Buffy Cafritz Dies at 91; DC Philanthropist, Political Hostess and Mother of Pam, Raniere’s Top Harem-Woman

Buffy Cafritz is best known as a DC socialite. Perhaps few know that she was the mother of one of NXIVM's leading ladies, Pamela Ann Cafritz

Buffy outlived her daughter by four and a half years.

“She and her husband, real estate developer William N. Cafritz, who were Republican supporters, organized their first inaugural gala in 1985, when President Ronald Reagan — whom they had entertained at their home — was entering his second term. In bipartisan fashion, the Cafritzes often shared hosting duties with prominent Democrats.

“The parties were held through 2001 at the Jockey Club in the Fairfax Hotel on Massachusetts Avenue NW and later at other hotels.

“Mrs. Cafritz pored over the guest list as if she were curating an art exhibition, inviting congressional leaders from both major parties, Supreme Court justices, State Department officials, celebrity journalists and a few select Hollywood stars.

“In 1993, when President Bill Clinton was inaugurated, Mrs. Cafritz shared hosting duties with broadcaster Phyllis George,”

In a January 2021 article in Tatler, “Why Inauguration Day is usually one of the biggest days for networking on the social calendar” Buffy Cafritz’s inaugural parties were described by Daisy Prince:

“The real action is at the private parties. And the private party every power player in Washington always makes a point of attending is Buffy Cafritz’s bash. A fixture on the calendar for 35 years, Cafritz and her late husband, William, gave their first party in 1984 for the second Inauguration of Ronald Reagan. Her initial co-host was one of the first female American sportscasters, Phyllis George, and held at the Jockey Club for 75 people.

“Now, she co-hosts her party with longtime Clinton advisor Vernon Jordan at the Hay Adams for 400. ‘Vernon has never met anyone he didn’t want to invite,’ she says with a laugh. Le tout-Washington feasts on simple yet filling fare like chicken hash and soup. It was always a late supper and not seated as all the guests were circulating far too quickly to be able to stop for even more than a moment. In later years, Cafritz changed to buffet stations to allow for greater mingling.”

William and Buffy Cafrtiz, parents of Pamela Ann Cafritz

“There was no music aside from a piano player and later a guitar player at the Hay Adams which was always drowned out by all the chatter. The guest list was a bipartisan mix of journalists (who always spice up a party), Democrats, Republicans and friends from the inner Washington establishment circles. The Cafritzs are not in politics so no partisan ever felt they were stepping on someone’s toes by attending. ‘It was a party where two thirds of the people who were invited knew the other two-thirds and wanted to meet the remaining one-third,’ says Chaffee.

“They were all well-attended events but if Cafritz had to choose one night, it would be the 1992 Inauguration of President Bill Clinton as one of the most star-studded. ‘We had Warren Beatty, Barbra Streisand, Michael Bolton and Jack Nicholson. Everyone was here to celebrate the election of President Bill Clinton.’

“Even more impressive, First Lady Hilary Clinton dropped by. Normally the President and First Lady are far too busy to see their friends that night, so that was a very high honour….

“One of the main purposes of her party was to bring together people from both sides of the aisle. Something that was nearly impossible when the Trumps were in office. ’This was a very difficult administration. The feelings ran so deep you couldn’t have a civil discussion at a dinner party.’”

Back to the Washington Post obituary:

“For 25 years, Ann Jordan and Mrs. Cafritz also co-chaired the annual dinner after the Kennedy Center Honors, for about 1,600 guests. This year’s Kennedy Center Honors… will be dedicated to Mrs. Cafritz….

“She also served on the boards or advisory committees of … the National Gallery of Art, the James Madison Council of the Library of Congress, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Ford’s Theatre, the National Institutes of Health Foundation, the White House Historical Association, the French-American Cultural Foundation and Sasha Bruce Youthwork….

“Mrs. Cafritz was born Anita Marie Boffa in Westport, on Nov. 2, 1929. She grew up in Norwalk, Conn. Her father was chairman of a finance company, and her mother was a homemaker.

“She acquired the nickname ‘Buffy’ from her last name and was a 1947 graduate of the private Rosemary Hall … in Wallingford, Conn. She graduated in 1949 from Colby Junior College … in New London, N.H.

Bill and Buffy Cafrtiz, Pam’s parents, all gone to their graves.

“Survivors include a son from her first marriage, Charles ‘Sandy’ Wilkes, who was adopted by William Cafritz, of Kensington, Md.; three granddaughters; and a great-granddaughter.

“Mrs. Cafritz lived in Bethesda, Md., where she was a regular parishioner at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church.”

Her husband, William died on August 27, 2014, two years before Pam, passed away.

From an obituary of Buffy’s husband we learn Bill Cafritz grew up in Washington, DC,  where he attended Sidwell Friends School and graduated from Devitt Preparatory School.  As a member of the 88th Infantry Division in Italy, he was wounded in combat as his unit fought to take Monterumici. He was awarded a Purple Heart.

After his discharge, he attended The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania and then began a career as a real estate developer and investor. His projects included single-family communities, garden apartments, retail centers and industrial parks. He was president of The Washington Performing Arts Society, a director of Kennedy Center Productions, Inc., and chairman of the Dacor-Bacon House building committee. He was a founding trustee of Washington Real Estate Investment Trust, a member of the executive committee of the District of Columbia Building Industry Association, and vice president of the Suburban Maryland Builders Association.

While Bill and Buffy achieved success in DC, their daughter Pam achieved success as a socialite and leader of her own community, the NXIVM community, in Albany, New York.
Pam was the top wing-woman and harem leader for her master, Keith Raniere, the founder of NXIVM, who is now in USP Tucson, serving a 120-year sentence for sex trafficking, racketeering, and other crimes.
Raniere and Cafritz met in Colorado while both were on ski trips. Pam was engaged to be married. But before the weekend was out, Raniere laid on the charm and laid Pam, who then immediately joined his harem. She was part of his 1990s Consumers’ Buyline Inc. venture, an MLM buyer’s club, Raniere claimed on his bio, which made him worth $50 million by age 32.
Pam Cafritz

He failed to mention that by age 36, the NYS Attorney General had accused CBI of being a pyramid scheme, and the company went bust owing thousands of members money.

To settle with the NYS Attorney General, Pam, Raniere, and another of his harem, Karen U., signed a consent agreement with no admission or finding by NYS of wrongdoing, agreeing to pay a $40,000 fine and never engage in an illegal pyramid scheme for life [a basically meaningless clause since no one is permitted to engage in illegal pyramid schemes anyway.]
[The exact language in the consent decree was the trio were “permanently enjoined from promoting, offering or granting participation in a chain distributor scheme in the State of New York in violation of GBL § 359-fff; – the point being is that everyone is permanently enjoined from violating GBL § 359-fff].
Pam Cafritz served long and well for Raniere, logging in about 30 years before dying.
Jness is the women’s group that was controlled by Keith Raniere. It taught women to accept men as polygamists. The highest and most advanced women in Jness were invited to join DOS where they were permitted to be branded on their pubic area with Keith Raniere’s initials.
She cofounded Jness with Raniere and another harem woman, Mariana.  Jness, a women’s group within NXIVM, taught women how to live according to Raniere’s view of the female gender.
Cafritz was also the legal owner [Raniere never liked to have anything in his name] of the Society of Protectors, a men’s group that taught men how to live according to Raniere’s view of the male gender.
For more than a decade, Cafritz and Mariana lived with Raniere ménage a trois in a townhouse on Flintlock Lane in the Knox Woods subdivision in Half Moon NY. Even when Raniere was away, servicing other members of his oft-changing harem, the two women shared the same bed.
[I have seen their bedroom and it is remarkably small — about 10 x 11] 
The garage on the left is for 2 Flintlock, the townhouse, owned by Pam, where Pam, Mariana and Keith lived. The garage on the right is 3 Flintlock, owned by Keith and Karen, and lived in by Karen, Kristin, and Keith.
Raniere visited other harem members at their homes or invited them to his “Executive Library,” a townhome which, in addition to a number of books on a shelf, had a grand piano, a warm and foamy hot tub, and a bed above in a loft. A lot of women came to his lair and got sexual satisfaction from their Vanguard, satisfaction being defined as pleasing their Vanguard and, if possible, eliciting his curative and spiritually-wondrous ejaculate sprayed upon their person, which marked them as his and his alone for the rest of their lives.
One of Cafritz’s main roles as a NXIVM socialite was to keep women of the harem from leaving when they got upset, which they often did, because they were unhappy being one of 20 plus sister-wives. Pam was fond of advising women that they had “jealousy issues,” that they should not seek to own Keith’s penis, that touching his penis was not different than touching his elbow, and that sex was not different in terms of exclusivity than playing tennis.
“You would not be jealous if Keith played tennis with another woman, would you?”
Pam’s motherly and nurturing persona often carried the day and kept many a harem woman in line for years. Her arguments were good as far as they went, but Keith, on the other hand, did not allow any of his harem to “play tennis” with anyone else.
He apparently freaked out when Cami had an affair with Robbie [as his texts, read in court, indicate] and when Daniela kissed Ben Myers [as she told me and testified later in court], his remedy was to have her go to her room and stay there until she healed her ethical breach [of agreeing that she should never kiss another man again so long as she lived], a task which took her almost two years in solitary confinement to apparently heal, healing it, it seems, by realizing at last that Raniere was a fraud, a louse and a coward scoundrel.
MK10ART’s painting of Daniela
In addition to having a reported four abortions herself (for Raneire was a fertile man), Cafritz would arrange for other women of Raniere’s harem who got pregnant by him [hopefully] to obtain an abortion. It was claimed during his trial that Raniere had impregnated women dozens of times, requiring an equal number of abortions, less possibly two or three.
Two sons were born, Galyn, age 14 and Kemar, age 3, and the possible third one was Kristin Snyder who apparently refused to have an abortion. She disappeared just after she publicly claimed she was pregnant with Raniere’s child and was never seen again. Her death is listed as a presumptive suicide.
Kristen Snyder smiling
Kristen Snyder vanished mysteriously in 2003 after telling people she was impregnated by Keith Raniere.
When Daniela, the woman who remained in her room for almost two years, became pregnant by Raniere, Pam Cafritz made sure she terminated the pregnancy. She got a medical abortion, without letting the doctor know she was an illegal alien, and permitting the dear girl to have it alone at her own home where her cries of pain and fear would not disturb Raniere’s blessed peace.
Perhaps Cafritz’s shining hour for Raniere was in 1992 when she allegedly assisted him in his efforts to induce a 12-year-old girl named Rhiannon to join his harem. Pam craftily hired the child to walk her dog which brought her to the townhouse she shared with Raniere, where Raniere could have closer contract with her and teach her grown-up things.
It worked.
Rhiannon was part of his harem when she was 12 years old and he was 30. She ran away from the harem and was put in a juvenile home.
According to Rhiannon, Raniere had around 60 sexual encounters with her when she was between 12 and 13.
In 2019, Rhiannon was willing to testify under oath at the trial of Keith Raniere but the judge ruled her testimony would be inadmissible because it was too prejudicial. Raniere was not charged with the statutory rape of Rhiannon.
In Novembert 2016, Cafritz reportedly died of renal cancer at age 57. She was one of the five closest women to Raniere.
Top Five Women Who Served Raniere the longest and were his inner – inner circle

Pam Cafritz [cancer, renal, died]


Kristin Keeffe [cancer, cervical, in remission]
Barbara Jeske [cancer, brain, died 2014]

Karen Unterreiner [cancer, bladder, in remission]
Nancy Salzman [cancer, breast, double radical mastectomies.]

There is the possibility that long-term, slow poisoning may have been the cause of Cafritz’s death, as I point out in my Investigation Discovery film, the Lost Women of NXIVM.  She left Raniere $8 million in her will.

After Cafritz died, Raniere, Mariana, and Clare Bronfman used her American Express card, charging over $300,000 for which Raniere and Bronfman were charged and convicted of identity theft.

After Pam died, for weeks, Keith and his close associates kept it a secret from the NXIVM community, quite possibly because he needed time to arrange her financial affairs as if she were still alive and perhaps dispose of the body to avoid an autopsy.

It was believed that the $8 million Keith inherited from Pam was money that had been given to her from her wealthy family. A source close to Pam doubts it.

Keith Alan Raniere and Pamela Cafritz.

The source, who was a longtime member of NXIVM, and knew Pam intimately, said:

“No way Pam had gotten $8 million from her family. That was money Keith laundered over the years and put in her name at Key Bank in Clifton Park. While Pam came from a well-to-do family, they were disinclined to give her anything because of her relationship with Keith. They knew she would just give it to Keith and her family disapproved of her being in the cult and they hated what Keith did to her.

“Pam pretty much distanced herself from her family and they never gave her any lump sum of money.

“For years, they gave Pam an allowance. It was $20,000 per month for a long time. Then it went up. They did not want her to starve or live poorly but no way were they going to give her any big sum of cash.  They knew it would go to Keith. For years, the mother was brokenhearted. She planned for Pam to stay in DC and be part of the family business, their dynasty. Pam was engaged to marry a nice guy from DC – and then she went on a skiing trip in Colorado which is where she met Keith and he seduced her that weekend and she came back to live with him in Albany.

“Soon enough, the family realized what was going on. They read the Forbes article. They tried to get her to come home but no way was she leaving Raniere. So they put her on an allowance which she always placed at Keith’s disposal. She and him lived off that money at various times when he was comparatively poor. But Pam never accumulated $8 million and I think your readers should know that. It is nonsense that he inherited that money from Pam.

“I believe Keith, through his Mexican money-laundering operation, put the money into Pam’s account over the years. Pam never had any savings. She and Keith spent her allowance as they went. Her allowance did go up when she got cancer. They were giving her more per month to pay for her cancer care. I think she got about $40,000 per month for about a year before she died.

“When Mr. Cafritz died, Pam did not get an inheritance; her mother did. They were not going to give it to Keith. So I don’t know how in hell Pam had $8 million. I think it was the bulk cash smuggling they had done for years from Mexico. Some went to Nancy to hold onto in cash – and the rest was put into Pam’s account. You know Keith never put anything in his name. Of all the women, he trusted Pam the most, more than Nancy.  He had the most control over Pam. She would do whatever he wanted.

“She would get him women – and unlike some of the others in the harem who were jealous, Pam was never jealous. She loved to watch him have sex with other women and join in too. For years Pam lived with Mariana and groomed her to be part of their threesome. They would sleep in the same bed and have sex with Keith together all the time.  Pam would have no qualms about taking the money for Keith and putting it in her account. The government should ask Nancy about that. She might know that the $8 million was not Pam’s money but Keith did not tell Nancy everything either.

“I think the $8 million, or most of it was probably laundered from Mexico over the years, which Lauren Salzman, Nancy Salzman, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt, Edgar Boone, Clare Bronfman, and others brought to Keith.

“Alex and Emi had their own offshore accounts in Europe and I believe they secreted money for Keith as well. I doubt he has access to that money now…

Lauren Salzman, Pam Cafritz, Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere at V-Week 2016, just months before Pam died.


Sandy Wilkes, half brother of Pam Cafritz. Sandy was adopted by Bill Cafrtiz.


Buffy and Bill lost their daughter to a cult called NXIVM.

Bill Cafritz died in 2014, before hearing the worst about NXIVM, but knowing he had lost his daughter to a cult.

Pam died in 2016, while her mother, Buffy, lived on, still active for several years.

As Daisy Prince wrote for Tatler in Jan. 2021, “This year, Buffy is not holding her party. She had it booked for the 18 January at the Hay Adams Hotel. ‘But when I saw this horrible pandemic taking hold, I canceled in May and said we would not be able to do it this time.’…

“Her plan in the future is to hold a unity party when it’s safe to gather again, maybe in the autumn of 2021. No doubt she will have bipartisan support for that one.”

Ironically, although Buffy was an advocate for unity, she could never reunite with her daughter, Pamela.

Now only Pam’s elder brother, Sandy, is left of the family of four to remember the little girl who grew up to be a striking young lady, who was engaged to one man, and planning to have a career in DC in the family business.

Then one fateful day, she went on a skiing trip, met a short, cross-eyed man, with square feet that barely seemed to fit into skis, who told her he was the smartest man in the world. She never went home, probably causing great grief to her family over the long years of her absence, but enabling this man who claimed he had so much to give to the world to become the Vanguard.

Keith Raniere and Pam Cafritz share a kiss

There are those who say had Pam not died, she would have been able to save Raniere from his prison fate. He would not have branded women or sought blackmail-worthy “collateral” to ensure he could enslave women or order his slaves to assign slaves to seduce him because Pam could always procure attractive, slender young women and girls for him, which is what they say was the real reason for DOS, getting young women for an aging Raniere, a task impossible to achieve without Pam.

DOS was Raniere’s undoing.

Keith Alan Raniere with Pamela Cafritz.
V Week 2016 had an estimated 400 attendees.  Raniere is seated next to Prefect, Nancy Salzman, and the late Pamela Cafritz

Raniere lost his best harem keeper when Pam died and nobody not even Allison Mack could wing-woman like Pam. Depending on how you look at Raniere, as good and great or monstrously evil, Pam’s death was either the worst or the best thing that ever happened.

Allison Mack with the ailing Pamela Cafrtiz

May Buffy, Pam and Bill rest in peace.











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  • For a couple years there I must confess I was nearly as torn up about Pam’s passing as Gina’s untimely death. I feared as much after the 2012 Albany TU expose’ and other ardent efforts (including Joe O’Hara’s and John Tighe’s direct contacts with law enforcement, Cuomo’s office and VIP families) failed to rouse any rescuers for even the children in the cult, like Keith and Kristin’s son and the Mexican kids The Rat spoke of on JT’s blog.

    Rhiannon’s story changed my long held view of Pam Caffritz as an innocent, of course, but at the same time I knew to the bottom of my soul no witness to Keith’s pedophile crimes would go unpunished, unhunted and those within Keith’s realm of control would not last long.

    When I look at these pictures of Pam literally being ‘suicided,’ martyred – as I believe Gina was in her own customized fashion – I’m stunned so few apparently noticed the flesh and blood slipping from her form; her transformation from human to statue, to a barely living memorial to KAR’s greatness. “Like a sacrifice.”

    My condolences to the Caffritz family over Buffy’s passing and over losing their daughter so many, many decades ago when she met KAR and he saw her Olympic potential.

    And, btw, Shadow, your Clinton comment is exceptionally inappropriate on this thread. And, no, I don’t mean bc the Caffritz’s were Republican donors either. IDK who you think you are impressing with all the stone throwing but The Empress says, “Off with Shadow’s head!”

    (IDK if levity is appropriate either but I trust Frank & his minions will edit accordingly – HA!)

    • Thank you, Heidi. This was very interesting. Great analysis. You are right: it was like a sacrifice. How scary to think about that. But it was like a sacrifice

  • Can’t seem to find my previous post, but need to make a correction…

    Estate tax returns are not due if taxes are not due.

    I was intending to say that estate ‘gifts’ (passed to another person while somebody is still alive) must be accounted for on a gift tax return —- in order to itemize how much of the ‘unified credit’ is used up before one’s death.

    For instance, if Pam received $20k-$40k per month as gifts from family, those amounts would be reported by the donor each year — for their whole lives — so the exact amount would be known by the IRS, for the lifetime amount of gifts to Pam. If she received gifts from others while they were still alive, that would be known too. Estates would also be traceable, if she received her money that way. I doubt she received her $8 Million legitimately.

  • Longtime readers should read this article!

    There is some new information.

    Such as, Pam Cafritz never inherited money from her parents, Raniere used the Cafritz “inheritance story” as a cover to launder money.

    • Do you take that info as factual? It might or it might not be, from the way in which it has been written here.
      Someone who is an “insider” seems to have given her own theoretical assessment about the finances of Pam Cafritz, and it could be accurate or it could be inaccurate. At least that’s how I interpret these words, as a “maybe so” or “maybe not.”

      • Or that source could be right about her parents, but not be aware that someone like her grandparents had set up a trust for her when she was young – see a couple of other comments I have made.

        You are right to ask questions. It is an example of having jumped to assumptions based on not fully understanding the possible complexities of the situation, and not having consulted someone knowledgeable on such matters (I’m no expert, but between working around finance and investments and some of the people I’ve known personally, I’ve seen more than my share of complex and longstanding intergenerational wealth transfer arrangements).

    • As noted below in a post you may not have seen, Cafritz was part of a multi-generational family of very wealthy developers, and so it’s entirely possible that she had some sort inheritance that bypassed her parents and predated her family’s objection to her involvement with Raniere – for example a good part of the Bronfman girls’ wealth apparently came to them in trusts set up by their grandfather, not their father.

      Her grandparents were well enough off that they set up this foundation that curiously was dissolved in the years after Pam’s death, around the time the US government started seizing assets of NXIVM and those connected to it:


      They could well have set up a trust fund for Pam, that could have grown to $8 million as of the last few years, or she could could even have had income-producing assets tied up in the foundation in some complex way for tax purposes.

      Also, in the case of the Bronfman girls, their father had apparently already set up additional trusts for them when they were younger, before their involvement with Raniere, and so was unable to prevent the squandering of money that he was actually the original source of.

  • Something to ponder…

    ….. When Keith is released from prison in 120 years; he will be old and wrinkled, and Pam will still look the same, albeit a little ashen. There is no doubt, Pam will dutifully wait for Kieth on the bookshelf, where he left her…

    …I wonder how many people get to experience that kind of commitment and love.

    I know I never will.

    Goodnight and Happy Mother’s Day!

  • The Cafritz’ are, or were, a multi-generational family in the property development business with several different branches, from what I could figure out having looked into it a while back. It’s possible that Pam inherited money from a grandparent (some of the Bronfman girls’ money goes back that far, as I understand it) or another branch of the family; or else wealth that she got on her fathers’ death, the transfer of which might have been set up before she became so entangled with Raniere.

    Such complex arrangements are not uncommon among the wealthy, especially when structuring them in certain ways produces long-term tax benefits. There are other plausible, and more mundane, explanations besides money laundering or tax evasion by Raniere – who seems not to have actually been that smart with money, and generally lost anything and everything he could get his hands on.

      • Thanks for chiming in with the confirmation, and that example.

        The article doesn’t make it entirely clear, but apparently Bing burned through almost all the cash available to him – much as the Bronfman sisters did, a pattern not uncommon for wealthy heirs – though most of his wealth was locked up in a trust set up when he was very young:

        “the bulk of his fortune was in a tax-efficient ‘living trust’ set up in 1966, a year after his own birth”

    • According to sources, the $8 Million dollars was sitting in a bank account the whole time.

      Nobody gains a financial advantage from having money sit in a low interest bank account, earning almost nothing, when they could be earning 10% per year in the markets, in relatively safe investments.

      Even if the initial gift/inheritance produced tax advantages (which it likely didn’t, since tax advantages are generally based on shielding yearly ROI from taxes until the money is distributed) —— holding that much cash in a bank account, for years, is the same thing as throwing money away each year, which would invalidate & contradict any original tax advantages gained.

      You may as well unzip your pants and piss away money each year. That’s what she was doing. Zero advantages to that.

      Also, it was a bank account in her name. It wasn’t owned by a trust. I doubt there was any sophisticated ‘trust’ involved with that bank account or the initial deposits.

      …and you can’t inherit money without the estate passing thru the process of having an estate tax return filed.

      Even if no taxes are due, the estate tax return must be filed to itemize how much of the ‘unified credit’ is used. There would be a record of it.

      Also… If somebody is holding that much cash, in a personal bank account for years, it’s a huge red flag for money laundering —– since they are throwing money away by holding that much cash, without earning any real interest from it.

      Even for idiots who think that all investing is super risky, there are very safe investments that pay a lot more than a fucken bank account.

      There’s absolutely no advantage to holding that much cash in a bank, unless the deposits are of risky/illegal origin and you don’t wanna explain to your financial advisor where the money came from. In today’s world, you must explain where the money came from before you can invest it (there’s a federal law requiring this). This isn’t the 1970’s anymore.

      It’s a suspicious setup which SCREAMS ‘money laundering’.

      I’m surprised the Feds didn’t report where the deposits came from.

      I can only surmise that they didn’t wanna trash Pamela’s memory (after her death) by listing her as a dead co-conspirator involved in money laundering, especially since the account wasn’t in Keith’s name and they really can’t prove that he was involved in laundering any money thru that account.

      Frank probably has an opinion on why the Feds didn’t reveal the source of those deposits. I believe they wanted to keep the jury sympathetic to Pamela, since she’s dead anyway and can’t answer for any crimes which may have been committed.

  • Buffy’s friend, Bill Clinton, flew numerous times on the Lolita Express to Epstein’s Pedophile Island.
    In other words, Buffy’s friend Bill Clinton is a “Man-Whore.”

    Pam’s friend, Keith Ranier,e has a proclivity towards underage girls.
    In other words, Pam’s friend Keith Raniere is a “Man-Whore”.

    Like mother, like daughter.

    • Mr. Shadow, you sound, almost, jealous of the ladies’ man-whores. Some men are studs and others are geldings. On the bright side, you will live longer.

  • Interesting. Thank you. it seems very sad that because she ended up with KR, her mother had no grandchildren (other than any her husband’s adopted son had) so in a sense, the line died out because of KR.

  • If ever there was an argument to be made for the strength of Raniere’s skills at hypnosis, it would have to be Pam. He met her on a skiing trip – a weekend – and convinced her to abandon her entire life as she knew it. And, with nothing to offer except his philosophical bullshit when he met her. Yet, somehow this ugly, poor, and unsuccessful little boy got a daughter of DC royalty to follow him without question.

    It reminds me of Toni Natalie’s story of the first time she met Raniere, where a meeting she had thought had lasted a few minutes had actually lasted for hours. Or, Nancy’s sudden conversion from believing Raniere was a sociopath to worshipping him.

    Raniere had already been studying hypnotism by the time he met Pam. And, frankly, Pam seemed like she was a little flaky and probably very susceptible to Raniere’s suggestion that she loved him above all others and would obey him until she died.

    I think Raniere planted that same suggestion in every harem member. At least in the first batch, before he could be hyped up by others. Nothing else explains how such a clear loser managed to get these women to obey his every command.

  • I don’t know this woman but that doesn’t mean I lack disgust with her kind.

    How soon we forget about Bat Shea, the political process and the wealthy meddling in trying to sway our vote.


    Much love,

    Tomnesia [non voter]

  • I really enjoyed this article. Great work, Frank Report. Pam was evil
    I wonder why if she helped Keith so much he decided to kill her? Maybe he felt his new harem would be able to fulfill her job?

    After Pam died Keith gave Mariana a child. Maybe Keith did want to step everything up a notch: have children and have his sex cult (with branding etc). Maybe Pam would have made pushing that direction difficult and hence he killed her.

    I love the last pic of Pam and Allison. Pam looks like she’s thinking: “How did I ever get into this life…” Allison looks like the town fool.

  • The people who met Pam, what was she like? Was she a narcissist herself? How did she get along with her family?

    Thanks for sharing, Frank. I think Keith thrived with families who did not care about their kids. Pam was likely murdered but nobody cares

    • Pam wasn’t a narcissist IMO, Mexican Lady. Nor was she evil. She was manipulated into a sort of martyrdom for the cause – to first reject The Establishment, the careless life of leisure and Patriarchal oppression, the quasi-arranged marriage to another of her same social standing, etc. – to join Keith, my sister (Gina Hutchinson), Karen U. and, later, Kristin Keeffe and Barbara Jeske on their mission to better the world through Keith’s genius powers and teachings. I never considered myself a part of the so-called “wolf pack” but Keith covertly used me and, mostly, Gina to indoctrinate Pam, to help her mend her heartbreak (she’d caught her fiancée cheating, supposedly) and escape the trappings of her born entitlement to fulfil her own dreams. They had me reading her Tarot cards, etc. within days of her arrival in Albany.

      Pam may have had a disability. She often seemed disoriented, she was always eager to please. They referred to her as “Boo-boo” head. I do think she was being hypnotized and was at some point being poisoned, in hindsight.

      • Hedi: thank you. This was very interesting to read. You should write a book! I think understanding how “normal” people could be led to this is very interesting. it is a slow boil.
        What did her tarot say?

  • Thanks, Frank, for the graceful (and revealing) obituary for the Cafritz family says:

    Pamela Cafritz is the perfect counter-example to disprove the ESP maxim “There are no ultimate victims.”

    She was completely a victim of Raniere, who exploited her family money, exploited her sexually and faithlessly, and exploited her as his pimp recruiting and retaining sexual jailbait for him.

    But she must have loved Raniere because her selfless pimping (and abortion-facilitating) kept his lifestyle from going off the rails for decades.

    After Pam’s death, her replacement, Allison Mack, turned out to be an immature simpleton who couldn’t see that the DOS program of exponential growth of blackmail, starvation. and branding of comely young women for Raniere’s (increasingly impotent) sexual pleasure would quickly explode.

    Raniere’s appetites were always the same, so it must have been Pam that kept him from self-destructing.

  • Is there a heaven for pimps like Pam Cafritz?

    Exactly what is the difference between Pam’s friend, Keith Raniere, and Buffy’s friend, Bill Clinton?
    Both are scoundrels.
    Note Hillary and Chelsea grooving to this song.
    Lady Gaga – Bill Romance (Live at Decade Of Difference Concert)

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