Sad News About Mrs. Roger Stone

Nydia and Roger Stone

Family and friends of Roger Stone got some sad news this week. His wife, Nydia, was diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system.

Nydia Stone is 75.

By Rev. Randy Coggins

Lead Pastor of Randy Coggins Ministries International

During Roger Stone’s two-year struggle against what we now know from declassified documents was the politically motivated Mueller investigation, I became a friend and spiritual advisor to Roger Stone and his wife, Nydia.  During this time, I have forged a wonderful friendship and bond with the Stone Family based in our Faith.

The Stone Family has asked me to announce that Roger Stone’s wife, Nydia Bertrand de Espinosa Stone, (Nydia Stone) has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer, which has spread to her lungs. Nydia Stone is determined to wage both a medicinal and spiritual fight against this newly discovered and aggressive cancer.  She is stoic, brave, and in good spirits.  

Nydia was her husband’s rock during his political persecution and trial and I know she will face this new challenge with the same extraordinary courage that has characterized her life. The Stones have been married 30 years.

Nydia Stone was first seen by the American public when 29 heavily armed FBI agents arriving in 17 vehicles, a government helicopter, and 2 FBI amphibious units, raided the Stone’s Fort Lauderdale home in the predawn hours of January 25, 2020.  Mrs. Stone was paraded in her nightclothes by FBI agents from their home for the benefit of CNN news cameras, the only media outlet allowed in the secured area perimeters set up by the FBI.

It was peculiar, but somehow CNN happened to be at the residence of Roger Stone just as the FBI was arriving. They also allegedly had the sealed indictment of Stone hours prior to it being released. If the individual or individuals who released it to CNN were with the Department of Justice, they likely committed a felony crime.

Mrs. Stone attended every day of her husband’s trial in Washington, D.C., before Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

Roger Stone, left, with his wife Nydia Stone, leaves federal court in Washington, D.C. on Friday, Nov. 15, 2019. Stone, a longtime friend of President Donald Trump, has been found guilty at his trial in federal court in Washington. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Roger Stone was convicted by a D.C. jury – despite the fact that jury forewoman, Tomeka Hart, had attacked Roger Stone by name in 2019 on both Twitter and Facebook (as well as attacking President Trump) regarding the actual case in which she had been picked as a juror.

President Trump himself had called out Hart, a Democrat who once ran for Congress, for what he said appeared to be her “significant bias.” Tomeka Hart hid these posts using a private setting during jury selection and trial and deleted them after Stone’s faulty conviction.  The Judge ruled that Hart’s conduct did not constitute bias.

On Nov. 3, 2020, the U.S. Justice Department, by court order, released the last remaining redacted sections of Mueller’s classified report, in which the special prosecutor admitted that he had “no factual evidence” of Russian collusion, Wikileaks collaboration or any advanced knowledge of John Podesta’s purloined emails by Roger Stone. This information – which would have undercut Stone’s prosecution for lying to Congress by demonstrating that he had neither knowledge nor motive to lie – was withheld from Stone at trial both by the Judge and the prosecution.

Needless to say, only the Washington Examiner and Buzzfeed reported this rare midnight release on the busiest media day of the year.

Donald Trump, Nydia and Roger Stone

President Donald J. Trump issued an unconditional Pardon to Roger Stone on December 23, 2020 citing the bias of the judge as well as the misconduct of the Jury Forewoman in concluding that Stone had not received a fair trial, after Nydia Stone released a video calling on President to issue Clemency in her husband’s case.

Last month, the Biden Justice Department sued Roger and Nydia Stone for $2.2 million dollars in back taxes in a civil suit in which every legal and factual assertion by the Justice Department is demonstrably false.  The Stone’s formal response in Federal Court in this civil manner will be filed on June 15, 2020. Having been welcomed in the Stone family home, shared meals and prayed with them, I can assert with certainty that the government’s allegations that the Stones’ are somehow secretly living a lavish lifestyle is a reprehensible lie.

The Stones have not underreported or failed to report any income or assets and, in truth, they still struggle to pay for the basic necessities of life having been driven to the brink of bankruptcy by the politically motivated Mueller witch hunt.

“This lawsuit is politically motivated and is a transparent fraud upon the court,” Roger Stone himself said last week.

Nydia was born on May 8, 1946 in Cuba. Her father was a Cuban diplomat before Fidel Castro came to power. After Castro turned the island nation into a communist dictatorship in 1959, her father moved the family to the U.S.


Roger Stone met Nydia Bertran in the 1980s during the presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan. Stone served on the campaign and Nydia was a photographer.

As for Mrs. Stone, our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family at this difficult time.  While the course of treatment for Mrs. Stone is not yet finally determined, the family has asked for privacy regarding Mrs. Stone’s efforts to beat this disease.

Although the insurance that the Stones have left will cover much of Nydia Stone’s medical expenses, the Stones have no funds to pay for natural and homeopathic remedies that have been proven effective in the fight against cancer, as well as the basic necessities of living.

Between Internet censorship and the outrageous “guilt by association” claims by ABC NEWS and others which failed to prove that Roger Stone had any involvement or knowledge of the illegal actions of January 6th , the Stones have been unable to rebuild their family finances and are struggling for necessities such as housing, utilities, gasoline, groceries and medical care. Those who wish to help contribute can do so at

Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the Stone Family, we appreciate the prayers of the millions of Americans who are praying for them and their family.

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  • Since there’s no “reply” option to comments below I’ll repeat my unpublished, missing comment I was referring to here. It read:

    “I have never nor do I now accuse Roger Stone of being involved in my sister’s death.”

    I’ve had to ask you (and/or Bangkok, etc.) repeatedly not to misconstrue my meaning through your implications and this is another example of how you continue to do so.

    Why do you persist in attempting to pigeonhole me (and others, I’ve observed) into some apparently prefabricated part of your own and/or Stone’s outrageous scenarios?

  • Who fucking CARES? I mean, I don’t want anyone to suffer, and I hope she recovers, but Roger Stone’s an anti-democratic bullshitter with extreme political opinions. What does this have to do with anything, whatsoever? Who fucking cares? I guess if you’re into extreme political positions and really, really like Donald Trump this might be a deal. But I only come here to read about Raniere, I’m not a Trump cultist and I do not give half of a shit about Roger Stone or his family.

  • Respects and positive wishes for Mrs. Stone. But . . .

    “During Roger Stone’s two-year struggle against what we now know from declassified documents was the politically motivated Mueller investigation . . .”

    Please, Reverend, show us the declassified documents.



    Ex-President Trump’s very own special, spiritual advisor, Paula White, sued Rev Coggin’s dad back in 2011 for stealing members of her ministry after she hired him to run a of faction of it.

    The Senior Reverend Coggins was also arrested in 2017 for stealing money from elderly and autistic parishioners. Plus Medicare fraud.

    Not that these historical facts reflect on Rev Randy Coggins II or the spiritual purity of the Stone or Trump family; just wondering if White and Coggins the first ever made it up and when the Angels are coming from Africa to help Trump win the 2020 election as White predicted?

  • Also, ever notice how much the “Crossfire” logo of the Randy Rev’s “Echo” ministry resembles a long barrel shotgun?

    Or how rife with NLP techniques, Presidential politics, violence and good ol fashioned sex these Godly preachings are since Roger Stone was saved by Billy Barr’s barbaric attempt to unseparate church and State and make “Antifa” America’s only, first ever domestic terrorists?

    Indeed, if Democracy survives this assault, Stone will go down in history as a closet case, narcissist sick-o-phant who sold out his Country to dodge the IRS.

    Btw, pray may we see Mrs. Stone’s medical proof of never previously detected, untreated stage three cancer before the faith healing miracle cure takes place?

    At this stage, I wouldn’t put any dirty trick past any money-grubbing, new Republican sextortionist in the ring.

    And before you edit this comment into some shrunk up mockslop or Shavani-style gas lightery, Coogins begs for “back talk” in every sermon I’ve seen so far.

    So let him have it!

    (I’d also like to see Kristin Keeffe’s cancer proof. When did she come out of remission from the bout she had with it alongside Keith back in the 90s a time or two?)

    • This is not political on my part. No politicians have my favor or partiality at all. Blah. They all stink the same rotten way. Boring, paunchy dodos and liars on their power trips and killing sprees.

      However, all of your ideating, in your projectile way, in which you have decided to both misconstrue and to also single me out personally, putting that aside (have you got that?)…

      What I feel is simply human, to wish her well. To explicate further, since you might have been raised with ill manners, I happen to like this lovely woman a lot, but it’s not about her or her husband or even Frank’s political ideas. Nor their religions.

      Your slant on life is what you have just demonstrated, quite adequately.

      • Well said, my thoughts exactly. Best wishes to her, and anybody battling cancer.

        That was Frank’s purpose of posting the article, which I am sure was not missed by you. … incite drama that isn’t there, “stir the turd”, so to speak. That’s all Frank knows.

      • My “slant on life,” Shivani, is not equivalent to my slant on Roger Stone. To be clear.

        I adore your prose, am sure you mean well but I cannot respect anyone who supports those who tried to use and even reconstruct my sister’s death (along with other NXIVM-related events) for despicably selfish ends as I believe Roger Stone and others have not hesitated to do.

        But feel free to kiss whatever ass you like. 🤗

        • Roger Stone had nothing to do with anything remotely connected with your sister’s death. Gina died in 2002. Roger did not come aboard as a consultant with NXIVM until 2006. He was not tasked with anything connected to your sister. This is pure imagination on your part.

          When I was a consultant for NXIVM, no one even brought up Gina — not even once, that I recall. There was some talk about Kristin Snyder– but only that she was still alive and in hiding.

          • Please promptly publish my reply to this false claim that I believe Stone to have been involved in my sister’s death – which YOU, not I, claim was flat out 1st degree murder with someone else pulling the trigger.

            I have no personal knowledge of any other murders or criminal acts Mr. Stone may be guilty of – as you so claim – either.

          • You wrote, “I cannot respect anyone who supports those who tried to use and even reconstruct my sister’s death (along with other NXIVM-related events) for despicably selfish ends as I believe Roger Stone and others have not hesitated to do.”

            I replied “Roger Stone had nothing to do with anything remotely connected with your sister’s death. Gina died in 2002. Roger did not come aboard as a consultant with NXIVM until 2006. He was not tasked with anything connected to your sister. This is pure imagination on your part.”

  • I hope this lovely lady returns to a full and vibrant state of health. Best wishes to her and Roger.

  • All of the prayers and all of the lasting well-wishes to Nydia Stone and her husband. I like her so very much, watching from the sidelines. She simply impresses me as though she were my own sister. I know we would be good friends, somehow. She is such a warm person, I feel.

    Having admired her obvious love for her husband and how she is strong for him and with him and how she is so very present for him, no matter what, that means so much to me.

    All of the very best wishes, and this is not just one idea. This is staying, everyday and night, to be sending her and her husband the best of my own heart, mindfully. Nydia is beautiful, inside and out. So many feelings!

  • I will pray for Mr. Stone and his family. Does it help him also if we buy his books? I was thinking of getting Mr. Stone’s “Rules for Success” and also the story behind how Trump won. I really like Mr. Stone and will be praying for him and his wife.

  • My heart and prayers go out to Mrs. Stone and the Stone family.

    No one should ever have to go through what Mrs. Stone and her family will be going through.

  • Devastating news for the Stone Family, best wishes and healthy healing for Nydia Stone. I hope they get the financial and spiritual support they need through this crisis.

  • Ugh. I started reading this thinking it was actually about Nydia.

    Was interested in learning about her as a person. Just basic human to human respect & connection.

    It descended immediately into politics. My thoughts are still on this woman’s medical challenge. Pray she is not suffering. Has the best possible outcome.

    Stopped reading though. It wasn’t really about her.

    • “ Stopped reading though. It wasn’t really about her.”


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