UPDATED INFORMATION AS OF JANUARY 7th: Raniere Moved Out of MDC – in Route to Another Prison, Possibly Tucson

The MDC Quarantine Unit. Keith Raniere seems to have been bypassed for this little protocol,

Frank Report has confirmed that Keith Raniere spent last night at the U.S. Penitentiary (USP) in Lewisburg, PA. Here is how he is listed today in the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Inmate Locator system:

Register Number: 57005-177
Age: 60
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Lewisburg USP
Release Date: 06/27/2120

Such a listing could mean one of two things: (1) Keith (and the other federal prisoners on the same bus transporting him) stopped at the  Lewisburg prison for the night – and will be back on the road today; or (2) Keith has been assigned to Lewisburg at least until his restitution hearing is over and his appeal has been filed. 

If Lewisburg is only a transient stop, then Keith could still have been assigned to the USP in Tucson, AZ – or to some other federal facility.  Regardless of where he’s been assigned, he may go through the Federal Transfer Center (FTC) in Oklahoma City, OK – which is where the BOP often houses prisoners who are en route to another location. 

FTC Oklahoma City, OK

If he does end up in the Oklahoma City facility, Keith might get lucky and catch a Con-Air flight to his assigned location. Otherwise, he’ll spend several more days on a federal bus.

Frank Report is currently trying to track down a new rumor about Keith’s status. Once we know more about that, we’ll share the info with our readers.


Where Is Keith Raniere?

Keith Raniere was moved out of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center [MDC] at about 4 AM on Wednesday, January 6th, according to a source within the prison.

Earlier, Raniere learned that the federal Bureau of Prisons [BOP] was planning to move him to another prison (He reportedly has been assigned to the USP in Tucson Arizona). He has been at the MDC since April 2018.

Sometime during the day, yesterday, prison officials came to his cell and removed his belongings. Based on the BOP’s typical Coronavirus protocol, Raniere was expected to be quarantined for 7-12 days and/or tested for COVID prior to being transferred.

Learning that the BOP planned to move him as early as in one week, his lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean filed a letter last night asking Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to recommend that Raniere be held in Brooklyn for several months in order for her to be able to consult with him in person while preparing the appeal and preparing for restitution hearings likely to be scheduled in February.

See Bill Cosby’s Lawyer to Represent Keith Raniere — Jennifer Bonjean to Handle Appeal; Files Letter to Halt Raniere Transfer From MDC to Tucson.

Bonjean told Frank Report in a statement, “I am most concerned that as a result of the Government’s eagerness to transfer Mr. Raniere, I will not be afforded the opportunity to meet with my client. He is a critical asset to his own defense and he will be greatly prejudiced if I am unable to meet with him over the course of the next several months as we prepare the briefs in his case.”

Jennifer Bonjean, Keith Raniere’s new lawyer.

Within hours of Bonjean filing her request from the judge to keep Raniere in Brooklyn, and without being quarantined and without a COVID test, Raniere was removed from MDC, making Bonjean’s letter moot.

“If you write a letter to a judge asking him to intervene, the BOP speeds things up,” said a lawyer familiar with BOP procedures. “They may have removed Raniere in the dead of night just to ensure the judge would not order keeping Raniere in Brooklyn in the morning.”

It is not known where Raniere is presently, though one source familiar with federal prisoner transfer protocol out of MDC said he likely was put on a bus headed to Oklahoma City, where he will remain for several days for processing before being moved to Tucson.

The bus ride would probably take at least two days.

The source also said he might possibly have been flown.

Raniere would travel in handcuffs and shackles and a belly chain and possibly “the black box,” a plastic casing over the chain linking the handcuffs, to further hamper movement.

He might be attired in a paper uniform to make escape problematic since the uniform will fall apart if the prisoner makes sudden movements or it gets wet.

According to PrisonerResources.com “The typical federal prison bus is a tandem-axel, diesel-engine, Greyhound- or Trailsways-type motor coach which has been converted … The conversions include a steel, gated screen at the front of the bus to separate the bus driver and an armed prison guard from the prisoners. The lockable gate allows access to the passenger area where two rows of non-adjustable double seats provide nominally comfortable, fixed seating for approximately 40 federal prisoners and detainees. Windows are generally barred or screened on the interior side, but allow mostly for unimpeded views through standard dark-tinted glass. At the rear of the bus is a semi-private toilet which is opposite a cage for a second armed prison guard. Guards on the bus are armed with both lethal and nonlethal weaponry…

“Bus rides may last anywhere from two to 12 hours or more, depending on the destination and the number of stops made along the way to pick-up or drop-off prisoners. Longer trips may last more than one day, in which case federal prisoners being transported are held overnight (or longer) in detention centers or other holdover facilities (often in the segregated housing units of federal prisons).

“If prisoners are going to be on the bus for several hours, it is not uncommon for the prison guards on board to ask a lower-custody level inmate to act as a bus orderly. If the prisoner agrees, their restraints are sometimes fully or partially removed so that they can move around the bus more easily. They may be required to retrieve water for fellow inmates from a cooler at the back of the bus if there is no bottled water on board, or to pass out packaged meals at mealtimes, after which they collect the trash.

“If no prisoner is asked to be a bus orderly, or if none accept the position, the prison guard at the front of the bus will pass the packaged meals through a slot in the gated screen at mealtimes and the prisoners in turn pass them back from seat to seat until everyone has a meal. If bottled water is not available, prisoners must get up and make their way to the water cooler at the back of the bus when they need a drink. Before leaving their seat for any reason, it is advised that prisoners inform the prison guards of their intent to avoid alarm.

“Most trips aboard a federal prison bus are uneventful, but if trouble should arise, inmates should remain seated or move calmly away, if necessary and possible. During such an event, everyone on board is at risk of being sprayed with CS gas, other chemical agents, or even of being fired upon with live or nonlethal ammunition if the situation gets out of hand.

“Upon arrival at their final destination, prisoners are escorted off the bus to the facility’s R&D area to await processing into their designated federal prison.”

Keith Raniere might have taken a plane to his next destination.

Such is the fate of the Vanguard. He went from a venerated leader of a tightknit community, where his every whim was law, to be corralled in the dead of night in chains, put on a prison bus, fed the equivalent of gruel on the way, and headed to a destination unknown, whisked away from the proper legal consultation he should be afforded with his attorney.

One has to wonder if the recent spate of criticism by Raniere and his followers of the judge, the prosecutors and the BOP – and the knowledge that there was going to be a high profile appeal – caused his sudden removal from MDC, almost ensuring meetings with his attorney will be next to impossible.





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  • Being shipped out to an unknown destination at a moment’s notice.. I understand this is ostensibly for security purposes, to prevent escape, etc, but there has to be a better way, even for Raniere. I imagine this is normal operating procedure. Very inhumane.

  • Why is it not known where Rainiere was transferred? Why is he not allowed to speak personally with his lawyer? Does it increase the probability that a prisoner will get Covid when transferred to another prison? what is the intention of moving it suddenly

  • It was Raniere’s decision to change attorneys.

    He knew he wouldn’t be able to stay at the MDC forever, its not a prison.

    If his attorney needs to travel to defend him, so be it. He made his legal bed, now he gets to lay in it. He will be a crybaby about it and say, it’s not fair.

    It’s not fair is always his cry because he is not an example of his so called technology.

    IF Raniere was an example of what he taught, he’d Be At Cause and could see how he was the “causing agent” in his new attorney needing to travel to his new location to be brought up to speed on his case.

    He is just playing the victim game and blaming the court system for what he has brought upon himself.

    I’d suggest that he get some EM’s, journal on what he gets out of being a victim, blaming others.

    There has to be someone in the NXIVM Five or one of the many who wrote letters of support that has some NX tech skills that can help him.

    Jimmy Del Negro was a head trainer, he could.

  • I suppose it is entirely a coincidence that the NXIVM koolaid drinkers only got interested in US prison reform after their “Vanguard” was arrested.

    It can’t be just about self-interest. No way, no how.

    NXIVM is the most noble organization on the planet working to promote human rights and dignity.

  • He won’t be sent to a Supermax Torture Facility, and that’s a good thing. They are a blot on the USA’s already disgraceful human rights record.

    The US needs to stop executing and torturing its citizens if it wants to portray itself as a civilized nation.

    “According to the Prison Policy Initiative, an estimated 37% of people incarcerated in US state and federal prisons have a diagnosed mental illness, as do an estimated 44% of incarcerated people in local jails. And studies have shown that approximately half of all suicides and incidents of self-harm in American prisons and jails occur among people held in solitary confinement.”

    – David Fathi.

  • When Keith was kidnapped he was sent to MDC in Brooklyn, isolated, and denied bail. That prevented him and his lawyers to prepare a proper defense for the trial.

    Now Keith´s new lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, requested Judge Garaufis to keep Keith in MDC to allow communication for the approaching appealing process.

    Before the judge decided, the BOP speeds up and move Keith to another location, far away, preventing again a proper defense.

    Why do they need to prevent proper defense?

    Is the system really looking for justice, as they should and paid for?

    Or they need to validate at all costs what they have already done?

    • Keith wasn’t kidnapped. Do you Vanguard loyalists read? At all? Or just post the same thing over & over with nothing to back it up? I wasn’t that concerned about the remaining cult members, before. But your inability to absorb or retain information is alarming. Your critical thinking skills are shot. Your unwillingness to back the same claims with “data”. You present as – well, closed-minded. That’s the least derogatory way I could frame it. Seek help. Please!

    • Nothing needs to be ‘validated.’ Due process has been done. It’s up to Raniere’s lawyers to prove any fault. Until then, the court’s actions are valid.

  • All those wringing their hands over vanguard’s move. You can believe this or not but most prisoners are eager to get to their assigned prison once they are sentenced. Several reasons 1.) The prisons are usually ( not always) better than the jails. 2) they will have more freedom once they are moved 3) things like college classes, jobs, even healthcare are often unavailable until you are transferred. I could list more reasons. It is an incredibly odd but true part of the convict journey. And it is not unusual to be transferred multiple times during a prison sentence It can happen abruptly and for no discernible reason. While it is good to question the prison system they have a bureaucratic logic of their own and you probably won’t get satisfactory answers.

    • We’ll be doing more reporting about Keith’s status in an upcoming post – but, to answer your question, the BOP’s Inmate Locator System indicates that Keith is still in USP Lewisburg today.

  • Hmmm- transfer without the usual Covid protocol? Why is it that Raniere is getting treatment different from others? Makes me question BOP actions to treat people treated differently.

    If it is because of the NXIVM supporters’ actions, then I don’t understand what that has to do with treating Raniere special. How does other people exercising their 1st amendment right to free speech result in treating him differently?

    • Let’s be clear on what we’ve reported on Frank Report:
      – We have been informed by a usually reliable source that Keith has been moved from MDC.

      – We have been informed by a usually reliable source that Keith has been assigned to the U.S. Penitentiary in Tucson, AZ (This seems to have been confirmed by Keith’s new lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, in her recent letter to U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis).

      -We reported that Keith apparently spent his first night after leaving MDC at the U.S. Penitentiary in Lewisburg, PA (We confirmed that information via the Bureau of Prison’s Prisoner Locator System).

      – We have raised the question as to whether Keith went through MDC’s normal quarantine procedures for federal prisoners who are being transferred from that facility to a different location.

      We don’t know whether Keith was treated the same as — or different from — other prisoners being transferred from MDC to other locations.

      • Have you ruled out that subterranean SuperMax Option in Colorado that Mr. Agnifilo indicated may be appropriate to spare Keith’s allegedly virginal anus? …In addition to the Edgar Bronfman hauntings and MS13 gangs and such that continue to plague poor Keith.

        And what with all this talk of FR having condemned Keith’s bunghole by falsely labeling him a “CHOMO,” what of that problemo Keith claims awaits him, surely.

        BTW, Albert inquisitor, it’s “do” not “does,” proofread, proofread, every comment counts – for or against your purpose. Or are you being paid as I asked you (collectively, y’all) on another thread?

        Also, Albert Asker, you need to redo your at-cause modules bc ya’ll need to stop your victim whining and take responsibility for putting Keith where he is today and will be tomorrow and for the next 120 years.

        Thanks for the BOP tracking updates Clav, and Mr. Asunsolo for providing the details of Keith’s “special” treatment on his prison journey.

        • Based on our sources, it appears that Keith has been assigned to serve his 120-year sentence at USP Tucson, AZ.

          • Rural Tucson seems to be a rather fitting ending for little Keith to serve out the rest of his life. No more worries about frozen toilets or other chilly and inhospitable/barbaric conditions compared to MDC. From what I gather, Keith did prefer a warmer climate for his circle blow jobs (Mexico) and so I think he will do well here. Over and out.

    • No criminal is treated the same, you kool-aid drinkers, because they are different and committed different crimes. A murderer is not going to be treated the same as a tax evader. Similar crimes will warrant similar treatment, and worse criminals will be treated more severely than lesser ones. The world has never been equal in theory or in practice, and that isn’t justice anyway. Justice is FAIR treatment, meaning it takes into consideration context, whatever that is. In the context of sports teams’ tryouts, it’s giving every athlete time the same opportunities to compete to see who is better skilled. In the context of the criminal justice system, that is why it is called a right to a FAIR trial.

      VanGrifter doesn’t want FAIR treatment. He wants SPECIAL treatment like he’s had for the past two decades or more, whether that was in his cult, and now while he is in jail.

  • Thank you, Frank, for staying on top of collecting these updates and making them so readily available!

    I was shocked to read the quote, “If you write a letter to a judge asking him to intervene, the BOP speeds things up.” What a horribly abusive system. It’s like the system regularly kicks inmates when they’re down. This is not a civilized justice/penitentiary system, and I do believe such a thing is possible, just not yet realized in the USA.

    • Sky and deep-sea bottom!

      Do you ever worry about murder victims and about their rights to due legal process having been violated by your beloved serial killers, the ones you obsess over, before they strangle, shoot their victims????

      No need to reply. S[redacted]

  • Que no permitan al acusado reunirse con su abogado para preparar su defensa, la justicia americana está teniendo actitudes que atentan contra el Estado Derecho.

  • I believe Bonjean’s point is valid regarding the time constraints created by Raniere’s move to AZ. The attorneys I know work very long hours. Traveling cross country is a huge time suck. People who have had careers where you work 80hrs a week recognize that travel from east to west coast is a big deal. It’s not a matter of money, it’s a matter of time resources.

  • As the facts are, Judge Garaufis could only recommend a facility to house Raniere. The decision about where Raniere ends up and when isn’t one made or finalized by Judge Garaufis. Another point is that attorney Bonjean does have “business” in Pennsylvania already, representing Bill Cosby, if this locale for Raniere doesn’t change to a “safer” atmosphere for him in Arizona.

    Bonjean would be well-aware of what I just mentioned. She has to be in her line of work or else she’s just dumb Betsy from Pike wearing a tinfoil lawyer’s cap.

    However, there would have had to be a lot of “conspirators” at work, from New York to Pennsylvania to Texas to make Jack worry much about this particular beanstalk. Raniere and Bonjean really could have been simply too late to a party which was planned, far in advance, already in motion, prior to Bonjean’s noise, etc.

  • Two most important points of the article:

    —Within hours of Bonjean filing her request from the judge to keep Raniere in Brooklyn, and without being quarantined and without a COVID test, Raniere was removed from MDC, making Bonjean’s letter moot.

    —One has to wonder if the recent spate of criticism by Raniere and his followers of the judge, the prosecutors and the BOP – and the knowledge that there was going to be a high profile appeal – caused his sudden removal from MDC, almost ensuring meetings with his attorney will be next to impossible.

    It’s kind of outrageous if this new information is true. A defendant should not be shipped out until their first appeal has been made.

    Obviously, there was no coincidence between the two events.

    • My last sentence of my comment is meant as sarcasm.

      Extremely Important:

      The shipping out of Kieth to another prison is an event that the Frank Report should investigate and report on.

      I’ve been somewhat critical of the Frank Report’s investigation of whether or not Keith Raniere was given a fair trial.

      This event has made me feel differently. I believe it should make anyone who respects the rule of law to ask questions, especially in this instance.

      Today! We’ve all learned now that what has happened to Raniere, getting shipped out on the cusp of an attorney’s filing happens regularly.

      This report/article is one of the many reasons why I read the Frank Report.

      No other news outlet has mentioned this bureaucratic tactic before that I can recall.

  • How did he get a women lawyer and do you think she will get hypnotized by KR?… Sux he is still being treated special, but hell will be good for him, this is the only taste of heaven he will ever get.

  • It is necessary to respect the transfer order, however, the desire for immediacy is questionable. I want to make it clear, if the transfer is necessary, this must occur, however, the established procedure must be respected. The invisible hand is on the scene again.

    Thanks, Frank

  • Claviger’s comments about Keith not being afforded the right to meet with counsel are not truthful.

    Claviger is equally wrong when pondering if the BOP is trying to prevent Keith from meeting with counsel, LOL.

    He’s paying this chick TONS of money to handle his appeal, probably hundreds of thousands of dollars (up to a couple million dollars).

    Thus, she can EASILY afford to fly out to Tuscon first class (or wherever he winds up in a few days) to begin meeting with him.

    She’s being paid enough to stay at the finest luxury hotels in the area. LOL.

    She can dine at the finest restaurants of Tuscon, all paid for by Keith’s money.

    She’s being paid enough to stay in Tuscon for a couple days, then to fly back to NY to meet with other clients, then to fly back to meet with Keith whenever she needs to meet with him.

    She can repeat that pattern as often as she wants since Keith is paying her TONS of money. LOL.

    Nice try, Claviger.

    This isn’t a homeless guy be represented for free, where the attorney would have to foot those bills herself.

    I challenge Claviger to respond.

    Have a nice day.

    • Not exactly sure how to respond to your comment — because, except for today’s “update”, I didn’t write any of this post. Nor have I posted any comments about it.

      I’m not sure but it looks like you may be responding to comments that were made by Jennifer Bonjean in her letter to Judge Garaufis. If that’s not the case, please explain who you were responding to.

      Happy New Year, Bangkok. Good to have you back.

      • Clavey who’s your daddy? Bangkok is your daddy. He just spanked your ass. U—Can’t answer a question! So Bangkok dropped some knowledge on ur ass—Now wipe it off ur head. Get a suppository so there ain’t so much shit in ur head! 🙂

        • Look I said that it was OK to attack Bangkok because he said not to delete comments that did so. However, this is not a clever attack, this is just adolescent humor. You have to do better.

    • So true, Bangkok! We’re wailing over Ms. Bonjean as though she’s selling her children for sex, to scrape together pennies for a McDonald’s meal!

    • Bangkok just taught Claviger whoz his daddy. Dropping knowledge! U got Educated sucker! 🙂

      • Perhaps you didn’t read my unanswered response to Bangkok. Perhaps you did – and you’re too dense to understand it.

  • Moving Raniere to Philadelphia instead of Tucson, AZ as planned is an affront to the sterling reputation of the Salinas family.

    This is a clear effort to portray the Nexi-Mexican Elites as intent on silencing and destroying this innocent icon of justice, brutally kidnapped on Mexican soil and stripped of his due process rights to American justice!

    It also deprives Mexican citizens held in US prisons, nay, all imprisoned MS13 Latino border gangs, of their rights to prison justice and claim to any cartel contract offers on Raniere’s allegedly intact asshole.

    Pity how corrupt the US justice system has become. Truly.

  • “I am unable to meet with him over the course of the next several months…”

    She can fly to Tucson to meet with her client. So what if it’s inconvenient. Lots of people have to travel on business.

    The idea that this felon’s rights are somehow being infringed is pure hyperbole. He’s been wearing a hole in the seat of his pants at MDC for two years, his transfer to the penitentiary is in fact long overdue.

    • Yeah, Bonjean doesn’t have much to work with here.

      As they say about making purses out of sow’s ears…

      But, that doesn’t mean you can’t rack up a lot of billable hours sewing away. Especially when your client is a narcissist with a gullible, deep-pocketed acolyte footing the bill.

  • To answer all the ” How could they? Keith’s rights blah blah”. Because he’s now their ” property”. Oh, the massive irony! The man who branded women like cattle is now… Well. Cattle. If this bothers you (and I can see how it would), work to change those laws. You do realize that prisoners forfeit certain rights, correct? Like freedom? Stay in school kids! Don’t abuse others! Follow the law! Prisons for bad guys.

  • On the road again, branding Keith is on the road again…

    He’s actually quite lucky…he will get to see the NYC skyline at night, he will see a lot of the country, and Tucson has some really great steakhouses. He’s actually seeing more of the country than most Americans can these days.

    Viva Executive Success!

  • This seems like an overt action to subvert Keith’s ability to appeal – what is the government’s motive to try and subvert what seems to be fair and honest requests?

  • Ah, yes. The Federal Correction Institute in Tucson, AZ, is nothing more than a sprawling prison complex located in the middle of the desert. A few blocks away is a quaint little gift shop where some of the more creatively productive prisoners can sell their wares to the public.

  • I am really worried now! Keith always followed due legal process when ordering the incarceration if Camilla. To see him being treated this way makes me sick!

  • Hmmm… I guess The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™’s plan of having his NXIVM 5 toadies try to intimidate the judge and the prosecutors haven’t worked out well.

    How is that possible?

    NXIVM 5 needs to change their moniker to the Tuscon Twerkers. That’ll at least give them the chance to expand their merchandise line.

    This is his last chance to enjoy a view of wide-open spaces with his own eyes. He better make the most of it.

    I feel for the motorists who get bogus speeding tickets because his psychic skills cause radar detectors to give bad readings while he’s riding by.

    • Thank you for the information about how prisoners are transferred from one place to another. I wonder what the social effects of volunteering to be a bus orderly are.

  • I have to say I too wondered if the supporters’ latest antics would have a negative effect for Keith. It appeared to be true before sentencing when they were pulling their publicity stunts but, in reality, I don’t know if this is possible and I don’t know if their actions have consequences like that.

  • I don’t understand why the BOP would want/need him moved before the judge had time to act on the request. Any idea what the purpose of this might be?

  • How is it possible that they would move Keith in the middle of the night, without following COVID-19 protocols?

    Isn’t that a risk to him and to all other people he will come in contact with? This is bad.

    Also, this whole process makes it harder for him to meet with his new lawyer and prepare. This all looks very fishy to me.

    • NXIVM Point #2:

      “There are no ultimate victims; therefore, do not be a victim.”

      Raniere is not a victim. He brought this on himself.

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