsely reassure them that the videos would not be posted online and that none of the victims’ friends, families, colleagues or classmates would find out. Young women were selected as references, because Garcia, Pratt and Matthew Wolfe believed the victims were more likely to believe other young women over Garcia or Pratt.  The references were paid a fee for each victim they attempted to recruit, with additional compensation for victims who agreed to film a video.

Garcia and other members of the conspiracy took active steps to ensure the victims did not find out that he and the other members of the conspiracy operated GDP and GDT. Garcia knew that most of the young women they were recruiting would have never agreed to appear in a video if they knew that videos of their explicit sexual activity would be posted on the internet and marketed to their friends and family.

Most of the videos created as a part of the conspiracy were shot at hotels or short-term rental units in the San Diego area. If one of the victims agreed to act in the pornographic video, Garcia and his co-conspirators promptly booked flights for them to San Diego within a day or two to limit the chances that the victim would change her mind.  After the victim arrived at the hotel or short-term rental unit, Garcia would continue to falsely assure them that the videos would not be posted online and that no one who knew the victims would see – or even know about – the videos. Victims were told that the contracts they were presented with simply said what the victims had already been told, including that the videos would not be posted online. Nowhere on the contract could the reader find a reference to “girlsdoporn,” “girlsdotoys” or pornography at all. The companies were instead identified with innocuous names, such as Bubblegum Casting. Victims were not provided a copy of the contracts that they signed.

Before some of the video shoots, victims were offered alcohol or marijuana.  Victims who consumed alcohol or smoked marijuana were directed to make a recorded statement saying that they were not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, even though they had just smoked marijuana or drank alcohol.

As a part of the conspiracy, Garcia and others would at times coerce victims into completing the videos once they were underway. Garcia and other co-conspirators threatened to sue the victims, cancel flights home, and post the videos online, if the victims did not complete the sex videos.  Hotel room doors were at times blocked by camera and recording equipment, and the victims felt powerless and unable to leave.

Victims were also misled about how long the video shoots lasted. Most were told the video production would take around 30 minutes, when in reality, they typically lasted for several hours.  The sex for the video shoots was rough and caused many victims pain, and in some cases bleeding.  Some victims asked to stop filming.  In response, Garcia and others told the victims that they had to continue and finish the videos. Victims were also often paid significantly less than originally promised with Garcia and others would citing a tattoo, a mole, or some other perceived “imperfection” as a reason to pay the victim less.

Once the videos were posted online, many victims contacted Garcia and his co-conspirators seeking to get their videos taken off the websites. The victims’ calls were blocked or ignored….

“This defendant lured one victim after another with fake modeling ads, false promises and deceptive front companies, ultimately devolving to threats to coerce these women into making sex videos,” Acting US Attorney Randy Grossman said in a statement.

“Even when victims told Garcia how the scheme had devastated their lives, he showed no regard for their well-being. The crime was utterly callous in nature and there is no excuse or justification for his conduct, which was driven purely by greed. The harm inflicted by this defendant will last a lifetime for his victims.”


Twenty-two of his victims read victim impact statements at Garcia’s sentencing. As I recall, 15 victims read or had statements read for them at his sentencing.

While Raniere got 120 years, Garcia was deemed only 1/6th as bad. He got 20 years.

Ironically, Raniere did not release any collateral which was largely nude photos and videos. Garcia tricked dozens of women into shame by lying to them about not posting their videos online, or in the USA then doing so.


NXIVM v. Scientology

There are a couple of recent scholarly reports comparing Scientology and NXIVM which are worth reading on Research Gate:

Dr. Stephan Kent wrote  Comparative Reflections on Scientology And NXIVM 

McGill University’s Phil Lord wrote The Eternal Commitment: Scientology’s Billion-Year Contract

We will be reviewing both of these soon.

Apropos of the latter article, let it suffice to say that a billion-year contract seems fairly long, much longer than, for instance  Keith Raniere’s 120 year prison sentence. It is unclear how Scientology plans to enforce their contract with members who pledge this commitment after they leave the earth.

Raniere only looked for a single lifetime contract with his slaves in DOS, leaving them to enter into other arrangements after death. But members of Sea Org of Scientology’s commitment of a billion years suggest they must continue serving for a time after they die.

As for the carping critic who complains that a billion years is a long time to be in any church – even the Church of Scientology – it is certainly not eternity – which is what most other churches require.

L. Ron Hubbard asked for a billion years from his followers, showing that Scientology never asks for anything unreasonable. Most religions demand eternity.


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  • Her nose looks exactly the same.

    How about you address the fact that your buddy Roger just gave a speech where he flashed the “white power” sign and talked about pushing the “Trump agenda”?

    No, you’d rather speculate on whether or not an actor has had cosmetic surgery.
    Of course you would.

    • What is wrong with beautiful White Power?

      Why are White women so hateful of their own race and ethnicity?

      [redacted] races keep their women in check.

      You seem to like that about Muslims.

      Perhaps you just need a White man to [redacted]

      • Up with Beige Power!!! We stand for anyone from deep taupe to strawberry mousse. You Whites and Blacks exist only on paper!!

      • I’m sure that was a lovely comment, and not misogynistic or racist at all.
        I guess it was one of Roger’s proud boys commenting in support of Stone, or have y’all been arrested now?

  • Nicki’s comment above- “100% of proceeds go to supporting people in prisons and their families”

    Translation: The money is for us and Keith.

  • Victims of Sarah Lawrence College sex cult leader attempted suicide while under his spell: Feds says:

    Victims of Sarah Lawrence College sex cult leader attempted suicide while under his spell: Feds

    JUN 18, 2021 AT 3:58 PM

    An accused Sarah Lawrence College sex cult leader presented himself as a mental health expert to victims, many of whom attempted suicide while under his spell, Federal prosecutors wrote Friday.

    Lawrence Ray, accused Sarah Lawrence College sex cult leader, an ex-convict known for his role in a scandal involving former New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik. Lawrence Ray, accused Sarah Lawrence College sex cult leader, an ex-convict known for his role in a scandal involving former New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik. (HONS/AP) The new Manhattan Federal Court filing came during arguments over just how far Lawrence Ray, 58, can probe his alleged victims’ mental health histories at trial.

    Ray, who served as best man at former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik’s wedding, is accused of manipulating a small group of students who were his daughter’s college friends. Prosecutors say he forced some of his victims into prostitution and maintained a stash of compromising information to prevent them from leaving his orbit.

    “Many of the Victims attempted suicide and were hospitalized after those attempts. The defendant was often present prior to the Victims’ attempts and discussed the Victims’ vulnerability to suicide with both the Victims and other individuals. The defendant was also present after the suicide attempts, including by inserting himself into their treatment,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Mollie Bracewell wrote. She added that Ray portrayed himself as a mental health expert and diagnosed victims with conditions such as borderline personality disorder.

    Ray has pleaded not guilty. His trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 20.

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      Situated in the heart of Chinatown, Buddha Bodai has been serving magnificent vegetarian meals since its inception in 2004. Buddha Bodai is committed to achieving and maintaining the delicate flavors of China’s deep culinary history.

      Join us in our outdoor dining space!
      Monday – Friday 11am – 9:15pm
      Weekends 10am – 9:15pm

      • “If you want to visit The Original BUDDHA BODAI Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant”

        Will that be a conjugal visit?

  • Of all the things that have been reported about Nicki Clyne on the Frank Report, it’s the possible nose job that Nicki feels must be addressed immediately? Really?

    Does that mean all of the other stuff written here about Nicki over the years has been accurate and true? Not worth disputing?

    Because now it is abundantly clear how closely Nicki monitors the Frank Report comments.

    It was hardly any big, “rumour on the internet”. it was an absolutely nothing throw away 3 comments buried amongst an avalanche of other comments only on the Frank Report, until Nicki dug that tiny moment out and reposted about it on her pay per view site. And then deleted it. Then tweeted about it.

    And btw it was a complimentary inquiry.

    Of course, now it is part of a post. But it sure wasn’t when Nicki was tweeting and posting about the comment.

    This has all been very, very illuminating about Ms. Clyne.

    Frank, please don’t censor this comment just cause it’s about yer girl. And respectfully, when you had Nicki on the line, why not hit her with some of the harder questions that readers have been waiting so long to have answered?

    Regardless, thank you so much for all you do and have done, sir. Especially the fun and entertaining part!

  • Frank, is KR allowed conjugal visits? Can his women come and stay with him in a trailer overnight? If so how often? Do you think his ladies would move to Tucson to support him?

    • Frank may respond as well but this one is very easy: there are no conjugal visits in federal prisons.

        • Insofar as we know, Keith can receive visits from anyone who was associated with NXIVM, provided that they do not have a criminal record. It is possible, however, that the BOP has put some limitations on his visitors that we don’t know about (Such things are not a matter of public record).

      • In federal prisons there are no OUTSIDE conjugal visits. Inside, such visits happen when you least expect them.

  • Everybody here has a smug arrogant attitude that Keith is bad because he mentored Camila when she was 15

    If Cami was a boy and Keith a woman, then everyone would think it is a great thing for the boy.

    So we all hate Keith and feel sorry for poor Cami. But if Cami were a boy no one would feel angry.

    I was a boy of 16 when my English teacher had sex with me and she taught me a lot and it was a good relationship. No one was hurt. We both knew it was a teaching experience.

    My teacher was beautiful, sexy, kind, encouraging and honest.

    Cami probably learned a lot from Keith and got something out of it that was very good and wise. I know I did.

    Thank you, Miss Jones. I will never forget you.

    • in the middle ages, Camila might well have been betrothed before she even reached 10, started having children almost as soon as she was able* – and would as likely as not be dead by now (the average lifespan was only about 30).

      times change, society has evolved, and we now understand that adults having sex with minors is wrong whether the underaged person is a boy or a girl – though some old attitudes linger on with some people (especially in very culty groups, like the Mormon FLDS). there are all sorts of problems and issues, including adults being more adept at manipulating and coercing around consent, and inexperienced young people being more vulnerable and prone to poor judgment.

      anecdotalism is not a valid argument. just because one person did something without harm doesn’t mean that it’s harmless (if it were then kids playing Russian Roulette wouldn’t be so bad, because more survive than not, arguably having had an unforgettable experience and maybe even having learned something).

      Camila’s story itself is ultimately an example of such relationships being harmful in a variety of ways – and the older people who seek them, often being motivated in just the wrong ways.

      * research shows that teens who are biologically capable of reproducing but who have not fully grown and matured, are actually more likely to have health and psychological problems during and after pregnancy, and to have babies with health problems. biological ability does not necessarily equate with ability to do so healthily.

      • Fake “prophet” muhhamad (pedophile, rapist, slaver, war monger, etc) raped little Aisha when he was fifty-four and she was just nine. Yet filthy [redacted] people worship him. Disgusting, right?

    • You’re kind of a sicko. It’s never cool for an adult to have sex with a child regardless of gender. Shame on you. Oh and ps not buying this tale you are spinning about ‘Miss Jones’. SMH 🤦‍♂️

    • Hi Bangkok!

      “I was a boy of 16 when my English teacher had sex with me. No one was hurt. We both knew it was a teaching experience. My teacher was beautiful, sexy, kind, encouraging and honest.”

      At what point — Bangkok — did you wake up from this dream?

      When you woke up, was grandpa in bed with you again?

  • For anyone concerned about Raniere’s allegedly less than nutritious prison diet, remember that as a free man he constantly pigged out on greasy takeaway pizza. Prisoners get a balanced diet planned by nutritionists, much like school lunches, which is why they complain about it so much.

    Look at the pictures of him in Knox Woods, with the big gut and spindly limbs. Not exactly the picture of health, wot? Since he’s now described as almost athletic, it seems he’s being treated pretty well by our “inhumane” prison system. It’s taking better care of him than he ever did himself.

    As for Ruben The Porn Guy and his prison sentence relative to Raniere’s, it seems from the description that he played the role of recruiter and enforcer for his higher-ups. He wasn’t Raniere in the analogy, he was Allison Mack. So is his 20-year sentence predictive of Mack’s?

  • The claims of Clyne’s nose job are worth dissecting as an example of dubious gossipy, tabloid-style speculation.

    That shot of Clyne is at least a year old, and she is, of course, made up and lighted to best effect. If it’s a real pro-shot for portfolio purposes, it shouldn’t actually be photoshopped – though it could be.

    Checking for other photos of Clyne, I think that she may have an unusual facial feature in that her nose broadens significantly at the base and nostrils when she smiles. This video shows that effect:

    > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjEg3K8_ex0

    There are also old pictures where her nose appears small when she’s looking more serious, for example:

    > https://en.battlestarwikiclone.org/wiki/Nicki_Clyne

    Once again, speculation turns out to be ill-informed. Assertions made as if factual are, in fact, likely completely wrong.

    • Anonymaker shows up at surprising times. But I guess it shouldn’t surprise me cause he (she?) loves to debunk even the most random of conspiracy theories.

    • AnonyMaker-

      I cannot believe you lowered yourself to our level by weighing-in on the nose job debate.

      “Good God man! What has become of you”
      -Dr. McCoy to Spock 🖖🏼

  • She was only six months in NXIVM (!). Business, business, business…. We’ll soon see the blooming of books written by people that once ran into Raniere at an elevator, or saw him walking down Albany’s winding streets…

  • Misdirection: While everyone is looking at Nicki’s Nose, no one noticed that Jessica Joan is really Kristin Kreuk with bronzer and a push-up bra.

  • Any word on how many followers KR has in the pen? Out of those, how many have had nose jobs and are now called Jaye, Jessica, Joan or Nicki ? 😘

  • I vote no on the nose job. Hard to compare from pictures because different facial expressions and camera to face distances result in it looking smaller or larger so but ultimately concluded its proportions remain the same. She doesn’t need any surgery, why “fix” what isn’t broken. If the pics show anything she has gotten more beautiful with time so might as well ride that as long as she can.

    I have been eternally confused why women in Hollywood, after having found success based on their existing looks, feel a need to muck with them. It’s like they got proof whatever they are doing is working and the lesson they take is “Now is the time to fix me!”. They like to blame guys but it isn’t us. It’s usually self-inflicted wounds based on things guys don’t even look at (like model shows, fashion mags, and the like).

  • —As for the carping critic who complains that a billion years is a long time to be in any church – even the Church of Scientology – it is certainly not eternity – which is what most other churches require.

    LMFAO! Comedy gold!
    Frank is definitely a talented comedy writer.

    RE Nicki’s Nose:
    She definitely received some form of rhinoplasty or was hit with a “slap shot” to the face. The surgery appears to have been performed on the “Ala” and “Supra Alar Crease”.
    As always, I definitely need a life!

    RE Keith’s Prison Stay:
    I’m so glad Kieth is happy!!! A 120 years is a longtime, not to be happy. Hopefully,


    The Frank Report should inquire into whether any of the NXIVM will be relocating to Arizona. Plus Nicki could definitely use a tan — Eduardo and Suneel not so much.

  • Keith branded women. He took pictures of minors. He had them also locked in rooms working low income jobs for years. That is worse than what Garcia did. Both are clear psychopaths. But keith is more evil

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