Roger Stone, Now a Born Again Christian, Says ‘President Donald Trump Literally Saved My Life!’

Roger Stone

Roger Stone is grateful that President Donald Trump commuted his sentence and wrote this op-ed to thank him. In it, he also mentions that he is now a born again Christian, helped to reaffirm his faith through the good offices of Rev. Franklin Graham.

By Roger Stone

On Friday, July 10, 2020, in an extraordinary act of courage and in the name of both justice and mercy, President Donald J. Trump commuted the sentence I received in a deeply corrupted Soviet-style show trial in Washington D.C. back in January.

The President’s courageous decision in an election year was more than just a political act.

Despite all current legal precedent in the D.C. Circuit and all other Circuits, despite current Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Prisons policy, despite my age and current medical condition, and despite the now indisputable presence of more than 100 cases of Covid-19 virus in the correctional facility to which I was designated, Judge Amy Berman Jackson and the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld her wrongly-decided verdict, were determined to send me to my death at a squalid, fetid hell-hole in rural Georgia to insure that the appeal I have filed of my conviction never sees the light of day lest all of the corruption surrounding my trial be exposed.

President Donald Trump literally saved my life.

Those who have followed this epic saga understand that Robert Mueller’s dirty cops testified to several federal judges and magistrates that they had probable cause to charge me with treason, conspiracy against the United States, laundering millions of rubles in violation of the Foreign Contribution Ban, fraud and related activities in connection with computers, wire fraud, aiding and abetting a conspiracy, unauthorized access of a protected computer, receipt and dissemination of stolen data, and being an accessory after the fact to the commission of a felony.  After using these baseless claims to obtain multiple search warrants, they were able to find no evidence whatsoever of any of these crimes after which the de facto leader of the Mueller investigation, Andrew Weissman, patched together an extraordinarily flimsy set of charges centered around alleged lying to Congress.

We now know that Mueller’s dirtiest cop, Aaron Zelinsky, a former State Department Aide to Hillary Clinton, who now tries to masquerade as a “nonpolitical, career, line-prosecutor” illegally shared the fruits of his search warrant powered surveillance, in particular my emails with Congressman Adam Schiff.

He then fashioned a series of “gotcha” questions for my voluntary testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee.

It is not coincidental that every question I was charged with falsely answering was asked by Adam Schiff!

Then in violation of both the law and House rules, Schiff shared a transcript of my testimony with Mueller’s Cabal but was so giddy about his perjury trap that he then violated House rules by declaring 24 hours after my testimony that I would soon be charged by Mueller with perjury.

In fact, he could not possibly know if it hadn’t gone down exactly the way I have outlined it here.

I like to think that the details regarding the unfairness of my trial are widely understood but due largely to a mainstream media blackout during my actual trial most Americans are still unaware of the manifest prejudice and unfairness of the trail itself.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson unconstitutionally gagged me to prevent me from exposing her misconduct in my trial, using the entirely false claim that I had posted an image on Instagram threatening her by depicting her with “a crosshair over her image.”

Jackson then systematically prohibited me from arguing that I was being selectively prosecuted.

After all, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Rosenstein and even Mueller all lied to Congress under oath but were not prosecuted.

The judge denied me the opportunity to disprove the entire underlying premise of my indictment that the Russians hacked the DNC and gave the stolen data to WikiLeaks through the introduction of forensic evidence.

Expert testimony to the contrary, and most stunningly, prohibited me from raising the question of misconduct by the special counsel, the FBI, DOJ or any member of Congress (Adam Schiff). This ruling is specifically unconstitutional under the Supreme Court standard under the Kyles v. Whitley decision. Why would the prosecutors want to suppress evidence unless they knew of corruption by themselves or others?

The makeup of the jury was also extraordinarily problematic after Judge Jackson ruled that freely expressed hated for Donald Trump, a record of democrat party activism, or being a political appointee in the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton or Barack Obama were not grounds for the dismissal of a juror.

Indeed, my jury included not a single Republican, independent, military veteran, union member or anyone with less than a college education, but did include at least three attorneys with direct ties to the FBI or the DOJ, individuals that worked at liberal think tanks, people who worked at left wing political action committees, and multiple donors to Democratic opponents of Trump.

Additionally, we learned after the trial that the jury forewoman, starting on the day of my arrest and subsequently had posted attacks on me on Twitter and Facebook as well as attacks on the president in 2019. These posts were kept on a private setting during jury selection and the trial and were deleted when the trial was over. Astonishingly Judge Amy Berman Jackson said that these posts were not sufficient evidence of bias to earn me a new trial.

There is little chance that my conviction would not be vacated by the appeals court, but even a new trial would, by law, have to be held before judge Amy Berman Jackson. This is something I have to think seriously about. Their ruling on her order to send me to a correctional facility, which in the two weeks prior to my proposed surrender, released one violent sex criminal who was both a pedophile and child pornographer, a sex offender who was a serial rapist and a bank robber, all to protect them from the dangers of infection by Covid-19 virus.

It has to give one pause.

Donald Trump with Franklin Graham

Blessings From Reaffirming My Faith

When I said publicly that I had been reborn and reaffirmed my faith in Jesus Christ back in January when I had occasion to meet Reverend Franklin Graham, I was openly mocked in the mainstream media.

Socialists hate God.

Former Newsweek reporter Howard Fineman openly mocked me for my public devotion to God and his only begotten son Jesus Christ.

I don’t question whether Fineman is a devout Jew, why does he question if I am a devout Christian?

I recognize my critics will scoff at my public claims of being Saved but it doesn’t matter. God knows what’s in my heart and I doubt that without His Divine Guidance which He provides to the President every day, I would still be alive to ponder whether my appeal should still go forward in front of a corrupt judge….

Lies of Leftist Media

Today, most in the media have no problem with publishing information that has no valid source and is in many cases entirely false. Others are so naive that they believe at face value anything told to them by our intelligence services….

In the old days given my Sicilian heritage and my hyper-competitive nature, I would be plotting revenge against every one of these low-lives who have not only defamed me, but who sought to send me to my death in a Covid-19 infested prison while continuing to promulgate the falsehood that the Trump campaign was assisted by the Russian state.

Since my reaffirmation in my belief in Jesus Christ and my rebirth in his church, I must admit that “forgiving those who has trespassed against us” is the hardest part about being a Christian. The Bible in Hebrews 10:30-31 tells us “For we know Him who said, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. And again, “The Lord will judge His people.” It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

In other words, those who have wronged me, those who have literally try to destroy me and my family, those who sought to ruin and destroy General Michael Flynn and those who corruptly sought to remove Donald Trump, the duly elected President, will face God’s wrath. The thought gives me some comfort….

Thank You to all Who Supported Me

Reverend Franklin Graham, whose father Billy Graham I had the privilege to hear preach at a tent revival in Bridgeport Connecticut when I was 12 years old and who I had the privilege to meet when I was working for President Nixon provided the spiritual path for my redemption and ultimately my freedom….

Deep State

Unable to accept the indisputable authority of the President’s right to commute my sentence the deep state criminals, Mueller, Rosenstein, Weissman, Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi and Schumer seek to rewrite history and return yet again to the baseless charge that I worked knowingly with Russian intelligence to pervert the results of the 2016 election and to scream for my blood.

Every fuzzy-headed left wing law professor in the country has put forward some crackpot theory under which I can be re-indicted or charged under some state jurisdiction. The stand out among them is criminal defense attorney Gerald Lefcourt who accepted $250,000 to his personal charity from Jeffrey Epstein and who secretly negotiated the deal under which Epstein pleaded guilty of state charges of one count of solicitation instead of the child sex trafficking, child sex exploitation and child rape charges which he should have faced in the state of Florida. Lefcourt is obviously an individual of outstanding public morals who should lecture the rest of us on the “rule of law.”

Now the fake news media has come up with a new recycle of falsity. Their new claim is that I was aware of misconduct or inappropriate actions by the president and that I traded my silence for the commutation of my sentence. They point to the uncorroborated plea bargain induced testimony of two weasels, former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen and former Paul Manafort bag man Rick Gates as proof of this left-wing conspiracy theory. Does anyone in their right mind believe that had Mueller been able to find any corroboration for these lies whatsoever he would have charged me differently and used them as an article of impeachment against the president?

I have repeatedly made it clear that I would never bear false witness against President Trump. The media have disingenuously and shamelessly spun my comments regarding my refusal to do so to suit their own agenda.  Howard Fineman’s reporting in particular is based solely on his own twisted version of my words.  At no time did I imply that I knew of misconduct on the President’s part or that I remained silent regarding misconduct in return for an act of clemency. That is not true.

It was not a revelation that Mueller was trying to get to the President through other people. Dozens of witnesses have said so.  In fact, during a March 14th, 2019 trip to D.C., Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeannie Rhee asked to see my counsel at the U.S. Attorney’s office where she informed them that the prosecutors wanted me to cooperate with the Muller investigation by providing evidence that I communicated with the Russians to help the Trump campaign win the 2016 election.  In return they would have provided me with unspecified leniency.  I would not lie to fit their narrative. Thus, I refused to bear false witness against the President. I have said this repeatedly and it has been widely reported which is why I said the President is aware of it.

Mueller, with full subpoena power examined all of my emails, text messages, and phone calls, as well as all of my records and found no evidence to support this claim by Mr. Fineman. If the case were otherwise, they would have charged me accordingly and the Mueller Report would have highlighted that.  Even when unredacted, the Mueller Report does not make this claim against either the President or me.

Robert Mueller’s assertion that I had “communicated with Russian intelligence officers known to him” is also contrary to the facts, as he is well aware. Since my innocuous and innocent exchange with the persona of Guccifer 2.0, the full text of which I released publicly in 2017 took place after the publication of all the Wikileaks disclosures and the content of the exchange prove no evidence of collusion or collaboration. Mueller’s intensive investigation failed to turn up evidence that I possessed or knew about the content or source of any of the material published by WikiLeaks prior to its release.  Mueller‘s statement in the Washington Post is a bitter-grapes smear. In fact, Mueller’s assertion that Guccifer 2.0 is a Russian asset is widely disputed and has never been proven in any court of law. Just because John Brennan says something is true, does not make it true.

I was prohibited at trial from presenting expert testimony and forensic evidence that would have proved that the entire “Guccifer 2.0/ Russians hacked the DNC” narrative is false and that neither Mueller nor the intelligence agencies have any evidence beyond the now discredited CrowdStrike report to prove this assertion. In view of the fact that the constitution guarantees me the right to “any reasonable defense,” one wonders why the government so adamantly opposed my right to disprove the underlying premise of their entire case and why the judge agreed with them. What is it they feared?

Again, If Mueller had evidence that I was involved with Russian efforts to obtain and disseminate stolen data why didn’t he bring such an indictment. In fact, Mueller justified my case being assigned to Judge Amy Berman Jackson based on the fact that he would “introduce evidence obtained in the Russian hacking case” at my trial but never produced any such evidence at trial. How many times can these discredited dirty cops recycle the same lies?


Because of President Donald Trump, I am a free man, but there is much work to be done.  I thank all of you who supported me and ask for your continued prayers.

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3 years ago

If Roger stone is a born-again Christian…

….The Pope is a Jew.

3 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy

Peter, the first Pope was Jewish

don't die---
don't die---
3 years ago

—just try to no longer live a life that corrupts society.

3 years ago

Do your new-found Christian beliefs include issuing apologies to all the women you have insulted and referred to as “stupid, ugly cunts?”

Do your Christian beliefs allow you to support a man who is a serial cheater and an admitted “pussy grabber?”

3 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

I believe it’s been reported here that Roger Stone and his wife have an open marriage. You often sling the word cheater about. People don’t have to conform to what you deem a societal norm. There are alternate lifestyles; everyone doesn’t have to follow your rules in their own relationships. You also seem very fixated on Mr. Stone. When he’s the subject of an article it’s rare you don’t comment. Very interesting 🧐

Heidi H
Heidi H
3 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

[redacted] you are way out of your [redacted]

3 years ago
Reply to  Heidi H

So, group sex is acceptable if your name is Roger Stone, but not acceptable if your name is Keith Raniere? Why is that? Someone’s jealous that they didnt get a group BJ, I guess.

How about the “golden showers” that your ethical POTUS recieved in Florida strip clubs, as witness by his lawyer, Michael Cohen? Lol!


The Professor
The Professor
3 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

Group sex is acceptable if your name is Roger, Keith, Marianne, Ginger or Gilligan as long as it’s consensual and all participants are of legal age.

It also isn’t against the law to either give or receive golden showers when the parties agree and have reached the age of consent.

Your reply conveys a very condescending tone.

3 years ago

The new tactic appears to go after someone on state charges when Trump trumps the federal charges. LOL

I predict this isn’t going to end well for the Dems, and although I prefer Stone just drift away, I understand his concern about future charges that Trump can’t trump. LOL

Stone still hasn’t addressed the lying to Congress issue very well, but that issue probably couldn’t be prosecuted at the state level. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Trump did not Trump the federal government. He ordered his AJ to drop the charges. What don’t you get?

Trump did the same thing for Roger Stone; when Donald basically saved Stone from catching Coronavirus.

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