Eduardo Asunsolo: Responding to Media Errors Is New Strategy for Nxivm 5

Eduardo Asunsolo

By Eduardo Asunsolo

For a good many years, Nxivm did not reply to the media. This began right after a 2003 story in Forbes, entitled Cult of Personality, was published.  The story came out rather differently than Keith Raniere and others from Nxivm who had participated in the story expected.

At that point, Nxivm assumed a general distrust of media that lasted for years. There were two notable exceptions to the “avoid media” policy, which were when Clare and Sara Bronfman retained Frank Parlato to be Nxivm’s publicist in 2007, and he went out and contacted media on Nxivm’s behalf; and again in late 2017 when Keith, Clare, Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, and others consented to be interviewed by Vanessa Grigoriadis for the New York Times Magazine.

Frank Parlato’s tenure with Nxivm was brief and ultimately turned acrimonious after he was fired. His response was, among other things, to create the Frank Report – which, by an odd turn of events, I am using to present my opinions in 2020.

Vanessa’s story, entitled Inside Nxivm, the ‘Sex Cult’ That Preached Empowerment, was intended to set the record straight on several issues, some of which, it was hoped, would help clarify and correct erroneous media reports about Keith and others in the group and the sorority named DOS.

The Times Magazine story was not published for months and by the time it finally was, Keith and Allison had already been arrested.

Since that time, there have been literally thousands of stories. written about Nxivm. Frank has a list on this website, but there are many more. Nxivm chose not to respond to any of them.

In fact, it was only recently that supporters of Keith Raniere decided to try a new approach whereby they would respond to correct erroneous statements in published articles.

For me, that approach is that whenever I find a media story about Nxivm that contains errors, I will try to correct the record. Since Frank Report is the go-to location for people interested in the Nxivm story, I think it will be helpful to publish these corrections here.

I will try to limit my opinions in these reports. Most readers know I stand behind Keith Raniere. However, I have made a commitment to examine all the facts – and if I’m wrong about anything, to adjust accordingly.

I ask the same of anyone interested in this issue. I will also ask you to be courteous, even though you may disagree with me.  If I am wrong about Keith Raniere and you are right, then, if you care, I welcome you to persuade me. The best way to do that is to use facts and logic, not ad hominem attacks.

If I am brainwashed, as some of you seem to think, the antidote is to get me unwashed. To help me wake up.

The definition of brainwashed is “to make someone believe something by repeatedly telling him or her that it is true and preventing any other information from reaching him or her.”

Well, I am here, ready to listen to any information anyone cares to share. I only ask that it be fact based, not couched in the language of personal attack.

The mistake people make is that they are dogmatic. To persuade is to “successfully urge the acceptance or practice of.” It comes from the Latin persuadere “to bring over by talking.”  Not force, not by cancel culture, not declare that you are right because you said so, or through fear or intimidation, but by talking things out.

Now to return to the topic of the media. Much of what people know – or think they know – about Keith and Nxivm is from the media. I will try to demonstrate why accepting the media narrative without scrutiny may lead to extreme errors in perception.

I will use an example, a story in the widely read New York Post. Everyone knows the New York Post is a remarkable publication that has faithfully served its readership for 219 years. It was founded by a man named Alexander Hamilton, who, I suppose, most people have heard of but cannot say much about other than they often carry his picture in their wallet.

The Post is presently owned by another delightful figure, Rupert Murdoch – and it is not unfair to say that the Post is not only informative but it’s wildly entertaining, just like some people think of the Nxivm story.

However, as great as the New York Post is, it often contains some information that is erroneous.

In an article published today, entitled: Allison Mack files for divorce from wife Nicki Clyne.  I found several errors.

The Post wrote of, “members being forcibly branded with Raniere’s initials, federal prosecutors charged.”

There were no charges of women being “forcibly branded.” Prosecutors did allege that women were deceptively branded by not being told about the meaning of the brand. However, deception and force are not the same. This is a serious distinction.

The Post reported: “[Nicki Clyne] insisted in the court papers that NXIVM was merely ‘a group of women who sought guidance from a trusted and intelligent man, and created a secret sorority for women that implemented some somewhat unconventional practices in the pursuit of growth and personal freedom.’

Clyne was not referring to Nxivm but to DOS, a women’s group. Nxivm had male and female members.

The Post reported: “Some women in the group were also made to wear fake cow udders on their bare breasts in acts of ritual humiliation, prosecutors said.”

While it’s a salacious image – bare breasted women wearing cow udders to be humiliated in some sort of pagan secret sex slave ritual – it is simply not true.

According to several members of DOS, no women ever wore fake cow udders. The source of the story, Sylvie, testified at the trial of Keith Raniere that at a Society of Protectors class there was “a prize-giving ceremony where they pretended the women were like cows in a county fair because, apparently, they had their boobs on show too much. So they were given like rosettes and prizes. It was prizes for their “utter-type things as cows.”

The Society of Protectors is primarily a men’s group, though women attended some courses, after asking SOP to please develop a curriculum for women as well. I was a member of SOP.

Sylvie did not say they wore cow udders, let alone wore them over bare breasts and it is essential to note that this never took place.

She said there were prizes given. The point of the prizes was to illustrate a concept that women who unbutton and unzip to deliberately flaunt their cleavage with or without the intent to attract male attention may excite lust but they do not necessarily engender respect.

Another point I think they were trying to make is that if men did the same thing it would be ridiculous.

For instance, as writer Cynthia Gorney wrote, “Looking hot is clearly a major part of [Jennifer Lopez or Katherine Heigl’s] job description. This is also true for exotic dancers. You will not see me raising a single eyebrow about an exotic dancer walking around with two-inch cleavage. When you’re in an office, though, the image you’re supposed to convey is ‘I’m here to do my job.'”

In SOP, it was not about women being humiliated. Men and women alike came to SOP to receive feedback that they likely wouldn’t receive elsewhere that would help them to better understand how they are being perceived by others. This feedback was to help them in their lives, their relationships, and their careers.

For instance, men who were typically very punishing were given a little baseball bat to carry around. People who acted like babies were given pacifiers. Both men and women who acted entitled were given little princess crowns.

SOP pushed people and people came to SOP to be pushed.  The same way people go to Barry’s Boot Camp class or to a tough football coach to become their best. It was edgy and blatant and people often described it as an experience that helped them more than anything in their lives. You do not have to approve of the teachings.  But get the facts straight.

There never was an udder used as a prop.  Women were never bare chested in class. On the contrary, they were asked to wear loose clothing to keep sex and sexuality out of the process and for them to have more of a male experience, something the women who requested to be included in SOP had asked for.

But, yes, men and women were often deliberately humbled to show them their foibles.

You got pushed on at SOP, It was about breaking one’s pride. And it was no secret.

In the very first video, Keith asks the women of SOP what level of pushing they want on a scale of 1 to 10. He points out that 10 would be treating them just like they treat the men.  Unlike the men in SOP, all the women got to choose how much they wanted to push.

Finally, in the New York Post story is a wonderful picture of Nicki to complete the impression. It is from a scene in her TV series Battlestar Gallactica, where she was captured. She looks sad and beaten as if she was a slave.

Of course, there is no caption to explain that the photo is not Nicki Clyne in Nxivm or DOS, but rather Nicki, the actress, playing a role.

Here is a more recent picture that is more representative of her today.

Nicki Clyne



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  • Thanks for this, Eduardo. It’s difficult for the public to let go of this ever so tempting and extremely salacious entertaining narrative. But hearing from someone who can clarify that some of the things that sound too crazy to be true indeed is helpful. I see so many holes in the stories published in the media it’s crazy. So many of the victims even have different versions of their stories in their books versus what they say in an interview versus what they even said at trial. They don’t seem to be able to get their own experience straight which leads me to believe they are false. I enjoy hearing this side that we haven’t heard before and find it more likely to be true.

  • I see labels like “word salad” used in the comments of this post and others on this site. Using a pejorative or negatively charged label (with little to no explanation) to discredit an argument is a common rhetorical technique I see in traditional media and on social media. But instead of using such a label, why not point out an inconsistency, contradiction, or fallacy in the argument? After all, if an argument is indeed “word salad”, this should be a straight-forward exercise, no?

  • Eduardo: Si parece pato, camina como pato, hace como pato, huele a pato, tiene patitos a su lado, baila como pato y busca a otros patos y “patas”….porque insistir en que quizás NO es un pato? No se te hace raro ya inclusive tu comportamiento? Porque en este punto seguir insistiendo en que el mundo entero conspiro en contra de Raniere? te acuerdas del modulo donde nos preguntaban “como te causaste llegar hasta aquí?”….just saying Eduardo.


    If it looks like a duck, it walks like a duck, it acts like a duck, it smells like a duck, it has ducklings by its side, it dances like a duck and looks for other ducks and “legs”… why insist that perhaps it is NOT a duck? Isn’t your behavior even strange to you? Why at this point continue to insist that the whole world conspired against Raniere? Do you remember the module where they asked us “how did you get here?

  • It’s good that they’re giving Keith’s people space because what they’re saying is so fake, it’s obvious when they bite their own dicks like dogs, and they don’t even notice that. They expose their own lies. It always makes me laugh. Give the opponent space, let him prove his right, and it’ll be obvious that it’s wrong.

  • Eduardo, you ask that we point out the errors in your reasoning. OK, but in return, will you promise not to be in touch with anyone who is in touch with Keith (via his famous burner phones) – because most of what your piece reads like is typical of Keith (I’d not say vintage, I’ve seen better manipulation from him, so he must be running out of ideas). Here are some examples: it starts with a eulogy of newspapers (totally unnecessary in the circumstances) but attempts to show ‘even-handedness’. Then ‘you’ write about the women reported as being branded by ‘force’. Here are two thoughts for you to ponder (remember the taped conversation between Alison and Keith, where he ‘advises’ that the women should be saying ‘Please brand me, it would be an honor’. Could it be he was 10 steps ahead of Allison and that when/if the story came out, he could claim it was ‘voluntary’? (Again, fairly standard narcissist/psychopath m.o) Also, you, and your friends who talk so much about integrity, have you asked yourself this question: What integrity does Keith show when he lies about being part of DOS, when he lies about the meaning of the brand? I’d love to hear your answer (from your deepest sense of integrity, not as a mouthpiece for Keith). Then half the piece talks about ‘udders’. Again, this is an ‘udder’ distraction (again, a standard NLP tool). Take something insignificant but ‘showy’, try to demonstrate it is ‘false’, so, therefore, everything else is false. And then, ratchet it up a notch (women with ‘bare breasts’). How ridiculous. Even if true/exaggerated, do you really think this detail (which you discuss at length), will make a difference, particularly when you confirm that ritual demeaning of people did take place? It’s like arguing: “I gaslighted them, I forbid them to sleep, I controlled their weight, how they groomed their pubic hair, I held collateral over their head, I demeaned them ritually, but no, your honour, I did not make them wear fake udders. Although they could choose very nice pacifiers and princess crowns.”

    This piece is getting a little too long, so here is my honest opinion, Eduardo. Some other commenters have also highlighted this: your piece shows such “internalized sexism” it’s quite worrying for any woman you might want a relationship with (and that includes your mother, aunts, sisters, colleagues, not just partners). I want to believe you did not start out that way and that the SOP teachings played a large part in this (see the gaslighting? ‘Men as protectors’ …). And please do not hold Niciy up as an example of a ‘badass’ role model: what are her achievements post-Raniere that we can admire? Instead, we get ‘robotic’, Raniere-inspired digs at her ‘sisters’ (internalized sexism is not just a male issue, it appears) and ‘the media’ and ‘some unknown cabal’ out to get her/KR. Tell me, Eduardo, what ‘ritual demeaning’ would be appropriate for twerking in public in front of sex-starved prisoners? Or would that be an activity sanctioned by the SOP because it is done to honour their leader, KR?). We’d love your views on this.

    Here’s some homework you may want to look at: Go back in the FR archives, and read the transcriptions of emails between Keith and various people. Try and see the overall pattern, the use of compartmentalization and manipulation, of playing one person against another. You are like the blind man in the parable of the ‘blind men and the elephant’ (look it up if you don’t know it), seeing a tiny bit of the elephant and describing it as ‘reality’. Take a holiday from it all. Find your own ‘inner source’. Listen to that inner voice that says: “Oh, oh, is this really ‘integrity?’ Otherwise, you may well fall prey to the next ‘guru’ that comes along (and even in that category, Keith is not unique, they’re a dime a dozen).

  • The thing is, if he had said something to the effect of… ‘I understand that, other than the first line slaves, the women of DOS were not aware it was created by KR and that they believed the painful brand represented the elements, unaware they actually represented KR’s initials. I understand these women were deceived and that they joined a ‘sorority’ and burned their flesh in an act of goodwill, not realizing the level of coercive control the actions of DOS, specifically, the use of blackmail and that this had a profoundly negative effect of these women.’… I would have taken his statement more seriously. STOP JUSTIFYING DOS. STOP JUSTIFYING KR’S MISOGYNY. KR’s practices were never positive for relationships, the extensive footage of him discussing men and women using very basic stereotypes just proves his total lack of understanding of adult relationships. The man excelled in coercive control and nothing else.

  • “According to dos women” – I thought you didn’t speak for women. Michele is crazy, I mean it’s truly astonishing see a black woman being so happy to be a black slave of a lizard like Raniere. Yikes. He is fucking ugly. But Clyne is a cynic. You go girl, K Rose! That’s your dos gals? Barf. But Sylvie declared something else. She said that where utters, actually Mark Vicente also, he said that Clare wore a jockstrap. And India and other women said what happened on your chauvinistic freak bully, I mean s and m shit show, I mean in your Luciferian deviation, I mean in the courses of Nxivm. So you aren’t even are a good liar, I mean good liars shouldn’t destroy any chance of trust, if you actually read the testimonies of the poor woman that had the tragedy of meeting Nxivm

  • Did he rape children?.
    a) If no, well maybe you have a chance that the Luciferian cult you participate in wasn’t so bad after all,

    b) If yes, you support a child rapist.

    Did he kill people?
    a) If no, well maybe the plan for world domination where the company that you so fiercely defend, tortured woman, for creating a trauma, so bad, in hopes that the scar was so extreme that that could keep them quiet.

    B) If yes, you defend a possible killer that rapes kids to do some Black Magic. I mean, if you had a chance Rosa Laura that is fucking rich could have a make great defense, just like Bronfman.

    Did they show snuff videos to women?
    A) If no, Nxivm is just a very misogynistic company that just looks like some sort of Luciferian new shit, full of very dark individuals, and connected to Epstein, people that are criminals, and the Son of the Mexican president that people have said that is the president that is more connected to the narcos. So yeah, people don’t judge Raniere for the worst crimes he did. I hope that he is because he is a danger to anyone and humanity, and if he does, cult leaders will be more close to finally being finished. But, that doesn’t mean that you speak the truth. I mean you support a pedophile, a Luciferian pedophile,so maybe you are as crazy as him, maybe there’s some reward for you doing these things, maybe you are just a horrible person like him. But did you ever fall in love, Asunsolo? How were your parents? Did you fall in love? Who are you? What do you win for doing these things? Frank, personally you are one of my héroes. And you have accomplished so much. You had to fight hard to get these bastards some justice. Why give them the chance to spread these fucking idiotic arguments? There are you know actually innocent people in jail, in American jails. Why don’t you gave Virginia Roberts the microphone or Anneke Lucas or Malala instead – rather than to one that is capable of wanting a pedophile out of prison because he is his friend. Yikes!

  • With all due respect, Frank, one thing is advocating for due process and another is giving space to this kind of boring and repetitive bull shit!

    If Raniere´s friends are so sure of his innocence please do recommend them to continue with their appeal efforts and stop polluting your blog with useless information… Honestly, we know what Asunsolo and his friends think. If I may, I would suggest more info on the Salzmans, the newly to be divorcee actress, the prisoners, the appeal process for both of them… anyway useful information not the ongoing delusional beliefs of someone who won’t see reality!


    • Nothing is useless to make me think. It’s very good to hear more arguments. It ends the same way. Keith’s going to spend the rest of his life locked away from the people he fed on mentally and physically.

  • I shared before why this post is ignorant. I still feel we are doing the homework of Keith’s fans. They are letting us give them feedback on their multiple theories without having to do any investigation themselves.

    Keith’s fans need to do their own homework.

    On another note, here is an interesting video of Keith from the 80s:

    He was also claiming to be the world’s best Pacman player…haha

  • Oh fu@k it. Take this rewrite as a freebie, Nxers:

    For years, Nxivm did not respond to the media. This started after a 2003 Forbes story, Cult of Personality, came out. That story came out starkly different than Keith Raniere and others from Nxivm expected, even making Keith on the cover look like some kind of shadowy guru who just emerged from the PacMan arcade after 25 years.. This gave Keith and the rest of us a startling and chilling insight into the frightening reality of “fake news.”

    At that point, Nxivm members sadly had to assume a distrust of media. Before that, they loved the media very much, so it was a very painful betrayal. I mean, it really, really hurt. We all went into a deep depression and cried many tears. But eventually, summoning all of their bravery and strength, Clare and Sara Bronfman retained Frank Parlato to be Nxivm’s publicist in 2007, and he went out and contacted media on Nxivm’s behalf; and again in late 2017 when Keith, Clare, Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack and others selflessly submitted to being interviewed by Vanessa Grigoriadis for the New York Times Magazine.

    Frank Parlato’s tenure with Nxivm was brief and ultimately turned acrimonious after he was fired for being a suppressive. His response was, among other things, to create the Frank Report, of which, by a titillating turn of events, I am using to lay myself bare here in 2020.

    Vanessa’s story, “Inside Nxivm, the ‘Sex Cult’ That Preached Empowerment”, was intended to tell it straight on several issues to help clarify and correct fake news reports about Keith and others.

    Frustratingly, aggravatingly, and might I add, suspiciously, The Times Magazine story was not published for months, and by the time it was, it was a moot point anyway. Keith and Allison had already been thrown in the slammer.

    Since then, there have been thousands of stories about us. Frank has a list on this website that you should check out, and you can also search for your favorite keywords in the search bar. Despite it all, Nxivm stayed stoically silent.

    Only recently did supporters of Keith Raniere snap out of it and decide to try to correct the record. Since Frank Report is the go-to location for people interested in the Nxivm story, I came crawling back for help.

    Most readers know I stand behind Keith Raniere. However, I can and will be objective, all the same.

    I ask the same of anyone interested in this issue. Please, try to be nice to me even if you disagree. I’m just a nice boy from Mexico. If I am wrong about Keith Raniere and you are right, please, I beg you, help me see the light. I only ask you be gentle.

    If I am brainwashed, help me get my brain dirty again. That reminds me, have you heard about the twins who had such a close bond that when one took a bath, the other one got clean? Simply amazing.

    The supposed definition of brainwashed, probably coined by a guy in a black turtleneck, is “to make someone believe something by repeatedly telling him or her that it is true and preventing any other information from reaching him or her.”

    Well I am here. Maybe I am a brainwashed innocent loser. But please take pity on me. I am ready to listen to any information anyone cares to share and take it like a man.

    Cancel culture is bad, and you shouldn’t try to change others’ opinions by fear or intimidation, but by talking things out. Some shouting may be required, but not too loud.

    You want to know how damn fake the news is these days? Everyone knows the New York Post is a supposed “remarkable publication” and they have “faithfully served” their readership for 219 years. Shucks, they were even founded by freakin’ Alexander Hamilton! Of similar caliber to Hamilton is Rupert Murdoch. I really love that guy. I mean, I can’t say it enough.

    But sometimes, just like with any type-written document, there can be errors in their pages. I’m not saying it’s intentional, Mr. Murdoch, but it still really hurts to see.

    Like..oh, okay, here’s one: Allison Mack files for divorce from wife Nicki Clyne. The Post wrote, “members being forcibly branded with Raniere’s initials, federal prosecutors charged.”

    Hear that sound, folks? It’s the sound of your bullshit detector going off. Smart people like you, sweet Frank Report readers, who know about this case, are aware there were no charges of women being “forcibly branded.” Now, don’t ask me about the men in SOP, I’m not talking about them, atm. Anyway, prosecutors alleged that women were “deceptively branded” because they weren’t told they’d have Keith’s initials permanently seared beside their vaginas. Okay, point taken. However, deception and force are not the same.

    The Post reported: “[Nicki Clyne] insisted in the court papers that NXIVM was merely ‘a group of women who sought guidance from a trusted and intelligent man, and created a secret sorority for women that implemented some somewhat unconventional practices in the pursuit of growth and personal freedom.’

    Give me a fu@king break. Clyne was talking about DOS, a women’s group. Nxivm had male and female members. Like, duh! You perceptive Frank Report readers probably noticed that too, am I right? High five!

    The Post reported: “Some women in the group were also made to wear fake cow udders on their bare breasts in acts of ritual humiliation, prosecutors said.” I’ll repeat, in case you missed it: “Some women in the group were also made to wear fake cow udders on their bare breasts in acts of ritual humiliation” Yikes.

    While it’s a salacious image — bare breasted women wearing cow udders to be humiliated in some sort of pagan secret sex slave ritual, it is simply not true. Like come on, really? Bare breasted women wearing cow udders to be humiliated in some sort of pagan secret sex slave ritual? As if.

    No women ever wore fake cow udders. Dosser Sylvie testified at Keith’s trial that representation was not accurate at all. Sylvie did not say they wore cow udders, let alone wore them over bare breasts and it is essential to note that this never took place. I repeat, she said they never wore them over bare or even clothed breasts. You don’t believe what women have to say? I hate to throw buzzwords around, but…one is coming to mind. I’ll suppress it and move on.

    Cynthia Gorney wrote, “Looking hot is clearly a major part of [Jennifer Lopez or Katherine Heigl’s] job description. This is also true for exotic dancers. You will not see me raising a single eyebrow about an exotic dancer walking around with two-inch cleavage. When you’re in an office, though, the image you’re supposed to convey is ‘I’m here to do my job.’”

    But I digress.

    SOP pushed people and people came to SOP to be pushed. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Nxivm women can take some heat. They’ve got no problem doing things that are edgy and can choose what level of edge they want from a scale of 1 to 10.

    Finally in the New York Post story is a wonderful picture of Nicki to complete the impression. It is from a scene in her TV series Battlestar Gallactica, where she was captured. She looks sad and beaten as if she were a slave. I repeat: sad and beaten as if she were a slave. Duh! It was for a role! Get real, peeps.

    Here is a more recent picture that is more representative of her today, which was also representative of her back then when she wasn’t on set.

    Nicki Clyne. Do you see how pretty this girl is? You think she would stand by Keith Raneire if she didn’t have good, noble reasons to do so? Enough said. Maybe if you listened to her point of view more and took it all in, she could start to like you.

    I’m out.

  • Hello Eduardo,

    Can you explain to me why it is usefull to start pointing out mistakes, made by the media regarding NXIVM, since 2003?

    First NXIVM decided to let the facts speak for itself. Is was believed That in time everybody’s opinion regarding NXIVM would change. Those new views would be supported by al the great positive changes NXIVM and it’s members would have made on this planet.

    Since 2003 NXIVM hasn’t done anything substantial to change the world, other then training people, to have no time whatsoever to change te world. There are no positive endeavors you can name, that had a profound/radical impact on this planet.

    You say: NXIVM decided that it would not react when it came to “slanderous” media.
    And yet, KAR spent millions of other peoples money to try to silence, Barbara Bouchey, Susan Done, Toni Natalie and Frank Parlato.
    Can you explain why these people where attacked? And not the media?

    You say people don’t know Keith like you do.
    But we have the testimonies of many people who where in KAR’r inner circle for decades?
    Are they all “money hungry” vindictive liars? If so why could’t KAR’s defense just show the prove, of all this bad intentions, after years of legal battles?

    Why didn’t any of you spoke in Keith’s favor at his trial? If you wanted a place with a lot of exposure, so your story/arguments would be heard, that was the time and place.
    Instead you all choose to write letters of support.
    Letters that where oddly similar in content, in my opinion.

    Why didn’t anyone thought about standing tall? About Fighting for what you believe in? Even if it would ment, you would suffer defending what is right.

    Regarding your views on DOS and SOP, i can’t make heads nor tails of it.
    You make some statement about cow udders, And women wearing lose close to keep sex and sexuality out of the process.
    The first thing that comes to mind after reading your opinion, is the word: collateral.

    I see a man “teaching” 1 thing. That women are needy little princesses, who show their brest every time they want attention. And as punishment, they have to wear crowns etc.
    But i also see a man (KAR) practicing completely the opposite of what he is teaching.
    The DOS master and slaves where all needy little princesses. Thats what KAR made them. And instead of making the world a better place, they where way to busy with taking naked pictures of each other. All this to please their “grandmaster”.
    DOS women sitting naked on the ground while KAR sat in a chair, talking philosophy.
    When KAR was not able to attend this meeting, the DOS women would send him naked group pictures. Sometimes these pictures where declined. Not because KAR felt remorseful, but because one of the women didn’t smile happy enough, or some of them didn’t open their legs far enough.

    Eduardo. I hope you recognize the difficulties i am having to bring everything together.
    You and others describe KAR as a jesus like figure. Calling him “the most ethical” and many other extreme positive behaviors. And yet, he disregarded all of his most ethical “teachings” when it came to collateral. Can you explain this to me?

    Last thing i would like to address in this post is the simple fact that DOS was never a women sorority.
    A women sorority cannot have a male “grandmaster”. Such would erase the fact that is a women only sorority.

    If a male student would start a sorority only for female students. Having them sit naked while he plays beer pong. Having the “sisters” take nude pictures off each other, so they would commit being summa cum laude students. And last but not least the “grandmaster” let all of the “sisters” brand each other with his initials. Let say a inch next to their vagina’s.

    Would you recommend your own daughter, sister or other loved one to join such a “ female only sorority”?

    I sincerely hope you can answer some of my questions.
    I also apologize for any grammatical mistakes.
    I live in Holland/the netherlands.

    I’d like to thank you for reaching out. I agree with you that the media is rotten and corrupt.
    But i don’t believe there is a big conspiracy to take down, one Keith Raniere.

    I great you from a cold and rainy Holland. I hope you will find what you are looking for in life.

    • Re Refuting Judge:

      That would require an understanding of the law and logic. Two areas Lalo is lacking in at this point time.

  • I am glad he is happy to listen and most readers are the same in the other direction.

    However, even his first uncovering of an untruth is petty. The women were forced. The deception behind it makes it forced.

    The udder thing? I don’t know. It does not seem like a big dreadful lie to me. The whole of SOP is disgusting to most of us who think women and men are equal but I respect the right of people to hold those dreadful views.

    Women and men can show their chests if they want in a free country. If some men don’t like that they will have to suck it up or go to Saudi. I have no problems with things in press articles being corrected but the fact that issue is picked on when the whole of SOP is pretty awful to some eyes is a bit pointless.

    Pushing back on minor things that wrong in the press is fine but it does not change the bottom line that there were massive really awful evils within Nxivm and crimes. The press get minor things wrong all the time and corrections are fine but it doesn’t illustrate a pattern of major lies that means KR was wrongly convicted. The fact the writer thinks breaking down pride is something that is good is sad. Breaking people is not kind, not good, and does not improve them. They were fine to start with and KR seemed to specialize in making people feel worse so he could make money from trying to make them feel better again.

    (No one would have thought the picture was anything other than from acting days).

    I do think it is a waste of effort for the Nx5 to carry on with this on a personal level, even if they are 100% convinced KR is wrongly convicted. It would be better for them and their families to try to put it behind them as it will just be a negative pointless thing in their lives that will take a lot of time and not make them happy. If they have spare time and money, go out and wash the feet of the poor or something.

    • May I suggest feeding the poor or providing clean and safe drinking water for the poor instead? I get the biblical implications of the feet washing… serving another kind of thing. But if I had nothing, given a choice between a foot bath and a sandwich, I’d take the sandwich and find a puddle to stomp around in.

      • L, my cousins are in the Salvation Army, the homeless get food of course.. but they also get their feet washed and treated, my cuzzies have been doing this every weekend for the past two decades.. at christmas, when we [used to] get together, we all bow a bit in their very cheerful and self deprecating presence. Its not for me [I’m not a joiner] but I do love them for it.

    • I didn’t bother to read the whole thing . When I saw that he claimed there was no use of force I stopped. It is ignorant to not assume emotional abuse does not correspond to the use of force . This is not worth our time. We are helping them proving feedback .

  • It really does look as if this fellow ought to fixate upon a new hobby. His eyebrows are getting substantially too close to his eyelids. Good heavens, since he isn’t that old yet. This unfortunate “psychic-body blemishing” is entirely preventable. Simply remove the shutters. Presto. Change – o. And ahhhh, why not? Prohibition has been over for quite awhile. Can he not smell the coffee?

  • Frank Parlato, do you finally have any idea who SippingSpikedPunchAlison is? I do!

    The circumstantial evidence points to this. Unfortunately.

    Do you finally know how blatant Allison Mack is?

    Because you didn’t think it was possible, you just mentally ruled it out that it was.

    You probably won’t publish it.

    I can understand that.


    Alison M


    • Sipping Alison is not Allison Mack or Nicki Clyne. Sorry. I have spoken to all three. Alison is not a member of Nxivm.

    • Why are you trying to tie BeverageAlison to some ancient specs of dust on the Internet that happen to have a misspelled version of the same name? Someone needs to get a life or at least a few more hobbies. Sincerely, Pea Onyu, the 2nd coming.

        • To be clear, I wasn’t trying to misrepresent myself as the Frank Report legend Pea Onyu, just sharing that same sentiment based on what I felt at that moment. But, I’ve since moved on. All better!

          • I agree, you were being humorous. But I wanted to clarify this for some others who might take it as an admission that you are the legendary and much missed, Pea Onyu.

        • well you’ve confirmed pea is a she. and if she isn’t in nxivm and isn’t nicki, then she is decidedly less interesting now so who cares if she comes back or not I guess.

          I still think nicki was wearing a shirt that had ‘pea onyu’ written on it though. something doesn’t add up.

          was pea onyu also dr gas porter, monte blu, etc?

  • Off-Topic: COVID-19

    My wife and I have COVID-19 as I have previously mentioned.

    My wife has “COVID FEVER”. Her fever has been between 101.5 and 102.8 on average for 10 days now. Her temperature, has at times, been as high 103.6 multiple times. I am now waiting for her outside of an ER.



    Frank, you publish Shadows’ [redacted] opinion [redacted]. Please publish my comment.

    I hope none of you contract COVID-19 including the Nxivm 5!!. This is an awful virus.

      • Thank you. She is doing better.

        The stress is keeping me up tonight. I have never had to worry about my wife’s life/health before. It’s an awful feeling and I hope none of you experience it.

        • @ NiceGuy and his wife

          I was so sorry to hear about this bad news. Not knowing you or your wife personally, I do wish you both a good recovery and patience if it does not appear to happen that quickly.

          My hubby and I have had COVID-19 loooong ago, as it seems. He got sick on January 31st and I, who cared for him, only two days later. To cut a long story short, at that time the doctors did not know much about what we were going through. Nothing about possible symptoms, not how to treat this disease, whatever. And it really felt likewe were dying at times. 🙁

          We both had a very high fever, a bad cough, and pains all over. As for me, a (former) sportswoman (up to that point), I am still struggling after more than ten months with pains in my whole body plus my husband and I are both short of breath, still. The worst thing that led me to call a doctor was the continuous heart pain. It really felt like a heart attack and this pain has come back again and again.

          Although my heart seems to be healthy now, the blood clotting springing from COVID-19 is not to be underestimated. These blood clots keep migrating through the whole body and can cause a heart attack, lung embolism, or even a stroke if they can get over the blood cerebral barrier.

          A good American friend of ours who lives in Idaho lost his mom ten days ago. She was already living in a nursing home in Davis, CA but then she became infected with THIS VIRUS. No hunger, no thirst (It was the same back then for hubby and me), and strong pains in her legs. The doctors found these blood clots I spoke about in the blood of her legs, eventually. She died very quickly.

          As for me, I prayed a lot as I saw that doctors could not help me with my ongoing ‘heart attack pains’. In March, I read on the net about a 16-year-old French girl who was in the hospital, trying to recover from a not-so-bad-cough and fever due to COVID-19, complaining to her mom suddenly, “Mom, my heart has been aching a lot!” That was a wake-up call for me as I read that this girl died shortly afterward!!

          During that time, I sensed a small whisper into my ear that said, “Take Aspirin, take Aspirin!” I was wondering about it and would not heed it yet as the blood clotting thing was not yet known to me. However, the American friend I mentioned above sent me shortly afterward a link to Ohio University which confirmed what I had ‘heard’ (They had already found these blood clots in April as far as I remember).

          Knowing that Asprin is a blood thinner, I began to take it and – thank God – the pains disappeared after two or three days. Nonetheless, I would not recommend taking Aspirin on a daily basis if not necessary due to the possible damage done to the guts. The side effect on the stomach can be avoided by taking “Aspirin Protect” which is gastro-resistant.

          Meanwhile, I rarely take Aspirin but rather herbal blood thinners and spices which also help.

          Take care!

          Susanne from Bavaria

        • Also off-topic: OMG, the fever. Nice Guy, from my experience, there is nothing worse in this world than watching your spouse or child become sick. No, this virus is not a joke as you now well know. My husband had to go in for medical treatment (when it was not canceled/postponed) during COVID and I was worried sick. Luckily, he never got it.

          Hope she is better. I venture to say it sounds a bit worse than the flu!

          It must be painful for you to see others write off serious cases as having to be linked to age or underlying health conditions. Not so.

          • My wife is doing better, thank you.

            It’s frustrating to see and hear people write COVID off – more so because I don’t want to see anyone suffer from this virus including Shadow or others that don’t take it seriously

          • Glad you and your wife are doing better, NiceGuy.

            I get the frustration with Covid deniers. It is such total disrespect to every health care worker out there. They are busting their asses to help patients under overwhelming conditions; traumatized by the amount of death surrounding them; and terrified that they are going to inadvertently bring it home to injure their families. Denying the harm of this virus is like sitting in a war zone going “I can’t hear nothin'” until a bomb hits their house.

    • I know you don’t need words of goodwill but I am sending them to you and your wife. Get better. I will expect some very interesting comments from you that are written while you’re delirious.

        • Thank you for the update. Great news.

          Please let me know when it’s appropriate to make jokes about Pea Onyu living in Frank’s spare bedroom and you showing up in the pictures of the female Vanguard article…

          • Pea Onyu is prepared for your best/worst jokes. Was that really Nice Guy in the one picture?

          • While the betting public thinks niceguy is the batman/kneepad dude, I’m taking my shot at him being the Mini-Me guy.

            Tell Pea not to get in any kayaks with friendly neighbors.

  • I do admire Mr. Asunsolo’s apparently genuine courage and conviction in NXIVM’s practices and beliefs.

    He is certainly a better choice of spokesperson than, say, a fictional character that they of a less courageous nature might contrive to represent their master’s cause – though filtered through similar shades of misogyny and egoist Bangkokery — it does distort the purity of the message.


    Facts first, two of Eduardo’s assertions appear to be glaring contradictions:

    In para 6 from the end of his post, Eduardo states:

    “There never was an udder used as a prop.” ~ Eduardo Asunsolo

    I had to reread this sentence bc I could have sworn the preceding paragraphs discussed many udders, detailing exactly how and why they were used in the context of SOP…as a…prop…by my definition but, IDK, given NX’s pervy, “sex toy” ordering reputation…just what kind of “prop” are we talking about?

    Next, Eduardo’s introductory preface wrongly asserts that ESP / NXIVM has shied from or been denied media coverage of their side of the story. In fact, despite only recently unveiling his own identity, the NXIVM defense propaganda machine —aka The Knife, a well financed principally Mexican based company dedicated to this effort — has been all over the media and blog sites seeding stories that were sourced to anonymous but verified NXIVM insiders, spokespersons, what have you.

    I know for a fact that Mr. Agnifilo, for instance, not only appeared in the CBC 2018 podcast and much other major media to put forth his client’s unique perspective, but the defense carefully, no doubt, analyzed even off the record statements made by whistleblowers and victims who appeared in the same media programs.

    And, if anyone feels this mighty defense media control effort did not suffice, again, y’all need to take that up with the Source of it. Your defense contractors.

    None the less, if Eduardo means this is among the first of more direct contact with a purportedly saner side of NXIVM finally emerging into the sun, he should know he’s been preceded by some who made the same claim to enlightened insider, supporter status and whose statements, facts, May vary vastly from his own.

    For a small example, it was asserted by the most popular Hollywood blog direct from a verified, NXIVM spokesperson source that my sister and the late Pam Caffritz were recruiting and food poisoning Libyan teenage girls brought to the cult compound in Albany, with a tea concoction, if I recall.

    Frank graciously followed up to correct that little blooper but I’ve read dozens of similar, disturbing reports, making flat out criminal accusations – that were duly credited straight from a verified NXIVM spokesperson such as Eduardo.

    It cannot be claimed, as Eduardo does here, that all the outrageous, fictitious reports that appeared in this shitshow — that all the “lies” in hyperbolic headlines — were planted by detractors, conspirators such as the ghost of Edgar Bronfman — out to destroy Keith from the beyond. (Nor single-handedly by Frank Parlato, I dare add.) Not when NX and its international defense contractors, and most certainly Keith, Nancy and Clare — heavily participated in front of and behind the cameras through many secret “spokespersons” for many years.

    The fact that Parlato was handsomely paid starting back from ‘08 to forge media contacts, manage Keith’s image, etc., the existence of “The Knife” — was that Rosa Laura Junco or Niki’s company? — not to mention some serious online propaganda channels — c’mon, you really expect us to believe there’s been media bias toward NXIVM with no opportunity to rebut any of it to date?!

    There are a few other misleading misnomers slithering around this statement – I’m still unclear if (only) the men or any of the women wore them, as a prop or otherwise in whatever context — but I have a question about the udder lesson Keith preached to his udder-wearing SOP male members.

    Did any of you have a clue at the time that while Keith was discouraging you and/or the women from revealing any udder-like cleavage, he was having them hold board meetings butt-naked for his remote viewing pleasure?

    Thank you,

    Sister of the late, great Gina Hutchinson who helped design your ESP scarf, btw.

  • So using blackmail to coerce people to do things does NOT correspond to the use of force according to Eduardo?

    I am sorry. Not considering emotional abuse as a use of force is ignorant. Why have us waste time reading the “brilliant ideas and comebacks” of someone who is ignorant?

    Eduardo: Vete a leer. Educate. Read some books. There are decades of research on this topic.
    Mega, Lesly Tamarin; Mega, Jessica Lee; Mega, Benjamin Tamarin; Harris, Beverly Moore (September–October 2000). “Brainwashing and battering fatigue: psychological abuse in domestic violence”. North Carolina Medical Journal. 61

    This article is embarrassing because of its level of ignorance. I think silence would be wiser because then you don’t look ignorant. We still have the doubt about whether you are smart or not.

  • Imagine Daniel Craig whining because he’s so often portrayed posed sideways in an alley with a gun in his hand – “How dare they suggest all I do is lurk in corners waiting to shoot baddies -see? this is how I look right now ” – [points to nth copy of current head-shot]

    The thing is, Daniel Craig never assassinated anyone in real life, or else I’m sure the press would have a field day with certain of his press shots.

  • Frank, why are you allowing these people a platform? If they want to defend their Vanguard, they need to go pay for their website and get it back up and running again.

      • Allowing them a ‘safe place’ to spout their ‘theories’ re: unfair press isn’t unbiased reporting, imo. It’s your blog, you can do what you want, I just hope they don’t retaliate at some point because the remaining members seem extremely unstable.

        • Retaliation is lifetime guaranteed with NXIVM. As is being made a scapegoat (are you reading, this, Eduardo?) and that guarantee can extend long past one‘s lifetime and also covers criminal acts that occur posthumously. My sister, Gina, was dead for 12 years when they accused her of poisoning teen girls from Libya.

  • They are using readers of frank report and anyone they can to try out possible defenses of Keith and Nxium.

    If one likes to work for a child molesting cult leader and his henchmen for free – keep giving this dude feedback. He’s got a long way to go but you can help him get there by giving in sight to what works with normal people.

    It is not dissimilar to a psychopath getting counseling. They do not become rehabilitated. You just build a better psychopath. More dexterous at fooling good people. He’s even telling you how to help him ( just the facts please no name calling). This guy. Who called the victims liars and repeatedly stated they were raped and blackmail victims for profit.

    They were estranged from their family and Publicly humiliated for money. And that they had no integrity. Lied under oath because they were too weak and stupid. They had to do what more intelligent (read men) people like the allegedly biased judge told them.

    Ask yourself one question. What does this guy really want? He wants Keith free. He wants Nxium to clear it’s name. And he wants your help. Are you Good with that? If you are proceed.

    But this guy would never deign to speak you you if he didn’t desperately want and need your help. What he really needs is psychological help. He still feels he is the all knowing memory of all things nxium. He still believes that he knows exactly what happened when Keith and India were alone.

    Or Dani all alone in her room for 2 years. When cami was photographed nude at 15. He was everywhere. All the time. Like air or God himself. Watching and missing nothing. Flawlessly memorizing every word. Every deed. Because he was there. Everywhere. All at once. All the time. He knows how every private secret moment unfolded. Does that really make sense to anyone?

    • Nx5 is definitely floating their paltry arguments here, seeking responses from “normal” people. I suggest they try it out on Reddit as well, where the anti-NX criticism is often even harsher. Better yet, why don’t they approach the New York Times and pitch a follow up piece? “Unfair Trial” and all that.

      It is clear from this posting that they are good at rewriting history. Fortunately, too many written records exist that cannot be refuted.

      Keith is largely done. With a lot of time, money and effort, perhaps one or two counts might be sent for retrial. At the end of the day, he will still be in prison for the balance of his life. Nx-ers should spend their time advocating for a half decent prison assignment.

  • Is this guy willfully blind to the more salacious evidence or have the supporters just found talking points to push aside the dirtier facts?

    He sounds ridiculously ignorant to think that people don’t read the post through a certain lens. WE ARE NOT IDIOTS, ED! Plus I take issue with most of his claimed errors, no one thought that that picture of Nicki was her in the active grips of sex slavery. It was clearly a photo from her show.

    As a moderate conservative, I must say that hearing him talk about SOP sounds ridiculously misogynistic. I am a man and have never willingly been subjected to what they put women through in the name of some sort of feedback. Women are simply not treated with kid gloves to the extent they seem to believe and that needs to be addressed.

    I hope one of those folks that still, for some reason, chose to blind themselves to the salacious facts confront those. Even if they’re not all crimes, much of it tells of a person that is disgusting and non-defendable – and I want them to address that. Plus address some of the horrible events the victims have described.

  • Eduardo- you sensitive little flower. Many people react negatively because they see you are simply baked. You say you are so open-minded but clearly – the conclusions are already there – Keith was a monster in sheep’s clothing, and he fooled you. Just read any of the hundreds of stories on this blog. The facts are already there, Friend. But you still find justifications to advance your nonsense.
    As for the media – it’s natural for subjects of media attention to be outraged when stories come out unfavourably, and not sugar-coated like they would have wished.

    It’s nice you found Nxivm beneficial. Good for you. But how you can frame/ignore/spin/deny all the other harm is mind-boggling. Get some help, please.

  • This seems to be SOP, (standard operating procedure) for the msm, and it is nothing new. Sensationalized press coverage should be expected if you are in the public eye.

  • Eduardo,

    Ok, but don’t you find it odd that after being part of a group that charged big $ to teach “how not to be a victim,” and, after spending countless hours with one of the “top 3 problems solvers in the world,” you are now reduced to seeking answers from an anonymous internet message board while at the same time also claiming victim-hood status?

    Perhaps you just wanted to publicly say, “we (NXIVM) are victims (of media, society in general, etc.) but how does that square with the “no victim-hood” stuff? It doesn’t. It as much as says, “I received baloney for all my time and money. It’s unfair.”

    Maybe you liked your little club and didn’t know about the pedophilia, blackmail, vexatious litigations, and never-ending lies. But it’s over. Except for the Frank Report, all that’s left in the media is going to be never-ending click-bait articles sensationalizing the ridiculous in the tiny hope of an ad click. The news media makes things up and distorts. Is this some startling revelation? As proselytizers, you guys were seriously incompetent. Can you not even admit that?

  • Eduardo, no one cares about minor errors in human reporting. Those are distractions from the serious issues surrounding the group.

    NXIVM and DOS were both intended to be subtle, deceptive, manipulative, word salad, bullshit. It is the bad intent of KAR wrapped up in arguably good “presentation”. If it was just about KAR’s ego masturbation, fooling women into and/or letting him sleep around, and grifting, then not as many people would’ve joined.

    —It was about breaking one’s pride.

    And so prison will become the “tool” that will function the same for Keith.

  • My question about violent branding and the use of the word “deception” is how Asunsolo explains the video footage of Keith and Allison talking about how those particular female members have to ask for branding. I’m thinking that this seems like a very psychological influence. What would have happened if they didn’t want the brand? They would have been excluded from the group for which they had already made many sacrifices. It’s called extortion. How do you explain that?

    Anyway, interesting writing. In this light, I’ve never heard of the story and more details I can imagine it could be true.

  • I am glad Eduardo started by saying he would keep his opinions out of his defenses and stick to facts because I believe he didn’t come across as intended with his other essays. It does appear he was personally attacking witnesses and perhaps he sees now that it would not help his cause. I am not going to be insulting, as I feel bad for the guy. His correction of these details do not change any opinion I have. I know what Sylvie said in court versus some exaggerated, more colourful version in a tabloid. I also understand that the picture was that of Nicki’s character and not of Nicki Clyne, the real woman. I understood all of these details before reading this. I feel sad that he is now going to spend his time going through stories about NXIVM and correcting every detail that, unfortunately for himself and Keith, won’t do anything to change the outcome of this.

    With regard to some readers believing media and not questioning and then attacking, how is that much different from a group of people living a life according to one man’s theories? It amounts to ‘Keith said so, so it must be true’. People have done questionable (at best) terrible (at worst) things to others because Keith said so. I do agree there is a problem with people not questioning what the media says. This current pandemic has highlighted this to me. I am not going to deny my experiences, what I have researched independently, and simply believe what a headline tells me to with no questions asked.

    I really wish that Eduardo can find a focus separate from NXIVM to spend his precious life on because this shouldn’t be it for him.

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