Is That Raniere on 7th Floor of MDC That Nicki Clyne, Michelle Hatchette [and Camera] Seemed Transfixed on?

There seems to be a special interest and concentration on one particular cell at MDC on the 7th floor.

The dancers seem to adore whoever it is in that cell. Could it be the godlike Keith Alan Raniere?

One of our correspondents, Marie White, wrote, “It does seem to be the 7th floor as well… I’m giggling a little bit because I’m 99.9% sure that is the rascal. Nicki’s eyes are so fixated on that area and the camera-man didn’t do a close up like that anywhere else in the building.

“In a previous video, Nicki Clyne says that Raniere was moved to the 7th floor. Tonight’s video zoomed in on that particular character in the window with a lot of pointing to that particular spot. If you count, starting from the bottom, where the cells begin, that is the 7th floor with a silhouette of a man looking down. I’m 99.9% sure that’s the rascal.”

Is that rascal Raniere?

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  • Did the dance tonight get started late? Or not happen at all? Were they building up the anticipation for tomorrow’s extra special show? Or did they see my comment about bringing the media and signs to counter-demonstrate? Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

  • I love music and have a marvelous hour+ dj playlist ready plus costumes all envisioned. Throbbing booming boxes and fishnets, sequins, flamenco shoes, ffs. The hits just keep cumming.

    But not for these twats.

  • is definitely that rascal, one last hazy glimpse for the world of Vangone and fitting as the whole existence of he and these sad little hangers on all along has been nothing but hazy. The only thing we know for sure is Clare Bear remains cheap, she wouldn’t spring for additional hired dancers beyond this sad lot.

    • Frank could easily regain his position if someone(s) stepped forward, got the media’s attention to show up, and brought “” signs to the dancing sessions.

  • Let’s face it. It’s a captive audience so these tools could be performing anything – Brecht, Spongebag Squarepants, Aida, surely anything going on outside your ceiling to floor windows (what luxury) would be interesting under the circs. Creepy Keith is the author of those msgs, even if its some other creep, it still comes from a captive audience with a high quotient of creeps. Good sleuthing, Marie White.
    The nx crew looks a bit mdma’d up, especially Nicki.

  • What the hell kind of grip does he have on these people?
    And dudes dancing for other dudes??

    This iron grip he has on them has me completely baffled.

    • Why not dudes dancing for other dudes, ever hear of being queer, gay, homo, etc.? LOL

      Besides, perhaps Ghislaine Maxwell is watching, too. LOL

      • —Why not dudes dancing for other dudes, ever hear of being queer, gay, homo etc.? [redacted so as not to be mistaken for Scott]

        Of course, why not my darling.

        Sounds like someone somewhere is into promoting dancing dudes.

        By chance is someone coming out of the closet?

    • agree. That is what is scary about looking at this. I hope people are sending these videos to the judges. Even behind bars Keith is a danger and has control over people

  • Could it just be that a prisoner was transfixed on women whose figures and ovaries might be coming back into play who didn’t dub them? Secondly didn’t someone rich pass out in court because they had secretly hired some other defense team in secret? Lastly, if the second question is true, why would it not possibly happen again so information gets out from inside a prison via a similar means to make all the above happen?

  • The whole point of this story is garbage. What of it is Vanguard? Does he now not have a right to see us dance for all the prisoners for whom we dance to bring attention to their plight ?
    What’s wrong with you? I’m not saying it is Vanguard but why should you even care. It’s not like you want to help him.

    • Pea your own username is designed to punish people in some sort of weird way. Was it OK for the Nazis to starve people? Well, members of your organization were and suffered from it but obviously not in all the same circumstances but people were still imprisioned.

      What was the reason that they were put on those diets? Well, lets just say it boils down to someone’s personal preference but more likely in a commercial sense you can feed someone 500 calories a day without meat for very little money can’t you than for say three times calories more plus meat? Every member costs more in this case.

      Maybe you can then afford to put money in shoe boxes whilst all those 500 calorie people have have brain fog and fatigue from military drills.

      Get some help, please.

    • Pea Onyu = Pee on you

      Will Shadowstate ever have a grand-epiphany and realize he is being pissed on and played?

  • Perhaps a bunch of people should arrive with flashlights and switch them on and off repeatedly. If Nicki is communicating in Morse code, it could frustrate her efforts.

  • Spanky, are you the one bashing Frank Parlato on Reddit as “JRule31”?

    All in the name of Kristin Kreuk, the ‘smell the fart actress’?

    The long essays against him is certainly something you would do.

    • Just the one – N from the 7th floor. Otherwise, they read like Frank and Ronnie’s African scammer emails. LOL

    • Yes. Nicki advertised her phone number and the inmates call her and they pass messages. Just turn your volume up while you’re watching the videos and you can hear them talking about it.

          • On their contraband phones?

            I guess it’s a good thing they are providing their initials and cell locations, as I’m sure the prison officials are completely unaware of these dancers and their website..

            Great way to keep these contraband phones a secret, guys! I’m sure that sending in these important comments was worth the risk!!

    • —Does anyone really think those “from the inside” messages are actually written by the prisoners?

      Of course not, [redacted]

  • Captain obvious says, “affirmative it’s Vanguard”.

    Mmh-mmm-mmh, Bubba must be happy and dreaming of Vanguard’s luscious backside-fur-cave. LOL

    I wonder if there’ll be fore play.

  • The rascal? The scum dog is the only appropriate form of address. Examining the rabid dog’s silhouette gawking downwards at freedom, like the possessed sex starved paedophile that he is, brings a great deal of satisfaction. The darkness of the hell he’s living in, is almost palpable studying the background behind him. It is almost like deriving the same satisfaction he did while he watched the recordings of those women he ordered D. Roberts to torture. It must be horrendous to look out knowing those people (not the Clyne troupe though) can go anywhere they like, don whatever they like, not be forced to bear who knows what impertinent behaviour while you are effectively chained in that living nightmare.
    So amazing. So uplifting!!!!

    • Poetry, Alex and I agree “Rascal” is almost endearing, unfitting for a predatory pedophile beast like Keith Raniere, Ghislaine Maxwell and prolly dozens of others locked up in the sex offender zoo section oogling Keith’s customize cunts.

      I hope the EMF radiation from the cell phone stored up his ass gives him butt cancer and he lives longer than his Sicilian inbred Auntie with no cure Tabasco sauce enemas.

    • Alex, you’re jealous no women are outside of your bedroom window upside down and spread-eagled.

  • So, do you think this ‘from the inside message’ from ‘N on the 7th floor’ (Nico, maybe?) is from KR – with faked bad spelling & grammar?

    “Hi guys i have always watch you and enjoy seeing the liberty in which you guys dance , with much love and time and freedom… I can see the love every one puts in to it by driving here, bringing lights , dancing and saluting every one, every minute and seconds. i can see the happiness and joy in each one of you so much that it has not been a day with out a smile and such things are priceless. because there is love and done with love it is beautiful.”
    — N on the 7th floor”

    • Yes, Le Gal, spot on. That’s “Nico” speak, KAR himself one cuntrol. Keyword: Joy. He must have a contraband phone. Would be his 3rd if found. Not like Sara B can’t afford it.

  • I believe nxivmart is right.
    And I will go on to add that since Raniere has been able to bring dancing girls to entertain the inmates Raniere’s popularity is at an all-time high.
    Raniere is the man!

    Right now, MDC is focused on protecting inmate Ghislaine Maxwell.
    A charismatic cult leader is not their highest priority.
    In fact, the existence of a crowd of dancers might make it less likely that assassins can sneak into MDC and harm Maxwell.

  • No doubt that is Raniere; he’s wearing the same blue clothing he’s worn to court before. LOL

  • In a previous video, Nicki Clyne says that Raniere was moved to the 7th floor. Tonight’s video zoomed in on that particular character in the window with a lot of pointing to that particular spot. If you count, starting from the bottom, where the cells begin, that is the 7th floor with a silhouette of a man looking down. I’m 99.9% sure that’s the rascal.

    • I caught that too, Marie, and thought how in the hell would she know that? Eerie Raniere must have another contraband cell phone stowed — could they still be doing those “text to M readiness drills”?

      In any case, can you believe the gall of them all, Keith especially? That’s a trait he always had that shocked me. It’s the definition of gaslighting — comes natural to narcissists on his scale.

      • The sooner the better. What would be even funnier would be if these dancing antics speed the proceedings up! Actually, maybe that’s the plan. They are trying to get him moved to a prison where the heating works before winter kicks in.

      • —It will be [all over].

        Mmh, oh yeah, mmmh-yummy, gummy and in my tummy.

        I read your double entendre loud and clear.

        You like facials?

          • —You, go for it. LOL

            “You go for it”, don’t mind if I do. You a pitcher, a catcher or a cleanup batter?

            Do you like baby batter?

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