Wiggling Her ‘Booty’ a Mile a Minute — Nicki Clyne Does Dirty Dancing on Street Below MDC for Her Vanguard and All the Male Prisoners

It is becoming increasingly clear that Nicki Clyne and the other women are doing more than just protesting conditions at The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY.

They are providing, it seems, a fairly graphic a sex show for the inmates and most likely for Keith Alan Raniere himself.

The women like to give a special show to the men above.

On top of inverted positions where the women spread eagle directly below the prison with – dozens of prisoners watching from the windows – Nicki Clyne brought it up a notch with a performance that alternately saw her bent over, wiggling her pelvis with ass up and providing a clear view of her doggie style gyrations and then standing up hips swaying as she begins to take off her shirt..

fortunately it was captured on video and one would expect nothing less from a sex cult.

However, it is mildly surprising that her master, Keith Alan Raniere has instructed his slaves to be so openly sexual in front of other prisoners, men who have been confined for months or years without female companionship.

When he was free, Raniere was insanely jealous of his slaves getting any attention from men.

He once told his slave Lauren Salzman – because she touched a man at volleyball ‘roughhousing’ – that she was no longer fit to have his child.

She told Cami that because she had an affair with another man, that she could no longer be his virgin successor and berated her for years over the matter even demanding to know whose semen tasted better his or the other man – who was in fact a student of his.

Raniere told the women of his harem that if they had sex with any other man – it could kill him – because his fine and highly attenuated spiritual forces formed a connection to their vaginas – and that any other man coming in contact with it could astrally impact and rebound and kill him.

Now he has ordered his slaves to go out and do a virtual dirty dance sex show for inmates of MDC.

I can understand his plan. It might be bringing him cred at the prison, where in the past he was considered a wimpy fool. Now he provides a daily show with two or three comely women dancing up a storm. It shows his power on the outside, perhaps.

The three dependable slaves – all branded on their publs with his initials – are Dr. Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette and Nicki Clyne.

And, possibly for the gay men in prison [and who knows perhaps for the female inmates if they can see them, he has two of his followers, Suneel Chakravarty and Eduardo Asunsolo, dancing as well.

But the best dancing is clearly Nicki.

This latest clip – taken on July 22, shows Nicki dancing and I believe it is Michele providing the narrative.

It is most illuminating:







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  • For a long time Nicki stood in the shadow of Mack in the reporting. She doesn’t seem to mind getting attention. If her face now becomes more familiar again, she will surely be recognized in public. This is a different way than working with another name as a bar manager. Does Nicki want to devote herself to another field of activity again? What is her motivation? From whom does she take instructions or who determines her actions? What is her plan, if she has one? I think Nicki is still good for some surprises. Let’s see what they look like.

  • Hey!
    Not posted on here In a looooong time.. it became FAR too uncomfortable to read the multiple posts from a prolific poster who had an unhealthy obsession with one of the women involved with NIXIVM. It was almost like said poster was being given a platform to live out his fantasies..

    But how come Frank Report has GIVEN ZERO coverage to Trump’s comments wishing Giselle Maxwell “well”?????

    The woman pimped (PIMP) out underage girls to Rich and powerful men.. and the POTUS is making comments like this!!!

    Surely this deserves coverage???

    You don’t think Frank could be BIASED??
    Or too afraid to cover it??

    • I am trying to look into the Maxwell case – but it is not as if no one else is covering Maxwell and Trump. If I can find something unique and important to add, I will do so.

    • “it became FAR too uncomfortable to read the multiple posts from a prolific poster who had an unhealthy obsession with one of the women involved with NIXIVM. It was almost like said poster was being given a platform to live out his fantasies..”

      The beetle?

  • It is now official!
    Canada, the home country of Nicki Clyne, is now the craziest nation on earth.
    Canada’s craziness was inspired by New York City.

    “British Columbia officially endorses GLORY HOLES for safer sex in coronavirus times

    British Columbia’s health authority has released tips for engaging in safer sex amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The advice turned out to be quite kinky, as the public was urged to avoid sharing sex toys and use glory holes instead.

    Use barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact.

    The new tip sheet was inspired by a document released earlier by the health authority of New York City, BCCDC spokesperson Jane Campbell confirmed. The American safe sex advice did not directly call the glory hole by its name, but did share some invaluable insights on how to stage orgies (if absolutely necessary) amid the pandemic.

    Some Relevant Tweets

    Kamil Karamali
    The BC Centre for Disease Control is recommending using “glory holes” to practice safe sex during the pandemic — and I just want to know if this is a common thing people have in their homes.

    Dave Blackett
    So there’s a public advisement out in BC that states proper dildo usage and recommends using a #gloryhole for less “up close contact”

    I’ve never been more proud to be Canadian!

    A. M. Lalonde
    The rest of the world: Wear masks to prevent the spread of Covid!

    Canada: Glory Holes

    Miria Han
    Welcome to KINKY BRITISH COLUMBIA where the government encourages #gloryholes as one of the safe sex measures during COVID-19.

    Shane Devine
    Jul 22
    Why not persue the opportunity to make some extra cash? I’ve got you covered! #gloryholes #itsacanadianthing

    Jason Watt
    Multiple musical notes “With glory holes, we see thee rise, the True North strong and free” Multiple musical notes Flag of Canada

    DaleOldman-Posts from behind Kennemy lines🕵
    Rumour has it that since their donuts have become inedible #timhortons is considering jumping on the #gloryhole trend and marketing them as portable #gloryholes.

    Nathalie V Martin
    Jul 22
    What a time to be Canadian #gloryholes

    Cute/slight points/waste of time- Shannon Q
    I take back everything I ever said about 2020. Whatever timeline was required to lead us to this point, the point where a Provincial Government tells it’s citizens to fuck through walls, is where we’re supposed to be. Flag of Canada

    #Canada #gloryholes

    Kristin Raworth
    Jul 22
    I just had to explain #gloryholes to my dad.
    Thanks BC


    The CDC Recommends Sex Glory Holes For Covid 19!!!

    • —“British Columbia officially endorses GLORY HOLES for safer sex in coronavirus times”

      [redacted] did you purchase a lobster bib and update your passport for travel to British Columbia? [redacted]

    • Shadow,
      If you want to visit BC you will need to self-isolate (no glory holes) for 14 days. You may want to look at what’s available in the Chicago area instead of traveling here.

  • Boy, Vanguard Week is off the chain this year. I heard there’re private dances behind and inside the dumpster.

    • Oh Peaches. A great comparison. The pole dancer needs to come back ASAP and show her how it’s done.

      The commentary was as pathetic but I will give it an A for enthusiasm but F for execution. Don’t give up the day job Nicki. Wait, what is her day job?

  • That dumpster they keep dancing in front of is getting a good show. The garbage trucks passing by add a nice flavor of disgust as well

  • So disgusting 🤮. Thank God that’s not my daughter. What Nicki needs is a swift deep kick to her pudding hole!

  • Lol!
    Maybe Nicki and her pals could find jobs at a strip club, if they need to raise a little more $$$…

    Also, please keep her in the US….we don’t want her back in Canada!

  • There’s dancing, and then there’s pantomiming having sex from behind. Her doing the latter is disgusting and disrespectful to their supposed “cause,” especially to the wives and girlfriends of the other inmates.

    What a bunch of animals.

    • Anyone with an IQ over 80 should know that scantily clad women twerking and dancing in front of a prison full of red-blooded males might mean bad news for their favourite inmate. I do hope he managed to get the last soap-on-a-rope at the prison commissary as they will no doubt be in high demand right now. Oh wait, didn’t that same person forget to do a few other things in that past, and that was a bit of a bummer for him?

      • Inception
        So you’re saying that Nicki might have another motive for “shaking her moneymaker”? Trying to get the inmates all worked up? Hmmmm….
        Maybe Keith can request solitary confinement for the next few weeks.

        • [redacted] Simple fact is these girls will be creating a reason for a bit of arousal amongst fellow inmates. Who will they take this out on? Unless confinement comes with it’s own personal showering facilities?

  • Hey, Frank, who is the hot brunette in the Daisy Dukes and black brassiere?

    Do you have any nude pics?

    I am not Bangkok 🙂

  • Nicki Clyne is the hottest, most scintillating, gorgeous woman, so is Michele who has a beautiful, beautiful Nico. And we are dancing for the hottest best most exciting man in the universe – so this is between him and us and not you…. You only wish you could have someone as special as Nicki.
    Love you always Priapis.

    • It is supposedly good to have goals. So being a scarecrow, pounded into the ground and stuck in a vegetable patch whislt manhandling one’s engorged penis sounds like a doozy.

      • Whilst. Good luck pronouncing “whislt.”

        And yet another big or little point needs to be examined concerning this rabid, public, pubic devotionalism. After all, one must be into the totality of it ALL.

        So when is Mike Hatchette gonna enlighten the inmates about his or her clitoris? It has been more than two weeks already. Why so amateurish?

    • Enjoy your fantasy.

      None of you will ever lay a hand upon him in this life.

      That is all in the past.

      Take care.

  • Imagine MDC admin loving inmates getting all wound up. Staff being enticed to consider opportunities to assist KAR, the smartest man in MDC. This is going to end badly. All we need for are drugs to have the trifecta.

    Heiress $, Sex and Drugs…..

    Calling Dr Roberts

  • What a brainwashed imbecile she is… Her state of mind approaches more and more that of an animal. Any residual capacity for self analysis is washed down by the raindrops.

    Any normal human being is left speechless by the entire group’s trance-like state.

    • Dont tell me there’s rivalry in the ranks? Someone being left out? Not getting the screen time? I bet Keith’s Aryan bodyguards would prefer the pale and uh interesting Nicki Swine over the serious twerking of meesh any day.

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