HBO’s ‘The Vow’: Princess Elizabeth Gives Daughter Catherine Oxenberg Her Opinion of Frank Parlato

This is the first in a series on the “Takedown of Nxivm,” the real, behind-the-scenes story of what happened, some of which is captured on-screen in HBO’s “The Vow”.

Much of it was not.

“The Vow” is only nine, one-hour episodes and the producers had to be selective in how they told the greater Nxivm story. Much was left out.

It might seem self-serving to begin the series by showing this short clip from “The Vow”, and to transcribe it – since I am the topic of discussion between two very intelligent women, Catherine Oxenberg and her mother, Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, who were then deeply concerned about the welfare of their daughter and granddaughter, respectively.

This is nevertheless part of the history of Nxivm.

The clip is from Episode 7 of “The Vow”, entitled ‘The Dossier,” which is about a document I created for law enforcement purposes.

In the clip, actress and author Catherine Oxenberg is on her way to my home in Niagara Falls, having flown from California to meet with me to prepare the dossier, which details1 crimes allegedly committed by Nxivm and its leader Keith Raniere.

Here is the clip, followed by a transcription of it.

From HBO’s “The Vow”, Episode 7:

[Catherine Oxenberg is flying to Buffalo/Niagara to meet Frank Parlato. The view from her airplane window. She walks out of the airport. She is in a car driving.]

CATHERINE OXENBERG [referring to Parlato]:  I’ve never met him in person, I imagine he’s a character. He is a character. And he was kind of odd on the phone when I first reached out, but the more I got to know him, the more I realized: we have the same agenda. And I think he’s helped a lot of people get out.

[She drives. Her reflection in the mirror.]


(Her cell phone is calling)

CATHERINE OXENBERG: Mom, you picked up!




CATHERINE OXENBERG: Listen, I need you to do something.


CATHERINE OXENBERG: Can you call Charles, and get a direct contact with the Dalai Lama? I want to tell him that my daughter is being held as a sex slave to this organization, and he should probably make some public statement. And Charles is very close with him.

Princess Elizabeth Nxivm
Princess Elizabeth

PRINCESS ELIZABETH’S VOICE: Well, I did have the contact for one of the Lamas there. You remember, I’ve been there. I can check back through my diaries and see if I can find it.

CATHERINE OXENBERG: Fantastic! All right. I’m in Buffalo driving, right now to Frank Parlato’s house to put together the evidence for my meeting on Monday.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH’S VOICE: So, where will you be staying?

CATHERINE OXENBERG: Tonight, we are staying at Frank’s house.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH’S VOICE: Have you met Frank already or just on the telephone?

CATHERINE OXENBERG: No, I never met him in person.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH’S VOICE: I think you’ll probably get on very well with him.

CATHERINE OXENBERG: (laughs) I think so.


CATHERINE OXENBERG: What do you think about the Frank Report?

PRINCESS ELIZABETH’S VOICE: Oh, I think he’s brilliant, and brave, and all out to kill. You know, he’s really quite something.

CATHERINE OXENBERG: All right. Love you, mom. Bye.


CATHERINE OXENBERG: I shall. Kiss, kiss, bye.

[She continues to drive]


PRODUCER’S VOICE: Who’s Charles?

CATHERINE OXENBERG: Prince Charles. He’s mom’s second cousin.

Prince Charles’ Photo José Dias


Princess Elizabeth Nxivm Catherine Oxenberg
Princess Elizabeth with her daughter Catherine Oxenberg. They worked together to get Catherine’s daughter India out of Nxivm and DOS.


India Oxenberg. This is the photo used by the government to show the jury in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere.

There will be more in this series on the takedown of Nxivm. Stay tuned.



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  • Mr Parlato, you obtain recognition, but there are other opinions in vow not as favorable as Queen’s did. In my opinion you will do what ever it takes to reach your goal, no matter how many people you could supress or help, how many gossip lies you have to publish.

    Your goal is great but your process is similar to the person you try to destroy. He wanted sex and invent tools, movements, punish, manipulate, control, walks, vows to get it. And you want recognition and invade private life, steal pictures or take them without consent, use dishonorable blank statements, cuckie, little k, or use the fame of others in your favor like this articule and for sure you offer data too, which is the unique worthy.

  • I saw that. I thought CO was very gracious, very kind about most people too. She seems like a very nice person.

    The Vow obviously cannot cover everything but it is very interesting and well made it feels fairly fair and balanced. I just watched yesterday the episode with a lot of KR pitting women and men against each other – it was interesting and you can see why some people were taken in my him (although surprising no one called out some of his more sexist points which were unfair to some men and some women).

  • Unfortunately, for all the Royal clout in this sordid affair, no one, not even the Prince of Wales down to Frank Parlato himself has apparently been able to persuade the DOJ to charge or try NXIVM’s Mexican elites or any perpetrators of their long list of crimes under the shameful excuse that those crimes occurred in the NDNY, Albany, District (not the EDNY that brought these current charges) or bc they fall under the jurisdiction of New York State not the DOJ.

    A classic case of pass the buck and we know full well whose bucks are being passed to the DOJ to look the other way on, especially prosecuting ANY of the immigration crimes or any VIP immigrant who perpetrated these and other crimes.

    The hypocrisy, in view of this Trumped-up WH DOJ’s view of lesser immigrants — who are promptly imprisoned if not murdered or maimed— with or without any charges levied — is chilling.

    Nor will it be forgotten in history.

  • I reckon The Princess desribed you, or the FR, (because I don’t know Frank Parlato, personally) very precisely!!

  • WAIITTT a second. They are related to Prince Charles? And they can just “call him” like she said?

    Sounds to me now that they were not really that invested in rescuing India. I don’t know, maybe that wanted to get the publicity for gain.

    Because, man, it doesn’t take much brains to get things moving if you have those kind of contacts since DAY ONE.

    • I can tell you I was with Catherine and her mother through the long fight after we met – and it was not easy to get India out since she didn’t want to get out. No one could have done any better – including Prince Charles or the Dalai Lama or anyone – if India did not wake up and finally decide herself to leave. Catherine and her mother did pretty well overall. They succeeded and the group that took Nxivm down did pretty well – and India got out unscathed and uncharged.
      It’s hard to imagine a better result.

  • Elections Have Consequences!
    If Andrew Cuomo had been US Attorney Genera in 2017 would the NXIVM case have been investigated or Spiked?
    Biden reportedly considering appointing NY Governor Andrew Cuomo as attorney general

  • I warmed up to her at Frank’s, but then again she was surrounded by people complicit in her misery and had to tip- toe around it.

  • To me, the footage of Raniere and Co.’s visit to the Dalai Lama’s residence was a high point of this docu and I would hope the entire footage of this visit could be viewed.

    Ms. Oxenberg as much as admitted that she was partially responsible for her daughter’s involvement with NXIVM, admitting that she, as a younger woman, had a particular weakness for “ashrams and gurus”…

    A serious inquiry: what happened to people who listened to Raniere or Edmondson or Dones or a Salzman for about an hour, said “This is absolute bullshit”, and looked for a refund? There had to be quite a few people who rejected “The Tech” almost immediately, at least I would hope.

    • There were introductory evening seminars about 2-3 hours long, free of charge. In addition, I think the first 5 day seminar had a full refund policy during the entire first day?

    • CO also took her daughter to a session in the first place too. However, we cannot all as parents always take responsibility for what our children do. When my sibling was in the Rajneesh group, I did read some of the books but they were a load of rubbish. There is no point in telling the family member in there that though – you just have to keep contact up and sometimes even avoid the subject until they see sense and leave (which my sibling did)

  • There is something both glamourous and tacky about the princess’s appearance and her name dropping of Prince Charles. Catherine’s remarks add humor to the show giving it an edge of “entertainment” but the princess’s appearance feels scripted and ready-made rather than something that relates organically to the theme of an ongoing crime investigation. Did the show’s producers schedule and pay for her appearance? It seems likely.

  • Can someone clarify?

    Catherine Oxenberg claimed she took a NXIVM course in 2011, bringing along her daughter, India, after a ‘friend’ recruited her in 2011.

    But in the spring of 2010, Oxenberg’s ex-husband, Casper Van Dien (who the fuck calls their kid “Casper”?) was on Necker Island for their retard trip.

    Would he not have recruited Oxenberg, instead of a ‘friend’?

    Also, explain the “Berg” of “Oxenberg”? Is she one of those who enjoy subverting Western countries while clasping their palms in a sneaky manner?

    “CATHERINE OXENBERG: Can you call Charles, and get a direct contact with the Dalai Lama? I want to tell him that my daughter is being held as a sex slave to this organization, and he should probably make some public statement. And Charles is very close with him.”

    Catherine Oxenberg wanted the Dalai Lama (who is useless) to lend his voice to exposing NXIVM. Was she the one who asked NXIVM coward Kristin Kreuk to do the same, but got told a big fat NO?

      • You might’ve said this hours ago. But how sweet it is, here and now. Thanks for these belly laughs and exhalations. The best is yet to cum, I hope. Really. Fucking hell! And I ain’t no Mary J. Blige. That’s the 411.

        • The Busta Rhymes intro talk 411, the one he gave for Mary J. Blige, that’s one of my favorite raps ever. Raniere talked like a cat whose balls were snipped. Not my taste as a loverman. That’s for damn sure. Silver tongue, dogdick & claws.

        • You want a belly laugh?

          What is the difference between a white chick and a muslim chick?

          The white chick gets stoned BEFORE the sex. 😁

    • Let’s see, Catherine took down Nxivm but let’s dissect her last name, and the Dalai Lama is useless. And you are?

      • You happily skipped the first question.

        She said a friend brought her into the cult, a year after her ex-husband was partying with the cult on Necker island. One would think her ex-husband would have recruited wife and stepdaughter. It makes her story of how she got involved seem strange.

        Are you a former NXIVM member with low self-esteem? You seem rather triggered.

    • Casper is of German origin.
      Gender: Male
      Origin: German
      Meaning: Treasurer

      Like almost all of European royalty, Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia is related to the British Royal family.
      Queen Victoria of England carried the gene for hemophilia and because of inbreeding, hemophilia was once quite common among European royals.

        • Now thee shall suffer the Sultan’s wrath. Expect an overly wordy diatribe with no less than 3 archaic words punctuated with perfect grammar. He may be [redacted] but he sure is smart.

      • I heard a rumor that she was born with both sex organs and is incapable of procreating.

        It may explain why she has no hips and has big hands and feet.

    • ‘Also, explain the “Berg” of “Oxenberg”? Is she one of those who enjoy subverting Western countries while clasping their palms in a sneaky manner?’

      What does this mean? “Berg” just means ‘mountain’, but how has Catherine Oxenberg subverted the west? And what does it mean to clasp palms in a sneaky manner? Do you have photos?

      • I took it to be a nasty anti-semitic comment. It is her father’s name, not her mother’s (Her mother is the Yugoslavian princess).
        She is the daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia and Howard Oxenberg.

        “Princess Elizabeth was married to Howard Oxenberg (1919–2010), an American Jewish[5] dress manufacturer and close friend of the Kennedy family. They married on 21 January 1961 and were divorced in 1966. They have two daughters (and three granddaughters)”

      • How did Lord Mountbatten get his name?
        Although his family had German background, his father joined the British navy and his mother was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. During World War I, the family decided to anglicize their last name because of anti-German sentiments in Britain. They changed Battenberg into Mountbatten.

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