Roger Stone: Biden to Pardon Keith Raniere!

Political consultant Roger Stone posted on his Parler social media account on Friday the 13th of November: “Breaking – Joe Biden has promised Democrat operatives a pardon for Nexium [sic] Sex cult Guru Keith Ranieri [sic].

In addition to posting on Parler, Stone was heard discussing the proposed pardon with a well known Republican, his famous wife, and a Democrat operative tied to the Biden transition team.

Through them, Frank Report learned the name of one of the Democratic operatives Stone was apparently referring to and contacted him. The operative denied Biden has plans to pardon Raniere, but admitted this is what he would say even if Biden planned to pardon Raniere.

Several other Democrats close to Biden deny the story and claim it is preposterous.

“This is Roger being Roger. He knows it isn’t true. He is just causing mayhem,” said one Democrat source, close to Obama-Biden, who was already familiar with Stone’s claims.

Roger Stone

It might indeed be disinformation. CNN has accused Stone of conducting a massive disinformation campaign in connection with the 2020 election. Stop the Steal’s massive disinformation campaign connected to Roger Stone.

Stone was a consultant for NXIVM in 2007 and brought several consultants into the group, including Steve Pigeon and Frank Parlato, the man widely credited with bringing the cult down.

Stone is well known for having told Raniere: “If you guys don’t want to come out looking like a cult, then start by not acting like one.”

Nxivm leader Keith Alan Raniere, now in prison serving a 120-year sentence.

Stone said he quit as Nxivm’s consultant after Raniere and his top lieutenant, Nancy Salzman, repeatedly asked him to donate money to elected officials in return for their quid pro quo commitment to indict Nxivm enemies Joe O’Hara, Toni Natalie and Rick Ross.

After he left, Stone helped in the campaign waged by Parlato to take down the cult.

While there’s no verifiable link between Biden and the American players in NXIVM, the same is NOT true regarding the Mexican wing of the organization. Biden has a long, established relationship with former Mexican President Carlos Salinas and his family. The same is true for the Clintons and many other Democrat power brokers.

Joe Biden and Carlos Salinas

The Clintons also have a strong link to the Bronfman family. Sara Bronfman donated significant money to Hillary Clinton, illegally laundering it through Nxivm members.

It’s Hillary Clinton, of course – Frank Report identifies presidential candidate DOJ claims Nxivm illegally supported

Keith Raniere and Emiliano Salinas

A source close to the prosecution told Frank Report that the reason Emiliano Salinas was not charged is that Democratic operatives lobbied “Main Justice” [Washington DC headquarters for the Department of Justice] to leave him out of the Nxivm indictments in 2018 despite ample evidence of his criminal role in the racketeering enterprise.

Carlos Salinas reportedly committed big money to Democrats in exchange for this effort.

Another source, a member of the US House of Representatives who was briefed on the matter, told Frank Report that there was a conflict between the US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn and DC headquarters over indicting Emiliano Salinas, with Democrats in DC prevailing, thus sparing Carlos’ son.

None of this suggests Biden is planning on pardoning Raniere. Carlos Salinas was not out to save Raniere but to save his son, who has since broken with Raniere.

This year, after his conviction, sources close to Raniere told Frank Report that Raniere was pinning his hopes on a Biden victory because he thought Sara Bronfman might be able to purchase a pardon from Democrats for him.  He wanted to postpone sentencing until after the recent Presidential election but was unable to do so.

Raniere was sentenced to 120 years on October 27, 2020, just days before the election and ironically by a federal judge [Nicholas Garaufis] who was appointed by Democrat Bill Clinton.

If Biden were to pardon the Vanguard, it seems unlikely it would be done in the early days of his administration.

Biden to pardon Raniere?

The public would be outraged. The mainstream media, even though they may strongly favor Biden, would not be able to hide this story or fail to report it.  With the popularity of Nxivm documentaries, The Vow and Seduced, millions have come to know Nxivm. To pardon its notorious leader after he was sentenced to 120 years, with some 13 female victims telling horror stories of how he sexually abused them at his sentencing, would cause a #metoo furor and smell like blatant corruption.

Speaking of pardons, however, Roger himself is in line for one from Trump, who already commuted his sentence so he would not have to serve prison time. A full pardon would wipe out Stone’s felony conviction for lying to Congress, a desirable result for Stone and one that is easy enough for Trump to confer.

Richard Donoghue announces the conviction of Keith Raniere, June 19, 2019.

One of the few appointments to US Attorney Trump made during his four years in office was Richard Donoghue in Brooklyn.  Donoghue was US Attorney when Raniere was prosecuted and convicted.  The Democrat-controlled Northern District of New York [Albany] failed to investigate Raniere despite his being headquartered in Albany and the fact that almost all of his charged crimes were committed in the Albany area, not in Brooklyn (The NDNY has also not acted on the four charges that were dismissed in the EDNY on jurisdictional grounds – and referred to the NDNY for prosecution).

It took a Republican-appointed US Attorney to prosecute Raniere. and it’s been speculated that if Hilary Clinton had won in 2016, Raniere would be a free man today.

Still, that is no guarantee that Biden will pardon Raniere.  In fact, common sense says he won’t, at least not in the foreseeable future.








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  • The idea that Joe Biden would even think about pardoning Raniere is the grossest misrepresentation of who he is as a person, let alone a politician. Is this Stone’s way of signaling Trump to pardon Raniere like he did Stone? One man has a reputation for assaulting dozens of woman, the other doesn’t. One man has already pardoned felons like Stone who lied to protect him. I don’t really think either of them are considering the pardon. Roger Stone is the lowest of the low, doing what he does best, spreading lies and ludicrous propaganda.

  • There is a method to Roger Stone’s madness. We are all talking about him.
    There is no such thing as bad publicity.

    He just opened his Parlor account recently.

    Stone is a quintessential publicist and self-promoter.

    • I believe he’s also very necessary. He offers a unique oblique view that challenges all kinds of easy assumptions. He’s the James Joyce of politics.

    • Yeah, there is a method to Roger’s madness, yet he’s long become an irrelevant geezer. On parallel, check out the presser that Rudy Giuliani gave today when his hair dye/makeup literally was dripping down his face. Too funny.

      • Girl Scout-

        I am not Roger’s biggest fan. I am happy Trump commuted Roger’s sentence because Roger has done nothing to warrant the death penalty.

        Older nonviolent and nonsexual offenders should not be sent to prison at this time.

        If you had dinner with Roger; I guarantee you would have a good time.

  • “Inception
    November 17, 2020 at 3:50 pm
    Chinese whispers Shadow…”

    From Rudy Guiliani:
    Venezuelan computer company with ties to Communist Maduro using computers in Spain and Germany tabulated the vote in the American Presidential election.
    Giuliani has the hardware and the mathematical algorithms used to manipulate the vote.
    American Votes Tallied In Foreign Countries | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 87

    • Nothing will fundamentally change in the United States of Absolute Chaos no matter who the President happens to be. The political system is 100% guaranteed to prevent it. It is designed to perpetuate itself. The poor will remain poor, and the rich will continue to be rich. In the US, everybody loves their country, and hates at least 50% of everybody else. Nobody else can ever be ‘American’ enough. It’s a failed state, beyond repair. You are a perfect example of it’s failure as a democratic state. Permanently disgruntled, but without anybody to lead you out of your despair. I feel for you. I would hate to live there too.

    • You win, Shadow. I personally don’t trust any politician and you should try it one day. Computer hardware, of course, needs software to run but software can, of course, be fully audited and analyzed.

      The biggest issue you have is human intervention and human error. When did Michigan mix with Minnesota? Only a human Texan knows the answer to that and he is definitely not the right software for that job.

      Stay safe otherwise.

  • I hope Biden really does that. He could correct a gross injustice here by pardoning Keith. But given the fact that Biden himself seems to have basically no ethics, I doubt he’d even consider it. But he really should! And if he then made Keith his chief advisor, Biden might learn how to behave more ethically and might not steal the next election like he stole victory from the TRUE winner, President Donald Trump by using massive voting fraud! The Democrats are truly DEMONCRATS, all they talk about is the Corona Virus and allowing more abortions! I bet Judge Garaufis voted for Biden too – birds of a feather like to flock together…

      • This is not a comment in support of what we are trying to do on this website, it is just mocking Patrick because he holds an unpopular opinion. I’d like to hear more of why Patrick thinks Raniere should be pardoned.

    • Ah, Mr. Back-up, on the right side of history, as ever! Coming with your own brand of cutting edge political analysis.

      You nx birds certainly need to flock together atm. I hope you all have safe nests, as life is no doubt much less comfortable away from the elysian Albany cult. Do any of you remember how to pay bills and sht? I hope your leaders sorted that out for you, at the very least.

      • If Patrick really thinks Keith should be pardoned, I would prefer to encourage him to tell us why, rather than mock him for it. Please let us not bully other commenters. You also make the hasty assumption that Patrick is in Nxivm. It may surprise you to learn that there are people outside of Nxivm who think that Raniere was unjustly punished.
        Yesterday I was shocked to learn that one of the most famous lawyers in the USA has claimed that Raniere was overcharged and over-sentenced.

        As a reporter, I have to cover this.

        • I appreciate your position, however I am responding to a poster , Mr. Backup, who strikes me as perfectly able to provide reasons for his conviction. My sarcasm stems from the disappointment of waiting so long for some heft to yet another of his oft repeated apologies for KR and nxivm.

        • I’m still in the camp that he may have been overcharged and oversentenced. KR is a flawed human being with, apparently, a penchant for vengeance who unfortunately had enablers to take him down the highway to hell, letting him sue the bejeezus out of people, turning them into sworn enemies who were then eager to turn up to trash him in court (understandably).

          He clearly has issues, but I don’t think he’s the face of evil who needs permanent removal from society as he is being portrayed. I’m still information-gathering, but I feel that it’s like if I were busted for shoplifting and then at my sentencing the judge let every ex-boyfriend I ever treated badly or who thought I treated them badly (I don’t think I have many of those, but I guess one never knows) come in and trash me and say I’ve ruined their lives, and then the judge ratchets up my sentencing more than what the conviction calls for so that I won’t get out to hurt any other men.

          I am still looking into this whole thing more and won’t be surprised if my impressions described above are demonstrated to be wrong. And I don’t know how much weight victim impact statements etc. typically carry in cases like this. That’s one thing I’d like to learn more about to try to get a better sense of the fairness of the sentencing.

  • Comedian Tim Dillon did a podcast on his ‘Fake Business’ in which he would get on the phone pretending to be a real estate broker, negotiating for his clients which would ultimately waste a vast amount of time and give false hope to the people on the other end of the phone. Eventually, Tim became reasonably well versed in the real estate industry.

    The same can be said for Roger Stone and the lame people of NXIVM.

  • Roger

    You’ve already won the Academy Awards for Misinformation and Dis-Information. It’s time to retire, let someone else buy the expensive suits and take over as the Master of Lies.

    Your pickle ball court is waiting for you in Naples,Florida

  • This site allows for all kinds of opinions and versions that can be discussed in comments. It’s much more useful than censored, approved (NeyYorkkTimes) articles that just display a current sensational topic, say a verdict, and then let the subject be forgotten. Here you’ll see real-time, multi-faceted writings that make you think. To this, the majority of commentators add extra things, information (Lest anyone think I’m making this up, I’m just a distantly interested bystander), but I can see that the clash of different individuals takes the themes we’ve been pushing forward, and I really like that.

  • When it comes to politics, The Frank Report, with all its constant fellatio of nutjobs like Stone and Trump, might as well be a wing of Newsmax for all the credibility it has.

    • “So is it OK when Democrat Party operatives fill out ballots for disabled voters like they did in Wisconsin without the voters knowledge or consent?

      More Shenanigans Taking Place In Assisted Living Facilities By “Special Needs Democrats”

  • I’m very surprised that Abdal Hakim Stone is being accused of spreading misinformation. Has he ever done anything similar in the past?

    • Clinton pardoned a fugitive and a White Water acquaintance at the end of his second term.

      Trump has pardoned Blagojevich, a criminal Democratic governor.

      We won’t know who Biden will pardon until the end of his first and final term.

      Meanwhile, it’s almost time for Trump’s at-bat.

      I’m calling “Fake News”: Biden is not pardoning Raniere.

      I wonder who Trump will pardon.

      Maybe Ghislaine Maxwell? That’s the big rumor. I wonder how Paul or Stone would defend that…..

      I am going to enjoy their explanation immensely. ;).

      Because Trump is pardoning Ghislaine.

  • To Roger Stone:
    The ultimate revenge President Trump can inflict upon the Deep State is to pardon both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.
    Deep State heads all over DC would explode at the very thought.

    Warmonger Joe Biden is set to appoint warmonger Hillary Clinton to be UN Ambassador and warmonger Michelle Flornoy to be Secretary of Defense.
    All of these bloodthirsty ghouls want revolutions in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

    Frank, please make sure that Roger Stone gets this message in a timely manner.
    Biden About To Pick The Female John Bolton For His Pentagon Head || #Rodeslav

    • —US Army Special Forces seized the server and now Trump has it.

      Shadow, do you truly believe JSOG secured the server?

      What happened to the Hunter Biden laptop Rudy had in his custom?

      • [Redacted] Rudy never had the laptop in his custody ….nice try

        The computer store owner turned it in to authorities and made COPIES OF THE HARD DRIVE … the same COPIES CHINA HAS btw, so maybe you should really worry about what the hell the FBI DIDNT DO WITH THE LAPTOP THEY HAD IN CUSTODY from 12.17.2019…one day before the shampeachment coup began and this laptop would have averted the whole mess IF SOMEONE SOMEWHERE IN REAL TIME GOT OFF THEIR ASS

        The shopowner FEARED FOR HIS LIFE AND SO APPROACHED Guiliani with his copy of the hard drive

        GEEZ, INNOCENT FOLKS GETTING THREATENED WHILST RANIERE will walk free … Biden owes Albany Masonics bigtime and ALL PEDOS stick together


        PS: You all best tell your friends that they should come forward this week because 20 years in federal prison for election fraud —well sorry, but CHAIRMAN BUY’D-IN isnt worth this!!

    • “The ultimate revenge President Trump can inflict upon the Deep State is to pardon both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.
      Deep State heads all over DC would explode at the very thought.”

      I hope he does, it would enrage the deep state cheerleaders. I like where you’re going with this.

      No one would touch the Ukraine-Gate story from French journalists, it’s very detailed and credible. Now that the election is over, I hope it’s put forth for debate and inquiry again.

    • Democratic War Monger?

      My fellow Republican President Bush declared war and took out scum.

      I guess you didn’t want to punish the scums for 9/11.

      There are REAL MEN and then there are the Rand Pauls’ and RuPauls’ of the world.

      How can you not want to protect the Fatherland?

  • I’ve heard the opposite from someone who said they have a source who is just as reliable as Stone, although to be completely transparent, this source has never been convicted of lying to Congress.

    Anyway, they told me that this Stone-like source is saying, that Trump will commute Raniere’s sentence right before he exits office. Nicki and her gang are “working” with someone in the Trump Admin or with connections to Trump himself to get this done.

    They are selling Trump on the similarities between his story and Raniere’s: i.e. both victims of a vicious witch hunt full of fake news from the New York Times and mainstream media, lying women accusing him of assaulting them and raping underage girls, both undone by the incompetent, untrustworthy, self-interested people they handpicked to be in their circle, their superior intelligence that some mock and refuse to acknowledge, etc.

    They believe that Trump will feel a connection to Raniere based on their shared view of women, both being climate change deniers, their failed universities, charitable foundations, and numerous businesses that evil critics have claimed were fraudulent and caused to fail, and their unselfish devotion to helping their fellow man by enriching themselves, etc. Also since Donoghue is Barr’s guy and got promoted recently to DC, this would be a way for Trump to stick it to Barr for not doing more to arrest Biden and Trump’s other enemies before the election.

    This person, however, did admit to having posted made-up junk on here just for shits and giggles to see how gullible people were and just what junk one could get away with posting on here, so who knows? But since there’s the possibility that it could be true, however remote, it’s important to share so that people can discuss and spread this information. Am I right?

    • Lol!
      All jokes aside, logically it doesn’t make sense for either political party to pardon Raniere.
      Clearly this is just a bit more distracting nonsense from the king of bullshit.

    • Unfortunately, I’ve read the same. That would be very rude, but I know I’m naïve. I’m telling you, I’d like to run out of the world at a time like this. But no, we’re afraid to take the gloves.

  • Frank, for the love of god, please do not bring political garbage into this. It will bring out all the zealots, extremists, fanatics, and conspiracy theorists.

    • This had to be reported – mainly because it is so bizarre. I tried to report it fairly – and have deleted all the comments that are trying to bring the radical politics back here.

      • Just finished watching episode 7 of The Vow. I had watched all of Seduced before finishing The Vow. The Vow producer/director did a much better job of giving the audience a sense of who you are. BTW: The beard definitely works :).

  • This is not Journalism, which, of course, why this site should be considered no more than a “Blog”

    This is wanton speculation and fear-mongering.

    Roger Stone is no source, he cannot even spell NXIVM, and should keep quiet when it comes to presidential pardons,

    • The story was written straight. Every element of doubt was infused into the story – including drawing attention to the misspelling – and reporting that CNN calls Stone a spreader of disinformation. Also, doubts were raised about the idea of Biden going in and causing a serious pr nightmare. On top of that, the connection of the Democrats and Salinas were mentioned but reported as unlikely to help Raniere. Still, it has to be reported since we are covering Nxivm. It is not as if Stone is unknown. He has higher name recognition than Raniere and Nxivm.

      • The problem is that Roger Stone would have no more idea on Biden’s knowledge or opinions on Keith Reniere than you or I would. This is where the article loses credibility, by insinuating that he would. Additionally, the idea that there is even a remote possibility that ANY administration would touch a Raniere pardon with a ten-foot pole is pure speculation with a distinct lack of substantive evidence.

        Because of this, the post reads as a vapid method of getting Roger Stone’s name published, overly stating a flimsy connection between NXIVM and HRC, and providing another fictional reason to fear the oncoming administration.

        In your defense, I suppose I am ignoring the bit about “sources near Raniere” who state he was banking on a Biden win so Bronfman could purchase a pardon. This would be a more reasonable posting so long as it could provide some evidence that a Biden administration would be more open to selling a pardon than any other.

      • Not everything was written straight IMO, Frank. I think you missed something. There are a lot of new readers here that do not know you are personal friends with Roger Stone, unless I am mistaken about that and you just have a journalistic relationship with him.

        So either way, I see transparency issues here. What caused the post on Parler by Roger? Did you and he have a conversation about it that you caused him to post that?

        This seems to me to be a smear campaign against Joe Biden coordinated by you and Roger to get more views on your blog.

        • I did not speak to Roger about Biden pardoning Raniere. I certainly don’t think Biden will pardon Raniere.

      • Re The Vow:

        Seeing you and Toni reunited was one of the greatest moments in television history.

        The look of fondness in her and your eyes will live with me forever. It was like starry-eyed lovers or a couple in divorce court.

        ; )

    • I think it’s a great article. It’s not a blog post, just like this blog isn’t a regular blog, it’s a fact-finding press release. I say this because the author accurately indicates even the anonymous sources, their probable thetability. It’s not at a cheap gossip level, it’s backed up by concret information, interesting, attention-grabbing, thought-provoking, awakening and objective.

  • I think Roger is having a bit of fun here. Nobody is going to pardon Raniere. On the other hand, nobody can say that Roger is a bad dancer.

    • Paul, be right. Two sides (both) Hungary of my country’s (and my) political elite have already come as a surprise. Where we didn’t expect it. Perhaps it is good to be prepared for all evils in advance, then you should not be surprised, at most pleasantly disappointed. “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8: 32.
      Even if that’s not the truth, we know that someone has looked into it, examined it, and people can see more clearly.

  • I already reported this in the comments section of another story several days ago. LOL

    What about Clare Bare, shouldn’t she be pardoned as well? LOL

    Come on Roger, at least make it believable and include Clare Bare in your story. LOL

      • I didn’t say they did want that visual, but apparently Raniere didn’t have a problem with seeing Clare Bare in a bare state, he reportedly f*cked her multiple times, I’m sure he took precautions, such as taking off his glasses, putting a paper bag over her head, plus he’s naturally cross-eyed, so that has to help as well. LOL

  • I have written in previous comments on the Frank Report that a Democrat win would result in a pardon for Raniere.
    No doubt it would also result in a pardon for Clare Bronfman, the Salzmans and Allison Pimp Mack.

    Rudy Giuliani is set to announce the seizure of a server in Barcelona Spain that was used to switch millions of votes from Trump to Biden across the country.
    The server was seized from a company called Scytl.
    US Army Special Forces seized the server and now Trump has it.
    Over the past week, Trump has purged the US military of treasonous pro-Biden top brass.

    Trump Stacks the Pentagon and Intel Agencies With Loyalists.

    The heart of this video occurs after the one-minute ad at the start.

    Rudy – Stay Tuned For Big News Tomorrow, 3355

  • To buy “justice” for money is nothing new in politics and criminal cases. But it outrages me when a person can’t take the consequences of his actions, but also tries to get around being held accountable. In court hearings, I hear 90 percent of defendants say they’re innocent. I liked the article very much, I’m glad I could read it.

  • If there was no outrage over Hunter Biden’s laptop then the media could equally bury a KR pardon. Easily done and is very believable. As you said, KR would never have been charged if a Republican had not won in 2016. Sorry to say this sounds not only believable but very likely. Not right away but sometime when the news cycle is already crazy with riots, war, and financial collapse. Probably no mainstream news organization would even cover it.

    Remember when Scooter Libby was pardoned over outing an undercover CIA officer? Something that calls for the death penalty. Cheney said we can’t let one of our own be left abandoned.

  • If it is that easy then I think Salinas would do what it takes to keep Keith locked up and away from his family. It’s nothing but a nuisance and embarrassmenrt. Salinas money versus Bronfman money. Salinas is obviously going to have more away.

    • Biden may get kicked out of office over his son before he gets a chance to pardon him, so that job will fall to Harris. LOL

  • Stone is clearly just trying to distract from his own commutation and potential pardon by pulling this story out of thin air. “You think Trump and I are bad? Well Biden will pardon KEITH RANIERE!”

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