Will Scott Johnson Be Banned?

A man named Scott Johnson has been a prolific commenter on Frank Report.  Most regular readers know him and newer readers know him by his alternative signature “LOL”.

Frankly, I am puzzled by Scott’s rudeness, since when I appeared on his podcast, he was an excellent host. I have spoken to him on the phone and he’s always acted well mannered.  SP, why is he rude to everyone on this website?

Another commenter, Nutjob, explaining to a new commenter why Scott was being rude to her, had this to say about Scott:

Over the years, Scott Johnson has posted things on Frank Report that are unforgivable. Not that he cares to be forgiven – he has never once apologized and doubles down on everything he’s ever typed.

Now that Frank is often censoring him, you only see his comments as often sniping, instigating, sometimes obnoxious, and nearly 100% disrespectful. This is only a one or two out of 10 when it comes to what we were accustomed to in the past with the viciousness of his posts.

Scott has run off many people from Frank Report and is the single biggest reason that the comment section of FR doesn’t always have the best reputation. Heidi and others have wanted Frank to stop Scott’s behavior, and are not happy in how long it took to mitigate it. For years, many have wanted Scott completely booted from FR. Even now, when you see people like Susan Dones comment, they do it with boxing gloves on, because they remember the past attacks.


Scott is my lesson on free speech. I used to think I should allow all comments, bar none. But Scott would drive everyone away.

So I decided to limit free speech. I have to treat this website like I would my own home. If someone comes into my house and insults other guests, I am not going to invite him again. Scott has been insulting my guests for years.

I understand Scott is different from me. My first inclination is to like people and find common ground, to encourage them.  Scott looks for disagreement and disrespect. Sometimes he thinks it’s funny; usually, it’s not.

Perhaps he thinks there are those who admire his snarky, snappy insults. I have heard from no one who said they admire it.

Actually, Scott is the reason I started the policy of manually approving comments in the first place. Prior to that, I had a setting where all comments were automatically approved and appeared live as soon as they were written.

Because Scott was ceaselessly belittling commenters, I had to switch to manual approval.

Scott is one of two commenters who require my personal approval. That means my associate editors may not approve a comment by Scott because it is most likely intended to insult another commenter.

Sometimes Scott makes excellent points. However, it takes too much time to review them to find the gems.

The reason it is time-consuming is that Scott usually writes one-liners – zingers – snappy putdowns. In order to understand whether he is putting down, for instance, Keith Raniere [fair game] or another commenter [not fair game], I have to go to the original post and read the comment he is replying to, to see if he is belittling a commenter.

Usually, he is.

Just today a commenter used the word “prolix” to describe her writing style. I was initially pleased to see Scott agreeing with another commenter. He wrote, “I agree about the prolix part, even though I had to look up the word to see what it means. LOL.”

Since I had a bunch of Scott Johnson comments in que, waiting to be approved, I pushed the approve button hastily. Then I thought better. I looked up prolix: “(Of speech or writing) using or containing too many words; tediously lengthy.”

Scott was agreeing only in order to insult the commenter.

There are other commenters who, if they disagree, attack the person, instead of debate the issue. But Scott is the main problem. Of the last 200 comments I deleted, 116 were from Scott.

To give some examples of comments from Scott I deleted:

  • And people like you will keep reminding them, ad infinitem. LOL
  • [referring to another commenter]  Healthy debate cannot occur without a healthy brain. LOL
  • Go back to making sausage – the song was picked by the Starz network, not NXIVM. LOL
  • You need to grow up. LOL
  • Let the record show this person is too drunk to click on the link and contact Scott to be on his podcast, and the rest of you are too scared. LOL
  • I’ll make a mental note that you’re a Libtard. LOL
  • Your question, as usual, is a stupid one. LOL
  • Go to hell. LOL
  • [to a German commenter] Like the error Germans made in supporting Hitler? LOL
  • Do you ever get tired of making the same, tired comments? LOL
  • Blah, blah, blah – same old crappola. LOL
  • I suffer every time I read one of your comments. LOL
  • Scott would rather have an enema than interact with a Nutjob, too. LOL
  • [To me] Also, your presumption that I care whether you publish my comments is unfounded – I’m perfectly happy with only you reading them, as most people commenting here are idiots. LOL
Ironically, Scott thinks most commenters are idiots and they think the same of him. And yet it is Scott who diminishes debate, by attacking those seeking to add something to the conversation.What needs or lacking does he have that makes him act this way?  The lesson is mine. I’m learning from Scott.

Another commenter wrote of him, “Scott says the most disgusting things, and when you allow it, I wonder WHY you do. You like Scott to stir the pot, and you never correct his statements… If you’re going to let Scott provoke and say ugly things, allow the ugly response. If you want civility, put your uncivil dog on a leash.”

I think that is a fair comment. I can’t put him on a leash. I can only put him up for adoption at the SPCA.

Frank Report will have controversial and important topics to report on in the coming weeks. It will spark debate and I want it to be civil.

If, dear readers, you do not see the “LOL” anymore, you will know the reason.

I can assure you the next time Scott gratuitously insults another commenter, I will stop sifting through Scott’s comments. He will be the first and, hopefully, the last person banned on this platform.

And Scott, If we do meet again, why, we shall smile; If not, why then, this parting was well made.




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  • Way to go Flowers! Wish more people who comment here were like you.

    December 6, 2020 at 12:45 pm
    I don’t care about trying to be amusing. I don’t write goofy limericks or post jokes as some do.

    In fact, I had no intentions to continue posting on this site until the Ben Szemkus nonsense appeared. When I saw that conspiracy theory posted here (a blatant attempt to tie NXIVM to the Democratic party), I knew it had been penned by the same group responsible for QAnon and Pizzagate.

    And I wondered how Scott Johnson “discovered” this “Bzenkus” character, and how the story ended up on Frank Report.

    I knew immediately that it was bullshit and called it out. Obviously, Frank didn’t appreciate my insights, for some reason🤣

    Although, honestly, I don’t find much to laugh at these days ….280,000 killed by a “hoax” just isn’t all that amusing to me.

    I’m just a terrible person, I guess…..another bleeding heart Libtard.

  • Oh, banned from the Frank Report comment section. Like Frank spreading lies in support of Trump isn’t one thousand times worse.

    • It must be terrible to live and breathe hatred of PRESIDENT Trump, every moment of every day, and interject it into every thought and conversation. When Joe Biden is inaugurated, will you relax a bit?

      Frank is not “spreading lies”; he is reporting information and, thus far, not censoring most comments – to his credit.

      Do you have a job? Pay taxes? Purchase consumer goods? I for one am open to seeing where we are several years from now.

      • — I for one am open to seeing where we are several years from now.–

        Thanks to Trump’s “A+” handling of the pandemic, we already know where more than a hundred thousand Americans will be in several years…still dead.

    • Nancy, just because Dave thought Frank Report spread lies/disinformation in support of Trump, doesn’t mean Dave is filled with anger.

      It only means that Dave doesn’t like reading disinformation…and I’m sure that many others would agree with Dave.

  • I belong to several platforms on subjects I care about.

    In order to belong to them and comment on them, there is an agreement about not attacking other people commenting, no political agenda, etc.

    It’s your blog, Frank, and I think you have a right to set ground rules without taking away our rights to express ourselves on your blog.

    Scott, in my opinion, is not funny or entertaining. If I want rude comments made towards me, I can go to a bar where everyone is known to get shit faced and has no manners.

    I know I spend less time on the Frank Report and less time making comments due to the clown Scott.

    If you want to keep him, you can do so – but he is driving your readership away

  • Frank this has me thinking I don’t know if you have the right set up but I have been in other blog groups similar to this where if you didn’t care for a particular commenter you could pull the person up by name hit
    Ignore button next to their name and poof they were gone off your screen , but others could still see their comments , I don’t take this stuff personally, I don’t know Scott so his opinions are great for their entertainment value but little else.
    Scott …. remember it’s a dog eat dog world out here and we all have on milk bone under ware so play fair.

  • Ad hominem attacks serve us as they reveal where our triggers are and get us to internally look within as to why we are offended so we can overcome it. Other than that, they are pretty much useless except to bring everybody down.

    • Such “trigger hunt” attacks are very useful to wanna be cult leaders and bullies probing for buttons and using NLP, along with gaslighting, street theatre, unlawful surveillance, etc. to attempt to manipulate others. The goal may be anything from silencing, to discrediting, to recruiting, to destroying — often done under the guise of self improvement through “trigger” discovery.

      NXIVM and it’s NLP trained leaders — who yet lurk on FR assisting Frank behind the scenes – excel at this type of manipulation.

      In fact, the gaslighting and street theatre was used on my sister Gina starting back in the mid-nineties. She recounted it in her journal. AND Kristin Keeffe acknowledged that “Keith” was using these methods to talk her into “suiciding” herself, though she may not have pulled the trigger herself in the end, as I once believed was the case.

        • Scott, if you are going to comment, I would like you to either use your own name, or a moniker. The use of LOL as your signature does not work, since then whenever anyone uses LOL it is assumed to be you – and yet others want to use LOL – in its normally accepted usage. Instead of as a signature.

          In addition I respectfully request that you refrain from insulting other commenters.

  • Still, in the end, this is not about censorship. No idea or concept is being prohibited. Instead, it’s about two things:

    1. Stay on topic. Don’t post utterly irrelevant comments about politics or your former boss or your dog’s dentist…unless, of course, they really do have something to do with the topic. If Biden or Trump or your dog’s dentist were to wade into the whole Raniere business, then I suppose they could be mentioned insofar as what they had to say on the topic. If not, then let’s be done with Donald, Joe, and Amway.

    2. Don’t attack other commenters. You can debate them, you can even use snappy comebacks, you can even be prolix (Scott, when he’s on his game, can be witty and fun), but just don’t be a troll.

    This shouldn’t be controversial. These rules apply to everyone and they don’t single out any point of view — left or right, pro-Raniere or anti-Raniere, Dreyfusard or anti-Dreyfusard. There’s no reason for anyone to say, “I won’t post because Frank is censoring me.” He just wants to see the trolling end.

          • It is indeed a challenge to be 100 percent consistent with every commenter, every time. For instance, the other day someone called something a commenter wrote “silly.” That commenter is not known for rudeness, so I approved it because the rest of the comment was substantive. However, if Scott called it “silly” I might not have approved it simply because his past record of offending people would factor into the way the comment was received.

            My preference would be to allow all comments but it won’t work because a few people would drive away most of the others.

            On top of Scott, there are some really angry people out there who are virulently racist and sexist – and they are not just white and not just men. Given free reign, they would happily turn this into a hate speech site.

            I have been deleting anti-Semitic, anti-black, anti-white, anti-male, anti-female, profanity-laced comments.

            Then there are those who continue to try to post non-relevant political comments.

            Between this motley group and hundreds of comments with various shades of insult laced in, it is not always possible to be 100 consistent. Some websites simply ban certain words.

            But overall, I think we are doing pretty well. We have some very good comments and the issues are debated robustly.

  • Frank, the blog was more enjoyable when the comments did not have to be delayed for scrutiny. Scott changed that. If you must whittle out over 50% of his comments, including the horrible ones listed above, that should tell you that the occasional interesting and intelligent comment might not be worth it. In reviewing the input of Heidi and Just Sayin’ etc. I vote again for eliminating Scott and any other poster who continually spews hateful things for no good reason. I think it’s been demonstrated here that very important insights are indeed being withheld, and that is a shame.

    Are you going to make a decision now, or is this just one more futile attempt to breed kindness and respect in Scott? Do you really want those with direct NXIVM insights to continue to withhold their information? Of course, this is your blog, and I will continue to visit either way.

    • My position is that yesterday’s post was the final warning. Scott can stay on here if he follows the reasonable guidelines I have repeatedly asked for. Why in the end we all might wind up being friends.

      • You are working very, very hard to reform and keep Scott, at the expense of silencing / driving away other posters with important things to say. I have to ask, why?

        Would you do us a favor and re-post a handful of the sparkling Scott comments that show the type of insight you wish to preserve? I know I’m being a bit confrontational, but I just want to understand.

        Again, with respect, I can’t believe you can disregard the statements made by others in this post.

        • Yes, Nancy. But I am not looking to punish but for correction of the problem. I cannot undo what Scott has said. Maybe I will publish his greatest hits though.

          • Nutjob-

            —If you go to all that trouble, you’ll hear that the album is short and overrated.

            Sounds like you’re describing David Lee Roth’s 1985 record Crazy from the Heat. It only had 4 tracks.

        • Just ban him. Seriously. Regardless of how he seemed in the podcast (and was that actually him?), he’s a toxic narcissistic presence on here and doesn’t do your rep any favours. On any other blog or forum, he would have been permabanned years ago. He’s had enough chances. Do the right thing.

      • It is the final warning. After that comes the very last one. It never stops with the warnings. But nothing ever happens. Stop with the warnings if you are not willing to impose sanctions.

      • You banned me because I pointed out that Trump is a cult master who is vastly more destructive than Raniere and you couldn’t take it.

    • Ok, on some occasions, I use the name Just Sayin’.

      You mean, there was another Just Sayin’ in the past?

      I will go back to Fool me Not ( full time) if needed.

    • Frank, Nancy is right! Delaying comments ruins any semblance of conversation.

      Now, when I read a comment, it is hours old, even if it was just posted…
      Then I respond, and hours go by before anyone can read it…
      Then more hours go by before anyone’s response is posted…

      If Scott was the main reason comments had to be reviewed before posting, then ban him (or any abuser like him) and let all other comments be posted immediately, so we again can have a discussion.

  • Total Freedom is anarchy. You need a certain amount of guidelines to have civil discourse. I agree with your stance to uphold your commenters to the detriment of free wheeling hate speech.

  • I wonder if this is really true. I’ve seen this mentioned so many times on the Frank Report, but then it just doesn’t happen. I dropped my name and doubled up on anon-ism here because of Scott. He used to have a screeching mania for learning people’s identities when he first arrived.

    The crossed Maginot line for me was his treatment of the poster called Heather. The asinine carping of everyone’s points is exhausting enough to make me question why I come here, but it didn’t stop me in the end. I’m not in favour of doing this if nothing comes of it like all the other times, I think, yes, that would finally be it for me. ( nd Yeah, Scott I will shut the door on the way out, etc.)

  • I like Frank Report. I have been addicted to FRank Report. I stopped commenting recently because I don’t need Frank to be my dad and tell me when I am being rude to another commenter.

    I think we have enough control from the government and big tech. I don’t need to be in another space where someone tries to control me.

    I would recommend leaving Scott alone. We don’t need another space that censors and controls us.

    Scott: I am defending you. Despite your hurtful comments against Mexico. You are welcome.

      • Scott: You are not very wise.

        You obviously do not attack the few who are defending you. You build on your allies when everyone is against you. If you do get banned, this will be more due to evolution at work. A smart person would connect with their allies to have a network that challenges the ban; that helps you push the narrative that this is censorship and goes against free speech (Which Frank Report has been advocating for; to have the same boring dynamics as Twitter and Facebook, I could just go there what new thing is then Frank Report bringing, etc). By attacking me with that stupid joke (which doesn’t help your cause) you are losing support.

        Think more, my friend.

        • Mexican Lady-

          I stuck up for you when Frank admonished you. You were not being as rude as the other person was being a scum. I am glad you are passing “it” on and defending Scott.

          Sadly Scott you’ve wasted your time because he will attack anyone including people who defend him….As you have learned to your own chagrin.

          Metaphorically, our poor Frank is a boat and Scott is a barnacle who has attached himself to Frank’s hull and refuses let go. Frank painted his “undercarriage” with good old zinc and our barnacle continues to hang on like a in-law in your home or genital worts.

          Eventually poor Frank will have to scrape our little barnacle fella off just like herpes.

          • Aw, thank you Nice Guy for defending me :’)
            Sorry I did not see it. I was busy crying over the hurtful comment from Frank.

            Thank you very much for your support! (^▽^)

            ⊂◉‿◉つ 。^‿^。 (v^ー°)

            Have a happy day =)

          • Glad it helped. I enjoy reading your posts and glad you’re back! It’s hard not be a little sarcastic (or, for me, a lot sarcastic) with some of the comments we see here…

        • It is YOU who is not wise. LOL

          Neither Scott or I need to be defended, we’re both big boys who zip our pants up in the front. LOL

          Instead, defend free speech, that is what is under attack and if defeated will result in a far less meaningful and interesting comments section. LOL

          What I was saying was obviously an insult to all Americans posting here and had nothing to do with you or Mexico – you could have been a Marian from outer space and the same comment from me would have resulted, with a slight change regarding the origin of the author. LOL

          You’re not my friend, I invited you on my show and you chickened out. LOL

          • Mexican Lady – I approved this comment of Scott’s. It seems rude and insulting to me, But I would like to get your opinion of it. Do you think I should ban Scott or tolerate him? Should I censor him or ban him?

          • Hi Frank. I’m not even reading what Scott says. I just skip it.

            A question I had: Doesn’t his comments help your site’s traffic? You are getting more engagement. Couldn’t we all just ignore him but keep his comments to help the traffic of your news site? For instance, instead of blocking, you could leave the comment, and then let the audience know that you, unlike Scott, support them. That would make your audience happy with you and increase your traffic.

            Thank you for asking my opinion. I am happy we are all friends again ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ ⊂(◉‿◉)つ.

          • The difficulty with Scott is that it takes time to check to see who he is insulting. But I will take your suggestion under consideration.

          • I finished reading the comments from Scott.

            It seems OK. I do not find them offensive. I would keep Scott for traffic on the site. Thanks for asking our opinion, Frank.


            I don’t do drugs or understand mushrooms but I appreciate being on the list.

            This is a great gift. Thank you NutJob . You are the best!!!

            ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ ⊂(◉‿◉)つ.

            THANK YOU!!

  • “Just Saying” the original, just said it. I was on FR when she was being vilely ridiculed bc Raniere arranged free NX courses for her through a man she was dating.

    The circle jerk offs, apparently led by Johnson, attacked her just like they did me and everyone who had any personal knowledge — any greater insight than Johnson, and that’s a low benchmark — whose most obvious motive is to suck all the air out of the room, and command all the attention, by bullying, accusing, insulting, etc. He’s been banned and restrained by court order from other sites, including Twitter, for these precise activities.

    Don’t forget, Johnson was behind the whole Ben Szemecus hoax — claiming he partied with Raniere and a whole slew of sluts and politicos including Trump — and he promoted the farce not only here on FR but to other bloggers and media covering NXIVM.

    I was sorry and very frustrated to see Just Sayin, Dianne Lippson, Joe O’Hara, Susan Dones, Barbara Bouchey, many of the NXIVM 9, the Oxenberg’s and so many others who had valuable facts to contribute but like Just Sayin says, doing so isn’t worth the abuse

    I know Frank has done much for years now to try to contain and reform him but it’s beyond obvious that there is simply no way to do so other than a strictly enforced ban. Frank’s tried just about everything else to no avail. Come January, FR – all domestic websites — will also be liable for any libel and hate speech perpetrated by commenters. Johnson has targeted ethnic groups on he and his partner’s web show, in addition to the other sites from which he’s been permanently banned.

    Shalom, Señor Johnson.

      • The damage he’s done by silencing people with knowledge of NXIVM is unknown. Probably high. Definitely sad and has hurt the attempts to stop Raniere.

    • Where is the link to prove your claim about “…all domestic websites — will also be liable for any libel and hate speech perpetrated by commenters….?” LOL

      Neither me nor Scott has ever libeled or hate speeched (new word) anybody. LOL

        • You are equating “over the top” with what? LOL

          Do you think the Germans made a good decision in supporting Hitler? LOL

          It is neither libelous or hateful, just stating the facts and a strong lesson to Americans in the current political situation we are in – if we let the radical left steal the election they will become even more brazened, mark my words. LOL

  • Please Frank what your proposing is unfair I like Scott’s comments if only for their comic relief , if others are offended please guys it’s not that serious. I am offended that Frank allows Keith’s posse to comment with the rest of us on the Frank Report listening to them is like nails down a chalk board but I read their comments and move on or just scroll on by. If your offended by Scott’s comments scroll on by nothing says you have to read them, I feel like a group of kindergartners who got in trouble at recess cause one or two of us can’t follow the rules.

  • Frank, this is a valuable and maybe unique site for info and discussion on Nx and similar subjects that you post…but please don’t venture into politics or let readers post on politics because there is such a divide in the US that all political discourse quickly becomes heated and insulting.

  • I’d say your site, your rules, Frank. Sometimes, you gotta balance the “pain in the ass” factor against the “principles” factor. Otherwise, you spend too much of your time wiping up after someone else’s messes or losing business because they create such a mess on your site. You gave him plenty of warnings.

  • Frank, don’t censor people. If people don’t like what a commentator says, they can ignore it or comment back. If people feel so triggered and can’t argue over the fecking internet, they need to grow a pair of plums. People are so sensitive these days, like a swollen clit.

  • I have to say, what pushed me over the edge towards wishing Scott gone, was reading the list of censored comments above. They sicken me and IMO have no place in any halfway civil dialogue.

    • Nancy-

      I guarantee the list of offending comments above are the more benign offending comments Frank chose to share. Scott’s insults are generally more vitriolic.

  • I have to say that I’m favor of dropping the hammer on SJ.

    He poisons the otherwise mellow, informative, and respectful Frank Report-vibe that other commenters and Frank himself have cultivated. I guarantee that Scott has driven away more than a few first-time commenters who would otherwise be contributing pertinent information.

    I also respect Frank’s commitment to free speech, but I’ve personally had it with SJ’s comments.

  • All that we need to know about Scott is that he is lazy, and probably not too bright. Amway gives all the tools necessary for complete success. If he failed, it is most likely due to lack of effort. All those I know who sell for Amway are doing really well with it.

  • Like a mosquito, Scott’s limited abilities as a commenter are a valid reason for having excellent window screens surrounding the freshness and the beautiful, thoughtful sanctity of your patio.

    Amongst the Hindu people, no matter how poor or in need you might be yourself, there is a commitment to others, to be offered as deep respect and even as simple reverence to life itself, to treat the guest, whoever he or she might be, as someone who is respected,valued and loved, and you strive to offer your best. The words are “taught from birth” as a guiding principle, and an ancient one.

    “The guest is God.”

    (I love this.) It has helped me many times in life to remember to remember. The guest is God.

    I can’t help it, recalling the stories of so many who have needed and who have had to keep struggling, just as Joseph and Mary had to travel to find a safe, remote stable when the time came for the birth of their baby. Imagine turning them away. Or turning anyone away, when you could’ve helped. My heart can be my judge. Let me never be too late, never again. One tiny promise, okay?

    So with “the guest is God,” one is honored to receive a visitor and offers sweetness, generosity, kindness, just as you might hope to be treated, if you were the visitor. Even if the story is a fairy tale, who could bear to deny comfort, safety or rest, refreshment, to anyone? Who? Life is sometimes all too real with its pains or challenges, just as it is. At least a cup of tea, a bit of an offering and you can change someone’s feelings, help to raise the feelings, or to ease the sorrows.

    But if you keep finding out that the guest is a big, buzzing pain in the ass, it is fair to decide that a guest can be a goddamned “guest” and to discourage any further visits without hesitancy or feeling guilty about it.

    There is no reason to keep welcoming a buzzkill, who is unconsciously spreading dengue fever all over the neighborhood, into your house or onto the sanctity of your patio, already so full of worthwhile conversation and rewarding experiences, being shared, sometimes so very tenderly and from assembled hearts who are healing, learning and growing…alone and together. We have better things to learn and to do.

    Mosquito, party of one. Last exit to Dallas instead of Brooklyn. LO fuckin’ L. Rhymes with hell. Double the pleasure, Frank! I am gonna have fun with or without you, and obviously would rather be with you, as a small promise, really made to myself, to keep the faith, in terms of what you keep giving so very faithfully. Most if us already knew how to swat away a mosquito back when we were three or four years old.

    Maybe poor old Scott Johnson was a peskymosquito in his most influential past life? Ahimsa! Run the hell along.

    No you won’t? Okay.

    Oops. Oh my God, excuse me. SPLAT! Whoopsie daisy. Gee whiz. Find the terminal yet?

    • Hamway! Hamway, Hamway!

      And this is not Tourette’s syndrome. This is Scott Johnson and his stalwart but stale Hamway superglue.

      Forgive me for forgetting to give that moose-like rallying cheer. HAMWAY, the parable, the alpha and the omega of utterly glommed-up, stringy, smelly moose shit.

      Whatta matta me, for neglecting to push Hamway memorabilia from Scott’s antler collection? For shame. Hijack another parachute and twist and shout, Ham Away, ham away, ham away! Hamstrung, ham-blasted. Cloven-hooved garbage eaters, unite!

      Cash me ousside. Lo fucking l.

      Now back to Hamway, whether y’all like it or not, by gum! Is this the 12 step meeting house devoted to meddling, or not? Damn it. Where is the door?

      Prepare yourselves, fir today we are going to discuss Scott Johnson’s gentitals in vast.detail.

      But holy shit! There’s nada to say. Nuttin.’. Class over. Dismissed.

      That’s all? That’s all there is, huh? Do Hamways rape young ladies and/or gentlemen, the same as that flabby turd, Keith Raniere? Is Hamway a religion or only designed to sound like one? Do NOT answer. Especially since generations ago it was estimated that men think about sex every five seconds and that still is not usually enough forethought.

      It goes without saying that there is never enough good sex, never mind much forethought. We need better science and far, far less interference. It is never too late to practice, is it?

      Also, and although “me” has first read and then commented here for seversl years at Frank’s place, maybe I am Scott# deux? Comments are not published from this inept typist swiftly at all. They might be gone over first with a rather marvelously fine-toothed comb and then might appear, (haphazardly) sometimes a day or so later. Whatever! Whatever about whatever. I won’t tell.

  • ‘Of the last 200 comments I deleted, 116 were from Scott.’

    You’ve given an inch and he’s taken a mile. And all your hard work to edit him into a reasonable-sounding person is in vain if he really isn’t reasonable at all. I’m sorry you couldnt get through to him, no one could say you didn’t try.

    • There is still some more to the story, as readers will see. And there are other stories to tell of the bizarre and ridiculous and sinister.

    • Frank told Scott the NXIVM story was coming to an end almost three years ago the first time we talked, and said that Amway and other MLM scams could be an interesting next story to cover. LOL

      But here we are, after submitting an MLM story as a comment and another one in an email to Frank as HE suggested, and nothing was ever published. LOL

      Would “banning” me and Scott be punishment or allowing us to better use our time? LOL

  • Being incessantly attacked by Scott under all the various names he has used is one reason why I pretty much walked away. I did actually attend an intensive, and used to be close with someone higher up who is still ever faithfully following Raniere.

    I check the posts once in a while, but even if I do comment as anonymous, I don’t bother to check responses or anything.

    The irony is that Scott seems to have serious issues with hating women, so he has that in common with Keith’s underlying rage towards women that he seems to think justifies everything he has done. IMO they are both very sick individuals.

    Prior to Scott’s arrival, there was more of a sense of camaraderie in the comments section. It was pretty much a lot of people who had at least some direct or cursory experience of NXIVM, and the only contrarian pain in the ass was Sultan, which I don’t think ever actually offended any of us.

    Anyhow, I probably still won’t come back much. Too little, WAY too late.

    The Original Just Sayin’.

    • So good to see your cheerful sunshiney thingy once again, Just Sayin’ – so good! Hope to see it more frequently now.

    • How do you know Scott posted under various names? Any of the posters here can use various names, such as Sultan also posting as Darth VanDouche. It’s possible, (and also very likely), that many people post here under more than one name.

      Considering that the comments are moderated, I can’t understand why Scott needs to be completely banned. It’s a bit ironic after all the racist and misogynistic crap that Frank allowed for so long.

      And I’m probably the other commenter that Frank claims he needs to personally “moderate”….which is quite hilarious, all things considered.

      • Actually Flowers you are not the other commenter that has to be approved by me. Very few of your comments are not approved.

  • As we all know, free speech isn’t totally free, as there are lines that cannot be crossed with speech without negative consequences including possible legal consequences. For that reason, having ‘community guidelines’ is common on most live chat streams, blogs or comment sections and most have some form of moderation to keep things focused and civil.

    For the newer posters here, myself included, I appreciate this situation being explained in detail, thus allowing us to catch up on the historical knowledge of the regulars here. I have seen brief comments about Scott but did not know the backstory. I think Scott has posted replies to comments I have made, as the telltale LOL was included.

  • Frank – this has been foretold long ago. You were many times warned that that type of behavior would drive people away.

    You have also been told by many people over the years, me included, that the political junk you keep allowing Shadow to post will drive people away. You still do it, I don’t know why. People come to this site for the culty stuff, not to see Shadow spread the absurd lies that Trump and Qanon like to spew. We know you are conservative, but hopefully, you’ll wake up and get rid of Shadow’s political comments. It’s destroying the credibility of your site, especially to the new people coming here wondering why you let it go on.

    This site will thrive if no one knows where you stand politically. Especially globally. The rest of the world hates Trump and thinks he is a joke. The more you let it go on, the more it’s going to hold you back.

    • I agree with you that politics should not be part of this site, unless it relates to corruption of law-enforcement and the justice system. But this post is specifically about Scott Johnson’s posts. You introduced politics into the discussion. I’m sorry to tell you that the “rest of the world“ does not hate Trump, so why don’t we leave it at that?

      I simply skip over Shadow’s posts if they don’t interest me. At least he is not heckling other posters and shaming victims.

    • Great job Frank, now you can ban everything! LOL

      Of course the rest of the world hates Trump (they don’t, by the way), because he makes them keep the commitments they make, such as NATO countries paying their fair share AND what they committed to paying in order to defend THEMSELVES against Russia and other aggressors, or China because Trump won’t let them cheat on trade deals and steal intellectual property – Trump knows it’s much better to be respected than liked by other countries and makes for a stronger America that can help them if needed. LOL

      • Trump and his family have benefited from his business relationships with China and Russia over the past four years. Please don’t even try to say otherwise because it’s not true.

    • It appears you can’t let go of Trump any more than our dear Shadow. Let it go. If you want the site to be investigative but apolitical, that’s good. But I get the impression that it’s not irrelevant political comments that bother you, but irrelevant pro-Trump political comments.

      • my point is that if Frank were to make it apolitical, which is what I hope for, I believe the great good he has done for the world would be better appreciated. the politics have soured people on him, and that is too bad.

        I hope that there is another story around the corner Frank can break too, like how he got the jump on the world with the LeBaron massacre in Mexico. For those new to this site, Frank was the very first to break that story (correct me if I’m wrong please but I don’t think I am).

        It was spot on, and it was near real time. It was gripping journalism worthy of a Pulitzer for the category of Breaking News Reporting. Curious Frank did you or someone on your behalf submit it?


        • I think I will submit on my behalf. Thanks for the suggestion for the LeBaron story. I did report it first

        • I noticed that too, and wondered about it, although I’m pretty sure I know how Frank managed to post it first.

  • Frank, as you said, it’s mostly only one person but I do think it’s valuable to have a comment policy. On the one hand, I hate message boards that don’t allow disagreement. On the other hand, personal insults are never ok.

    It’s fair if everyone has the same rules.
    Here is a possible example of comment rules:

    Comments deemed to be spam or promotional will be deleted.

    Comments that personally insult another poster will be deleted.

    Comments that harass other posters will be deleted.

    Please be respectful toward other contributors.

    • Well, Pandora, Frank tried posting a long list of rules about a year or so ago that included the ones you listed. The problem was, he didn’t enforce them for Scott or Shadow because they were Trump supporters and so is Frank, so he liked them and let them go on. We warned Frank but he didn’t pay attention. So now here we are.

      • Frank freely allows comments from Flowers, an ultra liberal poster. I don’t think he makes his editorial decisions based on political affiliation.

        Those of you who hate Trump and all he stands for will have everything you desire soon enough.

        • Agreed. This post was about Scott’s trolling behavior, but Ice-nine’s replies keep wanting to make it about Donald Trump, who has nothing to do with the matter at hand. Ice-nine’s replies are just as irrelevant to the topic in a Trump-averse way as the those from the pro-Trump faction.

          • I disagree. I think Ice Nine was trying to add that he doesn’t care for political comments any more than he cares for Scott’s carping.

        • I hadn’t really noticed (or perhaps cared to notice) Flowers in that way, but if what you say is true, Nancy and I believe you that it might be, I agree 100%. I don’t want any politics on this site. There are a million other sites for that. Frank’s site is awesome and actually has changed the world for the better. My point is that let’s not water it down with junk that doesn’t belong here.

        • Nancy, how can you be so sure that Frank freely allows my comments?

          It’s interesting that you think I’m “ultra liberal”. While I am definitely liberal, I’ve never been one to voice my political opinions until I was forced to.speak out against Trump’s unbelievable antics.

          Knowing that Roger Stone is one of the main reasons Trump was able to do what he did, and that Stone is connected to this website, has just made me want to speak up even more.

          It’s not about which political party I support, it’s about doing what is moral and ethical.

          • Most commenters here are delightful, regardless of their viewpoints. When I see most regulars, I feel joy.

            Flowers, on the other hand, is not one of those who are delightful. She contradicts her chosen name with every comment she makes. None of her comments are ever aromatic or pleasing to the sight.

            She is consistently negative. She was the only other commenter I ever thought of banning. She takes the joy out of the comments section whenever she appears and turns serious topics into what the offense is against her.

            However, I deleted very few of her comments recently [when she called people morons, etc. for not agreeing with her.] I have approved more than 1000 comments of hers.

            She seems to have genuine disdain for me, without respect for the work here, and, unlike Scott, her spirit tends toward downright angry and mean as opposed to being just snarky and amused with himself like Scott is.

            The reason I am considering banning Scott is that he is good at putting people down, pushing their buttons. He enjoys it. Flowers is just unhappy and humorless.

            Still, for the most part, she tries to keep within the boundaries of reasonable manners to others. She is never a generous spirit or an encouraging soul, but she seems willing to respect my request to behave civilly toward other commenters while still always remaining unhappy with others.

            I really do not understand why she bothers with this website. But as long as she is not rude to other commenters, she is welcome. Maybe one day she will say something nice to someone.

          • I don’t disagree with that. Your political leanings do not make me enjoy your posts any less.

            Liberal, conservative, and independent are not dirty words to me. We all actually have some common ground, though no one can readily see it anymore. We’re too busy being at each other’s throats. Not you and me specifically; just in general.

          • Yes, I am consistently “negative”, Frank. Why do you think that is?

            How many Americans have unnecessarily died from covid by now? What have I been saying about Trump all along?

            Instead of the word negative, try substituting realistic or honest instead. You know perfectly well that I’ve only been truthful, even if the truth hasnt been something you’ve wanted to hear.

          • Nutjob
            I don’t care about trying to be amusing. I don’t write goofy limericks or post jokes as some do.

            In fact, I had no intentions to continue posting on this site until the Ben Szemkus nonsense appeared. When I saw that conspiracy theory posted here (a blatant attempt to tie NXIVM to the Democratic party), I knew it had been penned by the same group responsible for QAnon and Pizzagate.

            And I wondered how Scott Johnson “discovered” this “Bzenkus” character, and how the story ended up on Frank Report.

            I knew immediately that it was bullshit and called it out. Obviously, Frank didn’t appreciate my insights, for some reason🤣

            Although, honestly, I don’t find much to laugh at these days ….280,000 killed by a “hoax” just isn’t all that amusing to me.

            I’m just a terrible person, I guess…..another bleeding heart Libtard.

          • Frank, it sounds like you DID take some NXIVM courses, he (or her) with the most joy wins? LOL

          • 280,000 died FROM the beer virus or 280,000 died WITH (and often it was pure conjecture) the beer virus? LOL

  • I am really sad you are ditching Scott. I am a supporter of Keith Raniere and I think Scott showed us who are loyal how stupid the haters of Keith are. He did this by his own lack of intelligent comments. He also drove people away from the website which is something we want.

    At times, I thought Scott was one of us, a member of Nxivm, playing the part of a troll to diminish the impact of this website and drove people away and make the comment section look stupid.

    Scott, I am going to miss you.

  • My late maternal grandfather, who by the way was a Republican, told me that the world is made of all kinds of people, and I should tolerate all kinds of different opinions.
    Unfortunately, America is now a country ruled by Political Correctness and Cancel Culture.
    If you don’t like what Scott says, just ignore him.
    But don’t censor him.

    • It’s not what Scott says that’s at issue, but the manner in which he says it. Frank has made clear that ad hominem attacks don’t fly here, but Scott continues to behave to the contrary.

  • Not sorry he’ll be gone. I’ve held back sensitive information because I didn’t want it exposed while a mean, cruel, sadistic commenter lurks to punish all who are not his sympathizers.

    Question to Frank: Why have you allowed someone to bully others for so long? Does Scott Johnson speak for you in some indirect way? Is Scott Johnson your voice to express things that are unacceptable or un-journalistic?

    • I wanted maximum free speech. It doesn’t work. The reason it doesn’t work is not the people say things that are controversial but because people like Scott use it to attack others who speak. It is the cancel culture kind of speech that thwarts free speech so that in order to maximize free speech I find I have to limit some speech. I only choose to limit the speech that is an attack on others trying to speak on this platform. Scott is the main person working to mock other voices here. I have asked him to stop doing that.

  • He did have hurtful comments sometimes. I have no right to judge whether or not he is excluded. We all have bad days when we don’t react the way we’re going to react. What I see is that most of the time, most of the time, the majority treat it as ignoring it. If I’m at a bad time, I’d rather retire so they don’t hurt anyone. But I take it badly when someone hooks up with me for no reason without even being able to defend myself.

  • Frank, with all due respect, isn’t it time to make a decision? How many good, intelligent posters have you lost over the years in order to keep Scott? Do you know the names as well as I do.

    I notice we recently have been blessed with some new, intelligent posters from Germany and elsewhere in Europe. How long before they throw up their hands and leave also?

    Deserved or not, the Frank Report is sort of a laughing stock on Reddit. That is unfortunate.

    You recently expressed a desire to encourage open dialogue with the remaining NXIVM supporters. You asked to give them a chance. Don’t you think that Scott’s constant attacks would impede that dialogue? I do.

  • Frank, I really like this comparison you made here. You wrote,

    “I have to treat this website like I would my own home. If someone comes into my house and insults other guests, I am not going to invite him again.”

    As for me, I do not think Scott is an idiot but a deeply disturbed man as I have sensed pain between the lines, even in his offenses. Yet I appreciate this sort of comment moderation you will be doing from now on. As a native German, blogging mainly in English, I do know how difficult it is to keep a debate, a comment thread, somehow ‘clean’. Like you, I would approve of all comments when I had started publishing articles.

    Back then, I had way too many commenters but far too few high-quality contributions. Instead, a lot of blah blah or worse, that is, some seemingly nice replies that turned into hate speech sooner or later. In order to protect my other commenters and myself from insults, I had begun with deleting every comment that could turn out detrimental to the public. So now I have fewer likes, much fewer comments, but more peace in my virtual home. 🙂

  • I’m sorry it has come to this. As much as I can’t stand him, I don’t seek to abolish him. If he can’t control himself within the reasonable boundaries you’ve set, it’s entirely your choice, and understandable.

    I do see blogs as a salon, a parlor, a living room. Each space is different with its own culture, but it’s not inviting if some rules apply to some and not others.

    I’m likely one of those on the list for censorship, and since your change of policy, I’ve been fine with it. In the end it’s your blog, your rules, and I want to play fair.

    Thank you for examining the problem and adjusting. In regards to my own posts, I’m also trying to adjust and will take advice with the intent in which you’ve described.

    • The difference is that Frank can pick up a phone or send an email, so the drama factor is slightly less. LOL

  • Interesting points all, but I think the “prolix” example was a just a bit of good-natured ribbing. That one made me laugh, rather than wonder what side of bed Scott had gotten up on.

    But should Scott’s behavior be the subject of a whole article? Isn’t that something more properly handled off-line between you and the offender?

    • Possibly it could have. But I have been asking for months now. Explaining clearly that I want the bullying of commenters to stop. Almost everyone has joined in this spirit, except one person. This is my last request to please stop insulting other commenters.

      • Frank, now that you are in the same position as Twitter, Facebook, etc are in, do you feel those sites are justified in flagging comments and banning users for hate speech, bullying, and spreading lies?

          • You’re welcome, although there are vast differences between my speech and banning speech on social media sites, such as the Hunter Biden laptop from hell story. LOL

        • Neither Scott nor I ever used hate speech (which is protected by the Constitution, by the way), how does one bully on a website, and what lies have been told by us? LOL

  • RE LOL’s Playful Published Quips:

    Frank most certainly did not…
    …. Cherry-pick the most benign-polite-insults that Scott (LOL) made. …

    …..Frank did not cull the most dandy gibes from thousands of rancid barbs.

    No, most certainly not…… 😉

    • The 13 comments within this article are so tame for Scott Johnson that I believe LOL is not Scott Johnson and the editor is being duped.

      • I thought they were tame too, NG. I can understand Frank’s predicament too 🤠. I think the documentaries brought many new people for Scott to insult and it’s back where we were two years ago. I don’t like anyone being banned though that’s the problem I am having and I am concerned for you NG. I think you will miss him!

        • Natashka, I guess the one about Hitler, directed to one of our new posters from Germany, stuck in my craw. No need for things like that or for some of the horrible names he’s called women. If Scott would just stick to calling people stupid, etc., I would be happy to just scroll past.

  • It is a hard balance to get right. Everywhere I post, I prefer free speech even when people are being pretty awful to me but each website can set its own rules and decide.

    I don’t know why some people (and I am afraid it is often men for some reason) choose to be so unpleasant online – it is totally pointless; they could easily just stick to the facts not turn on other people. It never does them any good.

  • Finally!!! Yay Frank!!!! Frank to the rescue again.

    I have to agree, although hesitantly – Scott sometimes makes good observations, but 99% of the time he relishes insulting victims, writers, Frank, and everyone and anyone else.

    Kind of like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. But, the only person that gets Scott’s jokes is Scott.

    Parting is such sweet sorrow, as the Bard said. But, not in this case.

    Good luck, Scott. Hasta la Vista baby.

  • I have been here for only a short time. The comments by LOL are so horribly annoying I stopped reading the comments and have no interest in participating because of them (this one post being the exception).

  • Over these years, I have become desensitized to Scott’s comments but in the beginning, they annoyed me. I do think that he can have some valid points and be witty. I wish he would focus his energy on writing that way.

    • He simply will not. He’s been given many opportunities. Even his ever-present “LOL” is derisive, especially when we are talking about deadly serious topics including physical or psychic injury.

      Scott used to be all about using one’s real name for identification. He has since abandoned that. Lately his focus seems to be to shame victims because they did not speak up sooner, even though victims have been speaking up since 2012 and before, with no appreciable results.

      • Yes, Nancy. I have pleaded with him in the past to be a bit more understanding and compassionate. I find it difficult to understand whether he is one of those people that is just enjoying disagreeing for disagreeing’s sake or he truly believes what he says and is very unkind how he says it or he says anything to upset as many people as possible. I guess it doesn’t matter either way, it all has the same outcome. I didn’t realize so many of his comments were being blocked.

  • When LOL was under Scott Johnson, he had some substantive comments regarding the parallels of Amway and NXIVM — both being MLM schemes. But then, if I recall, his wife was unhappy with his constant commenting and he then became LOL, and from that point he became very nasty and insulting to most others. It’s ironic that Scott used to berate people for not using their real name; now he himself is simply Anonymous. It is sad that 58% of your deleted comments are penned by Scott.

    • You are thinking about NiceGuy 666, Scott’s wife had absolutely NOTHING to do with him no longer posting here. LOL

    • If Scott leaves FR, the thing I’ll miss most about him is how his wife would catch him typing FR posts under the covers at 3am. And what a big Red Sox fan he is – but he somehow isn’t sure what states hold spring training…

      • That’s exactly why your name is what it is, I don’t even have to call you a name, just use your own name. LOL

  • Good call. Not all podcasters are really arrogant self-involved twits. But if you are a really self-involved arrogant twit, you probably have a podcast.

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