Still Loyal Damon Brink ‘Likes’ the Forgotten Ones and Stands by His Vanguard’s Ability to ‘Build Millionaires’ of Which He Is Not One

Damon Brink starts new website that is decidedly not the Frank Report.

Keith Raniere has been in federal custody since March 26, 2018 – now almost two and one-half years. His total number of followers has dwindled, but it seems that he still has some, perhaps more than 100 diehards in the US and Mexico.

Raniere is scheduled to be sentenced on October 27 on sex trafficking, racketeering, and forced labor charges – and quite possibly may be sentenced to life in prison. He is 60.

Outside the detention center where he is housed, some of his followers come on Friday nights to dance for him and other inmates at the prison.

On Friday, September 18th, the We Are As You dancers appeared outside of Brooklyn’s MDC where Keith Raniere is lodged.

The dancers danced daily in front of the prison in July – and then shifted to once weekly in August. Presently, they advise on their website: “Join us every Friday from 7:30PM – 9PM to dance + connect!”

Many of the inmates seem pleased with the ladies who twerk for men who get no female companionship.

Nicki Clyne twerks for her Vanguard and the other inmates at MDC


Nicki Clyne dancing for her Vanguard


Michele Hatchette [r] with Nicki Clyne [l] perform for their Vanguard.
The prisoners look out from their cell windows to see the dancers.

WE ARE AS YOU” has a new post up on Facebook and, so far, three people have “Liked” it: Alberto Sanchez, Damon Brink, and Brandon Porter. It’s unbelievable how loyal these people are…

Here is the caption that the We Are As You wrote to accompany the above photograph: “‘Sooo is this why they call it Sunset Park?🌅Beautiful views are so easy to take for granted if they’re always there. But what if your only view was a filthy window with bars staring at the inside of a building? 😔 We can’t reach everyone, but we do what we can to make that view at MDC a little more colorful, exciting and joyful! 💃🏼💫❤️ Join us for dancing tomorrow night!!!’ — at M.D.C. Federal Prison.”
It is surprising perhaps that Brandon Porter, who lost his medical license following the Vanguard, and Damon Brink, who sold his popular nightclub to become rich in his Vanguard’s shadow, are still “liking” the pages of those dancing for Raniere.
MK10ART’s painting of Dr. Brandon Porter conducting a human fright experiment.
While many know the story of Porter and how he lost his medical license by doing human fright experiments on unsuspecting women – a story that Frank Report broke in 2017 – not so many know about Damon Brink.
Damon Brink is one of the leaders of SOP – and a faithful supporter of the Vanguard.
When the Vanguard was still a free man, Brink did a promotional video for him in which he made the following claim about Keith Raniere:
“For those of you that don’t know, our founder, Keith Raniere, has built more than 1,000 millionaires in his life. He has built multi-million dollar businesses in a short amount of time and at one point was making more than $100,000 per hour coaching the highest level business executives in the world.”

At the time of the broadcast, February 2014, Brink was a member of the High Council of SOP. The purpose of the broadcast was to pitch attendance to a “Weekend” seminar costing in excess of $1,000 where Raniere was scheduled to teach in Clifton Park, New York.

Here is the video of Brink:

The broadcast was tailored to membership of SOP, a multi-level marketing company whose principal office is in Clifton Park, NY.

SOP is a men’s group, and one of its fundamental teachings is that men are polygamous and women are monogamous. Men are faithful, keep their word, and are protectors; women are fickle, lacking in responsibility and feckless – they will leave the man they are with to go to the next man if they perceive he can provide for them better. One of the ways to ensure ownership of a woman is for the man to, in effect, “spray” her – with his semen, which designates the male’s ownership of the female.

SOP is an international men’s movement, founded by Raniere, whose members seek to be “the voice of character and honor in the world.”

It is not known how many members of SOP, if any, are millionaires.

Brink says SOP provides the teachings on how to become a millionaire, by following the teachings of his Vanguard.

Sources who know Brink and who were once associated with Nxivm say that Brink is NOT yet a millionaire, despite taking numerous intensives from Executive Success Programs (ESP) and leading SOP, possibly having invested over $100,000 in cash and services to learn the tools he needs to build executive success.

Damon Brink said Keith Raniere built more than 1,000 millionaires in his life. Unfortunately, he was not one of them.


This man, Keith Alan Raniere, has, according to one of the High Council of SOP, built more than 1000 millionaires in his life.

The source for Brink’s claim of building more than 1,000 millionaires, is believed to be Raniere himself.

It is believed to be just as true as many of the claims in Raniere’s published online bio, where he claims:

  1. He spoke in full sentences by the age of one
  2. Was reading by the age of two
  3. At the age of eleven, he was an Eastern Coast Judo Champion
  4. At age 12, he taught himself high school mathematics in less than a day
  5. Taught himself three years of college mathematics by age 13
  6. He plays many musical instruments and taught himself to play piano at a concert level by age 12
  7. He was entered in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Highest IQ” in 1989
  8. He has been noted as one of top three problem-solvers in the world
  9. He was a millionaire by the age of 30 and worth $50 million by the age of 32

According to former members of SOP, Brink has access to Raniere’s most highly sought after secrets of financial success – the same ones Raniere purportedly got $100,000 per hour to impart.

Brink’s loyalty to Vanguard is not in dispute.

A person who has known Brink for more than a decade said, “Damon would go to bat for his Vanguard over his wife.”

Another said, “Damon is so loyal that if Vanguard told him to get a tattoo of a jackass on his forehead with the caption, ‘Why did Vanguard make me so stupid?’ he would do it in a heartbeat.”

The last we heard of Brink, he left Albany after Raniere fled to Mexico, and was working as a DJ, doing parties and weddings in Vermont. [With COVID, work might be slow.]

According to his website “Damon began his DJ career with Supersounds DJ company while still in high school.  In 1996, he started Top Hat Entertainment with Scott and Daren.  After DJing for several years, Damon moved to Jamaica to open two new Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville restaurants.  He moved back to Vermont several years ago, became the owner of Nectar’s in Burlington, and returned to DJing for Top Hat.  You can find Damon at many weddings throughout the summer months, especially in southern Vermont, as well as hosting many of our trivia nights (many in the Albany area, where he now resides).”

Damon Brink, utilizing the tools of Keith Raniere’s Rational Inquiry, is able to get gigs for weddings as a DJ for as much as $400 per performance. 

DJ Deadmau5, without the benefit of ESP technology, is paid as much as $400,000 for performances.

Tiesto, according to Forbes, made $33 million in 2018. It is not known if the Dutch-born DJ was one of the 1,000 millionaires built by Keith Raniere.

We understand that after Brink sold his popular nightclub, Nectar’s in Burlington, to work fulltime for his Vanguard, his income took a dramatic downward turn.

We wonder when Damon Brink will discover that his Vanguard is really a charlatan and not able to help him become a millionaire?

What is it that makes Raniere’s followers blind to the obvious truth – and to continue following him like lemmings follow a path to their own destruction?


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  • The only 2 millionaires that we know of for sure that KR “built” are Clare and Sara Bronfman. Unfortunately, they started off as billionaires.

  • ===. One of the ways to ensure ownership of a woman is for the SOP man to, in effect, “spray” her – with his semen, which designates the male’s ownership of the female.===

    This has been referred to many times here–but how do we know this was taught? Is there a document or a recording proving that Keith taught this to his boys? Or is this just one of those fun rumors that gains a life of its own?

    • When the SOP males claimed ownership of the females, was Vanguard their “up line” sprayer who claims co-ownership?

  • My Amway upline Emerald, Allen James, here’s a picture of the dirtbag with his wife Joie: started a men’s book reading project. He would pick a book and we would meet about once/week in Houston. I drove in from the Dallas area. This lasted a year or so, until Allen had to go back to being a Continental Airline pilot because his Emeraldship fell apart after one of his downline Emeralds was caught f*cking a downline married woman and got kicked out (of course he didn’t explain it that way, the excuse was that he missed flying so much). He was trying to develop “manly men,” full of the same lying snot that Raniere is full of, and Brink sounds like he was in Amway just like Raniere was, the word salad similarities are strong. LOL

  • Jesus of Siberia just got hauled away in a helicopter, in part for his sexual pursuits. Reportedly this guy has 5,000 followers. He struts around dolled up as Jesus but sometimes wears track suits. One might guess that this Ford Pinto of gurus is about to be thought of as some kind of a misunderstood but oh-so-enlightened martyr, similar to our old Flabturd the Raniere. Again, all that Jesus of Siberia’s cult really expanded upon was the reach of one penis. Somehow that is hilarious.

    • Why is it that so many religions are based upon the excessive value that men put upon their own ordinary ding-dongs? Someone who mismanages his personal, primordial urges and general, vague horniness wants to run the world? Have a cigar! Allow me to recommend to y’all exactly where you can shove it. om peace amen

  • Frank, I’m surprised you made no mention that he is married to Sally, who is completely out of Nxivm from what I hear. How they manage that is beyond me, especially considering Sally’s fight with cancer and shameful lack of support. (It sounds like she has beaten it, which all sarcasm aside, is good news and she deserves congratulations)

    The level of patheticness and fraud on the gofundme defies belief. She needed money to fight cancer. Emiliano, who is a billionaire, donated $500. Clare and Sara nowhere to be found. Sounds like they really support one another, lol.

    “Part of the donations collected here will go towards Sally’s traditional medical bills, which are already substantial. Part will go towards working with cutting edge technology, science, and medicine that are complementary to the standard practices.”

    In other words, none of this money is going to Sally’s cancer. Keith is going to rip everybody off. What a sham. Every donor should sue for fraud.

  • Whatever happened to that $1000 weekend seminar that Keith was scheduled to teach? Was it a success? Did it directly lead to dozens of millionaires? Did everyone stay congruent with their ethics and keep their promises?

    • Are you referring to the seminar that Raniere canceled because they fell a couple of people short of the attendance goal? No seminar, no millionaires. That is proof that Raniere creates lots of millionaires, because when he doesn’t hold a seminar, no millionaires are created.

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