Ken Gibson Boldly Tears up Five-Star Flag in Front of Chinese Consulate to Protest CCP’s Concealment of Epidemic That Caused Global Pandemic

By Ken Gibson

On Tuesday, I made it back to the PR Chinese consulate in Manhattan, located within view of the USS Intrepid.

Readers on this site might recall that I went there on April 15 and posted an eviction notice, along with Miguel Hernandez, who was then challenging AOC for her seat in the Bronx.

The MMS [China’s Ministry of State Security] obviously did not heed my notice, but another eviction notice, served by Donald Trump in Houston, was heeded; not without the burning of documents and shots being fired at the local fire department.

My arrival at the consulate here, 520 12th Avenue, did not occasion fire and gunplay, but from the video taken by the Epoch Times, it did occasion some unhappiness. The video was viewed 66,000 times in the first couple of hours, and quite likely by members of the MSS in Beijing.

American Ken Gibson tore up the five-star flag in front of the Chinese consulate in New York on August 25th to protest the CCP’s concealment of the epidemic to cause a global pandemic. (Song Shenghua/The Epoch Times)


The Americans tore up the five-star flag in front of the Chinese consulate in New York on the 25th and threw it into the trash can next to the Chinese consulate. (Song Shenghua/The Epoch Times)

So my next visit will be interesting. A Cantonese speaking friend of mine, born in Hong Kong, texted me to tell me not to visit China; I might be tortured and killed for this. They have strict laws about it, he informed me. I replied that the US has laws against bioterrorism.

And the US has laws against any type of spying, including industrial spying, which the Chinese are clearly guilty of. Many jobs have been lost, as Diane Feinstein had as a driver a Chinese spy; some say she is one herself. Why she is still on the Intelligence Committee is a good question.

This and other good questions go unanswered, especially by the Humpty Dumpty congressmen, such as Adam Schiff and Judy Chu. But the question that I can address and hope the most to have answered is “When will the US bring back jobs to American?”

This question has people willing to answer it, such as Bruce Levy, Harvard MBA and professional sports manager, and Daby Carreras, a Wall Street money manager. Both showed up at the event on Tuesday and were interviewed at length by the Epoch Times. Both are on a committee that will work to lobby US businesses to hire in the US.

Hardly anyone would argue with this. Jobs are badly needed. Jobs are what Levy, Carreras and myself are looking to bring about.

Carreras happens to be running for NY State Assemblyman in the 68th district, which is Spanish Harlem. If he does not win this November, he will run for NYC Comptroller in 2021.

Many thanks to him and Mr. Levy for showing up. In the future, I will be extending an invitation to other candidates, businessmen and citizens to join me for chats outside the PRC consulate.

And many thanks to Epoch Times, which on short notice (due to circumstances already discussed on this site, I do not announce my events till the last moment) sent a film crew. Below is the English translation of their article which appeared last week and posted just above it, the link to the article in Chinese with the 7-minute video, complete and unedited, taken by their intrepid cameraman.

Article by Huang Xiaotang

White people tear up the five-star flag in front of the Chinese consulate to protest against the CCP’s concealment of the epidemic to cause a global pandemic

COVID-19 (the Chinese Communist virus) has so far caused nearly 180,000 deaths across the United States and more than 820,000 deaths worldwide.

A white American, Gibson (Ken Gibson) to protest the CCP’s global pandemic of COVID-19, which caused so many American compatriots to die, went to the Chinese Consulate in New York to protest on the 25th (Tuesday) and tore up the five-star flag at its gate.

At that time, Gibson said in front of the Chinese Consulate in New York that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) caused a global pandemic of COVID-19 and caused countless deaths of people around the world. He hoped that someone could investigate CCP’s wicked behavior.

He said: “The CCP’s five-star flag represents the country (regime) that has ravaged human rights the most in human history. (It) harmed the people on that land of China and forced pregnant women to have abortions.” He said while tearing up the five stars. Flag, and said that the five-star flag that has been broken into two halves, there is one place belonging to it – the trash can next to the Chinese consulate in New York.

The previous acts of tearing up the five-star flag were those of Chinese people’s movement activists who had personally experienced the persecution of the CCP. That day was the first time that the Epoch Times in New York photographed a white American tearing up the five-star flag to express their dissatisfaction.





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  • Black Ops –
    Thanks for the suggestion. It is a big complex, so I doubt that their press will just jump out if I walk around with a sign and a flag.
    But I will try. I knew some of their press, often they are associated with the Foreign Press Association which for some reason does not have a lot of journalists in it. It does have people who happen to be on the spot when finance ministers ‘accidentally fall in the bathtub and hang themselves’.
    Long story I won’t bore you with.
    But yes, the UN is a good backdrop, but not as concise as the PRC consulate, which has but one entrance on 12th Avenue.
    BTW, a Trump building is down the street from it.
    It is two miles from the PRC consulate so maybe I could kill 2 birds with one protest sign that day and go for a long walk.
    If you know anyone who wants to join me, let me know!

    • It’s tough call on how to educate fellow Americans to the threat.

      China is the biggest existential threat to the United States and the world.

      The Chinese elite believe the 21st century will be the re-emergence of China as the greatest power of the world.

      The invasion or slow boil takeover of the United States has already begun.

      Please read below!!!!

      Mexican illegals a big problem? Yes, but there is a bigger one…..

      China and Chinese nationals…

      Before anyone tags me as a racist, my Goddaughter is 1/2 Chinese. Her family is from Taiwan, a capitalistic democracy.

      F’ Commie-China

  • Ken-

    If you want to up the ante, travel to the UN and do the same thing.

    There are always members of the world press at the United Nations.

    Do you dare bring out the big guns?

    And the answer to your obvious question is no; I’m too much of a pussy to follow your lead.

  • Flowers – you do not fail to support the world’s worst violator of human rights.
    I am sure that if you had been on earth the day a young Jew put a bullet in the body of a Nazi in France, to draw attention to the evil empire then building its army and about to be at war with America, you would have attacked him too. The Nazis certainly did not fail to call him rude, obnoxious, and mean-spirited. And they, like the BLM and Antifa supporters, and possibly you as well, did not fail to then riot and loot. Kristallnacht has a parallel to what is going on here.

    If, and ONLY IF, the PCC was a pure, honest peace-loving party that did NOT torture its own people, that did not have a bioweapons facility, and that did NOT spy on America – and can we add a word about an evil bioterror attack on American that spilled over to the whole world? – could I be called rude for what I did.

    Rude, obnoxious, and mean-spirited are adjectives an intelligent person would apply to the PCC.

    And also to you. Are you even an American?

    • Was Trump mentioned a single time? LOL

      Do you also think it is psychotic to rip up, burn, etc., the American flag? LOL

      Ever hear of the First Amendment? LOL

    • Ken is psychotic?

      Ever hear of the Uighur people?

      Right now, there is a near holocaust going on. Sterilizations, organ harvesting, medical experiments, torture, and executions of men and women.

      Ken is the psychotic?

      Then what are you?

      Please get a fucking clue!!!!!

      Ken may be the sanest and bravest out of all of us; or maybe he is crazy enough to believe he can make a difference.

      Either way, he is trying to help!!!

      More than either you or I are doing.

  • Ken proves he is a rude, obnoxious, mean-spirited person in this video.
    Those 2 employees you harassed were just doing their job, Ken.

    • —is a rude, obnoxious, mean-spirited person in this video.

      Sounds like you are describing someone you know incredibly well.

    • None of those are against the law, as opposed to the “mainly peaceful protesters looting, burning down buildings, assaulting, and killing people. LOL

      Those two employees appear to be from an African country that the Chinese are raping, pillaging, and holding financial hostage. LOL

    • rude, obnoxious and mean spirited are adjectives that apply well both to the PCC which tortures people and
      you, who don’t seem to get that people are fighting them, fighting for their lives.
      what are you fighting for, the PCC and their right to make bioweapons?

      • Ken, the way you interact with those employees who are only doing their job is disgraceful. The way you treat people shows your character- and yes, you were incredibly rude.
        And I can’t understand how you believe that destroying a flag will actually lead to any type of action….not that I believe covid19 is a bioweapon. You do realize that virus’s are naturally occurring, do you not, Ken?

  • President Donald J. Trump, the Theodore Roosevelt of our time, is set to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin and tell the Communists, Anti-fa , BLM and their gangster friends in the Democratic party to go to hell.
    This is our country and we’re taking it back!

    ‘See You on Tuesday’: Donald Trump to Visit Kenosha Despite Democrat Calls to Cancel

    Donald J. Trump
    If I didn’t INSIST on having the National Guard activate and go into Kenosha, Wisconsin, there would be no Kenosha right now. Also, there would have been great death and injury. I want to thank Law Enforcement and the National Guard. I will see you on Tuesday!
    8:10 AM · Aug 31, 2020

    If Democrats don’t like it, they can suck on it.

  • I find this video disgusting, you obviously are supporting the orange idiot that occupies the Oval Office!

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