Judge Declines to Recommend Raniere Get Drop-out Yard — Expect Supermax for Vanguard

MK10ART - Keith Raniere in prison.

This does not bode well for Keith Alan Raniere.

Yesterday, we reported that Raniere’s attorneys had asked Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to recommend that Raniere be assigned to a prison with a special or sensitive needs unit [aka a drop-out yard] a place where prisoners who are in danger if they are placed in the general population because of their crimes or celebrity can live in the comparative safety under protective custody with other like prisoners.

It is far better than solitary confinement. See: Attorneys Asks That Raniere Be Assigned to Prison With ‘Drop-out Yard’ For His Safety

The judge declined to make this recommendation for Raniere.

His Order reads, “The court respectfully declines to make a recommendation to the Bureau of Prisons (“BOP”) regarding the designation of the Defendant. However, defense counsel may contact the BOP’s Designation & Sentence Computation Center to identify any concerns it has regarding an appropriate facility for the Defendant. The Designation & Sentence Computation Center is located at 346 Marine Forces Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75051, and can be contacted at 972-352-4400 and GRA-DSC/PolicyCorrespondence@bop.gov. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 11/4/2020. (Gurian, Nico) (Entered: 11/04/2020).”

This is bad news for Raniere because it almost certainly ensures he is going to the Florence, Colorado Supermax.

The ADX (administrative maximum) Supermax Prison in Florence, Colorado is a state of the art isolation prison for repeat and high profile felony offenders. (Photo by Lizzie Himmel/Sygma via Getty Images)

What are the choices? The BOP can assign him to a maximum-security prison, but his attorneys admit he will be in grave danger there. It can assign him to a prison with a drop-out yard where he will be with other at-risk prisoners and, hence, somewhat protected – but the judge has not made any such recommendation. Or the BOP can assign him to a prison where he’ll spend most of his time in solitary – a cruel and lonely condition but safe from other prisoners.

By the judge not agreeing to make a recommendation suggests he is displeased with Raniere and his followers.

Raniere has instructed his followers to

  1. Dance in front of the MDC prison where he is being held.
  2. Do a podcast series alleging the prosecution committed misconduct.
  3. M ake sure that the judge knows he is being watched.
  4. Take an affidavit to prosecutors asking them to sign it, stating whether they committed misconduct
  5. Create a ‘Challenge,’ a contest that would award $10,000 to every contestant who could identify errors that Judge Garaufis made before, during, and after Keith’s trial.

None of this was going to win points with the judge.

The judge is also under the impression that Raniere, using Clare Bronfman’s money, is waging a public relations campaign to smear him.  He said at Raniere’s sentencing, prior to handing Raniere a 120-year prison term, that Raniere “and his counsel, funded by an unlimited war chest courtesy of co-conspirator Clare Bronfman, are engaged in a public relations campaign to cast doubt on the integrity of the judicial system and the jury verdict.”

He added, “Ultimately, Mr. Raniere’s lack of remorse, coupled with his view that the conduct for which he was convicted was actually ‘noble,’ strongly suggests the need for a significant sentence.”

It was Raniere’s actions, carried out through his followers which has sealed his fate. If he had kept quiet, or acted respectfully, he might have gotten a 20-year sentence – and perhaps a chance at being assigned to some reasonable prison facility.

Now, he is almost certainly headed to a bad place. At a maximum-security prison, his life will be in danger from other inmates, some of whom will not be shy in hurting a child sex predator.

If he goes to the supermax, he will be in isolation – 23 hours per day in a  7×12 cell.

Imagine having to live in this tiny cell 23 hours per day, for three years, never seeing or talking to anyone.

And one hour per day, he gets to go to a 20’x30′ room to exercise.  For three years, he will be in total isolation, seeing no one. Even his food will be brought to him between two locking doors so that he will not even see the guard.

For one hour per day, Raniere will get to go into a room outside his cell to exercise. His life keeps getting worse.

He will only be able to make one phone call per month – for 15 minutes – and visitors may not be allowed for years. It will be extremely difficult for his attorneys to communicate with him. And his followers will not be permitted to dance outside the prison compound.

A cell very much like the one Keith Raniere has an excellent chance of being assigned to.


If the Raniere dancers come, they will have to dance outside the perimeter of the facility and Raniere will not be able to see them. Or hear them either – for he will be in a soundproof cell.

Meantime, his attorneys filed a notice of appeal of his conviction.  It will take more than a year for it to be heard, once the appeal is filed. It may take several months to prepare the appeal.

It remains unclear how long Raniere will remain at MDC, where he has been since April 2018.

Given the attitude of the judge and the reasonable assumption that the prosecution feels the same way, the Bureau of Prisons officials in Grand Prairie are almost certainly going to adopt a similar attitude:

Their reasoning might go something like this:

Raniere is notorious. His crimes warrant a max security prison or supermax. His attorneys claimed he will be in danger in the general population at a max security facility – and requested he be assigned to a prison with a drop-out yard. The judge declined to recommend a drop-out yard. If he goes to a max security prison and is killed, [because he is so famous/infamous], it will look very bad for the BOP.  He is, therefore, qualified only for the supermax.









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  • Any updates how he’s holding up (w/ fellow inmates, guards, rules), since the sentencing, would be most appreciated

    • As mentioned in the Clare Bronfman update, MDC’s new COVID-19-related policies and procedures have greatly restricted staff movement in the facility. That, in turn, has made it difficult to get updates on inmates there (This is especially true for inmates who are in the SHU – which is where Raniere was at last report).

      We are hoping to get another update sometime in the next week or so. Rest assured, as soon as we get any information, we’ll share it.

  • Seriously, and this is a shoutout to all those how always denied there’s any kind of bias on the judge’s part towards Keith: What more proof is needed? The recommendation would have been completely reasonable and suitable for a prisoner such as Keith (who has no violent tendencies but is endangered by other prisoners if put in general population). This is obviously just Judge Garaufis trying to take revenge on Raniere for attempting to expose the court’s blatant disregard for due judicial process. Well, I hope the money from the “war chest” is used to expose this judge even more as the irresponsible and possibly corrupt individual that he is!

  • Look, we know Raniere is a cruel and heartless person – and a sickening hebephile. We are unsure at this point whether his hands were in in certain deaths. We know he represents a great risk if he’s allowed to galvanize his minions from prison. We also know that Supermax facilities might be something needed for extreme terrorists and confirmed serial killers. But even though many of us here think his sentence is appropriate (I do), does KAR really deserve three years of mind-numbing, inhuman isolation?

    I am not an apologist for KAR. But I doubt that many of us here have spent even one week in prison, never mind years. Surely he could be imprisoned at a more palatable facility, with careful monitoring of his communications and some measure of protection from harm by other inmates. I, as a non-victim, would be OK with Marion or something similar. But I don’t have a dog in this fight other than to fervently desire he can never hurt anyone, ever again.

    Snorlax, I do not disagree with your assessment, but imagine being in a locked room, with no reading material (even a Bible, which could be instructive), television, radio, pen-and-paper, or music to pass the time, or even to reconsider one’s actions. No human interactions except with your feeder…no view of the outside or breath of fresh air…FOR THREE YEARS. All you get to do is eat, sleep, piss, shit, occasionally shower, and think your own thoughts. I submit to those here, absent a conviction of murder, that is extreme. If it were proved he committed, or caused to be committed, a murder, that would be a horse of a different color, because the murdered can never get their lives back. They are in the permanent, underground Supermax.

    Please, I mean no disrespect to any victim, particularly to his under-aged targets. His acts were atrocious and unforgivable. May you heal well and soon, and forget about this man (I use the term loosely).

    I believe KAR is a deeply flawed, damaged and dangerous individual. But to date, he has not blown up the World Trade Center. or crashed passenger jets. This is not mentioned to minimize what he has done – only to give food for thought as to what kind of prison would be appropriate for his 120 years.

    I have compared him to Jim Jones many times (as have others, elsewhere), but the truth is he never got all the way there. I believe he could have but we cannot punish people for what they “could have” done.

    • You might not think I’m normal right now, but I’d just be in a prison like this. I could finally think freely, no one would bother me. I might be able to write my own real book. What has content, what silence leads to, even if forced us is silence. How many can afford to retire. It’s the opportunity to really look at yourself, it’s when you don’t have to get up early, you don’t have to go on an appointment, you’re not set up thought-like. That’s not so bad.

      • You have a point. It is easy to forget that there are so many worse environments and circumstances out there in the world—and many of these Super Max maniacs put innocent people in those worse environments! AND, because of their ruthlessness and brutality, the maniacs never gave their victims or victims family a second thought.

        Think about that for a minute. Think about those conditions for a minute. It makes the Super Max, with 3 hots and a cot, seem like a cozy tiny house.

        Super Max holds the worse of the worse. Cry me a river about their conditions—not.

    • Well not many of us raped a teenager or three or demanded that our female sex slaves stay under 100 lbs and get branded with our initials.

      Nice try.

      The Jim Jones reference is a joke as the crimes this creep was already found guilty of is quite bad enough, thanks.

      Enjoy the dancing in the hot desert. Bring water.

    • On the other hand, in may be best for this sub-humanoid life-form’s safety. I read the article about conditions in a supermax. They guarantee it will not be shit-bombed or physically attacked by the other guests living with there. For 3 years at least.

      After reading the statements by Barbara Bouchey and Susan Dones, I mean I have read them all of the statements, but these two women were treated in an extremely vulgar manner. It had its minions carry out its orders that is why it needs to be cut off from the rest of the world. The formation of the ineffectual five and what it tried to accomplish with that really emphasizes that for me.

      Since some people don’t like my idea of putting this turd in a rocket and shooting it at the sun, I propose this. Let’s designate Chino, Pelican Bay, Folsom, or San Quentin as a federal prison. We could bet how long it lives amongst the L.A. gang-infested gen pop. Put me down for 22.75 minutes.

      I can’t really think about my tax money going to sustain this thing’s existence, it makes me vomit blood for a half hour.

  • Those are very interesting articles that Shadowstate 1958 and K. R. Claviger posted links to.

    It will be slightly amusing to see if The Ineffectual Five come up with any new hi-jinks to undermine the old judo champ’s relocation.

  • The only way to guarantee Raniere’s safety is for him to go to Super Max. We all know of cases of sexual predators with notoriety being killed while incarcerated in so called ‘more secured’ setups. It doesn’t work. He is a marked man.

    He has weaponized and abused the court system for years. He threatened the judge. Super Max will put a hard limit on his ability to continue with the manipulative, weaponized machinations under the guise of his “appeals”. Serves him right.

    The best punishment for this maniac is to be made invisible

  • That’s so funny…They warned the judge he was being watched and then expected that very judge to protect him hahaha

  • If Raniere has to live with the normal prison population, he’ll have to pay “protection money”.

    Why, you ask?

    Because on the inside, they know now the Bronfman sisters will pay any price, to keep their beloved “Vanguard” safe.

      • If only you had joined Nxivm, you would have had cash in your hands and women — not detergent in your garage.

        Life sucks!

          • Dear Not-Scott or Anonymous,

            I am so sorry. I must be mistaken.

            Scott did not receive big boxes of powdered detergent in his settlement?

            I know Scott did not receive cold-hard-cash. His settlement said Amway products would be given in lieu of cash. Pretty sucky.

            Oddly enough, the attorneys in Scott’s lawsuit [actually Scott signed onto an ongoing class action lawsuit] were paid in cold hard cash.

            Who had more fun after the court settlement; the attorneys with the cash or Scott with the powdered detergent?

          • P.S., however Scott is having the most fun after Amway sued him, because they got practically nothing and Scott has the guaranteed right, protected by the settlement agreement, to bash Amway to his heart’s content, which is what he wanted all along. LOL

          • Anonymous 2:11am

            You have made me reflect in a good way. Thanks!!!

            —Good that you have a garage at all. Not everybody does.

            Does having a garage, truly count, if you can’t use it? (It’s filled with soap)
            Let me think…..“I mean how do you park a truck in a garage filled with boxes of powered soap?” I guess you could fill the truck up with the powdered soap. I bet Scott thought of that, he is a smart fella. But then how do you drive the truck? I love the fact Scott is read this comment at this. very moment. Hi Scott, how are you?
            Pickup trucks hold a ton of soap.

            Crazy Fact:

            Sarah Edmondson made more money in a week working for Nxivm than [redacted] working in Amway in 8 years……

            Now that really sucks!!!!

            Take care!!!!

          • Scott-

            —P.S., however Scott is having the most fun

            You made a typo you meant B.S.

            Scott you no longer use your name on this website because of your agreement made with Amway.

            Scott you said, “having the most fun wins” I am glad you are quoting Raniere.

    • Ah, but Raniere will only be down to the $$ left to him by others, if he stashed any in ways still accessible to him in prison. Clare Bronfman is going to have all of her finances supervised, as Judge Garaufis told her, upon her sentencing. Her ability to contact her sacred bullshitter, Raniere, has been ground down to ZERO.

      Another family of one of Keith’s deceased old girlfriends seems to have already moved to tie up any profits Raniere got from her which remain. Sarah Bronfman Igtet risks too much now if she furnishes him with an expense account. That leaves Raniere in a lovely financial bind. Barbara Jeske was not that rich but left him a wad of some amount. Maybe there are others, but Raniere cannot communicate with any Nxixm people. That is a two-way street.

      Like L. Ron Hubbard, Raniere had a habit of keeping his name off of paperwork to evade incrimination. So maybe he has screwed himself financially, via his sociopathic cleverness, dodginess.

      Maybe that is a big part of how come he has not replaced Agnifilo. Raniere cannot control the Judge who presided over his case. The only thing that he can change is his attorney, and now he is much less likely to have the funds. He is losing every single method which he used to use to make a fuss and to do harm.

  • Here is a list of notable current prisoners at Florence SuperMax.
    You will note that most of these people are foreign or domestic terrorists, drug traffickers, spies, street gang leaders, or organized crime figures.

    USP Florence ADMAX

    The only one of these clowns I am personally familiar with is Jimmy Marcello, a Chicago area mob hitman who is suspected of 18 murders including the murder of fellow mobster Tony Spilotro.

      • KRC-
        I enjoyed this little tidbit from the article:

        “The Colorado Department of Corrections has been in the vanguard of the reform movement…”


      • K.R. Claviger-

        I read the entire article and its description of the SuperMax environment for prisoners is inhuman. Executing the inmates is more humane. I am no fan of Jihadis, but this treatment of prisoners goes beyond-the-pale. The inmates should at have some form of social interaction with each other.

        Driving someone slowly insane is torture.

        • Well, cry me a river—not. Only the worst of the worst go to Super Max and the conditions they are experiencing is nothing in comparison to the brutality they inflicted or were prepared to inflict on innocent individuals.

          • What’s the point of keeping them alive?

            That’s my point. Torture?

            Prison exists for punishment, rehabilitation, and as a deterrent.

            I don’t believe it should be a friggin country club or day camp.

            But I believe prisoners should be able to converse amongst themselves. What’s the use of punishment if the people you are punishing end up so insane they don’t know where they are?

        • This is only your own idea of it, and it is the opinion of a layman. There are people who can handle it well. What does the scientific research on this by psychologists or behavioral scientists say, if there are any?

        • Scott, my good friend, I am in 100% agreement!

          A lifetime in a Super Max is scarier than the death penalty.

          How the F’ anyone survives living in a cell that is basically a small bathroom I will never know. And that’s in addition to no real social interaction for 3 years.

          • Re: “And … in addition to no real social interaction …”

            Keith Raniere’s social interaction consists of lying, manipulation and covert hypnosis, and by playing off everyone he deals with against each other. But I want him to never be able to do that again. Not even in prison.

          • How many people in the world do not have a bathroom?

            26% of the world population has no bathroom.

            2.0 billion people still do not have basic sanitation facilities such as toilets.

            From this, I conclude that Keith Raniere is better off than the 2 billion people who have no toilets or bathrooms.

          • Anonymous 11:00 am Nov 7:

            I only say isolation from all human contact is wrong. People become insane and hallucinate without human contact.

    • I am familiar with Hansen as he lived in my area and they made a movie of his story titled Breach. It is a fascinating movie.

    • Shadow, you are always on point on facts pertaining to objective topics.

      Sincerely, thank you for your time posting worthy links.

  • SUPERMAX him and Clare Bronfman, too!

    He and Clare and, possibly, elite Mexican NXIANS recruited and paid for neo-Nazi and Latino prison “protection” that, I believe, acted on Raniere’s behalf ‘on the outside’ as well.

    • All prisoners at the Supermax spend the first three years in isolation. It’s just the way it is there. After that, they are evaluated – and, if they pass muster, they start getting some privileges back.

      Here’s a good descriptive article about life at the Supermax: https://www.westword.com/news/h-unit-at-colorados-federal-supermax-is-a-special-sort-of-hell-10496356#:~:text=The%20only%20contacts%20they%20are%20permitted%20on%20the,to%20them%2C%20under%20threat%20of%20facing%20prosecution%20themselves.

      • Indeed, that was very descriptive. I think you are determined to give me nightmares with your suggested readings!

        A lot of food for thought there. I was particularly surprised that pretrial detainees often find themselves there and also the struggle to find an attorney to represent prisoners housed there in fear of harassment and worry for their other client’s confidentiality.

        Something needs to change. It’s amazing what actually goes on.

        • The Bureau of Prisons is not for the faint of heart. And, truth be told, there are many state prisons that are almost as bad as the supermax.

          I’ve mentioned it before – but I think it’s worth mentioning again. Although most people think that slavery has been banned in this country, the reality is that the 13th Amendment has a specific exception for those who are incarcerated: i.e., from a legal standpoint, prisoners are, in fact, slaves. That is the fundamental reason why it is so difficult to bring about prison reform in the U.S.

      • Well, cry me a river—not. Only the worst of the worst go to Super Max and the conditions they are experiencing is nothing in comparison to the brutality they inflicted or were prepared to inflict on innocent individuals.

      • Claviger-

        Thanks again for the link in the previous article.

        I may not mention it sometimes, but I always read the articles you post links to.

        Greatly appreciated.

      • Claviger- The bathroom analogy that the terrorist used in describing his cell is the most accurate, quasi-description of a SuperMax prison cell.

        I have a grudging respect for anyone who lasts past 20 years in such confinement without killing themselves.

        It’s no wonder your acquaintance folded. I would’ve folded after two months.

    • Taking someone’s ability to communicate with others reduces the probability additional bad things will happen – after three years outside conditions have changed enough that they no longer have the influence they had three years earlier. LOL

      • Scott-

        The point is the inmates have no interaction with each other. None. During the first 3 years, they go insane.

        • Only the worst of the worst go to Super Max. The brutality and ruthlessness these individuals have inflicted on innocent people does not happen in a vacuum. I’m sure some of the family members of the victims of said brutality have gone insane with grief, trauma and anger AND they have to deal with that for the rest of their lives.

          So, again, cry me a river.

        • is that a problem? LOL

          How do you know they weren’t insane when they committed the crimes they are in prison for? Would a sane person commit such crimes? LOL

  • Maybe he’d be better off alone in solitary confinement since he’s afraid of being stabbed somewhere. I mean, from a security point of view. Here, most prisoners don’t like these figures very much.

  • He absolutely deserves Supermax. Locked away from his followers, the media and everyone else. That would be the ultimate penance for his actions. As a sidebar, I am curious whether or not he will (or is) receiving psychiatric care in prison? If nothing else, studying his mind and his mental health would provide some interesting and possibly useful information on sociopaths and malignant narcissists.

    • MDC has a couple of part-time psychologists and psychologists – but most of the mental health services offered to prisoners there are dispensed at the Pill Line.

    • No, Raniere is relatively harmless, restricting his outside communications is enough. LOL

      Raniere is an abject liar, I don’t see much could be gained from studying him, just lock him up and throw away the key. LOL

    • Keith deserves to be in prison for life and to protect people from himself and his followers. Allowing someone to have a 30min conversation every day to keep their sanity is not being soft on criminals. The other 23hr and 30min is in their cell.

      You call that soft?

      • Why would a normal person who knows who he is and what he has done want to talk to Keith Raniere? Probably just a person who is paid to do so. He is a notorious manipulative liar. The only people who want to talk to Raniere are his co-conspirators and accomplices, as well as his supporters. But with them, he should not be allowed to communicate.

  • The logic “Raniere is only qualified for Supermax” is symbolizes the tortuous, medieval nature of our prison system. I don’t like KAR either, but maintaining a dysfunctional and destructive prison system simply indicts our society and justice system.

    There is no reason for any non-violent prisoner to go to a facility like this simply because he challenged the authority of the legal system and his followers protested via dance outside of MDC.

    • Who says he’s non-violent? Who says he didn’t have people killed for his beliefs like he admitted? Because he’s a short, pudgy man with a non-threatening demeanor and a generally calming and even-keel voice? Regardless, violence doesn’t have to involve physical brutality. It can involve psychological, emotional, mental, etc., manipulation and torture.

      • The legal system doesn’t assume things that haven’t been proven, such as being violent. LOL

        Also, you are taking the “I have had people killed” quote out of context, you should watch the video again, and Frank should address this once and for all, unless he is more interested in eyeballs than the truth. LOL

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