Video: Nicki Clyne Denies Being in Sex Cult, Admits Dancing for Raniere

Canadian actress Nicki Clyne has admitted that she is doing her dance protest in front of The Metropolitan Detention Center [MDC] in Brooklyn at least in part because she knows Keith Alan Raniere.

She admitted this on video. She also denied she was ever part of a sex cult.

The government thought differently and included her in their evidence in the trial against her master, Raniere.

DOS First-Line Slaves include Nicki Clyne.

In any event, let us look at the video clips.

“I certainly was never part of a sex cult,” Nicki Clyne, best known for her Battlestar Gallactica role, says. And further, she does not even know what a sex cult is.

I wonder if Nicki could say, ‘I was never part of a sex cult’ without her mask on? If so, she has more acting chops than I thought she had.

Nicki admits she is here for Keith Raniere and that they have an inside joke – of her doing a moonwalk and so she does a moonwalk and, of course, other fun things.

When all is said and done, the DOS slave women, Nicki Clyne and Michele Hatchette, are pretty good dancers.

They began by calling themselves “weareasyou” and seemed to have changed their name to “The Forgotten Ones.”

If this group is now known as ‘The Forgotten Ones,’ I guess that makes Keith the ‘Not So Forgotten One’.

And in case you haven’t seen it yet, here is Nicki doing some dirty dancing for Keith Raniere and his fellow inmates at MDC.

As the daily dancing continues nightly at MDC, we have been promised that something special will happen tonight.

Although we are not sure what it is.

Here is the post on the Forgotten Ones Instagram:

No doubt a big part of the dancing tonight and every night is for that wonderful man, falsely imprisoned there.

I am referring to Keith Alan Raniere who is also known as the Vanguard. We believe he is on the 7th floor and below is a picture of him looking out the window.

Why the focus on this one cell and why send out pics and post the pics to Instagram of one particular window?


This photo appeared on The Forgotten Ones’ Instagram account.


Is Eduardo Asunsolo photographing his worshipful master?

The reason I think it is Keith Raniere is the focus on this one particular prison window. And the fact that they published it on Instagram and sent it out among followers strengthens my belief.

Is It Helping Raniere?

There are two schools of thought about the value of this dancing for Raniere.

One comes from a former prisoner at MDC who is convinced that the dancing might very well hurt Keith.

He said the Bureau of Prisons will factor this dancing in and though usually prisoners are sent to a prison within 500 miles of their home, when there are “extenuating circumstances,” they can send him further away.  He believes the dancing may be used as an “extenuating circumstance” for sending Keith to Beaumont, Texas or possibly Florence, Colorado, where he will like it a lot less.

Florence because it is a supermax and Beaumont because there are a lot of Mexicans there and they might punish Keith because of his abuse of Mexican women and girls.

Prior to the dancing, he thought it likely that Keith was going to the federal prison at Allenwood PA.

He thinks the argument the BOP can make is that because Raniere has rabid followers,  he needs to be placed farther away from them.

He also thinks that the corrections officers at MDC are not appreciating the dancing.

“I think they do not want to have the prisoners riled up at 8 pm every night,” he said.

He did agree though that the nightly dances have probably added to Raniere’s “cred” among prisoners – that this one cross-eyed, dumpy rascal could get attractive women to do dirty dancing in front of the prison every night for what is now three straight weeks.

But it might be short-sighted on Raniere’s part. Especially if the dancing is used as a factor to send him to the supermax facility in Florence.

Another individual – a former Nxivm member – had a different view.

She said, “This is what was so great about Nxivm. That they would do good things like this. This protest, this dancing, is bringing attention to the conditions at MDC and the way prisoners suffer in the USA.”


The story has gotten a lot of traction in NYC, by the way. Here is one link

Maybe the dancing is doing some good.

The Bureau of Prisons requested U.S. District Judge Margo Brodie of the Eastern District of New York on Friday to lift an order requiring that Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center provide evening availability for calls between inmates and their attorneys.

The judge denied the request – which means that inmates at MDC can continue to call their attorneys in the evening, despite the coronavirus lockdown measures still in place.

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  • I would not call it a sex cult either! Not everybody was intimate with Keith! Of course, sex was part of it, but not the main focus.

  • They’re hurting THEMSELVES is who they are hurting. They are being used all the more, now with a mock race (BLM) sympathy and affiliation — especially Michelle who’s starring in most of these vids with or without Allison’s infamous ‘Joan of Arc’ get-up.

    What does Clare’s new counsel say to this? Should Clare decrease or increase their feed rations? Or maybe just his fees?

  • Sure Nikki, sitting around with a group of naked women at the feet of Your perverted Vanguard while taking notes during a group blowjob is not a sex Cult. 👌

  • If Clyne doesn’t know what a sex cult is, then how could she possibly know whether she was in one? LOL

    It’s just like most people here don’t know what an MLM illegal pyramid is. LOL

  • Having the photo of the lowest scum dog peering in a hopeless desperate state through the gaps in the cold concrete walls really brings a sense of relief, satisfaction and, to a limited extent compensation for being the abominable filth he is. Let’s hope he can enjoy his paedophile sexual tastes in an authentic manner soon after the sentencing.

  • Twerking pigs! 🐷🐷🐷 live in front of the huge green dumpster located at MDC Brooklyn! Rain or shine. Morals and values not welcomed!

  • Nicki Clyne aka Dumpster Dancer is such a lying disgusting pig! You’re a disgrace to females and humanity.

  • She also could have any man. Any man would want to have sexy with her. She is the sexiest woman alive.

  • Interesting. No one in a sex cult would ever think of humping the sidewalk in front of a dumpster, ass up to male prisoners who are sex deprived with families of their own. Now, that is class, if I do say so myself.

    Nicki Clyne, you have descended from whatever you once were. I doubt you have the capabilities to do “something for humanity.” You are practicing this self serving display for your neglected and swollen clitoris and ego. BTW, congrats on helping the authorities locate Vanguard in Mex.

    But everyone in NXIVM is smart, dontcha know?

  • The dancing should help the DOS women control their plumpness – because with Raniere not around, who is going to insult them into starving themselves? LOL

  • Is Nicki Clyne still married to Allison Mack? Huh?

    The eight women shown in the photo as sex slaves include 2 American women who are awaiting sentencing, five elusive Mexican ladies and then there’s Nicki, a Canadian “male order” bride.

    • Dani was incarcerated without any regard. She did not want to be there. Cami, even if she consented to sex, was a minor. Keith is a pedo of Mexican women

      • Re: ‘Keith is a pedo of Mexican women.’

        But you missed something. I know of several minors that Keith Raniere raped who were not Mexicans. You can say that there were underage Mexicans raped by Raniere, but not exclusively and not predominantly.

  • My source says the surprise performance will be smell the fart twerking.

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