Dancing Stops Outside MDC – Will We Hear From Vanguard Again?

Dr, Danielle Roberts does a handstand in front of MDC.

The Forgotten Ones did not appear in front of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center this past Friday night – the first time in four months that they did not make at least a weekly showing.

They will dance no more.

The purpose of their dancing had been to bring attention to prison conditions throughout the USA, including the conditions at MDC, which is considered one of the most punishing, least sanitary prisons in America.

Captives there, most of whom are pretrial defendants who are presumed innocent, are confined indoors and never get sunshine or fresh air, elements known to even the most savage and uninformed individuals as necessary to human health. There is no prison yard, no outside recreation at MDC.

Men turn sallow or pale; they age quickly there – their health undermined by badly unnourishing prison food, and indoor temperatures that are either too cold or too hot. Fetid, moldy air, and vermin in the kitchens and everywhere -and the feel of slow death – the perfect ingredients for a defendant facing trial to be reduced to hopelessness and to take a plea deal even if he is innocent – knowing that the federal system is rigged against the defendant, and that almost any permanent prison is better than MDC.

The impetus for the Forgotten Ones to dance outside of MDC is that the core group were friends and supporters of one of the persons in custody there: Keith Alan Raniere, who has been at MDC since April 2018. He spent more than a year there as a presumptively innocent defendant awaiting trial. He was convicted in June 2019 and spent another year and four months awaiting sentencing. He was sentenced last month to 120 years in prison. Now he is awaiting a permanent prison assignment.

I suppose the public never took the dancers deeper cause of prison reform seriously because it was perceived that their deeper cause was only Raniere.

Frank Report broke the story of the dancers in July. And is now first to report the end of the dancing.

The back of MDC where Keith Raniere was staying prior to his sentencing.
The front of MDC.

One of the dancers, Nicki Clyne explained on Instagram why the Forgotten Ones have ceased dancing:

Nicki Clyne

By Nicki Clyne

For the past four months, our team and various supporters have united for a single purpose: to bring levity and light to the lives of those incarcerated at MDC and beyond. At the start, we hoped to spark a movement that would exist at different correctional facilities across the country, and planned on taking a back seat while families and friends with loved ones inside joined the initiative and kept it going.

Unfortunately, we were quickly met with criticism and controversy, and people made claims in the media that were damaging and untrue. Despite these attempts to deter us, we have continued to show up and let our actions speak for themselves.

As of today, we are in contact with over 50 inmates at MDC and surrounding facilities. A few have been released since we started, many have been transferred, and even more still await transfer or court dates at MDC.

Although limited visitation has started this week, the conditions have not improved, and we receive concerns on a regular basis from those in need of help. While some have families who support them, many don’t, and we are constantly moved by how small gestures can be of major significance.

Now that visitation has opened up and winter is upon us, we will be putting the dancing on hiatus until further notice. But we will continue to support as many people as we can through the winter and beyond.

Watch this page for updates and get in touch if you’d like to be involved. We want to express our love and gratitude to all the people who have supported this movement. We are inspired and humbled by all the stories and we are motivated to keep bringing attention to these issues until the rest of the world takes notice. You are not forgotten.

With love and dedication, on behalf of the Forgotten Ones,

Nicki Clyne


My sources inform me that Raniere is in the SHU [special housing unit i.e. solitary confinement.] One of my sources said Raniere was placed there because of my interview with him for NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

Frank Parlato interviews Keith Raniere on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

After receiving a 120 year sentence, he may have been placed on suicide watch. He has not been able to communicate to anyone but his attorneys, I am told, since his sentencing.

In any event, the dancing has stopped, and Raniere may be shipped out of MDC in a day or a month to whatever permanent prison he is assigned. He may go to the supermax in Florence, Colorado, far removed from his followers, beyond the barbwire fence and into his solitary cell, as he passes days without markers or events, in solitary confinement for a thousand days for a start at a stretch.

He once commanded a bevy of slaves, lovers and followers, some with hundreds of millions they threw at him, women who waited for his call, night after night, waiting for a call from him, their Vanguard.

He no longer has contact with any of them, none can come with their eager bodies or their wealth or devotion to offer it to him again.

Keith Raniere has lost everything he once had.

Up until last Friday, all he had left was to see them, the last remnants of his grotesque satiation, from his prison window, engaged in the art of dance. That too is over, one more scene of him losing, in the remarkable fall of Keith Raniere.

Wherever he goes, his future is grim. Absent a successful appeal, he will likely be in prison as the years pass and less and less people will remember, or be able or willing to dance for the Vanguard, and especially, if he goes to the supermax, as some predict. Like most who go there, he may never be heard from again.

While the Forgotten Ones, their dancing, was meant for their friend, and that their movement was sincere, as far as it went; they may, like their name, and like him, be forgotten at last.






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  • I don’t want to be banned so I will refrain from using the horrid word “albino” in the future.

    LMAO, you are too much. 😉

    But I get what you’re up to. Not that that matters.

  • I wonder if she feels she has to do all of this to heal her ethical breech with Keith because she thinks she’s responsible for leading the FBI to him because of her Instagram post. If so, that’s really tragic.

  • Did you write “their movement was sincere”? They claimed to care about all the inmates’ conditions and BLM, but really they were there for Raniere – nothing sincere about that.

    • I think that almost all people who get involved in criminal reform elements probably start off with someone they are personally concerned about. In this case, it was Raniere. But I do believe the group, though very interested in Raniere, has come to see other injustices in other cases.

      • Let’s hope they keep their ‘helpful’ interest out of anyone else’s lives, particularly anyone in gen. pop. at MDC. I don’t accept these people have the ability to understand issues relating to injustice thanks to their involvement and membership in a criminal RICO cult. If they are ‘helping’ anyone in MDC, it will be for the purpose of recruitment into further criminal activities.

  • So the Woe-begotten Ones are a humanitarian group? Not a gaggle of weirdos blindly devoted to their Vanguard?

    Just like Nxivm was a humanitarian enterprise and not a sex cult devoted solely to him?

    Sure. Right. Very convincing.

    I wonder if any of these people will relocate to whatever sad, depressing burg hosts the Federal penitentiary Raniere ends up at. So that can stand outside the razor wire and wave up at the windows in a North Dakota blizzard.

    So many wasted lives. So much self-delusion. I truly marvel at such colloidal, mind-bending stupidity.

  • So, Keith leaves and they stop dancing… After looking at the above waving and gloating pictures, my opinion has changed. They clearly were only there to rub it in poor Vanguard’s face that they were free to dance under the stars and he is locked up.

    • Nutjob-

      RE Bad God Awful News for Vanguard:

      Dr. Roberts, Michele, and Nicki dancing are likely the last sexual images of women real or recorded that Keith Raniere will ever see again in this lifetime……

      Let that sink in.

      Vanguard’s near last view of the sexual female form for life is set in stone. He will never view a women’s feminine mystique. Three 1/2 way attractive chicks dancing, then it’s over. Next stop will be hell.

      In prison, there are no nudie magazines or even a National Geographic. The closest Raniere will come to the female form are drawings by other inmate artists.

      Personally, I would’ve been more entertained by a burlesque show of Scott Shadowstate, AnonyMaker, you, Frank, and of course the one the only ….. The Right Side……Maybe Garrity for good measure and to round out the ensemble.

      The music for the show would’ve been
      J. Geil’s Band’s song My Angel is a Centerfold.

      • Gee, I slept with that whole band once whilst sheltered by a huge wedding tent. It was the night before they played a gig at a close friend’s first wedding reception, perhaps 1968. Rehearsals, you see, way out in the country. We slept so peacefully and innocently under the stars. All of us were so young and fresh. New England! Then everyone danced for hours and hours once the sun had warmed up the ground.

        • —Gee, I slept with that whole band once whilst sheltered by a huge wedding tent.

          Nothing beats the 70s for having a good time. Actually living and not online.

          • Toots, the seventies were still a long ways off, under those stars and that crested wedding tent.

            What was funniest about that wedding, to me, at barely 17, was that the bridal family wasn’t great at spelling.

            This huge three day display was put on for a Rothchild, minus the “s.” Plus he was already a disaster waiting to happen, anew. Rinse and repeat. Yet the obliviousness had its moments of luxuriance. You would understand, Nice Guy, how to read between these old East coast lines. Your comments, you see!
            Salût. Long roads

      • Brain dead Biden wants to shut down the whole country to eliminate a virus that is like the annual flu.
        The cynical, stupid Dumbocrats elected a leader who does not know shit from shoe polish.

        • Shadow — just to save you time and trouble — Frank Report has withdrawn from the political arena and wants to focus on the stories at hand. So if you would be so good – please find a tie in to the story published and then, if you must, add a swipe at Biden, much like Scott does when he finds a way to bring in Amway.

  • Frank-

    You need to get on Parlor if you have not already. Build and develop your brand identity now. It’s audience is exploding as you know.

    I am sure my man Paul Serran is hard at work.

    Paul is a smart guy; I mean that sincerely Paul, if you happen to read this. [We just have a disagreement on our perspectives of the world.] Plus you are a good artist. I love your Picasso esque-painting you use for your on line presence. I’d buy it if it was for sale.

    • Agree. I feel Frank needs more social media presence. Especially now that there are groupies. It is even more important!!!!

    • Indeed #Unknown…

      Yeah, Where IS that stuff?
      Why does some lawyer working for the CULT 5 have it, apparently?!
      WHY hasn’t the government raided his office to get it back?
      Or just get a court order instructing said lawyer to hand the Dropbox files over?

      What reason could they have for keeping it? An appeal?

  • With their claims of prosecutorial misconduct, these women are trying to cast a shadow over the legal system with vague accusations. It reminds me of the contempt for our system that President Trump is trying to create by challenging the outcome of the election. Both are forms of gaslighting.

  • Sure prison conditions are horrible. But why was the Frank Report, who speaks compassionately, be a fan blog for Trump? What about the Central Park five? Trump took out a full page add calling for their lynching. They were convicted and guess what, they were innocent.

  • Well, I guess this was another defeat for the slave máster of Clyne. I mean I don’t know how she can still be standing. She lost her rapist, that’s a lot to take. She lost her slaves. Asunsolo, LeBaron, the guy from India, Porter, Hatchette, Roberts, they all have to be so sad because the only reason that they where dancing got 120. How intelligent to use a cause to dance for a cult leader, or wait, they already use the feminist cause for Jness or spirituality and growing for Nxivm. Like Raniere, they are not original at all. Intelligent is not the word – more like bat-shit-crazy simple basic horrible people. Well, they will come back because crazy people don’t surrender. Not because they are brave or constant – but because they are crazy and surrender is for wise people, and surrender your pedophile is for smart/noble people. Even if it looks like the father that never loved you or something. But they are the same, I mean they no longer have the excuse to say that they don’t know the crimes or the true nature of the cult. It’s truly amazing seeing India or Mark Vicente talking about how they find the pedophile background of Raniere and the indoctrination work. So, good job, Raniere – you chose some kinda useful tools to trap people’s minds, that’s the only thing that you did correctly. I am glad that you are in a place where no one is within your reach, so you can no longer hurt them.

  • Clyne and her compatriots have been publicly supportive and seem to love a convicted criminal with sexual crimes proven in court by material evidence. Not much more needs to be said to discredit her phony, mangled concepts of “social activism.”

    She is the one who has chosen not to pay attention to what is true. Her heart is ice, and she refuses to accept the testimony of those who have been harmed, even though she KNEW what she was into for a long time. Do not pretend otherwise, Clyne. It is outstandingly obvious that you are semi-pro flying monkey for Gollum.

    Inside of the Metropolitan Detention Center, kept on a floor to herself, festers Ghislaine Maxwell. Imagine the expense to the feds. She has 2 cameras on her at all times and is guarded around the clock. Every 3 hours, so eight times per day, she is given a body search and is woken for this, if asleep. She has been given a bra, though.

    Gee whiz, Mucky Clyne, Dr. Mengele Roberts, bald pilgrim wifey -slave, Michele H.!

    Try dancing for a wealthier pervert full of hatred and violence, devoted to doing harm. Maybe Maxwell’s family of freakiness will pay your rent and help you to become more sickening and infamous.

    • Oh, by the way. Ghislaine Maxwell would FIRE your sorry asses immediately. Not a chance of passing muster. Your thirtyish to fortyish years of ardent striving to become a human commodity are just not in style, and you and your batch of sissies and thundering dumbasses are much too grainy, stretched, wrinkled and too used. Some life.

          • Nah. Who wants to waste sex on a dour, shrunken horsefly? She’s too miserable and undesirable. Might as well screw an imaginary spruce tree. A new lease on life from incarceration is unlikely to happen to her. She has decided to stay possessed, just as she stated in court, so obliviously and to her own detriment.

            Nobody wants a JOB with Clare Bronfman. Sex with her would, most likely, be a dirty, dirty job. Excuse this bluntness. There is never a reason to seek out depression or possession. Ugh.

            To me, lesbians are often quite nice people but, as a woman, I admit they are unequipped sexually, and would be quite boring, even as a consideration as any kind of a romantic lover.

            Where is the thrill? The good Lord sent them here with the wrong appurtenances for me and pleasureful adventures involving sex. Plus, there are so many men so readily available. Too many. And I have retired anyhow, having wondered for a lifetime if the distractions would ever end, from the incredible opposite sex, either personally or en masse. Who does not love men?

            Who does not appear to love anyone at all, whether a woman or a man? How about Clare? Horses at least have understood her need to keep running from herself. Now prison, then endless purgatory of civil litigation will continue to pursue her, and not, so far, her sister, who has managed to be more clever. That’s life.

  • Dear Frank Parlato,

    The photos and videos of Dr. Robert’s overall look me déjà vu.

    Daniela Robert’s was involved in a previous cult. Nearly 19 years ago she was in a cult with another headband bearded weirdo. She is a crazy broad.

    Watch the following video; Daniela is the brunette in at the 5:37 min mark.


    Now we know where she got her buns of steel from.
    That’s one ripe Gluteus Maximus.

  • Nicki Clyne: Square face, eyes set wide apart. Her hope for any resemblance of fame are over, same as Allison Mack.

  • “ As of today, we are in contact with over 50 inmates at MDC and surrounding facilities. A few have been released since we started, many have been transferred, and even more still await transfer or court dates at MDC.”

    They do outreach and collect information, do small favors for inmates’ families on the outside so their incarcerated family member will do favors for Keith on the inside. Clare’s money funds goodwill outside, to grant favors for Keith inside.

    They should be in jail.

  • I’d say clearly the real purpose was just pandering to their guru, by remaining diehards – as evidenced by the fact that as soon as he was moved out of sight, they stopped showing up. the claim of doing it for some greater purpose was just window dressing, typical of cults’ propaganda and front group operations.

    • Ya, when did any of them care about the horrible conditions in prisons? Not before their “Vanguard” was in the pokey awaiting trial.

    • AnonyMaker-

      Usually, usually, your pithy observations and analysis are quite astute. This is not one of those times…..

      Politicians have are best interests at heart….

      ……But not really. Thanks

  • I’m curious to know how much Nicki is aware of her own duplicity. I believe she is genuinely sincere about supporting prison reform … and I also believe it’s not at all coincidental that the dancing stopped after the sentencing.

    I watched the full hour interview she did with Scott Adams and it’s fascinating to see her forget to correct some facts and intentionally omit others. For example, I noticed when the topic of collateral came up, she made it seem like the only time women gave it was to learn about DOS and somehow left out the part about having to give more damaging collateral to join, and then give even more collateral thereafter. She also purposefully dodged answering whether she knew it was Keith’s initials on the brand and who came up with the idea.

    On some level she knows exactly what’s she’s doing.

    Most egregious is when she pointedly casts suspicion about Cami not testifying at trial, but somehow leaves out that at the time of the interview (2 days before sentencing) she knew Cami was going to make a victims impact statement confirming the sexual relationship while she was underage. When asked by the interviewer whether Raniere had a sexual relationship with the underaged Cami, her response is “I honestly don’t know.”

    “Honestly not knowing” means you are aware there’s a chance that it’s true, Nicki. Are you calling Cami a liar, or do you just not have a problem with him having sex with a 15 year old?

    You’re not getting good press because you know damn well the optics are bad. Just because some people had a bad experience doesn’t mean others didn’t have a good one, that much is true. But just because you had a good experience doesn’t mean he didn’t hurt other people.

    At some point the mental gymnastics are going to catch up with you.

    • It’s fascinating how she holds it together – and then her mask slips and she exposes the fact she detests other women to the point of disliking a woman who was groomed and raped as a minor. The mimicking of Sarah crying was particularly childish and cringe-worthy. Not Nicki’s finest moment when supposedly trying to be taken seriously. It goes for all the puppets and stragglers, they want to be taken seriously but wind up looking completely foolish. They are each surrounded by someone equally as deluded and they can’t see outside that bubble. Outside of this little group nothing they say makes sense and it never will. They just don’t understand that. Such a waste of time, energy and life.

    • I don’t know.

      The only cool normal person in Nxivm was that Dude-Nippy. Sarah Edmondson snowed, pussy-whipped, and honey-dicked poor Nippy….

      …Not many women can keep a husband when they had their vagina branded with another man’s initials.

      P.S. Sure she didn’t mess around with Keith Raniere and the Pope is a Jew and Blue Jays aren’t blue.

      I like Nippy because he wears Red Sox hats. The mark of a true man. Not a Yankees hat like nutjob.

      • Enough of your lies. No Yankees hat. I rep the AL Champions. And while we’re clearing things up – fuck the Cactus League.

        I like Nippy and you, cause you think it’s cool to wear pink Sox hats – and you can tell me how last place feels. Kiss my Stanley Cup while we’re at it. And thanks for the QB. Tainted Title Town has turned in to Lastplaceville. Now, do the wave with your buds, bellow some Neil Diamond, delete Buckner/Boone/Bucky/Babe from your beans, and get a good nights sleep.

  • Their motives are so transparent. Ironic it all stops now that KR is sentenced and can’t witness them dancing. These individuals are rotten from the inside by trying to use prison reform as a cause just so they can perform for their Vanguard. Seriously, they can’t believe we are stupid enough not to see through the charade?

  • “…and we are constantly moved by how small gestures can be of major significance.

    Now that visitation has opened up and winter is upon us, we will be putting the dancing on hiatus until further notice.” Nice disconnect from reality, it’s too cold, so no more small gesture of dancing. LOL

    It’s your fault for not jumping on the NXIVM 5 dancing bandwagon regarding bad prison conditions, Frank – you’ve written about it for a very long time, and now it has petered out, just like Raniere’s peter is out of luck. LOL

    • What is wrong with dancing in thermals and wooly hats? Actually, I keep forgetting that it is not their decision. Keith has to give them the order and it’s him that must have told them to stop. Maybe he’s jealous that the other men will benefit from the twerking action and not him.

      • Thermals?


        Try leg warmers. It was hot in Flash Dance.

        P.S. I still have never met a hot chick that welds-metal by day and dances at night…..

        ….And how does a strip club handle 400 gallons of water splash landing on a floor after a dance?

    • —petered out, just like Raniere’s peter is out of luck.

      Scott, I am in awe of your subtle ability to use alliteration and double-entendre in a witty “jape”.

      Oh my, Petered and Peter.

  • The cause to improve prison conditions is just. It should be expanded to include a war on unnecessary prison sentences for non-violent crimes, the complete destruction of families, and the destruction of rehab once someone gets released.

    The message is great.

    The messengers? Not so much.

    • If anyone is responsible for the complete destruction of families, it is the criminals themselves. They should have thought of that earlier. Now, others are blamed for it. Besides, most of the perpetrators had a long criminal history before they were caught and convicted for the first time. Most are not first-time offenders.

      • That’s what makes Raniere’s 120 years so “special,” he is a first-timer and his crimes weren’t violent. LOL

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