Forgotten Ones Discontinue Nightly Dancing; Will Not Dance Again Until Friday!

It fell apart pretty quickly.

The Forgotten Ones vowed to dance every night in front of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center in order to, ostensibly, bring attention to the horrendous conditions there.  Many suspected the founders of The Forgotten Ones were actually dancing more for their Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere, who is in custody at MDC, than for the general prison population.

The Forgotten Ones, also known as weareasyou, began on July 3, and they danced every night until July 25.  Now they have decided to take a break.  Today, they announced they would not be dancing again until next Friday, July 31.

They posted on Instagram: “Thank you to everyone who came out to MDC last night in person and on the live stream! It’s been an incredibly moving few weeks and know the seeds of reclaiming humanity have been sown and flourished. After today (Saturday), our next dance event will be on Friday, July 31 8PM – 9PM.  Stay tuned for updates on social and our website. We’ll see you on the Livestream in a few minutes and look forward to seeing you again Friday!”

This photo, announcing that the Forgotten Ones will not be dancing until next Friday, appears to be Michele Hatchette. Her dress looks like the same dress Allison Mack wore when she sang to KAR at V-week. Is there a message in her wearing the dress?


Allison Mack sings for her Vanguard. Is it in the same dress that Michele Hatchette wore to announce the suspension of their dancing?



On their website, they continue to proclaim: “THE FORGOTTEN ONES Honoring the humanity of those who have been forgotten. Join Us Every Night RAIN OR SHINE from 8-9PM to Dance Outside the Metropolitan Detention Center 80 29th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231″


It may be that they just could not attract enough dancers to help out.  And the seven founders of the Forgotten Ones – Nicki Clyne, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette, Linda Chung, Eduardo Asunsolo, Suneel Chakravarty and Marc Elliott – all Nxivm members – may be tired. It takes a lot of work to get out there every night and dance for an hour.

They do look a little tired.

And so few are attending their dance protest.

That may be because almost anyone who does an online search of the group will quickly see it is connected to Keith Alan Raniere, the notorious sex cult leader.

Nicki Clyne denied being in a sex cult with Raniere or anybody else for that matter.

“When you have to do a group blowjob ceremony for your master, that’s a sex cult or sit in a semi-circle [naked] with seven other [naked] women taking notes and taking orders from a man sitting in a chair above you and being at his beck and call, that’s a sex cult.”


On the other hand, their “friend” and master, Keith Alan Raniere, [believed to be in the window pictured below] may have instructed them to stop dancing every night and save it for the weekends.

The stated mission of the Forgotten Ones is actually quite truthful, something that Raniere and his followers were not normally known for.

It is:

“In our country, there are entire classes of people who are locked up in prisons, whose humanity and rights have been disregarded, and whose existence forgotten by most of society.

“Our movement started as a humble attempt to bring humanity, levity and connection to individuals who are currently incarcerated at a federal prison in Brooklyn. Through the unifying expression of dance, and other forms of entertainment, we lift the spirits of those inside, support their families and loved ones, and shine a light on a judicial system that, along with societal stigma, has allowed an entire sector of our population to be treated as less than human. 

“In the process of reinvigorating a sense of hope during these dark and difficult times, we have uncovered many other resources and forms of support that are sorely needed. As a result, we plan on organizing efforts to offer that support. Things most people take for granted, like talking to a friend or taking Advil for a headache, are luxuries not afforded to the people being held at MDC, and prisons across America. By staying ignorant to this reality, we allow our forgotten ones to live in conditions we would find unacceptable for our pets. 

“At some point in our lives, we’ve all had the experience of being forgotten. Our mission is to shine a light on the forgottenness, expose the violations that are currently cloaked in darkness, and restore our shared humanity through authentic human expression.”


I have a strong suspicion that like so many Nxivm endeavors, that were started and failed, The Forgotten Ones’ dance protest is petering out.  It may be back next weekend, but do not be surprised if it is not the following weekend or for that matter ever again.

Yes, the name, The Forgotten Ones, may have been aptly chosen. If their “movement” dies out, it is likely that they will soon be forgotten.

One lasting legacy they may have accomplished is getting Raniere assigned to a higher security or tougher prison than he might have otherwise gotten assigned to. He will be sentenced fairly soon and then he will be assigned.

He faces a minimum of 15 years and a much more likely 25-30 years for his brutal crimes against humanity.  He was convicted of sex trafficking, forced labor, racketeering, and other crimes.  All the dancing in the world won’t change his being in custody and languishing in prison.  He is 59 and will be 60 on August 26. He may die in prison.

It remains to be seen if the dancers will even appear on his birthday.




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  • Honestly, at this point, Hollywood in general needs to change its association with this type of behavior. Hollywood is almost like another planet tbh. Some of the most ungrounded people are out there. I have a friend who was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Her mother had been associated with different rock stars as a “groupie” and her grandmother runs a salon in Hollywood – sold her as a childhood prostitute. She told social workers over and over that she was subject to Satanic Ritual Abuse. If you look this up, it will call it a “moral panic”. With everything coming out these days, do we still think it is a moral panic? I think she was right the whole time and made to feel crazy. What a nightmare.

  • nice writing frank. like everything in Keith’s life, bad plans with minimum effect that lead to life consequences.

    this was helpful for new folks to feel more what it felt like when Keith was free: mobilizing women, professional women for his beck and call. So scary

  • Well, this must be a Keith order seeing as they have no free will being sex slaves and all. I wonder why Keith wants them to stop? Perhaps his lawyer has warned him it may be risky. Perhaps he thought Nicki went too far, his slave dancing such a way in front of other men. Maybe she got them a little bit too frustrated, especially the rapists, and they punished him. Maybe the guards are punishing him. Maybe there is no interesting reason and he is just their puppet master just exercising his control for something to do. Good riddance to them whatever the reason.

  • Frank, regarding the white dress in the second photo above…

    Do you believe the “message” is to Vanguard letting him know Allison Mack is still on board?

    …Or do you believe the message is to Allison Mack?

  • By the way, I hope there will be a birthday serenade of Nicki with the #weareasyou troupe in front of Allison’s parents’ house in Los Alamitos on Wednesday on Allison Mack’s birthday where Allison is under house arrest. Hopefully, someone will be there to record this historic event and make it available to all who want to see it.

  • This isn’t about saving humanity. If they were actually concerned about the welfare of prisoners at MDC or any other jail, they would be signing petitions, writing letters to newspapers, calling their congressmen, mayors and asking to speak to the warden as well as being out there protesting every day. This has been nothing more than a spectacle for Keith. Everybody else who caught Nicki’s twerking and inverted splits just got “lucky.” It’s a sad day that they stopped the nightly show when people realized who they are, and what they’re about. It says volumes about their motives.
    Maybe one day somebody will get through to Nicki and Michelle and Dr. Danielle, the brander, and they will realize how much of their lives they’ve wasted on a con man. Careers were ruined for Keith (a la Brandon Porter and Allison Mack) to please Keith. Do I think they’ll get it? No. I don’t, at least not any time soon.

  • On 29 July 2020, Allison Mack will be 38 years old. Hopefully, #weareasyou followers will dance in front of Allison’s parents’ house in Los Alamitos. People who are under house arrest for so long should now be supported by the #weareasyou movement and not be forgotten.

    I wish that on Allison’s birthday an article will be published that recognizes all previous accomplishments for the ethics and humanity and personal growth of people to which Allison has contributed.

      • They can afford it if they have a sponsor to finance it. How does Nicki live in New York City with no income? Well, I don’t think unemployment benefits will be enough.

  • When the leader of a sex trafficking cult gets banged up, we like to forget all about them. I’d like to forget I ever saw this vaginal salute from a dumpster outside the jailhouse. What has ‘flourished’ for these un-incarcerated guilty crims, I wonder? Like, what’s this particular nx scam?
    Who is pimping who?

  • This is likely to result in Raniere getting the sh!t beat out of him, as once/week is simply not going to be enough dancing for his fellow prisoners. LOL

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