Guest View: Everyone at the Nxivm Intensive That the Missing Kristin Snyder Attended Should Be Interviewed

MK10ART - Kristin Snder on a kayak -- but did she really commit suicide on a kayak?

The following guest view by Anon2 is in response to The Curious Case of Kristin Snyder: An Outsider Delves Into the Rabbit Hole of a Woman’s Disappearance and it makes some interesting points and asks some serious questions about the mystery of Kristin Snyder, who disappeared in February 2003, after leaving a Nxivm intensive from which she reportedly was ejected.

The Lost Women of NXIVM” documentary investigates the many unanswered questions around Kristen Snyder’s disappearance. It also looks into other disturbing rumors about Nxivm.
By Anon2

Everyone at the Feb 2003 Nxivm intensive, as well as from the previous one Kristin Snyder attended, should be interviewed. They should have been interviewed 18 years ago, but now would be better late than never.

The whole “Seward story” — (i.e. that Kristin Snyder suddenly felt compelled to drive three hours on a dark winter night after leaving the intensive, and conveniently found a kayak available in the snow that she apparently knew (guessed?) ahead of time would be there, and was able to sink herself, etc.) — that she’d even alerted her wife to the idea, but it all worked perfectly and the suicide was accomplished, unimpeded. is such a stretch.

Why not jump off one of the balconies at the Westmark Hotel that are visible in the pics?

The Westmark Hotel in Anchorage where the final intensive for Kristin Snyder was held.

It is so self-serving (for whomever it was that wanted people to think she killed herself ) — that it doesn’t seem believable at all — except people did seem to believe it at the time, and did so without talking to people with contemporaneous evidence, observations, of Kristin etc.

You would think someone would WANT to come forward and offer their observations to Frank or police or someone, to clear this up, even if the police didn’t talk to witnesses and witnesses successfully avoided interrogation at the time.

But then this was a strange room of people / witnesses, who didn’t even try to help Kristin when she was obviously in bad shape.

Seems like the people at the intensive were there dissociated from her– helping her and, or helping the authorities solve the mystery. of what happened to her

BUT, once she was “gone” and the mystery was “solved” with the kayak story, these “friends” attended her memorial. Very weird.

“What is everyone hiding?” is my reaction, 18 years later.

Kristin Snyder was known to kayak in call kinds of weather.

In 2018, an Alaska journalist, Craig Medred, wrote an article about NXIVM and Snyder, where he reported he interviewed some of Kristin’s “friends”, but that they didn’t want to talk publicly–

He wrote– “Anchorage friends who asked not to be identified for this article said the NXIVM training broke Snyder and never put her together again. They are convinced she committed suicide and dismiss the idea she was murdered or faked her death to help hide from a drug gang, a NXIVM-spawned theory…… Friends believe she suffered a breakdown. NXIVM and Raniere might have played a role.”

Has anyone talked to Medred about his article and asked who was interviewed? Who were these “friends” who talked to him?

Kristin Snyder

And he said about Kristin’s note– that NXIVM later offered a different opinion as to the note.

“In truth of fact, that note was not found in the vehicle,” its court complaint against Ross charged. “According to the official police report, a different note was left behind in the vehicle, and said note made no mention of NXIVM or Executive Success Programs. A woman who worked as a lawyer for NXIVM on the Ross litigation (according to a FR report) was present at the intensive. Did she give this information to the police?


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  • To be honest, I have only read the comments on a select few articles, but in those I did read they seem to separate Clifford from Raniere, but I’m afraid this fails to recognize that Clifford also attended ESP courses, including that where Snyder was last seen. The only way this case makes sense to me is if Clifford was either involved with or coerced by NXIVM, if not by/with Raniere himself. Between high-ranking members having been in attendance in the days leading up to her death, to the awkward behavior and actions that Clifford displayed, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that she, like Snyder and so many others, would have been reprogrammed to abide by anything NXIVM asked, even if that meant killing or helping to cover up the death of her wife? Although she stated she was not upset about a suggested pregnancy, (whether this was true or not), would it be that hard to imagine she may have been jealous about Snyder’s relationship with Keith, not because of her marriage vows, but because Clifford was in love with Keith, as well? Also, being as NXIVM members adored him so much, would it be out of the ordinary to assume that the couple may have even wanted Keith’s child?

    Clifford did notify authorities where to look but was also reportedly in the course “for hours” after Kris had left. If Clifford did do something, it seems that it would have been easier if the member who had taken Kris out of the intensive was still in possession of her in one way or another.

    While it does not prove anything, I also found it interesting that Snyder and Clifford’s names were so far away from each other on the sign-in list from that day’s ESP course. If Clifford was not angry at Snyder, would they have been next to each other in line, or were they separated by the higher ranks? I would also like to know who “E.V. Clifford” is, the name directly underneath Snyder’s. Is this a mere coincidence that there are two Clifford’s in the same intensive in Anchorage? I live in California, so I realize I don’t understand the population of Alaska, but I’d imagine that similar last names would be more a more significant correlation there than they would be here. It would at least be something to investigate, unless it has been already, and I just missed the article…

  • These statements seem to imply that they were all involved in the death. Is this what you think? If so, that is big.

  • I would like to see this unsolved mystery come to a resolution. What really happened? It’s bothering me… if it were proven beyond a reasonable doubt, it could be a smoking gun of criminal conduct in the very least of someone involved with NXIVM if not Raniere himself. Right now it’s a lot of dirty-looking smoke which looks incriminating.

  • Frank was given the story on my ONLY sister, Kristin Marie Snyder, by Kristin O’keefe- and asked to go and interview her partner, Heidi Clifford at that time. He did so. In 2017, Frank found out that Kristin had been sexually assaulted- and was pregnant- but that did NOT come to my families attention, until 2018- when Frank and ID Discovery came to our home.
    We sat down at the kitchen table, and called Heidi Clifford- Kris’ partner- and she let us in on the “rape and pregnancy issue of my sister. It was NOT until then, that we found out. I have the conversation, and the dates and times that Frank & the crew were here.
    We were outraged that this had been kept from us- we NEVER knew in 2017- NEVER. This whole “theory” B.S. is just that- B.S. we don’t know what happened to Kris- but Frank told us he was going to be talking to several people of interest- we NEVER got a report of what cane out of those conversations, if anything.
    We have also tried, a number of times to reach Frank by phone, NO answer- I have the dates and times that I have called- NO answer. To be an investigator- that is NOT the way to conduct “business” for an investigator.
    Frank doesn’t want to listen when we do call him- as someone once said- “he wants his OWN “ way.
    The Snyder family has moved on to finding someone else to help with this problem- people who will listen and NOT ignore us.
    Being an investigator- means being there day and night- Frank has NOT- he has traded us off to his own little “retarded minions”who we don’t even know- he never follows up- and does NOT give my family & me updates on ANYTHING- this is the “REAL” story of what has gone on in the investigation of Kristin Marie Snyder. We have others working on this case- there is enough to convict one person already. Frank does NOT want to hear or see it. He is too busy writing about his HERO- the killer. This is why he can’t work on the case. Keith is his HERO- and this is why Kris’ case has gotten drug through the freaking mud. Everything is about Keith- Frank’s hero killer. The victims have been left behind for a long time

    • Kim – I would not say Keith is my hero. I write about him because he is one of the central topics of this blog.

    • Kim,

      I hate to take Frank’s side of anything (cuz I hate that liberal bastard and hope he gets ASS CANCER before 2021 is over).

      But on this particular issue, you are wrong to ridicule Frank and to claim that he abandoned you —- since Frank will talk to anybody, anytime, and I find it hard to believe that he threw you under the bus like that.


      I fear that your new investigator is giving you FALSE HOPE because, based on what you’ve told us, you seem to believe that your investigator has already compiled enough evidence to actually convict somebody within NXIVM —– which is simply NOT TRUE.

      You (and your investigators) do NOT have enough evidence to convict anybody of murdering Kristin, as you falsely claimed.

      How do I know that?

      Because you don’t even have enough evidence to assert “probable cause” yet, which is all you need to get somebody arrested.

      It’s much easier to get somebody arrested than convicted, yet your investigators can’t even manage to make a SIMPLE ARREST with their so-called ‘evidence’, lol.

      I fear that you’re being played for a fool, Kim.

      How much are you paying these so-called investigators?

      What’s the going rate for FALSE HOPE? Please tell us.

      Kristin’s death is still ‘officially’ ruled as a suicide by law enforcement.

      Thus, HOW THE FUCK are you gonna get somebody ‘convicted’ soon, if you can’t even get law enforcement to change the cause of death from suicide to something else?

      In my not-so-humble opinion, Ms. Clifford is a stronger suspect than Keith. I had assumed that you already agreed with this COMMON SENSE logic, but I guess that I was wrong. Oh well. Keep up with your fantasies.

      Please tell your investigator that IF he (or she) truly has enough evidence to CONVICT somebody already, then WHY THE FUCK can’t that mother fucker even get anybody ARRESTED, lol.

      Kim, your entire ‘investigation’ doesn’t sound serious to me.

      One final note… You should stop expecting Frank to be there “night and day” for you —— cuz that’s not what he promised to do.

      You’re a big girl and he has no obligation to treat you like a little baby who needs somebody holding her hand 24/7.

      PS — Frank, please don’t let Kim pressure you to stop posting on this topic. Don’t fold to her pressure. Although I don’t care if you post about Kristin’s death ever again, I just hate to see people fold under pressure from juvenile-sounding threats.

      This case has received media attention (i.e., the people involved are now “limited-purpose public figures”, under the law) —— so Kim cannot legally stop you from reporting about it.

      Have a nice day.

  • Thank you, Anthony-!!!!!! My ONLY sister’s death is being used as a story to keep our family upset. It is ALL theory and NO facts, and we have asked that it be stopped ASAP.

    We have gone through enough HELL in the last 17, almost 18 years- to deal with. People want to keep the speculation going, when, we as a family have enough to file on, but people don’t want to listen when we say enough is enough.

    People want to be part of the story who are NOT, and who have dropped the ball from the get-go.

    Kris’ memory should be “cherished” but instead- our family has to be continuously tortured by the nightmare of her death.

    We have asked that this writing on her stop but no one listens, so we are now taking legal steps to stop it.

    Kris is our family member, and we want to be left alone and left to our privacy and to start a whole new year without BS

    • Kim, you have asked me many times to continue the investigation and publish articles about your sister’s disappearance. But it was I who reopened the case when I discovered that Kristin was claiming she was pregnant with Raniere’s child. That was something I brought to your family.

      As long as we have a chance to find the truth we will keep publishing articles, just as your previously requested.

      • Wouldn’t it make sense to respect the family’s wishes even if they may have said differently previously?

    • If you don’t like the stories, then stop reading them. You can’t stop people from writing stories, it would violate the First Amendment, so taking “legal steps” will go nowhere. Save the money to buy more red, white, and blue beads.

  • How many suicides have ended up with a missing body? I find it extremely unusual that the mind set of a suicide victim would want to make their body disappear. Frank…can you get a suicide expert to comment on this?

    • I agree, it is extremely unusual to have a missing body in a suicide situation; people who decide to go through with it usually want to make sure that they are seen, even if it’s that one last time. I would also love to see a suicide expert comment on this situation.

    • A lot of people go missing that are never found, and at least some, if not many, of them were suicides. You are trying to prove a negative, which is impossible.

  • Kristin’s domestic partner, Ms. Clifford, is the number one suspect if Kristin didn’t kill herself. Not Keith.

    Keith had no motive to kill Kristin. Without a motive, murder doesn’t happen.

    NXIVM employees don’t lift a finger without Keith’s approval so they didn’t kill her either.

    WHY would Keith kill a crazy woman for NO reason? Remember, his life was ALREADY FILLED with other crazy women who had BETRAYED HIM far worse? LOL.

    According to Frank, Kristin wasn’t really pregnant which means Keith had no motive there either.

    …and if she WAS pregnant, then her domestic partner (Ms. Clifford) had a stronger motive to kill her than Keith —— since Kristin cheated on Ms. Clifford (an ugly, disgusting looking woman) with a man and betrayed her partner’s trust.

    Guess what? You don’t murder somebody and risk the rest of your life behind bars WITHOUT A SERIOUS REASON.

    No pregnancy? —– then no reason for Keith to murder her.

    Pregnancy? —— then Ms. Clifford is a stronger suspect than Keith.

    Either way, case closed.

    Besides, NXIVM tried to bill her estate for money owed after her death. If they had REALLY killed her then they’d have NEVER billed her estate for money —— since nobody commits murder and then SCREAMS to police “please investigate me”.

    Sorry, but even Kim Snyder knows that it was either ‘suicide’ OR Ms. Clifford killed Kristin.

    That distant place, 3 hours away (where she found the kayak) is a place that Ms. Clifford would have known that Kristin visited. NXIVM would not have known.

    Case closed. I have proved my case too many times to rehash all the other evidence.

    PS — Police can’t force a SINGLE person to be interviewed. Nobody is required to give an interview to law enforcement. A grand jury could compel people to testify but there’s not enough evidence for a grand jury investigation —— since you can’t convene a grand jury to hear evidence based on gossip fodder and no serious evidence.

    Besides, Keith is already doing 120 years in jail. What difference would it make if he got an extra 2 years for enticing somebody else to commit suicide, which is the only crime he could be convicted of here —— since nobody is gonna admit to murder 20 years after the fact WITH NO BODY and NO EVIDENCE.

    Case closed.

    Have a wonderful day.

    • — and if she WAS pregnant, then her domestic partner (Ms. Clifford) had a stronger motive to kill her than Keith —— since Kristin cheated on Ms. Clifford (an ugly, disgusting looking woman) with a man and betrayed her partner’s trust.

      Not really true. If Kim was mind fucked and raped by Keith and he got her pregnant and during an intensive she started to have a psychotic episode where she revealed this information for the first time to Keith’s minions and it was heard by him through his slimy grapevine, then he had an even a greater motive to off Kim than Ms. Clifford.

      Case closed.

  • I don’t know much about this story, but I’m sorry someone died/suicide/murdered is a pretty serious accusation. It seems that it’s trying to link this women’s death with an intensive/esp/Keith which is very unlikely as over 17K people went through training and some were related to Keith and as far as what I’ve learned from this group, there’s no other situation like this or even a charge. No one else has commented on this so it is basically someone’s word against another. I’m sorry but let’s not use the controversy of the horrible stuff nxivm/Keith is accused of to resolve such a serious case. Let’s respect the family and people who were affected by this loss and not speculate on someone’s memory.

    • Dig deeper. Under oath testimony. Drugging of Nxivm class taker who flipped. Local hospital accounts of Nxivm intensive. Students having breakdowns needing clinical care.

    • Totally agree. It also makes out the intensive like some nightmarish cult inculcation session which was simply not true, with none I have been to.

  • I forced myself to watch the entire “Introduction to The Source” video featuring The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™ and Allison (not allowed to eat a Big) Mack last night.


    Pretty weird to watch that skeleton thin woman making a show of fawning over her doofus “Vanguard.”

    On the one hand, his nonsense salad tying words together he thinks sound impressive but add up to nothing was funny. Anyone who paid attention in an Intro to Psychology class has the knowledge necessary to see through his hot air. I love how he talks about “behaviorism” and “humanism” and displays absolutely no awareness of how diametrically opposed these schools of thought are.

    On the other hand, the way he starts planting the seeds of coercive thought reform is chilling. He is a highly-skilled, diabolical manipulator. I was impressed with how he chuckled while presenting a breezy, light humiliating version of the doom imagination exercise use by EST/Landmark and Tony Robbins. And then follows that up with “Well… everyone is laughing at you, but so what, it’s not the real you they are laughing at. The real you has nothing to do with your actions.” Ye olde cult degradation/love bomb whipsaw, combined with ethics where actions don’t matter.

    And then the stuff about how experiencing pain is the highest form of love.

    Creativity = delving into your worst insecurities.

    Dropping suicide into an intro lesson!

    I could go on for a while about the ways he went back and forth between empty word salad and subtle victim grooming, but I don’t want to make it easy for the folk who want to follow in his evil shoes. However, I’ll say that all the abuse that follows is encapsulated in this 29-minute video.

    I can easily see how pursuing this line over an entire intensive, and even more, a series of intensives, would drive someone to have a psychotic break and become suicidal. I can also easily see how someone caught up in this morass could plan, commit and cover up murder.

    NXIVM techniques are powerfully dangerous. The world is safer with Raniere never walking the earth as a free man.

    I agree with Anon2 that there are others walking free who are a danger to those around them.

    Anyone who has been involved in any sort of leadership capacity in this cult needs to be outed and monitored to ensure no repeat performance.

    • Excellent nxidvmdvm. Yes to all you say including the caution against making things easy for the fellow travelers. It’s hard work to understand the ramifications and damage that can arise from misunderstanding or as I see among the apologists, wilful misappropriation of knowledge – like the civil engineer who knew better than to listen to his teachers/discipline – and whose only bridge collapsed beneath the only one he could get to stand on it – his dog.

    • Thank you so much for understanding! And sitting through that horrible source thing! Ha ha ha. I really mean it. I have never shared about my friend who had the breakdown. Ever. You seem educated. And I did wonder if that was the difference. Whether it is self education or college etc. People who got really sucked in and deeply affected vs. Say, me. Or maybe underlying psych issues? I know people the age we were may be right at the age where mental illness presents but maybe it hasn’t just yet. Like the kids who go off to college and freak out? So many questions! But in these intensives they control when you eat. Everything. I was followed to the bathroom! I was like, ” wtf! ” did they think I was escaping?!

  • MK10ART-

    —MK10ART – Kristin Snyder on a kayak — but did she really commit suicide on a kayak?

    Great sketch up top!!!

  • Those of you who took your payoffs, told your lies for whatever reason and remain in stoney silence about what happened to Kris Snyder, to any of the Lost Women of NXIVM, despite the opportunity to atone and cleanse your conscious over your participation in, if not a crime, most certainly a deliberate, on-going coverup of the facts and truth are perpetrating continued, profound harm to yourselves, to the family and loved ones of these victims and humanity.

  • Nancy Salzman, according to group leader “participants,” was running the Anchorage intensive show and advising the group leaders about Kristin Snyder and about what to do about her “disruptiveness” to their “group.” Whatever happened to Kristin Snyder was “what” Nancy Salzman ordered to happen, to say the least. She has striven to conceal this ever since. However, it cannot be concealed, so tough luck.

    Another thing to note is that Kristin’s first intensive was partially run directly by Nancy Salzman. She is the one who urged Kristin to be in personal contact with Raniere and who arranged to pimp her out to him, as a lesbian whom Raniere could have some fun “conquering.” I do wish that people would look much more deeply and with analytical detachment, about the character who is Nancy Salzman and break through illusions concerning her position as well as her intentions. Research, then opine.

    She has left a trail much bigger than Hansel and Gretel’s witchy hag ever did. Puh-leeze, pay attention to this trail, as perhaps the next Nancy whom you see will be recognizable to your discriminative abilities before she can do damages, rather than afterwards.

    • Yes.

      There will always be sheep and wolves to devour them, but we must not allow ourselves or those we care about to be eaten.

      • Yes it does, very much. Lisa McPherson’s body, however, didn’t vanish. No one amongst the Scientologists assigned to sequester her so radically has ever been held accountable for what occurred. But if you have seen photos of her after her death, you won’t be able to forget them. It’s simply heartbreaking.

        For the most complete info about Lisa McPherson and her experiences as a Scientologist, one can refer to the Underground Bunker, Tony Ortega’s platform. There are many articles about Lisa and about the circumstances prior to and surrounding her death. Please be ready to feel outrage and deep sorrow, if this is anyone’s first look at the story of Lisa McPherson. It is not easy to imagine, never mind to face.

        One of the main things about investigating cult dysfunctionalities is to study many cults, the world over. Then certainly, you start to be able to observe many prevalent patterns of behavior throughout these group dynamics. There are distinct patterns to be analyzed concerning these personality countenance, those characteristics to be found within not only cult leadership but also in those who fall for their purported delusions.

        When I say that I’ve seen Nancy Salzman’s behavior and her typology before, this is no joke. Two women more “prominent” than Nancy Salzman, within two different organizations, both of whom were playing leadership roles in the guru game, have tried personally to scoop me into their ego crap, masquerading as ” spirituality.”

        One interesting factor is that both women were vengeful when it was understood that I will not ever “surrender” my will or comply, or be told what or how to think, to pray, to love or anything else – what to wear, lipstick or no lipstick, how one eats, blah blah blah.

        First you are courted, an attempt is made at a smooth recruitment to some kind of a “cause.” Then if you keep aloof and don’t melt into a pile of butter, the marvelous “you,” who was oh so wanted (for WHAT, really?) is on Someone’s shitlist. So when you do not produce the required reactions, evidently your splendor and marvelousness evaporates. Unh huh. Well fuck that nonsense! Do not be available to be captured. Stay true to yourself, because essentially you are just FODDER, worth worse than nada if you do not comply with imprisoning yourself.

        Lisa McPherson was breaking down, emotionally and mentally. She received the exact opposite of any genuine help. It is almost too painful to even begin to describe. She was also Scientology leader, David Miscavige’s, personal student leading up to her demise. This cannot be hidden. Nor can what happened to Lisa be hidden. Many ex-Scientologists have fought for the truth to emerge about Lisa’s treatment by the Clearwater, Fl. based Scientologists and specifically regarding those individuals who are known to have guarded her, kept her isolated, during the weeks leading up to her death. Lisa has family who have never recovered from this tragic loss although some pathetic form of recompense was offered to them, eventually and without any acknowledgment about how Scientologists treated Lisa.

        In Clearwater, there’s a small memorial to Lisa. It has been relocated at least once, because some people in Clearwater are compelled to damage it, even to this day.

        And Lisa died on December 5th, 1995. She was only 36. Unforgettable. Yet as you study the antics of other groups who tolerate fascism as their governance, you learn how many “Lisas” have been lost. These are people who were seeking knowledge and ways to understand themselves and our world, and who instead were destroyed. Destroyed by cruelty, deception, concealment and lies, way beyond coldhearted.

        • Oh Shivani, I know – I’ve seen the pics, I lived in Clearwater when all that went down, I’m VERY familiar with that case. I worked with numerous ex-scientologists, I’m way too familliar with all the “Lisas” who’ve been lost. And you’re right, there are SO many people who should be held accountable but never will be, at least not in Lisa’s case. Scientolgy bought the town and they rule it with a lot of money.

        • Oh yes, Shivani, there are many “Lisas” who have been lost all over the world!! 😪 In cults, in churches, in political and economical life… The list doesn’t stop here. Abusive leaders and abusive behavior of any kind can be found everywhere, even in the smallest group. Even on the internet… 😥

  • I agree. This very sad case is solvable. Lgat’s have a well-documented record for causing breakdowns. I can attest from first-person experience. A very close young friend of mine completely lost her mind after a series of intensives. It did not affect me in that manner. And I never would have predicted this outcome for the friend. One of the happiest, most positive people. A professional comedian. Let me say that again: you (like me) may have had a benign or even positive experience. That is not the case for every participant. It is the responsibility of the host of the lgat to take every possible precaution that the attendees are safe and have the professional support they need in the event of a breakdown. For this reason alone I blame Nxivm. If I knew what I know now back then – I would never, ever have exposed myself to such a dangerous, unregulated, unprofessional situation. And my friend… It is not a dissimilar tale of unnecessary pain. Again, it is the fault of ESP/Nxivm. Even if you do not blame them for Kristen breaking down, they were negligent in handling the aftermath. My prayers for closure and justice for this precious soul. And her family and her friends. What a loss. A preventable one. This case can be solved. It must be solved.

    • @Anonymous

      You said,

      Lgat’s have a well-documented record for causing breakdowns. I can attest from first-person experience. A very close young friend of mine completely lost her mind after a series of intensives.

      Alas, you are right. I can affirm the truth of what you’ve been sharing here, also from first-hand experience. Whether the reason was peer pressure or some manipulation technique like hypnosis or NLP, the responsibility for a mental breakdown of an attendee during an intensive lies fully with the operator and event organizer. I once was told (not by NXIVM ppl but by similar wannabe teachers) that if such a thing happened, ‘life itself’ (whatever that might have meant) would take care of someone who might have been triggered during such an intensive. So, they also knew about it, but they didn’t care! Even a psychologist was part of it all. Yuk!!

      NXIVM is responsible for what they did to Kristin Snyder. All those who did not dare to speak up back then, please, take courage, and do it now.

      • Unfortunately, the Frank Report has urged specific individuals, even ones who have been named here publicly and who are known, to be forthcoming. Frank has even offered to assist such a person or persons with help regarding legal representation. One such individual, in particular, appears to have been paid off by Nxivm/Salzman workings. I can name her right now, thanks to Frank Parlato. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

        • Oh, and let us not forget Clare Bronfman’s “generosity” to certain Alaskans or the goodwill tour of K.K., subsequent to Ms. Snyder’s vanishing. Where is my barf bag, Maria dear?

        • Frank has no power to grant ANY LEEWAY to somebody that’s a party to murder.

          So why the fuck would they come forward now?

          Nor can Frank GIVE free attorney services to anybody —— since he sure as fuck ain’t gonna foot those bills himself.

          Go ahead and ask Frank if he’ll foot those attorney bills. I promise you he won’t respond. Nor does he know any SERIOUS attorneys who will rep that NXIVM bitch for free.

          As for the payoff you mentioned…

          Are you talking about the $50k snack bar lady, LOL?

          You’re really reaching now. That’s not evidence of murder. That’s gossip fodder.

          Claviger is always talking about not convicting people based on weak evidence cuz he believes in people’s rights, yet he remains silent when Frank and Shivani talk about this WEAK payoff evidence.

          Hey Claviger. Stop remaining silent about this WEAK evidence. What would you argue if a client of yours were facing equally weak evidence?

          Do you have the BALLS to publicly disagree with Frank’s theory about Kristin’s death? Or are you just a good little soldier who won’t dare disagree with Frank Parlato?

          Claviger needs to write an article that examines why the evidence is too weak to ever charge Keith in Kristin’s death. Claviger needs to have the BALLS to play devil’s advocate here. Otherwise, he’s not a real defense attorney and doesn’t stand by his own principles.

          • Yes, in ways it’s subtle. Yet in other ways, this usury of minds, hearts and souls is so blatant. This knowing of the self is inner and outer working of one’s own awareness and is really intensely personal. No one is precisely the same. There is no authority who can transform someone’s consciousness. That would be exceedingly unusual.

            Really, no one else can ever do it for you, your inner work, by its very nature, is one’s own. Independence is not furthered by co-dependency. Yet cults and churches and clubs of any kind might have leaders. Those leaders, however in actuality, are offering a disguised or rearranged form of co-dependency, since groups without members cease to exist. Leaders without a herd have nothing to do or to undo.

        • You need to name that person and provide details not only herewith, Shivani, but to the FBI first and foremost — as does Frank. We’re not playing tiddlywinks. Failure to disclose information or making a false statement omitting and obscuring the facts could cost more lives.

          …that’s especially true if you believe Frank‘s theory that premeditated murder was involved, believe Kristin Keeffe that Kris Snyder and Gina are alive in hiding and she was among those poisoned, or her or The Rat’s confessions about hyper-assisted suicide.

          A PAY OFF from Nancy Salzman? You can’t just leave that here.

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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