Shivani: Clare Bronfman’s Old Life Is Over

mk10 Clare Bronfman leaving court

By Shivani

Clare Bronfman could have taken repentant action, either before or after her plea bargain, and she could have made statements to disavow her ties to Keith Raniere.

Clare could have sought and maybe even completed some sustained therapeutic efforts, during the past two or so years.

Unless there is a surprise coming from Clare Bronfman, she is still very much identified with Raniere and the nauseating, steaming shitpile of their “human potential” movement, with all of its scandals and outright horrors, plus its inbuilt, trenchant abusiveness.

This reminds me of the old saying, (her) taste is in her ass. How come Clare doesn’t see that and reckon with it?

She was born more or less an orphan of wealth and didn’t learn self-respect. She seems to have no relation with her own core beingness. She is impoverished as a self and haphazardly grasps fake paste, trinkets made to copy real jewels, without even seeing what she is doing.

If only she could come back to life.

Ask yourself, did anyone ever care about Clare, anyone who could have exemplified to her, as a child, how she could have learned to love herself and others UP, instead of dragging herself and her associates down, down, down?

This is one of the curses of the entitled, rich, psychological messes: personal investment into their own misery. I have seen this “curse” manifest itself, over and over again. It is nothing new.

Her life is never going to be the same again. Clare is notorious now.

The overly eager civil suit might still be waiting for her, whether she becomes a prisoner for more than 27 months or not. This was the cutoff point of the amount of time that Clare offered to accept, without appealing her sentence. But again, her life as she knew it is already over.

Her money can buy her a degree of isolation and privacy, until she can find her way out of the United States entirely, like her sister. If she has any survival energy left in her, Clare will get the F out of Dodge. She can be dissolved into the stricken anonymity of a disenfranchised character, as in a short story by W. Somerset Maugham, who gossiped relentlessly, almost as superbly as Proust, as he blatantly shamed dolled-up, grotesque hypocrisy.

Judge Garaufis, do your thing. This is what we have left, so far. I (try to) trust the Judge to do his best to come in just right, with his decision about Clare Bronfman’s length of prison time.

Even more so, the Judge will explain his decision when he delivers it. It is a chess game. He is a representative of humankind itself, wearing a chamber robe and interpreting, imitating our multi-faceted conceptualizations about justice. Emotionalism cannot have much more than a cameo appearance.

So far, Clare Bronfman is stuck with herself. Apparently, she isn’t prepared to make any significant changes for herself. That is really too bad. How ironic it is that horses are healers, very, very often. She had a much more wonderful chance at a happier life before her sister introduced her to a new position, a front row, catered table in hell.

MK10ART sketch of Sara Rosner Bronfman-Igtet with he husband Basit Igtet. Sare should feel quite proud of herself, She introduced her sister into Nxivm and while she was right there side by side with her committing crimes, she got off scot-free. Sara, who destroyed many lives now hides in Portugal and pretends to be a social activist.
MK10ART Clare Bronfman sitting at the window of her Manhattan apartment subject to home detention as part of her bail conditions. She will be sentenced on Sept. 30 and is very likely headed to prison for several years. 
MK10ART’s painting of Frank Parlato with Sara and Clare Bronfman, Toni Natalie and Keith Raniere behind him.

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3 years ago

You can hire the best experts in the world to advise you. But if the one person whose opinion you respect more than any other tells you not to listen to them, chances are you won’t. Clare respected Raniere’s opinion more than any other, and he used her to commit a crime, by getting her to pay his bills with a credit card he had no legal right to use.

That demonstrates his entire attitude towards Clare Bronfman, even after knowing her for 15 years. Case closed.

I think she should ask him why he destroyed her freedom by getting her to commit a crime on his behalf. That certainly isn’t something the most ethical man in the world would ever do. Not even as a test. It served no good. The most ethical man in the world would be harmless.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

You’re right, women don’t deserve equal standing with men – so much for women’s lib and the ERA. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

You just [redacted] because you never got [redacted] without paying for it.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

A very long prison sentence is a real remedy that impresses a Clare Bronfman when she actually has to serve it in full. But the remedy only works after several years, so the treatment, i.e. imprisonment, must be long for the remedy to work. And in prison, she will realize that she is a nobody there, and nobody will be impressed by her, not even by former wealth and money.

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