Guest View: Raniere Is the Centerpiece of a Real-life Tale of Folly and Clumsy Criminality Getting What He Deserves

Keith Raniere after his 'arrest' in Mexico,

By Aristotle’s Sausage

An adult man screwing a schoolgirl is icky. It’s disgusting and exploitative and it’s also highly illegal. Only a real asshole would do it.

Keith Raniere explains in a video [below] why the age of consent laws may not be fair or just.


Keith Raniere’s an asshole. A stupid, immoral, perverted jerk. So carried away with his own self-importance that he ended up serving life in prison.

The world’s smartest man? Top problem solver? Guru of ethics? What a fuckin’ joke.

Nxivm Keith Raniere Holding Hands with Unknown Person
Keith Raniere was the ethicist of the NXIVM community.

There is a reason why it’s icky for an adult man to have sex with a schoolgirl. It’s not just some arbitrary taboo specific to our culture.

There is a large power imbalance between a school kid and an adult man. I don’t need to go into details here to prove the point, the fact is obvious. Exploiting that power difference is… exploitation.

The strong exploiting the weak goes against the fundamental principles of society. All societies, as far as I know. Ancient Rome, the tyrannical Middle Ages, authoritarian dictatorships. We are not lions in the jungle after all, we are civilized people.

Keith Raniere in his library at 8 Hale Court where evidence was allegedly found that he had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl in 2005.

Even Nxivm and its fucked-up ethics supposedly upheld the standard of not exploiting the weak (see their “Society of Protectors”). Therefore, Raniere proved himself a hypocrite and a liar.

How anyone could still defend Raniere – or insist that we should “keep an open mind” about his character or guilt and innocence – is beyond me. The facts about his actions – deeds that continued regularly for years and with multiple victims (yes, victims) – have been established beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law and so judged by an independent jury. These are no longer allegations or accusations. They are facts. The presumption of innocence ends when the Jury foreman declares, “We find the defendant guilty, your honor”.

Raniere sexually exploited a minor. He blackmailed and branded women with his initials. He led a criminal conspiracy to assist him in these crimes. Crimes that included forced labor (a nice legal term for slavery).

There are those that say that the world’s smartest and most ethical man might have known better than branding women on their pubic region and having them give collateral – blackmail-worthy material to ensure their obedience. It might also have been wise to have told the women that the brand was not a symbol of the four elements but his initials. It might have also been slightly smarter to have had the women who knew he was the secret leader to tell the female recruits that this was a female empowerment sorority secretly headed by a man.

Cult loyalists would like to ignore all these facts. They’d like to switch the narrative to some imaginary media conspiracy. To decry “hate” and thus pretend to take the moral high ground.

Y’know what? I don’t hate Raniere, not in the least. I don’t take personally anything he did. Doesn’t affect me. I think he’s a stupid asshole, a real jerk who did some really cruel things. I don’t hate him for it. In fact, I get a big belly laugh from the whole sordid tale. The fool ended up with a 120-year prison sentence— a perfect ending!

Keith Raniere resides behind this fence at USP Tucson.
Keith Raniere Prison USP Arizona Interior
This is what his bedroom looks like. Credit: Arrington Watkins Architects

This is a tale of triumph, not tragedy. The justice system works. He’s in a concrete cube for the rest of his life. He really is the celibate renunciate he feigned being when he was the Guru of Knox Woods!

It’s like a goddam morality play. It’s a big happy ending. Hate Raniere? He’s the centerpiece of a real-life tale of folly and clumsy criminality getting what it deserves.


The last day of Keith Raniere’s freedom was March 26, 2018 when he was arrested in Mexico, led to a police car, and then sent to the USA where the FBI waited. He has never experienced another hour of freedom since then.


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  • AS gets to the heart of it without much messing around.

    There’s also a maturity differential at work – usually. What mature adult, middle-aged even, would want to be intimately involved with someone young, and inexperienced, enough to be their child – or their grade school student? Plus Raniere tries to make justifying references to old-fashioned cultures where girls have sex at young ages, and sometimes with older men – but in that context, Raniere would even have been old enough to have been Cami’s grandfather, to hoist him on his own petard (and if you want to look at it, that really gets at the creep factor)….

    But I think Raniere was essentially an overgrown child – or someone developmentally stuck in late adolescence – who never matured, and his behavior is full of signs of that.

    • How do you explain Suneel?

      How do you view Suneel’s blind adherence to Raniere 2 years later?

      • It’s typical in cults that there are some diehard true believers who will hang on until the end.

        The case of NXIVM in general reminds me of the Manson Family – and it wasn’t just the couple of infamous ‘girls’ who remained loyal, there was a somewhat larger if less obviously fervent core that continued on for a while, including some men, and went on to commit additional crimes as well.

        It’s hard to say about Suneel’s specific case – there’s an old principle about not diagnosing at a distance – but in general I’d say he acts like someone who needs to be right, as well as feel smarter than others including experts. And those are characteristics common to a lot of people who get involved in high control groups or cults, they are drawn to what scientologists call the ‘certainty’ of doctrines supposedly coming from a wise guru; and also, as cult experts often note on lists of the characteristics of such groups, are attracted by the ‘secret knowledge’ or higher teachings supposedly available to initiates. Also, typically, confirmation bias and related cognitive errors are strongly at play; to abandon Raniere would be for Suneel to admit he was wrong, to himself and to others perhaps particularly including his family, and so he doubles down on the mistake of who he threw his lot in.

        Thinking about it I also see Suneel as possibly a Peter Pan type character not unlike Raniere, arrested at a late adolescent stage of development. He reminds me of junior varsity debaters I used to do judge (varsity high school seniors often had more sophisticated and thoughtful arguments) – and given his style, I think there’s a good chance he may have been one.

  • Raniere used the words ethics, ethical.. not the way we all know the words, but in an Ayn Rand way, he used these words to mean his own selfish self-interest. The small number of supporters cannot see this or any of the rest of his grandiosity. Absolute power corrupts absolutely

  • Here’s my full and final confession re: the Precision Trial incident. I know Joe and Natalia & Yuri will back me up. Toni, Barb and Susan, not so much:

    Odato wanted a recording of Clare’s voice in court, badly. I was taking notes and made some good observations on Clare’s sad condition, especially, I thought. She really was in deep already and crooked Crockett, especially, with his own polygamy and, btw, Scientology (he’s picked those pockets) and Mormon (those too) demons – read JT’s blog history for more – was contributing to the false construct they (the core NX grifters) were using to manipulate her. Should be in the transcript. One of the nuances, lots actually, in Clare’s Demeanor fit the Madonna/Nun role they tried to foist on Gina, at least, plus the whole bad billionaire Jew Dad controlling the stock market against KAR farcs was being played before my eyes. CLARE was the player being played. Any case, for the cause and for Gina, I lined up a couple of pro photographers with a decoy back up and snuck in a recorder. I’m sure it’s not allowed, however, I ghost wrote on a script for a Judge who’d secretly recorded every session he presided on from the bench – he knows who he is – and he never went to prison. Anyhow, I was so nervous at one point recording Clare on the stand and trying to take notes for Joe (Herbitts) and Jim and the LA Times on contingency, I dropped the f’in thing and had the mic so loud (the pick up sucked on the first chip I’d sent Odato) the courtroom chamber echoed loudly with Clare’s voice. The impact set off the speakers but I’d kicked it fast to the back of the court room before making a hasty exit. I suppose it landed near the poor soul Crocket had had interrogated by the Judge. I stayed out of court a day or two and came back in a new disguise. Yuri said they all thought it was the grey-haired lady, never suspected me. I guess not. Got my story with a few interviews but never knew it’d never see the light of day and today, with all I know now, I feel lucky I’m alive every God given sunrise.

  • Aristotle, you still come off like a wanna be cult leader who thinks if only Keith hadn’t been so stoopid as to brand ’em smack on THE PUSS he’d be a free and happy perv ruling Mexico today. Oye Veh. Not a good look.

  • Also, the Precision Trial jury was most certainly rigged by Nexi-Mexican Elites. Herbits ought to know about that. I believe he was there when Bouchey and Miss Michigan were set to testify. I tried to guess his identity when he dodged giving me his name or role. Thought he was a construction foreman due to his stocky build. May be mistaken. I remember he was thoroughly disgusted with what was transpiring. Thought he’d gotten stiffed somehow by Clare & Co. I cannot supply solid proof of the jury tampering. I have some meager juror interviews and notes on the computer that Solomon separated from me in 2018. I’m sure Jeff had his own designs on that computer. Bon Appetite.

    (And you can thank Roger Stone and the threat of his using my sister’s death for Chrissakes, using this whole NXIVM she bang in his trickster Trumpery for my udder inability to STFU if I’ve offended anyone with the facts. No, you can’t piss your poison plots on my sister’s grave, ASSHOLE!)

  • 100% agree. How could any man be so stupid as to have so many simultaneous love partners and not think it would cause a lot of trouble? To say you’re one of the world’s smartest men so that it will impress multiple women to sleep with you is, in all reality, as dumb as a box of rocks.

    • Many women did sleep with him based on a lie though. It happens. Some men lie in some way to get into the pants of women and succeed because most women give it up easier nowadays. The problem with the dumbest smartest man in the world—and like all sociopaths—is he is greedy and insatiable, and so he pushed and pushed until he went too far and tried to be clever with hiding the coercion of a sextortion ring behind a facade of consent and got caught and convicted for it.

    • Why do drones suddenly appear, every time, you are near? Just like pea, they long to be-a close to you. Aaaaaa, aaaaaa, aaaaaa, peew!

      LAW & ODOR of a Stoner

  • KR should have remembered that if you break the law even if you run a cult that is often your undoing. It does not matter that in a different state, country, culture or time XYZ was allowed (ancient greek men with young boys etc etc – since the dawn of time people have got up to all sorts and still do much of it pretty nasty). What matters for KR is you are not smart if you break the law. He could easily have kept to girls over legal age and could have chosen to to commit any other crime and still run a cult. He is in jail because he is not the smartest man in the world and indeed is like that minority of men who is led by what is in their trousers not their brain….. it was ever thus for some of them.

  • I’m not a troll but this Sausage guy is a troll. The three smartest people of all time were Keith Raniere, Ayn Rand and Aristotle.

    So this Sausage dude takes the name of one of them to mock out Keith. Frank Report should demand he change his name to just plain sausage.

    His ideas are meritless anyway. Keith will be vindicated and his conviction reversed.

  • Before “Lucy Brown”, “Jenny Diver”, “ Allegany Lady of Class” or another suspiciously similar “I was a horny female teenager” pedophilia apologist appears, I just want to remind people not to feed the trolls.

      • The Manson girls were scuzzy, too. It still does not entertain me, all of these years later, to pick up on it as an aspect which seems to permeate some of the lost girls. And lost boys have their versions of this glossed-over debasement, too. Stunted growth.

        A profound lack of what are called “healthy boundaries” is being bruited about by this commenter as though it were something advanced and/or freeing, enlightening. And what a crock of shit this commenter crows about as if it were a panacea.

        So this is more sad than it’s funny.

        Is it a choice, or is it symptomatic of almost tragically low self-esteem? The false bravado is sad and disheartening.

        I cannot help but feel alarm bells going off and feel concern about how low someone can go and still be a cheerleader, for such an unfortunately skewed, loveless manner of living.

        It is like asking to be hurt, to be disrespected, and somehow this is not being realized, seen, to what extent the damages are happening and will be continuing to happen.

        Addictive attitudes are so tricky, when someone isn’t ready to encounter that addiction. Being addicted to being a scuzzball is especially sad. Histories’ litter. Who wants that? To be the sum of one’s life? That’s all?

        Again though, it is symptomatic and points out the pathology inherent in these circumstances. It is hard to simply ignore someone who is in the midst of such troubles. The fragility shows.

        There’s a desire to help somebody to put this to an end, to be able to get free of the maladies. But most likely that won’t happen here, if it happens at all. I feel the same kind of way about Suneel.

        He just seems to be a somewhat more literate, “functional” scuzzball. He too seems blinded by darkness. He probably isn’t naive enough to mention his personal side “benefits” in this set of circumstances. He would rather make himself sound like a knight with a noble cause.

        This one hollers about her orgasms. She thinks that she knows who’s smart! And she evinces the maturity of somebody who is about 12 and who has not had any solid guidance to help her find a sense of stability or some self-respect.

        But Shadow, I hear you and Anonymous. That’s for sure. There’s nothing to celebrate about these conditions. Yet in some ways, I see the crying out for help, even though there is such blatant denial.

      • You are a troll, Shadow. And it’s not the least bit entertaining. Are you TRYING to help get FR shut down or just accidentally casting your dark desires for Allie revenge upon US?

    • Ok, ok, I get it! The trolls trying to steal the show here are still trying to frame Allison “Mack”…the Knife. I know now for a fact this effort to single Allison out started in at least early 2017, shortly after Frank and Toni called me, and so does Jeff Apple.

      The harassment that occurred at that time featured knives and feathers and crank calls about a “Tiffany,” renditions of Mack the Knife, stories promoting Simone du Beauvoir and other oddities wrought in part by the ‘Betty Blue’ caregivers working for Dylan and also for some of our neighbors at that time.

      This was long before I knew about Rosa Laura Junco, “The Knife” media or put anything together about Allison Mack and the Jules Verne film festival. I did, however, have a chance encounter with Rosa Laura Junco (I believe) in a camel colored coat walking with Keith Raniere in 2011. This was On the Christmas Eve nickel tour with JT that became a false police report accusing JT of attempting to run them over, which did not happen. (Btw, Frank, why have you never published my factual account of this incident? Or any story of mine making mention of Kristin Keeffe whom, I believe, made the false report at the time to Roger Kirsopp?)

      I find it very disconcerting that FOX news has also apparently taken this tact in its reporting on NXIVM — blaming Allison as the “grandmaster” not Keith or ANY of the Mexican Elites.

      Among other on-going gender divisive antics and media messages that also skirt around the Mexican Elites, male or female.

      You think you’re not feeding the trolls, Shadow? You’ve been doing far worse by fanatically fanning the flames of their “blame Mack” message for 3 years.

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