Raniere to Be Sentenced Oct. 27

Keith Raniere, government exhibit photo.

His day of reckoning approaches.

Keith Alan Raniere, known to his followers as the Vanguard, faces sentencing on October 27 for racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy.

He faces a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of life behind bars.

There was a virtual hearing today in the US. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis presided.

Thanks to the good offices of the Inner City Press, some of the judge’s comments are shared with readers:

Referring to the sentencing, which will be done live and not virtually:

Judge: We’ll have to use several courtrooms, including in the old courthouse. I’ll consult with the District Executive. Let’s meet October 27 at 10 am for sentencing.  

Victims will have the choice of submitting written victim impact statements before the hearing or making in-person statements at the sentencing. It appears that, like Clare Bronfman, anyone who claims they are a victim will be able to make a statement regardless of whether they were alleged as victims during the actual trial of Raniere.

Judge: Any victims who wish to attend the proceeding and/or make an in-person statement could submit to the court one week before sentencing. It will be under seal, with copies to the defense. The victims should not be the subject of inquiries by the press

I am not sure what the judge can do to prevent the press from making inquiries other than keep their stories under seal. Frank Report could probably identify many of them but out of respect to their privacy will refrain from doing so.

I do think that due process and fairness should lean toward limiting victims to those who were so designated at trial where Raniere and his lawyers had a chance to rebut with evidence. However, I think that many alleged victims who did not figure in the trial or in the charges against Raniere will be likely be permitted to make a victim impact statement.

Judge: I’m trying to arrange as much confidentiality as I can in this proceeding. Now, as to sentencing submissions. Could the government file its by Aug 28? Then the defendant’s by Sept 17. I’ll set Oct 9 for individuals’ statement for the defendant. Next, victims. 

So here we have the timeline:

The prosecution, which will almost certainly be arguing for a life sentence, will file on Aug 28, two days after his 60th birthday.

Raniere will have until Sept 17 to make his filing. He will argue for leniency and asked to be sentenced to the minimum, which is 15 years. The sex trafficking charge has a mandatory minimum of 15 years.

Curiously, Oct. 9 is the date set for filing for individuals who will make statements on behalf of Raniere. I assume that some of his followers are prepared to stand up for him, much like they continue to dance for him outside his prison.

He already has close to 2.5 years in custody, which will be applied as time served. If he got the minimum sentence of 15 years, with time served and good behavior he could get out in about 11 years or just prior to his 70th birthday.

The chances of his getting the minimum I believe are small. The question is whether he gets life or some predetermined sentence such as 20, 25, 30, or even 40 years.

Raniere does have a paternal family history of being long-lived. His father recently died at around age 90. Keith’s grandmother lived to age 104.  On the other hand, his mother, Vera, died when she was in her late 40s, as I recall.

Whether a lengthy sentence translates to life or not is a question that some of us will live to see answered. Any way you look at it, Raniere will be in prison for a long time or until his death whichever comes first.

According to a source close to Raniere, he and his lawyers are expecting a life sentence.

Raniere’s lawyers, I presume because of COVID-19-related issues, have not been able to meet with their client in person for months. They evidently requested a personal [as opposed to a phone] meeting with him prior to sentencing.

They would like to meet him at the courthouse as opposed to meeting him at the Metropolitan Detention Center where he currently is in custody.

Judge [to Raniere’s attorneys]: If you are asking to meet your client in the courthouse, I would have to make a record as to why. First, you should reach out to the warden, to see if a meeting can be arranged in the MDC. And advise the Court via letter. You don’t have to list the date. 

Finally, I think the mood or belief of Raniere’s attorneys is that the sentence is disproportionate to the crime. He did not murder anyone [at least it was not proven he did]. He did not rob banks, or commit assaults or violent rapes.

He ran a secret sorority where consenting adults agreed to do certain things – and then they retroactively withdrew consent making him a criminal without intent.

The biggest argument the prosecution made – and it was offered on Frank Report before anyone else made the argument – is that the coercive nature of the collateral – the blackmail material Raniere collected to ensure the cooperation and silence of the women – negated consent in the first place.

Knowing they had given Raniere or one of his First Line Masters blackmail material made it impossible for them to refuse to consent to whatever scheme he had in mind for any of the women.

On top of that, he deliberately defrauded them by instructing the First Line Masters to keep it a secret that Raniere, a man, was the head of the “all-female” DOS group.

He got blackmail material under false pretenses – and then used the material and the threat of its release as a means to coerce women into doing things that frightened and terrified them and to which they would not have consented otherwise.

This is the crux of what caught him – his genius idea of collateral and lying about being the head of DOS.

Now, he will pay the price with a harsh sentence and it will come down in October unless there is another delay.

Chances are the crazy dancers who have danced in front of the Metropolitan Detention Center for several weeks will also impact his sentence or at least where he is placed.

Things are looking glum for the Vanguard as he approaches his 60th birthday. Had he been free, this birthday would have been celebrated for 10 days at Silver Bay, on the shores of Lake George and hundreds of his followers would have paid more than $2,000 each to be there and offer him their accolades and tributes for his great benign influence on their lives.

MK10ART’s sketch of Keith Alan Raniere, the self-proclaimed smartest man in the world.


Judge Garaufis told Raniere’s attorneys, “Reach out to the warden of the MDC and ascertain whether a meeting for the length of time that you need can be arranged at the MDC in the next several weeks.”


The following docket entry was posted on PACER following today’s hearing:

Full docket text:
Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis: Status Conference as to Keith Raniere held on 8/14/2020. Counsel for the Government and Defendant present. Defendant’s sentencing hearing will be held on October 27, 2020 at 10:00 am in Courtroom 4D South. The Government’s sentencing submission shall be filed by August 28, 2020. The Defendant’s sentencing submission shall be filed by September 18, 2020. Replies shall be filed by October 9, 2020. Defendant shall file under seal, and provide to the Government, any written statements in support he would like the court to consider by October 9, 2020. The Government shall file under seal, and provide to Defendant, any written victim statements it would like the court to consider by October 9, 2020. The Government shall file under seal, and provide to Defendant, a letter indicating any victims who plan on attending the sentencing in-person, and whether said victims intend to make in-person victim statements at the sentencing, by October 20, 2020. Defendant’s counsel is DIRECTED to advise the court by letter regarding the status of his attempts to schedule an in-person meeting with his client in the MDC. (Court Reporter Rivka Teich.) (Gurian, Nico)










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  • I will probably get a shitstorm again for defending Raniere, but still: I’ve been following this the last few months without commenting, and I still sincerely believe two things, namely:

    1.) Keith’s lawyers are absolutely right that a life sentence (or even 15 or 20 years) is completely out of proportion given the nature of his crimes. As I said in a former post, I don’t believe Raniere should walk out free, he did things that I do not want to justify. But still, the women FREELY gave the collateral, no one forced them too. A lot of them were intelligent and successful females that were well able to make their own decisions about this (I`m excluding the young women he brought in from Mexico here – which is why I say he should receive a punishment). In closing: I believe a sentence of about 5 years would be appropriate for exploiting some of the younger females. But honeslty, I don’t even think that the evidence itself is really enough to say Keith engaged in “sex trafficing”. He probably exploited some of those mexican women and maybe even threatened them, but I personally do not think that reaches the extent of “trafficing” in a legal sense.

    2.) I’ve said this before: I have never seen a judge as biased towards someone as Judge Garaufis is against Keith. For whatever reason, he obviously hates him and wants him behind bars for life. The fact that he wants to allow victims that weren’t even in the original trial to testify (and maybe even remain anonymous) is a perversion of justice – in my jurisdiction that in itself would be illegal! Honestly, I think Keith’s lawyers should concentrate on getting a new judge. Garaufis should not be allowed to be the one who sentences Keith, I believe there are sufficient legal arguments to prove he is biased.

    • You’re sick and require immediate assistance. You are the next new psychopath. There will be laws that address your illness in the immediate future.

    • Forget the sex crap. What about imprisoning a young female in a room for more than a year, under threat of dropping her at the Mexican border with no money and no papers? That is barbaric. HE is barbaric.

      We mostly have the strangely silent NDNY to thank for his unfettered crime spree – i.e., What about the underage Rhiannon, and her very specific and clear police report of statutory rape? He should have been put away by NDNY long ago, but Judge G. can’t consider that.

      Too bad K, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, one of which carries a mandatory minimum of 15 years. The jury found you guilty, not the Judge.

    • There is no need for a sh!tstorm, you are simply wrong and have a lot to learn. LOL

      ONE of the SEVEN felonies Raniere was convicted of has a 15 year minimum sentence. LOL

      Also, the women freely gave the “collateral” [i.e., blackmail] under false pretenses. LOL

      Which jurisdiction do you live in? LOL

      The Fatico Hearings, which are the law of the land, allow people to provide their statements to shade and shape the judge’s decision regarding how many years to give Raniere. LOL

    • There is no right for a defendant to choose his own judge, because he thinks he will find more leniency with another judge. In addition, Keith Raniere was found guilty by a jury, and his lawyers had the opportunity to reject jurors who were biased or unfavorable to their case.

  • I believe the Judge wants to pronounce sentence before the election so that Mr. Raniere’s conviction couldn’t be affected by a change in political governorship after the election.

    • I think what Anon 902 means by “change after the election”, is that if Trump loses, the evil Dems will pardon Kieth because he is part of their National, Global Galactic pedophile ring. Their evidence: Keith ate pizza and so was part of Pizzagate.

  • I’m personally hoping they delay sentencing because there’s not many places worse than MDC. He’s literally itching to get out of there and to know his punishment.

  • “I assume that some of his followers are prepared to stand up for him, much like they continue to dance for him outside his prison.”

    Oh man, I hope they do! Please, Please, Please let that happen. Things could not go worse for ol’ Vanguard if it does. That would be must-see tv. If that idiot Eduardo opens up his mouth, you can instantly add 20 years to Keith’s sentence. The world’s smartest man being saved by the world’s biggest idiot. And please, let them dance in the courtroom like jesters to the judge, that would be just awesome.

    Eduardo, I am sure you read the FR. Please go to Vanguard’s sentencing and I dare you to prove me wrong. Show the world how great he is and show Vanguard just how much he still means to you.

  • Great news!

    Must add that the victims were not, however, all “adults” despite those child sex predator charges being passed up to the Evil Empire State Capital NDNY District for no apparent reason.

    Keith earned that expected life sentence and far worse. I only hope there’s an eternal hell that awaits him with a less corrupt justice system than the one we’re suffering under this Pedoligarchy WH Administration.

    • There was a very good reason for passing the child sex predator charges to the NDNY, that is where they belong. LOL

      Trump has done more to go after the pedos than several previous administrations, combined. LOL

  • Is Olivia Cheng, front of One Asian, suing Raniere? There is an article out there saying so, without naming her, but it is obviously her. It is not right that perpetrators think they get to sue. They chose to be a part of NXIVM, coach, recruit, fuck Raniere, etc. It makes a mockery of NXIVM’s actual victims. These people chose to spend thousands on the cult and ignore all the bad press and whatever they knew about. Even post NXIVM, these people are incredibly selfish, stupid, and wrong to frame themselves as victims, incapable of criticism and wrongdoing.

  • It isn’t fair to say I lived only into my 40s. If not for little Keithy feeding me that milky liquid, and rat poison tea, I’d still be giving Kathy Russell a run for that geriatric Broadway role.

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