Guest View: Message to His Followers: Keith Raniere Is Just Not a Good Human Being!

Keith Raniere

The following is an interesting point of view, written by one of our readers, and posted as a comment on the story Kristin Keeffe Is a Victim to Watch at Raniere Restitution Hearings.

By Not a Fan of the Vanguard

No one really should be surprised that Keith Raniere refused to support his son with Kristin Keeffe. The guy has proven that he’s just not a good human being.

Of course, this proposition contradicts the fraud that was sold by many of his followers to recruit others: that he was “the most ethical man in the world”. He was a statutory rapist who pretended to be a celibate monk, coerced many women into numerous abortions, and promised a number of them “avatar” babies which he constantly reneged on.

Kristin Keeffe was the giant elephant in the room to all of these things.

The guy abused ethics for his own controlling, financial, and sexual aims. He’s similar to the religious preachers who fly in their own private jets while speaking in the name of Jesus or other religious figures who lived spiritual lifestyles. His word is worthless. The irony is he formed DOS to coerce women into upholding theirs! It’s that old projection thing.

Most people have committed acts of hypocrisy in their life, but this guy has proven himself to be one giant hypocrite.

Who cares if you’re intelligent if your character leaves much to be desired? Who cares if you’re pretty or handsome if you’re a cheater? Who cares if you’re rich if you defrauded and stole your way into wealth?

The fact that people like Suneel and Nicki still support this man shows how low the ability to judge the truth has sunk in a materialistic, “Reality TV” driven world.

And they want us to believe that they are the ones with critical thinking skills. They want us to believe that injustice has occurred here and that their fight for prison reform is sincere when their leader is a charlatan and hack – and they cared nothing about such a matter until he was thrown in jail.

Your man was practically a hermit living in Clifton Park. He rarely left there. He wasn’t on the world stage, giving speeches, doing public charity events, shaking hands with the downtrodden and downcast, etc. He was eating pizza with hot sauce, sleeping around, and humble-bragging while celebrating his birthday for ten days during the year.

Get over yourselves about how great this man is and how there is some conspiracy to take him down.

Success breeds imitators. The “success” of Raniere has cast him into a prison cell for the rest of his life. So, imitate him if you want his type of success in life.

Keith Raniere provides some insights to his student, Allison Mack.

Look at what happened to Allison Mack. She had a lifestyle she earned in an industry that many young women want to be a part of but never achieve, and this guy manipulated her self-esteem into ruining it because she had something small in the grand scheme of things missing from her life. Was the small hole worth the giant crater he created because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants?

He had millions of dollars of Bronfman money (and others) at his disposal and he effectively lost the war to a Sicilian with (at the time) a practically unknown blog. And now Raniere’s followers (and him) are relying on that same man to give them a voice no one else will. The glaring irony! Haven’t you all been humiliated enough yet?

Two Sicilian Americans fought it out over a decade. Frank Parlato [l] and Keith Raniere [r]. Much of the war was waged on this blog.

Seriously, how brainwashed do you have to be now to continue to support this man? The fact that people are calling you brainwashed is actually a compliment compared to being called dumb or gullible because it means you’re not the latter but are simply currently out of your mind and intellect. Have some shame for your own selves.

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  • Keith went to the .99 cent store and put some new age woo on traditional, regular, normal, basic misogyny and put a high price tag on it. That’s an easy appeal to shallow people that buy what is normally earned. ‘Doing it the hard way through years of therapy is for suckers, I have a VIP pass for the shortcut’. Which is exactly how suckers are made, through their own arrogance. How’s that psychological shortcut working out for all of you now? The person you paid to do your thinking for you is a convicted felon in pedo jail, now what?

    One after the other, the same modified devices are used. Imagine, ALL these people that figure it out, confront their abuser, heal through trauma and move on with their lives, what a true example of surviving and thriving. Everyone except the die hard Twerking For Jesus crew.

    “He really does love me, he told me so, and he did that nice thing that one time.”

    Suneel Anthony, Nicki, and all the gang, you are the Dlist actors that play your roles in a Lifetime biopic that isn’t even about you. Do you feel it?

    Woman Accused Of Conspiring With Father In So-Called College Sex Cult Case
    Lawrence V. Ray
    Zak Failla
    Daily Voice
    February 3, 2021

    A female cohort of the man accused of running a sex cult out of his daughter’s dorm at Sarah Lawrence College in Westchester County is facing charges for her role in helping him run the scheme.

    Staten Island resident Isabella Pollok, age 29, has been charged with racketeering conspiracy, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, and extortion conspiracy for helping Lawrence Ray manipulate and groom the college students, who the convicted felon met after moving into his daughter’s on-campus room in 2010.

    “Ray, with the assistance of Pollok and others, subjected the victims to sexual and psychological manipulation and physical abuse,” the indictment against Ray and Pollok states.

    It is alleged that Pollok and Ray recorded their victims falsely confessing to poisoning the latter, which was later used as blackmail to extort them into providing cash or free sexual labor.

    The pair also reportedly netted approximately $2 million in two years by forcing one of the women into prostitution in New York.

    Using a recorded false confession, they allegedly forced the victim, “to engage in commercial sex acts for the Enterprise’s financial benefit in New York City and elsewhere,” the indictment states.

    Pollok was released on $100,000 bail and is scheduled to appear back in court at a later date. Ray is being held without bail pending his trial. He previously pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

  • Looks like someone left the kiddie gate open and the Followers got out, and they are out in force on this one. I wonder at what point in time are they going to realize their efforts are useless. Keith will be a guest of the prison system for the rest of his life, maybe there in Tucson, maybe not. Another prison is always a possibility. He doesn’t get to pass go, he doesn’t get to collect 200.00. Some of you guys will get married, some of you will have babies, some of you will get divorced, loved ones will pass away, and you guys will go on with your lives. Keith, on the other hand, will still be in prison 10 years from now, 20 years from now, probably not much longer than that given that he is 60 years old now. There comes a point in time when you have to put out the fire and call in the dogs (If half of what you say is true, it’s a much bigger problem than anything you can either single-handedly or as a group fix; someone has to be the voice of reason for your group). Isn’t it just time to cut your losses, and get on about your day.

  • People need to remember that a man who is deceptive deceives by hiding that he is deceptive. He is not going to openly validate that he is deceiving you because his aim is to deceive you. — Suzy Kassem

  • Well said guest writer!!! Sometimes it’s best to just admit one has been duped and then quietly go to therapy to reverse the damage that has been done to the best of their ability. All this continued ‘support’ just reveals how programmed the Vanguard’s followers really are.

  • This is not an interesting article. Just another hate comment on Keith from someone who doesn’t know him, repeating the same old things that have been said over and over again.

    • I’m concerned when you say that the guest writer’s article is uninteresting and a hate comment.

      Are you aware that the guest writer was not charged in criminal court, let alone convicted of having written any article or an uninteresting and hateful one for that matter?

      How do you know the author doesn’t know Keith? Have you proven that by charges and a guilty verdict in criminal court?

    • Anthony,

      This is not an interesting comment. Just another blind refusal of a brainwashed follower who can’t see facts and keeps repeating the same old defenses over and over again.

    • I agree. There is no new information provided, and as someone who has reviewed the trial extensively, there are many claims here that are not substantiated with facts.

      • What are your professional credentials?

        Most people that follow the case, including trained and experienced professionals from multiple disciplines, disagree with your assessment. Are you positioning yourself as an authority in these disciplines?

    • It’s a wonder you chose to spend your time commenting. It’s so repetitive and boring, and yet it bothers you enough to comment.

      Are you mad?

  • One word I have for Keith… Minchia! I didn’t know about the Sicilian connection. From a Brit who was shown so much love by a family in Syracusa and helped me recover from my own run in with a cult (Tony Qunn’s Educo cult that my coworker in 1998 recruited my girlfriend and her brother into swearing them to secrecy), I salute you, Frank!

  • How do you determine what happened and who are you to judge other people’s lives?

    Were you in his relationships? Do you know what he did and did not do in his life?

  • Are you aware that Keith Raniere was not charged in criminal court let alone convicted of not being a good human being?

  • This is such a difficult situation for everyone involved. Nobody seems to have all of the information and some of the information is obscured with lies. Many of these lies were supported with the full strength of the federal government’s powers. The stakes have been high. Given these conditions, I prefer to withhold judgment against Raniere. The processes that brought him to prison: a lying blog, trial by media, prosecutorial misconduct, and a biased judge, were gross and caused significant damages to many people and the justice system, itself. The magnitude of coercion that was performed in order to move people to the government’s false narrative was significant enough that it would have been prudent for the prosecutors to question their narrative. However, their decision to use photoshop and some manipulations of dates on photos in order to create “child pornography” led me to conclude that there was never a goal to use actual evidence of a crime in this case. It was just social manipulation, using the powers of the federal government, in order to achieve a result. Gross.

  • I agree that most religious leaders abuse the name of Jesus Christ just to feather their own nests.

    Thankfully, there does exist a few pious men (like myself) who live according to God’s word and who are pure and good, unlike the rest of you nefarious rascals.

    • Bangkok,
      Please let me know when you start up your own gig! I often feel the compulsion to fall on both my knees and start praying when I read your imparted wisdom!
      God bless your soul and not only… !

      P.S. If you’re looking to start up a slaves herd on the side, I’m up for that too.

  • Yeah, his still fervent followers make me sad. They already did unknowingly significant damage to their careers and futures and despite everything, continue to do so. Some of them seem to have turned all the emotions from this into a goal to help other incarcerated people, some possibly that are innocent. Noble goal really. But judging by Nicki Clyne’s Twitter (yeah should ignore but have a mild crush on her), everything is still filtered through the lens of the Keith Raneire experience. You can tell when they discuss a cause or take up an issue what is really going through their head is “How can I use this to possibly help Keith” which is going significantly impact their ability to do any good.

    • I have a Nicki crush too, unfortunately. Too bad she’s batshit. All of these sentiments ring true, especially the idea that the cult deniers are now trying to lean on the same person they dragged through court all those years.

      I think what Frank is doing with his blog is incredibly useful. I hope Suneel and Del Negro end up eating crow one of these days. I still don’t understand how these people can reconcile themselves to the deception.

      Alternative lifestyles/unconventional exercises are cool unless they are hidden, covered up, manipulated, and abusive.

      It seems like the fellow NXIVM men that are still ‘in’ all share the same “He likes sex, who am I to judge what he does behind closed doors?’ attitude. So selective in their ideologies and so spun in their interpretations of basic moral code.

    • All the women Keith are into have masculine wide jaws.

      He’s going to enjoy exploring a new alternative lifestyle in Tuscon.

  • This is how most people view this issue. It’s spot-on, but this is the consensus on Keith and NXIVM.

    Compare the 12 Point Mission Statement with Evangelical Prosperity Gospel and Pentecostal 7 Mountain Dominion mandates, replace Jesus with Keith, add some torture and malignant narcissism, and there you have a product that meets the same end with a bigger mark up for rich suckers.

    There’s nothing alternative or edgy or even kinky, when you hold up what Keith does to historic practices of domination and exploitation. They’re doing this in Saudi Arabia, but their 12 Point Mission statement is older.

  • Great article but you are being too nice to these remaining followers.

    They are bad people. I don’t want to hear another word from them unless it is to explain all the repugnant deeds committed by their guru that they continue to overlook.

    The karma is coming for these remaining supporters…

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