Heidi: Nicki Clyne Is Driven by Her Own Exhibitionism and Wild, Wanton, Womanly Ways Keith so Despises!

By Heidi Hutchinson

Nicki Clyne probably doesn’t realize she’s being used to send a false message that prostrating herself, legs wide open, ‘spread eagle’ beneath the barred windows of potentially dangerous sex offenders is COOL and all the NXIVM girls who were photographed in this signature pose over decades must have done so just as joyfully as she, Michele Hatchette, the brander, Doctor Danielle Roberts and the hired pole dancer appear to be doing, so joyfully… “for a good cause.”



The women like to give a special show to the men above.

Among the thousand ironies in this shameless display — part of the same twisted “female empowerment” legal defense strategy Keith Raniere and Co. contrived from the get-go — is that prior to his incarceration, Keith severely punished, humiliated, and even imprisoned single females for such offenses as “showing their udders” or flirting in any way with any other male in his purview.

Yet, here’s Keith’s self-proclaimed “wife” — Nicki Clyne — with the eyes of the world (half of them male albeit not all hetero) on her thinly veiled, splayed twat proving Nicki was never coerced into being a sex slave, into marrying another slave, Allison Mack, for a green card, etc.

No, Nicki’s showing full well she was a slut from the start, entirely driven by her own exhibitionism and wild, wanton womanly ways Keith so despises and sought to tame for the benefit of humanity and, in particular, the many decent men like himself who would never tolerate this type of brazen whoredom among their own wives or daughters.

Why, there are entire continents full of God-fearing souls, where a girl like Nicki would be summarily buried in sand up to her neck and stoned by an angry mob for much less!

But I did notice Nicki’s dance moves, apart from the taint salute, are stilted and jerky, hesitant, not sexual at all but more athletic.

My late sister, Gina, had the same problem letting loose on the disco dance floor but Keith helped her with that by sending her on dirty dancing dates with a gay guy, a trained Nxian ‘psychologist,’ of course, to help her feel “safe” and shed the bonds of her strict Mormon/Catholic childhood upbringing and patriarchal oppression. (Never mind that Keith raping her himself just might have contributed to Gina’s discomfort on the dance floor around ‘heterosexual’ men ogling her.)

Hey, maybe I should enroll in a dance class for little girls, like Kathy Russell did, where I can stay flexible of limb, maybe make some little friends while helping groom those Fernandez girls for Keith with dirty word salad magnets on the fridge and Keith’s Jesus/Mary likeness hovering over the bed.

I think our Grandma Pipino’s house in Cohoes where Keith groomed Gina is still vacant and we can replace all those Christ and virgin Mary pics and statues Grams worshipped with Keith’s carefully crafted image as a more ‘integrated’ genderless God who insists on virgin sacrifices, nonetheless.

It’s just so difficult nailing virgins these days, they really need to lower that age of consent!

For Godsake, look at all the decent people, homeowners and even near royalty, like Ghislaine Maxwell and Keith Raniere locked up in prison who were simply seeking purity — a sweet, untainted taint — in a world overrun by sinful Mary Magdalenes. Jezebels.

You GO girls, flash that thing at MDC, show ‘em you weren’t ever anybody’s sex slave and have the same right to sextort and brand any bitch as any prisoner at MDC!

Btw, maybe I’m also wrong about Nicki not acting in her own interests because she may soon be very, sincerely concerned with conditions at MDC — or wherever she ends up serving her sentence.

Gina’s serving hers in a crypt and I have no illusions or delusions about how she got there.

I was also targeted and secretly harassed by NXIVM — ONLY by NXIVM at first — to the point where I feared for my and my son’s life and didn’t want to end up dead or framed and imprisoned without anyone investigating the link to NXIVM.

I was the first to blow the whistle on Keith Raniere’s pedophile history and my suspicions regarding NXIVM’s role in my sister’s death, independently, starting in 2009 — some, not ALL, of my and my sister’s tragic story was published by the Albany Times Union in their Feb. 2012 NXIVM expose’.

I’d put anyone who claims I wasn’t ever a NXIVM target — while dozens of alleged victims with far less damning info and evidence file their far more dubious harassment claims — right up there at the top of the suspect list. Especially if they were around at the time of Gina’s suicide.

FR’s been steering clear of the most dangerous, curiously uncharged Mexican Elite NXIVM criminals, along with declaring an end to any further NXIVM arrests and calling for leniency for anyone other than Keith Raniere.

Exactly aligned with what Jeffrey Peterson once observed — that Nxivm’s main, criminal operations shifted to Mexico if they didn’t start there to begin with.

The Deep State Mexican connection was apparent by, at least, the time John Tighe published the Necker Island photos on his blog, Saratoga In Decline, from 2009 and was promptly food poisoned, etc. but, again, my late sister met the daughter of former Mexican President, Vincente Fox, Anna Fox, with her NX “friends” in Albany in 2001 before Pres. Fox emerged as a Salinas puppet.

I can’t say I blame anyone if fear of Salinas retaliation without the protection or support of the turncoat DOJ (and DHS — and let’s remember former Director of Homeland Security, John Sandweg, and his “Frontier” partner — AZ Mafioso kingpin, Mexi-NEXISCUM and Emiliano Salinas’ close friend, Dennis Burke, represented Clare Bronfman in her and Nancy Salzman’s efforts to grant US citizenship to the Mexican mother of the second or third Vanguard Avatar baby, born to rule the world) is the reason.

Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, and Emiliano Salinas when times were good for Nxians and bad for their enemies.

[Editor’s note: Frank Report is not deliberately staying away from Salinas. I have reported extensively on Emiliano Salinas’ role in Nxivm and about his father Carlos Salinas.  There is just nothing new to report on the topic.

Here are 30 links out of about 100s that I have written on Salinas – all of them still online, which suggests I am not exactly fearful of retaliation. On the other hand, it does appear Emiliano Salinas and his partner Alex Betancourt are out of Nxivm, and rumor has it, they are repentant for their role in Nxivm. That does not necessarily exonerate them for their dirty deeds while in Nxivm, but, on the other hand, unless there is something new to report, I don’t have anything more to write on them at this moment.

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  • President Trump needs to work on his image. The fight against corruption in Mexico, pedophilia, human trafficking, the whole drug swamp in Mexico, illegal immigration, NXIVM in Mexico and all the connections of NXIVM to the Mexican political elite. It is not acceptable that for example Emiliano Salinas or Alejandro Bettencourt get away with their crimes because of their wealth or their political connections and are not accused. Justice cannot be bought and should not be exchanged for injustice with money. Mexico is much closer to President Trump and the US, he could achieve much more there and achieve presentable results than against China, which the US cannot crack.

  • Thanks, Frank, for the references to the Salinas. They are the big fish we need to go after.
    Good reporting

  • I wonder why Nicki stopped hitting on Toni Natalie. I always enjoyed those posts, they were hilarious.

  • Simply the sickest aspect is that these cretins are out dancing for a chomo. How come, and how can these “sentimental” (former) individuals ignore that? How far gone can people decide to go? And yes. It is decisive. It’s so very twisted. Do they not see this? They are out publicly worshipping someone who consistently misused his own severely fucked up sexuality as a weapon to do harm.

    • If you give up any moral claim, what is left of a human being? Not much. Many lack the right vocabulary to express such a thing in one word, and many call such a person, if she is a woman, a slut. Whoever has better and more appropriate words for this should suggest them.

      • I didn’t write the headline, btw. I generally don’t judge anyone on their sexual choices including frequency unless that person is committing a sex crime. Not my business. I was using the word “slut” to parody or highlight Keith’s hypocrisy and usury of double standards to control how these girls are viewed by like-minded perverts such as he.

        This post was a satirical comment — actually 3 separate comments combined from
        different threads — and, of course, the sarcasm is more obvious in context.

        • I don’t think that Nicki Clyne, for example, is offended by the word ‘slut’. Those who, like Nicki, perform this kind of display know the general morals and views. It is precisely because by disregarding them that they have reclaimed the word ‘slut’ because it is their free choice to decide for themselves how they want to live their lives. The disregard of common norms and morals is a conscious decision of will. They have the right to be ‘sluts’, and I do not want to deny them that right. They can do it that way, but I still have the right to judge it and to choose a term for it.

        • Heidi, you’re such a sweetheart. Do you think if Nicki’s frequency gets any faster, we might capture her on camera busting open a pothole?

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