Life in Prison #3: Government Overview of DOS — With Fascinating Raniere Conversation With Allison Mack

DOS brand

This is Part 3 of the series “Life In Prison” which is culled from the 59-page memorandum filed with the court, authored by the US Attorney for the Eastern District of NY, which recommends a life sentence for Keith Alan Raniere, AKA the Vanguard.

Life in Prison Part 1: Raniere’s Exploitation, Trafficking and Alien Smuggling of Sisters, Camilia, Daniela, and Mariana

Life in Prison: Part 2 – Identity Theft and Unlawful [and Stupid] Surveillance (Keylogging) -With Exclusive List of Those Nxivm Spied on

You can read the entire government memorandum here.

Taking select excerpts from the memo is meant to provide readers with various views of the crimes that Keith Raniere committed from the prosecution’s point of view – and in support of their contention that he Brilliant One deserves life in prison.

It also provides insights into his foul deeds – when the Vainglorious One was amid the gullible and vulnerable in human society, a society that he is entirely unfit to be among and which the prosecution hopes to sequester him from ever being with freely again.

I will add my own comments and illustrations as the spirit [of Vanguard] moves me. In Part 3, the government gives its overview of something that actually largely took the Great One down — Dominus Obsequious Sororium or DOS also known as the Vow.

It was Frank Report that broke this story to the world.on June 5, 2017 in the story Part 1: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere; Sources: Human branding part of Raniere-inspired women’s group.

AMK10ART’s depiction of slave master Allison Mack with her slave Dr. Danielle Roberts branding another DOS slave, with a photo of Keith Alan Raniere hanging on the wall.


By  Seth D. Dicharme

Acting US Attorney Eastern District of New York

Tanya Hajjar
Mark J. Lesko
Karin Orenstein
Assistant United States Attorneys

In late 2015, Raniere created DOS, a secret organization led by Raniere and comprised of “masters” who recruited and commanded groups of “slaves.”

Aside from Raniere, all members of DOS were female. Raniere gave himself the title “Grandmaster.” Raniere’s direct slaves (the “First
Line”) were Camila, Daniella Padilla, Nicki Clyne, Loreta Garza, Rosa Laura Junco, Monica Duran, Allison Mack, and Lauren Salzman.

Each of these “first-line slaves” recruited their own “slaves” by approaching young women and falsely describing DOS as a secret women’s empowerment group or sorority.

The DOS First-Line Masters were slaves to the man in the middle Keith Alan Raniere.

Raniere instructed the First Line never to disclose his participation in and leadership of DOS. Prospective “slaves” were required to provide “collateral”—including damaging confessions about themselves and loved ones (truthful or not), rights to financial assets, and sexually explicit photographs and videos—to prevent them from leaving the group or disclosing its existence to others.

Through DOS, Raniere used the First Line to recruit other women to make a “collateralized vow of obedience” to their masters (and, by extension, to Raniere) and then required these “slaves” to perform labor, take nude photographs, and, in some cases, to engage in sex acts with Raniere.

Raniere at one point told Camila that it would be “good” for her to “own a fuck toy slave” for him that she could “groom and use as a tool to pleasure” him.

Raniere also instructed Daniella Padilla, Loreta Garza, Rosa Laura Junco and Camila to find a young virgin “successor” for Raniere.

The First Line of DOS met three times a week for about ten hours a week. At the start of each meeting, the First Line took a fully nude photograph of themselves and sent it to Raniere. In the meetings that Raniere attended, Raniere sat on a chair, dressed, while the First Line sat on the floor beneath him naked.

Raniere engaged in sexual relationships with the First Line, occasionally at the same time, and directed them to purchase a “sorority house” which would contain BDSM equipment, including a human-sized cage.

These sexualized components of DOS, along with Raniere’s leadership of DOS, were deliberately concealed from recruits.

In April 2017, the First Line of DOS purchased a “sorority house,” located at 9 Milltowne Drive, Waterford, New York 12188.


DOS sorority house – to be used for nude photos and dungeons and paddling…


An item purchased for DOS women to endure and Keith Raniere to enjoy.


A cage that looked like this was purchased for DOS slaves.

Raniere and other DOS “masters” recruited women as “slaves” into DOS by deliberately concealing Raniere’s role in DOS.

Women were recruited into DOS from California, Mexico, Canada and elsewhere, and DOS “masters” used encrypted messaging applications located overseas, including Telegram and Signal, to communicate with their “slaves” and to collect collateral.

After women were recruited into DOS and their collateral was collected, the DOS “slaves” were told that they needed to provide additional collateral each month. DOS “slaves,” including Sylvie, Nicole, and Jay, among others, believed that if they did not obey their “masters,” their collateral would be released.

Raniere and DOS “masters” used a variety of means to coerce their “slaves” into submission. In accordance with Raniere’s instructions, DOS “slaves” were required to be branded with a symbol that, unknown to the “slaves,” represented Raniere’s own initials.


The DOS brand when turned 90 degrees counterclockwise has Keith Raniere’s initials easily visible on it.

DOS “slaves” were also controlled in a number of other ways, including physical isolation (by being required to stay in Clifton Park); forced participation in “readiness” drills; requirements to seek permission from Raniere or their “master”; sleep deprivation and extremely restrictive diets.

At Raniere’s instruction, the DOS victim being branded was held down by other DOS “slaves” and was required to state, among other things, “Master, please brand me, it would be an honor.”

Raniere gave these directives to Allison Mack to implement:

Raniere: Do you think the person who’s being branded should be completely nude and sort of held to the table like a, sort of almost like a sacrifice? I don’t know if that, that’s a feeling of submission, you know. So…

Allison: Yea

Raniere: Ah, you could also of course videoing it, and videoing it ah from different angles or whatever gives collateral.

Allison: Mmhm

Raniere: So, it probably should be a more vulnerable position type of a thing.

Allison: OK

Raniere: Laying on the back, legs slightly, or legs spread straight like, like feet, feet being held to the side of the table, hands probably above the head being held, almost like being tied down, like sacrificial, whatever.

Allison: OK

Raniere: And the person should ask to be branded.

Allison: OK

Raniere: Should say, please brand me it would be an honor or something like that. An honor I want to wear for the rest of my life, I don’t know.

Alison: OK

Raniere: And they should probably say that before they’re held down, so it doesn’t seem like they are being coerced.

Allison: OK

The branding itself was performed without anesthesia and using a cauterizing pen, which burned the skin and left a permanent mark.


MK10ART captures the joy of branding for the branders. Depicted is Allison Mack, Keith Alan Raniere, and Clare Webb Bronfman who claimed she knew nothing of DOS or its sexual component and a not so happy woman being branded.

Most of the brandings were performed by [Dr.] Danielle [Roberts], a DOS “slave” who was also a licensed medical professional.

Dr. Danielle Roberts now dances for her Vanguard in front of the prison where he resides.

DOS “masters” also benefited financially from recruiting and maintaining DOS “slaves.”

DOS “slaves” were coerced into providing labor and services for their “masters” under the threat of the release of their collateral, including editing and transcription work, taking naked photographs, and other tasks.

DOS “masters” were expected to receive approximately 40 hours of labor each week from their “slaves.” (testimony of Lauren Salzman that Raniere decided that “if we each had six slaves who each had six slaves under them . . . you would have 40 hours, approximately 36, but approximately 40 hours of work per week for life from these individuals”).


Below are a few paintings by Marie White that demonstrate the horrors of the branding table and the demonic sex slaving Keith Raniere imposed on the women.





DOS First Line Masters, Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack — painting by Marie White.


And for good measure, one more from MK10ART—

MK10ART painting of the branding scene, with a DOS slave on the table – and with [back row l-r] Allison Mack, Dr. Danielle Roberts [dressed] Nicki Clyne, and front row L-r Lauren Salzman and the Vainglorious Keith Alan Raniere AKA the Vanguard

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  • Is Rosa Laura still in? Or, did all the bad press finally get her father involved? Who will rescue her daughter from a clearly deranged mother?
    Also, if per a previous article, Kim Constable is writing a letter on behalf of Clare, is she still deep in NXIVM?

  • Frank Parlato, can you answer a question of mine that has me totally stumped?

    Why was Keith so obsessive and persistent about having all the slaves constantly be recruiting other slaves? Why did he want 100s of slaves?
    It’s WAY too risky. Secrets can’t be kept with that many slaves.

    You told me before that he carried on with DOS because he was convinced that the Northern District of NY was sufficiently in Clare’s pocket so he had no concern they would prosecute him. Which apparently was true since they never did.

    But all these slaves, come on, there has to be more reason for him wanting so many of them besides not being afraid of the Northern District of NY… And they did not even know he was the Grand Master so he wasn’t even getting the credit!

    Pure greed?

    Thanks, Frank, if you can figure this one out!!!!

    • There were many reasons, including:

      1. Raniere is incredibly stupid;
      2. He believed the sycophants that he found that supported the image he created of himself (why did he do this? See #1);
      3. He always wanted to be an Amway Diamond, and this was the next best thing after Consumers’ Buyline was shut down by the government (why did he do this? See #1);
      4. He went off the deep end after two of his original supporters died in 2016 (why did he do this? See #1); and
      5. Did I mention that Raniere is incredibly stupid? LOL

    • —Why was Keith so obsessive and persistent about having all the slaves constantly be recruiting other slaves? Why did he want 100s of slaves?

      Why? More putang!!!

      I’m guessing fireballs you are more likely female than male.

    • I think he was arrogant and really thought he would not get caught or prosecuted. He is a sex addict and wanted all that more sex and degradation towards women. He was addicted to sex and power. He already kinda had a sex cult before through Nxivm. He was now just openly inserting the BDSM part. But all of this was because he was addicted to sex and power and he was that arrogant. I think that if Hillary had been in power, he would still be free. Didn’t Clare donate to Hillary’s campaign? I think Keith did not consider also how the political climate had changed. In Mexico also, Carlos Salinas is not as powerful anymore. Keith did not consider this

  • An anonymous DOS member told Frank Parlato that Kristin Kreuk was into BDSM and was a “sub”. Even those with a vanilla outward persona can be degenerate in private.

    • ==”Kristin Kreuk was into BDSM and was a “sub”==

      That claim has not been corroborated anywhere and seems bogus, but it’s believed by those who either dislike the Vanilla Princess or fantasize about her. Still, her long time BF was schooled in SOP “tech” so anything could be true. Who would suspect that a schlub like Keith was running a sex cult?

      • Vanguard taught his SOP-boys to cum on the faces of their women to show ownership. I’m sure Vanguard had to be shown proof the boys did their homework.

  • To follow up, Mr Parlato, you did not get the major props that you deserve on the preview reviews of the HBO series. Specifically, NY mag did not *even* mention you. It is a shame on the one hand as you were, regardless of the NYT big bust, a driving force. Sure, one could say petty, but! Nonetheless.

    The whack conspiracy comments and articles that have taken over here since the story came out has been a hard pill to swallow for the people who want to vindicate the real victims.

    Eh. We get it. Clicks, libertinism, THE SPECTACLE. To be honest, MK10ART has been incredible. I am in awe. For real, all of those pieces will be in the MOMA. The fact that you published Village Dianne, another true star. Heidi Hutchenson, for whom anyone who has a heart applauds and hopes for peace.

  • “Omg, I can’t even! ” was Michelle Salzman’s artistic quote on a completely non-realistic drawing of a slave wearing KAR belly chain. Because Nan and etc. had no clue! “Victims! VICTIMS!!”

    I look forward to more of the Heidi’s well-written takedowns of the early days. I know there was a time when Heidi was going through it, and it is a thing where one can get in trouble for attempting to speak about traumatizing history and, although I really dislike the expression, “get thrown under the bus” for the daring act of attempting to make sense of this entire Nxivm/etc.

    If you live in the Halfmoon area and realize these people brazenly lorded themselves around and still do to some extent!

    Omg, I can’t even…

  • Why are you showing pictures of Allison laughing from a different conversation with this scumbag? Allison said almost nothing when he told her about the branding and she certainly did not laugh and was very quiet and serious! Is this your way of manipulation again, Frank? You give a wrong impression of what actually happened! Also, the women were not recruited out of bad intent by Allison; she truly believed this group would help them to grow. I thought you would have figured this out by now.

    • I agree. Not fair to put the audio from one conversation to expressions from another. A misrepresentation and, again, I do not insist that you publish any of my criticism.

      • I think its great the way Frank set the story up with those pictures. It would be interesting to see all the faces and some more of that tantalizing audio of all the consenting adults making big plans for branding themselves as Keith’s sex slaves.
        Frank, your artists, Marie and MK, are intriguing ladies. That blonde one is a real cutie.

    • I actually really liked the photos of Allison Mack. I think they help us all to remember she was very aware about what Raniere was thinking about. She was able to execute his vision. She went on video for him to sell his vision. The photos remind us how she went far and beyond to sell his vision.

      She is an adult woman. She needs to be held accountable for executing the vision of a mad man. Just like the Manson groupies. Alisson was dangerous because she was well-known and other women aspired to be her. She could recruit easily for her master. That is dangerous. The photos help remind us of that.

      Good article, FRank

      • Mexican Lady,
        Re: Selling “The Vision” Raniere, Salzman, et al

        If you drove by Apropos back in the day, the early 2010s, the Nxivm “clubhouse”, it was clear, even as a newcomer to the neighborhood, that something was being sold. The way that high-end cars would be parked in a row facing the road all in a row. To be honest, and it seems prescient, my first thought was that it was some sort of sex club, and for sure, those places exist in our lovely Halfmoon. The evil cul-de-sac is a thing!

        One can understand that more than one thing can be true. As an observer, there is no doubt that the NXIVM acolytes felt a level of safety and a certain relevance as “big fish in a small pond” in Halfmoon. The strangest thing, to me, was how close-mouthed and in awe of the D-list Macks, WHAT’S HER NAME From (lol) Battlestar Galecta, etc. were.

        • Thanks for sharing this, Anonymous. Very interesting to hear how people viewed Nxvim when it was operating.

      • She could have never recruited random people off the street into DOS. The women who joined were already at least partly brainwashed. Edmondson even wrote in her book that Allison was not a good recruiter at all!

    • How does it help people grow to participate in BDSM? She was aware of all the planning Raniere was doing for the group and she did not have the capacity to question it. How does it help women grow to be branded with Raniere’s initials? She needs to be held accountable for not questioning and executing what Raniere wanted

      • And why did Allison get the branding herself, when she thought this was something bad? Nobody would do that to themselves if it hasn’t some special meaning that outsiders can not understand. But if you’re indoctrinated with a false sense of reality it changes your perspective! That’s how these groups work. And I remember that even India told her mother, that is was a good experience for her to be branded, before she started deprogramming. The pictures were from a happy-talk with Keith and the branding discussion was during a walk they took, when Allison already had been branded so, of course, she knew about it. I’m really mad that you’re trying to sell these pictures under a false pretense, Frank!

      • When you are under undue influence, you’re not really capable of thinking for yourself anymore. You are also not encouraged to question the group or the doctrine. You can see it clearly on the remaining DOS women, they are still not able to look through the disguise. And it is impossible for some to leave on their own without help.

      • You should ask Raniere how this would help them! He is the one who manipulated and hypnotized them into believing that.

        • Sorry, my comment was a reply to comments above that say that Alisson just wanted to help women grow. That argument has holes in it if you analyze Alisson’s behavior. She has an innocent face and I think that makes it hard for people to grasp that she was actively helping an evil cult. But just analyze her behavior, question it

          • Mexican lady: I understand your comment, but I think that as a reader of the Frank Report, I should have already learned that Allison did not do anything that the other women on the front line and I would say that even many of the 2nd line women, according to the court documents The evidence in which the number of slaves recruited by each woman in the first line is indicated and the woman with the most recruits was Rosa Laura Junco and the second was Lauren Salzman, certainly Allison has a responsibility but try to enlarge it with that she was the supposed leader of DOS, I even remember that Lauren recognized in the trial that she designed the brand under Keith’s guidance and how it was designed so that it had 3 different interpretations and, thus, hid Keith’s initials and by the way, she never explained how it was that the initials of Allison ended up showing up if she did the design.

        • Actually Allison’s initials aren’t there…he was blackmailing her, he was scapegoating her (hence the fake interview she was forced to give)…

          It’s a backward R and people interpret an M but there is none…egocentric Raniere wouldn’t share…

          It’s standing EXCLUSIVELY (and it’s confirmed in court) for Keith Alan Raniere…

          K in one way, A in another, and a mirrored R…

          It just happens to look like an M (and Parlato continues to spread many lies about this whole story)…

          Wanna know the truth, stick with the court info…

          First, no added content like Frank did in another article this week…

          Like the conversation between Allison and Raniere…the real recording never make a yeah out of Allison’s mouth…just 2 OKs… and clearly not joyfully supportive OKs…more like “Do I have a choice anyway?” OKs

          There is no yeah …not that tape anyway.

          It’s on another tape and it’s not Allison anymore who talk…

          But Frank love to mix 5 % of truth with 95% of BS…it’s actually his trademark!

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