Winter Overall: Tips to Choose One for a Toddler

Wintertime is the season that a lot of people are looking forward to. Especially parents who want to stroll in the fresh chilly air, play active games with their toddlers, ski, or merely enjoy the beautiful white snow around.

Aside from waiting for fun, parents are preparing for winter. To make sure that their toddler won’t freeze outside, they are surfing and other popular brands for children in search of a perfect winter overall. We have collected some useful tips that will come in handy.

How to Dress a Kid Under a Winter Overall

When it comes to dressing a toddler for winter, there are two most crucial rules to follow:

  1. Basic clothes should be of natural fabrics and fit the body of your child;
  2. High quality of a snowsuit that you will put above.

Before you put a snowsuit on, your baby should be dressed not to feel overpacked with clothes. In this way, you will ensure that nothing prevents your toddler from active movements. Unfortunately, a lot of parents make the same mistake. They put on a lot of clothes underneath an overall. As a result, a kid does not feel comfortable when moving — thus, will prefer not to move too much. Then they come back home and find out that a kid is freezing. Thus, motivate your baby to move more outside. Then you won’t need to pack your toddler with multiple layers.

One- or Two-piece?

When your baby could not walk, the choice was easy. A warm sleeping sack and a blanket suffice for the whole winter. Selecting a snowsuit for a toddler becomes more complicated due to a broader choice.

But the difference between winter one- and two-piece snowsuits is insignificant. The most essential is to make sure that you will be able to dress your kid quickly. If your toddler attends kindergarten, a two-piece overall is a preferable option. It is easier for kids to put such a snowsuit on.

Water- & Wind-proof Options

Whenever you are looking for autumn and winter clothes for kids, make sure the external fabric is water-resistant and wind-proof. You may think that this is unnecessary as you are not going to spend time outside in the rain. However, in winter, these features will come in handy. First, overall won’t become humid because of the falling snow. Besides, these fabrics dry out way faster after you wash them.

Final Tip

Before you wash an overall, make sure that you check the recommendations for cleaning. Otherwise, it may lose its qualities. While choosing winter boots, remember, they should also be waterproof. Do not forget to buy warm winter clothes for yourself to enjoy wintertime with your toddler and spend it actively together!


Also, braces on pants make it easy to adjust the length of the latter. Toddlers grow so fast. Thanks to this regulation, you will wear one overall until the end of the winter. Quite a reasonable choice, isn’t it?

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