A Testy Text Exchange With Nicki Clyne and Dr. Roberts Says Her Name Is ‘Irrelevant’

A Testy Text Exchange With Nicki Clyne

The following text exchange with Nicki Clyne was sent to me by a reader who asked to remain anonymous.

I did not ask this reader to contact or exchange texts with Clyne.

The reader wrote to Clyne: Deprogram yourself it is not too late.

Clyne: So you want to order me not to take orders.

Reader: Nice way to twist it. Ok don’t get some help then. Rest in hell!! No point in talking to someone who is severely brainwashed.

Clyne: Couldn’t agree more.

Calling Dr. Roberts

DOS slaves Michele Hatchette and Drl Danielle Roberts dance for their Vanguard in front of signs including one that gives the phone number to get more info on the dance-protest.

Another reader, without my prompting, chose to call the Forgotten Ones, [AKA weareasyou] using the phone number they advertise for contact.  He got a female voice, who he believes was Dr. Danielle Roberts.

Here is what he told me:

I thought I would just call the number and we spoke a bit and then she asked me, “Are you one of the families [of an MDC prisoner] that we are trying to help?”

I said no.

She asked me for my name and I gave her my first name and so I just kind of played along and asked her about what the group did and why they did it. I wanted to see how they would interact. She answered some questions and dodged others. 

Then I said, “I like you, and what you are doing. You seem like a nice person. What’s your name?”

She said, “That’s irrelevant.” Then politely, she added in a cheerful voice, “Well, if you have any more questions?”

I said, “Oh, no, that’s okay. I just wanted to know your name.”

It was interesting. My name was relevant to her but she decided her name was not relevant to me.

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    • I agree, Paul. Nicki’s in deep — in a very dark place, emotionally. I sure hope she pulls out before she’s buried and I’m holding anyone burying the full
      truth about NXIVM and all its crimes in any jurisdiction responsible for whatever further fall she takes.

      • Hope you and yours are doing well, Heidi. I admire the good heart that you still have after all that you have been through.

  • If anyone has the number still, can they please post it? I’m curious if DOS issues gift cards. I know a woman or two who are a challenge to buy for.

  • Niki probably doesn’t realize she’s being used to send a false message that prostrating herself legs wide open, ‘spread eagle’ beneath the barred windows of potentially dangerous sex offenders is COOL and all the NXIVM girls who were photographed in this signature pose over decades must have done so just as joyfully as she, Michelle, the brander Doctor Roberts and the hired pole dancer appear to be doing, so joyfully… “for a good cause.”

    Among the thousand ironies in this shameless display — part of the same twisted “female empowerment” legal defense strategy Keith & Co. contrived from the get-go — is that prior to his incarceration, Keith severely punished, humiliated, imprisoned single females for such offenses as “showing their udders” or flirting in any way with any other male in his purview.

    Yet, here’s Keith’s self-proclaimed “wife” — Niki Cline — with the eyes of the world (half of them male albeit not all hetero) on her thinly veiled, splayed twat proving Niki was never coerced into being a sex slave, into marrying another slave, Allison Mack, for a green card, etc.

    No, Niki’s showing full well she was a slut from the start entirely driven by her own exhibitionism and wild, wanton womanly ways Keith so despises and sought to tame for the benefit of humanity and, in particular, the many decent men like himself who would never tolerate this type of brazen whoredom among their own wives or daughters. Why, there are entire continents full of god fearing souls, where a girl like Niki would be summarily buried in sand up to her neck and stoned by an angry mob for much less!

    But I did notice Niki’s dance moves, apart from the taint salute, are stilted and jerky, hesitant, not sexual at all but more athletic.

    My late sister, Gina, had the same problem letting loose on the disco dance floor but Keith and Kristin Keeffe helped her with that by sending her on dirty dancing dates with a gay guy, a trained NXIAN ‘psychologist,’ of course, to help her feel “safe” and shed the bonds of her strict Mormon/Catholic childhood upbringing and patriarchal oppression. (Never mind that Keith raping her himself just might have contributed to Gina’s discomfort on the dance floor around ‘heterosexual’ men ogling her.)

    Perhaps I’m mistaken or maybe just jealous of Niki’s more youthful pussy (don’t they all look the same upside down?!), perhaps this really is all part of Niki’s spiritual growth and empowerment and my ridiculous fears for her mental health are just MY issue.

    Yeah, Gina and Kris Snyder prolly were murdered, not ‘suicided,’ if they’re not still alive and well wandering around incognito for the last 16 years. Another one of MY “issues,” I suppose? I mean, I could swear I saw Gina (or the same actress portraying her at various locations I happened to be at in LA and even Palm Springs).

    And what other issues might I have that Clare’s loot can help cure?

    Hmm, let’s ask Kristin Keeffe with all her expertise at psyching people out of Keith himself — maybe Heidi is the one who thinks Keith really is the devil? Is THAT why I was pointedly asked that out of the blue on camera? Roger that.

    Hey, maybe I should enroll in a dance class for little girls, like Kathy Russell did, where I can stay flexible of limb, maybe make some little friends while helping groom those Fernandez girls for Keith with dirty word salad magnets on the fridge and Keith’s Jesus/Mary likeness hovering over the bed.

    I think our Grandma Pipino’s house in Cohoes where Keith groomed Gina is still vacant and we can replace all those Christ and virgin Mary pics and statues Grams worshipped with Keith’s carefully crafted image as a more ‘integrated’ genderless God who insists on virgin sacrifices, nonetheless.

    It’s just so difficult nailing virgins these days, they really need to lower that age of consent!

    For Godsake, look at all the decent people, homeowners and even near royalty, like Ghislaine Maxwell and Keith Raniere locked up in prison who were simply seeking purity — a sweet, untainted taint — in a world overrun by sinful Mary Magdalenes. Jezebels.

    You GO girls, flash that thing at MDC, show ‘em you weren’t ever anybody’s sex slave and have the same right to sextort and brand any bitch as any prisoner at MDC!

    Btw, maybe I’m also wrong about Niki not acting in her own interests bc she may soon be very, sincerely concerned with conditions at MDC — or wherever she ends up serving her sentence.

    Gina’s serving hers in a crypt and I have no illusions or delusions about how she got there.

    • Heidi, I highly recommend trying out a fresh cool breeze across the taint. Nicki cheated and used a fence to hold her dude like body up to display her open for business signage.

  • Michele needs hair, she might be hot, well perhaps not hot but above average, if she had it. But her brain is too scrambled. And oh yeah, there is the whole initials thing next to her vag.

    Do you think the girls still don’t shave? And does Nicki still make them provide monthly collateral?

    • —Michele needs hair, she might be hot.

      You can fill that pussy up with honey but I still wouldn’t want it.

      — Do you think the girls still don’t shave?

      If that’s all a dude cares about, he might be gay.

  • Good to see people are reaching out to these creeps rather than just gossiping about them behind their backs. LOL

  • Isn’t Nicki the whole reason they were able to locate and arrest KR so easily in Mexico? Maybe she shouldn’t be smiling and dancing so much seeing how he ended up there because of her and Mack.

    If I was Keith, I would be pissed at her.

  • I phoned Daniela a few days ago and we hit-things-off. We planned to meet up to dance and have a few drinks.

    The Frank Report commentators have gone and ruined everything.

    FU Frank! Are you gonna reimburse me for the box of *ribbed condoms I purchased for the occasion?

    *According to Trojan™️ ribbed condoms are for her pleasure.

  • Does Nicki’s continuing adoration of her spouse mean Alison is still right in there, in spirit?

    • “Does Nicki’s continuing adoration of her spouse mean Alison is still right in there,”

      If the Charger426hemi1 Instagram page is to be believed, Allison still has many fans in NXIVM Mexico and will still be welcome in the cult.

  • “Are you one of the families [of an MDC prisoner] that we are trying to help?”

    I am fully convinced that NXIVM is using the dancing to recruit new members. Shadow State

  • Clyne looks a lot better with some weight on her now.

    Some questions for Frank–

    1) If Mack hadn’t been arrested, do you think she would have been out there dancing with Nicki now?

    2) If Clyne had been arrested, do you think she would have taken a plea deal like the others or stayed loyal to her Vanguard?

    3) If Clyne is still this devoted to Raniere, do you think it’s possible that Mack, Russell, Salzman, Bronfman are too despite what they may have said when they pled guilty, if they haven’t been getting any therapy or deprogramming?

    4) Since Karen Unterreiner stuck by Raniere’s side and did his bidding for some 40 years, did she get deprogrammed or is she getting therapy?

    5) What have you found out about Asunsolo? I don’t think you ever wrote an article about him. In the coach list leaked in 2011, it lists Edmondson’s husband Anthony Ames as his coach, but in your article about the 150 remaining NXIANs in 2018, you wrote that Clare Bronfman was his coach

  • these women are dangerous. I don’t recommend interacting with them. They are under the control of keith. I would be very careful. Is anyone sharing these things with the judge? It is also worrisome that a doctor is behind this program. She could do medical procedures that endanger people (like she has before.) This is scary

    • You got that right about the dangers of associating with “these women,” Mexican Lady.

      I would, however, add a few mind conditioned men — such as those wielding the camera, directing the POV, point of view, on their objectified subjects.

      The most dangerous of either gender, IMO, are not pictured — not “in frame” as they say in Hollywood.

  • “So you want to order me not to take orders”.

    LOL. Why not Nicki? It’s not like you have any problems taking them depending upon who’s giving them, right?

    You see, it’s not taking orders that is the issue here. It’s the contention that you’re taking orders out of your own free will. That is where the reference to the years of brainwashing, i.e., programming, comes in and the “order” to de-program yourself in order (that’s the same word used ambivalently) that you no longer are ordered to do things involuntarily.

    • IMO: Nicki seems a lost cause. But sometimes the only thing you can do is cling to the wreckage of your life. I sincerely hope she finds a purpose other than supporting her convicted, morally bankrupt guru, who ruined her perfectly good career. But apparently she is good with that.

      Nicki, do you ever think of the raped girls (including Rhiannon and Gina), or the girl imprisoned in her room for more than a year? Is that OK? Really???

      • Nicki has given up everything in her life including her career, assets, friends, and most importantly her independence.

        It’s hard to come back to earth when you’ve given up everything for something which never existed in the first place.

        Nicki has not hit rock bottom yet. Let’s hope when she hits she receives the love and support she needs.

      • I think she will go to the grave supporting him. She seems the type that will do that rather than realizing a lot of years have been wasted. She sounds cocky and not one that will ever admit she is wrong. It must be tough coming to the conclusion that you have wasted the best years of your life but a stronger person will do that and salvage something of it. I can’t see that with this one. She is out to convince herself she cares about prisoner’s rights and making something of her life. She won’t admit to herself it’s about one and one only.

    • The only orders Clyne should be taking should be associated with her response, “Do you want fries with that?” LOL

      Taking orders from a prison CO (Corrections Officer) would also be appropriate. LOL

    • —So you want to order me not to take orders?

      Texans don’t take orders. LOLA

      We follow them. LOLA

      Ever tongue punch an unwashed fart-box?

      Please note: LOLA is not Johnson

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