EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Clyne Interviews; Reveals to Frank Report: ‘DOS No Longer Exists!’

Nicki Clyne

Nicki Clyne, 37, is a popular Canadian actress, but she’s possibly better known for her non-acting role in Nxivm.

She holds me largely responsible for bringing her an unwanted notoriety and an end to the community that she loved.

According to the Make Justice Blind website, “Nicki Clyne began her career as an actor, most notably on the hit television series Battlestar Galactica. She has worked as a writer, a news analyst and television host, but it wasn’t until she experienced the failings of the criminal justice system first-hand that she decided to dedicate herself to much needed advocacy efforts in the field. She works directly with people inside prison, as well as produces media that brings awareness to important, and sometimes controversial, issues.”

During several interviews, Nicki gave her insights into the once-happy world she lived in when she was in Nxivm, and the often harsh world she has lived in since the Nxivm world fell apart and the leader of the community, Keith Raniere, and Nicki’s spouse, Allison Mack, were indicted and convicted.

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

Nicki was there when Keith was arrested in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in March 2018 – and also when Allison was arrested in Brooklyn early one morning a month later. Clare Bronfman, her friend and patron, was also arrested that same year in July.

For more than a decade, starting in 2006, Nicki was part of the Albany community that some referred to as Nxivm Village. She was a coach for Nxivm, and part of DOS. The government identified her as one of the eight First Line Masters of DOS.



DOS First-Line Masters 

To a large degree, she holds me responsible for the arrests and also at shaping the narrative later adopted by prosecutors.

She said to me, “You have harmed me in irreparable ways. Because of you, I am separated from my loved ones, and some are even in prison. You have written hateful, inaccurate stories on your blog that have overwhelmed my search results making it close to impossible to get a job.”

She says my publication resulted in harassment and a number of employees quitting the vegan eatery and bar where she worked.

Though she spoke of Nxivm with a voice that was filled with sadness and nostalgia, when she spoke of the arrest and prosecution of Raniere, she was precise: She wants to present evidence of alleged prosecutorial misconduct in the case of Raniere, and also to expose prosecutorial misconduct on a larger scale.

Nicki Clyne

Nicki wants to share two clips from a longer interview. In the first clip, Nicki states her willingness to work for the goal of exposing corrupt prosecutors [not limited to the Raniere case] – and in the other, she makes a declaration about DOS.


NICKI CLYNE: Frank, I never thought I’d see the day where we are sitting face to face. I am here because first of all, you’ve expressed a willingness and an openness to examining the lack of due process and what we have evidence for as prosecutorial misconduct in Keith’s case.

I’m also here because you have expressed a willingness and an open mindedness in looking at the truth.

I have a wealth of experience over many years, both relating with Keith Raniere and with many people in the community that have come out in opposition. I also have direct experience with DOS, and have been silenced by this salacious media narrative and the ways in which the government has threatened me to stay quiet.

I hope that we can have a civilized discourse, in seeking the truth, and in allowing more voices to be heard, that have perhaps a different perspective than what’s out there.

FRANK PARLATO: Ok, and would you pledge to be transparent and fully truthful in presenting the various parts of this for the first time ever where you’re speaking, and presenting information.

NICKI CLYNE: I do, I pledge to be honest, and present everything I know to be true, to the best of my ability.

FRANK PARLATO: Ok, well, then I’m going to listen, and evaluate. Because we have to be able to separate due process from what either one of us thinks about Keith. You may think he’s a wonderful person. I may think he’s a horrible person. That doesn’t affect due process.


FRANK PARLATO: If he didn’t get due process, that needs to be exposed. And that doesn’t mean he’s innocent or guilty. It means that the prosecutors are innocent or guilty of misconduct.  And that’s what we’re trying to establish. Not Keith’s guilt or innocence, although something may occur by exposing misconduct, if it did exist. And I don’t know at this point that it did exist. But you believe it did, is that correct?

NICKI CLYNE: Correct, I do.

FRANK PARLATO: And apparently, Keith’s attorneys are going to be making a motion out of this on Monday…

NICKI CLYNE: That’s my understanding, yes.

FRANK PARLATO: Ok, then let’s move forward with this.

NICKI CLYNE: Wonderful.


The second clip lasts 11 seconds. In it Nicki declares DOS no longer exists.

She says DOS ended, apparently in 2017.

[In another discussion, she said, “DOS became the focus of an international media scandal, starting with the Frank Report, and women started to leave DOS out of fear of being ‘outed.’”]

Nicki: I want you to know – I mean, I’ll state on the record: DOS does not exist, and it hasn’t existed since the investigation started”.


Keith and the women who made up the core of Nxivm are scattered. Many are aligned against him. Dozens are suing him in a lawsuit led by attorney Neil L. Glazer of Kohn Swift and Graf of Philadelphia. There are more than 80 plaintiffs.

Ironically, Keith Raniere is seen as evil by many of those who formerly thought him to be the greatest, the wisest, the most ethical man in the world. He resides in prison, awaiting sentencing that is widely predicted to be a life sentence.

If Nicki wanted, all she would have to do is start crying and tell the world she was deceived by Keith and that she was his victim – and all the lost honor would be regained and all the lost opportunities would suddenly open up for her again.

Maybe she actually is what she said DOS was supposed to make her. Tough, strong, able to stand for what she believes in – while half the world thinks she is a brainwashed fool.

If the day comes when she rejects Keith Raniere, and sees what others have seen, unlike many others, she says she won’t cry and play victim. She’ll make a statement and say she learned and grew and evolved.

“The idea of being a victim is perceived as heroic and celebrated,” she said. “The worshipping of victimhood without investigatory due process is a very dangerous paradigm for men and for women. This infantilizing of women has to stop.”

“I take full responsibility for my choices and my continued ability to learn from and become wiser from those very choices and I never want to live in the mental prison where I don’t believe I am responsible for my life,” she said.

I promised to hear all the alleged evidence of prosecutorial misconduct. I have published some already in a post: NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Raniere Supporters Release ‘First Evidence’ of Alleged Misconduct — ‘Raniere Bail Denied Through Lies’

Raniere’s supporters plan to present more.  This is not about him, it is about the prosecutors who handled his case. If they did commit acts of prosecutorial misconduct, they should be exposed and if they did not, they should be applauded for a job well done – for putting Raniere in prison.

So far none of it has changed my mind about him being a criminal. But that doesn’t mean there was not prosecutorial misconduct.

Nicki Clyne disagrees with me on Keith, but agrees that prosecutors in his case must also be judged, that all prosecutors should be judged and watched just like any other public official – and even more so, since, as Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson observed in 1940, “The prosecutor has more control over life, liberty, and reputation than any other person in America.”

So, Nicki and I have some common ground…







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  • Am I just being stupid but not just on this page but across the site how do I view the FULL video clips. This interview for example I can only see a 2:57min clip and an around 1min clip. Is this right? Thanks Guys and keep up the great work Frank


    Nicki Clyne WAS a popular Canadian television actress. Now, she is a dancing fool for a crazed Cult Leader, who is going to get life in a prison.

  • Nicki Clyne
    18. Okt.
    I never imagined there would come a day when I promoted anything, let alone an article about me, from the Frank Report… But here I am. Can’t wait to read the comments

    What is the use of wanting to read comments, if you are not willing or able to recognize the arguments and reasons that are presented because you do not want to give up anything of your own position, but only want to see it confirmed?

  • Nicki Clyne is full of shit. I was the one who spoke with her via Instagram (the screenshot I sent you via text) and she pretty much confessed that she was still taking orders. So, yes, Nicki is a brainwashed fool!!!!

  • It’s still so crazy to think that someone as attractive as Clyne would regularly orally service someone as physically unappealing as Raniere. And yet I can’t get it out of my head. How humiliating it must be for her.

  • Nicki belongs in jail with Raniere and Mack, and how she escaped prosecution is beyond me.

    P.S., two of the charges Raniere was convicted of have nothing to do with consent or the persecution of consenting adults. He possessed child pornography. He exploited a child for sexual purposes. The child’s “consent” to having sex with an adult, or having her picture taken naked, is irrelevant (except in NXIVM’s warped, twisted belief system).

    In cases where the prosecution has evidence that a victim is under 18, and (like in this case) the perpetrator is far over 18, they generally don’t even need the cooperation of the witness to prosecute. He belongs in jail and deep down, Nicki knows he belongs in jail. And she knows she belongs in there too.

    Raniere is going to have a rough time in prison, even rougher than he had in the Brooklyn Detention Center. If he thought people leaving feces in his bed was bad, wait until he gets to ADX Florence, Beaumont or Leavenworth. Inmate Raniere never should have threatened the prosecutors as now the feds have no reason not to keep him out of the absolute worst prison they can find for him, most likely very far away from New York State, in a town where they will not take kindly to Nicki’s dancing antics (or tolerate them for very long without “encouraging” Nicki and her fellow moral defectives to leave town).

    I don’t think any of the extremely violent federal prison gangs will be anxious to take Raniere in for protection given that he will be going in with a child-rape jacket. Usually, the inmates use those folks for target practice and the guards take a good long time responding when they see the inmate go down. And if the feds are smart, they will make sure Clare and Nicki and all the other miscreants can’t funnel money to his commissary account, and since he has no money of his own he can legally access without exposing the assets to creditors and civil judgments – life is going to be pretty tough in there with no way to buy stamps or cigarettes to trade.

    So good luck to him (don’t drop the soap, Keith, although ultimately it won’t matter) and good luck to Nicki with her pointless sham of a “criminal justice” organization that is only pursuing justice for Raniere, and exploiting black and brown people to do so. What a joke. Nicki! BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.

    • Oddly enough, the safest place for Keith would be the supermax prison in Florence, CO because he will be isolated from all the other prisoners there for at least 3-years. If he ends up in the general population in a regular prison, he is definitely going to be targeted – and his “life sentence” may turn out to be shorter than Clare’s 81 months.

  • We have a concept of zero tolerance. That’s how I treat Nicki. I can’t believe a word he says. I trust the D.A.’s office and the detectives, even if they’ve made mistakes. Sin is sin, there is no excuse.
    “The end justifies the means.” – Machiavelli

  • JFC – way to play both sides of the fence, Frank. Stop giving these brainwashed idiots air time. Her claims to fame are “acting” in Battlestar Gallactica and being a master in cult. She’s lucky she isn’t locked up with the rest of them. Nicki – you’re wasting your one precious life fighting for a sociopath that would have you locked up in his basement if he hadn’t been shut down.

    • While I agree with you that Nicki should restart her life, I do not think it is wrong to let his followers make their points. I agreed to do it and I will certainly keep my word.
      The truth will take care of itself.

    • For me, the only reason to give these quislings any air time (other than my own rubbernecking, I’ll admit), is their own words get documented, which can be used against them in future litigation.

  • I watch Nicki knowing she’s honest in her intent of presenting the truth. It’s surreal though to see this clip of a completely brainwashed human. Nicki, if I was a judge, Keith Raniere would be tortured close to dying every few months then placed in intensive care to revive him. I’d then put him through the same nightmare again and again and invite you to watch medieval torture in the same room until Raniere would pass out.

    Unfortunately I would treat you as a ‘nothing’, just like Raniere treated you and, in turn I would treat him. You are no longer carrying any worth as a human or an animal. You have demonstrated this fact beyond any reasonable doubt. Some people would do this to you, no matter how much naked striptease you practice in front of them. You are less than cheap. You are an object.

  • I just watched the last episode of the Vow (season 1). Listening to KR talking he was clearly describing himself in some of the extracts and what was found in the v.com file – the “story” about the sociopath. Most sociopaths don’t really mind being called one in practice studies show and the KR saying they might in fact be superior (because they are not hampered by conscience etc) is revealing too which is why it was picked as an extract. The interesting bit is anyone in the group could see those items and not have the scales lifted from their eyes.

    Some of those involved who weren’t charged will need to be careful what they say in public as further litigation or criminal charges might in due course be brought against them.

    I liked the way ep 9 showed how KR would learn someone’s concerns/flaws/ worries and then turn those round – to knock someone down so they feel worthless and then he is the only salvation for them. I think one reason I have been protected from cults (whereas my siblings was in one years ago) is because I always felt fine, not flawed, didn’t need to seek a truth because what was here was perfectly okay. So I didn’t have even a temporary vulnerability to be exploited, thought I was the bee’s knees even….

  • Is it me or did Nicki Clyne get better looking? She is a sold 8 now.

    I never thought bangs/hair could do that for woman.

    Scott should grow bangs.

  • How did Nicki Clyne escape from prosecution? She was a first-line master, correct? Why is she not facing charges for her involvement in DOS? She should be worried about what’s coming for her…

    • Anonymous,

      Nxivm is not the Juarez Drug Cartel or the Mafia. The DOJ has limited resources(ie time and money). The government had its hand forced (by the publicity created by The NY Times article) to take action and make an example. The end.

      • NXIVM is engaged in racketeering, tax evasion, money laundering, money laundering across international borders, sex trafficking, pedophilia, blackmail, bribery, intimidation.

        That collateral is exactly what organized crime organizations do.

        NXIVM was and is an international criminal organization. The mediocre mob.

        If one of my children ended up there, there wouldn’t be enough pieces to identify any of you. I would have fed all of you into the wood chipper of justice. The fact that you’re drawing breathe is a miracle due to parents restraint.

  • Nicki, how does it feel to be a socially ostracized person? You know that this is the beginning of your social, professional and financial decline. It will never get better, it will get worse and worse. Will you be able to cope with it, even if you think you are strong and not a victim. The world will think of you as a perpetrator, a predator and someone who aided and abetted the crimes of Keith Raniere.

  • Yeah… how can she act like she’s against victimhood when she holds you responsible? lol, I hope everyone in Nxivm gets what they deserve and you come out on top no matter what! 🙂 Also, I think all bullies and abusers just pretend there are no victims because they’re nothing but rationalizing psychopaths deep down inside, neurologically shortcircuited, empathetically bankrupt, and pathetic. Who else could brand women? Anyway all the best to you!

    • Good point, Bridanya! She does blame Frank Report for her current plight, doesn’t she? And not the choices she has made.

      I admire her though, on some level.

      “The idea of being a victim is perceived as heroic and celebrated,” she said. “The worshipping of victimhood without investigatory due process is a very dangerous paradigm for men and for women. This infantilizing of women has to stop.”

      “I take full responsibility for my choices and my continued ability to learn from and become wiser from those very choices and I never want to live in the mental prison where I don’t believe I am responsible for my life,” she said.

      I think she’s right here. And I can’t help but admire her for sticking to her beliefs even when they aren’t popular.

      BUT, she’s ignoring the fact of the Collateral. That’s where the CHOICE stopped. You can’t hold collateral over someone’s head and then say what you demanded them to do was their CHOICE.

      Personal choice is eliminated in this case.

      • I believe she is angry (and should be) because Frank posted pictures of the restaurant where she worked. He had no right to do that.

        People seem to misunderstand the term victim. Anyone who has had a crime committed against them is a victim of that particular crime. “Victimhood” is different.
        If there were no victims then essentially there would be no criminals, and we wouldn’t have a need for any laws.🤔

          • Legally, he may not have that “right”. Revealing certain information , such as her place of employment, could be a safety concern for her (especially when you consider the misogynistic attitude of some of his readers….)

  • They are very good at manipulation. Soon enough you are in Reniere claws.

    Crocodile tears, at least she still remembers how to act, I thought that stupid neurolinguist practice they use had erased that capacity.

  • I’m glad somebody else made a comment about Clyne’s appearance before I did, because I would have been accused of being a misogynist, woman-hater, shallow, lacking depth, sexist, etc., etc., etc. LOL

    Nobody kept Clyne from speaking up before, neither the government or the media, she chose to stay quiet. LOL

    As one of Frank’s website mottos states, “If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?” – apparently Clyne didn’t. LOL

    Another of Frank’s mottos, “The truth is always fair” was ignored as well. LOL

    In the legal system, if you don’t speak up when it’s time to speak up, the pure momentum of the large rock of justice finely pulverizing smaller rocks into sand cannot be overcome – there are no childlike “do-overs” in the adult world. LOL

    The people who left NXIVM over the years proved that, they didn’t speak up when they should have and got pulverized by evil misusing the legal system until Frank showed up with this website. LOL

    If Clyne and the other NXIVM 5 want to be treated fairly on this website, then they should use their real names and Frank should not publish off-topic comments, which most of the comments on both recent stories are. LOL

    • Scott, if Frank did a documentary special in Puerto Vallarta, what type of swimsuit would you wear?

      I think the truth is not always fair. You can have the truth but if nobody listens and acts, there is no fairness. I think you need action tied with truth. I also think certain places value truth less than others. Corporate America Values are truthless. It is more hierarchy and power that matters instead of truth.

      • Scott has no interest in visiting corrupt, violent, and evil Mexico, but if he went he wouldn’t wear a swimsuit or anything else. LOL

        If you don’t think truth is always fair, take it up with Frank, it’s his byline. LOL

        You’re fooling yourself if you think corporate America is truthless. LOL

    • I think you made an error here Scott. Nikki was kept from speaking up by Keith. She doesn’t think anymore. She doesn’t make her own decisions.

      He will have told these clowns to start out on the video call with Frank by explaining how they truly dislike Frank and his website and how he has ruined their community and their lives, how they lost work etc. He will have probably told them it was healing for them to do so. He is loving this moment of control.

  • Manipulative! This woman is using all tactics she can to prove that everything that happened was taken out of context. “DOS doesn’t exist anymore.” So? What about the people they traumatized? And their stupid courses of manipulation, coercion, neurolinguistics? We cannot stand with this group of people trying to get a sociopath out of jail LYING and using other justice issues to make people get on this ship. That’s disgusting!

  • A few disorganized thoughts, in no particular order:

    1. Nicki is not a popular Canadian actress. She’s a Canadian actress, to be sure, but her roles have not been such that she could be called popular. I dare say her greatest fame — or in this case, notoriety — has come from her involvement in NXIVM.

    2. Nicki blames Frank for her post-NXIVM woes, but she only has herself to blame. Most people are pretty forgiving. She could have long ago disavowed Raniere and his organization. She could have admitted that she was deluded, that she was lead astray, that she used poor judgement. She could have helped others leave the organization. She could have approached Frank and said, “Look, I now realize what happened and I’m trying to put my life in order. I need help.” He would have understood and, I’m sure, tried to help out. Instead, she has continued to actively support Ranier and everything he stood for. She has done this in public ways (the dancing, for example) so egregious as to forfeit any sympathy the public might have for a person who has been deluded into following a cult. Despite everything, she still loves the Fuehrer.

    3. Her delusion, a word I in no way use tauntingly or pejoratively, is not atypical of messianic followers. Followers of the worst systems and their leaders (think Marxism-Leninism or National Socialism) have often continued to support those systems even after they have crashed in ruins, utterly discredited. I imagine it’s like trying to reconcile following a false god: it’s easier and lest painful to believe the whole world is wrong than accept the fault lies in oneself.

  • Raniere is an obvious pedophile and Clyne a [redacted]. I hope that he gets another trial, more press, more opportunities for him and the rest of the gang to be captured and separated from (children) other humans.

    I mean I hate the justice system, I think that punishment does nothing good, and the whole system is shit. But Raniere shouldn’t be allowed to be near (children) people if he is not cured of his sociopathy. Another trial, and maybe the first line of slaves, Emiliano Salinas, Cecilia, etc. would get justice or at least México would know the gravity of these cases.

    I mean Nxivm was after controlling economy and elections and they accomplished so much, like been near to Trudeau or Salinas that he is rumored to control México politics for a while. Or Clintons. By the way Cathy O’Brien says that Trudeau’s father, Salinas , de la Madrid and Clinton participate in a network of pedophiles, criminals and Satanists, truly interesting that they all seem related to Nxivm somehow.

    Rosa Laura Junco is free to make her daughter fuck older man still. So, Clyne, you are gross. Nxivm is a Luciferian cult and you don’t have the excuse of not knowing, you defend a Luciferian cult that probably killed at least 4 women. There are many poor, black, Latino, etc. innocent people that deserve (actually deserve ) protection, maybe you are just doing these to get a piece of that súper used and shared flacid dick.

  • Why do you guys think that Nicki decided to look so horrible in the video? She has pictures where she can look amazing. What is the strategy behind looking tired and not good looking? Clare also presented herself this way. Is it so we have pity for them?

    • I though she looked fine, though she would have looked better with her hair down. Look, it was a Zoom call. How good could anyone look under the circumstances?

    • I wondered that myself, Mexican Lady, bc it does seem a bit “put on.”

      At least, I do hope it is and she’s not as bedraggled and wasted as she seems. It’s concerning, though. Reminds me some of my sister. Occurs to me that she feels has to appear haggardly — if she’s not just beat — to appease or not intimidate her new masters and benefactors.

      Would that be Sara B. and the ISIS revolutionary hubby Sara is sworn to serve? Or someone South of the border?

      Where else is the financing for this movement coming from and, to whoever is providing it, give the girl a raise for God’s sake. And let her have some sound sleep and nourishment. Cult intervention, psych counseling, too. Just how much (more) blood do you want on your hands?

      You do know you’re about to be sued for Nicki’s damages, Frank. And you know how I feel about your involvement in this and other matters on a personal note.

    • It’s Clyne’s bad-a$$ b!tch prison look. LOL

      Bronfman always presented herself this way, she can’t help it. LOL

  • Probably Nicki Clyne is not aware that many scholars have written and spoken of what is called sublime ignorance. It’s too bad that she is ignoring that aspect of her self-identity, which is really so pronounced. Peel the onion, so to speak. Then try getting rid of the odor.

  • Frank, do you know who Mark “Marty” Rathbun is? You and he have a lot in common. He has a story similar to yours. You should look him up and reach out to him. Maybe he has strategies that could be helpful to you.

      • Not so sly if you’ve read Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker or make connections like Frank Parlato can and does. Farty Wrathburn is notorious as a fullblown, wraparound Bend-yer-dick Arnold, L. Ron Hubbard style acolyte from hell. Claws are out, though, with this comment. Whatever. The pancake is too damn flat.

  • Nicki, Nicki, Nicki…Boy are you backing the wrong pony. Even if Keith doesn’t get life, he’s going to be gone for 15 years and if that’s in the Colorado Super Max, you’re not gonna to be able to see him, talk to him, or write him a letter for the first 3 years. Then what?
    Florence, Colorado isn’t exactly spilling over with job opportunities> Most people who live in the area work at the prison, probably not going to be an option for anyone who has any thing to do with Keith or Nxivm. So, then, what Nicki where do you from there, what is your plan B? Nicki you gotta have a backup plan when everyone else bails out and they will where do you go.
    Just something to think about.

  • Oh, please. Nicki, we all have tough moments in life. I didn’t need a self help group to get me through the tough times. I did read a lot of self help books, stayed at ashrams, and listened to powerful speakers. But I never signed my life away.

    I have been through hell and back but I didn’t need to have my cooch branded to prove I was worth something. I’ve found my resilience in realizing the sun comes up every morning after some very dark nights. When you spend a week walking around with fingerprints on your neck from an abusive boyfriend that no amount of makeup can hide, when you care for a dying father while watching your mother begin her journey into dementia and then care for her for 7 years, you can talk to me about how hard your life has been these last two years.
    I’ve had loved ones who were indicted by the feds and watched the salacious details play out on tv and in newspapers. But I still got up and went to work. When I could not take it anymore, I took a break, trained in another career and went on with life.

    In NXIVM, you are taught that you are responsible for your reactions to difficult situations. Is this what “at cause” means? Stop blaming Frank. You made a choice to traffic other women. You made a choice to be branded, to participate in the branding of other women, and be both a slave and a slave master. You participated in the indoctrination and abuse of women. You kept them sleep deprived, encouraged them to starve themselves. You entered into a fake marriage, which means you are probably here illegally.

    The tech might have had some benefits, but they do not outweigh the financial crimes as well as the crimes against women. It’s that simple.
    You still can move on with your life, and possibly start down a new path. Keith was not railroaded by the prosecution. A group blowjob hardly sounds like a visit to Keith’s wife and infant son.

  • Frank, I’ve been reading since the blog started and can not believe she will be totally honest with you. You are being used to try to bust out a crook, a pedo, and a alleged murderer. (In my opinion ) stay safe.

  • “The idea of being a victim is perceived as heroic and celebrated,” she said. “The worshipping of victimhood without investigatory due process is a very dangerous paradigm for men and for women. This infantilizing of women has to stop.”

    In Spain, the Law against gender violence is a law created by radical feminism to exclusively punish acts committed by men. Its implementation violated fundamental principles such as equality before the law and the presumption of innocence of men. Why is it so insistent on laws that only a minority of radical feminists like? The law promoted by the extreme left was nothing more than a cover to channel tens of billions of European funds. It was necessary to show that the woman was the victim and the man the executioner. If not, there was no money. No less than 24,000 million euros, until 2012. Since then, the abuse industry has operated like a business.

  • Nicki, get some rest. The best way to recover from a high demand environment is a regular job. Any job with a regular schedule will really make the difference.

  • Nicki:
    From the beginning, Frank offered Keith and Allison the opportunity to discuss DOS and the story of the branding.
    They chose not to respond.
    And Frank allowed you to express your opinions about NXIVM under the various pseudonyms you used.
    Names like “Pea Onyu” and “Monte Blu”.
    When people argued for banning you I, as a commenter, argued for your right to speak freely.

    As a consenting adult, you have the right to engage in any type of lifestyle you please.
    But you must understand that activities like branding and collecting blackmail will always be regarded by law enforcement as illegal.

    As for prosecutorial or judicial misconduct, you should look up the notion of “reversible error”.
    Unless prosecutorial or judicial misconduct rises to the level of reversible error, appellate courts will be very reluctant to order a new trial.
    Because Clare reached a plea deal that the judge voided, there is a decent chance that her sentence will be overturned on appeal.

    But Nicki, prosecutors often play hardball in order to get people to cooperate.

    reversible error | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institutewww.law.cornell.edu › Wex
    A legal mistake at the trial court level that is so significant (resulted in an improper judgment) that the judgment must be reversed by the appellate court. A reversible error is distinguished from an error that is minor or did not contribute to the judgment at the trial.

    Reversible error

    In United States law, a reversible error is an error of sufficient gravity to warrant reversal of a judgment on appeal. It is an error by the trier of law (judge), or the trier of fact (the jury, or the judge if it is a bench trial), or malfeasance by one of the trying attorneys, which results in an unfair trial. It is to be distinguished from harmless errors which do not rise to a level which brings the validity of the judgment into question and thus do not lead to a reversal upon appeal.

    • Judge Garaufis most certainly did not “void” Clare’s plea deal. To the contrary, he did something that was explicitly contemplated in the plea deal: i.e., he sentenced her to more than 27-months. And while you’re correct that she can appeal her sentence of 81-months, the likelihood is that the appellate court will leave that sentence in place. And even if the appellate court does find that 81-months is excessive, it will simply return the case to Judge Garaufis with instructions to reconsider her sentence based on its findings. I don’t see any way that Clare ends up with anything less than 5 years.

    • The court did not void her plea deal. Her plea deal — if it can be called that — offered no guarantee of a sentence within the guidelines. The court carefully explained this to her before she went through with it: she could be sentenced at, below, or above the guidelines. The only fixed part of her deal was her forfeiture of the $6M.

  • I really like your calm look, Frank. I need to learn to be that way with my enemies.

    Good video. I think you are right that this stunt from them is giving you views and traffic. So, that is great!

  • Here are some other questions to ask her, since she wants to be open and honest:

    – Why did you engage in a sham marriage with Allison Mack? Will you remain faithful to her when she gets out of prison?

    – Why didn’t you testify for or against Keith Raniere?

    – Did the FBI approach you about testifying? If this is about prosecutorial misconduct, why didn’t you help them get it right under oath the first time and testify?

    – Are you worried about jeopardizing Keith’s sentencing by communicating to him from outside the prison walls? How often do you speak with him, and what are those conversations about?

    – Numerous accounts stated you were talking to many other women while being the manager at Izzy Rose. Were those DOS recruits?

    – If DOS is over, then when the reporter asked if you were branded, why did you dodge the question?

    – NXIVM says there are no ultimate victims (or whatever the hell it is), so why are you blaming Frank Report for your problems?

    – Did you return everyone’s blackmail collateral and is it destroyed?

    – If this is only about prosecutorial misconduct, are you proud of your friends who were the whistleblowers against the crimes NXIVM has committed?

    – Will you be cooperating with the civil lawsuit?

    – Are you looking into the same misconduct against Nancy, Allison, Lauren, Clare, etc, or are your efforts only good for your Vanguard? Most people who were honestly married would be fighting for their spouse first before anyone else. Seems you have different priorities, why is that?

    I could go on, and I’m sure everyone would love a shot at her. Those are just off the top of my head. And, oh yeah, the Pea Onyu-Toni Natalie thing, lol. I really want to know that!

  • I know that look from the second video, it reminds me of someone I know who didn’t really have a heart. His mouth smiled, but his eyes, his eyes betrayed everything.

  • FRANK! PLEASE get her to admit that she’s Pea Onyu, Dr. Gastone Porter (and if she got that from the two real doctors that run that practice), that stupid attorney she claims to be, and all of her other aliases. And ask her why in the hell she was hitting on the “beautiful Toni Natialie”. I was never able to figure that one out.

    If she is going to be transparent, please start with that !

  • As I understand it, the point is that we should only discuss whether the prosecution misled the judge into denying bail, thus preventing a fair trial. So, on that basis, the snarky ad hominem comments and whataboutisms I am seeing are not very helpful. I would not leave a cult if everyone was being such dicks to me about it, I would just double down. That said:

    Nicki, my first thought is that it does not make sense to claim to be a victim of a prosecutorial conspiracy whilst at the same time denying the right of others to identify as victims. I assume that you feel there is nuance in your claims of being victimized. I hope you can, therefore, empathize with those that have spoken out that they are not simply playing the victim. When you feel you have been wronged, everyone wants to be heard and validated.

    Things that I would like to know is:
    – Did the NYT contact someone in NXIVM prior to the release of the article? Or did Raniere possibly learn of the article prior to its release?
    – How does Raniere’s legal access compare with other people in the MDC? Is he really an example of the disadvantaged that you are saying the average prisoner experiences? Is he not in a privileged position due to the support and funds he has access to?
    – What prevented you from bringing all this forward at any point since his arrest? It does appear from the outside to be an afterthought in the hopes of getting a decision reversed.

  • Hi, Frank. You look great in your video! Nice look! I think all of your fans could just watch you for hours every day. It could be nice if you had a youtube channel for your videos. It might also bring revenue. I would 100% watch. I also like your tone of voice.

    Is it possible to remove the pic of Camila as you guys had discussed you would do in articles moving forward?

    Thank you. Excellent journalism

    • Our policy is to use mk10 artwork when depicting Camila going forward. However, the historic document of the first line masters be defaced from the history of NXIVM. It’s a seminal exhibit of the government at the Raniere trial.

      • Didn’t the government show that picture with Camila blacked out? Other newspapers do that.
        Thanks for clarifying.

  • You and AM had absolutely everything going for you.

    And instead of disavowing the organization, you reaffirm your devotion by doing handstands and flashing your crotch at it’s ringleader.

    My personal opinion is you owe Frank a thank you, because God knows where you would have been if this group had not been stopped.

    My opinion, as always.

    • What I don’t understand, if Nicki is really married to Allison Mack, why isn’t she standing by her wife?

      Instead, she is in NYC standing by her Master who she most likely had more sex with than her wife.

      So, my question is where the F** is ICE and why does she get to stay in the U.S. since it appears the truth is that her marriage was a scam.

      • Susan, it is our understanding that Nicki will be making a statement relative to her marriage to Allison Mack which will clear the air and suggest that their marriage was not a fake marriage.

    • Agree. I mean she would likely be in Mexico jealous that Keith had a baby with Mariana just watching on as she misses her chance to have a baby. Living always as the second woman. Maybe she would have been like Pam. But with a more horrible life because now Keith was out in public with a child and mother, but not her. She would also have to enroll more women into DOS (Much more violent than what Pam was probably involved in)

  • Funny, she assures that DOS is dead but the sad part is it would still be happening if KR wasn’t arrested/put on trial. Crocodile tears from Nicki I believe.

  • CALL ME, please. WTF are you DOING?! You are not helping anyone, including yourself [redacted]. You only are hurting these NXIANs AND yourself.

    They are already suffering under the delusion that Keith is innocent, that his prosecution is all some Govt. scheme — no matter what kind of “disclaimer” you make, they don’t and won’t ever believe you. You are hurting them, you are most obviously hurting yourself and, mostly, Keith is using everyone as usual with OPM.

    PLEASE listen to people who care, your readers are telling you this is a big mistake, HUGE.

    At least, let Nicki go on and live with what she’s got left of her fading youth and reproductive years once she realizes there’s nothing to hang onto with NX.

    The ONLY possible outcome for staying involved is prison for her. It’s lucky she escaped it thus far due to, yes, possibly the same corruption in the NDNY she’s now sworn to fight for Keith and Clare ET AL’s freedom while sacrificing her own.

    Don’t give them a platform to jump from to their total ruination. Call me, if there’s any hope I can talk you down.

  • Does anyone else notice the daggers and laser beams shooting out of Nicki’s eyes at Frank?

    Special Message to Nicki Clyne:

    Nicki, in all seriousness, you would be a tremendous boon to any Comic-Con or
    Sci-fi Convention solely because of your new-found notoriety.

    It’s not exactly the most righteous thing, but money is money. Get an agent to approach the appropriate people.

    Never walk away when there is money on the table. Save the morality crap for after your rent and bills are paid. My advice comes from a good place.

    I am not being flippant to you. Take care.

    • Last thing Nicki – make sure you get a guarantee in case some unscrupulous individual uses your name to attract attention and then drops you.

    • The compartmentalized mind, is that all that remains of Nicki Clyne? She seeks a lot of attention. Out of one side of her mouth, Nicki is really talking about how she feels her lifestyle was WONDERFUL and was ruined by the “interference” of Frank Parlato. Etc. Since she is talking to Frank, she might as well blame him for her own fucking blindness, mounting up to going on 15 years of being totally entrenched in Raniere’s dictatorship. Happy, happy. Joy, joy. How cute.

      Frank Parlato is not Nicki’s Alka Seltzer for a life full of dumb moves. 0r is he? Nah. I don’t think so.

      Why, Nicki! You poor thing. She whines that her life and that of Raniere are being further victimized by prosecutors, by a Judge, by the law, by nearly the whole world, according to her. Who has not heard this crap before? It has an all too familiar tone, that of a loser, who has run out of alibis or excuses to justify, in this case, group insanity.

      Yet she makes her own choices, she crows. This is intensely nonsensical thinking, so warped. That’s what I observe, as a reader and listener. She seems to need some alone time to get that head of hers out of her butt.

      But do not bother Nicki. She’s bizzy with her cause. The nouvelle Christ with a crutch. Twisted up like a pretzel.

      Then Nicki Clyne slams the people who were harmed by Raniere and his pals. She pontificates (as is her wont, her desire, her tendency) that there is nothing “heroic or celebrated” about victimhood. What the actual hell. No one said there was much to celebrate, no one is talking about heroes, but good try, numb chuck. Have at it.

      But Nicki Clyne, you are currently pushing somebody’s “victimhood” with your head up your ass. You want to present this frigging pervert, Keith Raniere, as the victim. And, of course, you include yourself as the martyr of some kind of insane, disorganized, and conveniently haphazard justice system.

      How about you shut up with that damned game! Stop trying to refashion Raniere and yourself (and selected others) as VICTIMS.

      “Infantilizing women” is another of Nicki’s attempted hot pokers, spit out of her mouth and used to minimize the damages done by Raniere and his sheep to so many individuals. Yeah, Raniere screwed people over for as long as he could get away with it. If he were free to do more harm, he would. Who are you trying to kid, Nicki? YOURSELF?

      But do keep it up with the hornswoggling, blame the women Raniere has harmed, and blame the Judge and the jury, the investigators and the prosecution. And Frank. Your tricky, slimy serpentine moves are like the last tics of a corpse.

  • The woman has a very unpleasant sounding voice that reminds me of Hillary Clinton. I turned off the first video after just a few seconds of listening to her. This is good punishment for Frank for being an idiot by inviting the rats into the house.

    • Lol.
      I’m betting that every woman has a very unpleasant voice in your opinion.
      I suppose only “handmaids” sound pleasant to your ears.

  • “I take full responsibility for my choices and my continued ability to learn from and become wiser from those very choices and I never want to live in the mental prison where I don’t believe I am responsible for my life,” she said.

    Yet she also claims to have been silenced by “this salacious media narrative” where is choice in staying silent? Why play victim when it’s convenient? Where is her choice in staying because of any actions on the part of the government?

    • Yet she also claims to have been silenced by “this salacious media narrative” where is her choice in staying silent? Why does she play victim when it’s convenient? Where is her choice in staying silent because of any actions on the part of the government? Why is it that only those who believe in Raniere have the right to be victims?

        • “The idea of being a victim is perceived as heroic and celebrated,” she said. “The worshipping of victimhood without investigatory due process is a very dangerous paradigm for men and for women. This infantilizing of women has to stop.”

          “I take full responsibility for my choices and my continued ability to learn from and become wiser from those very choices and I never want to live in the mental prison where I don’t believe I am responsible for my life,” she said.

          These are her comments. Based on she believes victimhood to mean denial of ones own choice in the matter. Hence her attempt to a negate her responsibility for staying silent, is the same as playing victim, if I were to use her definition.

  • What is Nicki Clyne even doing in this country? She commits fraud with her green card “marriage” to Allison Mack (whom she loves so much she lives on the other side of the country.) And now she criticizes the government. She must still be on the DOS diet. I don’t believe anything she says.

  • I find it problematic that you won’t take down the Biden comments while you claim they are problematic and truthful. They are not truthful, and this is not the place for Biden talk. Also, “Maybe she actually is what she said DOS was supposed to make her. Tough, strong, able to stand for what she believes in – while half the world thinks she is a brainwashed fool.” I do not think she is a fool, but I think she is brainwashed and aided a criminal; I thought you did too. I have unfollwed Frank Report on Twitter as a result of the Biden comments and you giving a platform to people who aided a criminal commit crimes. It is one thing to look at the evidence; it’s another to give a platform to people who helped Raniere keep a woman captive for 2 years and recruited women for them to be abused. Also, even though Raniere is in jail, it is possible that the group has reshaped itself and is still abusing people, especially in Mexico.

    • Yes she was. The remaining members worked frantically. There was heavy pressure to bring more people especially women.

      Even after Rainere’s arrest, the new recruits still had to take the vow, keep a diet and provide collateral.

      They fully kept running it because they thought he would come back.

  • “She said to me, “You have harmed me in irreparable ways. Because of you, I am separated from my loved ones, and some are even in prison. You have written hateful, inaccurate stories on your blog that have overwhelmed my search results making it close to impossible to get a job.”
    She said I was responsible for her losing her last job, where she worked as the manager of a vegan eatery and bar.”

    Sounds like she is setting you up for a lawsuit. Did she give you examples of some of the “inaccurate stories on your blog?” I would say that your constant description of her as a “popular” actress is inaccurate and even she doesn’t even describe herself as such but other than that, what does she have?

    • Good point. I have a lot of mixed feelings about Nicki. You could say you are giving space to a criminal and she could be setting you up for a lawsuit. It’s playing with fire.
      Best of luck, Frank Report

  • Wow. DOS no longer exists due to it exploding from the “salacious” media sensationalizing it as something it is not—a manipulative sex cult led by a male and his immediate female slaves—because it is actually a female empowerment group. Thanks for the newsflash Nicki.

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