Clare Bronfman Was an Idealist Who Was Controlled Covertly By a Very Cunning Man

This is the picture used by the prosecution of Clare Bronfman to show the jury during the trial of Keith Raniere.

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By a Defender of Clare Bronfman

I’m sorry but I cannot believe that Clare Bronfman, a woman with a grade 11 education, who placed her trust in a man purporting an IQ of 240 and claimed to be the most ethical man in the world, had the ability to discern his duplicity, much less the capacity to engage in all the crimes listed by her lawyer in the objection.

In my opinion, it was Raniere pulling the strings from the word go. Others at the top were controlled facilitators. The fact that Clare even disregarded the advice of her father, Edgar Bronfman, and the advisor he sent to assist her, Stephan Herbits, tends to demonstrate the power of influence that Raniere wielded over her.

All the women were taken in, including financial planners, actresses, lawyers, doctors – these aren’t stupid women.

They were educated with experience in the world and positions of responsibility. If they could be taken in – if doctors could be drawn into activities that destroyed their lives and medical licenses, wealthy women allowing their life savings to be lost gambling on the market, how can you say that Clare with a less than high-school education should somehow be held even more accountable.

Keith Raniere did to Clare Bronfman what he did to all the female victims…

Indoctrination into a belief system is a well-known science, and I would love to compare the steps to the process used in Nxivm/ESP.

No. I think Clare was an idealist who was controlled covertly by a very cunning man who compartmentalized many aspects of the organization, who hid things Clare did not need to know (as Lauren testified that Keith Raniere didn’t want Clare involved with DOS), and justified his other actions as “serving the good.”

Also, this blog has been merciless with her and has possibly influenced many people who were on the fence in terms of their opinion of her, or who hope to cash in on her wealth, since she is the only one of the Nxivm crowd with any money. The class-action lawsuit is actually a lawsuit agaianst Clare by another name. And those looking for a payday could have a natural propensity to push their agendas through victim-hood.



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  • Just for the record, my name is spelled Stephen, not Stephan. But the guest message is directionally right. One additional point, these girls were overcome by egos from entitlements that they, like Trump, could not see beyond their own noses.

    • Mr. Herbits,

      As someone with solid knowledge of her personality and of the environment that shaped Clare, in your opinion, what is the likelihood she will eventually reach a state of mind allowing her to see the lack of reason underpinning her support of Raniere?

      The other day I was stunned to read she was still a supporter of this ghastly circus.

      • Question:

        —As someone with solid knowledge of her personality and of the environment that shaped Clare, in your opinion, what is the likelihood she will eventually reach a state of mind allowing her to see the lack of reason underpinning her support of Raniere?


        When she finds some new [dick].

  • It’s not a crime to be stupid, it’s a crime to commit crimes, regardless of your IQ, except in extreme retardation cases. LOL

    You make Bronfman out to be a nice little girl, yet she sued anything that said anything remotely negative about NXIVM. LOL

    Of course it’s a class action lawsuit again Bronfman, it’s called the “deep pocket” approach, lawyers know it well. LOL

    It’s not much different than when Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, his reply was, “because that’s where the money is.” LOL

    • —It’s not a crime to be stupid, it’s a crime to commit crimes, regardless of your IQ, except in extreme retardation cases. LOL

      You would definitely know, my all too honest friend….

      ….You have never committed a crime.

  • Let’s not belittle Clare’s education level. Nowadays there are so called “Ivy league” graduates whose English language skills don’t rise anywhere near Clare’s level. Let’s not forget the hodgepodge these diploma factories dish out every year. They are no longer what they used to be.

    Secondly, Danielle Roberts is NOT a medical doctor! Let’s not insult the medical profession!!! Let’s get it straight: D. Roberts was some sort of student in a primate environment purporting to offer something useful. Osteopathy is precisely the same as the ‘chiropractic’ field of “study”: two types of cheap toilet paper wrapped up in shiny, coloured aluminium foil!

    • Dr. Roberts has a hot as fuck ass and smoking-body.

      Please put a lid on it.

      Do you not like primo pussy?

    • I like the C word. I fought to come out of one at the start of my life….

      ….And have spent my whole life trying too get back in.

      • DirtyRatBastard,

        I am at a loss attempting to establish whether your scope is to shock, disgust, amuse or educate!

  • I believe Clare needs to go to court to denounce Raniere… for his criminal behavior, since she is truly one of his victims.

    She needs to face him in court and tell him he set her up to take the fall by giving her credit cards that were illegal. That she trusted him and he sank her in it, ’cause let’s face it, he did.

    She needs to tell him how much of her trust he destroyed, the number of karmic imbalances she has to set right, and the suffering of possibly thousands of ex-Nxivm people who are feeling the heat since the revelation of his sexual practices destroyed their organization.

    She needs to say “You’ve got to make this right” which is apparently what he told her when she was blamed for her father’s actions which supposedly affected Raniere’s lost market bets.

    She absolutely needs to face him and say “You can make this right by telling the truth about what you did!” – not just herself but all the women that are now going to jail after trusting him.

    And if Mr. Raniere was the most ethical man alive, he might likewise stand and apologize to her, and all the people who’ve been hurt. He might earnestly beg the judge to be lenient with Clare, and try during his last public appearance before sentencing to lessen the harm.

    Given that the women who are going to jail, and many others were his sexual partners, it might give a certain amount of closure to those people whose lives have been so severely impacted by this saga.

    But perhaps I’m being naive.

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