Guest View: Raniere Should Be Sentenced to Five Years Max

How long should Keith Alan Raniere remain behind bars?

By Patrick Backup

I will probably get a shitstorm again for defending Keith Raniere, but still: I’ve been following this the last few months without commenting, and I still sincerely believe two things, namely:

1.) Keith’s lawyers are absolutely right that a life sentence (or even 15 or 20 years) is completely out of proportion given the nature of his crimes.

As I said in a former post, I don’t believe Raniere should walk out free. He did things that I do not want to justify. But still, the women FREELY gave the collateral, no one forced them to.

A lot of them were intelligent and successful females that were well able to make their own decisions about this. (I`m excluding the young women he brought in from Mexico  – which is why I say he should receive a punishment).

In closing: I believe a sentence of about five years would be appropriate for exploiting some of the younger females. But honestly, I don’t even think that the evidence itself is really enough to say Keith engaged in “sex trafficking”.

He probably exploited some of those Mexican women and maybe even threatened them, but I personally do not think that reaches the extent of “trafficking” in a legal sense.

MK0ART portrait of Keith Raniere. If he were to be sentenced to five years, as the writer here suggests, then he would be eligible to be released back to society in about a year and a half, based on time served and possible time off for good behavior.

2.) I’ve said this before: I have never seen a judge as biased towards someone as Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis is against Keith.

For whatever reason, he obviously hates him and wants him behind bars for life.

The fact that he wants to allow victims that weren’t even in the original trial to testify (and maybe even remain anonymous) is a perversion of justice. In my jurisdiction that in itself would be illegal!

Honestly, I think Keith’s lawyers should concentrate on getting a new judge. Garaufis should not be allowed to be the one who sentences Keith.

I believe there are sufficient legal arguments to prove he is biased.

MK10ART’s sketch of Keith Alan Raniere and the charges for which he will be sentenced.
How dangerous is Keith Alan Raniere. Marie White’s haunting painting of the crazed Forgotten Ones dancing in front of the MDC where the Glorious One is in custody suggests that he still has an enormous hold over the minds of his followers.

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  • Patrick sounds young and ignorant, why is he given a platform? This is lacking in a large swath of information, and he completely dismissed consent and coercion, as if he were a backwoods knuckle dragger from a bygone era. Patrick speaks in such a way that enforces rape culture. He speaks like a rapist looking for loopholes.

    This is feigned laziness and ignorance. I don’t buy it.

  • Patrick, I’ll pray that your identity is never be revealed through any investigation that may necessarily take place regarding your disappearance.

  • I’d like to know if Patrick has anyone close to him that is female. If so, has he the ability to imagine those females being abused by Keith and how would that sit with him? Has he the capability to understand just what these women are now dealing with? Because he clearly is incapable of seeing how they were emotionally abused for such a period of time. His abuse is far-reaching. There are family members and any partners or future partners of these women that will have to deal with the emotional/mental problems. I feel sorry for the family and any male that gets involved with them. That actually sounds harsh and they deserve a chance at happiness but there are consequences. For instance, people can all congratulate India for becoming engaged so soon after escaping this cult but was she really stable enough to be suddenly engaged to someone so soon?

    • I am guessing no.

      With a name like back up…..

      Back up onto my……

      …..Yeah, no women.

      Cmon, Natashka.

      Why do you think he is [backed up]?

  • None of you people recognized the FACT that Raniere has a minimum 15 year sentence for an underage sex crime and was found guilty of six other felony crimes. LOL

    Such “geniuses” making comments on this website, I’m so impressed. LOL

    It was even an open book test, I gave you the answer, all you had to do was look it up on the story a couple of days ago. LOL

  • I couldn’t stand this message being said here. I understand that there are people who hate Keith for either personal occurrences or men and women that envy the amount of “community” he had. With that said, how can we claim that the collateral was given freely to a man who perfectly practiced NLP? Would it still be their thoughts and own decisions if he, along with others, patiently “hacked” into their minds?

    It’s not like he is the first one doing that, but if people have no knowledge about what NLP is, how can they even defend themselves?

    NLP teaches you how to be aware of every aspect of your body physically and psychologically. It teaches you to see if what you think or feel is what you actually want to think or feel. Someone who holds that in their hands from someone else (by simply studying their physical language, way of speech, and the way they feel in certain situations), can not just convince the victim but shape and change the way the person thinks, feels and sees everything. Like a reset on a computer. Where you can program it differently once again.

    So, how can we be sure that after 5 years, Keith won’t do the same over again? And use NLP for his lustful and pitiful desires?

  • Keith Raniere should get the death penalty. All of his front runners should be rounded up and sentenced to death in prison for what they did. It’s appalling and horrific.

  • I believe Raniere should be sentenced to a minimum of 50 years with hard labour. The argument of the writer is fatuous and his writng betrays a tenuous grasp of the crimes of Raniere. The writer is insensitive to the pain of the victims and their
    His cynical remarks about the “willingness” of the “adult” victims to be victims betray a jaundiced view of contemporary reality that is shameful.
    Raniere is a mean, cruel, insane and debauched Predator that needs to be sequestered in a safe place for the safety of society.

  • The fraud was convicted on said charges by a jury of his peers (although he considers no one his peer) in less than four hours. The judge had nothing to do with that.

    • The story is about the sentencing, which the judge has everything to do with, not the finding of guilt or innocence. LOL

  • Keith Raniere raped a 12-year-old (her friend and other underage girls) dozens of times… he deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison.

    • That has not been proven in a court of law – it could have been had the girl been willing to wear a recording device, but she wasn’t. LOL

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