Allison Mack Reportedly Files for Divorce From Nicki Clyne

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne

According to Raniere’s statement at his sentencing, Mack has been cooperating with the federal prosecutors against him.

With Mack facing sentencing soon, it is a logical move for her to sever her connection with known Nxivm supporter, Clyne.  The judge was especially harsh with Bronfman because he noted she continues to support Raniere.

Mack will be looking to repudiate Raniere, much as she did at her plea hearing where she pleaded guilty to racketeering charges.

Conversely, Clyne has been a vocal supporter of Raniere. She filed an affidavit in support of a Rule 33 Motion seeking a new trial for Raniere, has worked on various initiatives to bring public attention to injustices she believes occurred during the case against him, and has worked as a prisoner’s advocate at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, where Raniere is in custody. During the summer, Clyne and others did peaceful protest dances in front of MDC to call attention to the woeful conditions at the facility.

The conflict between the couple was obvious and palpable. Mack had to make this move toward divorce to show the judge, prior to sentencing, that she has divorced herself from everything and anything Nxivm – including her wife, Clyne.

Clyne and Mack were living together when Mack was arrested in Brooklyn. Before that, they were living together in Mexico with Raniere when he was arrested on March 26, 2018 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Both women witnessed the arrest of Raniere.

Raniere was convicted in June 2019 on seven counts that included racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and attempted sex trafficking.

At her plea hearing, Mack repudiated Raniere in no uncertain terms, saying in part, “I believed that Keith Raniere’s intentions were to help people, and that my adherence to his system of beliefs would help empower others and help them. I was wrong. And I now realize that I and others engaged in criminal conduct. My misguided beliefs and dedication of what I believed were the principles underlying NXIVM, Keith Raniere’s teachings, resulted in my agreeing to support the criminal enterprise that is alleged in the indictment… They are good people who I have hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings. I apologize to them from the bottom of my heart, and I am truly very sorry for what I have done.”

Expect much more of the same from Mack when she speaks at her sentencing.

Meantime, Clyne continues to support Raniere. “I will always know that I am a better person for having known him, and that even when it feels the whole world is against you, it is still possible to live a life of honor, compassion and character,” she wrote in a letter of support.

We will have much more to report on this matter in the coming days.




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  • Fraud. Do you think Nicki told immigration that she was raniere,’s ” partner of 10 years”? Her words. Or that she made a vow to only be with him sexually? Why won’t you post comments about Nicki? Jessica Jones’ veracity was called into question because of a fake marriage to secure immigration status. Why not Nicki? Many people fought for marriage equality for years. And these two make a mockery of it. So “ethical”. Isn’t that also tax fraud?

    • I plan to write a comprehensive story on the marriage of Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne that will try to answer these questions.

      • Thank you, Mr. Parlato. You have restored my faith. I just think what’s fair to attribute to Jessica Jones is fair to examine with Nicki. I will be patient!

  • Bronfman who funded the deep litigious pockets and the organization for years, months. Mack, Raniere’s BPD Pam, act…a lifetime. Seems both might know the whereabouts of some missing women of NXIVM.

  • How dirty these things are… There’s the wives, the DOS, the SOP, the slave recruitment, this divorce. These are such complicated minds that we can really only speculate on the underlying intent. I’ve never read so much filth that went on in the NXIVM in a bunch. I wouldn’t say it’s normal for a little piece of it.

  • A little too late. Quite obviously, Allison is merely trying to reduce her sentence. She should have filed for divorce much sooner. Get used to those bars Allison. tsk. tsk.

  • I do think Mack is sexually and emotionally attracted to women. The evidence: her email to Daniella Padilla and KR after their threesome expresses enthusiasm about smelling like *both* of them. Camilla complained in a text to Keith about Mack’s enthusiasm at being “sister wives,” which can have emotional/sexual implications. Lauren Salzman’s testimony included the revelation that she was asked to have a threesome with Mack. Also, India has said in interviews that Mack wanted to be romantically involved and flirted with her a lot. Mack’s same sex attraction may have been encouraged by KR for his enjoyment, but I think that together this suggests that she is attracted to women. That would also fit even if Mack identifies as straight; indeed, a national survey showed that only 2/3 of women report being “predominantly not attracted to the same sex” — although the proportion of women who identify as gay or bisexual is only about 5%. Whether any of that translated into an attraction for Nicki Clyne is to me an open question. Even if Keith asked Mack to do it, it is possible that her own feelings for Clyne could have been a motivator for marriage too. Emotions and attractions can be more complicated than they appear on the surface.

    • There are so many sex toys. And there is so much in the sado-maso field.

      The offer is huge. Why limit yourself to just one piece?

  • Nicki Cline. The 21st Century equivalent to Squeaky Fromme. She’ll probably go to her deathbed swearing that KAR was THE most ethical and wonderful being on the planet. I can’t roll my eyes hard enough at this one.

  • So, we have heard all about DOS and what went on there. Why is there not more info on SOP. What exactly went on in there and why is no one talking about it?? In The Vow, you hear Nippy and Vincente get all emotional, but not too forthcoming about exactly what the men did behind closed doors. In the email or text exchange between Rainere and Dani, I think, K talks about knowing the size of another guy’s phallus, like exact measurements. What is THAT about? And why is it we can discuss everything the women went through, but not the guys…..he encouraged Emiliano and Alex’s relationship…..Frank, what about SOP???

    • Does Mack have assets? If so, presumably her spouse can take half. If there is a risk Nxivm victims can claim restitution from Mack, then giving Clyne half of what Mack has or even more might protect the assets from those claimants so a divorce could be a sham as could Mack’s supposed regret over Nxivm involvement. Or it may all be genuine.

      • “Does Mack have assets? If so, presumably her spouse can take half.” Jane Smith

        Both Mack and Clyne are defendants in a civil RICO law suit filed on behalf of their many victims.

          • Here’s the list of Defendants, NiceGuy:

            DR. BRANDON PORTER; :
            DR. DANIELLE ROBERTS; :
            NXIVM CORPORATION; :
            FIRST PRINCIPLES, :
            All six who were found or pled guilty plus some familiar names: Clyne, Sara Bronfman, Drs. Porter and Roberts, yada yada… Pulled it off the filing.

    • Why less attention? The SOP stooges weren’t getting branded with KR’s initials down there by their dicks, for one thing. SOP sounds profoundly boring. A bunch of dweebs and cucks talking about their feelings. What a sad bunch of losers.

    • —“he encouraged Emiliano and Alex’s relationship”

      In any interview I’ve seen where Keith and Emiliano are talking to each other, Emiliano is looking at Keith like he is crazy in love with him. It makes one wonder. Or if not wonder, it makes one picture a lot of things in their mind. I still have yet to fully make sense of this one. Gonna go think some more on it now.

    • The fact that there are so many men who are still loyal to Keith makes me strongly suspect that there is a DOS-like subgroup within SOP 🙁

      • CB-

        Stellar observation!

        A quasi-DOS male subgroup…..

        Is Nut Job a member?
        One can only speculate, but I imagine a man with the name Nut Job, my dear friend, will have the utmost-compromising collateral.
        NutJob probably double-dips at the salad bar in Price Chopper Super Market outside of Syracuse. Nut’s candid ‘nude’ photos are likely to be a cornucopia of fruit-basket pics topped with a á la Doctor Roberts’s
        headstand inverted spread eagle pic.

        Few men have attempted the Dr. Robert’s inverted spread eagle pic. A man must possess small testicles, a waxed taint, and nerves of steel, but I believe it can be done.

    • Yes, I’d like to hear more about SOP after hearing about India’s experiences. It would be very interesting to hear about what went on in the sessions when women were not present. Was the sleeping in a dog’s bed incident with Bonnie an effect of her work in SOP?

      • —”It would be very interesting to hear about what went on in the sessions when women were not present.”

        From what we know about DOS, my guess about SOP is it was like an episode of the Three Stooges where Moe gets slap happy (which is about every episode).

      • — Was the sleeping in a dog’s bed incident with Bonnie an effect of her work in SOP?

        Please elaborate at your soonest convenience. (Meaning now)

        • Hi, Dirty Rat Bastard. The incident was referred to in India Oxenberg’s documentary where, as some sort of penance, Bonnie had to sleep in a dog bed on the floor next to the marital bed.

    • Either Kieth taught the SOPers to be sexist pigs…or to be cucks who turned their women over to Keith. The wife-swapping India mentioned was probably Standard Operating Procedure for the SOPers.

      This untold story has HBO written all over it.

  • Hey Frank – wasn’t KAR a bit judge-y about same sex couples? Or maybe it was that he thought he could take away their gayness – particularly if they were women and if he wanted to bed them? Was it Siobhan H or was it Sylvie – I can’t remember. Point is, he was very possessive of his women and their amorous interests outside of his own needs. So I find it hard to believe he would allow NC and AM to marry if they were indeed in love and their relationship didn’t benefit him in some way.

    Quite the double standard though considering he certainly thought it was fun to encourage Emi and Alex in that department.

  • Timing wise – could it be they were waiting for the 3 year legal requirement before Nicki could apply for naturalization? Not sure how the “living apart” would be accounted for given it was a court ordered house arrest. If Nicki filed for citizenship at the 3 year mark, she could perhaps have gotten her USA citizenship and… no more need for marriage- DONE!

    Any immigration lawyers out there with some wisdom on this?

    • L-

      You are probably right. Now Allison files the divorce in the hopes of a lighter sentence. The judge will see through it.

      I’d like for us both to be wrong, but “reality” is reality.

      • Actually, I’m not sure what else Allison could do, given Nicki’s continuing ties to the group, her petition to the prosecutors, and the dance parties. Whether the judge will consider it or not, it seems like filing for divorce is a good decision.

      • Here’s something more to consider – “Offenses against children. If the U.S. citizen or green card holder has been convicted of certain “offenses against minors,” he or she will be automatically disqualified from sponsoring a marriage-based green card. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can also use its discretion to deny green card requests if the sponsor has been accused or charged with such offenses, even if they were never convicted.”

        If Alison hadn’t negotiatied a plea deal for the racketeering charge, the charges against her might have fallen under “offenses against minors”. There may be more to this tangle than meets the eye.

  • Good on Allison.

    I have no clue whether or not her marriage to Nicki was a sham but Keith himself remained notably single despite promising marriage to many women, impregnating them (most were coerced to abort), and using Clare’s money to attempt to secure US immigration status for them without having to wed any of them himself.

    Keith took the old, sexist joke – “I’m not married, my wife is married” – to a whole new dimension.

  • I wouldn’t say Mack “repudiated” Raniere. She said in her guilty plea that she believed in Raniere’s goodness but was mislead and only much later did she learn that (shock!) criminal activity was going on.

    From the film classic ‘Casablanca’:

    Police Prefect: I am shocked, shocked that gambling is going on at this establishment!

    Rick: Here are your winnings.

    Prefect: Thank you.

    Mack was close friends with Raniere for years. Intimate friends. She worked as his trusted lieutenant. They were lovers. Yet somehow she didn’t know what was going on? For years?

    Does she expect Judge Garaufis to believe that?

    An audio recording was introduced at Raniere’s trial of these two conspiring together to brand women while being held down “like a sacrifice”. Women who Mack had obtained blackmail material on. Under false pretenses. Mack agreed to all this.

    She was a crucial part of Raniere’s operation. Maybe she was stupid enough to not know it was illegal – blackmail and stuff – but ignorance of the law is not a defense.

    Mack’s allocution was a belated and minimal plea of guilt. In no way did she repudiate Raniere or his so-called teachings. It was all just a mistake, she claimed. Sure criminal activity took place and I’m sorry now (after I got caught).

    She had to admit criminal activity took place to fulfill the requirement of a guilty plea.

    It took her until the eve of the trial to finally plead guilty.

    And now, finally, she apparently filed for divorce from Clyne. Took her nearly two years. After a sham marriage of 14 months.

    As with her guilty plea, it’s too little too late. This will not pass unnoticed by Judge Garaufis. The honorable Judge has taken a dim view of DOS and its many abuses. I think Mack is in for a severe sentence as punishment for her years of loyal service to Raniere, for her criminal racketeering activities, and for her proven remorseless cruelty.

  • Mack is right to break up this pretend marriage. With her intreating attitude, she may be able to mitigate the consequences that awaiting her. Maybe.

    • I am doing an investigative report on whether the marriage is real or not. I am almost finished. I think it is unwise to jump to conclusions.

        • Agree with L. Probably they are also getting divorced now that Nicki has her green card ensured. It would be wise to look at the date on when Nicki got her green card (because before that if they got divorced Nicki could not get the green card as there is a grace period after they get married and Nicki gets the green card). I think it will help to look at the immigration timeline of Nicki.

  • Good for her. She needs to get physically, mentally, and emotionally as far away as possible from these clowns, e.g., Raniere, the Salzmans, Clyne, and all of those who are still drinking the kool-aid. These clowns were nothing but a destructive disease to her life. She wasn’t deficient in anything more than every normal person is. She was just manipulated and driven to feel like she was missing something in her life by a monster and money grubbing losers.

  • If I was AM, I think I would have done this a lot sooner but I guess it’s complicated. Greasy haired gurus, group blow jobs, chasing after Mexican police in golf buggies. Sounds like a regular married life to me.

  • To the guys who have a crush on Alison, or Nicki: You realize they are both like 40 right? And both brain dead enough to join NXIVM and DOS. Actresses are made up heavily in publicity photos.

      • —the guys who have a crush on Alison, or Nicki: You realize they are both like 40 right?

        As long as they’re premenopausal we guys don’t care.

        —Both brain dead enough to join NXIVM and DOS.

        And they’re both evil. So what? Real guys don’t care.

        —Actresses are made up heavily in publicity photos.

        Most guys know how to magically turn 5s into 10s. It’s called a six-pack of beer.

        My uncle swears that after he drank a case of beer, his neighbor’s dog turned into Raquel Welch.

  • Good for Alison Mack. The first one in the bunch to make a smart move to distance herself from Raniere and his group of cling-on supporters.

    India Oxinberg stated in her movie that she was a witness for the sham wedding of Alison Mack and Nicki Clyne and it was nothing more than a move to keep Clyne in the United States for Raniere, not for the “Happy Ever After’ of Mack & Clyne.

    As far as them living together as stated in this report, they weren’t living together in Mexico as a married couple… They were they for the pleasure of Keith Rainier. In NYC after he was arrested, let’s face it people… it again wasn’t to be a supportive married couple, but to be close to their beloved Master Raniere.

    Nothing about this marriage is real. It was to keep Clyne in the US to do what she is doing to this day, supporting her lover, Raniere.

    I hope US Customs deports her home to Canada ASAP.

  • Well, I find this a bit difficult to read. This woke rendering of significant Pronouns I find rather disingenuous. ‘Her wife’! What, pray tell, is wrong with “his wife”, or “hs wife” or “its wife” or “um wife”????

    To me, the fear of the Woke Cancel Culture is not the beginning of wisdom. If the point is to avoid unnecessary offense, then we have a hot potato in our hands because I am DEFINITELY OFFENDED by the rendering “her wife”!. Except we are operating in ANIMAL FARM mode in which some people can be safely offended but we dare not risk offending some people. Long live our egalitarian society!!!

    • Her wife is pretty to look at. If her wife wasn’t such a nutter, she probably would have had a solid acting career post-Battlestar Galactica. Same for the other wife. Probably would have easily scored further series work and be making more money that the cult took in during its entire existence. It’s weird how her wife still follows Raniere despite everything. At least she decided to divorce her wife but the year it took to make the decision might actually hurt rather than help with the judge. I wonder how the judge will handle her wife’s part in events or will it play a factor?

    • Indeed, Mr. Odewumi, it would seem we must be very careful not to offend the most offensive of our species in these times where the offended and the offensive are held in some sort of false equivalence; which is then lauded as the highest expression of civilised [Liberal] behaviour.

      I personally am not offended by same-sex marriage, but I am offended by fake marriage dressed up in the irreproachable garments of LGBTQ rights and etcetera. Very offended actually – by the whole Nxivm enterprise.

      • Normally, I don’t care about immigration marriages. I do care, however, when that immigrant is part of a criminal operation. Their sexuality wasn’t their own, lesbianism was used as a titillating performance for Keith. The legal marriage part of that LGB manipulation isn’t the worst of it.

        • I agree, Although I’ve never really formulated a hard and fast position about these things, I do know that if I were in the desperate position of having to flee my country or emigrate, I would do whatever I had to do to support and secure the lives of my dependants. This marriage, however, was not prompted by anything more substantial than cult membership. I hate to see bullshit behaviour all dolled up in the robes of virtue.

    • There’s nothing woke about it. A woman is a wife. Women marry other women. No one needs you to manage their pronouns.

  • I’ve read statements from KR and other Nxivm members in which they discuss not accepting “certain categories” of people into their group. I’m curious about that – what categories?

    Right off the bat, I guess…money. Their prices alone would have kept me away. Also, the mouth kiss thing. If any of those gnomes did that to my girlfriend, there would be trouble.

    Seriously though, I’m interested in the psych profiles they would have rejected. Obviously, lawyers, psychiatrists, rehab counselors and the like, are trained to be savvy listeners and would probably be tough to indoctrinate. There are other professions that people don’t often consider, who are very skilled at argument/persuasion (military recruiters, good salespeople, etc.).

    It seems like Nxivm targeted people of a more artistic nature, who needed people to…what? I’m struggling to work it out. Sort of validate or examine their emotional output, and make them feel…wanted?

    Some people are very careful and scrupulous in evaluating information input. Others are quite self-involved, and operate in output mode only. The specific input doesn’t matter – only the “feeling”. Am I on the right track? I’m thinking specifically of KR’s taped discussions with Allison Mack. He produced an enormous flow of word salad with gobbledygook sauce, and she was…in.

    • “Also, the mouth kiss thing. If any of those gnomes did that to my girlfriend, there would be trouble”.

      Cuckery should be a crime, punishable by death.

      “It seems like Nxivm targeted people of a more artistic nature, who needed people to…what? I’m struggling to work it out. Sort of validate or examine their emotional output, and make them feel…wanted?”

      By “artistic,” I hope you mean pretentious cunts. And you would be right. They attracted low self-esteem people with a need to feel special, important, and a part of something “exclusive”. Actors and other celebrities have a deep-seated need for validation, attention and the approval of others. Of course, they would join a cult. They are also all liberals. And worthless. These creatures would call non-nxiscum people “suppressives” and “parasites” and those who don’t like cocks in the butt, trannys, mass uncontrolled immigration and kneeling to blacks “racist” “bigot” “nazi” “fascist” and the like.

      Cults are “us vs them” and think they are better than the other. Really, they are just a bunch of ‘tards.

      • Yep, “Cults are “us vs them” and think they are better than the other. Really, they are just a bunch of ‘tards.”

        • I had another sentence in above statement that made it more than repeating a quote but no longer there. Not sure if editorially removed for politics or use of greater than and less than symbols caused the sentence to be removed.

          • It depends upon what you consider as the criteria for evidence in such an anonymous context. One cannot know with certainty that this is Bangkok unless one witnesses him type the comment and post it–“seeing is believing”. IP addresses may be such evidence, but one would need access to that information on the server side, and I don’t.

            The “evidence” is simply from correlating past comment content with what was said here and a gut instinct. Would this be considered non-disputable evidence? Certainly not. But that is not necessary nor needed here.

        • Hi Bangkok you are Bangkok.

          You are a COY one aren’t you my sweetest lass.

          —Cuckery should be a crime, punishable by death.

          Pure Bangkok

          • Hi Bangkok is Bangkok?

            I don’t think so. Why would he point out himself as if he’s someone else.

            Besides, it’s obvious that post was written by AngryCanadian, aka Bangkok.

    • I think Keith is a psychopath. Psychopaths usually recruit empaths and other psychopaths.

      The psychopaths who are recruited are the “flying monkeys” or minions who help the main psychopath do his evil deeds. I think there you had Clare, Emiliano Salinas, Laura Junco, Pam, etc. Keith enabled them to hurt others so everyone was happy. The empaths were also targeted to give Keith energy. I think Heidi’s sister, Daniela, Barbara Bouchey were in that category. They were empaths who gave Keith and the rest amazing positive energy so they kept them. The empaths were unbalanced and, hence, struggled to get out. But if they got out, they continued to shine and do positive things.

      To recruit the psychopaths, I think Keith got very good at targeting little psychopaths who were the children of famous and rich people. These individuals felt like losers as they had not accomplished (not even close) what their parents had. Keith made them feel special and that it was their own merit that made them leaders in NXIVM.

      Those two groups I think were the ones that said the most in nxivm. The normals saw it was weird and expensive and just escaped. The normals were also not as worthy to Keith. He is a psychopath and needs fuel and energy. Empaths give that. He aimed for empaths to stay and be in his harem long term.

      • That is very true of my sister, Mexican Lady. The psychos drilled right into her and sucked out her empathic soul. They even identified her in a psych eval as a rare and wonderful “empathic” personality and, to this day, some of them are literally donning her sheep’s clothes – traipsing around pretending to be her in word, deed, and even appearance. “Ever since (she) was a little girl…”.


        • Thanks for sharing, Heidi. I am sorry about what happened to your sister. Your sister sounds like she had a beautiful empathic soul. Do you ever feel she is watching over you? It is very nice to see the love you had for your sister. I am sure she also has a lot of love for you.

      • If that were the explanation, it means that everyone who helped Keith is a psychopath and in that group, there are a lot of people including many who are seen as victims

        • I mentioned there are also empaths. The empaths were brought in with the illusion of changing the world and helping the world become a better place through Nxivm. Not all were psychopaths. I do think it does take a level of evil to do what Pam or Clare were doing. I believe they were/are psychopaths

          • Agree. Nobody ever mentions the psychopath victims because of the stigma.

            But, being a victim also does not remove what they did. Pam was likely a murder victim. However, she was also likely a psychopath who enabled Keith to rape girls.

      • -“These individuals felt like losers as they had not accomplished (not even close) what their parents had. Keith made them feel special and that it was their own merit that made them leaders in NXIVM.”

        You could be right. On the other hand, maybe they joined since they had no external motivation to do anything with their lives since they had all the money they needed. Maybe they needed a little discipline. ?

    • I think India is still in contact with and in agreement with the remainder of the cult. Not with Raneire, just the cult itself and its “teachings”. Always keep in mind she really never left the cult by free will. She was forced to do so – jail time or leave and turn on them. She had many many many opportunities to leave and never took them until her back was against the wall.

      • Great points! Yes, I found it interesting she never criticized the people who are still in the cult except for Raniere. Very interesting perspective.

  • “Clyne and Mack were living together in Mexico with Raniere when he was arrested on March 26, 2018 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Both women witnessed the arrest of Raniere.”

    The saddest part is that the arrest came just before Clyne and Mack could take part in the group blowjob of Keith. That would have been a romantic and memorable end to their marriage.

  • Somehow I feel that the decision now to file for divorce from Clyne is a rather belated decision that should have been consummated much earlier. I think all the basic considered decisions by Judge Garaufis have already been made. What Mack is trying to do now at the last minute, after knowing how he made his rulings against Raniere and Bronfman, probably won’t make any difference with the judge.

    We can’t know for sure, but we can assume when we learn what the sentence against Mack will be.

    • Maybe it was all relatively okay until Clyne started making a lotta noise in support of Raniere. Clyne’s ruckus may have been the push Mack needed. Or the opening she needed to get out without risking marriage fraud charges regarding the whole immigration status.

        • I’ve already written a comment asking if this is your idea of a joke? or are you A.Mack? – but Frank, you don’t want to post it? Is this question asked too rudely for the FR? Would you mind explaining why? Given the context, I can’t see the controversy myself.

          • Are you referring to the comment where you attacked Alison? If so, I have asked commenters not to attack other commenters, even if you disagree. I have talked to Alison and she is much more thick-skinned than most commenters. Still, I would like to promote civility between commenters. And no, I have spoken to Alison and she is NOT Allison Mack or Nicki Clyne.

          • I didn’t attack Alison, Frank – The comment that you didnt print was this:

            ‘Are you A. Mack or are you just teasing?’

            I know you wont print this, but, why imply something about my response that isnt true? Is there an overidng [narrative] reason for that?

          • NFW – I was being overprotective of Beverage drinking Alison. Your comments are welcome.

          • @NFW

            I was riffing on what someone else wrote:

            —”Clyne’s ruckus may have been the push Mack needed.”

            Hope that helps.

  • Okay, who didn’t anticipate this particular divorce. Come on. I’ve been tapping fingers for it for ages already. At least a couple of years tapping these nails, saying ” What r u waiting 4, bitches. Parting’s sweet sorrow?”

    Someone* has become an Inconvenient Woooman. But she hasn’t got enough filthy lucre to qualify for a new Dominique Dunne-esque novel.

    So you know, Allison has a boyfriend, right girls? What did somebody say about Mack and Martha Stewart and how pregnancy might be a better answer than learning to crochet caftans?

    D-i-v-o-r-c-e doesn’t need to be unfortunate after all and don’t most of us know it. Tra la la la la

    Is Nicholas Clymb with the lovely bald African American slave nowadays, anyhow? Like lovers? You never know. Boyfriends surely can come in handy though, when somebody is in a pinch. Victorville would be a big pinch to elude, any which way.

    I wanna hear a fat lady sing.

  • Oh, cool! Allison Mack will be back on the market. My crush on her continues as long as she doesn’t recruit me to any cults.

    I wonder what this does to Clyne’s ability to stay in the States? Is Clyne allowed to stay or does some clock start on when has to go since she doesn’t seem to have any jobs since she gave up acting for Raniere?

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