Susan Dones Offers to Meet With Amanda Knox to Explain the Truth About Keith Raniere

Amanda Knox went through some pretty hard times.

Amanda Knox recently signed a petition supporting Keith Raniere’s affidavit to require his prosecutors to swear they did not commit prosecutorial misconduct. Now Susan Dones, one of the whistleblowers of Nxivm, who happens to live near Knox’s hometown, is offering to discuss with Knox a few things about Raniere.

Dones, who thinks Knox is innocent, would like to explain to Knox why Raniere is not innocent and why Knox should carefully consider lending her name to his cause.

Susan Dones talks to the media after the sentencing of Clare Webb Bronfman on Sept. 30, 2020. Dones spoke at the sentencing hearing as one of Bronfman’s victims.

By Susan Dones

Living near Seattle I heard and watched everything I could about the Amada Knox case. She was a hometown girl who was wrongfully accused of murder of her roommate in Italy.

Everyone in our area prayed and supported her and her parents’ quest for her freedom.

Amanda Knox’s conviction for murder was overturned and she was freed after spending four years in an Italian prison.

I was so happy to watch her plane land in Seattle and her final come back home to Seattle “for good” after winning her freedom.

I was shocked and saddened, however, when I heard Amanda had taken up with a psychopath like Keith Raniere and his Believers without doing her full homework on all his criminal activities.

Holly Batshit Amanda? Just because you were falsely accused and put in prison doesn’t mean everyone who has been found guilty is in the same situation you were.

I live close to the Seattle area and I’d be happy to meet with you and share my side of the the story, the side you are not hearing from Raniere’s faithful Believers.

As a matter of fact there are many men and women who can share their stories of torture by NXIVM – when we spoke out about their crimes hidden behind their training programs. There are a number of legal documents filed in Raniere’s court case that will show that his supporters might have lied to you.

What do you have to lose by getting both side of the story, gathering as much information as you could use to make an informed decision before you could be made a total fool of and lose credibility.

Susan Dones advises Amanda Knox to not be toon quick to support this monster, Keith Alan Raniere.

I have always respected you, Amanda, and what you had to endure, and how you have pulled your life together after such a horrible ordeal.

Mine was not as horrible as yours, but I’ve had to rebuild after my experience with NXIVM.

It would mean a great deal to me if you’d be willing to meet, if even on the phone to hear things you’re not being informed about.

If you do a search on the Frank Report of my name, you can find parts of my story.

If you Google my name, you will see several story’s I’ve participated in about Keith Rainiere and NXIVM.

Amanda, just get all the facts, please.

Susan Dones


To save Amanda some time, here are a few links on the Frank Report about and by Susan Dones:

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  • {redacted]

    BTW, Susan, did you ever tell [redacted] the FBI EDNY Bureau what you told us ON CAMERA about Lauren Salzman’s reaction to Gina’s death — when Keith and Kristin Keeffe ET AL were claiming they yet knew nothing of it? [redacted]

  • [redacted.][

    Dones is welcome to join Scott on his podcast to discuss this and any other NXIVM-related issue. LOL

    In fact, I understand Scott has previously invited Dones, Bouchey, and Natalie previously and received crickets from all three of them. LOL

    As Scott and I watched the HBO “Vox” show last night, we kept shaking our heads over the issue of them all complaining yet they refused to work together – it took Oxenberg and others, probably Frank, to pull together all of the crimes being committed, and no, the mere existence of the cauterized initials of Raniere near their pu$$ies isn’t a crime, the blackmail that was behind it was the crime – but we get it, pictures say 1,000 words. LOL

    However, neither of us were impressed with Oxenberg’s “royal” attitude, contacting Chuck (Prince Charles don’tcha know) and putting down Frank’s Buffalo home as they were driving up to that “commoner’s” abode – she is quite full of herself and I’m quite happy we won the Revolutionary War. LOL

    Scott can be reached at or LOL

    The ball is in your court, Dones. [redacted]? LOL

      • Scott, the record shows Susan is anything but helpless. She, representing herself, won a victory against Nxivm’s lawyers when they intervened in her bankruptcy. She cross examined Clare Bronfman and Jim Del Negro and others and won her case. That’s not hopeless.

        On the other hand, Susan is an honored contributor to this site and I don’t want snipping criticism of her by those who do not understand the efforts she made to stand up to Nxivm.

        • Frank, you are not reading for comprehension. LOL

          Of course, she defended HERSELF, but she and the rest of the NXIVM 9 did little to help OTHERS by working together. LOL

          I’ve mentioned several times the NXIVM 9 should have started a website similar to this one over a decade ago, complete with all of the documentation they have, and all I get is crickets. LOL

          If they simply said they were too scared, the thought never occurred to them, they hate each others’ guts too much, they wanted Raniere for themselves, etc., it’s a whole different deal, but they have NEVER suggested any reason for not doing more. LOL

          • Susan is openly a lesbian and is in a relationship with another fine woman. She definitely did not want Keith for herself.

          • That was one possibility of a list of reasons, and perhaps different women had different reasons, combinations of reasons, and even reasons not listed. LOL

    • Thanks but no thanks if this is Amway Scott. I have read your comments and posts over the years; something I wouldn’t want to take my time to be involved in.
      Best of luck to you in your fortune

  • It’s another pebble that tips the scales of justice for those with money and fame.

    Her choice of an activist case to back is very telling in this climate of racist and classist inequality. That’s true of all the white people paid by a rich Jewish woman who trafficked slaves. It’s not going escape notice of real activist journalists.

    Outside of anti-Semitic circles, within leftist activist journalism, a Jewish supremacist cult with plans to control wealth and governments through blackmail and slavery is going to be analyzed for decades. Especially in comparison to the culture at large.

    Poor people and brown people function as a unit to be rendered for profit in corporate prisons with mandated quotas, and Amanda Knox picks a pedophile rapist with plans to rule the world?

    People tell you who they are, why are you not listening?

    • That is a very good question. One well worth examining, and thoroughly, BEFORE making such an offer. Why not take some back burner time, hearing and seeing, and particularly contemplating this: who am I, making these “advances”? Huh? Who dat?

      Essentially, this has nada to do with Amanda Knox, but it is what it is.

      It’s a really easy hand of poker. A beginner’s Tell Ya What. Know when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em, and understand what is a reasonable hand upon which to gamble, or to gambol.

  • America in 2020 is facing a reckoning around criminal justice and law enforcement. Lives are on the line, people have been out in the streets. That Amanda Knox is deciding to champion Keith effing Raniere, of all people, as a victim of prosecutorial corruption after his jury conviction…. Raniere wrote that affadavit from jail. He is still manipulating the unsuspecting and re-victimizing his victims, now with Knox’s help. Does she not realize she’s being exploited? What is going through her mind? She said she didn’t really know about the details of the case and she isn’t making conclusions about Keith’s guilt/innocence. Has she ever heard of Google? Is she STILL as naive as the young woman doing yoga in the Italian police station while waiting for her interrogation? I am sorry I ever sympathized with her story.

    • She has a vested interest in undermining the credibility of prosecutorial process, in general. That way her particular case evidence might benefit, by implication. Or at the very least, have the crucial facts get lost and or sullied in all her chaotic PR sturm und drang.

    • The US is a cultural wasteland shithole due [redacted] self loathing liberals and [redacted]. Why is it that Armenians (who are fighting off another genocide attempt RIGHT NOW) don’t get special treatment? Where is the outrage for them, or is it only [redacted] who gets ass kissed? It’s as if the loudest whiniest pricks get their asses worshipped and get to dictate what’s what.

      Men, stop being weak. Women, [redacted]. Foreigners [redacted]. Build a wall. Fuck leftstream media propaganda and lies. Fuck the democunt party. Simple.

      • Why are you being so angry? You got the White House, the Supreme Court, the Senate, and the federal judiciary is moving your way. Sore winner.

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