Identifying Everyone in the Picture With New Details About Clare, Keith, Pam, Mariana and Lola

I think I have identified almost all of the individuals in the group photo.  It could almost be called an inner circle photograph. For the most part, everybody in this picture deferred their own brainpower to Keith Raniere’s will.
As a result, many of them are in trouble.
The whistleblowers, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Sarah Edmondson, Anthony Ames are pictured here. They are the ones, along with Catherine Oxenberg, this writer, and a few others, who – as Raniere’s legal team writes – fomented the campaign of lies that destroyed the goodness that was Raniere and Nxivm.
At the time of this picture, the whistleblowers were still happily in Nxivm.
I am going to guess that this picture was taken sometime between 2012-2013.
Let me see if I can name every one.
Starting with the front row: Lauren Salzman on the left. She was a First Line DOS Master and was convicted of racketeering and conspiracy. Directly to the right in the white and purple is Rosa Laura Junco, daughter of the Mexican media magnate, Alejandro Junco. Rosa Laura was in charge of The Knife of Aristotle and a First Line DOS Master. She also offered her teenage virgin daughter to Raniere when the child was 15 and Raniere was 56.
Next to Rosa Laura is Alex ‘El Duce’ Betancourt [he earned his nickname because Raniere told him he was Benito Mussolini in his previous life], Fluffy Fernandez, Clare Bronfman [convicted of immigration and identity theft felonies], Marianna Fernandez [the mother of Keith’s youngest son, Kemar], Allison Mack [First Line DOS Master, convicted of racketeering and conspiracy], Sarah Edmondson, Nicki Clyne [First Line DOS Master, still twerking for her Vanguard outside his prison].
Back to the left, second row: Mark Vicente. Next to him in the blue shirt and long brown hair is Loreta ‘Lola’ Garza, who ran Rainbow Cultural Garden and was a First Line DOS Master [more on her later].  Next to Lola is Omar ‘Cuckie’ Boone and his wife, Jimena, in the scarlet top. Together, they ran Nxivm Monterrey. Jimena was in DOS and sports a public brand with Keith Raniere’s initials, an odd thing for a married woman to wear and the reason  why they call Omar “Cuckie.”
Next to Jimena is Monica Duran and Dani Padilla [both First Line Slave Masters], Pam Cafritz [who died under suspicious circumstances in November 2016], and then our Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere. Next to Keith is a model that was dating Keith for a short time. Next to her is Bonnie Piesse, and then the Prefect, Nancy Salzman [convicted of racketeering].
In the next row back there is Marc Elliot, Esther Chiappone Carlson, Karen U., and Emiliano Salinas.
In the far back in the hat is Anthony ‘Nippy’ Ames. He is married to Sarah Edmondson.
Nippy and Jimmy Del Negro ran SOP at the time this photo was taken [SOP was probably just being formed or was relatively new.]
Marc Elliot [along with Del Negro] may be the head of SOP now. Marc remains a 100% devotee and cannot believe Keith could do anything wrong. Maybe he has good reason: He believes Keith cured his Tourette’s Syndrome. Is it so odd that Marc could believe that someone who could cure his terrible affliction would be a good man?
Pam Cafritz and Keith Raniere
Here is something I learned recently about the death of Pam Cafritz: A year or two after the group photo above was taken, Mariana began to grow her hair to look just like Pam (and it was eerie how much she looked like Pam.)
Later it was revealed that Keith had Mariana do this so she would look like Pam’s driver’s license photo and be able to pose as her when Pam came down with cancer and withered away and died.
Whether Raniere killed Pam may never be known. But clearly what Raniere and his minions did after Pam died with her body and the circumstances of her removal from St. Peter’s Hospital was very likely illegal.
Marianna committed identity theft as much as Raniere or Bronfman – actually posing as Cafritz and carrying around her driver’s license while using her American Express cared – but she was not charged.
A lot of people were not charged.
Nicki, Lola, Jim Del Negro, Esther Chiappone Carlson, Dr. Brandon Porter, Marianna Fernandez, and others all had a hand in the coverup surrounding Pam’s death.
As for Lola, she has been with Nxivm since the early days and regularly was assigned to “secret” projects – oftentimes involving illegal immigration.
She was at the core of many of the illegal immigration schemes concocted by Keith and put into place by Clare Bronfman. They forced others into signing papers illegally because Keith assured them it was an example of “doing the ethical thing that is illegal, versus doing the legal thing that is unethical.”
Keith Raniere had a theory that it is “better to do the ethical thing that is illegal, versus doing the legal thing that is unethical.” In this way he got people to break the law for him, dragging them deeper into the cult.
This is how Keith framed it when he wanted people to do something that was against their best interests – he held their goodwill against them.
The government knows that Lola’s immigration status was completely fabricated bullshit and she knew it too – which is why she has fled back to Mexico, abandoning her expensive home in Albany.
Lola getting some divine lessons from her Vanguard
Keith viewed immigration laws as silly and as a game to be played. Since he did not sign any documentation, I suspect he also thought he would never get into any trouble for it [world’s smartest man.]
Many people suffered – financially and emotionally – to keep Lola in the United States. According to reliable sources, Lola has not once reached out to apologize to the people who suffered for her and lost their homes, employment, and savings due to keeping her in the country.
Kind or cruel? Clare Bronfman could appear to be both.
In a recent post, Current Leader of Nxivm Endorses Clare Bronfman to Judge Garaufis, I published Edgar Boone’s letter of support for Clare Bronfman. In it, he said Clare was a gentle and kind soul, etc.
Others have said this too, and perhaps she was at times. But because she allowed Keith to do her thinking, she was a puppet. If she was sweet and kind at times, she nevertheless carried out a lot of the financial sabotage and legal action.
She committed perjury for Keith – knowingly lying to law enforcement to ruin his enemies. She intimidated witnesses and worked to deceive people who would otherwise have abandoned Keith.
She also docked poor people’s pay (she called them entitled) and this kind lady did this because Keith told her to do it.
Keith pretended to be the kind monk and sent Clare in to do a lot of the one-on-one confrontation of individuals, giving them “feedback” that often meant fiscal hardship or plain emotional bullying.
“Maybe you aren’t cut out for this job,” she would say to some poor, hardworking person who Keith sent her to sabotage when in reality, the person was doing great at the job.
Yes, Clare let Keith do her thinking for her and wanted to be just like him.
She will be sentenced on September 30. The prosecution wants her to get five years and there is a very good chance that she will leave the sentencing hearing in handcuffs and go right to prison.
So she will get her wish. Keith is already in prison and likely to be there for the rest of his life. Clare will be the next of the Nxivm defendants to go to prison.  This is justice: They tried so hard to put so many in prison unjustly, actually succeeding with some and terrorizing many others.
They wanted people to be in cells without freedom and actually worked to accomplish this – lying and scheming and using Bronfman’s wealth to pave the way.
And, now, prison is their future.

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  • Frank: Kristen Snyder. Once that is resolved (and it can be), we will all see not just Keith, but others brought to justice for what happened to Kristen. This is a promise.

    I hinted on this over two years ago in various comments to posts on here.

    Bring more attention, more light to this. This can be solved.

    I. Am. Serious.

    • Please give more direction. What steps should be taken? Attention on FR has not done the trick. What angle can be worked that hasn’t already been attempted? You. Can. Help. Please. Help.

  • Amazing work, Frank.

    I tried to watch the first episode of “The Vow” the other day and gave up after 10 minutes.

    I just couldn’t stomach watching these people.

    Maybe I’m a wimp…

    Or maybe I’ve already seen enough of the dark side of humanity.

    The really horrible thought is how much further they would have gone if they hadn’t been stopped.

    Whatever minor transgressions you may have made in your life, I think it can rightfully be said that you’ve balanced the books by playing such a big part in preventing much worse crimes by these people.

    Much respect, Frank.

  • One thing I noticed: everyone close to Raniere is wearing green. Pam, Keith, Mariana, Fluffy, Mark Vicente all have something green.


    Fluffy seems to be much more involved in the cult than he wants to appear.

  • How come Camila doesn’t appear on the picture ?

    I really think that woman is a Victim of Raniere. He had her hidden away from everyone else .

    Pam looks sad in the picture ? Raniere seems closer to Mariana and Mack than Pam. I wonder how she felt about this .

  • I’m curious. These are the NXIVM diehards, right? Which of the proctors here said Kreuk was still in NXIVM? Outside of Mark, Sarah, Bonnie, Nippy, Fluffy, the model, and Pam who is dead, weren’t all of these idiots still loyal followers of NXIVM up until the end, with some of them still entranced in its delusion?

    • Never seem to get many photos of Kreuk in Albany. Maybe she was always sneaking money across the border or oversleeping in Keith’s bed.

    • It’s not a delusion; it’s real and it works. It can be a solution for humanity. You cannot judge because you don’t know; you have to have to try it first before you can form an opinion. You have to know both sides of the story before you decide what is what.

  • Thanks to you, Frank Parlato, I too can name almost all of these people in the photo. Thank God you didn’t introduce me to sammwiches.

    All along, I have sensed that if Flabturd were Socrates, Mariana FFace is his Xanthippe. Pam Cafritz with a frigging vengeance! She has more ballz than Raniere has. And there she is, planted right in front of his scrotum, next to her frenemy, Mack.

    • Another thing, how come Clare looks like the eagle has landed, and she wants to convince him that she is his mate? What can explain this?

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