Bangkok Denies Being Dennis Burke, Claims He Has COVID, Admits Seriousness, Apologizes for Doubting, and Debunks Population Control Conspiracy

A being using Bangkok’s computer who claims to be Bangkok’s friend and has the happy knack of writing just like Bangkok has sent me the following three missives.

By A Friend of Bangkok


I’m speaking on behalf of my friend, Bangkok, who has currently been admitted to the hospital for worsening symptoms of Kung Flu.

Just yesterday he was fine but today things took a turn for the worse.

He is currently not on a ventilator yet, but if his battle with Kung Flu worsens, as doctors expect, he may soon be on a respirator and unable to speak. He may even kick the bucket and be gone from this world. Pray for him.


Therefore, he wanted me to speak on his behalf to set the record straight, using his own computer.

Although he cannot confirm or deny any allegations regarding his identity, he has advised me to contact an epitaph engraving company (just in case he loses his battle with Kung Flu) to include the following phrase as part of his tombstone inscription:

“He never visited Arizona — cuz it’s too fucking hot there.”

As for my own opinion, judging by how overweight and bald this Dennis Burke character seems to be, I doubt it’s Bangkok —– cuz Bangkok is god damn GREAT LOOKING. Plus he’s not fat.

Former US Attorney Dennis Burke.

But that’s just my opinion. I cannot confirm or deny anything officially. Believe what you wish.

Bangkok deeply regrets making enemies with certain people on Frank Report and elsewhere. He’d like to ask for their forgiveness and prayers in his time of need.

Bangkok insulted Nice Guy numerous times.

Kung Flu can attack anybody, any age, any time. Even younger people. It is a virtual death sentence. This is a serious time for Bangkok. He needs your prayers and good wishes.

Bangkok also wanted to admit that Mr. K.R. Claviger was right all along about Kung Flu being so dangerous.

Bangkok was dead WRONG for trying to minimize how dangerous this virus really is.

For that mistake, he wishes to apologize to Mr. Claviger.

Bangkok’s heart is now open to receiving Mr. Claviger’s message that Kung Flu is the most horrible plague ever to strike humanity.

We must all resist wanting to go outside ever again.

We must stay home. We must wear masks. We must remain 6 feet apart, even while copulating.

Bangkok’s fate now rests in the hands of his Savior, Jesus Christ. We’ll see what happens in the coming day.




Question for Mr. Stank Farlato, Jr…

Frank, over the last 3 years, how many times has Bangkok insulted Clare Bear and her Vanguard? 100 times? More? Yep.

How many times has Bangkok insulted Carlos and Emi Salinas as being underhanded crooks? At least 30 times. LOL.

Do you really think an attorney, working for NXIVM (with alleged ties to Salinas) —- would actually insult Clare Bear, Vanguard or Salinas publicly — even once?

Duh, fellas.

Sometimes I wonder how such conspiracy theories are born.

You fail to see that for every time Bangkok argues for Keith’s release, he writes another 3 comments shitting all over Keith and his perverted lifestyle. He likes to advocate for the devil. Pretty sure Frank already recognizes this.

As for the rest of you… Haven’t you recognized that Bangkok has made several comments — in the past — telling Claviger that convicted felons don’t deserve any mercy and should rot in hell, yet he’s recently changed his tune and argued in favor of justice system reform?

So which is it? Where does Bangkok really stand? You’re not supposed to know. That’s the point.

He’s in the business of pissing people off and business appears to be good. 🙂

I am Bangkok’s friend. He’s not available right now (for medical reasons) so I am here in his stead. 🙂




As for the story, Conspiracy Theories: Is Anti-Vax ‘Hero’ Dr. Michael Yeadon Crazy?  Frank is being snowed.

Frank doesn’t realize that Dr. Michael Yeadon’s impressive credentials don’t disqualify him from being a paranoid person or an irrational person.

Case in point: Walter Sartory.  He was a Nuclear Physicist who worked for Oak Ridge National Laboratories for 30 years.

He held three patents (for inventing some type of blood centrifuge) which made him rich in the 1980s.

He was so brilliant that he was compared to the character in the movie “A Beautiful Mind”.

Walter Sartory

Yet he was also a paranoid person his whole life, even with such impressive credentials.

He constantly thought the government was spying on him and was out to get him.

He told a woman, on their first date, that he thought the CIA placed ‘listening devices’ (bugs) on his dinner plate.

He was a fucken NUTTER.

Many brilliant people are paranoid nutters who believe in irrational conspiracy theories, even though they may have extremely impressive credentials which make them ‘genius’ scientists.

Frank is giving a platform to one such dude. LOL.

Nutters always begin with a ‘grain’ of truth to their argument —– and then they extend that argument into ridiculous & irrational conspiracy theories.

For instance, I happen to agree that the media is over-sensationalizing the death counts for COVID. Deaths are happening, but they’re being over-sensationalized.

I also agree that the government has incentivized doctors to “run-up the death count” for COVID, by not requiring ‘tests’ to confirm every COVID death.

Also, doctors are counting deaths from other illnesses as ‘COVID deaths’ (such as heart attacks, strokes and long term lung illnesses). They are counting these deaths as “COVID deaths” merely because the person had COVID when they succumbed to their original illness, lol.

Yeah, that’s fudging the numbers.

However, there is no plausible way to think that multi-national governments are engaging in ‘population control’ (LOL) like this nutter says.

It’s simply a STUPID comment which reduces his credibility to ZERO.

There’s not even a GRAIN of fact to support that conclusion.

It’s like saying that Santa Claus is living on the moon.

He started with a reasonable argument (that COVID is being exploited by media and politicians) — but then he degraded his argument into pure insanity by claiming “population control”. LOL

Frank is a nutter for giving this guy credibility.

PS — COVID is a real illness, causing real deaths to vulnerable people. But it’s still being exploited and exaggerated by the media. Both of those statements can be true. Anybody who disagrees is using emotions, not logic.



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samir sardana
samir sardana
1 year ago

Omicron is JUST the start.It is the South African mutant.dindooohindoo

There are many more in the pipeline,and can be mapped by races and temperature zones.So we are in Winter,and at least 3 variants,should arise from EUROPE and RUSSIA ,and 1 more from PRC.

That would be the minimum.

Then we have to see the impact of the Omicron saturation strategy,to block out Covid – just like the ADS based on saturation.Is this natural or man made ? It thinks like a human !

The 1st plague was COVID
Then came the VAX for COVID
The 2nd plague is OMI
And the VAX does not work on it
The 3 rd …………………………….

The strategy is to CROWD AND SATURATE THE HUMANS,with a virus,such that the preceding viruses,do not have a host.In each iteration,the target is to kill off millions.

Ultimately,the VAXED will start shedding viruses in large numbers,and so quarantine zones will HAVE TO BE CREATED.The Unvaxed are infected,(and the total numbers,will explode),due to the saturation model,and the virus shedding.

Since the vaxed have compromised,immune systems – a new virus affecting a different body part, is in the pipeline – which will then prey,on the said immune systems – and cause overload and death.

In any case,jobless quarantined people sitting on their butts,watching TV,will develop morbidties, and with a failed immune system,will die soon.

It is a mass extinction event – the elimination of the human dinosaur.It is the ONLY strategy as the VIRUS NEEDS A HUMAN HOST TO replicate and mutate.Hence,the only solution is to eliminate the HOSTS,There is no other way.

Look at the map of the world.What is the purpose of the existence of India,Nepal,Khmer, Laos, Vietnam,Indon-ass-eaah ……, What is their contribution to the world ?

Gold Grief
Gold Grief
2 years ago

Karma is a bitch. Bangkok mocked dr Fauci. Now ges for COVID it’s not nice to fool around with Dr Fauci.

2 years ago

I totally agree with his last paragraph. It is real, causing many deaths but there has been much government incompetence which has led to covering their idiocy with lies and exaggerations. However, take away some of these deaths and the true number is still freaking huge. Unfortunately, lies by politicians have fanned the flames of the conspiracy theories and given them weight in the “nutters'” eyes and they are increasing the spread of this disease. If it’s true Bangkok is ill (I think the “friend’s” writing style is a little bit too much like Bangkok’s but I would like to be cautious when someone is claiming to be dying!), then I wish him a speedy recovery with no long term loss of taste and smell because that sucks.

2 years ago
Reply to  Natashka

You can be more accurate here by saying lies of radical right-wing politicians.

2 years ago

The data suggest Bangkok is inexplicably connected to Dennis Burke.

What we know:

•Burke is a former member of the ATF and cofounder of GSIS, a global security consulting firm headquartered in DC.

•Bangkok is believed to be an LA rich kid of unknown gender.

• The main theory supported by the data is that the Bangkok alias/character is used by Dennis Burke to blow off steam and re-live his adolescence.

•The alternate, competing theory is Dennis Burke is Bangkok’s birth father via date rape; regardless of the circumstances, Bangkok needs the attention of his father. There is a strong family resemblance. Please see pic links below:

Denis Burke

Possible pic of Bangkok of unknown origin

S Todd
S Todd
2 years ago


I don’t know if you have ID’ed him or not. But a change in his tone, the method to use another, either real or fictitious, to present a situation to generate sympathy for him, and his inclusion of god and prayer, tell me you’re close to an important discovery of relationships in NXIVM!

Keep it up

2 years ago

Niece Of Bee Gees Singer Dies Days After 2nd COVID Shot, Mother “Furious They Keep Pushing This Vaccine”

“She was fit, healthy and happy, but now we face the future without her”

Bernice Gibb Rhoades, the 56-year-old niece of Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb, was found dead with her dog by her side on Thursday night just days after she took the second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.
Rhoades, known to her friends and family as Beri, was found by her husband Chino.

Beri’s mother Lesley Evans told MailOnline: “I don’t even know what to say – I am so angry that this has happened to my beloved girl.”

Evans noted, “Covid-19 has turned all of our lives upside down in a way that we never imagined, and now it’s safe to say that we won’t even be able to say goodbye to our daughter.”

The mourning mother also blamed the vaccine for the sudden death of her “healthy” daughter.

“I am just so furious that they keep pushing this vaccine out there when people are at risk due to unknown underlying conditions,” she vented. “Beri was healthy and living a life full of love and adventure.”

Evans continued, “She was fit, healthy and happy, but now we face the future without her. These past few days have felt how I did when we lost Andy. I was so numb and I used to pretend he was still on tour to cope with the pain.”

Nice Guy
Nice Guy
2 years ago

Shadow- Do the math! One woman died out of 229 million doses of vaccine which have been administered.

A .00000000049% chance of dying from the vaccine.

A .1% percent death rate from contracting COVID-19

What do you, Shadow, not understand?


2 years ago

It turns out the Covid vaccines might spread Covid.

CDC: 6,000 People Infected With COVID Even After Getting Injected
With 400 hospitalized and 74 deaths

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that roughly 5,800 people who received a coronavirus vaccine still ultimately came down with the disease anyway, according to CNN.

Of those 5,800, 396 of them (roughly 7 percent) were hospitalized; 74 of the vaccinated people ultimately died. The report proves that the vaccines, though frequently touted by the government and the media, are not guaranteed to prevent everyone from contracting the virus.

“Vaccine breakthrough infections were reported among all people of all ages eligible for vaccination,” the CDC report details. “However, a little over 40 percent of the infections were in people 60 or more years of age.” Nearly two-thirds of the infections, 65 percent, were among women, while 29 percent of cases were asymptomatic.

The news is the latest setback for nationwide vaccination efforts. Earlier this week, both the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formally recommended that the United States halt all distribution efforts with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, after at least six people who took the vaccine were found to develop rare and severe blood clots after vaccination; one person died, while another has been hospitalized in critical condition.

Nevertheless, the CDC still recommended that “all eligible people get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as one is available to them. CDC also continues to recommend people who have been fully vaccinated should keep taking precautions in public places, like wearing a mask, staying at least six feet apart from others, avoiding crowds and poorly-ventilated spaces, and washing their hands often.”

Nice Guy
Nice Guy
2 years ago


You are citing a news story from Anti-Empire News media. Anti Empire is like the Onion, Shadowstate.

I hope you are cognizant of the fact Anti-Empire is lampooning QAnon type conspiracies.

Nice Guy
Nice Guy
2 years ago


—CDC: 6,000 People Infected With COVID Even After Getting Injected
With 400 hospitalized and 74 deaths

As of 6 a.m. EDT April 24, a total of 93,078,040 Americans had been fully vaccinated, or 28 percent of the country’s population, according to the CDC’s data.

The people you are referencing had preexisting conditions.

What exactly do you not understand regarding comorbidity?

2 years ago

Bangkok will survive the Kung Flu or the Wu Flu.
Just make sure the Docs don’t put him on a ventilator.
Once a person is put on a ventilator it is difficult to restart natural breathing.

2 years ago

Blah blah.

Main take away – another far-right winger doesn’t believe in a thing until they themselves are directly affected by that thing.

Be it social programs, morals, or COVID – it doesn’t matter until they are affected, then suddenly they care a great deal about it. Direct experience is the only way they learn. “Who needs empathy as long as I get mine” might as well be their slogan.

They need all the evidence in the world to support a thing they believe doesn’t impact them, but a simple word from a rich talking head is proof enough for everything else.

Could go on with the contradictions but the net result remains the same – conservative = immoral hypocrites. Have yet to meet an exception.

2 years ago
Reply to  erasend

The Chinese have a saying.

There are three ways to learn something new. The first one is by copying others, which is the easiest. The second way one is by thinking, which is the most noble. The third way is by experience, which is the most painful.

He chose his way of learning himself.

2 years ago

Perhaps Ted Nugent is Bangkok.

Ted Nugent Announces He Has Coronavirus

“A staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, Nugent repeatedly has downplayed the seriousness of coronavirus, and has called it fake….Throughout the last year, Nugent has said coronvirus [sic] was “not a real pandemic,” and claimed the death toll from the disease had been exaggerated.

Nugent said in his Facebook post that “I’ve never been so sick in all my life,”

So Bangkok can you play Cat Scratch Fever?

2 years ago

Holly crap. Babcock is speaking some truth, and not just looking to incite.

I think Raniere and Niceguy have the same barber.

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