Frank Parlato’s ‘The Lost Women of NXIVM’ Aired in Finland, Spain, Hungary, Australia, UK and More

The Lost Women of Nxivm on ID Network

The true-crime documentary The Lost Women of NXIVM recently aired on TV5 in Finland. Finnish viewers had three chances to catch it  — on Feb 6, Feb 8 and Feb 9. It’s also available for streaming through services like Elisa Entertainment.

Here is how the film was described in Finland:

TV5 Finland Log
TV5 Finland

Victims of Sex Cult NXIVM

Four women who belonged to the 20-year-old NXIVM sex cult in the United States have died or disappeared. Frank Parlato, a former spokesman for the cult, investigates the death or disappearance of four women in the cult.

Seksikultti NXIVM:n uhrit 

Neljä yhdysvaltalaiseen 20 vuotta pyörineeseen NXIVM-seksikulttiin kuulunutta naista on kuollut tai kadonnut. Kultin entinen tiedottaja, tutkiva journalisti Frank Parlato selvittää neljän kulttiin kuuluneen naisen kuolemaa tai katoamista.


DKISS logo Spain Discovery Channel

The Lost Women of Nxivm also aired in Spain on the DKISS TV channel. It premiered on Sunday, February 7, 2021, at 10 p.m.

Here is how it was described in Spain:

DKISS provides this synopsis of the documentary (translated from the original Spanish):


Everything about the American NXIVM sect makes it one of the most disturbing scandals of our time. It all started with its founder, Keith Raniere, and his supposed idea of ​​creating a self-help group and generating business-coaching courses. From the beginning, that organization was based on money laundering and physical and sexual exploitation.

Keith Raniere was sentenced in October 2020 to 120 years in prison for his criminal practices at NXIVM. Among the crimes he committed are those of sex trafficking, extortion, abuse of minors and threats.

In The NXIVM Sect documentary, Frank Parlato, a former NXIVM member turned investigative journalist, dives into the group’s history to answer questions about the tragic disappearances and deaths of four women who had connections to NXIVM and Raniere himself.

Parlato was the one who first revealed that NXIVM was carrying out aberrant practices, such as the marking of women by fire, as if they were cattle. This is a detailed tour with exclusive access to members of the former inner circle of the founder of NXIVM. Some of those protagonists speak openly for the first time. Others remain anonymous for their safety.

The investigator guides viewers through an exclusive two-hour documentary that questions whether there are more assailants and victims in this sadistic story. A journey through disappearances and deaths to be solved.

Frank Parlato portrait - Lost Women of Nxivm
Frank Parlato stars in “The Lost Women of Nxivm”, which is becoming a worldwide cult classic on a cult.

The proper names of the tragedy:

Kristin Marie Snyder. She is a highly educated woman who decided to enroll in one of the business support courses offered by NXIVM under the guise of a coaching organization. By making direct contact with Raniere, Snyder’s life changed tragically, leading to episodes of paranoia and anxiety. Shortly before she was seen for the last time, she declared to be pregnant by Raniere himself. A few months later, her car appeared abandoned with a disturbing note of an alleged suicide.

Gina Hutchinson. This 33-year-old was found dead a few months before Snyder’s disappearance — also under an apparent suicide. The documentary talks to Gina’s sister, who explains her stormy relationship with Raniere from a very young age.

Barbara Jeske and Pamela Cafritz. With the help of an anonymous source, Parlato also explores the deaths of these two women. They both lived with Keith Raniere and were part of his trusted inner circle. Many of these women from the closest environment of the cult leader developed terminal cancers. Parlato sets out to explore whether it is possible that all of them had been poisoned.

Kristin Keeffe. This woman speaks for the first time of her relationship of more than 20 years with Raniere. She, like many others, became pregnant by the sadistic leader of the sect but, unlike the others, she was not forced to abort. When her son was 7 years old, she managed to escape and hide to protect herself from Raniere and his collaborators.


Todo lo relacionado la secta estadounidense NXIVM es uno de los escándalos más perturbadores de nuestra época. Todo comenzó con su fundador, Keith Raniere, y su supuesta idea de crear grupo de autoayuda y generación cursos de coaching empresarial. Desde el principio, esa organización se basó en el lavado de dinero y la explotación física y sexual.

Keith Raniere fue condenado en octubre de 2020 a 120 años de cárcel por sus prácticas delictivas en NXIVM. Entre los delitos que cometió se encuentran los de tráfico sexual, extorsión, abuso a menores y amenazas.

En La Secta NXIVM, Frank Parlato un ex miembro de NXIVM reconvertido en periodista de investigación, se sumerge en la historia del grupo para responder las preguntas sobre las trágicas desapariciones y muertes de cuatro mujeres que tenían conexiones con NXIVM y el propio Raniere.

Parlato fue quien primero reveló que NXIVM estaba realizando prácticas aberrantes como era el marcado de mujeres a fuego, como si fueran ganado. Se trata de un recorrido detallado con acceso exclusivo a miembros del antiguo círculo íntimo del fundador de NXIVM. Algunos de esos protagonistas hablan por primera vez a cara descubierta. Otros permanecen en el anonimato por su seguridad.

El investigador guía a los espectadores a través de un exclusivo documento de dos horas que cuestiona si hay más implicados y víctimas en esta sádica historia. Un recorrido por desapariciones y muertes por resolver.

Los nombres propios de la tragedia

Kristin Marie Snyder. Se trata una mujer con alta formación que decidió inscribirse en uno de los cursos de apoyo empresarial que ofrecía NXIVM bajo su apariencia de organización de coaching. Al tomar contacto directo con Raniere la vida de Snyder cambió trágicamente encadenando episodios de paranoia y ansiedad. Poco antes de ser vista por última vez declaró estar embarazada del propio Raniere. A los meses su coche apareció abandonado con una perturbadora nota de presunto suicidio.

Gina Hutchinson. Esta joven de 33 años fue hallada muerta pocos meses antes de la desaparición de Snyder también bajo un aparente suicidio. El documental habla con la hermana de Gina, quien explica su tormentosa relación con Raniere desde edad muy temprana.

Barbara Jeske y Pamela Cafritz. Con la ayuda de una fuente anónima, Parlato también explora la muerte de estas dos mujeres. Ambas vivían con Keith Raniere y eran parte de su círculo íntimo de confianza. Muchas de estas mujeres del entorno más cercano al líder de la secta desarrollaban cánceres terminales. Parlato se propone explorar si es posible que todas ellas hubieran sido envenenadas.

Kristin Keeffe. Esta mujer habla por primera vez de su relación de mas de 20 años con Raniere. Ella, como muchas otras, quedó embarazada del sádico líder de la secta pero, a diferencia de las demás, no fue obligada a abortar. Cuando su hijo tenía 7 años consiguió escapar y ocultarse para protegerse de Raniere y sus colaboradores.


Later, I will report to you the air dates for the UK, Hungary and Australia, and the reception it got in those countries. But here’s a hint — the film is becoming a classic, and Investigation Discovery, which premiered the film on its TV network on December 9, 2019, has gotten an awful lot of mileage out of this film.

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  • Frank, accolades to you on this film- but NO high fives on NOT completing the 2nd part of the “Lost Women”. Mom and I wasted time to be filmed- to take time out of our schedules and to NOT have the 2nd part aire? Sorry- We are highly upset about NOT sharing our sides of things.

    Kris would’ve been happy for you to have finished the job and to let people see the rest of the work. We have had to deal with the “monster’s” side of things for 18 years- and he is in prison- but has NOT been stopped from being in the spot light.

    When do you intend to aire our part of Kris’ story? Any time soon?

    Thanks 😊 Kim

    • As you know, Kim, the reason you were not in Part 1 of “The Lost Women of Nxivm” is that a certain woman, who shall remain nameless, advised you not to talk to me and you told me “We obey [name redacted]”. By the time you finally saw that this certain person was not your true friend, the filming for Part 1 was all done.

      [Maybe you figured that this certain person was not your friend because of a book she wrote wherein she included some things about your sister that you did not agree with.]

      In any event, we came out and filmed you and your wonderful mother along with Susan Dones and Heidi Hutchinson. All of that film is ready for our next film. But these things take time. Be patient.

  • This is an excellent companion piece to go with “The Lost Women of Nxivm” documentary.

    Thank you so much for providing it to us. I am sure new readers will appreciate it as well.

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