Dr. Immanuel – Who Sparks Terror in MSM for Claiming to Treat Patients Successfully With Hydroxychloroquine – May Not Be Wrong About Looming ‘Anti-Spirituality’ Vaccine

Dr. Stella Immanuel has the Left Stream Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma and presumably China and the US Deep State [if they do indeed exist] in a tizzy for daring to say she is successfully treating COVID-19 patients with a combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax.

If true, and we are assured by the Left Stream that it is not, then there is a simple solution to the pandemic that is currently causing chaos around the world, most happily for some who cannot wait to see Donald Trump defeated and think this is their best hope for doing so.

I am not suggesting there are any foul enough creatures on this planet who would actually revel in the virus spreading and being uncontained if it meant getting The Donald out of the Deep State’s way, no more than I would say there are people in Big Tobacco who would gladly sell cigarettes to teenagers knowing that millions of youths will grow up one day get lung cancer by using their product.

No human could be that foul. Or could they?

Still, all Dr. Immanuel is saying is that she is successfully curing COVID-19 – without the sanction of Big Tech or Big Pharma – and she is being madly censored and discredited for any or all other beliefs, related or not to COVID-19.

In short, she is being gaslit.

One of her beliefs, and it may be completely insane, is that there are some people on earth who wish to promote a vaccine that will “cure” other people who have a tendency toward religious fervor.  It may be far fetched but one of our regular contributors – Fred – thinks there may be something to it.  If authoritarian, and therefore atheistic, governments could cure people of this “madness” of believing in a Personal God who should be followed and obeyed [even loved], how much easier it would be to get people, devoid of that hope and belief to follow and obey the authoritarians of earth, who now are on the rise as never before.

Somehow, and it may be pure coincidence, the governments in America have closed churches during the pandemic, but not protests or even casinos. This may have nothing to do with authoritarianism and everything to do with stopping the spread of coronavirus, but it is the first time in history in America that churches are forcibly closed.  It is trite of course to remind people that protests supporting big, i.e. Marxist government [BLM] is never to be closed.  An outdoor Jewish funeral procession was busted up – for COVID-19 but a much larger equally dense BLM protest was condoned.

And Stella Immanuel, a physician and a preacher, is out there saying there is madness and it is not her who is mad, not at all.

By Fred

Dr. Stella Immanuel said that they are going to inoculate people against spirituality. She says they have discovered a gene that makes people prone to religious fervor, and they want to vaccinate against it.

Here is a leaked Pentagon 2011 briefing in which a researcher (about one minute into the video) describes exactly how they plan to vaccinate Middle Eastern populations to shut down the effect of this gene, i.e. to vaccinate them against religious fundamentalism. He also says they can use viruses, specifically coronaviruses, to infect the population and attenuate the effect of this gene:


I have no doubt that this video is genuine, there’s no way it could be faked. In the original version I saw, one audience member queries how a vaccine is going to stop a terrorist in place with a gun from shooting him, obviously a field agent of some sort, very skeptical.

The name of the vaccine — FunVax — refers to fundamentalism, not entertainment. But someone is sure having fun, and getting plenty of funding, for this entirely immoral research.

I mentioned on Frank Report that Dr. Rudolf Steiner predicted the development of a vaccine against human spirituality and that it would be administered to babies as soon as possible after birth. Here is proof of his prediction.

The mainstream media is gunning for Dr. Immanuel because of her “weird” beliefs. Yet, here we see that she is actually very well informed.

As far as alien DNA goes — an excellent and carefully researched book by John King called “Cosmic Top Secret” — gave copious eyewitness evidence of really bizarre and disturbing genetic experiments going on in secret government labs. You can have no doubt that there are some alien monstrosities on their slabs. But this is very difficult to prove. If the accounts are to be believed, the single most important commodity in the universe is not gold or platinum, but DNA and genetic material from all over the the cosmos, there’s a vast trade in it, species trying to prevent themselves from dying out.

As for demonic beings and sexuality, this is a long-known reality in occult research. One of the most interesting accounts was in a book called “The Magus of Strovoli”, a spiritual healer in Cyprus. He maintained that pornography and the like had infected and totally wrecked the minds of many of the young men in the community, with them either ending in jail or the mental wards. Keith Raniere is a good example for you in the US.

You can read a bit about the Magus here:


Sex demons are also traditional African beliefs, which of course will also be held against Dr. Immanuel. Watch out for some very basic racism from the mainstream media.

But this issue of vaccinating against spirituality is absolutely real. I think Dr. Warrior (as Dr. Immanuel is known) is a very interesting voice in this debate. Look out for more vicious attacks against her.

Snopes says the FunVax video is a hoax. I will check this out further.



Here is a follow-up video from Dr. Immanuel and the other frontline doctors:

In case you missed it:

Congress confronted Google about the covid doctor video!


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  • It’s also disturbing that Fred’s credibility on his very real 5G theory is going to hell right with the incubi and their proponents.

    Perhaps, dear Fred, you could clarify the meaning of astral plane in the more familiar (pun intended) context of Christianity?

    • His “very real 5G theory” is as real as this current article. The only difference between the two is that everyone notices the BS in this case.

  • The saddest thing for me about all this “incubus” business is that the myth lingers on in ‘rape’ cultures where women dare not tell and remain so sexually oppressed a “demon” figment is needed to explain why they woke up pregnant or simply sans hymen.

  • She claimed to have “cured” 350 patients.
    Wonderful. Prove it.
    Where is the evidence they actually had covid?
    How many were young or healthy who would be “cured” in time anyway–not everyone dies of covid.
    Why is she afraid to show her evidence?

      • That article from *2005* says “Conclusion: Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture”

        Culture is not a human. Bleach kills COVID in a culture as does UV light…

        Scientific studies in *2020* conclude that it does NOT help humans. Of course, maybe Dr. Fauci and the Libtards fake those results so that a couple of hundred Americans (and more around the world) would die so they can beat Dr. Bleach in November.

        Dr. Warrior says Hydroxychloroquine can be “part” of a cure, and she will reveal evidence of success someday…LOL

      • This is completely unrelated to the current virus. Hell, the page says the following:

        Published online 2005 Aug 22.

        This is more than 14 years prior to finding this damn virus. On top of that, Dr. Immanuel is not even listed among the authors. How on Earth can this be proof?

        • I’m just trying to show that there’s longstanding evidence that hydrochloroquine may be effective in treating coronaviruses of this type. SARS-CoV and COVID19 are not unrelated:

          “As the name indicates, this virus [COVID-19] is genetically related to the SARS-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) that caused an outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002-2003, however it is not the same virus.”


          In other words, Dr. Immanuel is not making up stories when she says this might be a cure for this type of coronavirus.

          The moment Trump said anything about hydrochloroquine, the mainstream fake news machine swung into extreme action. This is a pretty good account of how they tried to spin it. Check the links out here, they are fascinating, especially how WHO pressured countries like Indonesia into withdrawing the drug, which has only been in safe use for over 60 years:


          Those “trials” that Fauci is touting used massive and dangerous overdoses of the drug, the main “study” was withdrawn within weeks, the data had been fabricated, it’s actually a major scandal for The Lancet:


          “The journal’s editor, Richard Horton, said he was appalled by developments. ‘This is a shocking example of research misconduct in the middle of a global health emergency,’ he told the Guardian.”

          So even the editor concedes that this study, which Fauci is STILL touting, was fake and a disgusting fraud in the middle of an unprecedented global health panic. These researchers should be jailed for fraud and held responsible for deaths that might have been prevented, if it turns out that they trashed a possible cure.

          I can’t spend any more time on this, I’m really busy, but I am now pretty curious about the “God gene” VMAT2:


          That Pentagon video still seems genuine to me. The “fact checkers” say it was part of an intended movie, — when I checked this out, this allegation was completely false, there was a Kickstarter attempt to raise funds for a movie on the subject, but it failed and there’s absolutely no suggestion that any footage was ever shot. I emailed the moviemakers and the mail bounced, they’re out of business.

          I made a couple of mistakes regarding the video, the researcher says “rhinoviruses” not coronaviruses, I think, a slip of the ear on my part, and it was shot in 2005, not 2011, I was just going on the YouTube date. I see there were suggestions that this researcher was Bill Gates, which is obvious nonsense and more fakery surrounding the subject.

          My main reason for posting was just to remind people of Dr. Rudolf Steiner’s prediction of a vaccination being developed in our time to destroy human spirituality. Have you read accounts of people who have managed some kind of recovery from autism? The state they often describe, of being absolutely trapped in your body, is a pretty good call for destroying someone’s spirituality.

          It’s just fascinating to me that when an African woman speaks up powerfully, saying something that backs up an assertion made by Donald Trump, the mainstream media goes all-out to attack her, with more than a few racist overtones. I will just add this. Dr. Immanuel is displaying the exact attitude a HEALER should employ, in a disastrous epidemic, rather than an academic researcher. She’s quite right to trash the “double-blind” mantra. The placebo effect is simply one of the very best weapons any doctor has in their armory. If you go confidently to patients, and say — “This is going to help you, we have a cure” — you will be doing those patients good, even if you’re giving them sugar tablets.

          The whole “double-blind” methodology is designed overtly to destroy this healing mechanism, the placebo effect, in the name of “science”. And it forces doctors and nurses to act in completely unethical ways — “We may be giving you a cure for this dread disease, or we may be giving you a sugar pill, even we don’t know which, so let’s all pretend that we’re taking some kind of medicine” — it’s a really pathetic act, the closer you look at it.

          This has all been written far too hastily, I just had to say something here, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks when I have more time. I’m busy editing a whole slew of academic papers on the pandemic, so I’ll know a bit more by the time I’m finished.

  • —May Not Be Wrong About Looming ‘Anti-Spirituality’ Vaccine.

    I am no worried, whatsoever, because I will simply teleport myself to the Astral Plane of 13th dimension.

  • To demonstrate conclusively how biased and deceptive the Main Stream Media and the Democratic Party are against the truth here is a ten minute video released by the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee Republicans.
    The video Chairman Nadler doesn’t want you to see!

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