Nxivm Chatter: From Brainwashing to Pedo-Cabal to Making Money Watching ‘Seduced’ and ‘The Vow’ – and Filthy Nxivm Jokes

Nxivm is becoming a household word.
On top of the popular Nxivm docuseries Seduced and The Vow, Nxivm continues to be popular in the media – in a variety of contexts.
For instance, here is a story in Psychology Today, entitled 3 Psychological Principles Nxivm Used to Brainwash Its Members.
The article is a little conclusory in its tone. For instance, it assumes people can be brainwashed and that Nxivm members were also brainwashed.
So what are the three “brainwashing” techniques?

1. Obedience [to Raniere]

2. Deindividuation [The loss of self-awareness in groups]

3. Depletion. [If you deplete people of their self-control, they become more vulnerable to brainwashing.]

Bottom Line [From the article]

“We all want to believe we’d never be lured into a cult like Nxivm. But as Raniere’s right-hand man Mark Vicente said in The Vow, ‘No one joins a cult.’ Raniere may not have had a genius-level IQ or been a Rhodes Scholar like he claimed, but he certainly had a good grasp of how to use basic psychology against people in order to get them to comply. And despite what we tell ourselves, we are all vulnerable to manipulation via these basic psychological principles.”

As far as I know, Raniere never claimed to be a Rhodes Scholar.

As for brainwashing, there are some who argue there is no empirical or scientific evidence that proves anyone can successfully alter or control people’s minds by using psychological techniques, and the notion that people in certain groups lose their agency and can no longer think for themselves is a conspiracy theory.

From Brainwashing to Comedy:

Keith Raniere

Here is another Nxivm story – about comedy, no less:  We are all in “NXIVM” — It was improv comedy for me, but it’s been Western culture for awhile.

From the article: “The positive part of improv is probably equivalent in value to what people learn in the NXIVM ‘five-day.’ You learn to turn whatever dumb thing comes out of you and your partners’ mouths into a real and funny scene by not negating it, going with the flow, heightening and constantly adding information while remaining as real and present as you can. It’s learning to play all over again, truly listen and contribute, and it has tons of corollaries that can improve real life.”


From Comedy to Nxivm Pedo-Cabal

Here is another on Nxivm: Pedophilia & Empire: Chapter 42 The NXIVM Scandal: The Sex Cult, Megalomania and Pedophilia Protected by the Pedo-Cabal.

A five-volume book series by Joachim Hagopian, “unearths the global child sexual trafficking, that is the satanic abuse network across the planet. Each major scandal represents merely a tip of the iceberg, the uncovered truth prior to the state’s standard criminal cover-up, leaving the full extent of organized child abuse never seen in the full light of day.”

And according to the author, Nxivm is a part of that Satanic network.

Chapter 42 is titled: The NXIVM Scandal: The Sex Cult, Megalomania and Pedophilia Protected by the Pedo-Cabal,

With its founder sentenced to 120 years and several of its leaders convicted, the Pedo-Cabal did not protect Nxivm very well.

The author does an interesting job of summing up Nxivm with a slant towards the theme that Nxivm is part of a bigger, pedophile cabal.

In telling the story, the author mentions me as a believer in the satanic pedophile Nxivm cabal theory.

He writes, “Essentially, onetime cult insider-whistleblower Frank Parlato believes that the Clintons, Chuck Schumer, Kristen Gillibrand and other Democrats as supporters and protectors of NXIVM are involved in human trafficking, sex slavery and Satanism.”

I do not think I ever said I believe that, and I certainly have no evidence to support it. I know of no Democrats who are involved in Nxivm human trafficking. I have no evidence that Clinton, Schumer, Gillibrand,  etc. did anything to protect Nxivm. Clinton took money from them. Gillibrand’s father worked as a consultant for Nxivm. I do not know of any Schumer connection.

Hillary Clinton

The author concludes his Nxivm chapter with “The mainstream media has superficially covered the NXIVM scandal focusing exclusively on the bizarre sex cult leader and his brainwashed flock, avoiding the bigger picture reality that the same powerful evil forces behind Epstein and Pizzagate are also behind NXIVM as yet another child sex slavery trafficking operation.”

But is there a bigger picture reality? I have not seen any evidence. This assertion is seemingly made without hard evidence.


From Pedo-Cult to Making Money By Watching Docuseries About Nxivm

A stash of cash found at Nancy Salzman’s house.


Maggie Patterson

Small businesses guru, Maggie Patterson has a business podcast:  And wouldn’t you know it, even she has found a way to lasso interest in Nxivm into her offerings to help people earn money online.

In “Six Lessons About Online Business from the NXIVM Docuseries Seduced and The Vow”, she describes the improbable connection between watching a Nxivm cult documentary and making money in small online businesses.

Maggie writes, “[W]hen I discovered two NXIVM Docuseries Seduced and The Vow, of course I was going to watch. But then something happened that I wasn’t entirely expecting. I found myself nodding long as I saw so many clear parallels between what was being shared on-screen, and what I see every day running a business in the online business industry.”

Naomi Gibson Interview for Podcast

Former Nxivm member Naomi Gibson was interviewed for Trust Me podcast. She speaks of being involved in not one, but two cults. She was born into the first one. Her second was Nxivm.

Gibson was involved in the production of the Starz TV docuseries “Seduced.

From Seduced’s website: “Naomi Gibson is a writer, actor, producer and activist… She is a second-generation survivor of the cult, The Children of God. For Naomi, this journey has a been lifelong – having been born into a cult and finding herself immersed in another one as an adult. Through her experience in choosing to share her story and expose NXIVM, she has discovered the importance and grace of finding her voice. Her journey has been toward stepping forward to expose these types of nefarious organizations, and the abuse and trauma inflicted by these groups.”

Naomi said of herself, “As an adult, I would find myself involved in another cult, NXIVM. I honestly think that my experience growing up in a cult lead me to NXIVM, but it also gave me the awareness to question the groups teachings and, in short, ultimately saved me from going deeper in it.”

Gibson took Jness classes in Los Angeles and was a member of Nxivm for about 10 years. She got out about the time the Frank Report started reporting on DOS.

Naomi said in Seduced: “When I started reading the Frank Report and seeing things for what they truly were, it just made me feel ill.”

Her voice in Seduced was memorable and her podcast interview is well worth listening to for people interested in the Nxivm story.


Forgotten Ones Have Merchandise

The Forgotten Ones have not been idle since they stopped dancing in front of the MDC as a protest of conditions there, including the conditions Keith Raniere has been subject to since being confined there in April 2018.

They are now offering merchandise – and their first offering is going to be a true collectors item. A handsome wool cap

Just to help the Forgotten Ones with their advertising, I wrote some ad copy for them.

This standout winter accessory merges function and fashion with ease.  Clearly one of the best beanies for channeling the great outdoors and the spirit of the MDC.

The Forgotten Ones Beanie is the one you need, what with a classic rib knit and a tough navy color — ideal for standing out against a vibrant orange prisoner outfit.

It is a fitting accessory, even if you are not headed to prison. Sleek, subtle and made to pair up with anything (but especially a tough waxed trucker jacket, your favorite henley and slim blue denim). Throw in tough leather boots and slim tan chinos, then head to your favorite prison.

It’s the kind of grab-and-go beanie that’ll provide just enough lightweight warmth and comfort as temperatures plummet, the brand’s quality speaks for itself, and that’s certainly the case here with this stylish winter hat.  The beanie has a subtle Forgotten Ones logo, knit rib construction, and of course, a highly agreeable price point at $20. It’s the kind of beanie that blends both traditional and modern craftsmanship to come up with a hat that’ll stand the test of time – even for the next 120 years.


The Vow May Get Award

It looks like HBO’s The Vow is up for an award.



Actor Who Maybe Best Choice to Play Keith Raniere

James Whitmore

Although our first choice continues to be James Whitmore for the role of Keith Raniere, if a movie were to be made, another fine actor has been suggested for the role.


Books By Notorious

In 2007, O.J. Simpson wrote the book, “If I Did It”.

I think Keith Raniere could write a better book. Keith kept an ever-changing harem of 20-30 attractive women, and built a cult based largely on the worship of his personality. Publishers would vie for it and readers, possibly quite a few young men, would buy it. Especially, those who need guidance on building their own harem.

I propose the title should be: “How I Did It.”


Nxivm and the City?

An Instagram page called Nxivm and the City appears to be a collection of photoshopped images of Nxivm players and characters from the HBO TV show Sex and the City.

As a sample, here is one:

L-R Sarah Jessica Parker, Mr. Big, and Mr. Bigger relax in bed before getting ready for a heady evening of word salad and romance.


Timing Is Everything

There are a lot of stupid and cruel jokes out there concerning Nxivm and although they are despicable, Frank Report has a duty to inform readers even if we strongly disapprove and consider the jokes anything but amusing.

Here is what we heard:

Rumor has it that Keith Raniere finally accomplished the recommitment ceremony he first planned back in March 2018 in Mexico, where five of his female slaves were to perform group fellatio upon his extraordinary member.

It was interrupted by the appearance of armed men, some wearing Mexican federal police uniforms. The men took him abruptly from the closet he was hiding in and deported him to the USA where the FBI waited to make an arrest.

The women were denied.

According to our source, Keith had a subsequent recommitment ceremony, believed to be performed at the Brooklyn MDC.

When asked how the ceremony went, the Vanguard replied, “It tasted terrible.”


A Porcine Fable

Another ugly story going the rounds: Keith Raniere, Moira Penza, Mark Vicente, and Frank Parlato made a bet as to who could stay in a pig pen the longest. They went into the sty together and after 45 minutes, Moira left, looking disheveled. After two hours, Vicente left, looking beat and covered with mud. After six hours, Raniere had enough and left; it was not discernible if the odor was his or that of the sty.

After seven hours, the pigs left, looking entirely out of sorts and quite perplexed.


Nancy Is Not the Butt of the Joke

Nancy Salzman

How far Nancy Salzman has fallen, now lacking in any sort of tribute to the man who led her to where she presently stands.

She came home from her doctor’s appointment grinning from ear to ear.

Her new boyfriend asks, “Why are you so happy?”

Nancy says, “The doctor told me that for a sixty-year-old woman, I have the breasts of an eighteen-year-old.”

“Oh yeah?” quipped her boyfriend, “What did he say about your sixty-year-old ass?”

She said, “Keith’s name never came up in the conversation.”


Today, Nxivm is becoming a household word. Keith Raniere came a long way from the little kid in Rockland County to the ethicist who led a group of women to the ultimate blue light.

Viva Executive Success!



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Frank Parlato


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  • I watched many different journalists talking about many things, that has been taken out of context here.

    I can talk about my own experience from first hand. Not by what been told in court or media. Which is basically what was spread all over. But few can talk in first person testimony:

    I took over 3 years many different modules of the NXIVM programs, they helped me out a lot to be more confident and clear minded, even now that everything seems to be mixed up.

    What I witness at least in Mexico was absolutely way different of what the media talks about. I see that many many things were taken out of context and portray that who were related to NXIVM was brainwashed or anything like that. I don’t know others experiences but what concern to myself. I can tell a different story.

  • i say just changing from one culture to the next could be considered brain wash. it requires a certain amount of brain wash to survive normally in a culture in my opinion.

  • The NXIVM5 should pick another name for The Forgotten Ones. In NY, there are two existing entries for The Forgotten Ones. But maybe they will call their charity We Are The Forgotten Ones.

    NYS Department of State
    Division of Corporations
    Entity Information
    The information contained in this database is current through January 5, 2021.

    Selected Entity Status Information
    DOS ID #: 4951660
    Initial DOS Filing Date: MAY 23, 2016
    County: QUEENS
    Jurisdiction: NEW YORK
    Current Entity Status: ACTIVE

    Selected Entity Address Information
    DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity)
    50-37 NEWTOWN ROAD
    APT 4D
    Registered Agent


    NYS Department of State
    Division of Corporations
    Entity Information
    The information contained in this database is current through January 5, 2021.

    Selected Entity Status Information
    DOS ID #: 2671338
    Initial DOS Filing Date: AUGUST 16, 2001
    County: NEW YORK
    Jurisdiction: NEW YORK
    Current Entity Status: ACTIVE

    Selected Entity Address Information
    DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity)
    333 E. 92 ST., BOX 2B
    Registered Agent

  • Somehow Nicki needs help to build her charity. Nicki and the NXIVM5 seem to have no experience with what it takes to be successful. Having a merchandising product is not enough. There is a lack of expertise.

    • No group named “We Are As You” or “WeAreAsYou” is registered with the New York State Charities Bureau. Thus, even if it has been granted Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status by the IRS, it is not properly registered to operate as a charity under that name in New York State.

    • My question as well. Is it an LLC? How did they get legal charity status? And can the funds be used for Nicki in her civil trial?

      • There is no business entity with the name “We Are As You” registered to do business in New York State. I just verified this by checking the NYS Secretary of State’s website.

  • “ As for brainwashing, there are some who argue there is no empirical or scientific evidence that proves anyone can successfully alter or control people’s minds by using psychological techniques, and the notion that people in certain groups lose their agency and can no longer think for themselves is a conspiracy theory.”

    Why are you misrepresenting psychological principles? It’s not typically called brainwashing psychology but we are aware that obedience and conformity significantly alter how people engage in a situation and understand their environment. This is well established. Those who want to believe otherwise very likely do not have a sound understanding of psychology and very likely only took psych 101 in undergrad and now believe they’re psychologists. I urge you to be more careful when representing psychological phenomena – Psychology Today is generally a good source for laymen’s understanding of psychology in context.

  • Hey Nicki!
    Good job with the “merch”
    You are a real capitalist!

    Also congratulations to Nicki, Michelle, Danielle and Lisa Cheung.
    Your weareasyou Instagram page now has 884 followers!
    Nicki is now the leader of NXIVM!


    105 posts
    564 following
    The Forgotten Ones

    And Nicki’s The Dossier Project now has 89 followers!
    Nicki is slowly but surely rebuilding NXIVM!


    1 post
    60 following
    The Dossier Project
    Telling our story, on our own terms.
    #thedossierproject #DOS

  • I see such a need for power, Frank, that your tabloid notes evoke comedy, you know you don’t necessarily inspire respect. Ordinary people can give you a prize.

    I have no idea what moves you in the world, what I have clear is that something that exists cannot not exist, in your case and no matter what happens, your reports have had incredibly destructive effects for some that were limited to buying a personal growth workout.

    Understand Frank, those around you are not responsible for your actions, whoever has it takes responsibility. I don’t think you are neutral in the process.

  • You really do excel at satire, Frank. Your “jail beanie” ad copy is both funny and informative. And essential in some cases.

    • For sure, the minute I’m off to prison for some sort of crime I’ve yet to commit, I’d be sure to be sporting one of those beanies. It’ll go great with the simple human boiler suit and those viva executive success cufflinks, sorry, handcuffs.

      The haughtiest of haute couture.

  • I would like to add the drinking game: Keith Raniere or Twilight (Yes, that Twilight). Here is a quote, “It is an extraordinary thing to meet someone who you can bare your soul to – and accept you for what you are”. Now. No cheating! Is that Twilight? Or Keith Raniere?

  • “No one joins a cult”

    Sure they do. Mark Vicente joined one: NXIVM was clearly a cult, and he joined.

    Vicente didn’t think it was a cult, which only demonstrates how wrong he was. More importantly, he didn’t want to call it a cult. No cult member wants his group called a cult. Nor do thieves and blackmailers want to be called thieves and blackmailers. But that’s what they are, nonetheless.

    People join cults because they’re stupid. Only a tiny proportion of the masses join cults because the vast majority aren’t stupid. Not that stupid, anyway.

    There’s no such thing as “brainwashing”. It’s a Cold War term, invented by a journalist. There are coercive techniques of persuasion, sure. But people cannot be brain-whammied.

    The idea that anyone could be “brainwashed” into joining a cult is not backed up by evidence. Even in North Korean prison camps, most GIs could not be coerced into joining the Reds. And the North Koreans had some really, really persuasive methods. That Raniere’s clumsy Psych 201 methods worked on some people is not a mark of his diabolical genius, but rather one of his devotees’ gullibility, lack of willpower, and damn foolishness. And raw, unforgivable stupidity.

  • Will the proceeds from the wool caps go to Raniere?

    I wonder how you can fit 43,800 strokes, representing Keith’s 120 years, on a wool cap. Maybe Keith has a solution that he can patent and make money with. In any case, 5 strokes on the wool cap is an understatement in relation to the length of Keith’s imprisonment.

  • OMG the second half of this article nearly killed me!!!!!! Death by laughing too much.

    Anyone who’s stopped reading halfway through to get to the comments section– go back and read the post to the end! You won’t regret it.

    I would type LOL but don’t want to be accused of Scott impersonation.

  • Quick explainer on the “pedo cabal”.

    May not be aware but the “pedo cabal” is part of the whole QAnon theory of the “deep state”. A primary clue is “pizzagate”. The core QAnon theory is that Donald Trump is secretly fighting a war against this pedo cabal whose membership is every single liberal that conservative radio and TV punditry has trained them to hate in the realm of politics and business. Also any “RINOs” who dared to speak even one ill word of Trump. The whole Donald Trump being long time friends with pedophile peddler Jeffrey Epstein is, of course, fake news, and to be ignored.

    QAnon itself is an integral part of the Trump Cult. Which itself believes the election was stolen by what can only be called an ingenious plan by Democrats in a multi-state operation involving hundreds of people stealing, changing, and hiding millions of votes while simultaneously being so stupid that they failed to make sure they won the Senate too.

    All of this brings up back to brainwashing.

    Trump does have a cult. Trump really did nothing pro-active to brainwash and train this cult. To be blunt, he isn’t capable of it. He still uses the same words and phrases as sales pitch from the 80s and has not changed that approach one iota. The conservative radio and tv machine with their messages of the day helped but even then that is just classic repeat the message ad infinitum so becomes true propaganda that has existed for millennia.

    None of this really explains the QAnon and Trump cults, It appears in both cases the brainwashing was self inflicted by the cultists themselves while the leaders just get to enjoy the benefits. Its something that Psychology Today should look into as it indicates brainwashing is much easier than previous believed and does not really require a real plan on the part of the cult leader to execute it. Making it up as it goes works just fine when the participants are doing most of the heavy lifting which really does seem to be the case with NXIVM. Even when watching the 2 documentaries, both failed to show exactly where/how the brainwashing was occurring. It just seemed to be there and as a viewer you accepted that “something” had to have happened for so many to be foolish…but what if they were just foolish and did it to themselves?

  • Thanks for the comic relief, Frank.

    Why didn’t the MDC twerkers use the DOS brand as their logo?

    THAT would take the ironic hipster fashion world by storm!

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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