Divorce! Allison Mack Has Almost $1 Million in Assets & Why She Is Divorcing Nicki Clyne

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne
Keith Raniere kisses Allison Mack

Allison Mack entered Nxivm around 2006 with an estimated net worth of $8 million. Like others who came to Keith Raniere, Allison soon lost most of her money.

Then came her arrest. Even though Clare Bronfman paid most of her legal fees, Allison still incurred a lot of new expenses as a result of her arrest – and the Feds seized her Albany real estate.

Facing sentencing soon, Allison filed for divorce from her spouse, Nicki Clyne, in December.

In her divorce filings, Allison listed assets worth just under $1 million.  Of course, the equity in her real estate is an estimate – and I would not be surprised to learn that Allison underestimated values to land under one million.

Another interesting thing in Allison’s divorce filings is that Mack did not list “nullity” [as in fraud] as the reason for divorce.

She chose instead “irreconcilable differences” which is an indication that Allison thinks the marriage was real but is no longer viable. They have differences: chief among them Keith Raniere.

Now, let’s take a peek at some of the information in the divorce filings.

The following was previously published on Reddit…

I got Allison Mack’s petition for divorce. I’ll describe what’s inside it in excruciating detail…

After the celebrity/paparazzi coverage of Allison Mack’s divorce from Nicki Clyne, there’s been a surprising lack of follow-up about what was in the filing.

I figured there is enough interest is in the Mack/Clyne divorce on the subreddit that it would be worth it to purchase hard copies and post up whatever new [info] may be in them.

Please note: Mack is a public figure and this is posted in the general public interest of keeping track of the NXIVM case.

However, out of an abundance of caution, I am not sharing original scans since there is private information on them. I am also making an effort to keep a bit of ambiguity and will stick to general ranges about certain numbers.

So, on to what can be observed:

Mack did her own paperwork and did it (slightly) earlier than reported

The electronically-filed court record of the petition for divorce indicates that Mack signed papers over a week before the filings were entered into the court’s database on December 11, 2020 (where they were discovered by TMZ). She also chose to file the petition without a lawyer.

In the run-up to her sentencing, Allison Mack filed for divorce from Nicki Clyne. the divorce filings contain an interesting choice of checkboxes and dates.

The divorce petition form does not ask for any narrative, but rather has a bunch of checkboxes and dropdown fields. That is not to say that there aren’t interesting factoids to be mined. For instance, Mack chose to list the date of her (de facto) separation from Clyne as the exact date of arrest on April 20, 2018.

However, Mack did not choose to list “separation” as her reason for divorce (maybe since this was never legally certified), and also did not cite “nullity” due to fraud or unsound mind, but rather chose “irreconcilable differences.”

Jobless, but living off residuals and assets…

A brief note regarding Mack’s employment (the job she was allowed to work as part of her bail) claims that Mack lost her job in March 2020.

Allison Mack lives in Los Alamitos, Orange County California. She is under home arrest awaiting her sentencing.

Totaling up several income fields, Mack can still claim to make approximately $30,000 a year while living with her retired parents – a mix of residuals and rental income. It appears Mack was allowed to keep one of her properties, noted as being bought before her 2017 marriage, and is renting it at under $2,000 a month. I will speculate that this is her home in the greater LA area being sublet.

When it comes to assets, counting her home equity, Mack has a shade under $1 million in assets; other than home equity, much of it is in retirement accounts. She also has over $100,000 in debt, mostly her mortgage but also a student loan debt (she lists herself as having completed 2 years of college).

…but no interest in sharing any assets or income with you-know-who [Clyne].

Since the point of this tally is to decide how to divide income and property, might as well mention it: Mack is offering Clyne absolutely no share of any of her income or property so far.

This case [divorce], that bothersome criminal one [USA v Raniere, Mack et al], and that civil suit [Edmondson et Raniere, Mack, et al] Interestingly enough, I checked with the Orange County’s court system and there has yet to be a date provided for whatever next steps there may be in this divorce proceeding. Someone familiar with California family law can probably give a general idea of when Clyne would have to contest the divorce by (and choose whether she wishes to go quietly or engage in lawfare).

In addition: Mack is compelled to list any ongoing litigation as part of her petition. She lists her own case, as well as the Edmondson et al. v. Raniere et al civil suit; interestingly enough, Mack and Clyne are on the same side as defendants in the civil suit, so a possible court appearance could reunite the two regardless of their current attitudes toward each other (much less their attitudes toward Keith Raniere).


A couple of additional comments are in order here:

Allison did not retain a lawyer, which suggests she does not expect the divorce to be contested. The paperwork is not complicated. It is the contesting which becomes complicated and expensive.

The timing is important. It is in the run-up to her sentencing that Allison finally filed for divorce from Nicki. This almost certainly has to do more with her sentencing than with her need or desire to divorce Clyne.

Why now?

For her own self-preservation, Allison needs to denounce Raniere. The sentencing judge, Nicholas Garaufis, has already shown he is capable of sentencing harshly in the Nxivm case.  His sentence of Clare Bronfman was triple [the] sentencing guidelines, and he did this, it was apparent, because she would not disavow Raniere.

He gave Raniere 120 years.

Nicki Clyne is Raniere’s most famous supporter. She has danced in front of his jail. She has signed an affidavit trying to get the judge to give Raniere a new trial. [He denied it.]. The judge believes she is part of a media plan to discredit the integrity of his trial of Raniere and he has said he believes it is funded with Bronfman money [I doubt this is true].

Staying married could only hurt Allison.

Getting divorced from the woman that most visibly supports Raniere is a proactive move, quite possibly meant to show that Allison has left the last of her entanglements of Nxivm.

She is facing a max of 40 years and though her sentencing guidelines are probably in the 3-to-5 year range, if the judge triples her guidelines, like he did with Clare, Allison could get 15 years. He might even give her more – say 20 years, because her charges were more serious than Bronfman’s.

Working against leniency also is the unfortunate way she was described during the trial. Two of the most compelling witnesses, Nicole and Jessica, painted a godawful portrait of Mack. Mark Vicente also characterized some sides of Allison that were not very flattering, particularly Allison’s relationship with his wife.

The media will not be sympathetic to Mack. She will be described as a sex slaver – even though she was not convicted of a sex crime [She pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy].

A judge who goes “too easy” on a woman that was charged initially as being an accomplice in the sex trafficking of Nicole and attempted sex trafficking of Jessica, will be criticized.

Jessica Joan testified against Raniere and painted a not too flattering picture of Allison Mack.

However, if the judge were inclined to be lenient, he has more to back up his decision if Allison shows genuine repentance and transforms herself as much as she can from a perpetrator and conspirator with Raniere to becoming another victim of Raniere.

Mack provided evidence for the prosecution to use against Raniere at his trial, and for which the prosecution might recommend a sentence at or below the sentencing guidelines range.

She has spent almost three years subject to house arrest, with an ankle monitor and under pretrial supervision – without an apparent violation. She went to school, got a job for a time. Has made every court appearance and evidently has not violated her bail conditions.

She denounced Raniere at her plea hearing in 2019. She needs to do it again at her sentencing, but this time far more vigorously.

And she needs to divorce Nicki Clyne.


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  • The idea that Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne and Kristin Kreuk are all lesbians who just occasionally beard stabs me in my male heterosexual heart. Mostly ’cause crush on all 3 of them so it’s driven by jealously.

    Hopefully, Mack finds a little happiness before jail time likely literally forces her to explore her lesbian side more and Clyne…well I guess a trip back to Canada is coming up once the divorce comes through. Hopefully, she can direct her passion about Keith’s “injustice” to a good woman and a more worthy cause. As for Kreuk, she still keeps getting television money, probably enjoying her privacy and doing her thing, and clearly very good at maintaining her privacy (good for her).

    As for the divorce, doesn’t matter if was ever real or not. It’s legally recognized, has been for years and, ultimately, that is all that matters from our outsider perspective. The emotional part of it isn’t really any of our concern outside of curiosity and just being nosy. I include myself in the latter.

    If both are actual lesbians, I could see it being true for a while. KR would have definitely taken a great deal of pleasure out of breaking that relationship. It’s pretty clear he got a thrill out of disrupting happy couples and it’s probably an even bigger thrill to use male sexual needs to disrupt up a lesbian couple.

    Be it love or not, divorce isn’t a requirement once no longer together. Both got to enjoy tax benefits, Clyne got to stay in the country and if either ever found someone else to marry, they could divorce then. No real urgency involved if no animosity or greed driving their decision-making. It’s the love turned to hate that usually forces divorces to become this nasty, urgent ugly process and that doesn’t seem to exist here, regardless if a sham or not.

    It really feels like Mack is getting a divorce on her lawyer’s advice. It is a smart move regardless of the motivation itself. If a marriage of love, then Clyne should want the divorce to potentially reduce Mack’s sentence. If not love, then it just completes a business transaction at the time it was convenient to do so, no harm or foul in that. I suspect ultimately the divorce is going to do nothing to change the sentence the judge decides. Mack needs to come up with a very strong, unambiguous statement that she rejects all things Keith and NIXVM that takes responsibility for her part in that whole saga. AKA throw herself on the mercy of the court. That is the only real move she has. The divorce just is a precursor of a small action to support her words.

    Legally about the only question I have is “what happens to Nicki Clyne’s ability to stay in the States once the divorce goes through?”

  • I’ll see you guys again in April, when I’ll be back on FrankReport to continue annoying Frank as much as possible.

    Changes to my daily schedule will mean I’ll probably be gone for at least 2 months after tomorrow —- at least from posting anything, anyway.

    If anybody is cheering this announcement, then FUCK THEM cuz they are bastards.

    🙂 🙂

    • Like every year you leave till Spring……Parental joint custody sucks.

      Who’s hotter/uglier: mom’s or dad’s cleaning lady?

      Remember not to eat paint chips and change your underwear at least once a week. Take care!

      P.S. If you want some awesome insults for your parents’ significant others, let me know.

    • Bangkok- Next time you see your dad’s lady tell her….
      “You’re much better for my dad than the 20 year old from the minimart.”


      “Whenever I see you, I feel like I swallowed one of those—gas station dick pills.”

      Something to say to mom’s new man,

      “My mom’s [personal] trainer used to watch too much tv on the weekends.”

      “My mom’s ex-boyfriend was nice, but his Jamaican accent was hard to understand.”

  • Frank is a liar when he claims that Allison has repented and/or fully admitted that Keith is a perverted, sexual deviant and monster.

    As far as I can remember…Allison’s plea deal statement, made in court, never said anything about Keith Raniere being a monster or a sex slaver.

    Allison never said that she 100% repudiated Keith. Not once.

    Allison never said that she regretted ever meeting Keith.

    Allison never said that Keith was evil or a charlatan or a fraudster.

    Allison simply said that she followed “a misguided adherence to Mr. Raniere’s teachings”, LOL.

    Does that qualify as full ‘repentance’ in Frank’s mind?

    If so, Frank is a RETARDED DUNCE and dumber than a sack of rocks.

    Here’s what Allison said in court:

    “I must take full responsibility for my conduct. I am very sorry for my role in this case. I am very sorry to my family and to the good people I hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings,”

    Her first apology in this statement came to her own family, not to the victims. LOL.

    That’s what a sociopath would say. The women she branded should have been the FIRST people mentioned in her apology.

    After that, she didn’t even ‘elaborate’ on who the victims were. She simply lumped them into the category of “good people”.

    Guess what, Frank? That’s nothing more than a carefully crafted statement that doesn’t really say anything bad about Keith or NXIVM.

    She doesn’t even say that his teachings were bad.

    She simply said that her OWN actions were a ‘misguided adherence’ to those ‘teachings’. However, she never defined precisely what those teachings were or whether they were evil or not.

    She doesn’t repent ONE IOTA about her specific, horrible actions as a sex slaver.

    Her entire plea deal statement recited the MINIMUM WORDS required to get the judge to accept her plea deal. It didn’t go ONE IOTA above the MINIMUM WORDS required to land that plea deal.

    That’s not a total change of heart.

    That’s CYA 101 (cover your ass).

    I demand that Frank provide evidence that Allison has said that Keith is a sexual predator, a monster, a charlatan, a fraudster and/or a person that she wishes she had never met in life.

    If not, Frank is lying to us by creating a FALSE NARRATIVE about Allison’s true state of mind today.

    Oh, and her marriage was a visa sham to let Clyne stay in the US permanently.

    It’s too bad that Claviger won’t comment on this issue (since he doesn’t wanna make Frank look bad).

    Claviger has become Frank’s bitch. He’s no longer an “independent legal mind” meant to assist the readers of Frank Report. He’s Frank’s puppet.

    Have a good day.

  • She will continue to play what’s safest for her. Justice is not served. I don’t think she believes she’s guilty but she knows following the narrative is the only way she can get away from far more horrible consequences. Truly sad, she’s done nothing wrong.

  • India also has stated the marriage was a fraud.

    India lived with Allison.

    India was at the fake wedding.

    India claimed Allison was always flirting with her and wanted a relationship but India turned her down.

    This was after the marriage of Nicki and Allison. Does that sound like a happy, committed wife?

    On a different topic. Frank has previously reported that not all of the DOS women were forced to adopt the extremely restricted diet contingent on being already naturally very thin. If I remember correctly.

    That one factor alone would greatly influence both the mental state and individual experience of a woman in DOS.

    Not many people in America or Canada have truly starved. Long term. Especially by choice. It really, really affects you.

    Not just physically. Mentally. When you are that hungry, it is all you can think about. You fantasize about eating out of the garbage. You cannot sleep. Your emotions are on the surface. You will cry. Rage. There is no numbing those feelings with food. All of your willpower is exhausted just battling this deep primal self-preservation instinct driving you to eat. And live.

    Children who skip breakfast do poorly in school. Adults who skip almost all meals can barely think at all.

    Physically, You are very cold. You will grow fur on your body. Your heart will skip beats (arrhythmia) your ears will roar. You black out. There are hunger headaches. You can have periods of euphoria. You may lose your appetite at times. Because as the French expression goes, ” food brings appetite”.

    You know how your stomach reacts when it’s empty? Imagine that all the time. Now add crazy bad Acid Reflux. Horrible “hunger breath”. Bowels a mess. Tooth decay from lack of saliva production. Tooth enamel destroyed from vomiting regularly.

    No more period. Hormones messed up. Possibly permanently. The list of medical and mental consequences are from the roots of your hair falling out down to your feet that stripped of all fat lose their padding. Walking on bones is painful. So is sitting on a fat-free butt.

    When the body starves, it eats itself. It will try to eat the ” less important parts” but it will eat muscle. Your heart is a muscle. It will affect your brain. Severely.

    So many of these DOS women developed eating disorders. Purging is a very intense experience. It can create almost a drug-like response afterward.

    Once starved, the body will rapidly store not burn calories when you return to “normal” eating habits. Now you have to battle a weight gain problem that you did not have prior to starvation. This can push a person back to binging and purging and/or anorexia. It will be a life-long problem. Like drug addiction. Or alcoholism.

    But worse.

    You can go without booze. Or drugs. Just abstain completely.

    But you have to eat to live. It can be a constant bite by bite battle. For life.

    • I would not believe everything that comes out of India’s mouth, at this moment she wants to bathe in a light of innocence, but Vicente’s testimony in court indicates that India idolized Allison, so who knows who was flirting with whom, but I would like to remember that the first mention about that fake marriage between Allison and Nicki, I started in the comments section, apparently left by a member of NXIVM and that person emphasizes that the marriage was not made with the intention of helping Nicki, the objective was keep Allison under control, since this person was the first to reveal this story, we would have to analyze if his statement is true and what is Keith’s goal to tie these two women in this situation and what he was seeking to control in Allison, did he want to prevent her from moving away to pay more attention to her acting career? Why does Nicki play the role of a man in the marriage photo? Was Nicki an accomplice of Keith in subjecting Allison to said commitment?

      What idea was on your mind when you were convinced to do this?

  • I don’t understand why you put pictures of peoples’ houses on here. It’s a huge violation of their privacy, even for public figures. And it may even jeopardize their safety. True, it may be public information, but that doesn’t mean it’s morally right to be widely publicizing it.

    • David. That is a question that really needs answering. They also show no (comparable to Keith’s rabid support) support for Lauren. Or Nancy. Or Kathy. But Allison was their “sister”. And Nicki’s wife. And Keith’s trusted lover.

      Why no public outpouring for Allison? All these years? When Allison needs it most?

      That says more about their “community” than anything else in my opinion.

      It is Keith Keith Keith. That’s all they care about. Above all. And only.

    • Why support a coward who breaks her vows to everyone man or woman and lies in court to blame Keith and destroy the community that supported her for years? Why support someone so selfish?

    • Same behavior as all indoctrinated remaining cult followers engage in. Nothing new to see here. Once you “betray” the leader for any reason no matter how legitimate—who is “god” in their thought-reformed eyes and mind—you’ve now become the “devil” (a suppressive bent on destruction) and they’ll flagellate their own cognitive dissonance to keep the myth of legitimacy going, because, after all, it has to be illegitimate by definition, when the leader is “god”. There is nothing remarkable about Keith “Artifice” Raniere, except maybe in his ability to keep some people on a mental and emotional leash looking and behaving like he does. Realize that even Richard Ramirez had women writing love letters to him in prison.

  • I think Alison and Nicki loved each other. It was not a fake marriage. And I think it’s not of our business how much money they have or had. It seems like people with money and fame are always the focus of the hateful attention of those who have neither.

  • What is problematic about my completely Censored comment? It had no profanity. No vicious attacks. It is factual. Quoting Nicki. The information is public. Some from the trial. Or from Nicki’s own website.

    Why am I not allowed to comment freely? As others are? It is far more benign than the comment on another thread calling these 2 women, ” cunts”.

    I don’t get it, Frank.

  • I agree the judge needs to see the picture of Allison and others like it. Her physical state while in the group is part of why I feel as much sympathy for her as I do.

    I also think if she has, in fact, been going to therapy or whatever, the judge should sentence her in a way that she is able to continue it.

  • Mack needs to end her fake marriage and to be free to get into another fake marriage, if she so desires, after her legal messes subside. Meanwhile, Mack remains unsentenced and has made no outright displays concerning her current mindsets, other than her plea deal speech to the court.

    Both of these marital partners had only one #1 all along, and everyone here is aware of who that was and is.

    Both of these two, Mack and Clyne, were present and waiting to give Raniere what could’ve been his final communal blowjob, when the schmuck was finally apprehended, down Mexico way. Two dingdongs, amongst many, who have very much screwed up their lives, had avatar baby fantasies, huh?

    Clyne has simply immersed herself deeper and deeper into her fantasyland since their insane little communal world got exposed and busted. No one knows, really, what is on Mack’s mind now.

    Any idiot can say that someday she or he wants a “baby.” So what? Those are merely words, as any real father or mother knows.

    When you are gifted with a child, the commitment to that child is (hopefully) permanent, perpetual. It’s incomparable. You are never quite the same, once you experience that kind of amazing love and dedication to a little one who needs you, for everything.

    Mack and Clyne being married at all to one another, to me, is just another symptomatic condition of their enmeshment with Keith Raniere, to which both women were so devoted. And Clyne remains blatantly devoted even now, unless she just changed her mind a minute ago.

    • Just to correct something, my personal observation about Nicki Clyne is that she might not want to be a parent at all, ever. This could be a mistaken impression, since I have never seen her. It is what I pick up concerning her, though.

    • Insightful, Shivani. Allison was only ordered to not communicate with the Nxivm crew. If Nicki truly loved and wanted to be with Allison, she could have disavowed DOS/ Keith/Nxivm and been with her wife. She did not.

      That says it all.

      Nicki was willing to sever all communication with her fairly new wife Allison to be a jailhouse groupie for Keith.

        • Writing that you’re thinking or wondering whether anyone might be gay is far from being hateful. Do you think that being homosexual or, for that matter, bi-sexual, is a hateful thing? The person to whom you are overly reacting was simply expressing a thought, and not disrespectfully.

          Are you looking to be offended?

          Why pretend that you know anything at all about the sexual persuasions (or the activities or personal senses of identity) of someone whom you do not know at all, in this manner or matter?

          Furthermore, Kreuk’s sexual experience and her ways of thinking of herself are her own business.

          I contend that you do not know her at all. Therefore, whatever declarations that you make about her are preposterous. As always, such comments display much about “who is” the commentator. As such, the contents of the comment itself are useful only in getting a look at who YOU are right now, no more and no less. The rest of your content is, frankly and earnestly, irrelevant.

          See it or don’t. That is the given situation, in a Nutshell, nevertheless. You have got peanuts.

          • His comment was an attempted mockery of Sultan. That was the extent of his comment. Don’t read too much into it.

  • I suspect the continuation in the fraud of legitimacy of the marriage is part of an uncontested divorce.

    If she is unwilling to reveal that fraud, it points to a lack of remorse or repentance for her actions. If she understood that Nikcki is in this country to continue the work of a convicted felon, she could stop that in a heartbeat by revealing the fraud and accepting the consequences.

  • Didn’t Lauren testify under oath that she wrote a fraudulent letter to immigration in support of this marriage?

    Nicki has said publicly that she was, “Keith’s partner of ten years.”

    I don’t doubt there was ” love” between Allison and Nicki. Do I think they were honest with immigration? No.

    On, ” make justice blind” they attack Daniela as ” cheating” by being in the country illegally. That takes some balls.

    Nicki is very careful when she says ” the marriage was born out of genuine love”. That could mean anything. Love for Keith. Love for staying in America. Platonic love.

    If Nicki and Allison both made a lifetime commitment to Keith. And only to have sex with Keith. It cannot have been a true marriage in a traditional sense.

    I know frank is protective of clyne. But Past censoring actually makes her less sympathetic. At times. I find I have more empathy toward Allison.

    • Anonymous: “Past censoring actually makes her less sympathetic. At times, I find I have more empathy toward Allison.”

      Ditto that!!

  • Didn’t Lauren testify under oath that she wrote a fraudulent letter to immigration in support of this marriage?

    Nicki has said publicly that she was “Keith’s partner of ten years.”

    I don’t doubt there was “love” between Allison and Nicki. Do I think they were honest with immigration? No.

    On, ” Make Justice Blind,” they attack Daniela as “cheating” by being in the country illegally. That takes some balls.

    Nicki is very careful when she says “the marriage was born out of genuine love”. That could mean anything. Love for Keith. Love for staying in America. Platonic love.

    Nicki and Allison both made a lifetime commitment to Keith. And only to have sex with Keith. It cannot have been a true marriage in a traditional sense.

    I know Frank is protective of Clyne. But past censoring actually makes her less sympathetic. At times, I find I have more empathy toward Allison.

  • “Irreconcilable differences” may just be a nice way to put it. Mack apparently wants this to go through without having to give up assets, have it contested, or even need to hire lawyers. If she accused Clyne of fraud, which might jeopardize Clyne’s immigration status, that could precipitate just the sort of legal fight she’s apparently trying to avoid.

      • I love AnonyMaker’s insights, but he overthought this one.

        Shadow with an astute observation!

        Happy Valentine’s Day, Shadow!!🖤♠️♣️

        • I’m thinking of the complexities that can be involved, like the division of assets. Mack wants to call it quits without getting into any of that, or even using lawyers, so, of course, she’s going to keep it nice, and simple.

          The interesting question is whether Clyne might contest issues like that out of spite, perhaps egged on by her camp of supporters to punish Mack. Part of the fundamental history of NXIVM and Raniere’s circles is, after all, punishing people with relentless and often essentially baseless legal actions, even those who failed to show sufficient loyalty (such as like Frank and Doug Rutnik, just daring to walk away) much less who rejected Raniere and the group.

      • Yes, Shadowstate. No-fault. Californialand. Way to pop a zit. Pardon the lingo, please. Never get married in an a-hole state. Tee hee. Even though there are really never enough drunken sailors.

      • Yes, but it’s also a community property state. And Mack wants Clyne to walk away with nothing, hence providing an ultimate reason for why she wants to play nice and certainly not bring up immigration issues, as one earlier commenter had asked about.

        Particularly when there is significant money or assets involved, lawyers can always find things to fight over.

  • Mack’s sham marriage to Clyne was a cynical ploy of questionable legality. Evading immigration law, to be specific. Her current idiotic move to divorce only brings this matter to Judge Garaufis’ attention.

    Mack is the kind of client who makes a lawyer tear his hair out in despair.

    Fortunately, Garaufis is a perceptive judge who has been around the block a few times. Mack’s guilty plea in court was transparently insincere, a last-minute ploy to take advantage of a plea deal and avoid a most certain conviction for sex trafficking. Her statement that she was deceived is virtually untenable given the evidence that subsequently came out at trial.

    Mack is more than willing to throw anyone and everyone under the bus to save her own ass. Including her lover, her “wife”.

    Mack willingly and enthusiastically did Raniere’s bidding for years. Judge Garaufis is unlikely to be distracted from that plain fact. He will not be lenient with this felon who ran DOS, who was instrumental in the branding horror, who aggressively demanded blackmail material, who cooly lied to multiple women again and again in order to entrap them and traffic them, and who effectively ran this criminal enterprise and profited from it.

    Working up a few actress tears at sentencing won’t save her.

    • I tend to think the marriage was actually a legal marriage. The two planned to live together. They even planned to have children. I do not think it was a sham marriage at all.

      On the other hand, I do think that Nicki and Allison were terribly misled. I do not think Allison deserves a lengthy prison stay. At the end of the day, she deserves some compassion.

      • Frank is contradicting his own report from 2-3 years ago which alleged that Allison and Clyne married on Keith’s orders to allow Clyne to stay in the USA permanently.

        Care to provide a link to that report, Frank?

        You can’t even remember YOUR OWN REPORTING. lol.

        Frank claimed it was a sham then —– but now says he believes that it was a real marriage all along?

        Are you saying that your previous report was rubbish and that you’re a shit reporter?

        You’re losing your memory now. 🙂

        Seppuku is always an option, Frank.

        It was a sham. You’re too fucken stupid to see past your own ego.

        Have a nice day.

      • There is no way their marriage was real. The fact that they planned to live together and have children means nothing. Indeed, it would be odd if they were married and not living together. If it was prior to marriage, that too would make sense since they were friends.

        Regarding children, Raniere had spoken. As far as either of them could foresee, they would have to spend their lives married to each other. One of the DOS slaves testified at trial that Mack had begun to have misgivings about the Vow because it would mean the abandonment of her dreams of a husband and family. Why would Mack give up her hopes of children when she did not have to in order to comply with Raniere’s order to marry Nicki? She certainly was never going to bear his child, nor would Nicki. Who knows, maybe for Raniere, his Order killed two birds with one stone. They certainly would not be asking him to marry them and give them avatar babies once wedded.

        I could have sworn that, in the past, you had taken a position averse to the one you express today. Perhaps, the Nxians are right when they say that you have a lot in common with them. Or, perhaps, they are influencing your judgment and you may need to be careful. Or, perhaps, you have a new agenda to garner sympathy for Nxians, for some unknown reason. Maybe it has to do with your ongoing criminal case, since you can commiserate with them over the alleged corruption you both appear to see everywhere, all the time. Out of curiosity, did you follow Raniere’s “teachings” when you worked for him? Why would you work for a cult with such a verifiably bad reputation? If you post this, it will, at least, be a testament to your belief in free speech, even if critical, an area where you appear to differ from them.

          • We both just nailed your hypocritical ass to the wall. LOL.

            See, Frank, it’s not just me saying that you’re a senile, old fool.

            I can’t wait to hear your attempt to pretend that you haven’t shifted positions, LOL.

            You’re trying too hard to create a “narrative” simply because you’ve spoken to Allison and seem to sympathize with her.

            You’re a dude that’s easily fooled by women who phone you.

            I bet if Clare phoned you and said she’s sorry, you’d be like putty in her hands and would quickly befriend her.

            Stop forcing narratives on your readers and start FOLLOWING the evidence, no matter where it leads.

            You fucken dunce.

            Better yet, start allowing more topics here so that we don’t have to keep nailing your ass to the wall when you keep flip-flopping on things you’ve reported on years ago.

          • “You’re trying too hard to create a “narrative” simply because you’ve spoken to Allison and seem to sympathize with her.
            You’re a dude that’s easily fooled by women who phone you.” Pious Bangkok

            Maybe Frank forgot the stories he wrote last Fall about Allison Mack taking classes and her behavior was like that of a sex trafficker trying to recruit new sex slaves.

            Allison Mack Quits ‘Gender, Sex and Power’ Class at UC Berkeley Amid Protest of Students Unhappy With Sex-Slaver as Classmate

            Video: Allison Mack Attends ‘Gender and Women’s Studies’ Class and Is ‘Super Participatory’

        • Think it’s even generous to acknowledge the testament to free speech. This smoldering intellectual Golgotha appears to more and more appear as nothing more than an ego circle jerk. Two bullies went at it and one went down. Soon the victor is going to have to deal with an 800 lb. gorilla and all the pontificating about the “injustice system” (some valid points made) will be for naught. Given the high rate of conviction in the federal courts, the odds of the righteous taking up arms against the overwhelming masses seems pretty low. Probably no interviews from prison. Maybe more of the same. A plea bargain or one turns against the other. Perhaps the shining beacon of hard hitting investigative journalism will diminish a little and the millions of hits will begin dwindle and the moths will scatter to other lights.

        • Correction: After some thought, I do not think the DOS slave testified to Mack’s misgivings. That would probably be hearsay. I must have heard/read that somewhere else – maybe here!

      • — On the other hand, I do think that Nicki and Allison were terribly misled.

        Yep. VanFake was probably laughing his ass off inside himself in how he could manipulate two former heterosexual actresses into becoming lesbian and getting married to each their while having sex with the both of them as his slaves.

        How anyone sold this guy was the most ethical man in the world is beyond me.

      • I think “misled” was the exact word Mack used in her court statement. “I was misled” is her claim. Her excuse.

        Let’s look at this claim. She was deeply involved in the criminal organization that was DOS and NXIVM. She knew that Raniere ran the operation. She knew DOS wasn’t a women’s only organization. She lied about that to the women she recruited. She was doing the misleading. How is that being “misled”?

        She talked women into getting branded. Lied to them to conceal the fact that it was Keith Raniere’s initials that were being burned into their bodies. She wasn’t misled, she was the one doing the misleading.

        She was “misled”? She somehow thought having women branded with a man’s initials was part of a feminist women’s empowerment organization?

        We all heard the audio recording of Raniere and Mack planning out the branding “ceremony”. How the women were to be held down “like a sacrifice”. Held down naked. All to be reported back to the salivating slave master Raniere. She thought this was female empowerment? Raniere “misled” her into thinking this ceremony was feminism?!

        Her claim that she was misled is untenable. It’s the thinnest of excuses, a clumsy attempt to avoid responsibility for her central role in this criminal organization. Judge Garaufis is not going to accept it.

      • India said it was a fake marriage in her show. She said she signed fake documents at immigration to keep Clyne in the US for Keith Raniere, not so Alison Mack and her could be Happier Ever After and have Babies.

        Me thinks you have spent too much time with Nicki Clyne, Frank, and she has gotten to you buddy.

        This is a classic NXIVM game of hide the out-of-country illegal alien. Find some US citizen to marry them.

          • I, for one, am looking forward to what you have in store to reveal.

            The one living “being” that you are not is a woman. This “absense” in you, so-to-speak, causes me to be even more curious about what you’ve learned and even more so, what you think of this information, how you have evaluated it, and what you have decided to say about this subject here.

            Accidentally, you have kept me interested for several years by now, with what you have been producing. Distinctly so.

            And it’s not over, I am not some fucking fat lady and I find you to be a terrific man so far.

    • Thanks for ‘splainin’ wtf happened to that Harvard lecturer, Alan Dershowitz. He looked like hell, but I thought it must’ve been its CLIENTS who tore out its hair. So he does this to himself, huh?

      It all makes more sense now. Martha’s Vineyard has been discussing Dershofutz for awhile now, several years, in fact.

      Thank you, Sausage fellow.
      Some few of us have never, ever partaken of any sausages whatsoever. Hopefully, you r a reliable source, as I am not sure what a sausage really is.

  • Did Allison Mack lie about her education?

    “(she lists herself as having completed 2 years of college).”

    Two years of college is sixty hours credit.
    Mack has a course in Gender Studies from Long Beach Community College and two Zoom courses from UC Berkeley.
    About nine hours credit. Well short of two years.

    Hasn’t Mack lied about winning an Emmy for “Lost in Oz”?

    Allison Mack claimed she won EMMY but no record found of award

  • Frank failed again.

    Allison’s divorce has nothing to do with assets, money or differences.

    She purposely waited 3 years to divorce Clyne because that’s the exact time frame (that US law requires) for a foreign spouse to become a permanent resident if they divorce a US citizen.

    Foreign brides who wed a US citizen, who get divorced before 3 years have passed, are automatically set to be deported back to their home countries. In essence, the marriage is classified as a sham (for visa purposes) if they divorce before 3 years have passed.

    Thus, this was a coordinated effort by them both to ensure that Clyne gets a permanent right to live in the USA.

    This would indicate they are not the ‘enemies’ which Frank portrays them as. They are still in cahoots. They are thick as thieves. Allison is apparently secretly still supporting NXIVM.

    If not, is it just a “coincidence” that they cleared the 3 year mark before filing for divorce?

    There are NO coincidences in this world.

    The details of the divorce (irreconcilable differences) are simply listed to make it look real.

    Frank is a fool. He’s a clueless yahoo. He’s reporting this story as though it’s a real divorce and not a coordinated effort to keep Clyne in the USA forever. LOL.

    Hey Frank, please look up the law on this topic or have your clownboy Claviger do it.

    If Claviger wants to argue this point, I saw a TV program (called Web of Lies) where a guy named Indle King wed a Russian bride and she wanted to divorce him within 1 year. However, they said she stayed in the marriage because she would have been deported and lost her resident status if she divorced before 3 years.

    I doubt that a TV program would say something that wasn’t vetted by competent US attorneys. So the 3 year rule sounds real to me.

    What does Clownboy Claviger think? Any comments? Or just crickets?

    (Tragically she was murdered by Indle King before the 3 years happened, but that’s not really a part of this topic)

    • I might be wrong but I do not think that Allison and Nicki have spoken for well over a year, so I doubt this was coordinated. I will stick with my opinion that the timing of the divorce has everything to do with her upcoming sentence.

    • “This would indicate they are not the ‘enemies’ which Frank portrays them as. They are still in cahoots. They are thick as thieves. Allison is apparently secretly still supporting NXIVM.” Pious Bangkok

      You’re on to something.
      Look up the Instagram page of nxivm101.

      22 posts
      50 following
      Sally Satire builds a harem 🎀
      Forgiveness and understanding helps us grow. 1st do no harm.

  • That picture needs to be showed to the Judge at her sentencing.

    It also needs to be part of the record when the glorious Vanguard appeals.

    Suneel, still there? Would love your opinion.

    • You are right. It is so disgusting to see that picture and then note there are still men defending Keith. Future employers of Suneel should also be exposed to that pic.

      • Mexican Lady, What is the picture? I can’t see it unless I follow it, and I don’t want to follow a NX Instagram account.

  • If you want to feel sorry for anyone in Southern California, feel sorry for these people, not Allison Mack, a spoiled brat actress who tortured and blackmailed people.

    Homeless encampments taking over downtown Echo Park in Los Angeles

    • Great point, Shadow. In the end, Alison brought this onto her self and she did also torture other women. That video of the homeless is sad 🙁

      • Mexican Lady
        I’ve been following many videos all across the country caused by Covid.
        They are all tragic.
        I have no room for sadness for someone whose own cruelty brought this upon herself.

  • At the time, I wondered if NXVIM 5 and their antics would have an adverse effect on the sentencing or KR and CB. I totally forgot to consider AM in all of this.

    I wonder if Nicki considered at all how the hostile actions towards the prosecutors and judge just before the 3333sentencing of KR, could affect Allison. I am not sure if it is a possibility and, if it was, whether she would care seeing as though AM acted for the prosecution.

    I’m just interested in whether thorough consideration was taken before acting or was it 100% Keith’s instructions, as I am assuming everything is. Despite what KR said at his sentencing (how all his co-conspirators were innocent), he has a thirst for revenge, so I wonder if he would like to see Allison suffer.

  • Allison hasn’t kept her vow to Keith so why would she keep it to Nicki?

    Until death do us part?

    More like until I can throw you under the bus and surrender bc I’m weak.

    • You’re talking as though Raniere made a vow to so many and kept it… Poppy Warrior! Trying to elevate lowest soft fresh faeces to the rang of righteous emperor!
      You have [redacted] Raniere does not, Poppy!

  • That is the saddest wedding picture I’ve ever seen. Allison looks ill, and her fake, desperate smile is more like a grimace.
    Even the decorations are lame and ugly.

    • Diane-

      I thought the same thing when I saw the wedding picture. It’s heart-wrenching. I feel so bad for her. I feel equally bad for her parents; watching your child go through so much pain must be unbearable.

      To Shadow,
      Before you chime in…Yes, I feel sorrow for the victims. Shadow, it’s possible to feel empathy for both sides on this case.

    • Herr Shadowstate,
      Exactly! The magnificent Führer refused millions of Slavic sex slaves [redacted]. Germany was his concubine. Allison was born in ‘Holstein’ Germany. Holstein dairy cows produce the richest milk. We can only dream of suckling on those utters.

      I wonder if her feet smell like sauerkraut.

      Auf Wiedersehen!

  • Time to let Allison go, Frank. She accepted responsibility for her actions and is trying to make it right. As such, she has complied with the laws and expectations of society. A gentleman would just let her be.

    • “Anonymous
      February 13, 2021 at 8:02 am
      Time to let Allison go, Frank. She accepted responsibility for her actions and is trying to make it right. As such, she has complied with the laws and expectations of society. A gentleman would just let her be.”

      Tell that to the eighty plus plaintiffs!

      • Every single picture of Allison Mack looks like someone in distress. Before I jumped into this dumpster fire, I was repelled by her big fake smile, with eyes that look like she’s screaming. Her big happy pictures all look like the painting The Scream.

        Anyone familiar with personality disorders should have kindly shown her the door at NXIVM. They were used to drain her dry, and they nearly did.

        Do I think she’s also a perpetrator and a pimp? Yep.

  • The Smallville version of Allison Mack wasn’t Hollywood-thin; she was just the cute-girl-next-door, with some curves to her.

    A decade later, not on the A-list, one expects a few more curves. I’m not shaming, and hope that you don’t either.

    But that “wedding” picture is scary. I know what anorexia looks like, and that’s it.

    It is well established that extreme calorie deprivation causes diminished mental function. To me, her appearance implies she had the mental capacity of a twelve year old child.

    Yes she participated in bad things. And she was functioning at an adult level when she started down the path that was designed to diminish her capacity.

    I don’t know if the legal system knows how to do justice in a case like this.

      • —“extreme calorie deprivation causes diminished mental function. To me, her appearance implies she had the mental capacity of a twelve year old child.”
        Stupid is as stupid does

        Exactly, Herr Shadow!!!!

        Our good Doctor Goebbels was a pioneer of such work. My proud Saxon your memory and acumen are on fire. 🔥 ♠️

        Auf Wiedersehen!

    • Good points. It is a very sad photo . Keith must have been so proud of how he was destroying Alison . That photo is humiliating not only because of how skinny Alison looks but also because she is accepting to marry someone Keith told her to marry . She might not even be a lesbian . This together is humiliating. Well Keith you will now rot in prison. Hope this was worth it to you

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