Guest View: Nancy Salzman Will Continue to Be a Lying Sneak and Harm Others, Like Keith Raniere, as Long as She Can Get Away With it

By Shivani

Much has been said, reported and found about Nancy Salzman’s corrupt behavior for a long time, regardless of who has overlooked or ignored it.

Nancy Salzman has a ton of her own dirt to hide and might succeed, to some degree.

A half of a million dollars in cash was found stashed, hidden in the house where she lived. She had a houseful of computers full of Nxivm info and records of Nxivm business, all taken as potential sources of incriminating evidence.

She has been testified against tangentially at Raniere’s trial, after making her guilty plea to avoid trial herself.

But research shows that Nancy Salzman was a phony “therapist” and had been a conscienceless pimp mama for Keith Raniere, who pandered to his perversions and who KNEW exactly what she was really doing, all along. She held his lies close to her chest and used him to build her own false glory. That is my observation, anyhow.

In other words, I propose that Nancy Salzman was not much fooled by Raniere at all and that she saw him as a handy commodity to hide herself behind and beneath. It could be true that the only difference between the two of them was that Raniere was being run by his sexual madness, and Nancy was not.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman worked together. Did they understand each other well?

Nancy Salzman was the first to hop onto the plea bargain train as well. Yet I question how many of the prosecution members encountering Salzman have thoroughly studied and understood Salzman’s entire role within Nxivm for a couple of decades. She has quite a mouth on her to conceal what is true and to sell what is false.

After her arrest, this creepy individual continued to seek work as a therapist, minus Nxivm. Talk about denial and nerve. Nancy Salzman evidently still sees herself as someone who is qualified to sell counsel and guidance to other human beings. Incredible! She is sickening and wants to sell more of her horseshit.

If anyone has earned some protracted “alone time” locked away with other criminals, it is Nancy Salzman, whose profits were her interest, guarding Raniere like a Rottweiler for two decades and waltzing around with her disgusting grin and counterproductive personal advice, strutting like a grotesque queen, yet fully aware that this was all a scam.

Nancy Salzman seems to have bleated out a guilty plea without any examination of her (perhaps utterly absent) conscience, nor accountability for her numerous deceptive, frequently illegal actions. Her plea was made in order to minimize her own material consequences. She didn’t plead guilty due to any remorse on her part. There might be condemnatory remarks, like farts, emerging out of her mouth now about Raniere, but she backed him for her own benefit. Her condemnation, I think, is self-serving and entirely superficial.

In fact, it’s very probable that Nancy Salzman will continue to be a lying sneak and to harm others, the same as Keith Raniere, so long as she can get away with it.

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  • Figures.. Nothings gonna happen to her… Disgrace!! Really shows people can get away with anything. Makes my heartache

  • Nancy Salman on Wikipedia

    Nancy Salzman
    Born July 16, 1954 (age 66)
    New York, U.S.
    Nationality American
    Alma mater Union County College (BSN)
    Known for Founding NXIVM
    Criminal charge(s) Racketeering
    Children 2 (including Lauren)[1]
    Nancy L. Salzman, RN (born July 16, 1954)[2] is an American criminal and the founder of NXIVM, a multi-level marketing company and cult based near Albany, New York. A former nurse, Salzman worked with Keith Raniere in the development of the organization beginning in the 1990s.[3]

    Salzman was born in New York in 1954, and grew up in the Albany area attending Shenendehowa High School.[4] According to her deposition, Salzman claims to have received a professional degree in nursing from Union County College and JFK Muhlenberg Snyder School of Nursing in New Jersey.[5] However, the Union College-Muhlenberg nursing program only provides coursework for an associate’s degree with the possible provisioning of credits to programs leading to a baccalaureate degree at other institutions.[6] After receiving this training, Salzman claimed to work for Vermont State Hospital in Waterbury, Vermont specializing in working with patients with chronic pain problems.[7] Salzman has also had experience with hypnosis.[8] Salzman is listed in the Nursys database as having a nursing license in the state of New York from 1983 to its expiration in 2019.[9]

    Prior to his involvement with Salzman , Raniere operated a pyramid scheme called Consumers Buyline Inc. (CBI) that was shut down by the Attorney General of New York in September 1996.[10] In 1997, Salzman joined forces with Keith Raniere in developing Executive Success Programs, which would eventually be rebranded as NXIVM.[11] At NXIVM, Salzman would have considerable authority as president of the company, and would be referred to as “Prefect” by cult members.[12]

    In March 2019, Salzman pled guilty to charges of conspiracy racketeering under the jurisdiction of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.[13] In July 2018, the court found that Salzman along with Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Kathy Russell, and her own daughter, Lauren Salzman, committed the numerous crimes of identity theft, extortion, forced labor, sex trafficking, money laundering, wire fraud and obstruction of justice.[14] Salzman was also guilty of obstructing justice in a civil suit between NXIVM and a former student by editing and removing portions of session videos to favor the appearance of the company.[15]

  • RE Nancy Salzman’s Beau

    —So how did Nancy scratch that itch? She was a Nan, not a Nun.

    *Hint Professional Tonsil Hockey

    The answer is below.

    As reported by one media outlet, Nancy was a sensuous seductress, she once touched, a one, Felix Unger’s [not his real name to protect his identity] hand. Upon touching Felix’s hand, Felix, had impure and carnal thoughts of unimaginable debauchery. Nancy uses dark magic.

    Fact: Felix is a real person, but he must choose to come out by his own volition. The editor knows this poor man well.

  • Yes, let’s discus Nancy. She is quite the hardcore faker who pretended to be this incredible “therapist” with the NLP and RN training, inflating her credentials. What a lying liar. Right there with her Keith.

    Can you imagine the conversations between Keith and Nancy?

  • The more I read, the more the idea of Nancy dying from cancer, handcuffed to a jailhouse infirmary bed appeals to me.

    None of these people should have marked graves, they will never be free of shit and graffiti.

  • As Raniere’s original co-conspirator, Salzman is to blame for much of what the victims suffered. A stiff prison sentence is appropriate for such calculated crimes. I see no case for a lenient approach.

  • It’s such a bad idea for FR to reinterpret Seduced. There are plenty of female journalists, savvy on the subject of high control abusive relationships that have and will give further insight.

    What people want according to social media is a deep dive into Nancy Salzman.

    She is a mystery and key to the inner workings from the start.

    The Oxenbergs currently have media saturation – but the Salzmans, the criminals awaiting sentencing, do not.

  • “But research shows that Nancy Salzman ….had been a conscienceless pimp mama for Keith Raniere, who pandered to his perversions and who KNEW exactly what she was really doing, all along. She held his lies close to her chest and used him to build her own false glory”

    Well said. also, try to do more research on her via Nx contacts like Dawn Morrison who can be easily found, or people that have turned like Susan Dones.

  • Tweet
    Kara Swisher
    Just watching the Starz NXIVM doc, which is the good one, and the tactics of the cult & reactions of its members to factual evidence of Keith Raniere’s malfeasance are startling similar to what is happening to the GOP right now. Remember: Raniere eventually lost and got 120 years

  • After watching ‘The Vow’ on HBO & ‘Seduced’ on Starz, it was not difficult for me to see the appeal that Salzman had. A strong, successful, well-spoken woman is a powerful draw for women who feel powerless and are seeking to aspire to that level of achievement. She was the perfect side-kick for Raniere. She was the perfect bait, along with her daughter, Lauren. They effectively disarmed the women who were involved in NXIVM with their charm & intellect.

    She was clearly in it for the $$, but I believe became morally corrupted to the same extent as Raniere – mirroring the narcissist. A person who goes all in for this type of abuse and drags their daughter in and watches complicity as she is abused as well – I think we can place Ms. Nancy in the sociopath category quite securely. She is a dangerous person that should never see the outside of a prison cell for the remainder of her life.

    • agree. I feel she is also a psychopath. Actually smarter than Keith. Keith was addicted to sex. That was his downfall. She is much more sophisticated and hence why she was smart and evil. Getting the lesser sentence. She did not even save her own daughter. she could have easily made a plea deal with lauren. she let her fall.

    • I am not sure any of them is particularly materialistic but they certainly exploited people in all kinds of ways.
      I see a parallel with Sheela in the Rajneesh group with the Bhagwan and the difficult issue of who pulled the strings and who did what – the male leader or the sidekick? Although as Raniere like Scientology and, indeed, Warren Jeffs of the FLDS wanted things recorded for posterity (as “they are so important people”), the records damn them and certainly show, for example, Raniere knew about DOS, knew about the brandings in advance, etc.

    • It must be a regional thing. Her accent is the worst. Anyone with that accent couldn’t sell me cold water on a hot day. The cadence of her speech is irritating and not inviting.

      If you’ve ever watched one of those home shopping networks or any well produced infomercial, that’s the cadence and rhythm of manipulation. That’s how Nancy sounds, but with a thick unpleasant regional accent.

  • Nancy may not have been ruled by Keith’s sexual madness, as Shivani supposes, but as the vice president of a sex club she had opportunities aplenty, with men and women.

    It’s been said that she and Keith weren’t “lovers” and she was single…but with her EMs and NLP she certainly could discover and/or manipulate potential sex partners, or even mentor them into her bed.

    So how did Nancy scratch that itch? She was a Nan, not a Nun.

      • Methinks The Prefect was bi if not fully gay. Too many slim young women around to mentor and be cured of sexual repression.

      • —I’ve read that Salzman and Raniere were f*cking each other.

        Scott, we all read the same thing on the Frank Report. But thanks for the tip.

      • You read that correctly! What Mom sleeps with a slob like Raniere and then lets her daughter have seconds!!!!

        As she aged, she went after the local “professional men” to lure them into taking classes.

        Clifton Park is full of them, but they probably won’t admit it now.

    • Nancy was sexual. I never slept with her but I wanted to. I was either too shy or too cautious. In the end, I did not want to complicate my life so I stayed away from that. In retrospect, I made the right decision.

      • —I never slept with her but I wanted to. I was either too shy or too cautious.

        Trust me. It’s okay. I’ve been there. If you’d been horny enough, you would have done the deed. A dry spell will do that to a man. Sheep start looking good after a dry spell. Frank has been known to cruise the VFW bar scene when it’s a dry spell.

        Sheep look good compared to anything you’ll see in a VFW bar.

        • The truth is I was really attracted to her. She was very friendly in a “girl next door’ kind of way; but also seemed lonely. I could feel her gravitating toward me and me toward her.. I was lonely too but I feared I’d get more sucked into Nxivm, which I knew I did not want. If I met her without Nxivm, I think I would have pursued it. She seemed smart, attentive and someone you could build something with.

          We all know how it turned out. I was fortunate I was cautious. My life did not need to be involved in the Nx soap-opera-like Vincente, Mack, Oxenburg, Clyne, and Edmondson.

          • To anonymous (Nancy)Amour,

            All kidding aside…

            We both know who the real Nancy is….evil.

            However, I can, begrudgingly say:

            She is intelligent.

            She is charismatic.

            She does love her daughters to an extent.

            Those three things are all admirable traits.

            Your a man and she is women.

            At some point you definitely had a serious crush on her or you wouldn’t be spilling your guts.

            Clearly you are still interested. Tell her how you feel. You’ve got nothing to lose. If she rebuffs you…..well she is evil criminal so I hope you don’t get your feelings hurt. If you get the nod then have a good romp.

        • To Bus Stop

          So, I guess you know her. I think she was attracted to me because I was not in awe of her. She just seemed like someone who wanted to be loved. Which to me was a good thing.

          The thing is I’m not really looking for a good romp and not looking for a sociopath either. When I met her, I had no idea of criminal stuff she or Nx was involved in. if I knew of it, I would not have been attracted to her.

          On the other hand, if she makes a real (spiritual) transformation in her life, shuns dishonesty, I’d support her and would give it al,l I got. However, on the practical side, she’s 65/66, headed to prison, and has cancer that may return. So, I’m hoping she does make the spiritual transformation, meets someone else that loves her, and lives the rest of her days peacefully.

          • That’s right, wish her well on her journey, and good luck to you on yours. Count yourself lucky and don’t look back,

      • —Nancy was sexual. I never slept with her but I wanted to.

        Trust me. It’s okay. You are in a safe place. I’ve been there. If you’d been horny enough, you would have done the deed. A dry spell can do that to a man. Sheep start looking good after a while. Frank has been known to cruise the VFW bar scene when he has a dry spell. We all do.

        P.S. The benefit of sheep is you don’t have to worry about child support.

        The Frank Report needs to allow commenters to edit their comments after they’re posted. I’ve had to rewrite my comments more times than I can count and frankly I’m not happy about it.

        • No Niceguy. I’d rather masturbate to porn than hook up with Nancy or remotely think about sheep looking good enough to go there.

          Get yourself checked by a professional.

          • Dear Anonymous 9:50 am

            Anonymous [7:30 am] seems to have had a different perspective and palate. Some people like merlot and others a blend. Who are you to judge?

            Please reread his comment.

            BTW: I am not into sheep anymore. I lost my court case with PETA. 🙂

          • To get his sheep fix, NiceGuy has to sneak into a petting zoo and try to get to first baaaa-se

          • —To get his sheep fix, NiceGuy has to sneak into a petting zoo and try to get to first baaaa-se


            I needed a good laugh tonight. Thanks!

        • Nice Guy – please, let’s veer away, if we can, from comments like this. Every day I am understanding more and more why comments need to be monitored, especially when the topics are serious.

          No one takes a man seriously who employs bestiality humor.

          Gutter humor, ribald humor that is not even funny or discreet, inhibits debate, pushes sensible, sophisticated people away from these pages and are not remotely related to the topic.

          My three good friends, Nice Guy, Scott and Shadow, have added so much to Frank Report over the years. But now we are about to enter into one of the most interesting and serious investigations of the entire Raniere story in the coming weeks. The topic is so serious and subtle that I am going to have to ban – silly sex humor, all Biden-Trump demonizing, and the snarking of other commenters.

          I wish you would cooperate.

      • —I was either too shy or too cautious in the end.

        No, my friend, you were merely not horny enough.

        Under desperate conditions, a man will stick his dick in a snakes mouth if someone will hold it open for him.

          • Frank-

            Please understand all the sheep, shag, romp, snake jokes, and other crass comments are my poor attempt at humor. I’m not serious. Look, the guy, had a crush on an evil women who believes she is reincarnated from, if I remember correctly, Adolf Hitler or Heinrich Himmler. In addition she handed her daughters over to a man named Vanguard. I apologize if I am sarcastic and callous.

            Other times I’m a nice guy. I am always respectful for the most part

            Anyway, have a great weekend!

  • I read recently on Reddit message board her cancer was back and it doesn’t look good for her. Was wondering if anyone else had heard this?

  • Nancy Salzman, 66, is waiting to be sentenced for racketeering. She faces 33 to 41 months in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000.

    Salzman was released on $5 million bail until her sentencing, which has yet to be scheduled. She is fitted with an ankle bracelet monitor and reportedly lives with her other daughter, Michelle,

    in Waterford, New York while she awaits sentencing.

    Not much this meathead can do to terrorize the world anymore being on townhouse arrest and facing up to 3 years and 5 months in prison. Maybe if she’s lucky, she will get the minimum 2 years and 9 months. Don’t bank on her judge going lenient though any time soon considering the hellacious prison terms he meted out to her 2 partners in crime.

    Then after prison, she will likely be on probation and dealing with the mammoth civil lawsuit she is a defendant in. With the way she carelessly stashed away cash, there are no doubt plaintiff’s eyes will be all over her as well as her probation officer’s administrations.

    But this is all after she gets sprung from the federal pen where the best she can hope for is being a house mother type in a club fed setting where she holds the TV remote refereeing which shows to watch, breaking up inmate squabbles, and pretending to care as she counsels countless women who are depressed with their lives.

    No, I don’t see Salzman inflicting any damage on anyone except the few people she might be interacting with and anyone involved with her now is doing it with eyes wide open.

    This is the big difference – she is exposed now – no Nxivm to cushion her, just the hard floor. Who will catch her now when she falls?

  • “But research shows that Nancy Salzman ….had been a conscienceless pimp mama for Keith Raniere, who pandered to his perversions and who KNEW exactly what she was really doing, all along. She held his lies close to her chest and used him to build her own false glory”

    Well said. Also, try to do more research on her via Nx contacts like Dawn Morrison who can be easily found or people that have turned like Susan Dones.

    • Agree. Rather than have people repeat rumors they heard about Nancy, let’s get more from people like Susan Dones, Kristin Keefe, and others who often interacted with her. Anyone who thinks Nancy was running the show or even had much say in how the show went down, is joining the mob mentality and blindly piling on.

  • Well written as usual, Shivani. This is a great take and it should be explored more. What is it about N.Salzmen’s skillset that she’s considered so good at being a ‘therapist’, something she can do so well that her moral and actual nature can be put to sleep while her skillset kicks in and does good work. What is actually happening during “therapy” or during those ‘EM’s that could be good or useful? Why would any other human being would want to pay continual money for it? I guess this goes back to the initial question of how the hell does something like this happen?

  • This is a pretty low example of op-ed journalism. I mean the tone is that of a pissed off teen with a thesaurus. Nancy Salzman definitely deserves more scrutiny in advance of her sentencing. And yeah, that’s pretty disgusting that she continued therapy work after her plea. (I never heard about this, why doesn’t the anonymous writer elaborate a little more about her behavior post-arrest? What about accusations that she has much more money stashed away?)
    I think the writer distracts from the most damming aspects of Salzman’s participation with the salivating nastiness. At least use your real name if you’re going to be so strident.

    • This was actually one of her better stories/comments. LOL

      You can find the other stories by researching on this website. LOL

      Is your real name Norm? LOL

    • Please do address your editorial comments to the ones who decide to feature my comments, which are sent in as comments, and are made into articles occasionally. It is amusing that you imagine that a thesaurus is used, but that is very likely a subjective reflection to do with your own vocabulary or possible lack thereof.

      Although your own critique is rather unnecessarily personalized with mistaken assumptions, and that tells me a lot about you, and essentially that is all that you have accomplished.

      Get ready, though. It is very likely that I will continue writing here as a commenter. And oh dear, another such comment could be “featured.”

      It’s diverting to hear “pissed off teen…” as one who could be several years ahead of Frank so far as numbers, if one can count. My grandsons certainly enjoyed your comment.

  • The question I ask myself is how Nancy Salzman taking plea deal influenced others to take plea deal after her and would have KR ever prosecuted or sentenced if she didnt.
    Maybe some (or most) of those who took plea deal, and testified against KR, only did so because they were afraid of what she knew.
    Whatever her crimes are, and dont get me wrong, I think she has a lot of responsibilities on what happened at Nxivm, she also probaly has a lot of responsibilities on getting KR away for life (oups, 120 years not life). I just cant ignore that when “judging” her.

    • I just think overall a lot of informations about Nancy’s involvement, in Nxivm and in the trial, are being held in this case, by governement and medias, and that makes no sense to me. Somebody who’s not Shadowstate pls enlight me.

    • One of the former first-line DOS slaves was advised by counsel, paid for by Clare, not to testify. I imagine the lawyers explained they’d have to stand trial with Raniere for the child rape charges.

      Cami victim impact statement

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