Forensic Analysis Points to Hoax By Mo’Kelly on ‘Negro’ Comment Allegedly Made By Roger Stone

Roger Stone

Now for another side of the story…

Everyone knows the Mainstream Media narrative that Trump friend and advisor Roger Stone appeared on the Mo’Kelly radio show in July and called him a “Negro.”

Now evidence, provided by Stone, suggests an alternative narrative — that Mo’Kelly might have set Stone up.

Stone said his lawyers took the audio of the July 18th Mo’Kelly Show to four different sound engineers for forensic analysis.  All four reached the same conclusion: The alleged use of a supposed racial slur by Stone was a hoax.

“Only one sound engineer was willing to publicly certify his findings for fear of Black Lives Matter or other potential threats,” Stone said.

Stone shared a report written by Eric Taush, who was, he said, willing to publish the results of his forensic analysis of the audio file from Stone’s appearance on the Mo’Kelly Show.

According to the report, Taush determined the audio was manipulated so that an offensive comment was inserted into the original recording.

On Thursday, July 16, Stone was interviewed by Morris O’Kelly, who uses the name Mo’Kelly, a Black radio host on the Southern California radio station KFI [Am 640]. The prerecorded interview was conducted on Thursday, and broadcast Saturday, July 18.

Numerous media outlets mistakenly reported that the interview was aired live.

Stone claims he never uttered the word “Negro” at any time during the interview.

However, when the interview was broadcast three days after it was recorded, Stone, or someone’s voice, is heard referring to Mo’Kelly as a “Negro”.

In the version that was broadcast, about 12 minutes into the interview, Stone is asked about his conviction and subsequent commutation of sentence by President Trump.  Stone remarked that the president acted out of compassion and that the jury was biased.

Mo’Kelly claimed Stone’s commutation was granted not on merit, but because of Stone’s friendship with Trump.

“There are thousands of people treated unfairly daily. How your number just happened to come up in the lottery,” Mo’Kelly said. “I’m guessing it was more than just luck, Roger, right?”

In the broadcast version, after a short pause, someone is heard saying, “I don’t really feel like arguing with this Negro.”

During a period of silence on Stone’s end, Mo’Kelly says, “I’m sorry, what was that? Roger? Roger? I’m sorry, what did you say? I’m sorry, you’re arguing with whom? I thought we were just having a very spirited conversation. What happened?”

[Listen to the relevant portion of the audio as it was broadcast on Saturday July 18, 2020]

During the interview, Stone appears to have been disconnected twice.

Finally, Mo’Kelly asked Stone to repeat what he said, the word “Negro,” but Stone appears shocked and somewhat confused by the question.  After being asked to repeat himself, Stone insisted that he didn’t use any racial slur, telling O’Kelly, “I did not. You’re out of your mind. You’re out of your mind.”

According to the forensic report, Stone is telling the truth.

Taush said, “I reviewed the audio file of the July 18th, 2020 Mo’Kelly show and put it through an extensive forensic reconstruction and analysis to ascertain its authenticity and after careful scrutiny I have determined that the recording has been doctored. My analysis shows that Stone’s audio feed was terminated at least twice during the period of the interview. My analysis of the MO Kelly/Roger Stone audio files focused on the claim MO Kelly has made that Roger Stone used a word that is considered racially offensive in a segment of audio during the interview. Upon review it is clear that Mr. Stone’s audio was disconnected twice during the interview. In fact, my analysis indicates that Mr. Stone’s phone was NOT connected to the show at the time of the controversial comment and based on forensic analysis that segment appears to have been added in post-production….

“We conducted an examination of the audio and that is where the podcast host’s story began to fall apart. Using spectral analysis software, I have determined that the segments of the doctored clip clearly exhibit fluctuations in the ambient noise floor where the recorded voice has been altered.

“Mo Kelly has made the assertion that there was no audio interference on the call. Yet on the audio we analyzed interference IS present…. The ambient noise floor of the controversial segment is markedly different than the balance of the interview. This is also the only segment with substantial interference. This was proven by putting the audio sample on both a wav data analyzer and a spectrum frequency analyzer as well as several other audio data visualization tools.

“There is crystal clear evidence that the segment was tampered with using a DAW. The engineer could have covered his tracks by normalizing and by utilizing a cross fade but chose not to. This left behind the clearly identifiable entry and exit points of the inserted audio which were heavily saturated with audio interference.

“Because we can find the insertion point AND exit point where the audio sample was added, we know that audio was inserted.

“Further evidence of the insertion is the drop in the volume level of Stone’s voice. We analyzed the audio sample by scoping the data. The level of Stone’s voice throughout the entire interview is consistent. Only in the contested segment is there an appreciable drop in the audio level of Stone’s voice.

“Even the authenticity of the inserted section is questionable. When slowing the speed it appears the entire segment was computer generated where words were taken from other audio sources of Stone’s voice. This technique is often used in spoof videos and is, in fact quite common.”

Did Mo’Kelly pull off a hoax that was bought hook line and sinker by the Left Stream Media or did Stone really call him a Negro and was caught on tape?

In the broadcast version, Mo’Kelly said he would “let the listeners decide” what Stone said, before moving on with the interview. During the rest of the interview, Mo’Kelly acts fairly deferentially, or at least as politely as most radio show hosts do with invited guests.

Seizing on the broadcast version on Saturday night, and seemingly acting as if it were a live broadcast and that he just heard the racial slur for the first time, Mo’Kelly tweeted, “Hey everyone. I heard what I heard. The audio is the audio. I will address in Hour 2. We’re blowing out the second half of the show.”

Yet, despite Mo’Kelly just “hearing what he heard,” he would have actually heard it three days earlier. Mo’Kelly does not inform his Twitter followers that the interview was prerecorded and he didn’t just “hear what he heard.”

Mo’Kelly later tweeted, “I’m nobody’s Negro,” and said in his blog that Stone used the “low-calorie version of the N-word.”

“[Stone] didn’t see me as a journalist, not as a professional, not a radio host … but a ‘Negro’ first and foremost,” he wrote. “Thirty years as an entertainment professional, twenty of them in radio. ‘Negro’ was the first pejorative uttered.”

The announcement by Mo’Kelly made national news, with almost every major anti-Trump MSM reporting on it, taking Mo’Kelly’s version of events as gospel and declaring Stone used the word “Negro,” without considering his denial as remotely plausible.

Stone has, in fact, used the word “Negro” in the past when speaking critically of Black political commenters, Roland Martin and Allen West.  Stone has argued that the word Negro is not necessarily a racial slur, pointing out that the existence of the United Negro College Fund and that Martin Luther King, Jr. used the word Negro.
I Have a Dream' Speech - MLK, Dates & Summary - HISTORY
King gave the historic speech, “The Negro and the American Dream” and in his most famous speech, “I have a Dream” he uses the word “Negro” 16 times and “black” only four times in describing his own race.
Stone added that “anyone familiar with me knows I despise racism!”
Stone has a history of supporting non-racist causes.  Stone:
  • Publicly opposed the “Stop and Frisk” policy in NYC
  • Supported Affirmative Action- giving preferences to African Americans in Federal hiring and contracts
  • Supported extension of the Voting Rights Act
  • Criticized President Ronald Reagan when he refused to support the extension
  • Opposed the Federal War on Drugs for 30 years calling it “racist”
  • Worked with Congressman Jack Kemp and Governor Tom Kean to make Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday a federal holiday
  • Donated $50,000 to Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network for minority scholarships.


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  • Let’s all be honest. Most likely said the word. Stone was set up.

    Frank went on a radio show and the host tried to set up Frank via a sidekick and fake callers. They tried to shit all over Frank. Frank never lost his cool and acted reserved and in my opinion overly adult.

    If I was Frank or Stone, I would have told the hosts to fuck off and I would have said any hateful language, racial or otherwise offensive to the hosts.

    Stone was setup. Who the fuck cares what a man says when he is pissed-off after being set up and insulted by some DJ turned journalist?

    Give me a fucking break.

    • Meditation and/or medication might help with your anger management issues, Niceguy.
      Would a “nice guy” tell a radio host to fuck off just because he didn’t know how to answer his questions without incriminating himself?

  • ….At one time negro, even in the 80s, was an acceptable word for African Americans.

    The African American college charity fund called us called…..
    “The United Negro College Fund”. Here it is

    The UNCF is still used too this day.

    My grandparents who are not racist used the term “negro”.

    My point is Roger [if ] he did say “Negro” committed a faux pas and didn’t intentionally say an overtly racist word.

    Outrage culture is out of control.

  • If you don’t like living in a liberal, left wing multicultural country, you should probably move out of the

  • The Mo’Kelly show is broadcast live, according to their website. Mo’Kelly just tweeted that Roger should go ahead and sue him.
    It seems as though Roger may be lying, again.

  • First, the word “Negro” is not the racist insult, it is the context–“I don’t really feel like arguing with this Negro.” It shows he is dismissive of arguing with someone beneath him. It would be the same if he said “I don’t really feel like arguing with this child, woman, Hispanic, Jew, or any word that is not insulting by itself.

    Second, I would’ve found it hard to believe the charge that Stone’s words were doctored and untrue, so unless the analysis is shown to be fake, then I have to believe it was faked.

    Third, however, what is still hard to believe is that Mo’Kelly took such a big legal risk to fake such a small insult. Stone already had been convicted of being a liar (till freed by his serial racist Birther liar friend) and Stone made a career of telling lies, so why try to tarnish a turd?

    • Don’t you think the analysis is just more of Roger’s usual bullshit? Theres nothing here that convinces me the sound analysis is legit.

      From the info I have found, this interview was done live, and if that’s true it pretty much rules out any tampering with the sound.

  • How would a forensic analysis of the sound recording show whether or not Stone’s phone was connected at the time? It might be able to prove though, whether or not it was really Stone’s voice that made the offensive comment. And it does sound like Stone….

  • Now that Mr. Stone has found Jesus, maybe next he can look for some inner intuition of his own. “The Lord thy God is within.” “Therefore, if thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be filled by light.” Ah, so! Become an audience.

    Then perhaps young Roger Stone wouldn’t be as vulnerable, ever again, to invitations containing an unspoken agenda. When there is any hint of doubt, check things out thoroughly beforehand. How do you fit? What is the intention?

    Why cast your rhinestones before any more jabberwockys? Trust your own perceptions or at least think them over before agreeing to interviews. Often one’s polite silence can be the best response. The freedom being retained is worth the self-discipline of discretion. You are just another bubble in the ocean here, bubbka.

    The stories about Jesus indicate that he was executed by the politicians of his era. Nowadays, that sort of execution is often done instead right in our courts of “law.”

    There is very little to be gained by saying that you are awake when you are still at least half asleep. Take some time for your true self, and never edit your consciousness when you decide to lay it all bare to the one inner self who watches and resides within. Otherwise your Jesus is just another Ronald McDonald or some predatory Dizzney charaterization, another illusion of dependency. There is so much more to explore.

      • —Oops, characterization. Shatter the illusions of (what we try to) call love.

        That used to happen to me after I busted a nut on a one nightstand. I would be in love, then I busted my nut, and then I was no longer in love.

        A total illusion shattered too pieces.

        I believe Bangkok was created on a one nightstand. All the evidence fits.

  • This bogus Radio Fraudstertainer needs to be put in his place. Stone’s advice is apt here. He should go back to school and read basic Black History. IF KING USED THE WORD NEGRO IN HIS SPEECHES, THEN KING DOESN’T KNOW WHAT IS AND WHAT IS NOT PERJORATIVE!
    Can we then have a ROUNDTABLE on the cognitive “correctness” of King before we start another “peaceful protest”? These Marxist loonies need to be told where they get off.
    By the way Frank, can we get an update on Jussie Smollet? The trail seems to have gone cold.

  • Talking with Frank I just found out that Mo Kelly invited Roger on to the show.
    So was this a set up? I see this kind of thing happening often with the left, they falsely accuse people.

    Just as Jussie Smollet about those guys in Maga hats…

  • “Everyone knows the Mainstream Media narrative….” Not everyone, this was news to me. LOL

    I don’t watch that much Libtard/Commie/Lamestream media, only occasionally for entertainment purposes. LOL

    Frankly, I don’t care very much what either the Liberal media or a convicted felon and lifelong political dirty trickster thinks. LOL

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