Obvious: Kamala Harris Most Liberal Voting Record in Senate Shows Where Nation Is Headed Under Biden

I received the email below from the NYS GOP.
Some might laugh at the notion of even having a Republican Party in New York State which, along with California, is considered the most liberal state in the union.  However, it is not entirely the case.
There are really three New York States politically. The first is New York City, which dominates the state, because roughly 64% of the state’s population lives in the New York City.  So they always outvote the rest of the state. NYC is very liberal and are currently enjoying those policies in runaway crime.
The next segment of the state is the smaller urban areas like Buffalo, Rochester, Niagara Falls, Syracuse, Albany, which is overwhelmingly Democratic but generally nowhere near as liberal. Not to overgeneralize, but they are often seen as old fashioned Democrats who are not quite in tune with the radical left.
Then there is the rest of the state – by far the largest geographically [and smallest by population] – rural New York and small town New York State which is overwhelmingly Republican. These are farmers and conservatives and they are mortified by the direction of the radical left.  However their votes don’t count a whit in a presidential election or virtually anything in statewide politics.
I got this today from the NY GOP.   [officeofthechairman@nygop.org via nygop.ccsend.com]
The Capitol Connection #1951 - NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy | WAMC
By Nick Langworthy
GOP Chairman New York State
It’s official: Joe Biden has ceded complete control to the radical left. Despite the mainstream media working overdrive to try and paint Kamala Harris as a moderate, she can’t run from her record of radical positions.
She has the MOST LIBERAL voting record in the senate–surpassing even self-described socialist Bernie Sander is.
Harris’ positions are extreme and out-of-touch with the vast majority of Americans:
  • On the campaign trail, Harris said “we should have that conversation” on allowing the Boston Marathon Bomber to vote from prison.
  • Harris said it was “fantastic” Ocasio Cortez proposed a 70% tax rate.
  • Harris not only co-sponsored Ocasio-Cortez’s  $93 trillion Green New Deal but was the first Democrat primary candidate to endorse the plan on a debate stage.
  • Harris was among the first prominent Democrats to sign on to Bernie Sanders’ government takeover of health care that would outlaw private insurance and kick nearly 180 million Americans off their insurance plans.
Make no mistake, she is gearing up to become President herself and ram through this dangerous agenda. That is what’s at stake in this election and the choice couldn’t be more clear.
We must stop her today.


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  • Happy Kwanza Kamala.

    Light up a blunt to celebrate all the people who you locked up for smoking weed.

    Where is the 1.7 trillion dollars to Ukraine actually going to Kamala?

    Kamala Harris. The second most popular person in the world. Since Biden is completely out of his mind, who is the most powerful in the world? Harris? Think again.

    BLACKROCK & VANGUARD. ( and State street corporation)

    Privately owned so we don’t know everything. Convenient.

    We do know these two all own the head of travelling companies, head of food companies, head of Pharmaceuticals, head of oil, mining, Monsanto, textile industries, metals , electronics, cosmetics, methods of payments, banks , insurance etc..

    And they are owned by share holders and they own each other’s stocks

    Vanguard and BLACKROCK

    The 4 th brand of government.

    No matter what you do, dont ask Anthony Blinken.

    Not a democracy. It is a pedo-cracy.

  • The Dems are pretending they are the friends of the Latinos, as usual: https://lulac.org/m/U2FsdGVkX1_vf2ksaS8KYuPa52nOVkwTLJL0XS2_OuWeJaLs37bFCZBL-BM4aHi2aJaXJfzlYEQ

    Kamala Harris was the California Attorney General during the Bill Ackman Herbalife “attack” period from late 2012 until about 2018. She was repeatedly informed Herbalife was a scam and in addition to this, the 1986 California permanent injunction against Herbalife was being violated: https://quackwatch.org/mlm/c/Herbalife/1986order/

    Here’s a good video summing up the situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_0AEz9AWNI

  • If you like Hillary Clinton, You’ll Love Kamala Harris.

    Democrat win could pave way for Hillary’s return to government

    Hillary Clinton
    I’m thrilled to welcome @KamalaHarris to a historic Democratic ticket. She’s already proven herself to be an incredible public servant and leader. And I know she’ll be a strong partner to @JoeBiden. Please join me in having her back and getting her elected.

  • NEW YORK (AP) — The leader of a cult-like self-improvement group in upstate New York who was convicted last year on charges that he turned some of his followers into sex slaves will face sentencing on Oct. 27, a judge said Friday.

  • Frank, I have been following your blog for 2 years. I love it and I enjoy it and I even texted you one day about Allison Mack because I was so into the Nxivm story. All of a sudden in the past 6 months, you’ve turned into a wacky far-right-wing Republican blog. I have to say I don’t come here for politics and it was refreshing to come here to look at something besides politics. I have to take a break from this spot because it’s turned into some stupid Alex Jones Infowars crap.

    • To Anonymous:

      Why do you think Raniere, his co-conspirators and NXIVM avoided prosecution for so many years for their many crimes?
      Because the corrupt politicians of New York State covered up for them.
      Like it or not the NXIVM story is filled with politics.

    • I personally love the diversion, and the political articles are welcome to me.

      As I have said before….simple tagging resolves this😁👍🙄

  • In commenting on Senator Harris, I thought of exploring how she rose to the top of California politics by sexually servicing Democratic State House Speaker Willie Brown.
    This story is well known to California’s political elite.
    Apparently Kamala is very talented with her mouth and Willie Brown likes to brag.
    But that would be juvenile.

    Instead, I will use video to show what a hell hole the Democrats have created on the West Coast stretching from Seattle to Portland to Kamala’s San Francisco to Los Angeles.
    This is the type of hell hole that Kamala and her friends in Antifa and BLM want to impose on the rest of America.
    This riot occurred just last night (8-12-2020) in Portland Oregon, a city that is 80% Democrat, 15% Socialist and 5% Republican.

    • For seventy straight days Communist radicals in Antifa and BLM tried to burn down the Federal Court House in Portland Oregon
      Democrats like Kamala Harris and the corpulent Jerry Nadler called these peaceful protests.
      Let’s see what the Federal court House in Portland looks like after 70 days of “peaceful protests.”

      • The last time the State of Minnesota voted for a Republican Presidential candidate was 1972.
        Forty-eight years of voting straight Democrat!
        How have the Democrats rewarded the people of Minnesota for their loyalty?

  • She will be VICE President….how many “ideas” of Vice Pres Pence have become policy?

    You conservatives are afraid of Trump and anyone left of Reagan…such whinny little bitches!

    • That assumes Biden will be around for four years after the election, assuming they win, both of which are very bad assumptions. LOL

  • NYC wins the vote 100% of the time.

    In addition to what you mentioned, its sanctuary status of illegal immigrants gives it a 15:1 leveraged advantage.

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