Petition: ‘I Want Keith Raniere to Be Released From Jail’ — Has Only One Signer in Two Months image is a petition website, used by more than 400 million people to date, whose mission is to “empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see.”

Now, one person says she wants to see a change in the status of Keith Raniere.

The petition headline reads, “I want Keith RANIERE to be released from jail.”

The sponsor of the petition, Delilah Leonard was, of course, quick to sign.  But the change she wants to see is coming slowly. Though her Raniere petition was launched two months ago, it has to date only one signature, Leonard’s.


The sponsor of the petition used this picture of Keith Raniere, which was taken, it seems, in his pre-Vanguard days.

Keith has always gone up and beyond to put me before himself.  He truly doesn’t deserve to be locked up just so a tv show can make lots of money off of him.  It’s so very wrong that someone innocent and loyal has been denied rights that every human should have.  

I suffer with Anxiety and Keith and I used to walk it off and talk it off.  As soon as I got home from work he’d be sitting down waiting to greet me with a cup of tea and moral support.  

Keith deserves love and compassion just like any other person.   Good people make bad choices and that doesn’t make them bad, it makes them human.   I love you Keith.  Allison I’m also here for you darling you’re not alone!  You’re beautiful and I wish the best to you!  


Likely a Hoax

When Leonard writes “as soon as I got home from work [Keith would] be sitting down waiting to greet me with a cup of tea and moral support,” the petition starts to look suspicious.

Was Keith ever known to be on hand, regularly waiting for any woman to come home from work, and with a cup of tea, no less?

During most of his Nxivm days, he was busy taking care of an entire harem and running his community, and women waited for the chance to see him. He waited on no woman. They waited on him. Many waited for hours as he was notorious for being late,

An online search of “Delilah Leonard” and “Nxivm” produces no matches.

If Leonard was in Nxivm, someone should certainly know something about her. If she was a Raniere follower, she would have gotten other followers to sign the petition. At least the Nxivm-5 would have signed by now.

The petition lacks anything persuasive. Her argument is that Keith is a nice guy who took walks with her and made tea, but no argument is proffered as to why he should not be in prison, which Leonard erroneously calls jail.

In fact, when she admits his fallibility, as if he was an ordinary mortal, writing “Good people make bad choices and that doesn’t make them bad, it makes them human”, you pretty much know she is no follower of the Vanguard.

Still, if anyone agrees with Delilah that Keith is a good person and does not belong in jail, you can sign by  going to the petition.




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  • “Court documents detail that Guerrero told the victim God was speaking to him and the only way to get out of the dark place was for the victim to have sexual relations with Guerrero. The pastor referred to this as a “cleansing process.”

    According to the Guerrero’s plea agreement, he communicated with the victim via text messages, audio and video calls on Facebook Messenger. He coerced the victim into sending him sexually explicit photos and engaging in a sexually explicit video call. Guerrero cited several biblical verses while making the requests.“

    Frank, you should have a contributor post one cult leader or cult on a regular basis, highlighting how unoriginal and basic their techniques are. Keith simply repackaged some backwater Baptist pedophile preacher trope and inflated his prices.

    • I wrote a series of articles on cults and cultic dangers before. A few years ago I found a comprehensive check list for unknown groups from a German anti-cult initiative. I translated it together with an American friend ( If someone is interested, this list you can read below was part of the following blog:


      Seventeen Point Checklist for Unknown Groups

      1) In this group you will find exactly what you have been looking for in vain. They know to a hair’s breadth what you have been missing.

      2) Even the first contact discloses a completely new view of things to you.

      3) The worldview of the group is amazingly simple and explains every problem.

      4) It’s hard to get a clear picture of the group. You should not ponder nor examine. Your new friends say: “You cannot explain it, you have to experience that, therefore, come right to our center.”

      5) The group has a master, a medium, a leader or a guru who alone is in possession of the whole truth.

      6) The doctrine of the group is the only true, eternally true knowledge. Established science, rational thinking, and the mind are rejected as overly intellectual, as negative, satanic or unenlightened.

      7) Criticism by outsiders is considered proof that the group is right.

      8) The world is heading for disaster and only the group knows how to save the world.

      9) The group is the elite; the rest of humanity is sick and lost if it does not participate and thus could be saved.

      10) You should become a member immediately.

      11) The group distinguishes itself from the rest of the world, for example, through clothing, nutritional rules, its own language, strict regulation of interpersonal relationships.

      12) The group wants you to break off all “old” relationships because they hinder your development.

      13) Your sexual behavior is prescribed to you exactly, such as mate choice through the leadership, total abstinence or the opposite.

      14) The group fills your entire time with tasks: selling books or newspapers, soliciting new members, attending courses, meditating…

      15) It’s hard to be alone because someone from the group is always there.

      16) If you start to doubt in case the promised success does not materialize, you are “guilty” because you supposedly have not championed the cause enough or because you have not believed enough.

      17) The group demands strict adherence to their rules and discipline – as the only way to salvation.

      With already only one “yes” – Attention!!!

  • I thought the only really stressful jobs in Albany were working for Nxivm?

    Maybe she was a waitress at Apropos?

    • Patrick-

      It was an Interesting Petition Article!

      Petitions have done Roman Polanski a lot of good!!!! Make sure to have Woody Allen sign it like he did for Polanski.

  • It’s just so lame. Even if that person did exist — speaking about their anxiety being helped by a man who raped minors and gave other women PTSD makes her sound braindead. Like “Yayyyy… Raniere helped me stop being a nervous coward!! SO, I don’t care if he raped anyone! He’s Fantastic!!” Who the F comes up with that?!? Seriously, if every pedo got the firing squad I’d be glad. Anyway, cheers to the Frank Report for telling it like it is. That petition sponsor sounds faker than the Easter Bunny

    • Are you aware that there are no charges let alone a conviction of rape of any age? Why do you continue to spread false information like that?

  • The injustice and prosecutionary criminal activity in the trial against Ketih Raniere is sufficient for him to be released from jail and be given a new trial. Whether or not he sat waiting for women with a cup of tea is tabloid worthy, exonerating a man for a corrupt trial is worthy of For this reason, I believe that this petition is certainly worthy of a petition.

  • Clearly this petition was not authorised by the oh mighty incarcerated one. A follower gone rogue. Not awaiting Keith’s directions. What was Deborah’s punishment? Paddling, cold shower?

  • Did you create the petition, Frank? If so, I admire your forethought and commitment. Maybe there are two prankster extraordinaires.

    • I did not create the petition. I had thought of signing it, then I realized the goal of the petition has been realized — ‘I want Keith Raniere released from jail” — Keith has been released from jail [at MDC]. He was transferred to a penitentiary in Tucson.

      • That’s clever, Frank! Do you believe there was injustice in the trial against Keith Raniere? Let’s give Keith a real shot to defend himself in a fair trial – not one where criminal activity was done against him by the very legal system we all grew up to love.

        • I can’t decide whether it’s sad or hilarious that Raniere’s cult followers are still contending that despite copious digital evidence proving that Raniere molested children and possessed child pornography, he was wrongfully convicted. The level of delusion here is similar to those of the folks who believe the government is being run by a bunch of lizard aliens in disguise who eat babies and have satanic rituals in the basement of a pizza parlor that doesn’t actually have a basement. Help for delusional disorder is available; I wish people would seek it.

        • Why did he decline to defend himself during his trial? Are you actually looking for a do-over? 🤣 The first trial was a “goof”?

  • Allison Mack’s Plea Deal from Instagram

    Self tapes are so awkward! Bloopers are vulnerable! #alisonmack #keithraniereconvicted #nxivm #thevow #selftape #pleadeal

    This is so so so so good
    10w2 likesReply

    allisonmackonlyfans’s profile picture
    @cassbugge want a tattoo?


    Los Angeles/Hollywood California

  • Here is some satire from Instagram featuring videos of “Allison Mack”
    Note the Keith Raniere photo on the wall!

    73 Questions with Allison Mack

    I asked, I answered!

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    @ingredfelicio my specialty!

    OMG I died when I noticed the Keith Reniere portrait behind you. 💀💀💀
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    @emiledufayel u mean jesus
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    Pee on me

  • When the argument is fear, who wants to experience it? The balance does not work when there is no counterweight. In this case, the arguments of the accused have not been heard

    • Do you remember that little thing called the “trial” in which the World’s Smartest Child Rapist™ participated?

      The one where his very skilled and expensive attorneys cross-examined the prosecution’s witnesses and spoke on Keith’s behalf?

      The one where Keith decided not to put on a defense so the jury could hear his side of things?

      It scares me to think you are not a troll, but an honest acolyte of “Vanguard.”

    • The reason that “the arguments of the accused have not been heard” is because Keith and his attorneys CHOSE not to put on any sort of defense. They weren’t prevented from doing so — they CHOSE not to do so. And now, they want a do-over because they don’t like the results THEIR CHOICES got them.

      • To K.R. Claviger, January 28, 2021 at 8:05 am

        This is not a valid argument for an appeal or revision. Therefore, such subsequent justifications do not lead to a successful appeal or revision of a criminal case.

      • —The reason that “the arguments of the accused have not been heard” is because Keith and his attorneys CHOSE not to put on any sort of defense.

        I am convinced not putting on a defense was Keith’s convoluted and backwards way to be able to get another trial.

        Lay people will hang themselves…

        • One of the problems of not putting on any defense is that it greatly limits the number of issues that can be raised on appeal. Just imagine how many issues would have arisen had Keith and his attorneys put on an all-out defense that lasted for 4-5 weeks — and how many times Judge Garaufis would have barred what they were trying to do and/or ruled against them.

          The cross-examination of Lauren Salzman is like a mini-version of what might have happened if Keith and his attorneys put forth a real defense in his case. But since they chose not to do that, they will be limited in the appeal to just those issues that arose during the prosecution’s presentation of its case.

          • K.R. Claviger,

            I had no idea of that angle tactic, in regards to putting up a defense, to generate more appealable issues.

            Now I’m even more baffled by Agnifilo.


          • In my experience, the best criminal defense attorneys are always thinking several steps ahead of where they are in a case. So, if they’re representing a defendant at a Preliminary Hearing (which is where the original charges will get reviewed in terms of probable cause), they’re thinking about which charges they can best defend during a trial. And if they actually in a trial, they’re thinking about which issues will give them the best possible chance to win on appeal.

            Prosecutors usually don’t like to re-try cases. So if a prosecutor succeeds in getting a defendant convicted and then loses on the appeal, they will often offer a much better plea deal to avoid re-trying the case.

            Agnifilo is a very experienced trial attorney — and fully understands all the different strategies I’ve mentioned. That’s what leads me to believe that the “no defense” strategy was, in fact, Keith’s idea and not his. It’s also what leads me to believe that when Keith inevitably raises the “ineffective assistance of counsel” claim, Agnifilo will have documentation to show exactly what decisions Keith made from the time he hired Agnifilo through the time he was convicted.

          • —That’s what leads me to believe that the “no defense” strategy was, in fact, Keith’s idea and not his. It’s also what leads me to believe that when Keith inevitably raises the “ineffective assistance of counsel” claim, Agnifilo will have documentation to show exactly what decisions Keith made from the time he hired Agnifilo through the time he was convicted.

            LOL. Oh man.

            Here is a perfect example of Keith’s narcissism screwing himself over once again. Although not a lawyer (despite all the legal “experience” he gained from bringing litigation against others), just like he was not an acting coach, nor a sports coach, nor whatever else, having no professional experience in any of their respective industries, Keith just had to think he knew better. Be “at cause” Keith for your failures brought on by your own megalomania.

  • How can you get support from others when only one side of the story is known? It seems that only one part was given a voice, it is necessary to know the other opinion, the side of those who have defended us, it would be a good idea to know their perspective, even the voice of KR

  • Why do you always have to be so sarcastic? Why always hate? Do we hate because we are afraid to look at ourselves?

  • Anytime I hear about a grown man crossing his legs and drinking tea, I think of everyone’s buddy, Scott Johnson. I wonder how LOL is doing, and if he’ll ever find someone to join him on that radio show thing of his…

    • Nutjob-

      I don’t know nothing about how’s he’s doing…

      …..I do know a transvestite hooker in New Orleans made $500 the hard-way today. 🙂

  • ¿ya no sabes qué mas escribir Frank? ¿haciendo leña del árbol caído?

    Translation: You don’t know what else to write, Frank? Making firewood from the fallen tree?

  • Chances are she got home from work in the afternoon and Raniere would be sleeping because he was tired from f*cking all night and needed the rest to be ready for more f*cking the next day.

  • Not even Asunsolo or Clyne? Come on k rose!… Guess that people are not so stupid, pedophile or satanic after all he,he,he…

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