McCaughey: Biden’s Affordable Housing Plan Will Change Suburbs Dramatically; Opposing It Is Not Racist!

The former lieutenant governor of New York, Republican Betsy McCaughey has published some excellent articles on various issues voters might want to consider in the upcoming presidential election. No doubt there will be people who will call her position opposing Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, which presidential candidate Joe Biden supports, racist. McCaughey, who served under NY Governor George Pataki in the 1990s, has a different view. It is not racist to oppose federal overriding of suburban zoning ordinances. She argues that this is an overreach and if implemented can irrevocably destroy the lower density character of many suburbs – which is why people, regardless of race, pay money to live there. 

By Betsy McCaughey

Former Lieutenant Governor of New York State

If you live in the suburbs, or you’re a city-dweller eyeing a move to a quiet cul-de-sac where your kids can play, you need to know about Joe Biden’s plan for a federal takeover of local zoning laws.

Biden wants to ramp up an Obama-era social engineering scheme called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, which barely got started before Donald Trump took office, vowing to stop it.

Biden’s plan is to force suburban towns with single-family homes and minimum lot sizes to build high-density affordable housing smack in the middle of their leafy neighborhoods.

Starting in 2015, Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development bureaucrats imposed a cookie-cutter requirement “balanced housing” in every suburb. “Balanced” meant affordable even for people who need federal vouchers. Towns were obligated to “do more than simply not discriminate.” As HUD’s 2013 proposal explained, towns had to make it possible for low-income minorities to choose suburban living and provide “adequate support to make their choices possible.”

Towns had to scrap zoning, build bigger water and sewer lines to support high-density living, expand schools and social services and add mass transit. All pushing up local taxes. Towns that refused would lose their federal aid.

The rule was one of the worst abuses of the Obama-Biden administration — a power grab masquerading as racial justice.

In Westchester, New York, County Executive Rob Astorino battled the Obama-Biden administration for years, successfully disputing the charge of racism. Zoning laws limit what can be built in a neighborhood, Astorino explained, not who can live there.

Let’s be clear. Denying anyone the chance to rent or buy a home because of their race is abhorrent and illegal. It should be prosecuted whenever it happens.

Truth is, Black Americans have been steadily leaving inner cities and choosing suburban lifestyles, according to Brookings Institution data.

Families of every race want peace of mind letting their kids ride bikes around quiet neighborhood streets. That’s what zoning laws provide.

The real barrier to suburban living is money. Living in the burbs is not cheap. HUD Secretary Ben Carson told a House Committee last May that “people can only afford to live in certain places.” It’s “not because George Wallace is blocking the door.”

Biden and the equality warriors are using accusations of racism to accomplish something different: Marxist economic integration. Their message is: You worked and saved to move to the suburbs, but you can’t have that way of life unless everyone else can, too.

Count on Trump to make Biden’s war on the suburbs a key issue in the election. In his Rose Garden press conference last week, the president came out swinging, warning that Biden would “totally destroy the beautiful suburbs” by “placing far-left Washington bureaucrats in charge of local zoning.”

In response, the left and their media allies played the race card — as usual. “I hear the words of a racist,” said Princeton University Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. on MSNBC. CNN accused Trump of fear-mongering “white suburban voters.”

Don’t buy it. What’s racist is assuming that only whites own homes in the suburbs.

Trump is talking to suburban homeowners of all ethnicities. If you buy a house in a neighborhood with quarter-acre zoning, you don’t want a high-density housing complex built at the end of the street.

Trump won the suburbs in 2016, but polls show Trump trailing in the suburbs largely because of opposition from women. They need to focus on what’s at stake for their families.

Tens of thousands of New Yorkers have fled the city in the last four months, many of them spending their savings and taking out a mortgage to buy a home in the suburbs. The same thing is true across the nation. For these transplants, the stakes are high. The outcome of the next election will determine the value of their new house, the size of their property tax bill and the character of the town they now call home.



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  • Of every article on the Frank Report, this is the one everybody needs to read.

    I’ll sum it up:

    You go to school, work hard, so you get a nice job and live in the suburbs, away from the crime and guns and gangs.

    Biden/Obama want to change that.

    They want to build low income housing in the nicest of suburbs, and let the crime and gangs be your neighbors, and let the students go to your schools.

    This is a disgrace.

    Great schools will become bad schools.

    Your neighborhoods will be unsafe, as the crime gets exported to you.

    They are bringing the hood to you, so you can be the role model.

    • We should go back to the 50’s when neighborhoods could keep out people they didn’t want from moving in. People had rights then

  • My great uncle made a fortune blockbusting!!!!!!!!

    And there’s blood in the streets there’s money to be made!!!!!!!

    I say let it rain!!!!!!

  • I remember when Trump asked Ben Carson, why he keeps coming back every year asking for more money for low income housing projects. Former agreements with former presidents were designed to make Ben and others working with him to constantly come back a year later to reapply for funds. Trump made a bigger better deal this year so that Ben wouldn’t have to come back for many years. Hopefully it works out for every one. At least Trump is doing more than Obama and Clinton.

    • President Trump’s Budget Proposes Deep HUD Cuts Amid Affordable Housing Crisis
      By Clare Trapasso | Feb 10, 2020
      President Donald Trump dropped his $4.8 trillion budget for 2021. And despite the affordable housing crisis sweeping the nation in a time of economic prosperity, the proposed budget doesn’t look good for housing…..the Department of Housing and Urban Development would see deep cuts if the budget is approved. The housing agency would lose 15.2% of its funding, or about $8.6 billion.

    • Shadow, two points

      1. Blue states have higher property value.

      2. Red States pay less federal taxes and receive more federal funds than Blue States.

      • Neither of those will last long as the destruction continues and Trump refuses to compensate the Blue States when they don’t protect their own property, as Trump has already done with Minnesota, NiceGuy 666. LOL

        • Scott is so insightful. 😉

          …This from the guy who worked for Amway for 8 years.

          —They don’t protect their own property.

          At least they have property to protect.

  • The ugly truth is that America’s cities and states have spent themselves into insolvency over the last fifty years.

    For cities, the Marxist solution is to let cities take over and destroy the more prosperous suburbs.

    For spendthrift states, the answer is to trash the national economy with a multi-trillion-dollar bailout that will conceal the states’ reckless spending for decades.

    And Joe Biden will be a hologram hiding in the basement.

  • One must realize that if they are a Republican everything they do is racist. LOL

    What I’ve promoted for a long time is that every Republican, any time they give a speech about any topic, should spend the first minute or two recalling history, such as how George Washington had to rotate his slaves out of Philadelphia, the capital of the country while he was president, every six months, because Pennsylvania had a law that a slave held for more than six months had to be freed. The South wanted to count every slave as a whole person in order to have more power in Congress, the North insisted on counting slaves as 3/5s of a person in order to limit the South’s power. The South was pro-slavery, because the tobacco and cotton crops could be grown for more profit by using slaves and was the home of the Democrats. The Republican party itself was invented because the Whigs didn’t have a strong enough anti-slavery position. Lincoln was one of the first Republicans who went to war against the Democrats of the South over slavery. Republicans had to send in federal troops to allow Black students to attend schools in Arkansas and Alabama in the middle of the last century against the Democrat state representatives. If not for strong Republican support, the 1960s voting and civil rights acts never would have become law. The Democrats are the ones who hate Blacks, not Republicans. The Democrats claim to want to help Blacks but all they do is throw money at them to get their votes, but don’t have any respect for them as real people. Then continue with their speech. LOL

    • When LBJ passed the civil rights bill in the 60s, political racism changed. The Dem’s Southern DixieCrats rebelled and the South became solidly Republican–and anti-black–and remains so these last 60 years. Why do you trot out that Lincoln was a Republican but ignore what the Republican party has been all your lifetime? not LOL

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