From HBO’s The Vow – Why Kristin Kreuk Left Nxivm – Was She Approached to Have Sex With Raniere?

Kristin Kreuk

One of our readers took the time to watch “The Vow”, episode #4 and transcribe some of the dialogue – as it relates to Kristin Kreuk and why she left Nxivm.

By The Growl

You can see the video of episode #4 of “The Vow” at

I am transcribing from 45:15.

This recorded telephone conversation between Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson most likely happened around May 2017, before Frank Parlato broke the branding story in June 2017.

Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson [standing] Mark Hildreth, Kristin Kreuk below
Sarah Edmondson: I feel so fucking responsible.

Mark Vicente: I hear you.

S.E: I feel responsible for Nicki [Clyne] and Alli [Allison Mack].

M.V: Yeah. We brought the entertainment industry into this company that happened to be populated with very pretty girls. And why the fuck did Kristin Kreuk leave? The real reason?

S.E: Is that why? Was she approached?

M.V: I am almost ninety percent certain that something uncool happened.

S.E: Are you fucking kidding me?

M.V: There are so many women who have left that look the same. They’re skinny, they’re young, they’re pretty. They will not say anything because they are so scared. Why? Because somebody very powerful hit on them.

S.E: Fuck me.


Interesting what “approached” means. Approached by who? For sex with Keith Raniere, or something related to DOS?

Frank Parlato’s contacts, including proctors [high ranking NXIVM cultists] have stated that Kreuk left her professional role in NXIVM in 2013, but continued to be a member of NXIVM, with a coach, doing EM’s/courses and paying membership fees, into 2016.

A May 2015 social media post has someone thanking Kreuk for her “encouragement” on his five day “intensive” that week.

Did Kreuk leave the “striped path” in 2013 to avoid Keith Raniere, due to him hitting on her, while continuing to be a member of his cult a few years longer, or did something happen in 2016 and she left the whole cult altogether?

If he hit on her in 2013, that surely would be proof that the allegations about him going after women [and very young girls] was likely true, yet you still remain in the cult?

Regarding the episodes of “The Vow” so far, these people are all weird. You should never trust anyone who wants to spread “joy” or make the world “a better place”. It’s culty and weird.


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  • Somewhere, there is a Sultan rolling his eyes to this article and quoting the comic Chris Rock….

    “N*gger, please.” -Chris Rick

    • —read the highlighted words: *No word* on *whether* the pair were involved in a threesome with the boyfriend since our second actress claims to have a boyfriend, but *if* they did

  • Several comments and observations:

    1. When Sarah was branded with another man’s initials next to her vagina, she didn’t feel close enough to tell her husband and father of her son herself? She asked another person to tell him?

    When Mark got married, he asked Vanguard to write his vows??

    There is a huge disconnect here in their personal relationships. Another bond outside their relationships appears to have been inserted, transferring trust away.

    2. “The men would come in and try to save us.”

    “You find it disgusting because you don’t understand it.”

    This is called gaslighting. It is used by narcissists to make people second guess their natural intuition.

    I wonder if the gaslighters–in this video, Lauren–were themselves victims of gaslighting by Vanguard from early training sessions.

    But this is gaslighting and it is very, very dangerous.

    3. Key: “I’m not really your slave, and you’re not really my master. It’s a metaphor. ”

    Lauren: “Okay….”

    4. “We wanted the group to be a secret sorority. ”

    A sorority for what, exactly? If you want change the world, we go loud and we go public. Is that what we learned from the Dalai Lama?

  • I respectfully disagree with your blanket statement that anyone talking about spreading joy or making the world a better place is culty and weird. There is a large subsection of followers of Nxivm who are drawn to it, in part, because we can see how people get seduced by programs like this. Many simply saw it as a fast-tracked form of psychotherapy. Some were drawn to the spiritual connotations. Many liked the community because so much of our culture is fragmented, isolating, atomized, fearful. Lots to improve upon in America, Keith just exploited people’s desires for his own selfish ends.

    • Adam,

      After following the Nxivm saga for 2 years, I believe 98% of the members had good intentions at heart; no matter how misguided they were.

      • When they joined the “self help” group, 100% wanted to do just that. Then group leader “misguided” them into ill intentions.

      • Good intentions or not, all hell was consistently simmering and/or breaking loose within and also “outside” of this group’s dynamics. So why was, or is, the group so deeply into their screwhead conformity? Conformity to WHAT?

        The vanity and ugliness of Raniere’s selfish, pressurized directions, as well as those from the seriously grotesque Nancy Salzman, was right in all of their faces, not difficult to notice. These two twats are a couple of prancing me me me me meeees. A mess. I mean, see it now. Why wait any longer? Hasn’t this mindfucking gone on way too long already? Try some alone time. Even though periods in solitary confinement haven’t done Flabturd any good, try hearing some non-culty thoughts and feeling some unowned feelings for a change. Self, meet self.

        But zzzzz is what’s happening. For some, it has been decades of snoring.

        Watching peer pressure drag on for years and years, with all of its phony antics, has been and is, worse than futile. It is a complete and uncosmic foul ball, puked up repeatedly. “We are all in this shipwreck together.”

        Blindly backing up a total creep and his patsies with their mob rule, with a perverted dictator as the group God, one wonders how come those “good intentions” did not wake up and smell the scam.

        But perhaps this is the kind of catastrophe that occurs when what appears to be a sociopathic and a false god is designated as the chosen leader. Enough of this “you do it for me. Enlighten me.”

        Sho’nuff. As is a perv can enlighten anybody. He just had to have plenty of nonthinkers to bend over for him. What crap. It just might be time to analyze those good intentions, now and always showing as so very, very corrupt.

    • “Many liked the community because so much of our culture is fragmented, isolating, atomized, fearful.”

      Liberals, with their stupid identity politics regarding race and sex would cause such an environment.

      [redacted] Looking for ’causes’ to attach yourself to, like worshiping the evil George Floyd, attacking Trump and hating on those most ghastly white people, actually makes the world more toxic. America has being made extremely toxic by self loathing creatures who try to fill the void inside with gender bending, race hustling and virtue signalling.

      • I won’t bother rephrasing your screed to show you how easy, and valid, a similar case could be made against right wing Trumpsters. I’m sure your are smart enough to see it on your own.

        • No, moron. Trump is only there in the WH in response and reaction to what liberals have done. It is not about Trump the man. It is about not letting liberals fuck things up further. And the projection… People have said NO to your bullshit.

          • There you go, buddy. Fly that confederate flag proudly. Hold tight to those great American traditions of racism, exclusion, and your infantile freedom fetish – “don’t tread on me” “get off my lawn” “fuck masks”

        • Wow. You are textbook self-righteous lefttard. It makes you feel soooo good calling people racist. Effortless unearned sense of moral superiority. Grow up.

    • At the end of the day, however, I think many of his victims were vulnerable. So there is an interplay I don’t understand.

      When my wife and I listen to his recordings, we hear BULLSHIT. He says things so garbled they make zero sense. This is word salad, and sets off a red flag immediately–to us. It’s similar to listening to Manson’s word salad.

      People in that group appear not to have that inert filtering mechanism in place–or, it was ripped to shreds early on, and they still failed to see it coming.

      I’m sorry, but it’s a huge sign of weakness.

      The collective phrase “fools” comes to mind.

      My opinion.

  • —If he hit on her in 2013, that surely would be proof that the allegations about him going after women [and very young girls] was likely true, yet you still remain in the cult?—

    If Keith “hit on her” (a 30ish adult) that would not imply he also hit on young girls. And depending on HOW he hit on Kreuk could mean little to her. Pretty girls get hit on all the time by all kinds of men and women, so unless she believed Keith was monk-ish, as he claimed, she probably expected it would happen eventually.

    If Kristin actually left around 2016, then maybe she was “approached” about DOS. She certainly was his type–but Sarah E was pretty as well and she claims he never hit on her, maybe she was too valuable for recruitment. So Kreuk, her name and image being a valuable recruiting tool, maybe also have kept Keith from scaring off his poster girl.

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