‘Raniere Is the Only Victim Here!’ A Supporter Speaks Out and Is Rebutted as ‘Reprehensible, Hypocritical Misogynist’


Note from the editor: The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors, a Keith Raniere supporter: Peace Warrior and a detractor: Sherizzy. The point-of-view of Peace Warrior seems to be aligned with the opinions of Raniere’s remaining supporters. Sherizzy, on the other hand, represents a fairly mainstream viewpoint of why most people do not agreewith Raniere’s supporters’ view of what happened to him.

By Peaceful Warrior

Keith is the only victim here.

Toni Natalie is just one example of all these people claiming to be victims who are just lying and crying because they smell money and want drama for their TV shows. They have no gratitude for all Keith taught them.

Toni Natalie Portrait holding Mic
Toni Natalie and others “…have no gratitude for all Keith taught them,” writes Peaceful Warrior.

Where would they be if they didn’t learn so much from him? And now they turn around and act like they didn’t agree to everything, but then they wanted all the attention for themselves and let a few jealous women who wanted to have Keith all for themselves convince them that someone was wrong?

So, now, they all pointed the fingers at Keith once they smelled fame and fortune. Totally suppressive and no integrity. And I don’t know who was worse; the ones who got jealous and started the lies or the ones who seemed like they were loyal until the going got tough and then turned on Keith and lied and said they were guilty because they didn’t have enough strength to fight and pled guilty so they could make a deal with the Department of Injustice.

Cowardly witches. Toni is the leader of their coven.

But Keith showed his true colors when he forgave them publicly and tried to make it easier on them by apologizing.

But that’s not enough for the mob and the media. The mob and the media are on a witch hunt, and the only way they’ll be satisfied is if they burn whoever they say the witch is.

So, now, it’s Keith so he must burn, while the traitors point their fingers at him and call him names and say they had no idea what was going on and they were brainwashed (which doesn’t even exist) and now cry to their supposed therapists while they deposit their royalty checks in the bank.

Think about the word therapist. It is “the” + “rapist”. That tells you everything. These traitors’ minds are screwed, and Keith is paying the price.

Thankfully, some people remember the gift of the tech that Keith gave us and are standing up for him. Suneel, Eduardo and Jim: You guys are warriors! You are standing up and taking the arrows and all the crap the haters and the media are throwing at you.

But where are the others? Where are the people who were dancing [outside of Raniere’s prison] before? Now, just a tweet every once in a while or complete silence. No integrity.

“Where are the people who were dancing before?” asks Peaceful Warrior

But there are new attorneys who have taken up their swords, and they see what is right and just. These attorneys don’t take cases unless they know what is right.

They’ve seen it before, and some of them have lived through it themselves and know what Keith is going through.

And Claviger [Frank Report’s legal correspondent] sits here all smug and says that Suneel doesn’t understand the situation and that there’s no hope for Keith because that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, but these are excellent attorneys.

Mark Agnifilo “…doesn’t give a damn about Keith and the community he created and all the peace he brought, especially to Mexico, which is freaking amazing,” Peaceful Warrior writes.

They aren’t incompetent like Marc Agnifilo [Raniere’s trial lawyer] and that other guy who totally betrayed Keith and stopped him from getting up on the stand and telling the truth and saying how much all these witches lied and backstabbed him.

Agnifilo thought he could win just by trial in the media but what a fool. He was looking for a paycheck, not justice. He doesn’t give a damn about Keith and the community he created and all the peace he brought, especially to Mexico, which is freaking amazing.

It will take time, but Keith is going to see justice and all the haters and witches and media are going to get the crap sued out of them, and we’ll see who’s all smug and joking and degrading then.

People make fun of data on this website, but it is the most powerful force in the universe. That’s what Keith figured out like no one else has, and that’s why he’ll be the one eventually remembered as the righteous one at the end of the day, just like Galileo.


[Ed. Note: Peaceful Warrior continued the theme in a separate comment, this one about Lauren Salzman:]

Lauren Salzman is part of the coven that backstabbed Keith and ran to the Department of Injustice because she was too afraid to stand up for the truth, and her vow meant nothing to her. Now, she’s making money off of it, and she’ll be trying to make more and selling a reality show about prison life or whatever.

Lauren Salzman Keith Raniere Volleyball
In the opinion of Peaceful Warrior, Lauren Salzman (pictured with Keith Raniere at a volleyball game) is acting “Totally suppressive and Luciferian” and “helped to destroy a community.”

Clearly, she has the judge believing her tears and her “therapist” about how she’s so traumatized by Keith and brainwashed and boohoo I’m so sorry. Totally suppressive and Luciferian. She helped to destroy a community and, even still, Keith was generous enough to forgive her. Justice will be done, and Lauren is going to see what happens to people who don’t keep their vows. Some people know a vow is forever — even when the going gets tough.

Lauren Salzman in Court
A courtroom sketch shows a tearful and dejected Lauren Salzman on the stand. Keith Raniere takes notes in the foreground, as Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis presides.


By Sherizzy 

In reply to Peaceful Warrior’s comment on Lauren Salzman:

You ignore one basic tenet of contract law: Where there exists an inequity of bargaining power between the parties, the “contract” is justifiably unenforceable. Such an inequity exists when one party has a distinct advantage over the other.

Here, there is no doubt that Raniere was in a more advantageous position. He was the King of the castle who could easily banish anyone he deemed was not playing by his rules.

Lauren was a slave. Even before she technically took on the role of slave. So, any “breach” on her part is not actually a breach, but rather a justified action.

Raniere, on the other hand, did breach his agreement to Lauren by selling her a bill of goods throughout the entirety of their relationship.

That aside, I find it particularly disgusting that you would consider the terms of Laurens’s vow legitimate and morally sound.

Raniere can sleep with as many women as he pleases but Lauren must stay solely dedicated to him. When she finally meets someone she is interested in, he lies to keep her with him. She did not want to be with him anymore and his “ruling” caused her to suffer in ways that are not compensable.

Your argument would be more sound if you based it upon Lauren’s own transgressions somehow making her ineligible for restitution.

You cry that she destroyed your community. No, Raniere destroyed your community. I also find it particularly noxious that you would want such a community, rife with sexual abuse and child sex abuse, advocating for violence against women, to still exist and flourish.

Once again, you Nxians have exposed yourself to be morally reprehensible, hypocritical misogynists.



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  • It’s pretty classic to call us women witches (“coven”) or mad and tends to mean the person using those terms is not likely to be credible. As for KR’s “tech,” I thought it was just about all stolen from other groups like Scientology.

  • I know exactly where Keith’s office was located. How could one forget!?

    I once applied for a job on Central Ave in Colonie to sell steak knives door to door. I answered an ad in the newspaper. But when I entered the building, I knew it wasn’t right for me. Probably made in China, I thought.

    For those involved in this cursed topic, how did you first make the initial realization that you were in the office of some greatness? How did you know this opportunity was right for you?

    Now, every time I travel on Route 9, I’ll know that he also traveled on the same road. I literally have chills running up my leg, thinking about it.

  • It doesn’t sound like Peaceful Warrior was actually in NXIVM. I know many people who were in the organization, and Peaceful Warrior doesn’t speak like them. Just an interesting observation…

      • True, but no one claiming to be a NXIVM member has shown up to refute the post. When you’re talking about a wacky cult like this, how can you tell a legit believer from a troll?

    • It doesn’t sound like Anonymous at 8:24 pm actually knew many people who were in NXIVM. I know many people who knew many people who were in the organization, and Anonymous at 8:24 pm doesn’t speak like them. Just an interesting observation…

  • I have it on very good authority, that Keith, regardless of traveling north or south on Route 9 in Albany County, stopped at a very well know ice cream establishment. Two females would get out of the vehicle and made mention that this ice cream was for Keith Raniere.

    The dude was hustling!

    • Re: Two Bitches

      If you were one of those bitches, I’d enjoy to hear from you and to be here for you.

      I’m not trying to be a jerk but I’d like to hear back because I’d like to know what was on your mind(s) as you retrieved Keith’s ice cream.

  • Times Union

    Albany ransomware attack threatens criminal cases

    Steve Hughes
    Feb. 7, 2021


    ALBANY – The city police department lost all digital copies of its 2018 internal affairs files in the 2019 ransomware attack on city servers, potentially affecting – and possibly dooming – criminal cases.

    It’s unclear how many criminal cases could be affected by the attack or if past cases will need to be revisited.

    The complete impact of March 30, 2019 ransomware attack on the city has never been fully explained. The city spent roughly $300,000 to recover from the attack.

    The costs covered destroyed servers, upgrading user security software, purchasing firewall insurance and other improvements to firm up the city’s systems following the attack.

    The hackers demanded payment in cryptocurrency to recover files they had encrypted.

    It’s unclear who or what entity might have been behind the attack. It took the city several months to restore all its systems that could be recovered.

    On Friday, the FBI said the investigation into the ransomware attack was ongoing.

    • The problem isn’t hackers.

      The problem is with the city’s pathetic computer security and crappy system administrators.

      If an entire city network can be hacked and encrypted, LOL, then the problem is with the idiot public union employees maintaining those systems.

      The city should fire their no good butts.

  • Peaceful Warrior.
    This is a Conversation better left for later on down the road, like 120 down the road.
    I hope his son and his victims get every penny he’s got and when they are through with him, I hope they clean out Clare’s bank account too. There isn’t enough money in the world to pay these women for the pain of branding them with a cauterizing pen without the use of anesthesia, not to mention what he did to all the underage girls. Tucson Prison is too good for him, they should have put him in the Supermax.

    • You clearly know very little about this case. Sad to see you talk about something with such hate having no facts. You are supporting people who lied and keep lying for personal benefits. Huge injustice for Raniere here.

  • Does anyone seriously doubt that the people involved here are going for money? Come on, it’s the perfect opportunity for those kind of lazy people..

    • This is exactly what Keith did. Going for everyone’s money. And it didn’t matter how close they were to him. He would take you for all he could. Supporters are not bright enough to see this. Oh well, what goes around comes around.

      • These are “look to the future” scenes from Tucson where the Grand Pedo will be flexing his prison wallet until which time he dies.

  • Lauren is a lovely woman and we all owe her a debt of gratitude, especially Frank Parlato, cuz without her testimony Keith may have hung the jury and gotten away with his crimes.

    Then, Frank would have wound up battling with Keith and Clare Bear’s lawyers in various lawsuits.

    But thanks to Lauren, Frank doesn’t need to distract himself with such lawsuits cuz Keith and Clare Bear are safely locked away.

    Without Lauren, Frank’s hard work to secure indictments against NXIVM would have been for nothing. Lauren basically carried the ball over the goal line for Frank. I don’t think Frank is giving her proper credit.

    I think the judge will give lauren 6 months jail with 3 years probation. That’s a fair sentence. Claviger is wrong if he thinks she’ll get more time than that.

    I just wish she’d fix that huge nose cuz if she did, she’d be prime material.

      • “I wish she’d fix that huge nose”-Bangkok
        “except for one thing: the nose.”-Sayin’

        The nose is the deal breaker. Yeah right! Who do you two putzes think you’re fooling? 😂

        You guys crave her ass like a fat woman craves Nutella.

        You’d fight to the death for one pair of her dirty socks.

        • Putzes? LOL.

          …Says the same lonely putz who’s been following me around lately, like a lost puppy. 🙂

          Is that you, Scotty? Or just a poor imitator who never posts much content, other than 2 sentences?

          I got my new walkie-talkie and I’m ready to be a guest on your radio show. I just need to know what frequency your show uses? …and does it air at 3am or 4am?

          You da man.

          How many listeners do you have? Have you guys broken 50 yet? I don’t mean 50k or 50 million, I mean 50 listeners.

          Have a nice day. 🙂

    • I cannot believe I agree with Shadow on anything in life, but there’s a first time for everything I suppose.

      No guys I know ever use words like ‘witches’ or ‘craven’. Those are words women use. In the very first sentence the author comes right after Toni Natalie like a woman scorned. I also think this person is either EASL or has a high school degree at best.

      At first I thought it was Esther Carlson, but she is too educated and it doesn’t match her writing style at all when compared to her statement to the judge. I wonder also if this person was ever in DOS because those devoted slaves know to capitalize the “H” on the pronouns for him/he when referring to their master. I keep it lowercase for keith because he’s a pussy.

      If I am wrong and the author is a guy, well dude, you follow keith like a pussy and you write like one too.

  • Peaceful Justice-

    —Justice will be done, and Lauren is going to see what happens to people who don’t keep their vows

    Nice veiled threat directed at woman [redacted].

    We’ve all come to expect misogynist comments from [redacted]

    And you all wonder why we can’t stand [redacted].

    Big guy threatens a woman. [redacted].

    I’d pay money to meet up with you and give you an education.

      • Good point….Hadn’t thought of that angle.

        Pious Bangkok can handle things. ‘Ze’ is a law and order type ‘Ze’. If it’s a woman, it’d be a fair fight between a Ze and a Ze.

        Ze is a gender neutral pronoun.

        • ‘NiceGuy
          Ze’ is a law and order type ‘Ze’. If it’s a woman, it’d be a fair fight between a Ze and a Ze.
          Ze is a gender neutral pronoun.

          Please don’t give us the California BS where there are 39 different genders and if you use the wrong pronoun you get reeducated.

          • —Please don’t give us the California BS where there are 39 different genders and if you use the wrong pronoun you get reeducated.

            Don’t worry Shadow I’m not going soft on you yet.

            I do support all people’s right. However,
            there’s a point when things get ridiculous and Orwellian…

            …For instance I will always refer to myself as heterosexual and not ‘cisgendered’.

            No organization or individual will ever dictate to me how I refer to myself.

            The far left is currently attempting to make “heterosexual” a gender bias word. The far-left can fuck-off.

            The rights of minority gender/ sexuality groups should be protected, but their rights do not SUPERSEDE everyone else’s rights. Unfortunately the far-left doesn’t seem to grasp the full concept of human rights.

  • Why so much hate media bias against witches?

    You obviously are brainwashed by popular culture and some 1600 era grudge.

    Obviously, you feel powerless and hysterical, seeing covens everywhere.

    Please write the justice system about the sinister witch cabal. That should really help Keith’s appeal.

    • Witches are a discriminated minority, and they should not be discriminated against. Witches’ lives matter [WLM], as do Black Lives Matter [BLM]. And why are women mainly mentioned as witches, when there should be just as many male witches? Women are more targeted and called witches. This is a sign of misogyny.

      • So true, anonymous! Everyone loves a wizard! But witches! Nope. Women with power scare them.

        And to the other one. I am casting a spell. Right now. Not because you told me to. But cause witches gonna magick!

        What? Whhhaaat? You puritanical tyrant.

        Witches are cool. And this discrimination has gone on long enough. A coven is just another word for friends.

  • There probably could be a lot to unpack here…but why bother? Keith is screwed. All the “analysis” and complaints in the world aren’t going to change that. The man is going to die in prison. NXIVM followers’ sudden concern about the justice system’s imbalance and unfairness isn’t going to change that. Especially considering in this case it was a very wealthy man that is the so-called “victim” who had the money to get the best defense money can buy. Debatable if that actually happened but that isn’t the prosecutors’ or the judge’s problem to solve in this case.

    It all just comes across as white privilege once again being on display (Disclosure: I am a white guy). Especially now after seeing the 2 versions of the system at work for the Capital Insurrectionists, I have little patience when people whine on behalf of some rich white guy. Get back to me when you start to care about the true victims of the justice system – minorities and the poor.

    • “Get back to me when you start to care about the true victims of the justice system – minorities and the poor.” With the track record (verifiable ‘data’) of those currently in charge, you may have to wait for a while yet. Where would they get ‘slaves’ to fight fires in CA?

      Your comment sums up the hypocrisy, by the way.

  • Where would they be without Keith?? Probably further than they are today…are they thriving or something.

    You guys really live playing the victim card with KR. Why do you guys always talk about what a victim he is? I thought this whole “victim” thing was against Keith’s philosophy.

    Also, I didn’t know that Keith was forced to have Agnifilo as his lawyer. I didn’t think he was a public defender that Keith didn’t choose himself but I guess I don’t know all the facts.

    This “Vow” was not an equitable agreement and the fact you don’t see that really shows everyone outside the NXIVM circle how warped you are.

    Can someone clarify what the deal was with Agnifilo? I was under the impression that KR chose him.

    Also, was KR not able to testify because his lawyer forbid it? I was under impression that he could also take the stand if he wanted to but again I need clarification on that.

    • ‘Where would they be without Keith?? Probably further than they are today…are they thriving or something’.

      This is the big picture. All they see is before he was imprisoned and after and their answer, rather than facing what is obvious, is to blame. Blame haters. Rather a sad way to live your life. Take responsibility. Own your mistakes and be better for it.

  • There are no victims. Have you performed an EM with KR so he can be clear on how he is clearly at cause (or whatever the terminology is) and how he brought all this on himself? Maybe it’s his karma from a previous lifetime he has to atone for? and what if …. etc. Maybe cold showers after the 4am wake-up drills will help him?

  • Dear Peaceful Warrior

    You call out Lauren and the other MDC Dancers. You laud Suneel, Jim and Eduardo but you still hide behind your anonymity.

    You question where the dancers are now, I question, where were YOU when they were dancing outside MDC for their Vanguard???

    You call yourself a Warrior, warriors do not hide behind their screens and keyboards. Lots of people post anonymously on this site, myself included, but I am not the one fighting for an agenda. You call out the others so you should have the courage to put your money (or identity rather) where your words are.

    Before judging others, come forth and tell us what did YOU do while YOUR Vanguard was roasting on the proverbial stake!

    I will always disagree with your flock, but if you step forward like Suneel and the others did, I may find some semblance of respect for you within myself.

    • “You call yourself a Warrior, warriors do not hide behind their screens and keyboards.” Amy

      They would if they are vulnerable to indictment or a civil suit.

      ” I question, where were YOU when they were dancing outside MDC for their Vanguard???” Amy

      Peaceful Warrior was probably dancing with them.

  • then you might have a valid point. How do readers know that you are, in fact, Adam Hayes? What proof can you offer that you are Adam and, thereby, prove your comment has merit? Can you point us to your social media accounts, Adam?

  • The use of anonymous authors on this page is so antithetical to journalism. I can never get past the byline, I just lose interested because I don’t know who I’m engaging ideas with. It’s basic practice, to know what is the author or source’s relationship to the story is.

    • The idea of permitting commenters to post anonymously is to promote the exchange of ideas. These are the opinions of people who do not wish to be public and would not share their opinions, I would venture, if they were public.

      In this respect, I think it good that we permit some of this anonymous posting. Of course, it has its downside since hoaxers and trolls can contribute and say things that they do not want to stand behind. In addition, anonymous commenters, even if sincere, can make bolder and more aggressive statements than they would when they must name themselves.

      This has to be factored in when the commenter is anonymous. Although I do recognize that anonymity takes away a remarkable degree of credibility. I would take it with a grain of salt and judge it merely on the ideas presented and not who presents it.

      • I agree that some anonymous commenters make bolder statements than they would if they were talking to people in real life.

        Thankfully, a pious and noble man like myself isn’t one of those people. But Niceguy sure as fuck is.

        All joking aside, anybody who claims that a person should backup their online statements by revealing their true identity is basically admitting that they’re allowing themselves to be emotionally manipulated by the words of a total stranger ——- which is equivalent to trying to SILENCE a particular point of view, just because it annoys them.

        i.e., If you can’t win an argument with ideas, try to silence the other party any way you can (such as asking them to expose themselves to unbalanced stalkers, by revealing their true identity, which you know they’ll never agree to).

        What a bunch of pussies. Have a nice day. 🙂

      • Frank, I appreciate the reply. Forgive me because I didn’t make myself clear. I am not referring to anonymous commenters who comment below articles. I don’t take issue with that. I am referring to the use of anonymous authors, your decision to publish articles by people who do not disclose their identity. No mater what side they take (e.g. Pro-KR or Anti-KR, or even neutral), I find it hard to read with any seriousness if I don’t know what their relationship to the subject is. This is the case for me in any publication, and more so in this one, where we’re dealing with the subject of mind control, manipulation, coercion, etc.

        • It is a fair point of view. Sometimes anonymous comments are so good they deserve a post of their own. That’s my only excuse.

          • Ok, thank you. I see more clearly now — I didn’t realize that the anonymous byline stories are actually just reader comments-turned-articles. I figured that you had accepted submissions from people whose identities are known to you, and you then protected their identities. What looked to me like a story authored by you or your staff is really more like a letters to the editor section. I read a ton of news online, but don’t spend time in the blogosphere so I’m unfamiliar with these practices.

    • “Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority,” [i]1995 McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission[/i]

    • Two of the very most fascinating and unforgettable people whom I have met in my life never said a word to me, nor did I say a word to either of them. Yet forever I will remember both of them.

      There is no one on earth without a story, so to me this is a matter of being able to strengthen and also, to respect your own receptivity to others. The more that you are able to concentrate, (and to witness your OWN thoughts, emotions, hard spots, concepts,) the less limits you will need to keep yourself separate, by maintaining such hedges, between your perception of yourself and “the other.”

      As such, and as an example, there is a story about Jesus washing the feet of a woman who was seen as a prostitute. A woman “scorned” but nevertheless, a woman with a heart, and with her own inner spirit, beloved and respected by one who has had the eyes to see and to see deeply, beyond the borders of judgementalities, or ignorance. Ignoring the value of the other, no matter how humble it might “seem,” you limit yourself alone, and you will miss a lot.

      I volunteered in a privately funded safe house for endangered women and their children for a dozen years, when I was younger. Never once was anyone turned away, no matter the circumstances. Never once was anyone left unheard or disregarded. Everyone’s experience matters.

      • — I volunteered in a privately funded safe house for endangered women and their children for a dozen years, when I was younger. Never once was anyone turned away, no matter the circumstances. Never once was anyone left unheard or disregarded. Everyone’s experience matters.

        That’s a beautiful thing! Thank you for sharing.

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