Government Calls Publishing Names of 117 ‘Victims’ a ‘Technical Error’ – Blames Raniere’s Attorneys

Yesterday, Frank Report revealed that the US Court’s website, published a court filing that contained the full names of every one of the 117 alleged victims of Keith Raniere.

The government is now calling it a ‘technical error’ apparently made by attorneys for Raniere.

It was Frank Report’s associate editor Joe O’Hara who notified interested parties that the document, which had been ordered by the court to be filed “under seal,” had been published by the government and entered the public domain.

The document was taken offline shortly thereafter.

Most of the 117 names, of which 92 are women, are protected by order of the court from being disclosed fully to the public by any of the parties in the criminal case of US v. Raniere. By order of the court, many of the women’s first names only were permitted to be used by the parties during the trial of Raniere and in public filings.

Publishing the document online creates a different challenge to continue to shield the identities of the last names of the women. Once the public knows their names, there is no law that can prevent them from being disclosed. The government has no authority to prohibit the media or anyone else not subject to their jurisdiction [by being parties to a specific case] from revealing the names, due to a clause in the US Constitution known as the First Amendment.

Most mainstream media voluntarily do not publish the names of sex crime victims.

The fact that the document appeared online for hours before O’Hara notified lawyers of the mistake means that some who follow the Raniere case, including some of his supporters, may now have access to the names of all alleged victims, many of whom are not sex crime victims. Some are alleged victims of vexatious litigation by Raniere and his co-defendant, Clare Bronfman, and some may not be victims at all.

These names would not be normally shielded by mainstream media.  [In fact, the prosecution in this matter has recommended that the single largest beneficiary of restitution be a very wealthy family rather than a sex crime victim.]

Today there are numerous independent websites and social media platforms where each individual is subject to his or her own rules, taking copious advantage of the freedom of the press protections of the U.S. Constitution. There is no guarantee that these names will not appear in some online platform. They may be published in countries outside the US since there is worldwide interest in the Nxivm case.

The document containing the names of all the alleged victims that was supposed to be filed under seal but was accidentally published is a 121-page package that was meant to counter the recommendations that were made by the US Attorney’s Office on behalf of the alleged victims concerning their claims for restitution.

It was prepared and filed by the attorneys for Raniere, led by Stephan Metcalf.

The Acting US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Mark Lesko, and Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar, both of whom were part of the prosecution team at the trial of Raniere, filed a letter with the court protesting the accidental publication of this document and asking for sanctions if it happens again:

Here is their letter to United States District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Dear Judge Garaufis:

The government respectfully submits this letter to request (i) that the defendant Keith Raniere’s response to the government’s restitution submission … remain under seal and (ii) that the Court remind counsel for Raniere of their continuing obligations to exercise great care to ensure that future filings containing sensitive victim information are appropriately filed under seal and impose sanctions in the event of any future violations.

As the Court is aware, the Raniere Filing was filed publicly after midnight today, March 23, 2021. The Raniere Filing contains the full names of victims and sensitive victim information, including medical records, in contravention of the Court’s orders in the above-captioned case. (See Protective Order, ECF Docket Entry No. 1001; [and] Order Designating Victim Discovery Material, ECF Docket Entry No. 838.)

This morning, the undersigned contacted Steven A. Metcalf II, Esq., counsel for Raniere, who stated that counsel had intended to file the Raniere Filing under seal and that the public filing was a technical error. The government acknowledges that the first page of the Raniere Filing notes that it was to be filed under seal and credits counsel’s statement that the violation of the protective order entered by the Court was inadvertent.

The government also expresses its grateful appreciation to the Court for ordering the prompt removal of the Raniere Filing from
the public docket.

Nonetheless, the government remains troubled by the violation of the protective order. The violation is particularly concerning in light of Raniere’s prior opposition to the designation of victim identities and declarations of loss as “Victim Discovery Material” within the scope of the protective order entered by the Court. (See Letter Filed by Paul DerOhannesian II, Esq., ECF Docket Entry No. 836.)

In addition, as noted in the Raniere Filing, on February 26, 2021, another lawyer for Raniere attempted to mail Exhibit A of the government’s restitution submission to the defendant, in violation of the Court’s protective order, given that Exhibit A contained Victim Discovery Material.

Upon learning of that violation from legal counsel at the jail facility in which Raniere is housed, the undersigned immediately [Tanya Hajjar] sent an email to all counsel of record for the defendant reminding counsel that Exhibit A contained protected victim discovery material. Counsel for Raniere assured the government that the attempt was in error and would not recur. [see footnote 1 below]

In light of the egregious nature of the violation—resulting in the public filing of victim names and sensitive medical information—the government respectfully requests that any future violation of the protective order result in sanctions.

Respectfully submitted,
Acting United States Attorney
By: /s/
Tanya Hajjar
Assistant U.S. Attorney
(718) 254-7000

cc: Counsel of Record (by ECF and email)

United States Probation Officer Jennifer G. Fisher (by email)

Footnote 1: The Raniere Filing states that “none of Mr. Raniere’s current counsel was involved in sending these documents.” Raniere Filing at 31. The government notes, however, that the apparent sender, Mr. DerOhanessian, Esq., remains counsel of record for Raniere.


In a subsequent post, Frank Report will reveal what we intend to publish, if anything, from the accidentally-published document. There are some major items in there that can and should be revealed to the public.

Be assured, however, that Frank Report will not publish the last names of any of the sex crime victims who desire anonymity!


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  • I am very much against Raniere and Bronfman. I strongly believe the Judge was fully within his discretion to sentence both in the manner he did. The facts supported their convictions. Raniere and Bronfman are monsters.

    I have read portions of Raniere’s attorney’s reply to the government’s restitution recommendations. To say that I am dumbfounded and deeply troubled is an understatement. There are people who in no way shape or form were victims in this case asking for $1 million + each in restitution. There are other victims, who didn’t testify, weren’t named at trial, who are more or less unknown by most of the NXIVM community asking for astronomical amounts to be paid for years of future therapies like private yoga, weekly massages, and “crystal healing”.

    There is a shamelessness and dishonesty exhibited by some former NXIANS that I feel really sad about. I hope this blog decides to write about the filing in more detail. Victim names do not have to be publicized in the process. This is extremely important information for the NXIVM community at large and all the real victims. Everyone deserves to know what’s happening. Please consider it.

    • Whadayano?

      Former NXIVM devotees include plenty of BS artists. So surprised to hear that.

      Huh, and I thought only completely honest and ethical people were attracted to and became deeply involved with abusive sex cults. Well… I learned something today.

      If only there were a highly experienced federal judge with a well-turned nose for BS that was adjudicating all these claims…

      You know, someone like Judge Garaufis.

      The other thing to note is that NXIVM dead-enders always start out saying how they agree with prosectution, KAR is sketchy… blah, blah… before they try and raise some red herring to distract from the NXIVM stench.

      Its almost like there was a plan to leak the filings and then use the Frank Report to publish them.

      Nah, NXIVM dead-enders would never try to pull something like that.

    • Taboo-

      First, you are clearly a leftover. How would you know which victims were not known by the NXIVM community unless you were part of that community? I have yet to see a Nxian smart enough or clever enough to convincingly pass as a neutral observer. So, stop the “monster” BS act. It’s insulting to FR readers.

      Second, you have only read Raniere’s reply, not the government’s papers. Your opinion, therefore, is not based on all of the available information. Add that to your bias as a NXIVM leftover, and your “conclusion” is worthless. Regardless, Judge Garaufis will determine which individuals have valid claims. He has the experience in these matters, you do not.

      Only someone in Raniere’s corner would want this information made public. Judge Garaufis issued a protective order for a reason. Even if names are not listed, it may still be possible for Raniere to figure out the identities of the victims from the nature of their claims. Any information about their claims, especially anything regarding medical and health issues, needs to remain confidential. Not only to comply with HIPAA laws but also to prevent these victims from being harassed and intimidated by you and your culties. Indeed, that was the sole purpose of this leak. I can easily see Nicki Clyne, who fails to understand the meaning of empathy and compassion, posting damaging tweets about these victims. She has no shame.

      I also don’t think Frank should publish anything contained in the Reply. It is so disrespectful to the victims. Even if the individuals are not Raniere’s sexual assault victims, listing their names would give Raniere clues as to their identity, and, generally, violate the privacy that Judge Garaufis found was warranted. I think the victims have suffered enough under Raniere’s rule. At least, let’s respect their private financial and medical information.

      So, Taboo, I suggest you not worry about the alleged “shamelessness and dishonesty” you find in the victims’ claims, and, instead, look at your own shamelessness and dishonesty, beginning with your pathetic attempt to pass as impartial on FR. Look instead at Raniere’s heinous crimes, his abuse of his position of authority and his damaging lies. Clearly, he has no shame and will do anything to satisfy himself sexually and monetarily.

      Any victim of Raniere deserves to be fully compensated in the post-conviction proceedings and the civil case. You claim to fully believe in Judge Garaufis’ discretion, so don”t worry yourself with matters that you have already deemed the judge to be well-qualified to determine.

    • —There are people who in no way shape or form were victims in this case asking for $1 million + each in restitution. There are other victims, who didn’t testify, weren’t named at trial, who are more or less unknown by most of the NXIVM community asking for astronomical amounts to be paid for years of future therapies like private yoga, weekly massages, and “crystal healing”.

      Oddly enough, I am in complete agreement with you.

      Money damages are for “damage” not bullshit.

  • Accidental? What lawyer files documents at midnight, when the error will not be discovered or reported for a number of hours? Must be doing a lot of overtime. It would be interesting if they can investigate and find out who accessed the data, and/or downloaded it, particularly early on. Or was the idea to send a message to the claimants: we have your details, think carefully before you proceed? Now that would be a novel tactic for Nxivm!


    Pubblicato il: 18/03/2021
    “Chiesa povera” con un capo milionario?

    Tutti ricordano che Bergoglio/Francisco ha iniziato il suo pontificato annunciando e insistendo che la sua intenzione era quella di essere la guida di una “Chiesa povera per i poveri”, accompagnando questa predicazione con gesti di rinuncia a certi costumi, pompi, cerimonie, abbigliamento, ecc. Ma questo non gli impedì di coltivare durante questi otto anni l’amicizia e la simpatia di milionari e addirittura multimilionari, in molti casi con posizioni decisamente anticattoliche, che tuttavia non gli impedirono di avere le porte del Vaticano aperte per loro. Coltivando, d’altra parte, la loro amicizia con i “movimenti popolari” e i loro massimi dirigenti.

    Tuttavia, nel settembre dell’anno scorso è venuto alla luce, a causa di alcune operazioni finanziarie immobiliari della Segreteria di Stato a Londra, amministrate dall’allora sostituto della Segreteria, il cardinale Angelo Becciu, che Papa Francesco ha un conto privato, ad uso totalmente discrezionale, di 20 milioni di sterline, o anche più.

    L’esistenza di questo fondo discrezionale papale è stata rivelata da un amico del Papa, il giornalista Eugenio Scalfari, cofondatore del quotidiano romano La Repubblica, nell’edizione del 30 settembre dello scorso anno: “Ecco come rubavano i soldi al Papa”.

    Che l’esistenza di quel conto discrezionale non fosse un’invenzione giornalistica fu confermato un mese dopo da monsignor Nunzio Galantino, presidente dell’Amministrazione del Patrimonio della Sede Apostolica, un uomo di cui Bergoglio si fida. Lo ha fatto in un’intervista pubblicata il 31 ottobre sul giornale Avvenire, la cui proprietà appartiene alla Conferenza Episcopale Italiana, negando che il conto sia stato saccheggiato.

    La domanda che sorge, vista l’esistenza di questo conto, è da dove proviene, chi lo ha fornito, soprattutto quando è in sterline. È possibile affermare di avere una “Chiesa povera” quando il suo capo supremo ha 20 milioni di sterline [28 milioni di dollari] o più da utilizzare senza rendere conto a nessuno? A seconda della provenienza, una somma così grande non è una condizione importante per le azioni del pontefice? La tolleranza del Vaticano verso le agende demografiche, climatiche e sanitarie promosse dalla plutocrazia finanziaria globalista avrà qualcosa a che fare con questi fondi discrezionali? E la lobby omosessualista sempre più presente ai più alti livelli della gerarchia ecclesiastica sarà un altro prezzo che si è dovuto pagare per questo sostegno finanziario?

    Bergoglio cappellano della famiglia Rothschild e del capitalismo globalista inclusivo?
    L’8 dicembre scorso un’iniziativa globalista chiamata “Consiglio per il capitalismo inclusivo”. Con il Vaticano”.

    Per il dispiacere e la tristezza di coloro che credevano e credono che Bergoglio “è un Papa comunista” e “leader della sinistra internazionale”, questo progetto riunisce membri della plutocrazia finanziaria e industriale internazionale, costituiti come Guardiani della stessa, come presentato sul sito ufficiale del Consiglio: leader di affari e investimenti di tutto il mondo che difendono i Principi Guida e supervisionano il lavoro del Consiglio.

    Il motto ufficiale del Consiglio è di essere un organismo “AFFIDABILE”. FIERO. RESPONSABILE. DINAMICO. SOSTENIBILE. Lavorare insieme per cambiare il capitalismo in meglio”, ispirato dalla “guida morale di Sua Santità Papa Francesco per sfruttare il potere del business per il bene”.

    La sua missione è quella di “mettere in moto il settore privato per creare un sistema economico più inclusivo, sostenibile e affidabile.” I leader-guardiani di questo progetto sono stati ispirati dalla “guida morale di Sua Santità Papa Francesco per sfruttare il potere del business per il bene.

    I leader-guardie di questo Capitalismo Inclusivo provengono da organizzazioni e imprese che rappresentano: a) 10,5 trilioni di dollari di attivi; b) 2,5 trilioni di dollari di capitale di borsa; c) 200 milioni di lavoratori: e d) sono presenti in 163 paesi e territori.

    Questi leader-Guardiani sono 27, tra cui Oliver Bäte, Allianz; Eduard D. Breen, Dupont; Mark Carney, Nazioni Unite; Kenneth C. Frazier, Merck; Fabrizio Freda, Estée Lauder Companies; Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson; Alfred Kelly, Visa; Bernard Looney, British Petroleum Corporation; Fiona Ma, Tesoriere dello Stato della California; Brian Moynihan, Bank of America; Ronald P. O’Hanley, State Street Corporation; Rajiv Shah, Rockefeller Foundation; Darren Walker, Ford Foundation; Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Inclusive Capital Partner. O’Hanley, State Street Corporation; Rajiv Shah, Rockefeller Foundation; Darren Walker, Ford Foundation; Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Inclusive Capital Partner.

    Più che un “Papa comunista”, Bergoglio è stato consacrato come un cappellano della Banca Rothschild, soprattutto dopo la presentazione pubblica del Consiglio dell’8 dicembre scorso. Una presentazione che è stata definita dal New York Times come “una nuova partnership, l’ultimo segno della crescente influenza delle pratiche ambientali, sociali e di governance negli affari”. Una nuova società istituzionalizzata come “un’organizzazione globale senza scopo di lucro stabilita sotto gli auspici del Vaticano con la guida morale di Papa Francesco”, con l’impegno di “sfruttare il potenziale del settore privato per creare una forma di capitalismo più inclusiva, sostenibile e affidabile”.

    Questa affermazione può sembrare avventata, esagerata o infondata, ma in realtà colei che ha inizialmente pensato e guidato il piano strategico e politico del Council for Inclusive Capitalism con il Vaticano, diventando l’alma mater di questa iniziativa è stata la stessa Lynn Forester de Rothschild, moglie di Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, uno dei membri che guida l’impero di famiglia.
    Ma questa donna di origine americana non è solo una moglie decorativa che si limita ad accompagnare il marito nel lavoro di beneficenza, ha anche un curriculum di affari tutto suo: è membro del consiglio di amministrazione di Estée Lauder Companies, The Economist Group e Bronfman E. L. Rothschild LP, tra gli altri. L. Rothschild LP, tra le altre società. E ha anche il suo curriculum politico in evidenza: ha lavorato per la presidenza di Bill Clinton e ha sostenuto attivamente le campagne presidenziali di Hillary Clinton, nel 2008 e nel 2016. E come se non bastasse, Lady de Rothschild è membro del Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), del Royal Institute of International Affairs (R.I.I.A) e dell’Institute for Strategic Studies (ISS), la più grande agenzia privata di intelligence britannica del mondo.

    Ma soprattutto, la signora Forester de Rothschild ha lavorato su diversi progetti dal 2012, co-presiedendo quell’anno un gruppo di lavoro che si chiamava Henry Jackson Institute’s Initiative for Inclusive Capitalism, per mitigare le conseguenze della crisi finanziaria globale del 2007-2008 e il movimento di protesta Occupy Wall Street. Questa iniziativa ha presentato nel 2012 un rapporto chiamato Towards a More Inclusive Form of Capitalism, in cui definisce il capitalismo come “un sistema in cui tutti – tutte le parti, non solo gli azionisti – traggono profitto dagli affari.”[13]

    E il 27 maggio 2014, ha organizzato la Prima Conferenza del Capitalismo Inclusivo, a Londra, con l’obiettivo di adattare il sistema capitalista per lavorare per più persone[14]. Un’iniziativa che ha ripetuto l’anno successivo, in una seconda conferenza, sempre a Londra, il 26 giugno 2015, sempre con l’idea di migliorare il capitalismo, mitigare le profonde disuguaglianze che ha imposto e sviluppare politiche di inclusione per la maggioranza delle persone. Nelle sue stesse parole, “il capitalismo rimane il sistema economico più potente per sollevare le persone dalla povertà e migliorare le società”, ma deve essere fatto attraverso un “sistema capitalistico etico, responsabile e inclusivo”. Il metodo da applicare è quello di “incoraggiare il dibattito e il dialogo su come il capitalismo può essere migliorato”[15].

    Come si vede, prima che Bergoglio diventasse Papa, “quegli strani miliardari” con in testa i Rothschild predicavano già il capitalismo inclusivo, e lavoravano in quella direzione, e non hanno problemi ad assumere come propri vessilli “il grido della Terra” e “il grido dei poveri”, nelle parole della stessa Lady de Rothschild.

    In breve: siamo in presenza di un’alleanza dell’impero Rothschild con la gerarchia vaticana rappresentata oggi da Jorge Mario Bergoglio come Papa. Con un’agenda che era già “predicata” dal clan Rothschild prima che Bergoglio diventasse Francesco. Come dice Lady de Rothschild, “ci sono molti sforzi per rendere il capitalismo inclusivo e sostenibile”, ma quello che ci è mancato è “una base morale per il movimento: la poesia alla prosa della nostra azione”. In questo senso, “la guida di Papa Francesco fornisce quella poesia al movimento, ma il bisogno dell’umanità di essere responsabile gli uni verso gli altri è ispirato dagli insegnamenti sociali di tutte le religioni.”[16] In altre parole, il progetto e il progetto del movimento non sono solo una base morale per il movimento, ma anche una base morale per il movimento.

    In altre parole, il progetto e l’esecuzione è privato aziendale (Rothschild), e Papa Bergoglio ci mette la musica, per renderlo appetibile al mondo.

    Con questi dati e rapporti diventa più chiaro che ciò che Jorge Mario Bergoglio ha fatto durante tutto il suo pontificato è stato adattare la Chiesa al nuovo mondo disegnato dalla plutocrazia anglo-americana che guida la famosa famiglia bancaria, dalla messa in discussione dell’indissolubilità del vincolo matrimoniale, alla relativizzazione dottrinale di fronte al pragmatismo, alla casistica e alle “circostanze”, il “culto” della Madre Terra, l’accettazione di vaccini fatti con materiale fetale proveniente da aborti, l’autorità suprema dell’ONU, dell’OMS e di altre istituzioni internazionali, la normalizzazione dell’omosessualità nella vita della Chiesa, l’omosessualità episcopale e cardinalizia come garanzia di promozione ecclesiastica, il rifiuto della Tradizione, ecc.

    Al di là delle “poesie bergogliane”, la direzione della Chiesa di Cristo è diretta ad essere una “Chiesa per i Rothschild”?

    L’articolo originale è disponibile presso il blog di Maurizio Blondet cliccando sul seguente link

    Copyright foto copertina: ©
    Copyright foto articolo: © Politico

    Autore: Redazione


    Published on: 18/03/2021
    “Poor Church” with a millionaire leader?

    Everyone remembers that Bergoglio/Francisco began his pontificate by announcing and insisting that his intention was to be the leader of a “poor Church for the poor,” accompanying this preaching with gestures of renunciation of certain customs, pomp, ceremonies, clothing, etc. But this did not prevent him from cultivating during these eight years the friendship and sympathy of millionaires and even multimillionaires, in many cases with decidedly anti-Catholic positions, which nevertheless did not prevent him from having the doors of the Vatican open to them. On the other hand, they cultivated their friendship with the “popular movements” and their top leaders.

    However, in September last year it came to light, due to some financial real estate transactions of the Secretariat of State in London, administered by the then substitute of the Secretariat, Cardinal Angelo Becciu, that Pope Francis has a private account, for totally discretionary use, of 20 million pounds, or even more.

    The existence of this papal discretionary fund was revealed by a friend of the Pope, journalist Eugenio Scalfari, co-founder of the Roman newspaper La Repubblica, in the September 30 edition of last year: “Here’s how they stole money from the Pope.”

    That the existence of that discretionary account was not a journalistic invention was confirmed a month later by Monsignor Nunzio Galantino, president of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, a man whom Bergoglio trusts. He did so in an interview published Oct. 31 in the newspaper Avvenire, whose property belongs to the Italian Bishops’ Conference, denying that the account was looted.

    The question that arises, given the existence of this account, is where it came from, who provided it, especially when it is in sterling. Is it possible to claim to have a “poor church” when its supreme leader has 20 million pounds [$28 million] or more to use without accounting to anyone? Depending on where it comes from, isn’t such a large sum an important condition for the pontiff’s actions? Will the Vatican’s tolerance of the demographic, climate and health agendas promoted by the globalist financial plutocracy have anything to do with these discretionary funds? And will the increasingly homosexualist lobby at the highest levels of the ecclesiastical hierarchy be another price that had to be paid for this financial support?

    Bergoglio chaplain to the Rothschild family and inclusive globalist capitalism?
    On December 8, a globalist initiative called “Council for Inclusive Capitalism. With the Vatican.”

    To the chagrin and sadness of those who believed and still believe that Bergoglio “is a communist Pope” and “leader of the international left,” this project brings together members of the international financial and industrial plutocracy, constituted as Guardians of the same, as presented on the Council’s official website: business and investment leaders from around the world who uphold the Guiding Principles and oversee the work of the Council.

    The Council’s official motto is to be a “RELIABLE” body. PROUD. RESPONSIBLE. DYNAMIC. SUSTAINABLE. Working together to change capitalism for the better,” inspired by the “moral guidance of His Holiness Pope Francis to harness the power of business for good.”

    Its mission is to “set the private sector in motion to create a more inclusive, sustainable and accountable economic system.” The leader-guardians of this project have been inspired by the “moral guidance of His Holiness Pope Francis to harness the power of business for good.

    The Leader-Guardians of this Inclusive Capitalism come from organizations and businesses that represent: a) $10.5 trillion in assets; b) $2.5 trillion in stock market capital; c) 200 million workers: and d) have a presence in 163 countries and territories.

    These leader-Guardians number 27, including Oliver Bäte, Allianz; Eduard D. Breen, Dupont; Mark Carney, United Nations; Kenneth C. Frazier, Merck; Fabrizio Freda, Estée Lauder Companies; Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson; Alfred Kelly, Visa; Bernard Looney, British Petroleum Corporation; Fiona Ma, California State Treasurer; Brian Moynihan, Bank of America; Ronald P. O’Hanley, State Street Corporation; Rajiv Shah, Rockefeller Foundation; Darren Walker, Ford Foundation; Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Inclusive Capital Partners. O’Hanley, State Street Corporation; Rajiv Shah, Rockefeller Foundation; Darren Walker, Ford Foundation; Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Inclusive Capital Partner.

    More than a “Communist Pope,” Bergoglio has been anointed as a Rothschild Bank chaplain, especially after the Council’s public presentation on December 8. A presentation that was described by the New York Times as “a new partnership, the latest sign of the growing influence of environmental, social and governance practices in business.” A new society institutionalized as “a global nonprofit organization established under the auspices of the Vatican with the moral guidance of Pope Francis,” with a commitment to “harness the potential of the private sector to create a more inclusive, sustainable and trustworthy form of capitalism.”

    This statement may seem reckless, exaggerated or unfounded, but in fact the one who initially conceived and spearheaded the Council for Inclusive Capitalism’s strategic and policy plan with the Vatican, becoming the alma mater of this initiative was Lynn Forester de Rothschild herself, wife of Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, one of the members leading the family empire.

    But this American-born woman isn’t just a decorative wife who merely accompanies her husband in charity work, she also has a business resume of her own: she serves on the boards of Estée Lauder Companies, The Economist Group and Bronfman E. L. Rothschild LP, among others. L. Rothschild LP, among other companies. And she also has her political resume in evidence: she worked for Bill Clinton’s presidency and actively supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns, in 2008 and 2016. And as if that weren’t enough, Lady de Rothschild is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Royal Institute of International Affairs (R.I.I.A), and the Institute for Strategic Studies (ISS), the world’s largest private British intelligence agency.

    Most importantly, Ms. Forester de Rothschild has worked on several projects since 2012, co-chairing that year a working group called the Henry Jackson Institute’s Initiative for Inclusive Capitalism to mitigate the consequences of the 2007-2008 global financial crisis and the Occupy Wall Street protest movement. This initiative released a report in 2012 called Towards a More Inclusive Form of Capitalism, in which it defined capitalism as “a system in which everyone – all parties, not just shareholders – profit from business.”[13] The initiative’s goal was to create a more inclusive form of capitalism.

    And on May 27, 2014, he organized the First Inclusive Capitalism Conference, in London, with the goal of adapting the capitalist system to work for more people[14]. An initiative that he repeated the following year, in a second conference, also in London, on June 26, 2015, again with the idea of improving capitalism, mitigating the profound inequalities it has imposed and developing policies of inclusion for the majority of people. In his own words, “capitalism remains the most powerful economic system for lifting people out of poverty and improving societies,” but it must be done through an “ethical, responsible and inclusive capitalist system.” The method to be applied is to “encourage debate and dialogue about how capitalism can be improved.”[15] This is the way to go.

    As we can see, before Bergoglio became Pope, “those strange billionaires” with the Rothschilds at their head were already preaching inclusive capitalism, and working in that direction, and they have no problem taking as their banners “the cry of the Earth” and “the cry of the poor,” in the words of Lady de Rothschild herself.

    In short: we are in the presence of an alliance of the Rothschild empire with the Vatican hierarchy represented today by Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope. With an agenda that was already “preached” by the Rothschild clan before Bergoglio became Francis. As Lady de Rothschild says, “there are many efforts to make capitalism inclusive and sustainable,” but what we have lacked is “a moral basis for the movement: poetry to the prose of our action.” In this sense, “Pope Francis’ leadership provides that poetry to the movement, but humanity’s need to be accountable to one another is inspired by the social teachings of all religions.”[16] In other words, the movement’s project and blueprint is not only a moral basis for the movement, but also a moral basis for the movement.

    In other words, the design and execution is private corporate (Rothschild), and Pope Bergoglio puts the music to it, to make it palatable to the world.

    With these data and reports, it becomes clearer that what Jorge Mario Bergoglio has done throughout his pontificate is to adapt the Church to the new world designed by the Anglo-American plutocracy that leads the famous banking family, from questioning the indissolubility of the marriage bond, to doctrinal relativization in the face of pragmatism to casuistry and “circumstances”, the “cult” of Mother Earth, the acceptance of vaccines made with fetal material from abortions, the supreme authority of the UN, WHO and other international institutions, the normalization of homosexuality in the life of the Church, episcopal and cardinal homosexuality as a guarantee of ecclesiastical promotion, the rejection of Tradition, etc..

    Beyond the “Bergoglian poems,” is the direction of Christ’s Church directed to be a “Church for the Rothschilds”?

    The original article is available at Maurizio Blondet’s blog by clicking on the following link

    Copyright cover photo: ©
    Copyright article photo: © Politico

    Author: Redazione]

  • etcétera

    CDMX, México Jueves 25 marzo 2021 / 1:28 am

    Los nexos religiosos y sectarios de Morena
    marzo 24, 2021 9:53 pm por etcétera 231
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    El ascenso al poder de Morena y algunos de sus miembros destacados no sólo fue consecuencia de 18 años de campaña ininterrumpida entre “el pueblo” por parte de su líder, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, sino también de una gran cantidad de alianzas tejidas con poderosos actores económicos, políticos y religiosos.

    La reciente revelación del vínculo que la candidata a la gubernatura de Nuevo León por Morena, Clara Luz Flores tuvo con la secta destructiva Nexium hace necesario revisar de nuevo los vínculos que diversos integrantes de Morena, el presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador incluido, tienen con agrupaciones de corte religioso y/o sectario.

    Esto, debido a que estas agrupaciones ejercen un importante peso político, influyen en la designación de candidatos y hasta influyen en la toma de decisiones de gobierno.

    Son tres los ámbitos religiosos de los que Morena ha obtenido valiosos contactos que los impulsaron electoralmente:

    1.- La secta La Luz del Mundo, dirigida por el “apóstol” Joaquín Naasón, actualmente preso, debido a que está siendo juzgado por abuso sexual en Estados Unidos.

    2.- Confraternice, la agrupación nacional de iglesias evangélicas, ligada al Partido Encuentro Social. Algunos de sus miembros han recibido señalados favores por parte del presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

    3.- Nxivm o Nexium, la secta aún más destructiva, dirigida por Keith Raniere, también preso en Estados Unidos, él ya con una sentencia de cadena perpetua.

    La Luz del Mundo

    Naasón Joaquín ovacionado por sus fieles con motivo de su “jubileo de vida”. Imagen: Berea Internacional
    Según lo que ellos mismos presumen, la Luz del Mundo es la iglesia mexicana de corte evangélico de mayor expansión internacional. Sin embargo, lo más probable es que sean exageraciones para construir una buena imagen pública. Nunca ocultó su participación política, la cual consistía en ofrecer votantes a los políticos de influencia. Fue fundada a principios del siglo XX y en sus inicios y durante varias décadas, su filiación fue priísta.

    Cuando AMLO llegó al poder, la secta cambió de bando y aprovechó el cumpleaños 50 de su líder para hacer una fastuosa celebración en el Palacio de Bellas Artes, con la presencia de invitados de la cúpula morenista como Martí Batres y Sergio Mayer.

    De esta iglesia es el diputado federal Emmanuel Reyes, antes del PRD y a partir de 2019, de Morena. Reyes impulsó que la Cámara de Diputados diera un reconocimiento a Naasón Joaquín por su supuesta labor social y filantrópica. Tanto el festejo en Bellas Artes como el reconocimiento se volvieron un escándalo mayúsculo que embarró a Morena, que trató de deslindarse sin éxito, sobre todo cuando a los pocos meses Naasón fue apresado en Estados Unidos bajo múltiples cargos de abuso sexual, pornografía infantil y otros.

    El festejo en Bellas Artes fue gestionado por el senador morenista y miembro de la secta, Rogelio Zamora Guzmán. El permiso fue otorgado por la morenista, titular de la Secretaría de Cultura, Alejandra Frausto por medio de la directora del INBA, Lucina Jiménez.

    López Obrador se negó en todo momento a reprobar el uso indebido del Palacio de Bellas Artes, argumentado que había que respetar la libertad de creencias. Sin embargo, Frausto insistió una y otra vez que no hubo nada religioso, que únicamente fue un evento “cultural”.

    Evangélicos anuncian reunión con AMLO para definir concesiones de radio y TV | Proceso

    La Confraternidad Nacional de Iglesias Cristianas Evangélicas (Confraternice) es una asociación dirigida por el pastor Arturo Farela, que participa en política por medio del Partido Encuentro Social y en varias ocasiones se ha presentado como el “consejero espiritual” del presidente, quien se asume creyente.

    Se recordará que el PES fue uno de los partidos que postuló la candidatura de Andrés Manuel López Obrador a la presidencia en 2018. Por cierto, luego de esas elecciones, perdió el registro nacional, pero conserva algunos registros estatales.

    En diciembre de 2019, Farela se ufanó de que un gran grupo de jóvenes evangélicos se habían integrado a la 4T como “Servidores de la Nación”. Dijo que se trataba de una oportunidad que se le presentaba a las iglesias para “ir y predicar el evangelio”, ya que el propio gobierno federal autorizó que ese sector de los Servidores de la Nación (conocido por ser el “ejército electoral” de la 4T dieran una hora de evangelización durante su trabajo como promotores de los programas sociales. El propio AMLO tuvo que salir a desmentir esto, ante el escándalo que surgió.

    Sin embargo, meses antes, AMLO instruyó a la secretaria de Gobernación, Olga Sánchez Cordero a estudiar la posibilidad de entregar concesiones de radio precisamente a iglesias agrupadas en Confraternice. En agosto de 2020 dijo que si la intención era “moralizar”, en el sentido amplio del término, él no veía problema alguno en que las iglesias tuvieran estaciones de radio o canales de televisión. Tuvo buen cuidado de agregar que también estaba a favor de que ateos y agnósticos tuvieran los mismos beneficios.

    Respecto al desaparecido Partido Encuentro Social, en 2020 hizo un exitoso intento de resurgir, esta vez como Partido Encuentro Solidario, pues el INE le concedió el registro.

    Los diputados federales del PES, en cualquiera de sus versiones, han sido útiles para construir la mayoría que Morena tiene en la Cámara de Diputados, pagando los diversos favores que les ha hecho el partido y el presidente.

    Por ejemplo, el 3 de febrero de 2021, tres legisladores de ese partido abandonaron su bancada para sumarse a la de Morena: Evaristo Lenin Pérez Rivera, Nayeli Salvaroti Bojalil y Claudia Báez Ruiz. Con estos tres diputados, Morena alcanzó la mayoría absoluta, al contar ya con 255 legisladores.


    Esta secta norteamericana no religiosa, sino de “coaching”, puso sus ojos en las élites políticas mexicanas, vendiéndose como un modo de cambiar radicalmente la vida, los hábitos y llegar al éxito aportando a la sociedad.

    Es bien conocido que uno de sus líderes de más alto nivel en México fue Emiliano Salinas Occeli, hijo del expresidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari. Por medio de Salinas hijo, el líder de la secta, Keith Raniere, buscó hacer vínculos políticos y económicos entre las clases altas mexicanas y los grupos de poder.

    Antes de que se conocieran los crímenes cometidos por Raniere, nadie en México tenía razones para ocultar su pertenencia. Actualmente, que se vincule a una persona con dicha organización, que en México se llamó Executive Success Program, es vergonzoso

    Por ese motivo, Clara Luz Flores, la morenista que quiere gobernar Nuevo León, negó tajantemente haber sido parte de la secta. En entrevista realizada este 10 de marzo con el periodista Julio Astillero admitió haber “tomado algunos cursos”, pero no haber estado relacionada a alto nivel, es decir, con Keith Raniere.

    Pero un video divulgado este 24 de marzo por su rival político, el priista Adrián de la Garza, la muestra en audiencia personal con Raniere, lo que según los que conocen de la secta, sólo podría ocurrir si se tenía un alto nivel dentro de la organización.

    Otro morenista que formó parte de la organización fue el líder nacional de Morena, Mario Delgado. El portal Animal Político reveló el 4 de marzo de 2021 que Delgado fue miembro de la organización y de un grupo del mismo llamado Sociedad de Protectores, que daba enseñanzas para ser un “hombre de éxito” y un miembro influente y poderoso de la sociedad.

    Según la investigación de Juan Alberto Vázquez, Mario Delgado y Clara Luz Flores coincidieron en los mismos tiempos dentro de Nexium.

    Fue el propio Delgado quien lanzó la candidatura de Clara Luz, el pasado 13 de diciembre.

    Delgado admitió haber tomado algunos cursos, pero aseguró haber sido estafado y negó tener conocimiento de los delitos y de Raniere.

    Lo mismo hizo Clara Luz, pero el video difundido este miércoles demuestra que su relación con Raniere fue lo bastante cercana como para tener al menos una conversación.

    “No tengo nada que ocultar, mi error fue participar en un curso de superación personal. Con pena acepto mi falta”, dijo luego de haber negado que conociera a Raniere.


    Morena’s religious and sectarian nexuses
    March 24, 2021 9:53 pm by etcétera 231
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    The rise to power of Morena and some of its prominent members was not only the consequence of 18 years of uninterrupted campaigning among “the people” by its leader, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but also of a host of alliances woven with powerful economic, political and religious actors.

    The recent revelation of the link that Clara Luz Flores, Morena’s candidate for governor of Nuevo Leon, had with the destructive sect Nexium makes it necessary to review once again the links that various members of Morena, including President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, have with religious and/or sectarian groups.

    This is due to the fact that these groups exert an important political weight, influence the designation of candidates and even influence government decision-making.

    There are three religious spheres from which Morena has obtained valuable contacts that have boosted them electorally:

    1.- The sect La Luz del Mundo, led by the “apostle” Joaquín Naasón, currently imprisoned, due to the fact that he is being tried for sexual abuse in the United States.

    Confraternice, the national group of evangelical churches, linked to the Social Encounter Party. Some of its members have received favors from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

    Nxivm or Nexium, the even more destructive sect, led by Keith Raniere, also imprisoned in the United States, he already with a life sentence.

    The Light of the World

    Naasón Joaquín cheered by his faithful on the occasion of his “jubilee of life”. Image: Berea International
    According to what they themselves boast, the Light of the World is the Mexican evangelical church with the greatest international expansion. However, these are most likely exaggerations to build a good public image. It never hid its political participation, which consisted of offering voters to influential politicians. It was founded at the beginning of the 20th century and in its beginnings and for several decades, its affiliation was PRI.

    When AMLO came to power, the sect changed sides and took advantage of its leader’s 50th birthday to hold a lavish celebration at the Palace of Fine Arts, with the presence of guests from the Morenista leadership such as Martí Batres and Sergio Mayer.

    From this church is federal deputy Emmanuel Reyes, formerly of the PRD and from 2019, of Morena. Reyes pushed for the Chamber of Deputies to recognize Naasón Joaquín for his alleged social and philanthropic work. Both the celebration at Bellas Artes and the recognition turned into a major scandal that got Morena, which unsuccessfully tried to distance itself, especially when a few months later Naasón was imprisoned in the United States under multiple charges of sexual abuse, child pornography and others.

    The celebration in Bellas Artes was arranged by the Morenista senator and member of the sect, Rogelio Zamora Guzmán. The permission was granted by the Morenista, head of the Ministry of Culture, Alejandra Frausto through the director of INBA, Lucina Jiménez.

    López Obrador refused at all times to condemn the improper use of the Palace of Fine Arts, arguing that freedom of belief had to be respected. However, Frausto insisted time and again that there was nothing religious, that it was only a “cultural” event.

    Evangelicals announce meeting with AMLO to define radio and TV concessions | Proceso

    The National Confraternity of Evangelical Christian Churches (Confraternice) is an association led by Pastor Arturo Farela, who participates in politics through the Social Encounter Party and on several occasions has presented himself as the “spiritual advisor” of the president, who claims to be a believer.

    It will be recalled that the PES was one of the parties that postulated the candidacy of Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the presidency in 2018. By the way, after those elections, it lost its national registration, but retains some state registrations.

    In December 2019, Farela boasted that a large group of young evangelicals had joined the 4T as “Servants of the Nation.” He said that this was an opportunity presented to the churches to “go and preach the gospel”, since the federal government itself authorized that sector of the Servants of the Nation (known to be the “electoral army” of the 4T to give an hour of evangelization during their work as promoters of social programs. AMLO himself had to deny this, due to the scandal that arose.

    However, months before, AMLO instructed the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sanchez Cordero to study the possibility of giving radio concessions precisely to churches grouped in Confraternice. In August 2020, he said that if the intention was to “moralize”, in the broad sense of the term, he did not see any problem in churches having radio stations or TV channels. He was careful to add that he was also in favor of atheists and agnostics having the same benefits.

    Regarding the defunct Social Encounter Party, in 2020 it made a successful attempt to re-emerge, this time as Solidarity Encounter Party, as INE granted it registration.

    The federal deputies of the PES, in any of its versions, have been useful to build the majority that Morena has in the Chamber of Deputies, paying the various favors done to them by the party and the president.

    For example, on February 3, 2021, three legislators of that party abandoned their bench to join Morena’s: Evaristo Lenin Pérez Rivera, Nayeli Salvaroti Bojalil and Claudia Báez Ruiz. With these three deputies, Morena reached the absolute majority, as it now has 255 legislators.


    This North American non-religious, but rather “coaching” sect set its sights on Mexican political elites, selling itself as a way to radically change one’s life, habits and achieve success while contributing to society.

    It is well known that one of its highest level leaders in Mexico was Emiliano Salinas Occeli, son of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari. Through Salinas son, the leader of the sect, Keith Raniere, sought to make political and economic links between the Mexican upper classes and power groups.

    Before Raniere’s crimes became known, no one in Mexico had any reason to hide his membership. Today, it is shameful to link a person with this organization, which in Mexico was called Executive Success Program.

    For this reason, Clara Luz Flores, the Morenista who wants to govern Nuevo León, categorically denied having been part of the sect. In an interview on March 10 with journalist Julio Astillero, she admitted having “taken some courses”, but not having been related at a high level, that is, with Keith Raniere.

    But a video released this March 24 by her political rival, PRI member Adrián de la Garza, shows her in a personal audience with Raniere, which according to those who know about the sect, could only happen if she had a high level within the organization.

    Another Morenista who was part of the organization was the national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado. The portal Animal Político revealed on March 4, 2021 that Delgado was a member of the organization and of a group of the same called Sociedad de Protectores, which gave teachings to be a “successful man” and an influential and powerful member of the society.

    According to Juan Alberto Vázquez’s investigation, Mario Delgado and Clara Luz Flores coincided at the same time within Nexium.

    It was Delgado himself who launched Clara Luz’s candidacy, last December 13.

    Delgado admitted having taken some courses, but claimed to have been swindled and denied having knowledge of the crimes and Raniere.

    So did Clara Luz, but the video released this Wednesday shows that her relationship with Raniere was close enough to have at least one conversation.

    “I have nothing to hide, my mistake was to participate in a self-improvement course. With regret I accept my fault,” she said after denying that she knew Raniere.]

  • León Krauze

    Más de la larga conversación de
    con Keith Raniere.
    Aquí algo sobre una supuesta “sociedad primitiva” y la “sociedad más civilizada” en México…
    ¿A qué se refiere exactamente la candidata de Morena al gobierno de Nuevo León?


    More from the long conversation of
    with Keith Raniere.
    Here something about a supposed “primitive society” and the “most civilized society” in Mexico….
    What exactly is the Morena candidate for the government of Nuevo Leon referring to?]

  • Forbes
    Forbes Staff
    marzo 24, 2021 @ 5:58 pm

    Difunden video de Clara Luz Flores junto a líder de NXIVM
    El video muestra a la aspirante a gobernar Nuevo León en una plática con Keith Raniere, líder de NXIVM; Clara Luz había negado conocer la secta.
    Clara Luz y Keith Raniere
    EFE.- Un segmento de video en el que se observa a Clara Luz Flores, candidata por Morena a gobernadora de Nuevo León, frente a Keith Raniere, difundido este miércoles, demuestra que la política conocía personalmente al líder de la secta NXIVM.

    De acuerdo con la revista Proceso, que tuvo acceso al video completo, Flores conversa durante una hora y 20 minutos con Raniere, quien está condenado en Estados Unidos a 120 años de prisión por delitos como pornografía infantil, extorsión o tráfico sexual de personas.

    El video, además, fue exhibido por el candidato del Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), Adrián de la Garza, oponente de Flores, quien aseguró que “una mujer que le pidió mantener el anonimato” fue quien le hizo llegar el documento audiovisual.

    El fragmento presentado por De la Garza muestra a Raniere y a Flores conversando sobre las medidas populistas de los Gobiernos.

    “Cuando hay Gobiernos que toman medidas populistas, aunque no sean las mejores económicamente para el país o para el Gobierno que representan, pero son lo que la gente quiere ¿están en lo correcto?”, dice la candidata.

    A continuación, el líder de NXIVM responde que “los políticos son normalmente elegidos por la gente dándole a la gente lo que quiere o lo que cree querer, opuesto a lo que necesitan”.

    Después, Raniere sigue hablando sobre hedonismo, civilización y “lo que la gente cree necesitar”.

    Ella termina diciendo: “Pensé que yo venía por cómo resolver el problema de la fábrica de delincuentes número uno, que es para mí lo más importante, y me mandas con mucho más trabajo”, dijo.

    Después de presentar el fragmento, De la Garza terminó la conferencia con unas pocas palabras. “Lo que acabamos de presentar no se trata de una especulación, es evidente y contundente. Lo negó y mintió frente a las víctimas y a Nuevo León”, dijo.

    ‘No estuve en NXIVM’
    Anteriormente, la candidata había asegurado en una entrevista que ni siquiera conocía el nombre de la secta ni a Keith Raniere y que solamente había cursado algunos talleres de superación personal impartidos por el grupo.

    “Yo tomé un curso de superación personal, no estuve en NXIVM”, relató entonces. Sobre su posible relación con Raniere y con Emiliano Salinas (hijo del expresidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari, vinculado a la secta) aseguró que solamente había conocido a las personas del grupo que estaban en Monterrey. “Ellos no son de Monterrey”, terminó.

    El video forma parte de “Conversaciones con Raniere”, una serie de videos conversacionales y de entrevistas con el líder de NXIVM con personas con importantes vínculos con el grupo, como por ejemplo Emiliano Salinas o la actriz Allison Mack, quien se supo que era reclutadora en su sector.

    Raniere fue detenido el 27 de marzo de 2018 en Puerto Vallarta, en el oeste de México, tras ser acusado en un tribunal de Nueva York de tráfico sexual y trabajo forzoso, por lo que enfrenta un mínimo de 15 años de prisión y un máximo de cadena perpetua.

    El condenado fundó en su momento la secta, que se estableció en Nueva York y, gracias a sus filiales en México, Canadá y países latinoamericanos llegó a captar a unas 16.000 personas a las que obligaba a tomar talleres y clases más caras y traer a otras personas para poder “ascender” dentro de la organización.

    En 2015, Raniere formó una sociedad secreta dentro de NXIVM llamada DOS “para empoderar a las mujeres y erradicar las debilidades del programa de estudios”, a través de la que las convertía en sus esclavas sexuales y las marcaba a fuego con sus iniciales.


    Video of Clara Luz Flores with NXIVM leader is released
    The video shows the aspiring governor of Nuevo Leon in a conversation with Keith Raniere, leader of NXIVM; Clara Luz had denied knowing the sect.
    Clara Luz and Keith Raniere
    EFE: A video segment in which Clara Luz Flores, Morena’s candidate for governor of Nuevo Leon, is seen in front of Keith Raniere, released on Wednesday, shows that the politician personally knew the leader of the NXIVM sect.

    According to Proceso magazine, which had access to the full video, Flores talks for an hour and 20 minutes with Raniere, who is sentenced in the United States to 120 years in prison for crimes such as child pornography, extortion and human sex trafficking.

    The video was also exhibited by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate, Adrian de la Garza, Flores’ opponent, who assured that “a woman who asked him to remain anonymous” was the one who sent him the audiovisual document.

    The fragment presented by De la Garza shows Raniere and Flores talking about the populist measures of the governments.

    “When there are governments that take populist measures, even if they are not the best economically for the country or for the government they represent, but they are what people want, are they right?” says the candidate.

    The NXIVM leader then responds that “politicians are usually elected by the people by giving the people what they want or what they think they want, as opposed to what they need.”

    Raniere then goes on to talk about hedonism, civilization and “what people think they need.”

    She ends by saying, “I thought I was coming for how to solve the problem of the number one offender factory, which is for me the most important thing, and you send me off with a lot more work,” she said.

    After presenting the excerpt, De la Garza ended the conference with a few words. “What we have just presented is not about speculation, it is evident and forceful. He denied it and lied in front of the victims and Nuevo Leon,” he said.

    ‘I was not in NXIVM’
    Previously, the candidate had assured in an interview that she did not even know the name of the sect or Keith Raniere and that she had only taken some self-improvement workshops given by the group.

    “I took a self-improvement course, I was not in NXIVM,” she said at the time. Regarding his possible relationship with Raniere and Emiliano Salinas (son of former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, linked to the sect), he assured that he had only met people from the group who were in Monterrey. “They are not from Monterrey,” he finished.

    The video is part of “Conversations with Raniere”, a series of conversational videos and interviews with the NXIVM leader with people with important links to the group, such as Emiliano Salinas or actress Allison Mack, who was known to be a recruiter in his sector.

    Raniere was arrested on March 27, 2018 in Puerto Vallarta, in western Mexico, after being charged in a New York court with sex trafficking and forced labor, for which he faces a minimum of 15 years in prison and a maximum of life imprisonment.

    The convicted man once founded the sect, which was established in New York and, thanks to its affiliates in Mexico, Canada and Latin American countries came to recruit some 16,000 people whom he forced to take more expensive workshops and classes and bring in other people in order to “move up” within the organization.

    In 2015, Raniere formed a secret society within NXIVM called DOS “to empower women and eradicate weaknesses in the curriculum,” through which he turned them into his sex slaves and branded them with his initials.]

  • Infobae

    “Yo no sé qué sea NXIVM… yo conozco unas pastillas”: cuando Clara Luz Flores rechazó vínculos con la secta de Keith RaniereLa candidata de Morena dijo que ella solo conoce un medicamento con el nombre de la secta
    24 de Marzo de 2021

    Luego de que Clara Luz Flores, candidata al gobierno de Nuevo León por la coalición “Juntos Haremos Historia” fue expuesta en un video platicando con el líder de la secta sexual NXIVM, Keith Raniere, usuarios de redes sociales recordaron cuando la morenista negó cualquier relación con dicho grupo, asegurando que solo conoce y toma unas pastillas con ese nombre todos los días.

    El periodista Julio Astillero, quien la entrevistó este 24 de marzo, le preguntó a la candidata sobre su vínculo con la secta.

    Durante la entrevista, el comunicador le preguntó qué le diría a los mexicanos que pudieran aprender de NXIVM, a lo que ella respondió:

    – “Yo no sé qué sea NXIVM, yo lo único que sé es que NXIVM es… no ese que dices, ese no lo conozco, yo conozco unas pastillas”, afirmó.

    Tras ello, Astillero le preguntó si no conocía a Emiliano Salinas, hijo de Carlos Salinas de Gortari, presidente entre 1988 y 1994, quien también está vinculado a la secta y presuntamente soportó ofensas a su familia y “ataques” psicológicos por parte del líder de la secta para ganarse su confianza.

    – “¿El de Emiliano Salinas no lo conoces?”.

    – “Yo tomé un curso de superación personal, no estuve en NXIVM. Yo tomé un curso de superación personal no quieras desviar”, dijo Luz Flores al periodista.

    – “¿Quién era el jefe de esa organización? ¿Keith Raniere?”, cuestionó Astillero.

    – “Yo a las personas que conocí son las que estaban aquí en Monterrey. Yo no conocí nada más”, aseguró la candidata de Morena.

    – “¿A Emiliano Salinas, Keith Raniere?”, insistió el escritor.

    – “A las personas de Monterrey y ellos no son de Monterrey. Un curso de superación personal”, subrayó tajantemente la candidata.

    – “¿Entonces nada que ver con NXVIM?”.

    – “Con las pastillas, me las tomo todos los días”, finalizó la morenista.

    Tras ello, la periodista e investigadora Gabriela Warketin, respondió a la entrevista, señalando que la candidata a Nuevo León tiene una extraña manera de tomar las pastillas, y que quizá lo dijo de forma metafórica.

    “A @julioastillero, @claraluzflores le dijo que NXIVM son ‘unas pastillas que ella toma’. Qué rara forma tiene de relacionarse con las pastillas. O en una de esas estaba siendo metafórica y sí, se tragó de lleno… las pastillas”, dijo.

    La candidata había declarado en ocasiones anteriores que solo había tomado algunos cursos de superación personal y que no conocía el nombre de NXIVM. Sin embargo, el video muestra que si tuvo comunicación directa con el líder de dicha sexual, condenado a 120 años de cárcel en un tribunal neoyorquino después de ser declarado culpable de todos los cargos, entre ellos de tráfico sexual de adultos y menores, posesión de pornografía infantil y crimen organizado, en junio de 2019.

    El pasado 10 de marzo, Clara Luz Flores dijo en entrevista con el periodista Julio Hernández López, que había asistido a uno de los cursos, pero solo era una de las 10,000 personas que estaban en dicho evento, además, aseguró que ella no conocía el nombre de la organización, ni a las personas involucradas en la secta sexual.

    Cabe recordar que Clara Luz Flores perteneció 22 años al PRI y se incorporó a Morena, con el principal respaldo de Yeidckol Polevnsky, y posteriormente por Mario Delgado, actual dirigente del partido, quien también fue recientemente vinculado al culto de NXIVM.


    “I don’t know what NXIVM is… I know some pills”: when Clara Luz Flores rejected links with Keith Raniere’s sectThe Morena candidate said she only knows a drug with the name of the sect.
    March 24, 2021

    After Clara Luz Flores, candidate for the government of Nuevo Leon for the coalition “Juntos Haremos Historia” was exposed in a video chatting with the leader of the sexual sect NXIVM, Keith Raniere, users of social networks recalled when the candidate denied any relationship with said group, assuring that she only knows and takes pills with that name every day.

    Journalist Julio Astillero, who interviewed her on March 24, asked the candidate about her relationship with the sect.

    During the interview, the communicator asked her what she would tell Mexicans that they could learn from NXIVM, to which she answered:

    – “I don’t know what NXIVM is, the only thing I know is that NXIVM is… not that one you say, that one I don’t know, I know some pills,” she stated.

    After that, Astillero asked him if he did not know Emiliano Salinas, son of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, president between 1988 and 1994, who is also linked to the sect and allegedly endured offenses to his family and psychological “attacks” by the leader of the sect to gain his trust.

    – “The one with Emiliano Salinas you don’t know?”.

    – “I took a self-improvement course, I was not in NXIVM. I took a self-improvement course, don’t want to deflect,” Luz Flores told the journalist.

    – “Who was the head of that organization, Keith Raniere?” questioned Astillero.

    – “The people I met are the ones who were here in Monterrey. I did not know anything else,” assured the Morena candidate.

    – “To Emiliano Salinas, Keith Raniere?” the writer insisted.

    – “To people from Monterrey and they are not from Monterrey. A self-improvement course,” the candidate sharply stressed.

    – “So nothing to do with NXVIM?”.

    – “With the pills, I take them every day,” the Morenista finished.

    After that, journalist and researcher Gabriela Warketin, responded to the interview, pointing out that the candidate for Nuevo León has a strange way of taking pills, and that perhaps she said it metaphorically.

    “To @julioastillero, @claraluzflores said that NXIVM are ‘some pills she takes’. What a weird way she has of relating to pills. Or in one of those she was being metaphorical and yes, she swallowed whole… the pills,” he said.

    The candidate had stated on previous occasions that she had only taken some self-improvement courses and that she did not know the name NXIVM. However, the video shows that she did have direct communication with the leader of said sex, sentenced to 120 years in prison in a New York court after being convicted of all charges, including sex trafficking of adults and minors, possession of child pornography and racketeering, in June 2019.

    Last March 10, Clara Luz Flores said in an interview with journalist Julio Hernandez Lopez, that she had attended one of the courses, but she was only one of the 10,000 people who were in said event, in addition, she assured that she did not know the name of the organization, nor the people involved in the sex sect.

    It is worth remembering that Clara Luz Flores belonged 22 years to the PRI and joined Morena, with the main support of Yeidckol Polevnsky, and later by Mario Delgado, current leader of the party, who was also recently linked to the NXIVM cult.]

  • Infobae

    “No tengo nada que ocultar”: Clara Luz Flores aclaró el escándalo con NXIVMLa morenista explicó que no sabía de las prácticas de la secta que dirigía Keith Raniere
    24 de Marzo de 2021

    “No tengo nada que ocultar”: Clara Luz Flores aclaró el escándalo con NXIVMLa morenista explicó que no sabía de las prácticas de la secta que dirigía Keith Raniere
    24 de Marzo de 2021

    Derivado del video que establece una presunta relación entre Clara Luz Flores, candidata de Morena a la gubernatura de Nuevo León, con Keith Raniere, ex líder de la secta NXIVM, la morenista salió a dar una explicación de los hechos señalados en redes sociales.

    A través de su cuenta oficial de Facebook, la aspirante a gobernadora explicó que su relación con Keith Raniere no fue profunda, ya que sólo acudió a un curso de superación personal. Adicionalmente, recordó que este señalamiento ocurrió al día siguiente de haber denunciado al candidato del PRI, Adrián de la Garza, por corrupción.

    “El día de ayer denuncié a Adrián de la Garza por corrupto, lo hice como lo hacemos en Nuevo León: de frente. Y no sólo no me respondió, sino que ahora presenta un video de un encuentro que sostuve con el dirigente de la organización NXIVM”, inició su explicación.

    En cuanto a la conversación que sostuvo con Keith Raniere, la legisladora con licencia aseguró que ella no tenía conocimiento de la red de explotación sexual que había detrás de NXIVM. Asimismo, refirió que no fue la única engañada.

    “Un encuentro que tuve antes de enterarme, como miles de ciudadanos, destinos liderazgos religiosos, líderes de empresas y líderes de opinión, que fuimos sorprendidos por las mentiras y engaños con la que operó dicha organización y por lo que fue condenado su dirigente con 120 años de cárcel”, alegó.

    Ella no negó la reunión, simplemente aclaró que no pasó de la toma de un curso de superación personal y que por lo tanto no es ni víctima ni perpetradora de ningún delito.

    “Que quede claro: no tengo nada que ocultar. Mi error fue participar en un curso de superación personal, con pena acepto mi falta, pero a diferencia tuya, Adrián, yo no cometí ningún delito, yo no le robé nada a nadie”, detalló mientras sostenía los crímenes presuntamente perpetrados por el PRI en contra del pueblo de Nuevo León.

    “Adrián, las cosas como son. Delitos son los que cometieron tú y tus protegidos: el papá, los hermanos y los amigos de Medina, tu jefe. Todos ellos que se enriquecieron a costa, no sólo del fraude de los ejidatarios de Ríos de Mina, sino de todo el pueblo de Nuevo León”, agregó.

    “Les guste o no, las cosas van a cambiar”

    Cabe destacar que tras la publicación del video, Samuel García, candidato de Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) para la gubernatura de Nuevo León aseguró que los de la “vieja política” son iguales, que parece que sólo compiten por ver quien tiene el “pasado más oscuro”.

    “Esto demuestra lo que he dicho todo el tiempo: todos los de la vieja política son la misma cosa, son delincuentes, corruptos, mentirosos y, además, creen que le pueden seguir viendo la cara a Nuevo León”, publicó en redes sociales el doctor en ciencia política.

    De este modo, el candidato que va en tercer lugar en las encuestas, aprovechó la coyuntura para criticar tanto a Morena como al PRI.

    “Vamos a ver con qué nueva mentira sale Clara Luz, pero lo que queda claro es que en la vieja política están compitiendo por demostrar quién de los dos tiene el pasado más oscuro, quién de los dos tiene la cola más larga”, dijo sin señalarla de haber cometido algún delito; sin embargo, sí dijo que tiene un “padrino” criminal, maligno y perverso. “Yo pregunto, entre Clara Luz y Adrián de la Garza, ¿Quién de los dos tiene el padrino más criminal, maligno y perverso? ¿Quién de los dos le ha hecho y le hará más daño a Nuevo León?”.

    Flores Carrales no es la única morenista que tuvo contacto con Keith Raniere y su secta, ya que a principios de marzo trascendió que Mario Delgado, presidente nacional de Morena, quien ha principios del mes de marzo fue señalado de ser miembro de la secta, pero, al igual que la candidata a gobernadora, aseguró que sólo tomó un curso y que no tiene nada que ver con los delitos perpetrados por Keith Raniere o sus cómplices.

    Al respecto, el líder del partido magenta explicó que el curso que tomó era parte de su formación. “En la búsqueda de mi desarrollo personal y profesional he asistido diversos seminarios y programas de capacitación en distintas instituciones académicas públicas y privadas”, explicó.


    “I have nothing to hide”: Clara Luz Flores clarified the scandal with NXIVMLa morenista explained that she did not know about the practices of the sect led by Keith Raniere.
    March 24, 2021

    Derived from the video that establishes an alleged relationship between Clara Luz Flores, Morena candidate for governor of Nuevo Leon, with Keith Raniere, former leader of the NXIVM sect, the Morenista came out to give an explanation of the facts pointed out in social networks.

    Through her official Facebook account, the gubernatorial candidate explained that her relationship with Keith Raniere was not deep, since she only attended a personal improvement course. Additionally, she recalled that this statement occurred the day after she denounced the PRI candidate, Adrián de la Garza, for corruption.

    “Yesterday I denounced Adrián de la Garza for corruption, I did it as we do it in Nuevo León: face to face. And not only did he not answer me, but now he is presenting a video of a meeting I had with the leader of the NXIVM organization”, he began his explanation.

    Regarding the conversation she had with Keith Raniere, the licensed legislator assured that she had no knowledge of the sexual exploitation network behind NXIVM. Likewise, she referred that she was not the only one deceived.

    “A meeting I had before I found out, like thousands of citizens, religious leaders, business leaders and opinion leaders, that we were surprised by the lies and deceit with which this organization operated and for which its leader was sentenced to 120 years in prison”, she alleged.

    She did not deny the meeting, she simply clarified that she did not go beyond taking a self-improvement course and therefore she is neither a victim nor a perpetrator of any crime.

    “Let it be clear: I have nothing to hide. My mistake was to participate in a self-improvement course, with regret I accept my fault, but unlike you, Adrián, I did not commit any crime, I did not steal anything from anyone,” she detailed while holding up the crimes allegedly perpetrated by the PRI against the people of Nuevo León.

    “Adrián, things as they are. Crimes are the ones committed by you and your protégés: the dad, brothers and friends of Medina, your boss. All of them who enriched themselves at the expense, not only of the fraud of the Ríos de Mina ejidatarios, but of all the people of Nuevo León,” he added.

    “Whether they like it or not, things are going to change.”

    It should be noted that after the publication of the video, Samuel García, candidate of Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) for the governorship of Nuevo León assured that those of the “old politics” are the same, that it seems that they only compete to see who has the “darkest past”.

    “This proves what I have been saying all along: all those of the old politics are the same thing, they are criminals, corrupt, liars and, in addition, they think they can continue to see the face of Nuevo León”, the doctor in political science published in social networks.

    In this way, the candidate who is in third place in the polls, took advantage of the situation to criticize both Morena and the PRI.

    “Let’s see what new lie Clara Luz comes out with, but what is clear is that in the old politics they are competing to show who of the two has the darkest past, who of the two has the longest tail,” he said without pointing out her of having committed any crime; however, he did say that she has a criminal, evil and perverse “godfather”. “I ask, between Clara Luz and Adrián de la Garza, who of the two has the more criminal, evil and perverse godfather? Who of the two has done and will do more damage to Nuevo León?”.

    Flores Carrales is not the only Morenista who had contact with Keith Raniere and his sect, since at the beginning of March it was reported that Mario Delgado, national president of Morena, who at the beginning of March was accused of being a member of the sect, but, like the gubernatorial candidate, assured that he only took a course and that he has nothing to do with the crimes perpetrated by Keith Raniere or his accomplices.

    In this regard, the leader of the magenta party explained that the course he took was part of his training. “In the pursuit of my personal and professional development I have attended various seminars and training programs in different public and private academic institutions,” he explained.]

  • Ruetir

    NXIVM. They release a video of Clara Luz Flores, Morena’s candidate in Nuevo León, with Keith Raniere
    March 24, 2021 in Games

    NXIVM. They release a video of Clara Luz Flores, Morena’s candidate in Nuevo León, with Keith Raniere

    Nuevo León.- One day after Clara Luz Flores Carrales threw a video to accuse him of being accomplice of the dispossession of ejidatarios from Mina, by the former governor Rodrigo medina and the current PRI candidate for the mayoralty of Monterrey, Francisco Cienfuegos, the standard-bearer of the PRI-PRD alliance, Adrián de la Garza SantosHe replied with a video where the standard-bearer of Morena, PT, PVEM and Nueva Alianza appears, in a dialogue with the leader of the Friday NXIVM, Keith Raniere.

    The NXIVM leaderrecalled De la Garza, he was sentenced to 120 years in prison in the United States, for crimes of child sexual exploitation, possession of child pornography, trafficking in women for the purposes of sexual exploitation, conspiracy and fraud, among other crimes.

    Adrián de la Garza pointed out that, as it is in the public interest, he would release a video that he received just last Tuesday “from a victim who requested anonymity.”

    It is a videographic archive lasting more than an hour where, he added, the direct and personal relationship between Flores Carrales and Raniere is evident, although the candidate of the Together We Will Make History coalition in Nuevo León, “has systematically denied meet this criminal and be part of that sect “.

    He considered that the information contained in said material is of high interest to the public opinion of Nuevo León, Mexico and other countries in the world.

    Alleged relationship of Flores Carrales with the Raniere sect
    The PRI reproduced a fragment of the video in which, he commented, Flores Carrales asks Raniere for advice and advice on how to govern and they talk about populism.

    Based on this evidence, said De la Garza, it is shown that talking about Flores Carrales’s relationship with the Raniere sect “is not speculation,” but his adversary denied it and lied in front of the victims.

    He stated that he leaves the judgment on the material to public opinion, which he considered evident and forceful. “I close this issue here, obviously I have a whole campaign to carry on because we have an election, I, as always, have dedicated myself to the proposal, to give people results.”

    He explained that people know him, and he has always been very serious in his proposals. “I have complied with the citizens where I have had the responsibility, I will continue to do so and I believe in this particular case, now that I received this information that I had a responsibility and a civic duty to be able to share it and that it is public opinion that judge this topic ”.

    Finally, he pointed out that the corresponding authority will be in charge of determining whether the Morena candidate incurs a crime by lying about her links with the accused and made available to any interested party, the one-hour video, where a talk between the candidate and Keith Reniere, seated around a small round table.

    Until 1:30 in the afternoon, the candidate had not responded to De la Garza

    om / ml


    The American news the American way

    Clara Luz Flores: Filtered a video of Morena’s candidate for the Government of Nuevo León with the leader of the NXIVM sect
    March 24, 2021

    The shadow of NXIVM (pronounced Nexium) has reappeared in Mexico’s electoral campaign. The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has leaked a video this Wednesday in which Clara Luz Flores, Morena’s candidate for the Government of Nuevo León and a leader in the polls, is seen while talking with Keith Raniere, founder of the sect and convicted in October spent more than 120 years in prison for crimes such as human trafficking, sexual exploitation and possession of child pornography. “So when there are governments that take populist measures, even if they are not the best economically for the country or for the government they represent, but they are what the people want, they are right,” asks the aspiring Vanguard, as The self-proclaimed self-improvement guru called himself by his followers, in an excerpt from the recording.

    “Politicians are often elected by giving people what they want or what they think they want and not what they need,” Raniere explains in English. The conversation was recorded in mid-2016 in Albany (New York), the group’s main headquarters, but it was never published on the organization’s old website – now deleted -, a source that belonged to NXIVM told this newspaper. There are two darts that Adrián de la Garza, the PRI candidate, has thrown against his rival. The first unearths Flores’ membership in the sect, an issue that has been used to derail his political career for at least two years. The second questions his signing for Morena, the party of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, disqualified as a populist by opponents, after the candidate resigned from the PRI in February 2020 after more than two decades of militancy.

    The video was part, says the former member of the group, of a series called Keith Raniere Conversations, devised a little more than five years ago by the leader himself and the leadership of the group to clean his image on social networks. It does not necessarily imply that Flores ranked high in the NXIVM hierarchy, rather known members outside the organization, such as celebrities and politicians, were sought to vindicate Raniere. In the format, for example, Emiliano Salinas, son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas, and Allison Mack, actress of Smallville and co-defendant in the trial against the founder of the sect in a New York court. The video of Flores, one of the last to be recorded, was not authorized by his communication team, explains the source, who was directly related to the filming, and therefore did not see the light.

    Flores’ strategy has been, from the beginning, to minimize his membership in the group. “I don’t know what NXIVM is talking about,” he said in an interview with journalist Julio Astillero, “I took a course on self-improvement, I wasn’t at NXIVM.” Politics also denied having met Salinas and Raniere. In 2019, a collaborator of the applicant explained in an interview with EL PAÍS that Flores arrived at NXIVM about five years ago. Her arrival came years after the kidnapping of one of her stepchildren in Nuevo León, while she was mayor of the Escobedo municipality and had gained popularity for taking action against organized crime. “I thought I was coming to see how to solve the problem of the criminal factory, which is the most important thing for me,” Flores says to Raniere in a part of the video, “you send me with much more work.”

    The intention of joining, says the source, who described himself as a close friend, was to overcome the psychological consequences of the kidnapping and found results in the Executive Success Programs (ESP), the flagship product of NXIVM. According to internal documents reviewed by this newspaper, Flores was coach and reached the grade of yellow belt with a streak, the second lowest level in the ESP ladder. To do this, according to the rules of the sect, he had to have recruited at least two people, although high-profile members were often given facilities to rise in rank. Flores has not spoken after the latest attack on his campaign. “Clara Luz Flores has publicly and systematically denied knowing this criminal and being part of this sect; however, the information in my possession proves otherwise and is irrefutable, ”said De La Garza and assured that there is more than an hour of recording.

    At the beginning of the month, it was Mario Delgado, the national leader of Morena, who was singled out for belonging to NXIVM. “I attended leadership and corporate success management programs at an institution attended by thousands of people around the world,” Delgado replied on social media, whose commitment to ex-PRI Flores earned him criticism and lawsuits within the party in Nuevo León. “In Mexico they had already attended and recommended this program to politicians, famous journalists and opinion leaders,” he added. Paradoxically, Morena’s rank and file and journalists sympathetic to the López Obrador government had previously been the ones to point out NXIVM’s ties to power, often to attack critics and rivals in other parts of the political spectrum. The most notorious case is that of the son of former president Carlos Salinas, who was in charge of the organization’s center in Mexico City. They also took the family courses of former presidents Vicente Fox and José de la Madrid; relatives of members of the Government of Enrique Peña Nieto and the daughter of Alejandro Junco, owner of the newspaper Reform, constantly on the presidential bullseye.

    Raniere’s ambitions in Mexico were great, promoting the adhesion of families with political and economic power, but the truth is that his political influence in Mexico was practically nil. Vanguardia, for example, once declared that it wanted to establish “a republic” of NXIVM in Mexico, a plan that made countless headlines, but was crazy. His followers, for example, argued before he was convicted in October that Raniere had dedicated his efforts to solving the wave of violence that devastates Mexico, when his maximum contribution was a film on the subject that ended up becoming a propaganda video for the group. .

    NXIVM made headlines after in 2017 The New York Times reveal that DOS existed, a secret group of sex slaves created by Raniere. The insinuation, since then, was that everyone who had passed through the group had consented to the abuses or, in the worst case, participated in them. In reality, few clients went from the courses to belong to the cult and there was an extremely rigid pyramidal order, in which Raniere was always the most benefited. The disintegration of the organization and the loss of the bulk of its membership came after the DOS sex scandal exploded. Three years after Raniere’s arrest in the Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta, the shadow of NXIVM has re-entered the election, which will be decided next June.

    • You mean like your craven master ran away and hid in a bathroom from the weak-willed female Dani? You mean how your cowardly, two-faced, manipulative, hypocritical, grifting, charlatan of a leader says one thing and does another in real life and online?

      “Have some courage.” LOL.

      You mean like how the Vanguard had the courage to defend himself on the stand with the possibility of future perjury charges on the line? You mean like how the remaining NXIVM deadenders who constantly criticize those they consider traitors from their chairs and couches, e.g., Edmondson, Vicente, Oxenberg, etc., refused to take the stand in defense of their master with the possibility of future perjury charges on the line?

      “Maybe they have reasons to hide.” LOL.

      You mean like how the Vanguard pretended he was a celibate monk (hid his polyamorous ways), hid his child, hid the money he stole (some of which Frank recovered), etc.

      You people are a ridiculously hypocritical lot. You make me sick.

      • Never forget Keith had the courage to hide in a closet and let Lauren face the guns alone.

        That took real bravery on Vanguard’s part. Keith trusted that Lauren would die for his crimes while he hid. And he was fine with Lauren taking a bullet for him.

        It takes a man as fearless as Keith “rodent paws” Raniere not to utilize his judo skills and fight his way to freedom. But instead, let a woman he pretends to care about face multiple armed men alone.

        • The NXIVM dead-enders are full-blown hypocrites, with Nicki being Queen H. It’s unsurprising since their master is a massive one. You become who you obsequiously follow, model yourself after, and/or imitate.

          I’ve heard people assert that KAR is a skilled manipulator. No, he’s not. What is so skilled about abusing the weaknesses of someone who trusts you with their vulnerability against them? Absolutely nothing.

          It’s pathetic. He’s not remotely ethical. Hypocrites of ethics are on the lowest rung of the ethical ladder.

          Anyone who wasn’t under the influence of peer pressure from those who they already trusted and the other thought reform mechanisms that were rampant in the cult, could see that his use of positive buzzwords such as female consent/agency, responsibility, empowerment, etc., that started with Jness and devolved into DOS was just another con to get into the pants of women. He is your typical antagonist trope in teen romantic comedies who has never grown out of such immature behavior. He only changed the means and methods.

    • Filmed in the same room as he videos with Allison Mack and Grace Park!
      And Raniere, he world’s greatest hedonist, blames voters for being hedonists!

      Now NXIVM has members in all three of Mexico’s major parties.

      PRI — Emiliano Salianas

      PAN — members of the family of Vicente Fox

      MORENA — Clara Luz Flores — candidae for Governor of the state of Nuevo Leon

  • For anyone interested, here is an interesting discussion linking Bronfman interests to Maxwell, Wexner and also related to Nxivm. It came out at Shaun Attwood’s website a couple of days ago.

    “Maxwell, Wexner, Bronfman…” YouTube, at Shaun Attwood. What’s contained is informative, especially to those who are not already researching independently.

    This is off-topic, perhaps. However there are patterns to be seen, within these associations, and I want to share this with anyone who is interested.

    Please excuse me if this comment is not appropriate or clear. I have been contending with a concussion and am still a little off from its effects. Luckily it’s not the first time!

  • Frank, I’m confused. If it’s clearly stamped “Filed Under Seal” shouldn’t the federal court be at fault for publishing the document? Please clarify and thanks!

    • There are explicit instructions for filing a document “Under Seal” in PACER — and simply typing the words “FILED UNDER SEAL” on the front page of a document means absolutely nothing. Here are those instructions:

      Step-by-Step instruction for filing a Sealed Document
      1. After logging in to CM/ECF, select either Civil or Criminal from the blue menu bar at the top of the CM/ECF screen.
      2. Click on Other Documents, under Other Filings.
      3. Select the event Sealed Document from the drop-down list.
      4. Enter the case number.
      5. Click Browse and select the PDF file containing your Sealed Document as the main document.
      6. If filing exhibits regarding your sealed document, select the PDF file(s) containing any exhibit(s), choose exhibit from the category drop-down list,
      and complete the description box. Continue this process until all exhibits are attached, then click Next.
      7. If filing in a civil case, select the party filing the document and click Next.
      8. If appropriate, link the sealed document to another document and click Next.
      9. Review the docket text and correct any errors. If everything is correct, click Next.
      10. You will receive an NEF confirming your filing. Parties in the case who are registered users will receive the Redacted NEF

    • It was accidental, a glitch or a mistake, I suppose. But the lawyers have access directly to the courts’ website PACER and I believe they are responsible for filing under seal or making it public. They possibly hit the wrong button and it went public,

  • Great catch, Joe! I don’t have any skin in it – that’s one NXIVM hit list I’m not on – but those who are owe you bigly for that fast takedown and this report that may (or not) help dissuade any further harm coming to these folks through some accountability.

    Can’t believe the prosecutors aren’t demanding immediate sanctions now!

    Also, when you mention that the Govt. is only recommending restitution for one wealthy family, can you please elaborate on that?


  • LOL at the excuse of “technical error”.

    There are likely a set of simple options–certainly at least two (and maybe only two) that states “Sealed” or “Unsealed” or the like–when such documents are filed and a highly paid, competent attorney office that has been in business for so many years would certainly know exactly which one to select.

    So excuse me for not believing that this was unintentional, especially when it comes to Raniere et al.

  • Even if an attorney for Raniere has made the publication on PACER possible by mistake or due to an error, the attorney may be liable for damages if the victims suffer proven personal damage or disadvantage as a result. In that case, the attorney may be personally liable or his or her liability insurance must pay for such damages.

  • His lawyers *accidently* sent the government’s restitution submission to Raniere? Give me a break. Imagine if this information actually got into the hands of KR? Now I am starting to think that Nxivm is actually alive and well and KR is still calling the shots. YIKES!!

    • It’s very much alive and intact in many places. You should be hearing 1000s of cultists talking about the abuse but there are like 10. Bronfman is still paying for his attorneys including the one who leaked the victim list online and the one who sent it to Raniere.

  • Times Union
    Advocates point to racial disparities as further reason to ban solitary confinement

    Edward McKinley, March 23, 2021 Updated: March 23, 2021 6:14 p.m.
    ALBANY — As a bill to end prolonged solitary confinement in New York prisons awaits action by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, data from the New York Civil Liberties Union shows that the number of Black people in solitary confinement is 10 percent higher than their share of the larger prison population. The same data shows that more than 80 percent of all people who have been held in solitary are either Black or Latino.

    While experts say these racial disparities should be understood in the context of a system that discriminates against people of color, the racial gaps in solitary confinement rates are particularly severe, according to NYCLU’s data. The statistics were obtained as part of a settlement between the advocacy group and the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision related to a lawsuit over conditions in solitary confinement; DOCCS has to provide information on solitary rates regularly.

    “I think it’s just like anything else within the criminal legal system,” said Jared Trujillo, policy counsel with the NYCLU. “From the inception of cases when we look at who is over-policed, when we look at the systems in our state that lead to certain individuals having certain interactions with police, when you look at who is most targeted for disciplinary actions within incarcerated settings, it’s Black and brown folks.”

    As of Feb. 1, Black people make up 58 percent of those housed in Solitary Housing Units (SHU), called “the box” in prison, despite making up 48 percent of the prison population. People who are Black make up 18 percent of the total population of New York. The portion of people in solitary who are either Black or Latino is 82 percent. (This includes only people housed in SHUs, not people on what’s known as “keeplock” who are confined to their normal cells.)

    DOCCS declined to comment, citing the litigation. A spokesman said on background that the agency works to reduce racial disparities.

    The state Assembly and Senate last week passed the HALT Solitary Act, which places a number of restrictions on solitary use, notably banning its use after 15 days. The United Nations defines solitary confinement for more than than period as torture.
    [ … ]


    NXIVM sex cult victims’ names accidentally published in court breach

    By Nick Pearson
    4:38pm Mar 24, 2021

    The victims of the notorious NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere have been accidentally made public by his legal team.

    The full names and medical information of the victims were revealed in court documents filed by Raniere’s team in New York just after midnight on Tuesday.

    They were quickly sealed on the orders of Federal Court Judge Nicholas Garaufis, the New York Daily News reports.

    The leak was revealed in a filing by prosecutor Tanya Hajjar.

    “The Raniere Filing contains the full names of victims and sensitive victim information, including medical records, in contravention of the Court’s orders in
    the above-captioned case,” Ms. Hajjar wrote in a court filing.

    She asked the judge to “sanction” the lawyers if they did so again.

    Her filing noted Raniere’s lawyer had made a “technical error”, believing the documents to be sealed when he filed them.
    [ … ]

  • Raniere’s appellate lawyers are either as corrupt as he is or completely incompetent, which, I guess, he is, as well.

    I believe this “error” was deliberate, as were the documents sent to Raniere in prison. Raniere made such a strong objection to the use of first names for victims, it is easy to imagine that his lawyers would do his bidding, here, with very little to lose.

    These lawyers should be disbarred.

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